With the release of A Letter from your Worst Nightmare in September, 2001, Admiral Cartwright officially retired as an author of erotic fiction, two years almost to the day after joining the Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository.

His page will continue to serve as a home for his works, and the Admiral hopes you will continue to enjoy them.

"It's been a hell of a ride. I first decided to write to add something of a counterweight to all those ridiculous 'pedo' stories where children were turned into horny college coeds in preteen bodies. A couple of other ideas hit me along the way, but I've stayed mostly in the pedoerotic genre.

"Now, in the words of a colleague, I had an itch and I've scratched it."

In the years since, there's been one more idea bouncing around in his head, one based on a very real girl and on actual events. In late 2016, the Admiral decided to commit to the story and prepare it for public consumption; creating a logical progression, a bridge between fact and fiction, that leaves the reader wondering where reality ends and the fantastic takes over.

Adm. Cartwright would like to thank everyone who has sent words of encouragement. "You know who you are," he says, grinning.

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Last updated: 2016-12-25