I'm Jean-Michel, a research scientist who has been living in Canada for the last few years, during which my English has improved sufficiently to attempt this... (well, there are one or two well-known writers who learned English in later life... Joseph Conrad and Jerzy Kosinski for example. I can dream, can't I?)

The stories themselves come in a range of real-world and fantasy / sci-fi settings, although naturally the emphasis is on the participants and their thoughts and emotions. So, you needn't expect loads of ray-guns and little green men from Alpha Centauri; I simply find that the flexibility of the settings gives more scope for creativity. Nonetheless, fans of the SF/F genres will probably find enough sidelong references to make them smirk a bit.

Categories: well, it's my first try so we'll just have to see what I end up writing; the main thrust will be MF, M+F, most likely with some others thrown in for fun - FF, NC, MC, 1st...

I'm aiming for something more literate and more erotically loaded than just the graphic detail (don't worry, there's enough of that there too, but I find it needs a well-constructed context). As to whether it works - read on.

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