I'm a mature guy who enjoys writing extreme porn and sharing my stories with those who are interested in reading such. Story categories for my material include:

M/b, M/m, M/M, Dad/son, Dad/daughter, Brother/brother, anal, bestiality, demons, fisting, incest, magic, non-consensual, oral, pedophilia, rape, rim, sadism, supernatural, water sports, forced impregnation.

At 5, a red-headed prison inmate working on a road-crew taught me how to masturbate, suck cock, and enjoy getting my arsehole finger-fucked.
At 13, my uncle (my father's brother) began fucking me on a regular basis up until I turned 21.
At 18, I branched out into a no-limits lifestyle.

Liam An Scribhneoir (ftp)
Last updated: 2014-02-18