I have had stories in my head and heart for many years and until now have never had the urge to share them. Most of my stories will have plenty of real life experience in them. There will also be sex (surprise!) and more sex. But not immediately, at least not immediately in most of my stories. I am an old "slowhand" when it comes to love. I greatly enjoy setting a scene and then letting the hot stuff manifest as a consequence of the character's proclivities.
Hows that for a profile! lol
7/28/2004: Update!
Well. I've been off for a while. I am getting back to writing and it feels very good. I sure do appreciate those who wrote to encourage me. THANK YOU. It sure does feel good to know that my inner life has value to you!
I will continue the 'Ballad Of Arthur', so to speak!
I rather like that boy. Reminds me of me! lol
2/26/2006: Holy Shithouse Rats, Batperson!
I'm baaaaaack!
OMG real life gets SO heavy.
Regardless: More to come.
Thanks for readin'!

FYI: 'Glasage = french, means 'crust', 'glazing', or 'coating'. 'Covering' is not too far a stretch.
'Noir' = black.
More than that, I don't think so! :)
An author's gotta have a few secrets, y'know? lol
God Bless and keep you all, alway.

Special note: if you read this and find something in it that spurs you toward sharing some of your own stories, then HURRAH! That is my fondest hope for the time I will spend here: that something I write will encourage another person to take up the pen!

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