I am looking forward to this.

I know. That is very brief.

Story categories: M/f M/ff consensual underage


I am glad to be here.

Alright, I guess for a start, while I continue to learn how to correctly set up Word to convert my existing stories and in which to create new ones, for now, I will post what had been my standard "disclaimer" for my stories.


The following fiction is written by and expressly for the viewing of only the one who wrote it and the recipient to whom it was sent, both adults over the age of 21. It is under both of those persons’ consent with which it has been written. If the following writing appears to contain “descriptions of children engaged in sexual or obscene acts”, or appears to describe sexual activity between adults and minors, it does not. As an independent reader of this material, you cannot in any way, portend to know what is in the minds of either its writer as it is written or its recipient as it is read. This “story” is about and for consenting roleplaying adults. Where it appears there is a description of a child, or a depiction thereof, engaged in whatever activity this writer chooses, said description and/or depiction is that of a fictional “inner child or children” of the adult for whom it is written. Definitions or applications of meaning applied by any other than those two persons, can have no validity beyond whatever is in the mind of that detached and non-contextual reader. Therefore, neither I, the writer of this material, nor the recipient for whom it was intended and to whom it was sent can be responsible for any other meaning applied. The First Amendment of the Constitution provides that “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech”. The Fourteenth Ammendment obligates all States to adherence to the First Amendment. Federal courts subsequently defined “speech” to include also, “self-expression”. What the unauthorized reader of this material shall find is the most core expression of the “selves” of the original writer and intended, authorized, adult reader, nothing more. And you, as neither of them, cannot possibly apply any true or valid meaning to what follows.

Ahhhh..that said, it’s just you and I now, little girl. Here, snuggle into bed beside daddy and I will tell you a lovely story.


So. Yes. That is where I was, have been, more or less.

But that was written in early 2003.

I will quickly learn the text format and begin to enjoy myself, here.


All of the stories I have written, so far, have been written for some real life adult female I know or have known. In a sense, they still are being written for that female - I just don't know her at the moment - eventually, I will, though. If anyone else in the whole wide world can take some enjoyment, some satisfaction, from what is my own pleasure, well then, I do not mind at all.

None of which is to say that those older stories are not more than pedo-enough, more than yummy enough, because they are. It's only just that the adult female had been my inspiration to write them. I couldn't write new ones if I didn't still believe, at least in my head, that I was writing it for her, or someone muchly like her.

I already had great fun just creating my folders, here: "(Very little (2 to 6))," "(Kinda Little (6 to ten)," and "Little Enough (Over Ten)."

Mkay, enough rambling for now, I will cut and paste some, right now.

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