Nicholas Urfé has little to say about himself, aside from the obvious: at an unspecified time after the Second World War, he taught English at a boy's school on the almost entirely fictional island of Phraxos, where he fell in with a thoroughly disreputable character named Conchis and had sex with one (or perhaps two) of what might (or might not) have been a pair of twin sisters. Having handled himself rather badly throughout the entire affair, he has spent his days since attempting to make up for it. (It is left to the audience to decide whether he has succeeded.)

He is a scatterbrained, twitterpated sort, torn between shorter works such as "Giggling" and "Silk and Amphetamines (Doom Patrol No. 34)" and chapters of his longer pieces, which (as of now) include "Indigo," "The James Sisters," and "As Falls Cuyahoga, So Falls Cuyahoga Falls." The awards he has won have done nothing to improve his ego or his temper, which he displays all too often in entries to his blog, "...inexplicably fancy trash." --Do be sure to tell him how much (or little) you've enjoyed his work.

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