Possibly, I will be the first author who has placed on ASST Russian texts.
"In the USSR of sex is not present". a phrase told in 1986 by the Russian woman on teleconference bridge Phil

Donahue, not only has made laugh, but also has shown, that this theme was forbidden. Waves of Sexual Revolution have
avoided Russia, therefore today here the pornography and prostitution are out of the law. But, nevertheless, it does not
prevent to exist to all ugliest sexual distortions, including preteen prostitution and child pornography.
In the stories I will not avoid these themes, but I wish to warn, that all is 100 % fiction.
To Russian-speaking users, I hope, it will be interesting to esteem my translations of English texts into Russian.
For the readers who are not knowing Russian, for reading of my texts I advise to take advantage of the translator from
PROMT. The translator from Googleis not made enough.

Story cateogires: Mf, Mg, M+f+, M+g+, ped, cons, rape,teen/pteen prost/porn, russian

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