I'm an ordinary 40-something married lesbian who has discovered a burning passion for writing as I enter my middle years. All of my creative fires are, and likely will remain for the foreseeable future, concentrated on a single story, my magnum opus, "Karen and Laci." It's ostensibly about how a mid 30s recently divorced lesbian finds love with her estranged daughter's 14 year old friend. Dig just a little deeper, and it's oh so much more than that. It's a complex story with a good deal of stroke, as opposed to a simple stroker with a little story attached. It's a work in progress, one of those stories that plays out like an old Dickensian serial. It's heavily plotted, and it deals with such themes as love, the power and effect of art and music on the soul, hate, anger, fear, and redemption. It's not for the casual reader looking for a one off wanker, but rather for the intelligent, literate, inquisitive reader who isn't afraid to think. The tags are Ff, first, cons, rom, anal, oral, lactation (implied). There are male characters, but the is NO hetero erotic content of any sort, including the use of artificial cocks.

Story cateogires: Lesbian, Ff, cons, rom, oral, anal, mast NO hetero content

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