I am a 61 year old woman, my name is Kathy S and i currently live in Ireland, i work as a Psychologist in both Ireland and the UK and many of my clients are refered to me by the social services departments, i have been married and widowed twice, bearing four children along the way.

My stories are about my own personal experiences from my marriages, also the experiences related to me by many of my clients, written with their full co-operation and consent, the only things i have changed are their names, so as to provide anonimity and protection to them, all my stories are true, they were written exactly as they were told to me, except that i have changed much of the language.

My stories come in many catagories, including; rape, non con, inter, inc, anal, ped, beast, i do not condone any of the activities i write about, but i ask my readers to give me feedback as to what they think of my work, without the readers input, it is dificult to know whether my stories are what they want to read.

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Last updated: 2006-11-05