StorySam focuses on science-fiction and fantasy stories where the boys (and sometimes girls, though rarely) are in fantastic and unreal situations. Bondage tends to be a theme, as well as repeated orgasm. Teens, pre-teens, children, and toddlers are fair game, though StorySam generally focuses on teens and pre-teens.

A great aversion to "harm" coming to his characters means StorySam tries to have as close to a "happy ending" as possible.

In general, StorySam's tales lend themselves to the "beat-off" genre, though he tries to have an interesting plot/theme pervade the story.

Because StorySam is neurotic, he tries to do different things with perspective, voice, tone, narration, and general story functionality so that each story is fresh and different. This, of course, leads to some stories that turn out "good" and some that turn out "not so good." But, StorySam always tries to learn from his writing!

If you want to contact StorySam, please do. He likes talking to those interested in his work! He also loves to talk about other people's work and compare notes and strategies and critiques. He also takes requests and is always listening for a new idea that he might jump into.

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Last updated: 2013-09-22