The stories I write usually donít fit into any neat, single categorization. I do have preferences for themes involving wife swapping, incest, teen sexual discovery, nudity, gang bangs, heterosexual, bisexual, and when appropriate, gratuitous homosexual situations. Having said that, I donít get into Daddy putting it to his 4-year-old daughter (12-year olds maybe), bondage (well, maybe a little), rape (well, maybe a character is reluctant), torture (do clothes pins count?), or dogs and ponies, preferring my fictional libertine liaisons to be consenting, wholesome fun for everyone involved. Occasionally I do venture into the interracial, so if youíre a truly a rabid racist, beware.

I welcome the constructive criticism of my grammatical gaffs, use of dangling participles, or other such sins against the Kingís English (American version of course). Please refrain from non-constructive abuse such as to where Iím headed in my afterlife, where I should be kept before my afterlife, or speculation as to my origins.

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