I'm Lolli, the friendly perv. *waves and smiles* I'm the female author of poetry and erotica of all flavours, mostly het and lesbian, but I may branch out more in the future. I've had a dirty mind from an early age, so I've had time to put a lot of thought into my stories, and many, many ideas. I'm currently a young college freshman, if anyone wants to write a story about me. o.o My stories include (but are in no way limited to!) lingerie, romance, age-gap relationships, porn without plot, porn WITH plot, consensual, fantasies, foreplay, maaaaybe a bit of incest, a little play bite here and there, and sexy women. And naturally, there's some darker stuff too...much darker. The kind of stuff that makes people cringe but can't stop reading. And, well, in the tradition of she who inspired me, Emily of ESF (Emily's Sexy Family, a site that no longer exists on ASSTR), if you like some thought with your fappage, some of the philosophy of smut. Enjoy! *giggle*

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Last updated: 2005-06-26