I am a happily married with two kids. My partner and I are nudist who know some of the of the deeper and sometimes sexual motivations and backgrounds of leaders of the community. My writing reflects the clash of desires and psycology of nudists as they define who they are and do not want to be controlled by others as. We are no longer as active in nudist gatherings as we once were. The early stories I write reflect possibilities of how young ladies such as mine got into nudism and how they could have gotten into bisexuality by choice or environment. Some start out based on young women we've know, how they came across being nudist, and what they do at the nudist clubs. We don't condone open sexuality at nudist venues.

I've noticed that right now the nudist community is coming to clash with many problems and opportunities. My stories will have some framework around that. Among them pro and con are:

Pro: Families still become nudists
Con: Teens are told more now by the media and society that to be different is bad, thus less new nudists (nudist clubs are having trouble getting new members)
Con: Availability of porn so people do not go to nudist places or collect nudist literature much.
Pro: Free advertising on the web allows more interest
Con: More men would be nudist proportionately than women 10:1 probably
Pro: there is always a hippy culture
Con: they get naked at home and have many other things to do than get with nudists
Pro: young people now are not as hung up on what others do even though they are more scared of doing something different
Con: Society has a "body fear" culture
Pro: Some cultures such as the some Europeans can separate outward sexuality and outward nudity and Naturism
Con: Swingers and physical sexiness related contests at some non-nationally recognized nudist clubs give all nudists a bad name as "having orgies".
Pro: athletics is fun nude.

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