Eliston prefers non-violent, consented, romantic, and primarily widely-aged erotic activities between someone of great experience and maturity, and someone who is learning or unaware of their own sexuality yet. Although Eliston has been writing for many years, none of his work was ever made available until June 2008.

As of August 2009, his entire catalog of works was returned to the ASSTR archive at the behest of his many frustrated and anxious readers. Thanks to everyone that kept pestering me, but especially to Az for his support from the beginning.

Constructive comments may be sent to the author at Rewdius@gmail.com and will be responded to if a valid return address is provided. Flames, close-minded, or disparaging comments will be deleted forthwith and no response will be provided.

Story categories: Consented (cons), Romantic (rom), First Time Sex (1st), Teen (teen), Preteen (preteen), Pedophilia (ped), Extreme Pedophilia (extr), Incest (inc), Petting (pett), Oral (oral), Anal (anal), Straight Sex (piv), Pregnancy (preg), Infrequent Forced Sex (nc), Science Fiction/Fantasy (ScFi).

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