Z and Larson are happily married. For more than twenty years. Early on in their relationship (on the first date, actually) they both disovered Z's extraordinary tendencies as a femsub and Larson's desire to watch her submit to other men. Over the more than two decades they have been together Z has had a number of wonderful encounters arranged by Larson. These stories are simply descriptions of those episodes. Larson is the author, so all are told from his point of view -- descriptions of how it looked, sounded, and felt to watch Z submit to other men sexually, including, eventually, submissions of an increasingly extreme kind.

Story categories: Z and Larson are a long-time married couple involved in the hotwife/cuckold lifestyle. These stories describe episodes in Z's erotic life as a willing wife who sluts for her husband.

Larson Nabor (ftp)
Last updated: 2002-11-16