I write of teen girls, modern-day suburban girls who have the beauty and the virtues of a fairy-tale princess, and maintain a child-like innocence (and sometimes appearance). But these girls are victims in my stories, who's lives are damaged by the cruelty of those who should be protecting them.

I have no "limits" as an author, aside from wishing to pursue those things I find erotic. My quest to envision the depths of a victim's suffering or the cruelty of her tormentors can be expected to cross the boundaries of what others deem acceptable. (its a quest, so I'll go as far as I can until it ceases to be erotica).

All my stories are complete fantasy. They're never based on real events, or real people, and I would abhor the things I write of if they happened in real life.

I very much enjoy the suggestion of plot directions, new characters or even writing advice from others, and hope you'll email me if you have such things to share. I'm writing this on April 4th 2011, I can't promise to be so responsive if you're reading this many years later!

Story cateogires: MFmf nc, sad, rape, teen, ageplay, tragic, tort

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