The following information might be pertinent to anyone wondering more about me, in order to get an idea of where my writing comes from.

I'm a white bisexual male, from the UK. I'm late twenties, of University-level education and I live in the north of England.

I have interests in many areas of erotica, some of which cross over to personal fantasy - some to genuine reality. You might have to be left guessing which just now. In no particular order, the following themes are of strong interest, to name a few: age play*, latex/rubber, Mdom, Fdom, medical, bondage, tease/denial, chastity, cuckold, feminisation, shoe fetish (heels [Fdom/Msub], boots [Mdom/Msub]), body piercing, body modification, uniforms, cbt.

*While the age play theme will appear, it is strictly used between consenting adults with powerful imaginations. I do not condone any form of involvement (no matter how consensual) of minors, juveniles regardless how trivial the involvement.

I would welcome any critique and look forward to receiving any suggestions as to how to develop characters, plots or themes.

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Last updated: 2010-04-08