I am a published MM romance author but I'm writing under a pen name here.
I love writing stories I would love to read, including fatherly love (dadcest) and brotherly love (brocest) stories. Huge MM incest fan.
I also love writing stories of characters under 13, my penchant is for characters from about 7 to 12 years old.
I'm into writing stories with non-consensual elements, rape, violence, domination and humiliation, but sometimes I enjoy writing something that is more romantic too.
I'm writing on here because I need a release for the things that go on in my mind.
My favorite MM authors include Jack L Pyke, Lisa Henry, Rachel Haimowitz and Kol Anderson.

Story cateogires: b, mm, MM, inc, ped, rape, reluc, sad, ws, nc

Johan Fourie (ftp)
Last updated: 2016-03-28