Bi married girl exploring my sexual past to question if I am sexually deviant because of my upbringing OR if I was just born this way and my childhood experiences were because I was sexually deviant to begin with. Or maybe both. Maybe my early sexual appetite was enhanced by what some so called "experts" would call abuse, even though I entirely enjoyed, willingly took part in it, and even encouraged it.
So here is my disclaimer; This is my auto-erotic-biography. I hesitate to call it fiction since much of the action is based on what I can remember decades after it all happened. But in all honesty, I must point out for most of us, memories are not perfect, and any missing details I had to fill in with what I think happened or what logically may have happened, so I cannot in good conscience call it entirely a work of non-fiction either.
So for you, dear reader, I tell you, these are the experiences I can remember from an early age. I hope you will enjoy my childhood as much as I did.

Jenny Lane (ftp)
Last updated: 2016-12-16