This Is Lami,

If I where to describe myself in a word it would be pervert. I am 19, Female, and have serious issues. that kind of thing usualy makes for good kink stories huh?
wierd. Anyway now that we have the ground work its time to work on the bigger stuff. like what my writing interests are, and by proxy whether or not you will like my work.

It should be noted if your a fan of good old vannilla your in the wrong place. Many if not all of my stories deal with rape and slavery, and if not that extreme you will be likely to find hints of similar activity peppered in the more tame works. One of my biggest related fantasies involving this is in hindsight pretty ironic. Its bassicaly the oppression submissive nature of females
A belief that girls are inferior, they exist to serve men, to clean and cook, to entertain and do menial work, to be raped by their cocks and to swallow their cream. It is almost not unlike the fantasy world of Gor, where girls are just that, I feel deep inside me that its my nature even at the age of eleven I was already online with random people taking part in Master/slave roleplay. Its almost hard to look at fellow females in a different light, I really think that our place is to get raped, fucked and used by them, obviously explaining this to my peers is a good way to never make a female friend(not that every or even many males would be pleased by this, I somehow doubt I could find figures for this kind of thing). I would love to meet someone who shares my views though, but even better, another girl who doesn't share my views but still would like to talk and be friends. Someone who could tolerate that kind if difference would be high held in my opinion. I dont feel pressured to push my beliefs but I'm very inquisitive in conversation, I would doubtlessly ask lots of pushy questions, if allowed, about weather or not you feel slightly like me, and if so, where the differences lie, the different philisophical outlook etc. Ironicaly with the exception of a big hard cock, I find females much more physicaly appealing maybe that just adds to it, that my view about mens beauty is a non factor, that I still belong in the kitchen stirring soup slightly bent over while my supperior who thought I would look good in his kitchen rapes my pussy and dumps another load of cum in my tummy. but that said, the next illogical conclusion I make is what if a girl has a cock what then? It's a little interesting here, In this case I tend to think of that person as a man instead of a girl, who is every bit as entitled to rape girls and be served by them as the next. Almost the same yet again as gor, yet instead its just a different type of man, instead of an indominable soul.

Just to set up a little interesting side note, Despite these feelings If I decided the law in america I wouldnt institute these things, Its really not anyones place to go and change america how they want just because they think it would make the place better in their own mind. the frame work for the united states has been set by the core bill of rights. while I would love to live in a country like I described above, I would violently oppose someone who would attempt to transform America into such a place.

I would feel pretty embarassed if most people from there read this, But I guess its already embarassing enough right? Pokegirls is another side of the slave girl and rape equation, its pretty much like it sounds Most girls are now geneticaly modified, they have a mental mindset to submit to a master as well as unique and extrordinary powers, the remaining population must use pokegirls to fight against the wild untame feral pokegirls, little more than animals without fear of humans, these 'girls are a threat to the squishy humans, the Ratio is about the same in gor too, With most of the girls being 'girls, a few human girls left and a good number of males. This is a lot easier to get into than the above, because Not only is there a huge racial difference here, Most pokegirls are designed to be slaves. while the above is the product of extreme insanity, pokegirls as slaves is logical.

with the second biggest thing out of the way, we move on to the smaller stuff, niche kinks, First of all, kids, a yes the dreaded pedophile, Interestingly enough I'm like some kind of reverse pedophile, rather than desiring to molest children, I fantasize about being molested as a child. (but really who didnt see this coming?) Hopefully that doesnt offend too much. Next up is vore. that creepy fetish about swallowing someone whole, whether by giant or by strechy same sized human, Rape always goes good with vore in most cases. It seems very related to that, where in Rape I'm being put in my natural place as a girl, to be raped and to serve men, In this case I am put in my natural place as a prey to be consumed, In most cases if not all, The sex of the predator is a non factor, but its always nicer for the rape if theres a cock. While its typicaly associated with vore, I'm not a furry, I Like being human, besides, fur would dampen the exquisite feeling of mouth and throat tasting and sqeezing my body. Incest is a small kink with me, While not particularly with my own parents, the idea of a brother or father bending over her daughter and showing her what girls are for is very thrilling, as usual, Coming inside is where its at, protection bothers me but if its the pill i dont get too distracted, Cum should be swallowed and squirted inside a 'girls pussy, thats the reward she gets from fucking. tieing a girls hands behind her back is pretty nice. that way they dont get in the way or do silly things like struggle. rape as a verb is also nice. Instead of fucking, Its raping my pussy, or hes raping me, "rape me cum inside me" even when the 'rape' is clearly consensual it still is wonderfull to use the word. although another nice way to look at it is its rape if your not given a choice. the weather you like it or not. And finaly, even when she is disobedient or afraid, its always fun if the heroine of our M/s story is selfless, that deep down even though she wont admit it, shes glad shes being raped and does her best to squeeze and milk that dick as it rapes her.

Lami (ftp)
Last updated: 2008-04-28