The following utilities are all MS/DOS programs
        compatible with all flavors of Windows.
A utility is highly recommended for visitors who read
frequently.  It provides a simple, easy to read, smooth
scrolling text reading environment.
A text viewer with many features and configuration
Written by Titmouse <>, this set of Microsoft Word
Macros enables users to easily rename many text files at a time.

From a fellow reader, this program is described as follows:

"This is an unregistered copy of Return-Per-80-Characters-Remover
 for Windows.  It seems as though this program can help
 some people getting DOS-Formatted text files converted to
 Windows word processors without deleting necessary Returns
 at the end of paragraphs..."

StoryReader's and StoryManager's home site is right here in
this directory on The A.S.S. FTP Text Repository!  Created
just for your story reading pleasure, these utilities work
hand in hand to make your story reading experience as easy
and comfortable as possible.

StoryReader is a configurable text reader than conveniently
remembers where you finished reading in a story.  The next
time you access the file using SR, you will automatically
be brought to the exact location you left off!  How
wonderful for those long novels you just can't read all at

StoryManager is the utility that remembers what story you
were reading.  In addition, it remembers how far you were
along in reading the story and the date and time you last
accessed the file.  Great for people who don't get to read
that often!

StoryManager and StoryReader (collectively called Jet's
StoryUtils) work hand in hand to make your story reading
experience as pleasant as possible.  Your comments are

This is the exact same as the above, however this has a Windows 3.x/95/NT
installation program in a self-extracting executable.

This directory contains the latest version of SViewer, a Windows '95/NT 32-bit
text file viewer with bookmarking features as well as password protected user
profiles for security and privacy.