Welcome to the Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository

			       (updated 12/20/98)

  On behalf of the administration, helpers, and authors, we thank you for
coming to visit our library.  In order to make your visit productive, this
site guide has been developed.  Below you will find a description of the
various directories at the A.S.S. FTP site as well as a general site guide.

NOTE: As of 12/20/98, this file is in desperate need of being updated.  As
      soon as time allows, this will be done.  Until then, use it as a basic
      guide and browse on your own to find something you like.  Users with
      web access will best benefit from visiting our web site at the above

 /Incoming - this is the directory in which all uploads (contributions) should
             be placed.  Inside this directory resides a directory named
             "Compressed".  If you wish to upload compressed (zip, arj, rar,
             etc.) files, you are more than welcome to.  We simply ask that you
             do not mix them in with the "ready to download" uploads.

/Pub       - aside from the /Incoming directory, this is the main directory.
             Inside are more than 16,000 stories (and counting) for your pure
             enjoyment.  Below is a listing of the directories in /Pub

 "  /Authors - The A.S.S. FTP Site proudly houses its fine contributing authors
               in this directory.  Here you should find the latest, complete
               works of all the authors/editors who have an account on the
               A.S.S. FTP Site and contribute regularly.  If you're looking
               for someone's latest and greatest, this is the place to go.  If
               you are an author, PLEASE contact us.  Read the information in
               the text file in this directory for more information.

 "  /Collections - This directory hosts the collections of Elijah the Bearded,
                   Kristen Becker, Old Joe (Joseph Clayon) and LEXtext.

 "  "  /Eli.The Bearded - Elijah is the moderator of the newsgroup
                       Alt.Sex.Stories.Moderated  You may find the stories he
                       posts to this newsgroup in this directory as follows:

      " /Alt.Sex.Stories.Moderated - The stories here are sorted into
                                     subdirectories by year.  Index files are
                                     available for the Year97 directory
                                     (full-in.dex) and the zipped volumes
                                     (index.1 - index.63)  These stories are
                                     NOT categorized.

      " /stories - Almost all these stories are in HTML format.  It is best to
                   view files in this directory from a web browser such as
                   Netscape.  Some have pictures associated with them that
                   will only appear with the text when using such a browser.
                   These stories ARE categorized by subject content.

      " /todo    - These are stories Elijah is currently working on sorting.

 "  "  /Kristen's_Collection - Here we extremely proud to offer the complete
                            collection of Kristen Becker.  Kristen is a quite
                            attractive (see
                            /pub/Authors/Kristen78/kristen78.jpg) collector of
                            erotic literature.  She frequently posts files from
                            her collection to Alt.Sex.Stories.  Stories in
                            her collection are located in the !Kristenx dirs.
                            Other stories of Kristen's (not in "Kristen's
                            Collection") are in the book shelf directories,
                            sorted by letter.

 "   "  /Old_Joe's_Collection - this is Old Joe's collection for the most part.
                                Through a tremendous amount of time and effort,
                                he has organized everything into categories for
                               your reading enjoyment.

 "  /Interesting_Reading - If you aren't in the mood for a story, but would
                           rather educate yourself sexually in other ways,
                           this is a good place to so.  For example, do you
                           want to read about how far men ejaculate?  How about
                           one woman's description of the best way to perform
                           cunnilingus?  This and more can be found here.

 "  /New_from_A.S.S - Files in this directory and its sub dirs are works
                      "recently" obtained from Alt.Sex.Stories by the site
                      administration.  They will remain in the directory for a
                      minimum of a week or as long as it takes to get them
                      These stories usually deal with teens, preteens, or rape,
                      as that is the interests of the site administration (hint
                      if you want to REALLY please us, upload texts of this

 "  /Poetry - Yes, erotic poetry has a place on the A.S.S. FTP site.  There
              isn't a lot, but if you want to contribute, please do so.  An
              email to the administration at admin@asstr.org will ensure
              your submission promptly makes it to the poetry directory.

 "  /Site_Info - This directory contains files relating to this site and
                 Alt.Sex.Stories in general.  Currently, the files are:

                 ASSFAQ.TXT - a list of the A.S.S. story abbreviations
                 Old_Joe's_Guide_to_ASS.txt - Written, compiled, and edited by
                                              the man himself, this is Old
                                              Joe's guide to Alt.Sex.Stories
                 Site_Guide.txt - this file; your guide to the A.S.S FTP Site

                 filelist.zip - A complete list of all files on the site,
                                including their location.  To view this file
					                 you must first unzip it using a PKWare
					                 compatible unzip utility.

 "  /Sorted_Stories - this is where the majority of the stories are located.
                      The stories in this sub directory are categorized into
                      two subdirectories:

      " - Sorted_by_Author - stories here are sorted by author using the
                             filename scheme <Author's_Name>.<Title_Name>
                             Authors with a reasonable amount of works have
                             their own directory.  Stories by unknown authors
                             are located in the Unknown_Author directory

 "  /Utilities - If you need a program to actually view the stories once you
                 get them, this is the directory for you.  The administration
                 at the A.S.S. FTP Site has put extensive time into a set of
                 FREE utilities collectively known as the StoryUtils.  This is
                 a set of MS-DOS programs (they were developed under Windows
                 and will consequently run under any windows version with no
                 problem) that will do all the bookmarking for you.  They
                 remember what you read and where you stopped.  A must have for
                 avid readers.  Full support for the utilities is available,
                 also at NO CHARGE.

                 Additionally, we are a licensed distributor for the most
                 popular Windows FTP client - CuteFTP.  Here you can always
                 find the latest version.