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We are currently recovering from a hardware failure on our main server. 
We're in the process of rebuilding the site to be more robust.  In the
meantime you may find a few things broken.  Specifically, there is no way
at the moment for authors to add new stories.  We're trying to fix that as
quickly as possible.  

We fixed a problem with the ReCaptcha verification not working with certain
web browsers, including Google Chrome.  You should now be able to submit
author feedback, account applications, help requests, etc.  regardless of
web browser.  

At this point, we believe the previously mentioned site issues should be
resolved.  If you continue to experience any issues, please let us know.  

We recently updated some system software on our servers and are having some
backwords-compatibilty issues with many of the ASSTR-written software that
runs the site.  We are working as quickly as possible to get the issues
resolved and apologize for any inconvenience.  

We recently updated some of our server software, and unfortunately the
update seems to have broken some links on the web site.  We are working to
get this issue resolved as quickly as possible and will update the news
section here once we think it's fixed.