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Date: Tue, 22 Oct 1996 07:01:12 GMT
From: sex addicted <no.name@no.email>
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Subject: Re: penis/ejaculation question....help...

On 20 Oct 1996 12:02:59 GMT, aboytoy4u@hotmail.com (aboytoy4u) wrote:

>What determines the distance and strength that a guy ejaculates?	

Besides genetic factors and the condition of the pubic muscles related
to ejaculation, I think it has a lot to do with how long it has been
since your last ejaculation, and the degree of excitement at the time.
At least for me, the intensity of the ejaculation decreases when it
hasn't been very long since the last, i.e. hours rather than days or
(god forbid) a week.  

I could shoot it several feet if I wanted, and have actually hit
myself in the face quite a few times when laying down, for this
reason, I usually point it into my stomach and try to relax the
muscles at the time of ejaculation so it goes where I want it to.  I
think my creator gave me the ability to shoot longer distances cause
my dick's so short  :~). 

By accident, I found one method to make me shoot further if I wanted
to.  Provide some SLIGHT resistance at the opening of the ureathra by
pulling down on the penile skin on the underside of the penis.  This
pulls together the opeining of the urethra and provides a litle more
resistance to the ejaculate, causing the pressure to build up slightly
before expulsion, thereby increasing the speed and distance.  I have
done about 5 feet using this method.  Not that I've ever found any
reason yet to shoot that far except curiosity.

>I've seen guys in movies that can shoot a load quite a distance but mine 
>usually just kinda make a little spurt and fills my belly button.
>I j/o about once every day or two, and it seems the longer I go between 
>jacking off the more I cum, but it still doesn't shoot very far.
>Please reply to aboytoy4u@hotmail.com.
>Any help would be appreciated!!!!