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" - A Subculture"
(c) Nov 27, 1998

Greetings and welcome to Version 15

I don’t remember if a version 14 got published or not, but this is version 15 in
any event.  It’s been a while.

Up front I used to have my version of a FAQ, but Apuleius of Madaura came out
with a much superior product, so I am dropping mine.   This will just be Ole 
Joe’s Guide to and the surrounding environment as he sees it
today.  OK?


I started watching this newsgroup,, about a lifetime ago it 
seems.  During those few years we’ve been through several generations of 
writers.  They come, are entertained, entertain us, and they go.

Many, even most, of the authors you will read about here are no longer active
on this newsgroup.  Not to fear because most of the stories are still available
somewhere, you just have to get smart about where to look.

Why do writers disappear?  Figure it, they write a story and post it for free
on the newsgroup.  What is the currency, the pay-back?  Reader applause.  They
don’t get it, they get disgusted and quit.  Simple.  Seen it time after time. 
Or, it might simply be burn out.  Celeste has quit reviewing mostly because it
got to be too demanding of her time.

I’m not going to rewrite, or amend, the "prominent author" section immediately
following.  It is almost funny, because almost none of them are still here, and
they were almost all still active back in February of 1998.  More proof needed?

The useful part of this will be the "story credits" section.   Many or most of
these stories will still be available from DejaNews, Eli’s site, the asstr site
or in some fashion.  

I used to, but no longer repost stories, so don’t ask.  (Yeah, I have every
one of these stories, and about twice this many more.  Maybe four times?  Ten
times?)  The copyright laws got changed around, so it is a felony to violate
copyrights.  No longer is there a need to prove intent to profit by the
violation, just that it happened, to convict for copyright violations.  Notice
that DejaNews doesn’t get challenged for archiving, but Ole Joe did for
reposting, so no more reposts.  Is that clear?

The story credits section will be somewhat updated, but mostly everything
below this line is out of date, but still hopefully helpful to the newbies.
Seek and ye shall find.

Ole Joe

1.  Author List

Following is an alphabetical listing of prominent authors who regularly appear
on along with a brief description of their stories.  It would be
the labor of a lifetime to acknowledge each and every contributor to the group.
Reluctantly, this then, will be a listing of the more prolific and/or
accomplished writers.  Or the ones I know.  If your favorite author was omitted,
it might not have been intentional.  If you will provide descriptive details and
a story list, future revisions of this document will include that information.

ADRIAN HUNTER has been called the Dulcinea of the bondage community.  That was
by Lady Cyrrh, if anybody is taking notes.  If you don't know Dulcinea, why,
right below and find out about her.    He has been a long time contributor to 
newsgroups, but has quit because of commercialization.  His stories are 
available at his website, as is quickly becoming the norm, it seems.  Go to

ANDREW ROLLER, luckily at the top of the list, is also one of the most prolific
writers found on a.s.s.  His stories tend to be long, full of detail, and very
well done.  They also tend to diverge into deviant sexual activities, so stay
away if you like vanilla stories.

ANN DOUGLAS has written fifty-odd stories, roughly half and half about
male-female and female-female sex.  She also maintains an e-mail story list for
her admirers, one of whom is this writer.  Try "The Arresting Officer," a
personal favorite, for a representative sample.  "Scarlett's Cove" was #6 in
Celeste's Top 100 of 1996.

ANNE aka Anon747  We first met in an adversarial manner, but have managed to
become civil at least.  I like Anne as a person, as much as one can know from
e-mail, and love her stories.  If you must characterize, call her strongly 
opinionated, often adversarial, a rare poster, but a guest-reviewing, web-site 
owner.  That suit, Anne?  Also, please be advised that Anne takes a dim view of
people posting her stories or using them on archival or commercial sites.

ARC LIGHT writes under a pseudonym, obviously, and takes the trouble to have
someone else publish his stories.  They are all non-consensual, interracial
(BM/WF) stories with a dominance-submission theme.

BILLYG's legitimate writing has been limited to "dusty-dry academic stuff" of
limited entertainment value, ranking in the negative numbers on the erotic
scale.  He considers himself a sentimentalist, a dug-in proponent for the
values of love and tenderness.  He abhors non-consensual violence and any
degradation that reduces our humanness. Because, he explains, he writes about
things he's experienced - people, places and things - his stories are "laced
with factualisms sprinkled with a generous measure of fantasy."
	He takes some effort to introduce characters with substance and depth,
"three dimension people . . . not the cardboard protagonists of mindless
pornography."  He favors dialog to show his characters' personalities
coupled with the first-person reflections of the story teller.  "It's about
eroticism," he maintains.  "Hell, often my characters don't quite get it on."
His regard for tenderness and love is the characteristic of the BillyG stories.

BLACKWIND is no longer active, apparently, but a body of his work still floats
about.  For the most part, his stories employ elements of rape, incest,
pedophilia, and violence.

BRONWEN SM  A young English woman who has graced us of late with her presence
and very wonderful stories.  New and imaginative, she is certainly welcomed to
the group.  "The Offering" is one of the best stories I've seen this year.  
Celeste liked "The Sad, Bad Man" better.  It was #1 in 1997.  "Stocking Filler"
was #4.  Not too shabby for someone who was new to the group last year.

CAESAR writes MMF wife slut stories which are available by website.  See below.

CHILI PEELER  has written six stories with incest themes.  These are usually
long stories which allow for good character development and have a surprise
twist.  The author writes from both the male and female perspective throughout
the series.  "HypnoWho" is about a psychiatrist who returns from a hypnotism
clinic to practice his new skills on co-workers, patients, and family members.
In "Manhatten Madness" a brother visits his older sister in NYC only to learn
that she and her roommate are into rather kinky sex.  You get the idea.

COBALT JADE  is a young woman writing to us from Seattle who makes her living 
doing computer art and Web graphics.  "Why do I write sex stories?  I have too 
much imagination.  I probably won't wind up on the Celestial 100 or whatever it
is, but then, my stuff isn't very 'nice.'"  To the contrary, "Prize Pig" 
received a 1997 Cyrrheal Award.

CODY ANN MICHAELS is an author with whom I have corresponded, off and on, for
over a year.  I am no closer to understanding her than I was before we first
spoke.  She's the only self-professed masochist I've chanced to meet.  Her 
stories, consequently, are a trip into the dark side of sex.  Her personal 
fantasy is to star in a VP Viddler story.  Read one, then come back and talk
to me.  Her recent work is more about current events, especially politics, than
sex, though there is always a sexual subject.

COWGIRL, who describes herself as the illegitimate offspring of Parker and
Marlissa, is a relatively new contributor to a.s.s. Her stories deal with semi-
consensual sexual relations, usually told from the point of view of the
submissive personality. They are usually short and to the point. And very

CRAVER writes mostly MMF wife-slut, or just MF slut stories.

CURT STRAP stories were not intended by the author for general publication.
CalvinNHobbes obtained some from a BBS and posted several of them a couple of
years ago.  They are an extremely graphic look at torture and rape.   They are
definitely not for the faint at heart, but if you like extreme violence, keep
your eyes peeled for one of the Nola stories.  They are of uneven quality, so
don't suppose for a minute that they can't get better (or worse).

DAFNEY DEWITT is a study.  I wish someone with the intellectual capacity would
try to figure out Dafney Dewitt, then Parker while you are at it.  Marlissa,
too?  None of Dafney's stories are tender.   Dafney C. Dewitt is the author of
about 12 stories.  She tries to write stories with twisted endings, and is not
interested in the sexual content.  A lot of her stories are about the 
adventures of her brother, Fuller.   He was born with the best of everything.
He has intelligence, good looks, and a strong libido.  But he has weaknesses.
All his relationships revolve around an obsession with power and control.
Dafney's stories try to describe this problem.  Fuller is a pathetic man.  He
has so much, but gains so little.   Most of his relationships with women are

DARK DREAMER writes rape stories.  They are well done if that is your thing.  I
also think he has written stuff under different names, but that could be my
paranoia taking charge.

DA IGNATIUS.  "For those of you who suffer under the delusion that women
engineers can't possibly be sensual."  That was her header and remains a good
introduction.  She was a college kid who shared with us while it was convenient
in her life and we thank her for it.  Her several stories fall under my
"romance" category, though don't think they are tame or sickly-sweet.

DARK WANDERER has written over a hundred short stories, all available on his
web site.  He seems to prefer his (white) wife being fucked by (black) men,
preferably well hung, while he watches.  If that is your dream, here it is.
Last time I looked he had about 750 stories of similar vein by other authors on
his web page.  See Annex B.

DEEP BLUE has produced the Adventures of Carrie series.  

DEIRDRE is an enigma on the group and likes it that way.  She wrote 156 
stories, putting her well into the ranks of the most prolific authors, then or 
again, disappeared with  Come on, Deirdre.  There are other anonymous
remailers.  I use one.  All her stories are different and defy categorization.
They are mostly short and usually involve some newly awakened sexual compulsion.
Highly recommended for those who consider the brain an erogenous zone.  Deirdre
figured prominently in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995, taking 11 of the 100
positions.  Now Deirdre has disappeared.  I bet there are another 156 stories
lurking, waiting on a chance to appear.  Where are you Deirdre?

DELTA doesn't like his stories reposted, so as a reposter, I've left him alone.
I will say that "Strip Chess," not Delta's favorite story, will forever remain
one of mine.  This story was Celeste's #2 pick for 1995.  "Anything" was
Celeste's first pick for her Top 100 for 1996.  Seven of Delta's 17 stories have
made Celeste's Top 100 in 1995 or 1996.  Jump in and read them.  All are
different and all very well executed.  If I could get a steady diet of them, I'd
be content to read Delta stories forever.

DG  What do I say about DG?  Most every story has been rated 10-10-10 by Celeste
or an A by Lady Cyrrh.  They are all a different, all very well done.  Read

DIRTY DAWG doesn't seem to be active any more.  Celeste allocated 4 positions
to Dirty Dawg in her Top 100 for 1995, including #1 for "Lynn."  All were 

DULCINEA writes short romantic stories.  I don't know how many there are 
because I don't have them all by a stretch.  Don't pass her by when you see the
romance tag. There is a lot more to Dulcinea than just romance.  

DRIFTER.  The Drifter stories seem to cover most aspects of non-violent 
sexuality.  No water sports and no pedophilia but just about everything else. 
Drifter likes his characters and loves his women.   His women are eager, lusty,
fun and good looking.  Drifter usually portrays elements of bisexuality in his 
women characters and once or twice with men.  He tends to write long tales 
with a lot of exploration.  Tends toward character development and dialog 
rather than detail descriptions of the sex act itself. 

ELF STERNBERG has written a startlingly large body of work for the science
fiction element within a.s.s.  There is so much of it, in fact, that I'm not
even going to include Elf in the story index.  It would take two days to type
it.  It is all available on DejaNews, Elf's page, and daily reposts by Elf to
a.s.s.  If you like your sci-fi with more sex, sometimes furry, than what you
find at the local bookstore, look no further.

ELI THE BEARDED is not a frequent writer of erotica, but has been known to
dabble in many things. His stories fall into two broad categories, those which
he writes for his own mental well being and those he writes for the challenge of
it. Challenge pieces aim to defy categorization and may upset some/many readers.
     Elijah is also the moderator of  I suppose that
besides Celeste's Reviews,  he is doing more than anyone to keep the newsgroup
alive.  He also maintain the only site I know of that has an archive of the
stories from the defunct or near-defunct rec.arts.erotica plus tons of current
stories.  See Annex B.  Thanks, Eli.

EMERSON LAKEN-PALMER is someone I'd personally like to know more about.  The
seven stories that I've seen all came through other reposters.  There may be 
more.  I've seen titles to four stories I don't, but would love to have.  These
are mostly teen incest stories.  All are good, but "Ellen" is on my favorite's
list and "The Pussy Show" should be.  Why isn't it?
I am happy to report that a group reader has found ELP on a BBS and is posting
some new stories.  Thank you Sxjames.

EROS wrote 53 stories that I am aware of, most all involving incest.  No, I
don't have an address for the author, more's the pity, because his work remains
wildly popular today.  Repost a handful and watch the e-mail come!
A couple of Australian correspondents inform me Eros has/is spending time in
jail for writing these stories.  I thought they were pretty good, myself.  I
can't imagine putting someone in jail for writing a story.

ESTRAGON  is a meticulous stylist for whom femdom is very nearly a religion
Male subjection or worship especially of young women being a deep natural
instinct in men and boys, he believes, and a privilege some women grant some
men, appropriately testing their willingness to endure pain and humiliation.
Most of his stories are long on philosophic exploration of the phenomenon and
short on action, but they can have an analytic intensity which is awesome (as in
"I Meet Toni's Mom," or "Travels with Aunt Paula") or hilarious (as in "I Learn
to Think" and the earlier "War Games").  Estragon died February 12, 1998.

FANTASIA - VP VIDDLER writes rape stories.  Well, usually.  He is a master of
the story-by-dialogue.  I'm sure there is quite a story to tell behind this
unusual author.  Maybe Viddler will come back and tell us someday.

FRANK MCCOY has a website for his stories and reposts them to the group
occasionally.  All his stories are incestuously related, generally adult
male/teen-or-pre-teen female.  Often includes impregnation.  If that turns you
on, you gotta have them.

FRIAR DAVE tends to write longer, thoughtful stories.  They are largely about
under-age sex, but are exceptionally well done, so enjoyable for all readers.
He and I have carried on a dialogue, with lapses, for nearly two years about one
of his subjects.  I don't know a thing more about her than you would from
reading the story, but read "Marie" to see why I care.  It is one of my personal

HUNTER JACKSON begins and ends for me with "The Fourth Ring,"  a story that will
always stay with me.  I can't say he was first, but he is close to the best at
this topic, which is MMF wife watching.

J BOSWELL  mostly writes slut wife stories, which are often indicated on the
group with the tag (MMF wife).  He is still around, though I don't remember a
new one since "Christmas with the Andersons."  They are all good, but my
personal favorite is "Winning (Amanda) Through Intimidation."  There'll have to
be a whole lot of writing going on before it ever gets pushed off my personal
top 10.  Before you decide J Boswell runs on  just one track, read "A Love
Deeply Missed," Celeste's favored story.  About himself, J says:
     "My first exposure to CyberPorn was in the mid- to late-Eighties when I got
my first modem and lucked into a couple of BBSes with adult stories.  I had
already written a few letters to some adult magazines and publishing a story on
a BBS seemed like a much better medium.  As far as publishing and the response,
I miss the boards - they seemed much more personal than the 'net.
     "I love and hate the Internet.  I love what you can find on the 'net, but I
hate the time you can spend reading what you find.  Since I began surfing, my
writing output has declined drastically.
     "I don't really don't have a favorite story.  I'm always partial to the one
I've just finished, but I do go back and look at my earlier stories, editing
them a little.  By far I get the most requests to write part two of "Paying for
It," which I promise to do, some day soon.  I'm working on the third part of the
"Find a Penny" tale and a few other things."

JOE PARSONS' "Test Ride" was #3 in Celeste's Top 100 for 1996.  Joe runs an
international phone sex shop and advertises at the tag end of his stories.  As
long as the quality of story remains as high as the one's I've read, he can 
advertise forever.

JORDAN SHELBOURNE has written several excellent stories, so deserves mention 
here, but seems to have quit writing.  "Tomboy," a story about friendship and 
emerging sexuality, is exceptional and my personal favorite.  I've probably read
it seven times.  

JYM primarily writes about female-female dominance and submission.  This
description may seem bland.  Read one of his/her stories.

KIM the irrepressible.  For all around good cheer, Kim is impossible to beat. 
You're always welcome at my house for that very reason, Kim.  Not a bad new
author, either.  Excellent, unusual imagination.  Writes guest reviews for 
Celeste, a regular on a.s.s.d. and, like I said, a new friend of mine.

KRISTEN BECKER  is a young woman from Oregon who is both an avid story collector
as well as an author.  Additionally, she has written stories in collaboration
with several other authors.  Thanks a lot, Kristen.  You made several good
recommendations.  You make a nice film, too.

KTM  posts exclusively to, under the name Eileen
Stone.  Her stories are based in the alternate dimension of Earth called
the Darkside.  They can be found at Grey's Erotic Archive: 
<> under the 'Paranormal'
category.  Each arc from the Darkside has it's own title, and the first 
one is called The United States of Anarchy.

LINGUS  writes slut wife stories.  He has written several, though nothing
recent, and all are good if you like the genre.  Update:  Lingus stories are 
hosted on Dark Wanderer's site.

LORD MALINOV  What do I say about this guy?  If you haven't been to Castle
Malinov yet, you need to kick yourself in the ass and get busy.  See below for
address.   There are a group of young people active on a.s.s.d.  They are very
articulate, witty beyond my dreams, and each and every one write wickedly good
stories.  Lord Malinov is one of the leaders of that group.  If you aren't 
reading these kids' stories when they hit the newsgroup, why are you here?
The other people I am talking about are Uther Pendragon, Mike Hunt, Mat Twassel,
Mark Aster (occasionally), Bronwen, Taria, Kim, Kristen, Anne, and The Bear.

MARK ASTER is the author of something like sixty stories in the "My Friends the
Allens" series.  While most of the stories are pretty standard MF stuff about
Pat and Julie Allen, a pair of gorgeous intelligent bisexual nymphomaniac
sisters, told by a nameless male narrator, Mark has also explored a few corners
and boundaries, including FF and MM, light bondage, parenthood, Jane Austen, 
and even (gasp!) at least one story with no actual sex at all.  Mark is one of 
those writers who usually gets the grammar and spelling, as well as the sex, 
right, and Celeste seems to like him.  His story "Darcy and Elizabeth" was #7
in Celeste's Top 100 of 1996.  If I ever fucked myself into a coma, and could
awaken anywhere, it would be in Mark's fictional household.

MARLISSA.  Marlissa the inscrutable.  She has written 16 stories to my
knowledge.  Half are transgender stories and the other half are stored in my
"rape" category.  All of them are well written, though none fall into the
category of something I'd personally want to experience.  Marlissa is Parker's
soulmate with a heavy sprinkle of Vickie Tern thrown in.  Read "After School
Special" or "One Thousand Kisses," then tell me you'd cross Marlissa.  As an
update, Marlissa is working on a new story and at establishing a web-site.
Marlissa began The Bangkok Slaver series with "The Newlywed" (96k) and
"Stewardess" (52k).  The series was extended to three with "Bangkok Slaver"
(77k) by Parker.  Stroker Ace has since taken up the torch with #4 "Lollipops"
(70k), #5 "Beyond Chiang Mai" (113k), and #6 "Sex, Slaves, and Punishment"
(48k).   Marlissa also has a set of 96 "Postcards," pictures of alluring young
women with short vignettes accompanying them.

MARY ANNE MOHANRAJ has written many stories of varied erotic flavor, from het
to queer, from vanilla to kinky, tending towards the more 'literary' end of the
genre.  Her favorites are "Jinsong", a story of two net lovers,  and "Chantal",
a rather disturbing ffm nc piece.  Mohanraj also moderates the Internet Erotica
Writers' Workshop ( for details), and has recently
published a collection of her work,  "Torn Shapes of Desire: Internet Erotica."
Many of the stories and poems from the book are also available on her web site.
This young woman started out learning to write through practice on this 
newsgroup, and then published, a success story right on our group.   Buy the 
book now, not tomorrow, through or your favorite bookseller.

MASTER CHRIS wrote 73 stories, to my knowledge, about male domination and 
female submission.

MASTER WADE has written over 300 stories about male domination and female
submission.  If that is your bag, look no further.  Master Wade stories are 
archived on Mr Double's site, to include new stories never before published.  
Thanks, Mr D.

MICHAEL K SMITH is a native of Texas, but a child of San Francisco in the early
'60s and both periods and locations feature prominently in his stories.  He has
been a college instructor, a librarian/historian,  and an archivist, but he now
subsists as a freelance writer, developmental and copyeditor, book indexer, and
ISO 9000 documentation-er.  "I'm a hack," he admits, "but a good one."  Mr.
Smith considers "Road Trip" and "Vamps" to be his best work.  He likes to
experiment with themes, from "first love" to a realistic approach to the darker
side of sex-as-power.  He takes his erotic pieces as seriously as the rest of
his writing and is a believer (usually) in happy endings.  After a two year
absence from a.s.s. he is presently edging into a comeback.  Anything with his
name on it is good.  They all have meaning beyond the obvious story.  Read
"Philly," my personal favorite, think about it, and you'll see why I say that.
Celeste loves him, too.  So does Commander Jameson.

MIKE HUNT.  Mike only began posting stories in March/April of 1997.  His
story credits would be a point of pride for a veteran of the group.  Mike was
my stated favorite to make a sweep in Celeste's 100 for 1997.  He earned 16
slots including #6 and #8.  Here, I'll let him introduce himself:

"M1KE is writing this himself. That's why you shouldn't believe a
word of it. He's a fabulous writer, who occasionally fancies himself humorous
and tries to make people laugh while they're having an orgasm. The two are
mutually exclusive, of course, but he doesn't seem to understand that. M1KE
began writing in March 1997. He has written three dozen stories, more or less,
and thinks they got increasingly hilarious. He's wrong. His favorite is "Women
Are Stupid," which despite its misogynistic title attempts to prove that women
could rule the world if they would only try. M1KE is spelled with a "one," which
just proves that he's a lousy speller, too."

Mike's narrator is lively, self-mocking, self-amused, thus doesn't take himself
too seriously as he seduces or is seduced, so the stories tend in turn to amuse
the reader.  Red Dragon is a converted Mike Hunt fan, so be on the look-out, you
know they are good.

Mike earned 16 spots on Celeste's list of top stories for 1997.

MISSY.  I need to add a section to this article about 15 minute wonders.  Every
once in a while something will break on the newsgroup which attracts a good bit
of attention, then it dies.  Missy was one such event.  I'm sorry to say I
didn't closely follow the thread, but if memory serves, many respondents didn't
believe Missy was even a woman, let alone anything she claimed in her stories.
I don't have a good archive of her stories, but titles like these will give you
the idea:
"The Creation of Missy the Slut," "Missy's Surprise Spanking," "Missy, Lesbian
Subslut," "Missy at the Reststop," "Missy's Panties."

MR SPRAYCAN runs a commercial story site and I wish him the best.  His stories,
as posted to a.s.s. are complete stories, but if you want his whole set and
future work, pay for them.  They are actually very professionally done and
likely worth the minimal expense if you want a professional story-related

He writes in several erotica formats. His earlier work concerns Femdom ("Baton
Rouge, NY" and "The Footman of LA") but during 1997 he has transitioned to more
mainstream BDSM and spanking ("Seductions" a multi-part series that forms part
of a long unfinished work called "Just Like Don Giovanni's Blues"). Side topics
include exhibitionism ("Hotel Games," "Show Us All, Sarah Jane") and humor (A
series called "Teutonic Treat For Lady Twistleton's Twat" and a trilogy spoofing
PG Wodehouse's Jeeves-and-Wooster stories]. Some of his stories are close to the
edge in terms of content, but never cross over into the illegal. He aims to 
produce 2-3 stories a week, forever. The principal distinguishing mark of Mr.
Spraycan stories is a dry wit and barbed social commentary, plus every sexual 
twist you can imagine. His characters are adult, imperfect and obsessed, like 
the real world, and dialog carries the action.
     "I write to amuse myself, but I really like to hear from my readers. I love
to inspire them into doing crazy (but safe) things, or reconsidering their
attitude to ideas they might have rejected. To me, erotica is the new frontier:
Yes, it's been around forever, but currently it has the same 'zing' as sci-fi in
the sixties. There are dozens of great writers on the Net, writing stuff that's
fifty times better than anything you can pick up in bookstores.  Pioneering
writing styles and ideas at the same time as producing great 'read them with one
hand' stories." Any gripes? "One day I'd like to get published in a real book,
and paid for it! Or see one of my cool stories as a Hollywood movie. Yes, I 
mean it! Bend over, Alicia!"

PAMI1968  My first notice of this author was the post of five stories in one
shot.  Maybe that is a way to get attention.  Glad it worked.  These stories
feature male dominance and female submission, in varying degrees.  

PARKER.  I'd have loved to have been around and have watched the evolution of
Parker as a writer.  Or myself as his reader.  He killed himself off in his 
last story and is now doing Parker kinds of things I must suppose.  His stories
mostly revolve around non-consensual sexual activity.  Not actually rape, but
everybody isn't happy about it.  Words like "entrapment" or "relentless cruelty"
come to mind, which the victim must learn to live with in a world with no
justice due or expected.  Try "Stacy's Senior Year," his first published story
and a personal favorite, for a lengthy intro to Parker.

PATRICK DONOVAN has written ten short stories, as well as the five-part erotic
horror thriller, "The Evil of Hammond House."  Most of his stories deal with
romantic male/female encounters, but he touches on a number of things, from
female/female eroticism to male bi-sexuality.  By far his most popular story
(and his personal favorite) is "The Gathering," but he feels that "The Evil of
Hammond House" is his best written work.
              "I hope people can see that the passion I put into my stories
             is a part of me.  Some of the things I write about are based on
             things that happened to me, some of them are about things I would
             like to have happen.  But the most important aspect of them is the
             love that my characters have for each other.  That's something that
             seems to be missing from a lot of 'adult fiction' these days."

PHIL PHANTOM and his helpmate or alto ego, Tiffany, have written ...
well, I'm not too sure just how many stories there are.  There are some
surprises in the lot, one of which, "Flying High," is one of my all-time
favorites, but largely they are about incestuous coercion into sex, resulting in
pregnancy.  If you can read "Sacrificial Lamb" without a physical reaction, you
need to schedule an exam with your doctor to see if you are still alive.  Tell
him or her that Ole Joe sent you and (s)he'll understand.  Phil has recently
released a major opus, "See No Evil," a 3.63 meg story in html format.  It is
not to be missed.  

P JURADO and Elf Sternberg are the most prolific science fiction and fantasy
writers in the group.  PJ is mostly into the swords and sorcery side of this
genre with a leaning toward the brutal.  Elf is largely furry, or so I think.
This isn't my thing, but both are experienced craftsmen and very prolific.
Both have web sites.

PLAINMAN has this to say about his writing: "The heroine of my stories is
Princess, a highly successful and very bawdy 40 year old lady lawyer. She has a
gruff and macho husband named Trooper, whom she loves very much, and who
sometimes has to discipline her for various transgressions, which include
interludes with her brother David, a writer, with her best friend and lover
Judy, who is married to David, and sometimes with out and out strangers.
Princess and her court love to have all kinds of sex, and to talk about it. You
could say the stories are about the sexiness of sex talk."

QUIN  aka The Mighty Quin.  "Captured Caroline" is where it is for sex 
slavery buffs.  The first five chapters of this story told me all I needed to 
know about this subject, in loving detail.  There are several additional 
chapters.  Hmmm?  This deserves a better explanation.  It is really a well 
written story.  Quin posted the chapters as he wrote them.  I read chapters 1-5
in a rush, then wanted to wait for the story to end before starting over.  I 
just haven't gotten to it.  Some day soon?  I really don't see how anybody can
outdo Quin on a story of this genre.

R HAWK  Hawk mostly writes about an unusual family he calls the Carlsons.  They
aren't quite human, having something akin to the comic book character 
Wolverine's physical conditioning, in addition to having the senses of a wolf,
the ability to repair themselves from almost any physical damage, and the
ability to pass on these attributes to their children and to other people.  
These are mostly LONG stories, but do involve a lot of sex, family, incest, wild
happenings, sex, bloodshed, making up, and sex.  Oh, and a little sci-fi, the
odd murder, a touch of cannibalism, and a few other things.  Hawk's other
stories are definitely interesting, in addition to being sexy and hot.  Not 
proofread, but good anyway.

RAJAH DODGER  is a Texas-based computer field professional who enjoys science
fiction, chocolate, classical music and dogs.  When he is supposed to be
working, he sometimes manages to put together stories such as those listed 
here.  His pseudonym has nothing to do with the Indian subcontinent, nor with
any desire to avoid prosecution (although that's always a good idea).  His 
stories are usually non-harsh mf with femdom overtones.  His output is at best
sporadic, managing barely two dozen stories since he started writing for 
bulletin boards around 1988.  He claims his literary influences are Robert 
Heinlein, Mark Twain, Saki, and Dierdre.  Try one.  You'll like it.

RC is the prince(ss) of Mind Control stories.  All but one, to my knowledge,
involve female-female sexual activity.   Some of them I have read two or three
times, so you know I like RC.

RED DRAGON is an acquaintance who is fast becoming a friend.  She writes a
variety of stories under a variety of names, usually (to my knowledge) beginning
with the initials RD.  I won't risk compromising a friendship by further
characterizing the stories.  They are readily available through DejaNews.  Check
them out.  I don't miss one.

REDROSE is not someone you will find easily.  These are stories of pedophilia or
sexual slavery, or both.

RHETT DREAMS is the crime-drama writer in this crew.  His stories may never make
the wide screen, but they are professionally done and as good as anything you 
will see on the big screen.  Prepare yourself for a story with plot, plus hot
and heavy and unusual sexual activity.  Celeste mostly gives straight 10's, A or
A+ from Lady Cyrrh.  A fan has a web site hosting his stories.

RICHARD FISCHER aka Paladin is an author with a bent.  Although experienced,
he persists in writing low-brow fiction with an eye toward excessive dominance.
One of his stories may turn you on, but they aren't something that would nurture
a lasting relationship.

SHARON BEST  has written, and is writing, adult superhero comic stories. 
If you like reading superhero comic book adventures that include things 
DC and Marvel aren't allowed to print, try these detailed and 
imaginative stories.   

SISTERS NG.  Deirdre and Tammy Ng are Chinese-American sisters.  Their stories
came out in a rush, faded to a trickle, then silence.  There was an imaginative
webpage for a while, but now, it too, is gone.  I hope they come back, because
there for a while, we had an inside view into two creative young women's
fantasies (?).

SPOONBENDER   Most Spoonbender stories are about women being used as objects,
treated like objects, or forced/blackmailed into becoming objects -- like high-
tech ponygirls, or baby factories.  Some are in scifi settings, but that's only
background to the story.  If you read all his stories, you can tell by the
writing quality which ones were written earlier, and which are more recent.
The "Factory" and "Legend" series are all separate stories and unrelated to one
another, while "Out Of This World" is a sequence of stories about the same
person.  "The Ordinance" includes lots of school-girl canings and blackmail.
Plenty of nasty stuff from this author.

STEPHANIE started writing about two years ago and has certainly done well.  She
won the first two of Celeste's annual writing contests.  Her favorite story type
is the magical/sci-fi transformation of a man into a woman.  "Nothing interests
me more than the idea of a heterosexual man suddenly finding himself in the 
body of a beautiful woman.  Most of my stories start with this transformation 
and then go on to show how (s)he comes to terms with her new life."

STROKER ACE writes stories of non-consensual sexual activities.  For example,
he has written three stories in the Bangkok Slaver series.  (See Marlissa for

STUDS MANLY was around before I came aboard and has disappeared as far as I 
know.  His stories come in variety and quantity.  There are reputedly over a
hundred of them, but I have far fewer than that.  The ones I have seen are
mainly about a guy with a big cock, usually having fun with some lucky woman,
oftentimes family.

SUE NH.  Insofar as you can discern things about someone you have never spoken
with, nor know anything about first-hand, SueNH is my dream woman.  Lusty, 
bodacious.  Read and wish it could be with you.  I don't have a valid e-mail
address for Sue so I will let her introduce herself from her writings.  The
following is an excerpt from "Sue's Overture."

          "Someone wrote me recently to complain that my use of the
     present tense in my stories was annoying to him. So here is an
     explanation. I employ the present tense because of the method that I use
     to write erotic stories. I do not start with any plan or outline. Instead,
     I simply sit down at the keyboard and close my eyes, letting an erotic
     image form in my mind. Then I let that image expand into a "situation,"
     and then I start typing like crazy, sometimes going for 4 - 6 hours at a
     time. ("Slippery When Wet" took almost 8 hours, with only one
     bathroom break). Of course, I go back afterwards to check for typos
     (many, many) and to check for continuity and logic. It's amazing how
     little problem there is with that, since I am typing as I day-dream, and
     the stream of consciousness comes out in a form that
     makes basic sense. Sometimes I have to add a little at the beginning to
     provide more of a smooth, sensible introduction.
         "Anyway, this way of writing lends itself to maintaining the present
     tense. My fantasy is unfolding in the same moment that I am recording
     it. I'm sorry if that throws you off the "scent." I have read stories by
     others that are written in the present tense, and it actually turned me on
     more than past tense stories. Something about being in the moment,
     sharing the moment..... I dunno. Actually, two of my stories are written in
     the past tense: "Life's a Beach" and "Alice and Joe and You and Me.""

SueNH figured prominently in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995, taking 11 of the 100

SUKI writes stories with bondage themes.  Many are short, but invoke powerful
images.  If you have the least interest in this area, you should try a few.  
Well done, each and every one.

TARIA T is a rather recent addition to a.s.s. and will probably never live
down the fact that almost everyone loves "Art Appreciation" best.  Well,
okay, "Computer Flirt" ain't half bad either.  She has written a number of
varied pieces in between, including a number that have made Celeste's top
stories of the month.  (Oh, and Taria my sweet, don't jump on Ole Joe, this
is a guest paragraph  *grin*, although maybe Joe might enjoy being jumped
on by Tasty Taria!)

TEN TO WIN.  This was one of the first guys I ever wrote about a story.  I wrote
him about all his stories.  Read them in order.  I don't care if you have an
interest in light bondage or not.  After you've read this series, you'll have
more interest.

THE EDITOR.  All are lengthy and professionally done.  Many use the element of
non-consensual sex becoming enthusiastically consensual.  Many include
beastiality, but the titles are easy to pick out if you don't like that sort of
story.  Each and every one will singe the hair off your scalp.  My favorite is
"The Missionary's Daughter."  Many of The Editor's selections are available on
Mr Double's website.

THE JOKER.  I know there are more stories by The Joker than I have listed.

THE WARTHOG has slowed down in the past few months and I'd like to re-ignite his
creative fires.  There are 23 lengthy tales, which are unfortunately no longer
available on his website. The primary theme is the adventures of everyday,
typical, albeit beautiful, women who find themselves in highly charged sexual
situations that compel them to let go and give in to their otherwise suppressed
passions. Multiple men, interracial sex and pregnancy are subplots showing just
how far the women will go while exploring their passions.   Have heart medicine
or someone of the appropriate sex handy before reading.  These stories are
available on the DarkWanderer website.

(SHELBY) THOMAS BUSH is an excellent author, himself, and poster for Tom 
Bombadil, and for Tom Trinity, author of  "The Trinity Trilogy."  Mr. Bush's 
stories are TV show take-offs, but not to be dismissed on that account.  Rather,
that adds to the enjoyment for many readers.  Celeste rates them very highly.

TOM BOMBADIL is one of the strongest entries into the group in the past year.
His stories are unique and he seems able to adapt his writing style to that of
others, witness his Deirdre-esque entries into the story pool.  It will
be very hard to blast "Chosen" or "Elizabeth and Anastasia" off my favorites

TIGGER on Tigger:  "I write erotica because few folks write about the things
that interest me.  See "An Honor to Serve" and "Not One of the Herd".  I seek
romance.  As I said in one introduction, I don't write the "squish-squish,
pant-pant" kind of grizzly sex details very well, and to be honest, that is the
part of all this that interests me the least.  The sexiest part of any woman,
the most fascinating part of a woman, is what goes on inside her head.  The
smarter the woman, the sexier.  The brain does not succumb to gravity as time
goes by."
Tigger received a 1997 Cyrrheal Award for "The Sultan's Heir."

UCCLEAR  I had read a story by this author, "The Cuckold Groom," and while
admitting that it was good, didn't especially mark it for attention.  It was
just another one of "those" type stories. Then came "Teen Breeder."  This story
changed my viewpoint completely.  Do not read the latter without someone of the
appropriate sex handy.

UTHER PENDRAGON  took #4 with "For Now," and #5 with "For Him" in Celeste's 
Top 100 of 1996.  All the stories are good, but for best effect, should be read
in the order listed in the credits annex.  Uther is one of the most articulate
writers currently active on the group.  His stories earned 10 positions of 100
on Celeste's Top 100 Stories of 1997.  Think about that for a moment.
I wouldn't do it willingly because I am an addict, but if I had to limit myself
to 20 authors, Uther would be one of them.

VICKIE TERN  is an ex-professor of literature and popular culture whose social
identity and creative instincts were liberated three years ago, when she assumed
that alternative name and personality.  She has written over a dozen stories
since then,  two novels (one with a collaborator, never posted and still out
looking for print), and two collections of short predicaments called, "Teasers."
"Trust Me!" is typical and a favorite, and "Sooo Sweet!" is a comic variant.
The most recent, "JayCee," has a superbly self-confident, precocious teenage
girl as its narrator , but also unexpected counter-scheming leading to a more
satisfactory ending than anyone intended.  Celeste has given almost all of them
straight "10s."  "NICE" was #5 of her top 100 stories for 1995.  Vickie is one
of five writers who have earned positions on Celeste's Top 100 all three years.

All her stories explore amusing dom/sub reversals of traditional gender power
relationships.  Usually the men in them are feminized or transgendered by the
wiles of wives or girlfriends, who have their own reasons, the least being to
achieve a measure of control over their own lives and desires.  Their men are
credulous enough to believe they know what is happening though they don't, and
end up humiliated until they finally realize they're better off.  The women are
clever enough to deceive them, always well-intentioned, even loving, though
always also ruthlessly self-serving.

WALDO writes lengthy stories on a transgender theme.  Many have what I'd call a
magical bent, meaning the male protagonist is somehow transformed into a woman,
and spends the story learning to live with it.  All are professionally done.  I
can't imagine why these aren't published.  I'll buy a copy.

WOLLSTONECRAFT seems to have gotten quiet when died.  Could have been
a coincidence.  These are 12 stories largely about tricked or coerced pregnancy.
They are very well done and guaranteed for results.  Try "The Wedding Gift" or
"The Novice," both personal favorites. 

WOULD BE BAD aka EAZIN ALONG writes some really interesting stories, too.
I messed up my previous attribution of this author's works and would like to 
make amends.  "My Wedding" is one of my personal favorites and one I highly
recommend.  It is a trip down the aisle like you've never seen or imagined.
There is supposed to be something new coming in the pipeline.  Don't miss it.

Once again, please remember there is no pretense that this is a complete list of
authors or even a list of the best authors.  It is a list of some of the more
prolific authors, many of whom are still active on the group today, along with
a few of the newer voices.  If you have input, don't complain, send it.

2.  Other Group Contributors

CELESTE is a married English teacher, apparently from Virginia, (that'll stir as
many comments as did the conversation about Celeste's hair color) who has
written reviews of posted stories about twice a week for three years.
Occasionally, it is this observer's belief, Celeste stirs up a touch of
controversy just to watch the hand-wringing, wailing, clothes-rending, and
gnashing of teeth over in a.s.s.d.  Her Reviews are widely read and receiving a
position on her Top 100 Stories of the Year is acknowledged as an honor.
Anything on the list is excellent.

Celeste can't possibly read every story posted to the newsgroup.  No normal
human could.  So, she selects new story postings to review from authors she
knows to write well.  Of course, she is ever on the alert for new talent, plus
I'd imagine, she gets tips from friends.  Also, for several months she has
included guest reviews, mostly by known and cherished authors from the 
newsgroup.  This allows for more stories to be covered in each issue.  Great
idea.  Thank you, Celeste.

LADY CYRRH is a new entry into the reviewing arena.  Her stated intention is to
review the types of stories that Celeste avoids or misses.  The reviews 
themselves are a worthy read, as are some of the stories contained therein.  She
maintains a web site with copies of past reviews and links to author's sites.
For this later reason alone, her site is becoming increasingly important.  I 
urge those authors whose deep pockets can take more hits on their story pages
to establish a link with Lady Cyrrh.  See address below.

ELI THE BEARDED   There are some people you just can't say enough good things
about.  Elijah is one of them. is a national 
treasure.  I can't imagine how much time and money he must spend, but the 
service he provides to the community is invaluable.  I check that newsgroup
every day of my life.

KRISTEN78  Aside from being a writer and regular on a.s.s.d., Kristen reposts a
few stories most days.  She tends to collect good stories, so check them out.

Tommy the THC Archivist used to repost around fifteen stories every day.  Every
single day.  The stories were of somewhat uneven quality, but he had a lot of
stories.  If you didn't like this one, try that one.  Tommy announced his 
retirement over the Fourth of July weekend, 1997.  Near as I can tell, this was
largely precipitated by a running spat with authors over his sale of stories by
CD-ROM.  Hate to see you go, Tommy.  Many of his reposts can be found on

Red Dragon (aka nogarder, ***, redragon) was reposting stories on the newsgroup
the first day I logged on.  She's still here and still reposting stories.  
Mostly they are from little recognized authors and are closely selected for good
content.  In fact, some of my favorites have come from Red Dragon.  Try 
"Danger" when you can find it.  Red Dragon also writes.  See the author page.

Mr. Double reposts stories regularly and runs a webpage.  His preferences run
toward incest themes and that is largely what you will find there, although, he
may be broadening his offerings.  He has a fast site and carries a lot of 
material.  Not to be missed.  Five stars.  See Annex B.  

TheBackDrop Club is an e-mail response, story archive.  I haven't checked
lately, but Robin used to sell stories on CD-ROM.  See Annex B.

Ray N Velez has been around a very goodly while, and although he has always
reposted, of late has been selectively identifying his reposts as being  A+
stories.  These are guaranteed to be crowd pleasers.  Ray also has a story list
with numerical ratings that he has posted.  It is a pretty comprehensive list
and a valuable tool for seekers.

Commander Jameson reposts occasionally.  He seems to prefer (mf teen rom)
stories, preferably long, romantic ones.  He doesn't repost everything , but the
ones he does are guaranteed to be good ones.  Any time you see his name, read
the story.  Just shut up and read it.

Michael Suelmann is a friend and fellow story collector.  Insofar as I am able
to ascertain, he has the largest personal a.s.s. story collection in the world.
Occasionally, he will repost a story when he sees a mangled copy surface on the
net.  Thanks, Michael.

Kristen78  has put together an amazing story collection in a very short time.
She reposts things nearly every day now.  Thank you, Kristen.  (She is cute, 
too, by the way.)

Ole Joe, that's me, is a story collector and occasional reposter of a variety of
story categories.  I tend to repost by author or story type.  Nowadays, I seldom
post at all, because of concerns with copyright violations, but I still collect.
Over 17,000 entries at last count.

DEJA NEWS.  I can't comment on the intention or future of the site, but the
results today are invaluable.  Go to and select "Power
Search."  Fill in the blocks appropriately, ie, for the
newsgroup, poster's name under author, and title of post for subject.  If you
get lost, try as author.  Retrieve a header and click on 
Author's Profile.  Voila.  There is everything I have reposted for months.  If
that isn't enough, do a detailed search and go for past months.  It doesn't just
work for me.  Try anything or anybody.

Anonymous reposting services.  As stated earlier, set the standard
for service and when it was closed, many authors quit posting.  Since, several
services have arisen, and as far as I know, all at minimal or no cost.  I use for my account.  Hasn't cost me a dime so
far, and handles e-mail and Usenet posting without complaint.  Fast server, too.
Sometimes during peak hours I have trouble getting connected to the server, but,
hey, it is a free service.  Wait a little while and try again.  There are 
several other providers.  Try juno or hotmail.  At, ahem, one 
may establish a truly anonymous account.  It is web-based, so you have to log in
to retrieve or send mail, but no particulars about yourself are revealed in the
registration process.  Nothing you send will have any link back to your home
ISP.  In fact, you don't even have to be at home to use the service.  You can
log in to your account from a coffee bar.  Now, that is anonymous.

I'm not intentionally slighting anyone by not mentioning them, but these are the
people, other than the authors, who, firstly, over the years, then, in recent
months, have made the largest contribution to the newsgroup.

Annex A   Story Credits

The time demands to maintain this portion of the article may quickly grow to
exceed my capacity to keep current.  It is already a nightmare.  In most cases I
am citing only the stories that I personally have.  There may be, and likely
are, additional stories extant for each author which are not listed.   
Additionally, there are many more authors than there are of me.

I have added story ratings as posted in Celestial Reviews as a guide to
potentially interested readers.  No, I have not gone through every single
Celestial Review and indicated the ratings for every story she has reviewed.
Some day, maybe.  I have tried to find a few reviews for each author cited.  Not
all authors have been reviewed.  See a Celestial Review and FAQ to understand
just what the ratings mean, otherwise, accept a 10-10-10 for what it sounds

Starting with version 3, I am adding ratings from Lady Cyrrh's Annex Reviews.  
Her ratings run from A+ to D-, though I don't remember seeing one that low.  I
don't collect gay fiction, and some of what she reviews falls in that category,
so not all her story reviews will be listed in this document.

     As Luck Would Have It
     The Chance

     Across the Street
     A Little Father-Daughter Story
     Peeping (at) Tom
     Room Serviced
     St. Adrian's
     A Test of Patience
     Willow Street Seven

     Ann's Wish
     His Favorite Holiday			A rating Annex Reviews 11-6-97
     Induction of Isabel			98k
     The Jennifer Series (3)
     Melrose Place Series (4)
     Out of Commission
     Ready, Pet, Go
     The Box
     The Rubbermaid Chronicles		73k
     Upon Returning

     Simply Jas
     The Palace			A+ rating Annex Review 12-20-97
	Lady Cyrrh said, "This was one of the most female-oriented BDSM stories
	read so far, and I enjoyed it immensely, with a big grin on my face."

     Watching 1            10-10-10 CR137
     Watching 2            10-10-10 CR152  #31 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97

     My Neighbor's Sex Slave, My Wife

ALLENE   (Spanking)
     Allene's Spanking
     Camp Spanking
     Caned by Sir Richard
     Horse Punishment
     Indian Whipping
     My Darling
     The Dance

     Debbie's Gift		784k
     Executive Pleasures		  50k
     Fall Festival			  83k
     Genesis			  50k
     Power Shopping		  50k
     The Auction			  43k
     The Manager		  34k
     The Trade Show		  55k
     Tiny Drops			  37k

     A Grey Skirt				250k
     An Unusual Psychological Problem	  93k
     Living in a House Full of Girls	309k
     My Days Being Forced		468k
     The New Secretary			341k
     Visiting Aunt Sue			279k
     We Met in a Nice Bar		239k

ANDREW ROLLER  -  To give you an idea as to just how much the author has
written, I have indicated file sizes in those cases where I have the complete
     Amsterdam Damsels   	199k
     Baby Pussy                	 66k
     Beach Western             	 64k
     Bikini Brigade		355k
     Bordello Girls		238k
     Bottoms in Bondage    	320k
     Bush League              	288k
     Candyland Cunnies       	  73k
     Captive Cock             	149k
     Chambers of Love        	594k
     Cunt Castle
     Dungeon of Desire       	224k
     Holland Hunnies          	119k
     Honey Haven              	502k
     Imus Test
     Kiddie Clitties           	  64k
     Labors of Love           	452k
     Lady Fontaine             	  45k
     Love Child               		924k
     Love Lessons              	  39k
     Lust's Lair              		107k
     Mansion for Masochists
     Nudie Nursery            	271k
     Oprah                      		    6k
     Party Pussies            		288k
     Passion's Playpen        	681k
     Permanent Perigee          	    8k
     Private Places           		522k
     Punished for Pleasure    	203k
     Puppy Love			223k
     Pussy Pals                		  55k
     Pussy Playland           	220k
     Pussy Valley              	  67k
     Rare Dream
     Sarajevo Sexfest
     Sins of the Flesh        	311k
     Temptress                		236k
     The Fading Universe		168k
     The First Temptation of Christ
     There and Not Back Again	10-8-8 CR252
     Vegas Vixens
     Watermelon Moon

     My Phantom Lover
     Sue's Visit
     Threesome in the Pool

     Date for Sale
     Legally Binding
     The Boss

     Adventures on Flight 109	10 CR51
     Arresting Officer        	#80 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     Babysitter, The		9.5-10-10 CR96
     Behind the Curtain
     Bellboy, The
     Cheating Heart		10 CR52 / B- Annex Review 8-22-97
     Chocolate Candy		9-10-10 CR246
     Classified Ad		10 CR26
     Cleaning Lady, The
     Creative Interlude		10-9-9 CR111
     Crossing the Line        	#13 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
     A Dark and Stormy Night  	10-10-10 CR89
     Deja Vu                  		#15 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
     Ebony and Ivory
     Foreign Affair           	#57 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     Friday at the Movies
     The Girls of Delta Theta Phi   9-10-10 CR135
     Grandma Knows Best
     Highway Patrol           	9-10-10 CR81
     His Girlfriend's Mother
     Home Again               	#26 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
     Hot Summer's Night       	10-10-10 CR95
     Interview, The		10-9-8 CR98	
     Jennifer's Surprise
     Just One of the Guys
     Like Mother Like Daughter
     Lisa's Dark Fantasy
     Mother and Son           	#27 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     One Moment in Time
     Prom Date
     Professor, The		9-8-8 CR246
     Prize, The			10-10-10 CR131
     Road Not Taken		9.5-9.5-10 CR144
     Sandy                    		9.5-10-10 CR136
     Sarah and Sister Theresa	9.5-10-10 CR107
     Scarlett's Cove          		#6 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
     Silk Scarf
     Snowbound			10-10-10 CR241 #10 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     Speeding Ticket
     Teacher's Conference
     Tender Loving Care
     True to Life
     Tutor, The			8-6-6 CR 226
     Violet Rose              		#64 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     Visit to Grandmother's House

     Ballad of Wrangler Jane	9-9-9 CR137
     Beverly and Deanna		10 CR44
     Beverly's Holodeck Fantasy
     Home Improvement - Jill's Story
     Uhuru and Rand
     Vulcan's Love
     Wesley and Deanna
     Wilma and Betty
     Batgirl and Robin
     Cape and Cowl		10-10-10 CR187
     Robin and Catwoman
     Robin on Patrol
     Supergirl			9-10-10 CR108

     A Change in Her
     Motel Manager
     Teacher		10-10-10 CR192 / A rating Annex Review 6-16-97
     The Visit
     Will She?

     story001 My Night
     story002 The Sauna
     story003 A Little Fun in the Shower
     story004 Out on a Call
     story005 My First Time
     story006 Happy Birthday
     story007 Watching from the Closet
     story008 The Storm
     story009 Vacation Fantasy
     story010 A Late Night Swim
     story011 A Hard Day at the Office
     story012 Helpful Neighbors
     story013 Hot Nights
     story014 Waiting for You
     story015 Dinner at My Place
     story016 Soaking Up Some Sun
     story017 Your Night
     story018 The Boat
     story019 Masturbation
     story020 Cheating
     story021 A Quick Dip
     story022 Meeting at the Carpark
     story023 Massage
     story024 Anne Has Two Firsts Tonight
     story025 A Business Trip
     story026 The Drive Home
     story027 IRC
     story028 A Day at the Beach
     story029 Blues in the Night
     story030 Meeting the Neighbors
     story031 Brief Encounter
     story032 Mowing the Lawn
     story033 Cuban Rhythms
     story034 Bringing Home a Friend
     story035 An Evening at Home
     story036 Fantasy Island
     story037 Lunch with a Friend
     story038 The Wake-up Call
     story039 A Round of Golf
     story040 The Steam Room
     story041 A Blend of Fantasy and Reality
     story042 Finally!
     story043 Insomnia
     story044 Felicia
     story045 The Dinner Party
     story046 The Halloween Party
     story047 The Package
     story048 Financial Planning
     story049 Vacation!
     story050 A Day Trip
     story051 Midnight
     story052 Illusions #1
     story053 Illusions #2
     story054 Illusions #3
     story055 An Interesting Saturday
     story056 The Legal Limit
     story057 Letter to a Lover
     story058 A Day in the Life
     story059 A Snow Day
     story060 The Blind Date
     story061 I Should Be Working
     story062 The Local Bar
     story063 Fantasy from a Friend
     story064 Would You Do What I Say?
     story065 What Would Happen If We Met?
     story066 Confessions of Lust
     story067 A Cut of the Cards
     story068 A Quickie at the Office
     story069 A Summer Day
     story070 The Watcher
     story071 The Watcher 2 Who's Watching
     story072 The Watcher 3 The Show
     story073 The Insatiable Flirt
     story074 The Watcher 4 Questions and Answers
     story075 How Many Drops?

     Anna Belvoir
     Barbie's First Journey
     Basketball Star Scores
     Black Boss 1-4		79k
     Blair Crosses Her New Boss
     Cindy and Jeff
     Cold Winter Night
     Dangerous Detour
     DC - Master of Seduction
     Gretchen Is Seduced
     Hezron's First Breeding
     Jackie Succumbs
     Jodi Meets the Arkansas Black Snake
     Karen1 - Karen's First Lesson
     Karen2 - The Submission
     Karen3-4 - The Cock Tail Party 1-3
     Kathy's Submission
     Leroy Tames the Teacher
     Linda Goes to Prison
     Miranda's Dark Journey
     Mrs Brannan's Torment
     Mrs Jennifer Gets White Creme
     NBA Must Wait
     Probation Officer
     Randy Ballard's Domination
     Saga of Joanne
     Sandy's Day in Church
     Shelly's First Six Months
     Subjugation of Misty Bannister
     Teacher's Submission	111k
     Terror in the Country
     The Cheating Wife
     Trish Sagat

     Ash's Diary
     Ashley's Audience
     The Bodyguard
     Coming Home
     Coyote, Raven, and Jackrabbit
     The Crimson and the Blue
     A Few Good Men
     Hormones Gone Wild
     Junior vs. The Board of Education
     Juvenile Justice
     Nightmare Before Bedtime
     Teacher's Pet

     Joanie and Marie
     My Lovely Roommate

AVERTI  (Bondage)
     Anita and Me
     Cesura's Story
     The Return of Cesura
     Eloise Gets to the Bottom of Things
     In the Pain Garden
     Shaved Splash
     The Taming of Eloise

     Across the Catty Corner     		#4 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     All Aboard				10 CR13
     Amy's Story
     Annie After Hours
     Backrub, Assrub, Clitrub, Cockrub
     Hot on the Trail:  Who in the World is Celeste802
     Meeting Amanda                 		#55 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     Morning Orgasms:  Spoons
     Once You're Rubbed by Amy    	#85 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     Showing Off Again
     Showoffs                       		#33 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     Skin on Skin on Skin
     Steven After Hours             		#67 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     Study Cubicle
     Tammy in Trouble
     Wet Dreams                     		#43 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     Xena:  Casllisto's Escape

     Dear Hustler
     Lust Filled Nite
     My Boyfriend's Brother
     My First Black Experience

     A New Car for Ginny
     Balinda's Supper
     Black in Love Again
     Civil War Slut
     Jake's Big Surprise
     My Husband's Black Friend
     My Wife's New Cowboy
     Noises in the Night
     Private Dick for Hire
     Synthetic Daughter
     The Abortion
     The Big Surprise
     The Kiss
     The Perfect Tool

BARON DARKSIDE  (There are supposed to be over 50 of these stories.)
     A Hawaiian Tragedy
     A Visitor in the Night
     A Revisit by the Visitor
     Another Lazy, Wasted Saturday Afternoon
     Double the Fun
     Keep It in the Family
     Let Brother Love Continue
     Mom Knows
     Mother's Little Secret
     Mother's Milk 1-2
     Mother's New Found Lover
     The Addiction 1-3
     The Beach Party
     The Fog
     The Joining
     The Monster Within
     The Other Son
     The Peeping Tom
     The Stranger 1-2
     The Train Ride, v 1-4

     Bea's Bored

      Hot for Hillary [Rodham Clinton]  (80k)      8,7,7 CR131
      Mother's Milk  (63k)
      My Mom/My Slut  (19k)
      Taboo 1  (13k)                              		10,9,9  CR155

BIG DADDY  (Incest / slut wife)
     A Nice Jog with Daddy
     Amber Fields
     Beyond Temptation
     Brian's Mom
     Brittany's Bachelorette Party
     Captive Father
     Caring Mother
     Common Desires
     Curiosity Killed the Cat
     Daddy Pictures
     Daddy's Baby
     Dad's Weekend
     Dear Dad
     Doctor's Orders
     Forbidden Love
     Freudian Belief
     Fucked by an Angel
     Fuckin' Truckin"
     Getting Daddy a Raise
     Graduation Night
     Happy Birthday, Daddy
     Happy Endings
     Heather 1 and 2
     Holy Union
     Home Leave
     Invasion of Privacy
     Justine's Gift
     Kitchen Floor
     Ladies Night Out
     Little Soldier Boy
     Mary's Black Lover
     Mellisa's Brother
     Mom's Romantic Weekend
     Mother,  May I?
     Mother's Room
     Mrs. Jones and the Prom Queen
     My Dad, the Bragger
     My Friend's Pregnant Wife
     My Girl
     My Husband's Nasty Friends
     My Wife and Brother
     Naughty Mother
     Porno Mom
     Preacher's Son
     Rachel's Baby
     Rachel's Birthday Orgy
     Rebecca's Black Savior
     Replacing Mom
     Revelations 1-3
     Reward for Dying
     Romantic Moment
     Shopping for Suzy
     Sister, Sister
     Taught by Mommy
     Teaching Son
     The Adventures of Alicia, Whore
     The Master's Slave
     The Sandman
     Vegetable Dad

     Florida Heat 1-8
     Reunion of Pleasure
     Ride from Five Roses
     The Game

     The Reward				10-10-10 CR138

     Shape Shifter

BILL SMITH  (Sci-fi)
     Exodus, the End of the Beginning    	507k
     Firefly, the Legacy           		333k
     Odin                  			414k

     Aunt Peg's Visit
     Buffy James and BB			10-8-9 CR222
     Diana's First Anal Sex
     My Mother, Susan
     My Sister Jean 1-19	363k	#80 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     Mrs Fascione
     Sandy - Watching a Woman Pee
     Sister Mary Joseph		#71 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     Story for Susan
     Term Paper
     The Outhouse
     The Sisters, Sally and Gerry

     Beer Party
     Brothers Grim
     Finally    Mf adult cons
     Kidnapped Schoolgirls
     Nightmare Vignette
     Sex Slave
     Sisrape            			322k
     Summer Sex Ed
     Unlucky Number 13              		9-9-9 CR95

     Baby Maker 1-3
     Cheating on My Husband
     Cheating Wife
     Doing the Mother in Law
     Lebuc's Wife
     Moving Daze
     My Wife the Whore
     No Contest 1-2
     Sex Slave
     Slut Wife 1-5
     Testing the Wife
     The Picnic

     When It Blows, All Cats Are Gray

  Kate & Emily Series
    K&E - Meeting
    K&E - Renewal
    K&E - Return
    K&E - Walk
    K&E - Homecoming, Part One
    K&E - Homecoming, Part Two
    K&E - Homecoming, Part Three
    K&E - Interlude
    K&E - Decisions
    K&E - October 26, 1996
    K&E - Together
    K&E - Sandcastles
   Marisa and Nathaniel: Sanctuary series
    M&N - Bike Riding
    M&N - The Trestle
    M&N - Going to Church
    M&N - Trying Again
  [for d.]
  In Memoriam
  Lean In
  Lessons From A Fag Hag [for h.]
  Lost and Found
  Neat Nails

     Black Nylons

     Feeding the Fishes
     Icecream Sundae		10-10-10 CR198
     Kim, Nice-but-Dim
     Mother's Day
     Playing Pool			10-10-10 CR191
     My Trusted Friend		10-10-10 CR191
     Ripe				#73 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     Sam's Bad Day	10-10-10 CR199 / A+ rating Annex Review 7-20-97
     Seeing Is Believing	10-9-9 CR222
     Shagger			10-10-10 CR192
     Sucker 1-3			#18 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     Stocking Filler		#4 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     The House of Sin		9.5-10-10 CR222
     The Minimalist
     The Offering       9.5-10-10 CR188 / A+ rating Annex Review 6-26-97
     The Sad, Bad Man		10-10-10 CR224	#1 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     Well Known Sayings

     Beneath the Bridge
     Feed the Night
     Growing Familiar
     Hush			9-8-8  CR230
     In Walked Perfection	10-7-8 CR220
     Lydia			10-7-7 CR230
     Mass Transit			10-7-7 CR235
     Spare Keys
     The Friendship Clause

     Coach and My Friends
     Freshman Haze
     My 18th Birthday

     My Sister's Tits			9.5 CR30
     The Power of Titnosis

  Afternoon With the Sisters - ff inc
  A Way of Life - MF FF bd
  Chauffeur's Dirty Job - MF F voy          143  10,10,10    12
  Disabled Powers - mf ff teen inc mc
  The Doctor's Trust - Mf ff teen nc
  Dreams #1                                   	142  5,5,4
  Dreams #2-6 - Mf mf
  E-Slave Fantasies - Mf bond
    (Letters to Marnie)
  Forbidden Dominance - mf Ff inc dom bond
  The Fugitive - semi-nc                      	189  8,9.5,8.5
    (also posted as The Fugitive's Wive)
  Geisha House
  Heaven or Hell - Mf ff inc teen fant        152  8,10,10
  Hunted - mF inc
  International Sex (Smut) Codes
  Jan - mf nc                                 	141  9,8,8
  Lottery - mf ff inc teen
  Love's Eternal Circle
  The Maid - mf ff teen inc
  Marnie's Day on the Sandbar - Mf
  Marnie's Fitting Punishment - Mf ds bond
  Marnie's Master Loses Weight - Mf
  Marnie's Quickie - Mf
  Marnie's All Tied Up - Mf bond
  Marnie Follows Instructions - f voy dom
  Marnie Goes Lingerie Shopping - Mf
  My Cock, My Life - mf inc teen
  News Business - MF
  Photo - mf ff voy inc
  A Quick Divorce
  Roman Matron - mF teen inc
  Sailing We Will Go - MF FF                    8  6
  Sinful Discovery
  Soldier's Tale
  Susan                                       		100  9.5,8,8
  Sweet Smell of Lust - mf ff inc
  Sysop Meet
  Tender Years - ff teen
  Tim's Life - Mf ff inc nc mc
  Vampire Slave
  A Way Of Life - Mf mf ff voy		136k
  Wet Dream                                    38  5
  Wet Sword - mf hist
  A Wife, A Husband, and the Paperboy          30  8
  Wicked Mother-in-law - Mf nc
    (Also posted as Wicked Step-Mother)

     Falling Into Grace			10-10-10 CR225 / A+ rating Annex Reviews
     A Knight on the Road		A+ rating Annex Reviews 7-13-97
     Knight Errant			A+ rating Annex Reviews 7-13-97
     The Knight and His Squire		A+ rating Annex Reviews 7-13-07

     Adventures in Dishwashing
     My Wife, Her Girlfriend, and a Strap-On Dildo
     No Holes Barred - An Oral Adventure
     Passenger 47
     Rules Get Broken
     Three Cakes and a Candle
     To Make You Walk that Extra Mile	10 CR59
     Workman's Compensation

     100					7-9-9 CR154
     Fill It to the Rim
     Gymnasts' Set
     Bad Breath
     Young Gymnasts Story

     Ex-Wife Wants to Come Back
     My Fiancee's Humiliation
     My Loving Wife and My Best Friend
     Wife Has to Please or Ex-Wife Will

     Beth's Diary
     Camp Eden Kids 1-2
     Cherry Picker
     Dialog of Discovery
     Emily and the Twins
     Home Improvement:  Hot Tub Hijinks
     Home Improvement:  Molly's Muff
     Seventh Heaven: One Stormy Night

     Alison Baker's Defilement
     Christine's Enslavement
     Cindy Gets Black Maled
     Hail the Conquering Hero
     Halloween Party
     Recombinant DNA
     Suzie Q

     Chaining of Andromeda
     Genetic Engineering
     Hunting the Unicorn
     Shower of Gold

CATALLUS  (Incest) 
     Billy's Hot Mom               165k
     Cold Winter
     Coming, Mother               155k
     Mommy's Horny Urges    172k

     First Kiss
     Imagine:  Dear Sir Stephen
     Imagine:  A Devilish Contraptioni
     Imagine:  A Different World
     Imagine:  Dungeon 1-3

     A Family Matter
     A Fooled Husband
     Accidents Will Happen
     African Nightmare
     It's Hard Work Holding a Marriage Together
     My Brother Made Me a Cuckold
     Saturday Night
     Studies in Temptation

CELESTE (Not the reviewer.)
     A Woman's Touch ~~ Escort Service		B-/C Annex Reviews
     A Woman's Touch ~~ Hammock
     A Woman's Touch ~~ Invisible Woman
     A Woman's Touch ~~ Lisa's Stag Party

     Olivia's Secret

     I Don't Think I Have Any Imagination Left     10-10-10 CR176
     Let's Play Beauty and the Priest

     Abduction of the White Ranger     	264k
     Destruction of the Pink Ranger      	371k
     Seduction of the Blue Ranger         	276k

     Home in a Horny State
     HypnoWho				269k
     Manhattan Madness			252k
     Rachel Roundheels Ch. 11-21
     Sordid Conception			176k
     Swing Man				244k
     The Swing Man Cometh Again	118k

     Bobbi Mc Gee                 		  72k
     Noel                            		  72k 
     The Crusader and the Slave Girl 	  46k
     Prisoners of Tiresias          		256k
     Under the Moons of Eden        	146k

     An Educational Experience in the Deep South
     The Visit
     Darla and Her Daughters
     The Bosses Daughter
     My Cousin's Wife
     Tom's Gift
     Carol Ann
     Life on the Road
     The Guest
     The Summer of 1997

     Katy				 	1,317k
     The Babysitter			   454k

     Clint and Martine
     Exchange Program
     The Crystal

     Governor's Slave
     The Dog Slave
     Adam's Slaves
     Neighbor's Shoe Closet
     Secret Slave
     Dominant Schoolgirl
     Dominant Ex-Wife
     Dominant Sister-in-Law

     Beauty Is Iron
     Box Office                     		10-10-10 CR173
     Dad's Going to Kill Us     		10-10-10 CR177
     Painted Ponies			10-10-7 CR219
     Prize Pig				A+ Annex Reviews
     Secret Pastimes of the Queen
     The Gorgon's Kiss
     The Off Season                 		10-8-8 CR181

     Cody Wants It Bad
     Old Friends
     A Diamond as Big as Your Fist
     Frosh                        	188k
     Hell-lo Dolly
     Knocking on Heaven's Gate
     My Kind of Town
     Only Sadists Need Apply
     Suffer the Little Children
     Until You 2r1
     My Struggle                    569k
     The Go Between
     Hey, Joe, I'm Sorry
     Stand In

COLT 45  (MMF wife)  (Available on Dark Wanderer's site)
     A Slut for Black Cocks
     Beth's Story
     Cindy the Slut
     Gigantic Greg
     Great Vacation
     Hubby's Gone
     Jenny and Sam
     Karen's Ride
     Linda Cumming
     Lori's Story
     My Slut Wife
     Rita's Big Time
     The Party
     The Taking of My Wife
     Tina's Black
     Tina's Testament
     Tommy's Tale
     Vacation Fun

     Golden Gate Bridge
     Tender Cousins
     To Be Eighteen

     Female POW I, II

COOCH  (MMF wife)
     Husband Ray

     Jean's Journey


     Baby Talk
     Cat Sand
     Dripping Oil
     Humiliating Porky
     Stacey's Little Sex Shirt
     The Boss's Daughters
     Ugly Little Girl

CRAVER  (MMF wife)
     At the Movies
     Fun with Dick and Jane
     I Dare You
     Into the Abyss
     Lisa's Desire
     Loving It
     My Husband, My Lovers, and Me
     My Wife the Porn Star
     The Slut
     The Young Wife

     A Most Unusual Afternoon
     Dancing with Tears in My Eyes
     Four Seasons
     March Twenty-First		10-10-6 CR267

     No Tomorrow
     Rain (FF bondage)		10-10-10 CR265

     Snapshots 1-8
     Thunder Ridge
     Time Out of Time 1-130 	1.97 MB !!!!
     Trouble in Paradise

I made contact with this author once and used to have a story list.  I don't
remember exactly, but there were over a hundred titles.  These are the ones I
     Nola 01 The Beginning
     Nola 05 The Island
     Nola 07 Rape Photographer
     Nola 09 The Nurse
     Nola 10 Children at Play
     Nola 11 The Game              		211k
     Nola 14 The Model			146k
     Nola 17 The Spy                 		  99k
     Nola 19 The Inquisition
     Nola 20 The Cottage
     Nola 23 The Reporter
     Nola 25 Nola & Tashia           	  70k
     Nola 28 The Cruise             		115k
     Nola 30 The Big Brother
     Nola 32 The Asylum
     Nola 33 The Cellar
     Nola 38 The Cheerleader
     Nola 39 The Terrorist
     Nola 41 The Law
     Nola 49 The Judge
     Nola 58 The Brothers
     Nola 89 The Trolls
     Nola111  The Sheriff

     Dear Ralphie
     Fourth Down
     Memories of Maria
     Obscure 1-7
     Of Mud and Mist
     The Good Life

     Neighborhood Sex and Torture Club I, II	600k+-

     A Slippery Vacation
     A Snowy Little Cabin
     At Midnight
     Campus Life
     Just Business
     Long Hours
     The Bike Trip
     The Christmas Gift
     The Conference Cruise
     The Damn Beeper
     The Storm
     What I Did on My Summer Vacation

D ABBY (Available on Mr. Double's site)
     Aunt Mable's Visit 1-12 		231k
     Friendly Neighbors			244k
     Fun in the Trailer Camp		252k
     Going Down on the Farm		252k
     He Married a Family			249k
     Juvenile Casting Couch		244k 9-7-5 CR230
     Loving Step Parents			247k
     Millionaire Orphan			319k
     On Growing Up 1-4			  72k
     Saunders Family Saga		735k 9-7-4 CR230
     She Caught Her Children		246k
     She Loved Her Brothers		243k
     She Made the Team			229k
     Start 1
     The Coach Loved Her Swimmers	244k
     Their Parents' Sex Club		477k
     Two Families			245k

     Bad Touching			10-10-10 CR128
     Castaways				10-10-10 CR151
     Cobbler's Bench			10-10-10 CR131
     Coffee Break
     Disrobing Mother       		#70 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
     Dog Breath               			#66 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
     Double Bang			10-9.5-9.5 CR105
     Getting Lucky			#32 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
	Celeste says, "This author's stories are invariably well written.
	the author has posted several stories with a con game focus.  This is by
	the best of that series." -CR192
     Ginsu Memories           		10-10-10 CR129
     Hard Candy               		10-10-10 CR178 My personal fave ***
     Homeward Bound           		10-10-10 CR126
     Instant Romance          		9-8-8 CR179
     Midnight Intruder        		9.5-10-10 CR177
     Perfect Match            		10-9.5-9.5 CR152
     Spare Change             		#38 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
     Stolen Kisses
     True Love				10-9-9 CR130

     Dark Nites 1             			#40 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
     Dark Nites II				10 CR56
     Dark Nites III			9-7-10 CR66
     ECE Shop                 			10-6-10 CR68
     For You                  			#88 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
     Healing                  			#91 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
     Magic				10-10-10 CR74
     Mating Flight			10-8-5 CR75
     Midnight Symphony			10-10-10 CR85
     Old Friends              			#54 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
     One Night				9-9-9 CR78
     Proposition				8-5-5 CR79
     Reflection				10-8-10 CR84
     Storm                    			10-10-10 CR81
     Study Break				10-8-10 CR84
     Temptation               			10-10-10 CR83
     The Trouble with Being Immortal

     In the Middle of the Night
     Old Friends

     1997 Teen Blow Job Tournament	A+ rating Annex Reviews 10-15-97
	Lady Cyrrh says, "The story was reminiscent of those Twilight Zone
pieces like
	Deirdre's or Seurat's in that an everyday situation suddenly becomes
	...The narrator of this adventure is a Chinese exchange student
unfamiliar with
	American customs, which gives the story a nice touch: a double dose of
	strangeness worthy of the best literary fantasy out there."

     African Drums
     Boarding School Rapists  Ff
     Coed's Slave Girl Fantasy
     Computer Room Rape  Mf inter
     Cop Raper  Mf inter
     Daddy Dearest  Mf inc nc
     Drugged Babysitter
     Elevator Rape  Mf inter
     Farm Girl
     Frosh Night
     Garage Rape
     Island of Terror         	163k
     Junkyard Family                    187k
     Kidnapped Sex Slaves           193k
     Marine Sex Slave
     Mom & Sis in Chains aka Jeff's Family Harem
     Parking Garage Rapist
     Perils of Stacie
     Phone Booth Rape
     Rape in a Field
     Rape at the Bus Stop
     Rape in the Shower
     Raped Twins
     Rough Date
     Sorority Sex Slave
     The Heat Inside Her
     The River
     The Van Ride

     Hired Help 1-52

     A Cry for Attention
     Controlling Josie
     Hell Hath No Fury		202k	#30 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     The Chosen One
     Like a Good Neighbor
     Open Communication
     School Daze
     Summer Vacation
    The interview
     Time with Brad

NW1  Efan
NW2  Oily
NW3  Boost for Youth
NW4  Satisfied Appetite
NW5  Hazel 1
NW6  Hazel 2
NW7  Contraception Catastrophe
NW8  Bobby Shafter
NW9  Cuckold's Confession
NW10  The Hired Help
NW11  Lusty Video
NW12  Boss
NW13  Cream for Pussy
NW14  Wonderful Wife
NW15  Picture of Excitement
NW16  King Curtis
NW17  Motel Mauling
NW18  Young Lover
NW19  Thrilling Threesome
NW20  Des Comes Round
NW21  Stationary Joyride
NW22  Sexy Belly
NW23  Game of Watching
NW24  Where There's Smoke
NW25  Outdoor Games
NW26  Black and White
NW27  A Changed Wife
NW28  Dark Desires
NW29  Gordon Blue
NW30  Innocents in Amsterdam
NW31  Strangers in the Night
NW32  Watching in the Wardrobe
NW33  The Watcher
NW34  Big Bill
NW35  A Model Wife
NW36  Arabian Nights
NW37  Short Stories
NW38  More Short Stories
NW39  Black Beauty
NW40  French Undressing
NW41  The Big Surprise
NW42  Jessica's Joy
NW43  Drinking with Dee
NW44  Holiday Humiliation
NW45  Young, Gifted and Black
NW46  One Dark Night
NW47  Long Hot Summer
NW48  Never Neglect Your Wife
NW49  Relieving the Tedium
NW50  An Even Bigger Surprise
NW51  Foreign Parts
NW52  Loose Loos
NW53  Dribbling and Shooting
NW54  The Thirty Eight Steps
NW55  Loan Ranger
NW56  Big Fun
NW57  Angie Again
NW58  Postal Orders
NW59  Dancing  Queen
NW60  Girl and Dean
NW61  Warm and Thick
NW62  Not Too Drunk
NW63  French Tickling
NW64  Two Into One Does Go
NW65  The Sheffield Swingers
NW66   Snap Happy
NW67  Video Scene Stealer
NW68  It Happened Again!
NW69  Staying in Contact
NW70  Flatshare with a Difference
NW71  Me and Pat and George
NW72  Roadside Assistance
NW73  Limo Dreaming
NW74  Early Coming
NW75  Foreign Parts
NW76  Takes of Dick and Mandy
NW77  Closet Voyeur
NW78  Jolly Roger
NW79  Dressed Like a Tart
NW80  Back to the Stud
NW81  Public Service
NW82  Turkish Delight
NW83  An Italian Job
NW84  Slaving Away
NW85  Bonking the Boss
NW86  A Sucker for a Chopper
NW87  Lipstick Red Labia
NW88  Jamaican Rum
NW89  Humbled Husband
NW90  Long Strong John
NW91  Slick Sable Shaft
NW92  Virile Vic
NW93  A Write Mess
NW94  The Movie Business
NW95  I Dream of Gene
NW96  Maid for Sharing
NW97  Lost in a World of Lust
NW98  Kong Dong
NW99  African Adventure
NW100  Danger in Bare Back Riding
NW101  Sexy Shindig
NW102  Love Being a Wimp
NW103  An Injection of Seed
NW104  Mick's Night Out
NW105  Patsy's Monster Bite
NW106  Sultans of Swing
NW107  I've Come Out of Hiding
NW108  She Poses to Perfection
NW109  It's Not Always Size Which Matters
NW110  My Photogenic Wife
NW111  We've Been Rejuvinated
NW112  Another Man Joins the Club
NW113  Greeting Him with Open Arms
NW114  Look, More Hans
See Annex B

     Crystal's Fantasy
     Kristen                      139k
     Sam and Rhonda       187k
     Sweet Marie                38k
     Tonya 1		  42k
     Twin Trouble              89k

     An Exhibition
     Autumn Sonata		9-10-9 CR249
     Cyndi's Letter
     End of the Innocence   	10-10-10 CR243
     Keith's Letter
     Reckless 1-5			8-9-10 CR249
     Liz's Big Payday		***

     Julia                         10-9-9 CR156
     Tricia                       10-10-10 CR180

     A Girl Named Charlie	10-10-10 CR237
     Back Home on the Farm
     Cousins                        	122k ***
     Donny's Lessons from Mom     75k
     Lennie's First Date 1-3 (incomplete)
     Little Sister's Helping Hand
     My Daughter's Roommate
     Niccole's Cotton Panties		A rating Annex Review 12-14-97
     Sister's Secret Urges
     Skinny Dipping with My Maiden Aunt  9-9.5-9.5 CR159
     Skinny Dipping - the Sequel
     Teaching Little Niece
     Teaching Little Sis
     Tender Loving Care

     Becks's Bust Out Party
     Clara's Cleavage
     Hillary's Hills
     Toh's Story

DEAR PHANTASIES  (There were several stories, apparently, written by an unnamed
author, all beginning with, "Dear Phantasies."  I think I have a few more.  
Update:  the author is apparently 'Ghostwheel'.)
     Lockerroom Lust
     Halloween with Shauna
     Shauna Makes a Bet

     Adventures of Carrie:  Waiting 1-11
     Adventures of Carrie:  A Day at the Office
     Adventures of Carrie:  Motel Afternoon
     Adventures of Carrie:  Vacation

DEIRDRE   I got some very welcome help with this from a serious Deirdre fan, so
the format is a bit different, but the information is more complete.  Be happy.
Here, I'll let him tell it:
"Celestial ratings - most of these stories were originally given a
single number.  When Celeste re-posted the reviews of these stories,
she changed the ratings to her newer 3-number system.  All but one
of Deirdre stories have been reviewed (missing "Witch").  Where I
know, I've given the original CR edition number, otherwise I give a
repost edition number.  Also, I mention if the story made it to a
top 100 ranking.

"The recently posted/reposted story "Deliberate" has been left out of
this list.  It doesn't appear to be genuine Deirdre - wrong writing
style, wrong story style (I've read all 156 of these titles so I know
the formula), and it's too new.  Unless Deirdre is making a comeback
with a new mission statement, which I haven't seen anything of yet,
then someone else posted using the same moniker.  So until I know
better, I'll assume the worst."  (Piper)

Title..........Coding...................Celestial..Rev#..Top 100....

After..........f: (mf) (ff) spanking 	8         24  
Afternoon......f: f                      	10         24  68/95
Airport........f: ff ds             	10         24
Assignment.....f: ff mf bd            10,10,10   25
Back...........m: (mf) mm anal       10,9,9     23
Backfire.......f: ff mf                     10,8,7     25
Ball...........f: mm mf ff anal         9.5,10,9.5 r129
Bank...........f: (ff) teen spanking mild 10,10,9.5   1
Basement.......m: ff bd sm           10,8,8     37
Beach..........f: mf (ff)                 	10,9,8     25
Bet............m: ds bd sm (mf) (ff) 10,8,8     26
Big............f: ff fff                  	9,6,6      46
Birthday.......f: mf anal bd ds      10,10,10   26
Bracelet.......f: (ff) ds (sm)          10,8,8     26
Bride..........f: (mf) (ff)               	9,7,6      27
Bridesmaid.....f: (ff) ds (sm)       10,10,10   27
Brother........f: mf teen incest      10,8,8     27
Cabin..........f: mm mf hypnotism  9,8,8      28
Camp...........f: ff teen seduction  10,8,7     131
Checkup........f: ff ds                    9,6,6      28
Cheerleader....m: mm mf anal      9.5,9,8.5  80
Chest..........f: ff mf ds anal bd sm 10,6,6     28
Clean..........f: ff ds sm bd             10,9,8     29
Clique.........f: (ff) sm bd                 9,6,5      29
Closet.........f: mf ff nc bd sm       10,8,8     29
Coffee.........f: ff ds sm bd            10,10,10   30    66/95
College........f: (ff) (mf) (sm) (ds)     5.5         2
Company........f: (ff) bd sm           10,10,10   30
Compensation...m: mf anal mm bd ds (sm)  	9,8,7      30
Convention.....m: mf mm ff nc bd anal     10,10,10   31
Couch..........f: mf voyeurism       10,8,8      4
Cousin.........f: ff mf (ds)              10,9,9     31
Cozy...........m: mf anal ds (ff)      10,9,9     31
Date...........f: mf mystery             10,9.5,9.5 80
Daughter.......f: mf group anal (ff) 10,9,8     32
Daydream.......f: (ff)                     10,8,8     32
Deal...........m: ff mf                      10,10,10   32
Debt...........m: mf (ff)                   10,10,10   33    47/95
Denial.........m: mm mf anal          10,9.5,9.5 r132
Desire.........f: mm mf                    10,10,7    69
Dip............f: ff ds                   	  10,10,10   33
Dive...........f: mf (ff) (mm)           10,9,9     33
Doctor.........f: bd mf ff ds sm       10,8,7     34
Door...........f: mf (ff) spanking     10,8,5     34
Drawer.........f: fm mm (ff) ds sm bd     10,9,9     34
Dream..........f: (ff) (mf)                10,9,8     20
Dress..........m: mf tv ds (mm)       10,9,9     35
Drop...........m: mf ff sm ds anal inc  10,10,8    35
Dunes..........m: mm mf ff              10,10,10   23    54/95
Easy...........m: mf ff anal               10,9,9     35
Entertainment..f: ff ds (mf)           10,8,8     36
Everything.....f: mf bd sm (ff) anal  10,7,4     36
Exam...........m: mf (mm) (ff) (bd) (anal)10,8,6     36
Experiment.....f: (ff) bd mind-control    10,10,10   38
Fashion........m: mf ff infidelity      10,10,10   47    88/95
Field..........f: mf ff superman          10,9,9     38
Fixup..........f: mf (ff)                       10,7,5     38
Flight.........f: mf (ff) daydreams      10,8,7     39
Foreign........f: ff teen sm bd ds        10,7,7     39
Found..........f: (hypnotism) (mf) (sm)   10,9,9     37
Four...........f: ds bd (sm) (mf) (ff)    10,9,8     81
Freebie........f: mf (ff) oral public     10,10,10   22    11/95
                                          a  personal favorite
Friend.........f: (ff) sm                 10,7,5     40
Games..........f: ds sm (mf) ff bd        10,9,9     40
Gathering......m: mf ff ds incest mystery 10,9,8     40
Girlfriend.....f: mf ff teen incest   10,9,8     41
Glance.........m: nc mf (ff) bd ds   10,8,8     41
Grad...........f: ds (sm) (ff)            10,9,9     41
Groom..........f: (mf)                    10,10,10   42
Habit..........f: sm (mf) (ff)           10,10,9    42
Hear...........f: ff fff                  	10,10,10   20
Help...........m: mf ff                   10,10,10   42   82/95
Hidden.........m: fm ds incest spanking   10,9.5,10  57
Home...........m: mm (ff) (mf) ds   10,7,7     43
Honeymoon......m: (mf) mystery   10,8,5     39
House..........f: mm mff bd (sm) mc 10,10,10   37   65/95 / A rating Annex
Idea...........m: (mf) (ff) seduction    10,9,9     r134
Initiation.....f: (mf) ds (sm)             10,9,8     43
Interview......f: ff daydreams           10,8,8     43
Interview2.....m: mf mm daydreams10,8,8     44
Julie..........f: ds (ff) (mf) (sm)        9,5,4      44
Key............m: mf (ff) (ds)            10,8,7     37
Lake...........f: (ff) bd (ds) (sm)      10,9,9     44
Landlady.......f: ds mf ff                10,9,8     45
Lawyer.........f: ff                           10,9,9     45
Lunch..........f: (mf) ff bd sm         10,8,7     45
Mall...........f: ff anal                      10,10,10   81
Merge..........f: mf ff ds bd             10,9,9     37
Model..........m: mf ff bd sm          10,8,7     46
Mom............f: ff (ds) (sm) (bd) (incest) teen  10,9,9     46
Month..........f: ff (mf) ds bd (sm) supermode  10,10,10   46    7/95
Motel..........m: (mf)                        10,8,8     47
Mouth..........m: mf oral frustration 10,8,7     r135
Move...........f: ff mm mystery         10,8,7     r135
Movie..........f: ds mf ff                    10,9,9     47
Neighbor.......f: mf ff sm ds             10,8,7     47
Neighbor2......m: mf ff anal ds bd sm     10,8,8     48
Neighbor3......f: mf ff sm ds            10,8,7     48
Niece..........f: ff                               10,9,9     48
Nurse..........f: mf anal mystery nurse   10,7,5     49
Older..........f: ff spanking               10,10,10   21
Other..........f: mm mf                      10,10,10   57
Over...........f: (ff) slavery                10,9,8     49
Park...........m: mf                            10,8,7     49
Partners.......m: mf ff mm anal nc bd ds sm 10,8,8     50
Party..........f: sm ds bd (ff) (mf)      10,5,5     50
Pat............f: ff teen incest ds (sm)  10,9,9     50
Patient........f: (ff) (sm) ds                10,8,7     r136
Photo..........f: (ff) (ds)                     10,10,10   51
Plan...........f: (ff) (mf) ds                   9,8,6      69
Pool...........f: ff ds sm bd                 10,8,6     51
Practice.......m: mf ds ff nurse         10,8,7     r136
Preparation....m: mf mm anal seduction    10,10,10   r136
Program........m: mf ff anal              10,10,10   51
Reception......f: ff mf                       10,10,10   22
Recommendation.f: ff (mf) teen seduction  10,10,10   52
Retreat........f: sm bd ds (ff) (mf)      10,9,9     52
Reward.........m: mf (mm) seduction 10,8,7     52
Rock...........f: mf (ff) exhibitionism 10,10,10   r137
Romance........f: (ff) repression        10,7,5     53
Roommate.......f: mf ff ds sm bd      10,8,8     53
Run............m: mf mm tv ds             10,9,8      4
Seat...........f: mf ds                           10,10,10   r137
Secretary......f: (ff) (sm)                   10,8,7     53
Shop...........f: (ff)                             10,10,10   54    hm/96
Show...........3: mf ff anal silly         10,8,8     r137
Sight..........f: mf (ff)                        10,8,7     54
Sitter.........f: ff mf bd sm ds            10,8,7     54
Slave..........f: (ff) ds                        10,9,9     54
Society........f: ff (mf) sm bd ds       10,10,10   54
Spa............m: mf mm ff nc anal bd ds  10,9,9     54
Spring.........f: ff hypnotism            10,10,10   21
Stars..........f: mf (ff)                        10,9,9     69
Storm..........m: mf anal ds ff sm      10,10,10   55
Summer.........m: mf (ff) ds anal mm bd nc10,9,9     55
Surprise.......m: mf mm (ff) nc anal 10,10,10   55
Swap...........m: mm ff nc bd ds        10,8,7     56
Sweet..........m: mf (ff) bd nc            10,9,9     56
Tape...........m: mm mf anal nc         10,8,8     56
Teacher........f: ff ds (mf)                 10,9,9     57
Tech...........f: (ff) (mf) ds (sm)        10,6,6     57
Temp...........f: (ff) repression seduction ds     10,8,8     r138
Trial..........f: mf ff (mff)                  10,10,10   70
Trip...........m: mf (ff)                       10,10,10   37    78/95
Try............f: ff anal                         10,9,9     57
Tryout.........f: ff ds (sm) bd            10,9,9     58
Tutor..........f: mf ff frustration        10,9,9     58
Twin...........m: mf nc                       10,10,10   58    75/96
Upstairs.......m: ds sm (ff)                10,9,9     59
Visit..........f: ff (incest) ds sm         10,9,9     59
Wait...........f: mf                             10,8,7     r139
Waitress.......f: (ff) spanking           10,10,10   59    hm/96
Walk...........f: mf public                 10,9,8     38
Wife...........f: mf ds ff                    10,8,7     r139
Witch..........m: ff mf mm ds bd (sm)
Work...........f: mf (ff) seduction       10,8,7     r139

     Anything           				#1 in Celeste's Top 100
of 1996
     Chambermaid		10-10-10 CR189
     Coincidence                   			#45 in Celeste's Top 100
of 1996
     Cold Day in Hell     78k   	10-10-10 CR157 #84 in Celeste's Top 100
of 97
     Dreamwalk                     			#48 in Celeste's Top 100
of 1995
     Garden of Contemplation   	10-10-10 CR169
     Good Neighbor               			#15 in Celeste's Top 100
of 1995
     Guided Visualization          	10-10-9 CR167
     Heads or Tails		10-10-10 CR272
     Hotsprings             101k  			#29 in Celeste's Top 100
of 1995
     Kin                            				#11 in Celeste's
Top 100 of 1996
     Lucid Dreamer       125k     	10-8-10 CR171 #54 in Celeste's Top 100
of 97
     Make ***** Fast                	10-10-10 CR138
     One of Those Days             	10-9.5-9.5 CR83
     Smalltown Scandal		10-10-10 CR273
     Strip Chess             209k   			#2 in Celeste's Top 100
of 1995
     The Fast                       	10-9-9 CR67
     Whipping Post                  	10-10-10 CR168 #97 in Celeste's Top 100
of 97

     Adrenaline Games				#35 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     A Cruise to Remember	10-10-10
     A Scandal in Beverly Hills
     Banana Split			10-10-10
     Blood and Sand
     Blue Sky			10-9.5-9 CR224  66k
     Don't Panic			10-10-9
     Houseguest			10-10-10 CR191
     Night of the Camel		A rating Annex Reviews
     Snow Flake					#33 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     That Mardi Gras Spirit
     The Call of Desire		10-10-10 CR251
     The Gangbang- Seinfeld	10-10-10 CR177
     The Tingle - Seinfeld	10-10-10 CR226
     Therapy			10-10-5 CR198
     Two Women, Two Fantasies 10-10-10
     What Mary Needs
     X-Files: Incubus      	173k

    Blowjob				9-9-9 CR 177
    Celebrity Hypnotist - part 1
    Celebrity Rapist
    College Haze
    Infinity War
    Seinfeld: The Blowjob		177 9,9,9
    Star Trek: The Next Generation	179 9,8,9
        Complexities and Paradoxes	9-8-9 CR 179
    The Future: Censorship - part 1
    Smurfs                          		202 4,4,4
    X-Men: Something Sinister This Way Comes    195 5,8,6

     Celeste                       #26 Celeste Top 100 of 1995
     Dana                          10-8-6 CR124
     Ellen                          #19 Celeste Top 100 of 1995
     Kris                    	#25 Celeste Top 100 of 1995
     Lisa                          	#60 Celeste Top 100 of 1996
     Lynn             #1 Celeste Top 100 of 1995 / B+ rating Annex Rev 6-30-97
     Marjorie                 	10-7-8 CR76
     My Wife
     Nicole		9.5-9.5-9 CR188
     Shannon                  	10-10-10 CR125

     Aplomb House
     Dominatrix for Hire
     Hollywood Hostage              212k

DOLFAN  (MMF wife)
     A Wife's Lunch Hour
     Exotic Wife's Tale
     Maria's Train Ride
     My Gal's Truck Stop Fantasy
     My Girlfriend Strays and Tells
     My Wife Lets Me Watch
     Playing with Fire			9.5-9.5-9.5 CR85
     Sloppy Seconds Fantasy
     Teasing Wife's Story
     Under the Table			10-10-10 CR84
     Wife in Back Room
     Wife Takes the Plunge
     Wife's Fortieth Birthday
     Wife's Lunch Hour
     Wife's Revenge

     Owning Corey			#51 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97

DRAGONFLY  (Beastiality)
     Late Bloomer
     Mary and Joe
     Snake Priestess

     Diaries of Ayesha

DR GRITS  (MMF wife)
     My Wife Karen I             180k
     My Wife Karen II             64k

     Mr. Hyde, Shame on You
     The Boss 1-4		B+ rating Annex Reviews
     The Gamblers

     Jan the Slut 1 - Teacher's Pet and Other Things
     Jan the Slut 2 - Old Man's Darling
     Jan the Slut 3 - Go, Team, Go
     Jan the Slut 4 -  My Wife
     Jan the Slut 5 - La Puta			9-9-9 CR129

DRIFTER  (Available at Mr. Double's site.)
     Adventures of Susan		  86k
     Back to Work		113k
     Evolution (Brandy)		  62k
     Career Boost
     Evolution of Carol		170k
     Dealing in Dallas		  80k
     Drifter's Dream Wife		  41k
     Gee				  72k
     Granddad			130k
     It Never Stays the Same	123k
     Jane's Fantasy		  92k
     John's Dilemmas		  67k
     Linda			183k
     Lovin'			272k
     My Boss, My Wife
     My Brother's Girlfriend
     My Buddy's Wife
     My Daughter's Friend	  64k
     My Mom's Best Friend	  52k
     Nancy			105k
     No Place Like Home		  34k
     Our Getaway
     Styles			  69k
     Tedi            8-7-6 CR132	  75k
     The Deal
     The Loving Step Mother	  43k
     The Miller Family		  39k
     Two Sides
     Who Knew

     Happy Valentine's Day
     Intrusion 1-4
     Room 56
     Spanking the Teacher

DUKEBAG  (MMF wife voy)
     Kelly's Night Out
     Kelly's Wedding Adventure
     Kelly's Vacation Adventure
     Kelly's Fashion Show

  A Change in Plans		161  10,10,10
  A Little Afternoon Fun            163  10,10,10
  A New Scarf                       	160  10,10,10
  A New Start                       	141  8,8,9
  An Evening Out                    	164  10,10,10
  At The Movies                     	164  10,10,10
  Bike Rides                        	143  10,9,9
  Birthday Surprise                 	168  10,10,10
  The Box                           	136  10,8,8
  Break Time!                       	171  10,8,9
  Breakfast in Bed                 	169  10,10,10
  Candy Cane                        	145  10,9,9
  Computer Fun                      	128  10,10,10
  Couch Potatoes                    	172  10,9,9
  Dining Out
  Dinner Time                       	165  10,9,10
  Down By The Tracks                173  10,10,10
  Gift Wrapping
  Happy Birthday To You
  Helping Hand                      	133  10,10,10
  Her Turn                          	160  10,10,10
  Hiccups                           	134  9.5,9,9
  Homework                          	174  10,9,9
  Ice Cream
  Inspired by the View
  The Letter                        	174  10,9,9
  Long Drive Home                   	174  10,9,9
  Lunchtime                         	137  10,10,10
  The Massage                       	169  10,10,10
  Memories of Summer               	142  10,10,10
  Miss You                          	177  10,8,10
  Moving Day                        	140  10,8,8
  The Next Morning
  Nylon Toes                        	177  10,9,9
  Oh Christmas Tree                 	145  10,9,10
  On Of Those Days?                 	142  10,10,10
  The Party                         	137  10,10,10
  Party Time
  Passing Grade
  Pickles                           	139  10,8,8
  Pillow Fight
  Prelude to a Weekend
  Puzzled                          	144  10,9,9
  Ride Home
  Road Trip
  The Seduction
  Shaving Cream                     	165  10,10,10
  Sick In Bed
  Snowed In                         	153  10,10,10
  Snowed In: Day 2
  Spill the Wine
  Stormy Weather
  To The Point                      	141  10,8,8
  The Toolbelt
  Valentine's Surprise              	158  10,10,10
  Welcome Home
  Winners and Losers?

  Pregnant #1
  Pregnant #2
  The Tick

  A is for Aphrodisiac              	135  10,10,10
  B is for Belt                     	138  10,10,10
  C is for Control                  	145  10,10,10     9
  D is for Driving                  	154  10,10,10    14
  E is for Eyeliner                 	156  9,9,9
  F is for Face                     	171  10,10,10    19

ED DIPPUS  (Incest)
     Family Fun
     Family Stud
     Fucking Who's the Boss

     A Fair Bit of Revenge		  22k
     A Genie's Life			101k
     Another Genie's Life			109k
     Blood Sword			  19k
     Brave New World			  24k
     Bride of Brox			    4k
     Brox and the Amazons		    4k
     Brox vs the Critics			    4k
     Brox's Wish				    5k
     By a Nose				  47k
     Challengers				  24k
     Channel Changers			  35k
     Do Unto Others			    6k
     Fixer Upper				   10k
     Gender-Benders Anonymous		141k
     Knight by Night			  75k
     Mythical				145k
     Onslaught Lives			219k
     Score				  11k
     Spells R Us:  Football Mania		  11k
     Star Trek:  The Revenge of Mudd	136k
     Star Wars:  Punishment		    2k
     The Bet				    5k
     The Sorcery School			    8k
     Timeripper				127k
     Universal Collision			127k
     Unless Darkness Falls		  71k
     Wandering Hands			  10k
     Watch the Road			  11k
     Winner Takes All			  67k
     Wiz TV				155k

     A Master's Ring
     A Slightly Sexier Christmas Carol
     Master or Slave
     The Bus Story			10-10-10 CR226

     Grand Round [several akas]
     Smoke Sworls
     Central Sex
     Virtually Severed
     Metamensity                             		10-10-10 CR180
     A Train Ride Marked by a Crying Baby    	10-8-2 CR184
     Hydrocarbon Barriers Which do not Barricade
     Teacher's Pet
     May                                     			9.5-10-10 CR182
     Smell of Lust [a reinterpretation of the title of someone else's story]
     Enigma in the Mirror
     Psycho Clam 1: Jennifer on the Beach
     Psycho Clam 2: Lady Whiteshell
     Psycho Clam 3: Jonathan of the Polar Bear Club
     Psycho Clam 4: Just in Justin
     Fuck Exon [a warm response to Senator Exon's ammendment to the
          Telecommunications Reform Act of 1996]
     Unknown Quarry
     Coerce [aka A Quickie]                  		7-8-8 CR82
     Mindfuck [many akas]
     Doorknob 34b Gets Lucky
     Special Treatment				10-10-9 CR227
     I've Got Huge Tits (A Mocking of Spam)	A+ rating Annex Reviews 5-5-97
     B----'s Lover					8-7-7 CR191

     Black Box  - MF mc			9.5-8-8 CR219
     Different Sisters
     Digger  - mf teen			--- CR221
     Eddie and His Sisters
     Ellen  - mf teen inc			9.5-10-10 CR220
     Libido  - MF wife			9.5-9.5-9 CR221
     Lovers Tail
     Lusting for Valerie - Mf teen
     My Three Sisters
     Peggy and Brad			9-9-9 CR253
     Pussy Show  - mf teen inc voy
     Tempest  - Mf inc
     The House of Joy			9-8-7 CR252
     The Sexdoll

     Family Love			1,330k

     Cousin's Delight		111k
     Exquisite Error		10-10-10 CR237
     Sibling Rivalry
     Unexpected Company	172k

EROS  (Incest)
     A Date with Mom
     A Masked Ball
     Babysitting Rachel
     Bangkok Baby
     Big Sis Is Horny          	113k
     Billy's Education
     Boffing Mom
     Crusin' Cousins
     Cumming with Mom and Dad
     Daddy's Little Girl
     Daddy's Little Office Slut
     Dark & Delicious
     Daughter's Horny Urge          74k
     Dildo Mom
     Donna's Three Sons             	199k	10-9-9.5 CR246
     Family Fantasies
     Family Fun              457k
     Family Fun Revisited
     Family Pact
     His Father's Cock
     Horny Like Mom                 75k
     Hot Horny Family               113k
     Island Girl
     Joyful Experience
     Little Sister Likes It Hotter  132k
     Little Sucking Sisters
     Loving Mom & Sis               84k
     Masturbating Mom               23k
     Melissa - A Chance Encounter   403k
     Mom Licks Best
     Mom Likes It Hot               72k
     Mom's Lusty Lesson
     Mom's the Word
     Mothers and Sons               212k
     Mother's Touch
     My Kinky Brother
     My Naughty Family
     My Sister's Family             91k
     My Sister's Wedding
     Neighborhood Slut              146k
     Now It's My Turn
     Nympho Moms
     Our Family Secret
     Sucking Up to Daddy
     Sweet Little Suzy              65k
     The Captive Family             372k
     Three in a Van
     Three to Play
     Two Loving Daughters
     Wanton Family                  201k
     Wet Dreams
     Wild Wanton Daughter

     Science Project

ESTRAGON  (Femdom)
     Letters to Jane		7 CR29
     Serving Young Girls		10 CR25
     Fashion's Slave
     I Learn to Think            	10-10-10 CR133 #46 in Celeste's Top 100
of 97
     I Meet Toni's Mom              			#36 in Celeste's Top 100
of 1995
     Memories of Underdevelopment  	 	#94 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
     Travels with Aunt Paula 1-6  10-10-10 CR75
     War Games                      			#31 in Celeste's Top 100
of 1995

     Baby  -- MMF wife inter
     Bound and Helpless - MF teen rom
     Carol's Understanding
     Dealing with a Bastard
     Diana's Slavery
     Hanna's Humiliation
     Little Filly
     Lonliness - MF revenge
     My Boss' Slut - MMF wife
     My Inheritance - mc 		577k
     Punishment Fits the Crime
     Raping Helena
     Suellen's Wedding
     Sugar Daddy
     The Anniversary
     The Babysitter's Mom
     Ultimate Mind Control    
     Winning Denver


All Night Long
Anything for Barry
Bonnie Sweet Robin
Breaking Linda
Can I Fuck You?
Cindy's Bargain
Cop Lover
Cry Harder
Daisy, Daisy
Diana Drops Her Pants
Doing It for Daddy
Donna's Descent
Every Hour
Family Values
Fat Charlie
Ginny Again
Hello Arnold
His Darling Daughter
Hot and Cold
Hurt Me Harry
Hurting Jill                               80k
I Want This Pain
In the Dorm
In Your Dreams
Jenny Gets a Car
Justin's Girl
Looking for Silk
Lords and Ladies
Lorna and the Law
Love Story
Making Daddy Watch
Miss Tully's Bargain
Moira's Breasts
Mrs Vanderbilt
Mrs X and Mrs Y
My Bare Lady
My Daughter Ginny
My Dolly
My Morning with Victor
Nick's Lucky Day
On the Lips
Pizza Man
Prelude to Incest
Pretty Polly
Raping Susan
Remember Sylvia
Sid's Toy
Suffering Students
Sweet Lisa
The Animal
The Assignment
The Babysitter
The Bottle
The Buttons
The Contract
The Doorman
The Executive
The Gang
The Gathering
The Right Words
The Ruler
The Screams of the Dove
The Servant
The Sheriff
The Show
The Shrinking Bra
The Tape
The Traitor
The Truck
The Visit				10-8-3 CR227
Tim Wants Your Sister
When Dawn Breaks

     Amy on Trial
     Gag Order
     Hoakie Oldie
     Vacation for Jessica
     Vacation Weekend in Mexico

     At the Ranch			A rating Annex Review 7-7-97
     Beautiful View
     Midnight Movie
     Neutral Party			A rating Annex Review 7-7-97
     Reading Material
     The Dressing Room
     The Traveller's Introduction		A rating Annex Review 7-7-97
     Third Party Check
     Welcome to Dallas

FLOGMASTER  - I'm pretty sure there are many others, but as I remember it,
these are some he considered his best.  Flogmaster is still actively posting to
     Caroline's Punishment Day
     Child's Play
     Confessions of a Naughty Maid
     Courtship of a Goddess
     I Was a Teenage Rebel
     Mother & Daughter
     Music Video
     News Show
     Photo Album
     Poker Game
     Scavenger Hunt
     The Couple                        The author's favorite
     The Date
     The End
     The Favor
     The Office
     The Woodshop

     Naughty Games                 	  248k

     Adventures of the Amorous Amazon     175k
     Ursula Parkheart

     Lauren Gisal               	904k
     Lauren Gisal II
	(Both available at

FRANK MCCOY                          
A Day in the Life of Suzy Jenkins 14k 
A Good Catholic Girl		57k
Allie-My Little Sister		52k
Appearances                      	41k 
Assumptions                      	32k 
Big Sister's Lessons           	77k 
The Birthday Present         	15k 
Taking the Blame              	14k 
Bound for Fun I                 	65k 
Bound for Fun II                	61k 
Bound for Fun Comment   	61k 
Conversations I                  	12k 
Conversations II                   	 9k 
Daddy slid in bed with me (poem)
Daddy's Girl                       	10k 
Daddy's Lessons                    	106k 
Daddy's Daughters             	23k 
Daddy's Present                  	20k
Daughter Needs Practice      	 9k 
Daughter's Lessons             	46k  
Fun with My Sister's Kids         	43k 
Her Father's Daughter       	688k
Making it 'good' for Daddy	23k 
The 'Good Girl'                    	95k 
Getting my Daughters Dressed for School   18k 
Getting out of hand               	57k 
Grandpop's Cum                  	11k 
Grandpa's Rape                     	22k 
Helping Out Sis                      	7k
Helping Papa                        	28k
Horny Out of my Mind        	55k
Horny Nieces                       	104k 
In Your Sister                       	7k 
Interruptions			131k
It's Not Fair			37k
Jasmine and the Purple Panties  	35k 
Just a Dream?                     	26k 
Just Horseshit                      	25k 
Just Posing                         	40k 
Learning                            	27k
Little Girls Need It Too		62k
Little Red Ridinghood		40k 
Melanie's Busy Day              	45k 
Momma's way                       	21k 
Mommy Juice			27k
Making Momma Proud         	34k 
Mornings                            	12k 
My First Time with Daddy  	17k
My Granddaughter Learns How  22k
My Little Sister                    	39k 
Not Really                           	2k
On Vacation                         	91k 
One Fine Morning               	5k
One Fine Morning Part-II  	44k 
Patience                            	11k 
The Pedophile                       	82k
Peeping In on My Daughter	14k 
Poor Planning                       	40k
Practicing' with my little sister  	 9k 
Pregnant! #1                         	6k 
Pregnant! #2                         	7k 
Privacy                             	21k 
Raping Little Suzy                  	51k 
The Reformed Child-Abuser  	37k 
Restrictions                        	64k
'Safe-Sex'                          	28k 
The Breeders Cup		40k
The Shopping Channel           	16k 
Showing my Younger Daughter How 	 3k 
Showing My Daughter            	17k  
Taught by My Big Sister         	19k 
Taking Chances                  	74k 
Vignette                             	1k 
The Wolf and the seven little She-Goats   41k 
The Zucchini                        	21k 
Winning the Lottery		9k
Guarantee                           	10-9-9 CR148

FRANZAM  (Mind Control)
     Highway Hypnotist 1-6          170k
     Hypno House
     Hypno Sister
     Julia 1-4                      	119k
     Your Second Lesson
     Zarah the Mesmeriste

     Encounter in Kellen County     	10-10-10 CR166

     Every Man’s Fantasy 1-11
     Finding My Baseball Cards		9-8-8 CR170
     Four Seasons
     If Candy Is Dandy 1-8
     Long, Long Ago
     Settling Down
     Shack, Lead				9-9-10 CR171
     The House Warming
     The Poll
     The Superbowl
     The Travels of Willy Tamarack

     Angela		10-10-10 CR151 #66 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     Bonnie		10-10-10 CR155
     Constance		10-10-10 CR231
     Elly                     	9.5-9-9 CR136
     Hester                 			#97 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     Inger                   			#8 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
     Kevin                  			#53 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     Livinia                	9.5-10-10 CR135
     Marie           458k   			#14 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
     My Brother - posted for Janet Dunning
     Nextdoor		10-10-10 CR131
     Singapore Girl	8 CR46
     Tryout		10-10-10 CR200 #17 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     Ursula				 #23 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97

     My Loving Father
     Teaching Sis

     Dawn				224k
     Jocelyn's Sweet Dreams		61k
     Little Girls Need It Too		60k

GAIUS   (Femdom)
     Kicking the Habit
     Plea Bargain
     Pool Shark
     Sacrifice to the Goddess
     Tom Gets His Comeuppance
     War Is Hell

GAMMA (Bondage)
     The Girl in the Window		***

GIL   (M^F sexual slavery)
     Summer Slave             199k

GINA MARIE WYLIE  (ff teen romance)
     Katie and Lynn		10 CR26

     Dying for a Cigarette
     Eschaton Boulevard
     Hybrid Vigor
     Phoenix Ascending

     A Mother's Forbidden Passion		258k
     I Was My Mom's Lover
     Mom and I Say Cum a Lot the First Time	  58k
     Mom's Amorous Son			  	  72k
     Mom's New Boarder				230k
     Mom's New Love				  49k
     My Coworkers				490k
     My Friend Beth				  69k
     My Friend Jamey Labian			  58k
     My In-Laws 1-6				176k
     My Neighbor Amber
     My Neighbor Gloria 1-2
     My Neighbors Gloria and Kristin 1-2
     My Neighbor Phylis
     My Neighbor Virginia
     My Sister 1-2				112k

GODSPIT  (Incest) 
     A Brotherly Love
     A Family Affair
     Born of Love
     Boy and Girl
     Brothers and Sisters
     Daddys Will Play Around
     Daughters 1-2
     Families at Play			198k
     Family Ties
     Living Under One Roof		127k
     Michael's Perversion			127k
     Sexual Toys 1-5
     SixSex 1-3
     TenSex 1-3
     The Internet Affair
     The McFare Academy		78k
     The Rape of Tina Williams
     The Replacement Daddy
     The Warehouse
     The Watcher
     Virtually Sane

     A Dream Come True
     Be Careful What You Wish For
     Blackmailing My Sister Sabrina
     Caught with My Pants Down
     Fun with Miss Jensen
     Girls Just Want to Have Fun
     Humiliation of Hope
     My Secret Spot
     Peeper's Paradise
     Perverted Dream
     Sally's Painful Fun
     Sister Ashley
     The Catfight
     The Fun Bus
     The Humiliation of Tammi Stevens
     The Screamer
     True Love

     Georgia				10-9-9 CR148
     Scorpio Madness			10 CR54
     Soaked in Seattle			10 CR21

     Phone Call				10-10-10 CR191
     Sweet Home Chicago		10-10-10 CR167
     Take 2				8-9-9 CR159
     Watching You Watching Me 	10-10-10 CR170

     As the Paige Turns		A rating Annex Review 7-13/10-10-10 CR230
     Body Chemistry
     Gray Hair Society
     Mardi Gras Adventure		2-5-3 CR227
     Planting the Seed of Intrigue
     Poetic Justice
     Stammering Waiter
     Tongue and Cheek			9-8-8 CR243
     Through the Grape Vine
     Violet's Second Chance
     When the Angel Smiles

     Curse of Love			9-9-9 CR236
     Back to the Fold			---   CR225
     Hunts the Night			4-9-9.5 CR227
     Lost Passion				7-8-7   CR232
     Monks Five: Scorpion		7-6-5  CR235
     Perverted Monks: Snake Style	9-10-10 CR231
     Rebel Monk of Wu Tang		8-4-2 CR233
     Soul of Dawn			9-10-10 CR225
     Story Tales One: Henry		9-8-8 CR223

     The Dispensation of Grace 1-3	10-10-10 CR73

     Insemination in September
     The Fourth Ring			10 CR35 ***
     The Good of the Order

IMMA SCARED  (Rape)   []
     A Dream Come True
     After the Party
     Cock Slave
     Dawn's Doom
     Demon Rapist
     I Didn't Scream
     In Harm's Way
     Just the Facts
     My Name Is Dawn
     Paul's Strange Gift
     Pretty Little Girlie
     Rape Stop
     Richard the Rapist
     Special Delivery
     The Brotherhood 1-2
     The Diner
     The Rapist's Mind 1-3
     What Happened

  Celeste says in CR192, "I personally think Boswell writes best when he gets
  off the wife-watching theme.  I think his two best stories are "Love Deeply
  Missed" and "Christmas with the Andersons."  Nevertheless, Boswell obviously
  likes to write about slutty wives, and that's what he's famous for.  His two
  best stories of that genre that I have encountered are "Those Ex-Wife Blues"
  and "Giving Him What He Wants."
     A Crime of Love
     A Leopard's Spots			10-10-10 CR132
     A Love Deeply Missed           	10-10-10 CR140
     Above and Beyond the Call of Duty 	10-8-8 CR135
     Christmas with the Andersons	10-10-10 CR144
     Find a Penny 1-2
     Forever Faithful			8-6-5 CR73
     Giving Him What He Wants		10-9-9 CR140
     Group Sex
     Guilty Pleasures
     Hot Dancer				90 CR64
     Intimate Sharing
     Just a Little Country Girl		90 CR64
     Long Day				9.5-8-8 CR133
     Mom's Healing Love             		10-10-9 CR126
     My Cock Crazy Wife            		 9.5-8-7 CR125
     My Little Party Girl
     My Party Treasure
     Oh, What a Trip			9-7-5 CR192
     On the Job Benefits            		10-9-9 CR169
     Open Door Policy
     Paying for It (complete)
     Sharing a Bed for the Night
     Terms of the Probation
     The (Fore)Skin Game            		10-8-8 CR137
     The Professor
     Those Ex-Wife Blues            		10-10-10 CR138
     Traffic Jammin'
     Vacation Doesn't Count		9-9-8 CR134
     When Hubby Likes to Watch
     Winning (Amanda) Through Intimidation - My personal favorite ***

     Ashley and Her Boss		(M+F gang)
     Fill Her Up			
     Cindy's Audience
     Elevator Heat
     Stripper's Delight
     Suzi Does Seattle
     Suzi's Erotic Odyssey
     Suzi's Insatiable Desire
     Suzi's Birthday Bash
     Suzi - Every Man's Dream
     Tamara's Present

     Cabin Fever			(LM l stories - MF rom)
     Charmed Life
     Romantic Interludes

     Cheerleader's Torment
     The Reluctant Film Star		9-8-8 CR82

     A Matter of Curiosity          		10-9-10 CR180
     The Heat

     The Young Babysitter        		425k
     Junior High Neighborhood Sluts	379k
	Ch 1-5
	Ch 6-10
     Teacher's Summer Sex School    	395k
     Uncle Teaches His Niece        	317k

     The Reunion
     The Supermodels
     Sisters:  The Sequel

     Dies Irae
     Janey's January
     Janey's February
     Janey's March
     Janey's April
     Janey's May
     Janey's June
     Janey's Friend
     Janey's Trip

     A Stolen Moment
     Confronting Lies
     Curiosity 1-2			9 CR32
     For My Wife
     Party Girl                     	#17 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     Night Moves                 	#92 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     Paying the Price           	#73 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
     Soothing Aches
     Stretching the Limits
     Taking Chances			10-10-10 CR193
     Testing Bounds
     The First Time
     Too Tight for Comfort		9 CR25

     Birds of a Feather
     Hard at Work
     Pit Stop
     Secretarial Practice
     The Real Thing			10-9-9 CR227
     Tool Using Animals
     Under the Mango Tree		9-5-10 CR230
     Vendor of Coconuts
     Video Knights in Katmandu		A rating Annex Review 11-16-97
	Lady Cyrrh said, "If you think all people of East Indian extraction do
is play
	the sitar, make curries, and program computers, you're wrong.  They also
	some very fine porn, of which this is an example."

     The Horsewomen 1-9               279k  A personal favorite

     Breaking in a Slut
     Breeding Farm
     Cindy's Breeding
     Getting Slammed in the Slammer
     Knocking Up Trudy
     Susan's Black Lust

     In a Dark Place                 	10-10-10 CR172
     The Pennington Case             10-10-9 CR142
     The Price of Freedom            9-10-10 CR163
     Young Stuff			 7-8-7 CR143	
     Love and/or Lust                a poem and a damned good one

     JT's Party 
     Closet 1 & 2
     Dentist 1 & 2 

JIM FIX  (Incest)
     A Summer Romance            10-10-10 CR173  #93 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     A Summer Romance Revisited
     Angeles City				9-10-10 CR154
     Coal Town Cousin			9.5-9-5 CR220  113k
     Delivering the Evening News	9-9-8   CR221
     Growing Up with Mom
     Life with Anna
     Maiden Aunt
     My Mother's Son
     My Neighbor Peg
     My Sister's Love
     Pimples and Demon			10-10-10 CR227
     The Rest of My Life			CR224

JOAN CUM  (Incest)
     The Camping Trip 1-2
     The Family that Cums Together 1-8
     The Ride 1-2

     Angelic Interlude                	10-10-10 CR183
     Conversation with Eve
     Encounter at Green's Rock     10-10-10 CR183 #27 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     Intrusion			 10-7-7  CR91
     La Salope                       	10-9.5-10 CR82
     Test Ride                        	#3 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
     A Day on the Bay         	#84 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
     Fools Rush In                    	10-9-9 CR183
     When Morning Comes           10-9.5-9.5 CR183/A+ Annex Reviews

     Caught by Dad
     First Cum
     Fourth Date
     Business Trip
     Lorri 1-3
     No More Whores
     Show Off
     True Love 1-2

     Tina's Tale			9-7-4 CR137
     The Bet			9.5-10-10 CR140
     The Journey			9.5-8-8 CR133

     Autobiographical Essay	10-10-10 CR265

     Cusps			10-9-9 CR92
     Dive				10-9-9.5 CR195
     No Names			10 CR60
     Pidge's Story		10-10-10 CR258
     Pushing the Envelop		10-10-10 CR220
     Tease			10-10-10 CR199 / A rating Annex Review 7-20-97
     Thaw                     		10-10-10 CR166
     Tomboy			10-10-10 CR110   A personal favorite
     Unwrap Party             	#10 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     Virgin on the Ridiculous 	#72 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1996

     Pasages of Life		250k

     A Night to Remember
     All Work and No Play
     Another Year, Another Birthday
     Backyard Barbeque
     Being Neighborly
     Driving Miss Leslie
     From Cyberly Yours to Entirely Yours
     Hanauma Bay
     Hole in One or Two
     Hurricane Hattie
     I Must Be Dreaming
     In the Kitchen
     Julie Comes to Visit
     Just Teasing
     Lady's Night Out
     Meeting Marv
     Must We Say Goodbye
     My Friend, My Mentor
     My Secret Santa
     Office Party
     Olympic Champ
     Pleasurable Surprises
     Reporter Scores Big
     Rules of the Game
     The Best of Friends
     The Boarder
     The Breasts of Janabeth
     The Checkup
     The Promise
     The Pub
     Training Partners
     Trick or Treat
     Vacation Cruise
     Victoria's Body Social

     New Beginning
     Trouble at Home

JYM  (FF bondage/submission)
     A Different Story
     A Wife's Temptation
     Allison & Sarah
     Becky and I
     Blackmailed into Slavery
     Business Trip
     Encounter 1-7
     Flight			9.5-9-7 CR119
     Hanna and Sarah 1-3
     Jill - The Offer 1-2
     Kathryn & Sara
     My Place in Life
     My Submission
     Sara and Allison		9.5-10-10 CR102
     Susan - Lez Slave
     The Photograph		10-10-10 CR207
     The Summer Intern
     Undercover Cop

KANDOR  (Femdom)
     Ass Ambush
     Calf Night
     Grip Therapy
     Hitting the Wall
     Leather vs. Legs
     Power Tennis
     Remote Possibility
     Snow Job
     Twin Terrors

     Holly at Work
     Holly:  Rekindling My Lesbian Past
     Holly:  Waiting for My Husband
     My Life:  Diary of Holly

     A Moonlit Winter Night
     Cherries of Love
     Pleasuring Myself
     Possession of a Stranger
     Silk Bindings
     Sweet Surrender
     Through the Looking Glass

     Lessons in Lust			10 CR12
     Sally's Surrender   			10-10-10 CR89
     Wonderful Journey        		10-10-10 CR133

     Aunt Pamela              418k

     A Christmas Triple
     A Quiet Rooftop Orgy 
     A Triple Twist
     Best Laid Plans
     Carole				#87 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     Computer Games on a Sunday  	A rating Annex Reviews
     Dark Doings in the Dungeons
     Doubts and Uncertainties		10-10-10 CR251 / A+ Annex Reviews
     Free Sex				10-8-9 CR220
     Going Home				10-10-10 CR228
     Nobody's to Blame
     One Birth, Two Breakups, and a Crash
     Sophia, the Maid, Her Husband, and Me
     Two Stories from the Island
     Violence in Video Games v 1 & 2
     Your Wish				10-10-10 CR222 #99 in Celeste's Top 100
of 97
     Air Force
     Callie	B+ Annex Review 8-22-97	
     Kristn	This story was written for me by some-
		one who wished to stay anonymous. It's
		a rework of another story.
     Nanako's New Passion
     Quake	(2 parts)   A sexy story written with
     Sister	was originally written by Jennifer and
		Steve Jensen. I was asked to help re-
		write it with a little more umph in it.
     BiKathy	Cindy originally wrote this story, but
		I didn't like it, so I changed it and
		made it better, I think.... ***
     Dreamsex 	This one was written for me by Jon, who
		is a real dreamer.. <giggle>
     Kristen	Written by Dennis
     Nikki Comes to America
     We Become Swingers		

          Darkside Stories:
     United States of Anarchy 01 "Boy in the Attic"
     USAN 02 "Indian Cavern"
     USAN 03 "Robert's Revenge"
     USAN 04 "The Dark Palace"
     USAN 05 "Gifts of Power"
     USAN 06 "Hell Hath no Fury..."
     USAN 07 "The Spreading Darkness"
     USAN 08 "She Blinded me with Science"
     USAN 09 "A Little Power..."

KYSA BRASWELL maintains a homepage on the net where she hosts stories written
     by herself, stories written by others about her, and stories she just
     Kysa's Blacking Party (Kysa)
     Kysa's Mom Spanks Hard! (Kysa)
     Kysa's Future Children
     Kysa Fucks in Front of Her Husband
     Kysa Can't Get Enough Black Cock (Hank)
     Tiffany's Filling Experience (The Warthog)
     First Meeting
     Kysa Gets Properly Passionate
     Black Man's Cum Dump (Mr Jones)
     Kysa Gets Pumped Full
     A Fantasy Gets Out of Hand
     Kysa's Late Night (Trent)
     Lisa Finds a 10-incher
     Kysa's Husband Provides for Her
     My Wife with Other Men
     Kysa's First Boyfriend and First Time (Kysa)
     For Girls and Wives Who Want It Black
     Kysa Wants a Vacation from Hubby
     Kysa Gives Birth to Her First Black Baby
     Kysa Gets Auctioned
     Kysa and Her Boyfriend's Dog (Kysa)
     Slave by the Pond (Kysa)
     Letter to a Dark Lover 1-2 (Kysa)
     Typical, Lovely Letter
     Kysa's Wedding Present
     Huge, a Mother-Son Story
     Family Ways (Frank McCoy)
     Kysa Buys a Breeding Buck (Kysa)
     My Wife with a Black Co-Worker
     The Fore-Skin Game (J Boswell)
     Sandy's Day in Church (ArcLight)
     My Wife's First Black Man
     The Price of Freedom
     The Mating Clinic (Zeta)
     Cindy's Breeding (Jeepster)
     African Adventure
     A Real Man's Cock
     Hot Black Stud
     A Very Kinky Couple
     My Wife
     Pregging Kysa's Mom and Her Daughter (Kysa)
     Mom's Sweet Memory (Kysa)
     Kysa's Mom Fucks the Negro Help (Kysa)
     Kysa Receives Her First Black Rape (Kysa)
     Cindy Gets BlackMaled (Carol Collins)
     The Mother of All Rapes (Conwic)
     My First Time with Daddy (Frank McCoy)
     Mother and Daughter (FlogMaster)
     Marriage to Kysa (Hank)
     Letters to Rita Braswell, Kysa's Mom (Kysa)


L CORVIDAE  (Femdom)
     Any Other Way		9-7-6 CR196 / A rating Annex Review 7-26-97
  	Lady Cyrrh said, "Check this one out of its psychological realism and
     Nothing Like the Sun                         360k+
     Red Rain				195k

     Our Lori Matriculates		37k
     Lori and her Family			63k
     Lori's Third Grade			18k
     Lori's Uncle				43k

     Amazing Grace
     Burning the Church
     Crying Confusion
     He Left
     Milday  -- FF sub
     Moon 1-6  -- ff teen
     On Her Leg
     Poison Ivy
     Rag Doll				10-10-10 CR265

     The Mechanic
     The Watcher

LINDA B  (ff teen romance)
     The Passing of Seasons                #53 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996

     Beach Bondage
     On Display
     Pavillion 1-10 				216k
     Punished in Public 1-5
     Slave Shops for a Sofa Sleeper
     Slave's Night at the Rodeo
     Slave's Public Exhibition at the Mall
     Slave's Trip to the Library
     Slave's Trip to the Toy Store
     The Redemption Ball
     The Runway
     Trip to the Texas State Fair
     Window Scene

LINGUS  (MMF wife)
     Charity Auction
     Dental Hijinks
     Dessert Free with Meal at Donna's Diner
     Fellatrix Summa Cum Laude
     Full Body Massage
     Fun Develops in the Darkroom
     Good Neighbor
     Good Night at Casey's
     Half-Time Huddle
     Her Lesson in Success
     Hot Lunch
     Icy Hot Layover in Chicago
     In the End Zone
     Intimate Customer Relations		10-10-10 CR190
     Joan's Lesson in Success
     Karen's Good Neighbor Policy
     Kathy Mixes Politics with Pleasure
     Ken's Big Surprise
     Lingerie Shop
     Marty's Massage
     Mattress Politics
     Mother Knows Best
     My Wife's Homecumming
     My Wife Laps the Field at Indy
     My Wife's Big Three O
     New Standard for Service
     Nikki's Vacation Fun
     Our Vacation Fun
     Really Big One for Jenn
     Rockin' Down the Road
     Sex Therapist
     Traci Makes the Team
     Turning the Tables
     Undercover Reporter
     Who Is That Masked Woman?
     Wild Birthday Bash
     Woman Who Loves Lots of Men

     Kathy			B rating Annex Review 5-22-97
     Looking After Little Vickie
     The Day I Licked Out Those Panty Wetting Brownies
     The Talent Contest		8-10-10 CR241

LISA N DOC  (MMF wife exhib)
     Showing Off Susan 1-7
     Strip Search
     Tattoo for Lisa

LORD MALINOV  (I make no pretense that this is an up-to-date story list.  This 
guy writes stories faster than I can download and catalog.  Good, too.)
     A Christmas Carol
     A Cold Night
     A Matter of Pride
     An Eye Full
     At Home
     Bad Sex
     Bull				10-10-10 CR249 / A rating Annex Review
     Burning Letters		10-10-10 CR250
     Conjuring Details
     Costumes			10-10-10 CR228 #28 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     Crashing Waves
     Diana's Sanction
     Equal Opportunity
     Eruption			10-10-10 CR225 / A-/B+ Annex Review 10-27-97
     Faint Praise
     Flagrante Delicto
     Flashes of Pink
     Fortunata			10-10-10 CR252
     Fringe Benefits
     Holy Night
     Imaging My Surprise
     Love and War
     Midnight Snack
     Mistaken Identity
     Once More
     One of Those Nights
     Playing the Fool
     Poetry Lessons
     Prick			10-10-10 CR253
     Rock Me Amadeus
     Satin to Satin
     Sky Riding
     Stepping Over the Line
     Taking a Bow
     Telling Tales
     The Conspiracy
     The Jealous Lovers
     The Last Call
     The Poetry Reading
     The Mating of the Muse-Faerie
     The Romantic
     The Scene
     The Trap Door
     The Visitation		10-10-9 CR251
     Visual Feast
     Winter Roses

     After the Funeral		10-10-10 CR230
     Better?			10-10-10 CR273
     Destiny Manifested		9.5-10-10 CR244
     Front Window		9-9-9 CR241
     Happily Ever After		8-8-9 CR225
     Just Right			7-8-8 CR223
     Let's All Nap Now, Please10-10-9 CR241
     The Birthday Party		8-8-9 CR232
     The Island			9-8-9 CR233
     The Substitute
     Weekend			10-10-10 CR224

     Crossings 1-17?       Often requested for repost      412k

LYKAON (Beastiality)
     German Shepherd
     Dog Slave
     Director's Cut
     Dogs and Horses
     The Sultan
     The Grand Vizier's Sex Party
     The Goat
     The Experiment
     Animal Party

     Caitlin's Tale           			10-8-8 CR182
     Droit du Signeur        		10-8-10 CR182
     Grey                     			#35 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     Night of the Wolves     		 #46 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     She Invited Me to Fuck Her Over the Net  #86 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     Summer Dreams            		#16 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995

     Java			10-10-10 CR224  #9 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
			A+ rating Annex Reviews 10-27-97
     The Bitches Upstairs	10-10-10 CR223  #29 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     The Evil Queen	A rating Annex Reviews 5-5-97
     A Souvenir of War	10-10-10 CR223  #43 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97

     A New Tie
     Around the Cape of Good Hope	586k
     At Long, Long Last			A+ rating Annex Reviews
     Breaking Paula's Limits 1-3
     Ceremony				A+ rating Annex Reviews
     Conquering Texas 1-4
     First Full Day
     First Time at Play 1-2
     Growing Pains
     Love in Reverse
     Into My Parlor, Said
     It's Her Turn Now			A+ rating Annex Reviews
     Midafternoon Delights
     Photo of E Slave			A+ rating Annex Reviews
     Picture Show
     Simple Things
     Surprise, Surprise
     The Ceremony
     The Punishment			A+ rating Annex Reviews
     Time of Possession			213k
     Whitney's Training Session

     There are approximately 60 "Maria" stories, numbered in sequence.  The
emphasis is on threesomes, gangbangs, and group sex.  Maria is a white wife
with a penchant for black cock.  Maria also hosts stories by Bobbi, Danielle,
Jan, Joanna, Lisa, and Tiffany.


   How I Met and Julie 		10-10-10 CR 69, #87 Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
   French Kiss          		10-10 CR 57  #55 Celeste's Top 100 of
   Julie Bound          		5-10 CR 57
   Pat Comes of Age     		10-10 CR61
   Lips                 		9-10 CR 62
   Fantasy Bathhouse    		10-10 CR63
   One Afternoon        		10-10-10 CR65  #69 Celeste's Top 100 of
   Coming Home          		90-100 CR 64
   In the Valley        		91/100 CR64
   Video Hits           		10-9-10 CR65
   Aunt Kate            		10-9-10 CR66
   French Kiss II       		10-10-10 CR67
   Black Cat            		10-9-9 CR68
   Fresh Air and Exercise  	10-8-8 CR69
   Aurora Drake         		10-9-9 CR69
   Vancouver Diary      		10-10-10 CR71
   Heat                 		10-10-10 CR71
   Chrissy's Mom       		 10-9-9.5 CR72
   Rain                 		10-10-10 CR73
   Pat Considers        		10-10-10 CR74
   Old Friends          		10-10-10 CR75
   Dear Gus             		10-8-8 CR77
   Do You Want It?     		10-10-10 CR76 #36 Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
   The Storm            		10-9.5-9.5 CR76
   The New Toy          		10-10-10 CR76
   Atoms                		10-7-9 CR80
   Julie and the Beast  		10-10-9.5 CR80
   Among Friends        		10-10-10 CR82
   Library of Congress 		10-10-10 CR84 #56 Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
   Inaugural            		10-9-9 CR86
   A Night at Suzy's    		10-10-10 CR88 #99 Celeste's Top 100 of
   Please Speak into the Flowerpot   10-8-9 CR91
   Buckets of Cum       		10-10-10 CR90
   Et Tu                		10-10-10 CR92 #64 Celeste's Top 100 of
   Gravity              		10-9-10 CR95
   Big Cypress          		10-10-9.5 CR96
   Surprise!            		10-10-10 CR98
   At the Pool          		10-10-10 CR101
   Rocks                		10-10-10 CR102
   Hello in There       		9-9-9 CR104
   Kayla and Martin     		10-10-10 CR106
   Dyke Crossing        		10-10-10 CR108 / A rating Annex Reviews
   Friction             		10-9-9 CR110
   Slinky Red Thing    		10-9-9 CR112
   Tanya Fills In       		10-9-9 CR114
   Coffee?              		10-8-8 CR116
   Stars in Our Eyes    		10-10-10 CR1118
   Darcy and Elizabeth 		10-10-10 CR125 #7 Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
   Prenatal             		10-9.5-10 CR131
   First                		10-10-10 CR132
   Thursday, 10:45      		10-10-10 CR135
   Post-coital          		10-10-10 CR139
   Clean White Linen  		10-9-9 CR153
   High Beams I         		10-8-9 CR155
   Familiarity          		10-10-10 CR157
   Robin                		10-10-10 CR159
   Night                		10-10-10 CR164
   Light Like Butter    		10-10-10 CR165
   A Daughter's Breasts		10-10-10 CR219 #74 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
   Woman Being Tongued to Orgasm While Reciting the Names of North
       American Capital Cities 	10-10-10 CR235
   Soccer Moms			10-9-9  CR251
   Two on One			A rating Annex Reviews 1-11-98
   In the Booth
   Irina				10-10-10 CR265

  Alphabet A: Auditor       	10,10,10  CR117
  Alphabet B: Bean City       	10,10,10  CR118
  Alphabet C: Catalyst        	10,10,10  CR116
  Alphabet D: Dutch Treat     	10,10,10  CR119
  Alphabet E: Escalator       	10,10,10  CR120
  Alphabet F: French Tickler  	10,10,10  CR121
  Alphabet G: Glissando       	10,10,10  CR122
  Alphabet H: Hotel           	10,10,10  CR123
  Alphabet I: Interpreter    	 10,10,10  CR136
  Alphabet J: July 4th        	10,10,10  CR140
  Alphabet K: 			10,10,10  CR232

     Apple of My Eye
     Brady Bunch
     Chickenhawk - Karen 1-5		180k
     Family Room
     Happy Campers
     Latrine Duty
     Morning Glory
     My Brand of Slave
     Praise for an Unnamed Boy
     Quickie Pickie
     Rainy Saturday Afternoon
     Rape of the Bride
     Spear the Queer
     Thompson's Lesson

     After School Special
     Bangkok Slaver 1 The Newlywed
     Bangkok Slaver 2 Stewardess
     Child's Play
     Boy's Bra Training and Discipline
     First Time
     Lisa's Leash
     Not That Bad
     One Thousand Kisses
     Postcards from the Edge
         These are a bunch of jpegs of fabulous models with a little scenerio
         added as a sidebar.  Short teasers, or story ideas, as Marlissa 
     The Arts
     The Conditioners			367k
     The Mortgage 			123k
     The Price of Perfection
     The Practice				128k
     The Prize
     The Whip Must Win
     To Love, Honor, and Obey
     Wages of Sin
     Wetware			A rating Annex Review 6-8-97


The Adventures of Gorgeous Gracie	CR136
American Airlines Cockpit           CR94
Caught Between Two Women - a novella CR134
Chantal                             	CR98
Charlie                             	CR118
Composition in Cream and Chocolate  CR95
The Devouring Night                 	CR153
Diana                               	CR100
Fireworks and Storms
Goddess Blessing
Japanese Garden
Jinsong (with Cecil Williams)
Just Reading News
Lady                                	CR110
Lady Distressed				#5 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Letter Found Near a Suicide       CR112
Making the Sale
The Masks We Wear
Metari Nights - a novella		#55 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Mistress Molly
A More Congenial Spot              CR112
Morningsong                         	CR114
A Night to Remember                 CR98
The Other Woman                     	CR118
Paint                               	CR114
Radhika and Matthew
Rain Sings A Sad Song               CR116
Season of Marriage
The Girl Behind the Fantasy
The Temptation
...the shiver of your mouth
Wide Brown Eyes

     Dirty Amber				207k
     Every Good Boy Deserves Favour	186k
     Pentaprism 1: Tantalus		40k
     Pentaprism 2: Line of Sight		18k
     Pentaprism 3: The Heart of a Whore 	33k
     Pentaprism 4: Sweat Sex Teens	68k
     Pentaprism 5: Embraces of Men Past	30k
     Pentaprism 6: Manori Belle		72k
     Pentaprism 7: Beach Ball		57k
     Pentaprism 8: Onan's Bride		45k
     Pentaprism 9: Pit Stop		10-10-10 CR227
     Pentaprism 10: Moaning by the Sea	28k
     Pentaprism 11: The Demons of Youth 73k
     Pentaprism 12: Whorrorscope	65k
     Pentaprism 13: Aurangabad Antics	113k
     Pentaprism 14: Wild at Heart		88k
     Pentaprism 15: Camera Candida	272k
     Poona Company 1-5			
     Sibling Rivalry 1-2			112k
     Shiva's Bride
     The Cocktail Party
     The Harlot Letters
     Tropical Heat

     1 The Doctor's Office
     2 The Store Manager's Office
     3 The Chateau
     4 Return as the Nurse
     5 Back to High School
     6 Demonstration at the Hospital
     7 The Country House
     8 Kidnapped to the Islands
     9 Watching the Maid
     10 Trip to the Caribbean 
     11-15 Special School for Discipline 1-5
     16 The Restaurant
     17 The Secretary
     18 On Display
     19 The Girl's Locker Room
     21 On the Beach
     22 In the Principal's Office
     23 South American Adventure
     24 Submission in the Suburbs
     25 Andrea's Fault
     26 Submission in the Wild West
     27 Special Reform School for Girls 1
     28 Nicole's Discipline in the Office
     29 Special Reform School for Girls 2
     30 The Interview
     31 Special Reform School for Girls 3
     32 Sharon and Her Mistress
     33 Initiation into the Club
     34 Preparing for the Prom
     35 Arrested in Georgia
     36 Sam and His Young Sisters
     37 Jennifer and Her Mistress
     38 Visit to Her Master
     39-41 Threesome in the County 1-3
     42 Visit to the Club
     43 A Mistress Takes Charge
     44 Shelly Transforms a Fantasy into Reality
     45 Best Friends 1
     46 Karen Visits Master Chris
     47 Lisa's Story: The Police Line-Up
     48 Interview for the Clinic
     49 Saturday's Adventure
     50 Elizabeth's Adventure in Chicago
     51 Evelyn on an Adventure
     52 The Hotel Room Adventure
     53 Jeffry's Visit to San Francisco
     54 Training Camp for Submissives
     55 Alicia's Descent into Submission
     56 A First Meeting with Master Chris
     57 An Evening with My Mistress
     58 Tara in the Hotel Room
     59 Kim's Adventure
     60 From One Couple to Another
     61 Talia's Medical Exam
     62 Kathy Gives Herself to Her Husband
     63 Jim Finds a Dominant Girlfriend
     64 Jennifer's Punishment
     65 Pregnant Submission
     66 The Farmer's Daughter
     67 Letter to the Editor
     68 Karen's Medical Exam
     69 Alison's Punishment
     70 A Trip to the Woodshed
     71 The Consultant
     72 First Visit to the Gynaecologist
     73 Sara in Jail in South America

     Pony Girl Bondage				529k

     Linda'a Epic Adventures in Life	510k	B-/C rating Annex Reviews

     Programs Notes to the Slut-Wife Course 1-4
     1 The Nurse
     2 Monica Goes For A Ride
     3 A Nurse For Monica
     4-8 The Poker Party: Part One - Five
     9 Michelle, College Coed
     10 The Shopping Trip
     11 The Delivery Boy
     12-14 Karen, Sorority Slave: Part One - Three
     15 Monica And The Saleslady
     16 Monica Reveals Her Thirst
     17-18 Allison Brings A Friend: Part One - Two
     19 Out For Drinks
     20 Monica Goes To The Movies
     21-22 Monica's Early Training: Part One - Two
     23-26 Karen Comes For A Visit: Part One - Four
     27 Buying Jennifer
     28 Kristi Gets A Workout
     29 A Letter From Laura
     30 A Letter To Laura
     31-32 Thursday With Laura: Part One - Two
     33 Finger Music
     34 Julia Opens Up
     35-37 Karen Kidnapped: Part One - Three
     38-41 Julia's Ass: Part One - Four
     42-44 Ashley Presents Herself: Part One - Three
     45 Legs, Legs, Legs!
     46-49 Ashleigh-1932: Part One - Four
     50-56 Julia's Begging: Part One - Seven
     57 Waitresses
     58 Fax About Max
     60 The Leg-Show Stint
     61 Complimenting Julie
     62 Art and Bob Discuss Julie
     63 Hole Heaven
     64-67 Raping Brenda: Part One - Four
     68 Watching Pauline
     69 Warming Pauline
     70 Wenching Pauline
     71 Whipping Pauline
     72 Whoring Pauline
     73-74 Monica's Vacation: Part One - Two
     75 Lusty Leggy Leah
     76 Portrait of a Stripper
     77 Lauren's Leaky Lips
     78-87 The Farmer's Step-Daughter: Part One - Ten
     88 A Letter To The Modern Woman
     89 Monica's Virginal Fantasy
     90-94 Filled Stockings: Part One - Five
     95-97 Balling The Bought-Boobs Babe: Part One - Three
     98 A Letter To Karen
     99-101 A Letter From Carolyn: Part One - Three
     102-103 Black Springs Girl Part One - Two
     104  The Derby
     105 Dirty Sex Night
     106 Nasty and Needy Nookie
     107-108 Our Hershey Honey Part One - Two
     110 My Personal Confession by Sherrie Wade
     111 A Letter to Another Master's Slave
     112-126 Girls in the Wood Part One - Sixteen
     127-129 Marsha and The Mandella Part One - Three
     130-157 Latin Lust Part One - Twenty Eight
     158 The County Agent and the Farmer's Daughter
     159 The Home-Maker
     160-163 The Farmer's Step-Daughter 11-14
     180-188 Brenda's Story: Letter 1 - 9
     189 The Double-Dater
     190-194 The Whores of Weddle Manor 1 - 5
     200 He Who Laughs Last
     201 Pussy
     202 To or Not to, That I the Question
     203 Pots and Kettles
     204 The Personal Banker
     205-206 Diane and Susan 1-2
     207 The Dream Girls
     208-209 Summer Time 1 - 2
     210 Karen: Leg Slut #246
     220-222 The Phantoms of Prolac 1 - 3
     225 The Christmas Gift
     226 Morning Glory
     227 The Death of Doubt and the Birth of Surrender
     228 The Party
     230-236 The Training of Melissa 1 - 7
     237-239 Carmen 1-3
     240-249 Letters to Monica 1 - 10
     253 Good Smelling Girls
     254 Desire
     260-263 Kissing Cousins 1 - 4
     269 Bad Wife, Good Wife
     270-273 The Girl Can't Help It 1 - 4
     274-278 Her Beginning 1 - 5
     279 Using the Brown Eyed Girl
     280-281 Mitzi:  Party Girl Supreme 1 - 2
     282-297 Desert Heat 1 - 16
     300-305 The D-S Convention 1 - 6
     320 Sharing Maria
     321 Antaya:  Pleasure Girl
     322 Baily's Needs
     323 Jenny's Legs
     324 Taking a Few Liberties
     A Child's Christmas
     A Word for Annie's Fuck Hole
     Bees						#19 in Celeste's Top 100
of 97
     Bird Watching in French Lick
     Christmas Break                	10-10-10 CR151 #89 in Celeste's Top 100
of 97
     Desert Rain
     Incest                         	10-10-8 CR168
     Jogging with a Pregnant Lady
     Proofreading Sex Stories			#2 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     Puppy Love
     Shannon's Locker Room Fantasy
     The Allens - Dandelion
     The Allens - Rain
     The Allens - Teeter Totter to Heaven
     The Allens - The Bluffs
     The Allens - The Family Way
     The Better to...
     The Celestial Refuse		A rating Annex Reviews 1-17-98
     The Sarabande and the Six Iron
     White Cat                      	10-9-9 CR128
     Wineskin                       	10-10-9 CR153

     Family Sex 1-4

     Girl's Debut
     It Happened One Day
     Kidnapped Schoolgirls
     Past and Present
     Three on Julie

     Bandit                     	271k	10-10-10 CR252

     Detention                      	9-9-9 CR179
     Personal Session
     She Bat                        	9.5-10-10 CR157
     Shower Surprise
     Supergirl and X
     The Facilitator

     Orange County Babylon	629k  (I read it in one sitting!!!)
     Katie: A True Story
     Playing with Fire
     Summer Camp		179k
     Sunset on Roses		113k
     Swimming Upstream		145k
     The Long and Short of It
     The Needle and the Dungeon  235k

     A Missy Christmas
     Charly the Yard Guy         10-10-10 CR 183 #34 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     Dating Ritual
     Discovery                      	#18 on Celeste's Top 100 for 1996
     Dyad                           	10-10-10 CR177
     Getting It Right               	10-10-10 CR183
     How to Write Stories Good   10-10-10 CR183/A rating Annex Reviews
     In/Out Law                     	10-10-10 CR177
     Justice                        	#24 on Celeste's Top 100 for 1996
     Lovely Girl                    	#29 on Celeste's Top 100 for 1996
     Molly in Suspense
     Neighbors                      	10-10-10 CR177
     One Moment in Time
     Philly                         	10-10-10 CR177
     Remembering                   	 #17 on Celeste's Top 100 for 1996
     Road Trip                      	10-10-10 CR177
     Seduction                      	10-10-10 CR177
     Siblings			A personal favorite  ***
     The Babysitting Drama		10-10-10 CR267

     The Big Time		10-10-10 CR219
     The Chair
     The Dare                       	10-10-10 CR177
     The First Time
     Trances                        	#49 on Celeste's Top 100 for 1996
     Until Next Year            	10-8-6 CR125
     Vamps                          	10-9-9 CR127

MICHELLE  (TG, femdom)
     Can She Make Me Gay?
     Little Miss Priss
     Taught and Caught
     The Inevitable
     The Letter
     The Scent
     The Training

MICHELLE B  (ff teen)
     Roberta Awakes 1-18          318k

     Anna                       		 #42 in Celeste's Top 100 of
     Happy Birthday
     The Draft                   	#37 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995

     She's A Tease           		10-10-10 CR172
     The Photographer         	10-10-10 CR165
     A Cousin's Lips
     The Darkroom (sequel to Photographer)  10-10-10 CR171
     The O'Stikkit Inn        	10-10-10 CR173 #8 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     The Skier                		10-10-10 CR170 #98 in Celeste's Top 100
of 97
     High Rise					 #70 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     June's First             		10-10-10 CR171 #15 in Celeste's Top 100
of 97
     The Lingerie Salesman    	10-10-10 CR175
     Maria In Maine           	10-10-10 CR174 #41 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     Feet Are Neat            	10-10-10 CR175
     Straight Sex             		10-10-10 CR176
     Shorts Stories           		10-10-10 CR181 #53 in Celeste's Top 100
of 97
     Women Are Stupid         	10-10-10 CR172
     Memo - (very short story)
     Fun In The Tub           	10-9-9 CR183
     Rant - (very short story)
     Quiz - (very short story)
     Some Things Just Happen	 #6 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     Shelly's Sex Life		 #72 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     Shelly's Trial		 #50 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     Wet T-Shirt Contest		 #92 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     The United Way
     Topless Bar
     Art Class
     Reluctant Bride		10-10-10 CR221
     Identical Twins		10-10-10 CR227 #25 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     The Drive-In
     Fucking Celeste		#40 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     Then I Fucked Her  	A rating Annex Reviews 8-22-97
			#22 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     Dirty Boys
     Young Dumb and Full of Cum  10-8-8 CR222
     Auto Biography		    10-10-10 CR222
     The Swimsuit		    10-10-10 CR231
     Under Cover		10-10-10 CR233 #44 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     I Am M1ke's Dick	10-10-10 CR235/A+ rating Annex 11-27-97/#81 in 97
     The Night Before Christmas  10-10-10 CR243 #13 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97

     Aerobic Mom
     Dr. Launa
     First One
     Generation Gash
     Intimate Watching
     Mom & Aunt
     Mom's Advantage
     Son's Advantage

     ekiN				10-10-10 ?CR267

     Imagine My Surprise
     Mercedes			10-10-10
     My Juno			9-10-10
     The Rooster			10-10-8 CR220
     Stolen by Illusion		10-10-10 CR249

     Blame It All on the Internet
     Face of Betrayal
     Mom's Story 1-3

     First Meeting 1-2
     My Master's Gift         	10-9-6 CR 122
     Tabitha                  		10-10-10 CR180

MR SPRAYCAN  ( I suspect there are a million of these I don’t have.)

A Mir Spanking
A Wee Bit O’Fluff
Advice/Exhibiting Women In Winter
Advice/Training A Woman To Streak
Anatomy Lesson
Andromeda’s Rock
April 14, 1912
Assume Nothing
At the Cutting Edge
At Martha's Vineyard
Aunt Agatha & The Bachelors' Party
Aunt Bronwen in the Blitz
Avenida California
Baton Rouge, NY Pts 1-2
Beth, The Compulsive Masturbator Pts. 1-3
Blame Whitney
Blind Girl Games
Bloody Great Fishes
Blue Period
By Full Moonlight
Casey Jones
Catholic Education 1-4
Captives Of Tamurlaine
Center of Attention
Cherries in Winter
Chestnut Mare Scenario
Christmas Carole				10-10-10 CR241
Claire Wanted It
Clothing Optional Breakfast
Coming Down the Chimney
Conspiracy Theory
Coping with the UPS Strike
County Auction
Crash Course in Patience
Feminism Is A Fat Issue
Fiduciary Duties 1-2
"Good Lord, Jeeves, It's Her!"       		9-9-9 CR161
Happy Mother's Day                			10-9-9 CR181
"Hello, Little Girl"
Hotel Games
In The Next Room
Interesting Positions For Medical Professional
Judith On The Cross
Judith's Wet Pack, Pts. 1-2
Justice Is Done
Leah At The Warehouse
Marie & Her Friends Pts. 1-4
Mysterious Bride of Christ
Nottamun Town 1-2				A+ rating Annex Review
Keep Your Mouth Shut Pts. 1-2
PervNet: The WorldWide Wank
Pillory For Two Slackettes Pts. 1-2
Pronging Mrs.Alchemist
Saddle Brooke
Sandi's Deal, Pts.1-2
Seacoast Of Maine
Seductions Pts. 1-10              			10-6-6 CR179
"Show Us All, Sarah Jane"
Smiling at Both Ends				A+ rating Annex Review 12-14-97
Smokin' in The Boys Room
Spankerton Takes Over
Spanking Michelle
Stop Me
Teutonic Treat For Lady Twistleton's Twat Pts. 1-3
The Beach Sluts
The Copley Trio
The Commissioner's Daughter
The Footman of LA Pts. 1-7
The Handsome Cabin Boy
The Harpooner
The Littlemont Academy Initiative
The Patient English				A+ rating Annex Review 6-8-97
"The Secret Of Jeeves' Genius"
The Training Weekend
Top Girls!
Totally Nude Truck Stop Girls
Transcribed From Tape
Two Nasty Surprises For Penny
"What's That Smell?"

MULE   (Femdom)
     Aunt Karen
     Making of a Mistress			167k
     Mule and Amity's Bedtime Stories
     Reset					107k
     The Domination of Jason
     The Garden
     The Painter's Daughters

     Stealing the Jewel
     The Crest
     Second Loss
     Through the Hourglass Darkly

     Gang Rape
     Held Prisoner
     Out of Gas
     Playing with Fire
     Pleasure Island
     The First Flight
     Two in the Woods
     Two on One

     A Matter of Design (TG)
     A Methodical Woman (mc, femdom)
     Stocking Tops (mc, femdom)
     The Control of Louis (femdom)

     Dark Power Ranger Chronicles
     Girl Scout Camp Adventures

     The Stretching of the Ring

NIGHTINGALE  (Available on Mr. Double's site.)
     A Helping Wand			  62k
     Anal Birthday			  57k
     Bride to Be				  31k
     Celebrations				124k
     Grounded				  98k
     Hidden Secrets			  70k
     Higher Education			123k
     Innocent Desires			  98k
     A Helping Wand			  62k
     Lurking Nymphos			  31k
     OC Transpo				  16k
     The Jordanian Connection 1-2    	536k
     Summer Days			  61k
     Taming Mom			  26k
     The Birthday Surprise		  25k
     The Gift of Sex			  29k
     The Mistress				  15k
     The Prudish In-Laws			117k
     The Swinging Parents		  26k
     Young Tease		           	 135k

     Camp Nurse 1-7                 		10-10-10 CR175
     President's Club 1-13          		219k

     Dick Thruster and the Passion Pirates  10-10-10 CR258

     Angie - Not So Innocent After All
     Cindy's Best Friend
     Barbara, Model Turned Slut          	292k
     Tiffany - Raped in Jail
     Jennifer's Initiation
     Kathie, the Teenage Neighbor
     Linda's Fantasy Comes True
     Raping the Office Tease
     Teenage Maid Service

     Cuzluv				134k

     Daddy's Girl 1-4
     Hitchhiker's Guide to Sexual Slavery
     Mommie's Boy
     Party Girls
     Slave Sister 1-9			259k
     The Girl Next Door
     Wanda's Torment

     The List				589k

     A Very Rejected Christmas
     Mowing the Lawn
     Rejected by Penthouse Forum
     Something to Talk About
     The Birthday Present
     The New Carpet			10-10-10 CR272
     The Pause that Refreshes
     Three Variations on a Theme

ORNI (Incest)
     Godolfy Family Affair
     Home Sweet Home
     My Wayward Son
     Revenge Is Sweet
     Typical Family

     In Your Eyes
     Minding Mike        10-10-10 CR179  A- rating Annex Review 5-18

     Day Off
     Dinner Date
     Laundry Day
     Picnic Lunch

PARKER  (Available on Dark Wanderer's site)
     01 Dear Diary
     02 Orlando's Call
     03 Train
     04 Charlotte
     05 Doctor's Orders
     06 Pet Teacher
     07 Pool Party
     08 Squealer
     09 Sisters
     10 Going Away Party
     11 Career Opportunities
     12 Wedding Present
     13 Bringing Down Pet
     14 Payment in Full
     15 Mr Poe
     16 Office Girl
     17 Replacement Value
     18 Honeymoon
     19 Blackout
     20 Keeper
     21 Teacher's Ransom
     22 Infidelity
     23 Lady Jane Greystone's Remarkable Experiment
     24 Christina			10-10-10 CR273
     25 Princess
     26 Susan			10-9-8 CR273
     27 Trade Relations
     28 A Bangkok Slaver's Story		           ***
     29 Forclosure
     Stacy's Senior Year			355k   ***

     Cinnamon            	#68 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
     Gathering                #27 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
     Passion in Silk
     Sharing the Love
     Tender Touch
     The Cabin
     The Evil of Hammond House
     Tidal Passions           #82 on Celeste's Top 10 of 1996

     Camp Crissy
     Kimmie & Rachel
     MacKenzie Elementary
     Social Studies Class

     A Fly on the Wall
     A Lady Like Lauren
     Call It Even Some Day	   9.5-7-8 CR151
     Command Performance
     Cotton Dresses		   9.5-10-10 CR162
     Snow Cave			   10-9-9 CR135
     Spanish Lessons
     Stake Out			   10-9-9 CR151
     The Light in Mother's Window  10-10-10 CR152 #38 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97

     Your First Three Way
     Sondra's Day

     A Friend in Need				34k
     A Picture Worth 10,000 Words  -  Tiffany	45k
     Academy Girls			27k
     Baby Bambi  -  Tiffany		83k
     Ballsie Fuckers			46k
     Barbie				74k
     Bastard Maker			63k
     Bewitched				53k
     Birds and Bees, Phase Two		49k
     Bitch Whore				 171k
     Bizarre Journey			94k
     Bonding Tabatha			40k
     Bound for Glory			158k
     Brown Nosing			33k
     Busted				47k
     Cabin Fever  -  Tiffany		27k
     Cheerleading Coach			66k
     Confessions of a Slut		75k
     Cuntabeast				505k
     Daughter in Heat			394k
     Duke's Bitch				51k
     Family Secret  -  Tiffany		26k
     First Class Treatment  -  Tiffany	68k
     Flying High  -  Tiffany       10-10-10 CR 172  19k   ***
     Folks in the Hood			78k
     Get with the Program		73k
     Good Doctor Wayne  -  Tiffany	185k
     Good Fences Make Good Neighbors	39k
     Good Sport				29k
     Happy Campers			67k
     Tim Discovers True Manhood	31k
     Inevitable Rape			31k
     Jerry's Girl				32k  9.5-8-7 CR249
     Life's a Bitch			42k
     Little Home Wrecker		 9k
     Madam X				49k
     Making It on Her Own		33k
     Mom's Hope				40k
     Mother's Keeper  -  Tiffany		32k
     Photo Pro				67k
     Prisoner of Love			23k
     Raising Cain  -  Tiffany		51k
     Rooms to Let			47k
     Saleswhore				130k
     Sacrificial Lamb  -  Tiffany		45k  *** / B- Annex Reviews
					10-10-10 CR265 guest reviewed by Piper

     See No Evil			         3,630k*****	
     Spare the Rod  -  Tiffany		45k  10-8-1 CR251
     The Best Man for the Bride		28k
     The Callers				31k
     The Company Man			60k
     The Golden Girl			226k
     The Outsider			36k
     The Reunion				47k   9-9-8 CR251
     The Seduction of Brenda	 	150k
     Toy Daughter			24k
     Unholy Passage			41k
     Vicious Cycle  -  Tiffany		26k

     An Elf Maiden's Tale
     Avatar of Bhaal
     Blood Lust
     Dark Dragon
     Dark Phoenix
     Dominion: Cat Scratch Fever
     Doom's Pawn
     Lady Death: The Summoning
     Mara Jade
     Mara Jade: Broken Jedi
     Mara Jade: Queen of the Empire
     Private School Nightmare
     Psylocke's Erotic Adventures
     Return of Dark Dragon
     Supergirl: Dark Half		185  8,6,5
     The Undead: John's Tale
     Ambition of Nagash
     Servant of Nagash
     Nagash Saga: The Way Home

     Gen13: Battle Royal
     Gen13: Bedroom Encounter
     Gen13: The Chase
     Gen13: Escape
     Gen13: Infernal Seductions
     Gen13: Interludes and Penetrations
     Gen13: Prisoners of War
     Gen13: Solace
     Gen13: Trojan Mare

     Excluded Middle       10-10-10 CR172 #47 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     Princess's Court         10-10-10 CR163
     Trip                           	10-10-10 CR165 #20 in Celeste's Top 100
of 97
     Virgin, 16

     Aerobics Show
     Caught Watching Daughter
     Exam Notes
     I Watch Katie Be Examined by Doctor
     Mom Takes Daughter's Rectal Temp
     New Roommates
     Nurse Mistress
     Preparing for the Prom
     Procedures for the Examination of a Female Patient
     Searched by Female Deputy
     Shaving Her Sister
     Through the Window

     A Lipstick Called ... Blackmail
     Aunt Jennie's Buddy
     Consuming Passion		10-10-10 ?CR267

     January, '96
     Remember Ol' Stretch's Train
     Rollo and Jeanette Are Dead
     Strangers in the Night
     Ten Minutes
     The Sex Worker
     They Had the Sheryl Crow Nude Pic
     Two-Time Loser

     Employment Skills
     Greenwood Annex				665k
     Hard Money 1-4				113k
     Soul Search					230k
     Taking the Lawyer into Your Own Hands

     The Eye of Aphisis
     The Tasting		10-10-10 CR267

     Tropical Dreams		10-10-10 CR273

     A Close Shave
     For Lena
     Getting Two for One
     Juicy Heather
     Ladies First
     My Bisexual Wife
     Sex in the Twilight Zone
     Show Off

     A Fine Time at the Company Picnic
     A Story
     Another Story
     Company Christmas Party
     Customer Support
     Fantasy Come True
     No-Tell Motel
     Quality Improvement
     RV Testing
     Susan's Delight

     Atonement				446k  Excellent

     Four Exposures
     Panty Raid
     Rocking My Canoe
     The Witness

     Between the Races
     Black in Back
     Daddy Makes on Me
     For All to See
     The Funnel
     I Married a Lesbian
     Just the Three of Us
     Mom's First Party
     Mouth Work with Mom
     My Sister's Special Chest
     A Strange Couple
     Stranger on My Face
     A Treat for Brother
     What She Wanted
     Working on Her Knobs

     The Home Front 		9-8-7 CR 267

     After the Bar (with Mae East) [mf, cons]
     At the Movies
     Betrayed Wife's Revenge			9.5-7-8 CR226
     Bob's Massage
     Chocolate Removal
     Desk Clerk's Distraction
     Door to Door Saleswoman [ff]
     Ergonomic Chair [mc]
     Encounter with an On-Line Mistress
     Gynecologist Visit [ff]
     Hotel Meeting with His Mistress
     Imitating PeeWee [m solo]
     In Public
     Lunchtime Vignette [Fm cons f/d]
     ManDance [mfff]
     Movie Madness
     Male Secretary [FFm f/d]
     Office Sales Call [mf cons]
     Remote Controlled (Gizmo I)
     Removing the Chocolate
     Restroom Reaction [Fm f/d]
     Secretarial Help
     Seen by Air
     Sticky Afternoon [mf, cons, foot]
     Unorthodox Therapy [mc]
     Upstairs [bd Fm]
     Virtual Reality I
     What the Sysop Read (I)

     Adventure of the Cross of St. Simon  9-10-7 CR72
     The Case of the Tingling Clitoris 	#14 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     The Adventures of Heather	1,031k
     The Farmer's Daughter		9.9-10-10 CR151    A personal favorite
     Too Much?

     Carrie's Seduction
     Carrie's Mother
     The Pool
     The Ballet Student			10-8-8 CE246

RC  (FF mind control)
     Accidental Hypnotist
     After Hours
     All in the Mind
     Amy's Massage
     At the Mall
     Bed and Breakfast              			9.5-9.5-9 CR75
     Blind Date
     Blush                          			10-9-9 CR126
     College Is for Learning
     Custom Maid
     Double Trouble                 			10-9.5-9.5 CR94
     Epicurean Delight
     Extra Effort
     First Class
     First-Hand Research
     For Love or Money
     Friday Club
     Funhouse                       			10-9-10 CR75
     Furniture Store
     Games People Play              			9.5-7-7 CR80
     Going Down
     Hypnodontist                   			10-10-9.5 CR129
     Intimate Therapy
     Just Divorced
     Kim's Closet
     Life at the Top
     Lori's Adventures 1-20         275k
     Madame Zoe
     Mirror, Mirror
     Miss Parnell's Office
     Model Shop
     Monkey Business
     My Two Jobs
     On the Air                     			10-9-9 CR179
     Out of this World
     Piano Lesson
     Porn Movie
     Power Failure
     Rachel and Friends
     Racy Lady
     Relaxation Training
     Shoe Store
     Stage Fright
     The Eyes of Satan
     The Jewelry Store
     The Library
     Ties that Bind
     Turn of the Cards              			9-7-7 CR80
     Typing Test
     Watch the Watch                			10-9-9 CR125
     Waiting Room
     Wind Chimes				10-9-8 CR126

     Life's a Dream
     Lucky Mower	9.5-9.5-9.5 CR241
     Nymph Decoy
     Young Temptress

     AJ's Fantasy
     All Inclusive Resort
     Christmas Gift
     Jodi's Breakdown
     Phil's Surprise
     Return Visit to an Adult Toy Store
     Testing AJ's Resolve

     Arlene is Captured by the Iranians
     Babydolls - Richard Dawson
     Bambi - Richard Dawson
     Barefoot in the Park - Richard Dawson
     Basketball Player - Richard Dawson
     Bath Time - Rene Deetile
     Behind the Eight Ball - Richard Dawson
     Caught Flashing - Richard Dawson
     Eight Men - Richard Dawson
     Eight Weeks - Richard Dawson
     Leather and Lace - Red Dragon
     Mary at the Bank - Roberta Dawning
     Our First Soft Swinging Experience - Richard Dawson
     Patti in Trouble - Richard Dawson
     Pepys Junior High School - unknown - attributed to Red Dragon
     Sister Strips
     Trudi - Rhonda Davis
     Tryouts - Renee Deemson

     Roxy's After Hours Delight
     The Making of a Slut

     Daddy's Girls
     For Men
     Innocence Lost
     The Kids
     The Video
     Three for Jack

     Fearful Desires
     Forbidden Surrender
     Ravishing of the Innocent
     Submissive Desires			76k

     Erotic Foolishness                   	10-5-10 CR179
     Remembering the Sting		#68 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     The Shirt that Shrunk
     The Truth May Be Hard to Swallow  10-9-9 CR182
     Unabridged Catalog of Kisses

     The Date				 35k
     Farm Help				108k
     Kathy's Deal				138k
     The Carlson Series
      #0  Sandi's Story             468k
      #1  Christa and Jake's Story  531k
      #2  Dick, Sandy, and Daniel's Story  668k
      #3  Sandra and Paul's Story          306k                       
      #4  Jessica and Dick's Story         248k
      #5  Liz, Daniel, Jessica and Dick's Story
      #6  Rebeca, Sandra, and Paul's Story 106k
      #7  April's Story                    512k

     Abduction of the Princess	197k
     Jake and Jack		431k
     Southern Hospitality		280k	#7 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97 
     The Stepford Wives		407k	#12 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     Adventures on the Oregon Trail

     A Lick and a Promise
     A Little Pick Me Up
     Fitting Mom into the Schedule
     Happy Accident
     Home for the Holidays
     Ma's Decree
     Next Step  -- sequel to Shower Scene
     Shower Scene
     Swing Both Ways
     The Charmer
     The Logical Conclusion

     Bad Breath?
     Fill It to the Rim
     I Gotta Wash that Man Right Outta My Hair
     Mom, Make Him Stop
     My Sweet, Semen-Swilling Secretary
     The Cum Drinkers				105k
     The Life and Times of a Cum Queen
     The Story of Kim				180k
     Workin' on the Chain Gang
     You're a Mess

     Auntie Dearest				116k
     Basketball Team				129k
     Black Takeover				  63k
     Corporate Office				  90k
     Honorable Chan				  92k
     Hunting Party				  64k
     Joan's New Life				191k
     Max's Café					159k
     Miss Wolsey
     Modern Dairy				100k
     Mother's Owner				213k
     Rhoda's Vacation
     The Makings of a Party Animal		103k

     Peter Files 01:  Intro
     Peter Files 02:  Overdrawn at the Sperm Bank
     Peter Files 03:  Summer Camp
     Peter Files 04:  Penis Cream
     Peter Files 05:  The Party
     Peter Files 06:  Betting the Ranch
     Peter Files 07:  Beach Balls
     Peter Files 08:  The Diary
     Peter Files 09:  Molly Does the Milking
     Peter Files 10:
     Peter Files 11:

     The Perils of Supergirl	B+ rating Annex Reviews 10-1-97
	Lady Cyrrh said, "This bondage story was so extreme, it was so
	a bizarre journey into bodily transformations worthy or a Steven King
	or HR Giger fossilized cyborg painting.  Go ahead, read it.  I dare

     Birthday for a Friend
     Cancun Vacation
     Car Ride
     Gas Station
     New Year Eve's Party
     Pick-up Truck
     Rita's Gangbang
     Selling Houses
     Shoe Store

     The Amazing Adventures of Penis Boy	A+ rating Annex Reviews 10-1-97
	Lady Cyrrh said, "This was a short romp and it was pretty hilarious,
with some
	clever puns.  The story jumped right along like a caffeine addict and
	surprised me.."

     Etienne				582k

     Batman Forever			A rating Annex Reviews 10-312-97
     Blind Date
     Peach Pit After Hours
     Tonya's Probation Violation
     Turning the Tables on Tammy
     Tammy at Work

     At the Hotpool 1-6		320k
     Jennifer's Summer		216k
     Leanne			182k
     Mary & Susan		243k
     Sherry 			456k
     Space, Another Frontier	791k

ROSEWOOD  (Spanking)
     Emma at School 1-24          550k 
     Emma and The Guest.           48k    

     Ru & Ju

     One Favor		(TG, MF, sci-fi)  633k
     Something Borrowed		  367k

     Bad Girl at the Play 		(9k)
     Big Reporter 		(9k)
     Executive Secretary 		(13k)
     Hot Lips 			(20k)
     Hot Little Nympho 		(9k)
     Jasmine Extra-Marital Affair (38k)
     Jennifer is a Brat 		(40k)
     Juicy Peaches 		(53k)
     The Little Tramp 		(31k)
     Little Oral Virgin 		(10k)
     Love Stories 		(8k)
     Pamela's Hot Stallion 	(37k)
     The School Sluts Chronicle	(47k)
     Slut Scheme 		(25k)

     Double Blind
     French Kisses
     Friends and Lovers
     Janey in Bloom
     Judgment Day
     Sandman's Bolero
     Starlight			10-10-10 CR253
     Sorrow's End		10-10-10 CR249
     Suzette's Passion
     The Choice
     The Case
     You Can Never Go Home Again
     (p) Your Erotica		9.5-8-5 CR25-
     Sandman's Bolero		10-10-10 CR272
     Table Talk
     Zero G			9-10-10 CR258

     The Adventures of Me and Martha Jane  #9 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996

     Little Red Riding Hood            	10-10-10 CR172
     Steel and Iron                    		10-9-9 CR169
     The Personal
     Treasures of the Deep

     The Barber Chair			A rating Annex Reviews 9-6-97
     A Night to Remember
     Trick or Treat
     Snow Angels
     Chinese Fortune Nookie		10-9-9 CR252

     At His Daughter's Mercy		250k
     Flashing My Wife's Little Sister
     Gransma's Window
     Janice's Final Lesson
     Kids See the Darnest Things		162k
     Miss Rene and Tommy
     More Lessons for Janice
     Sheila the Great
     Stepsis with the Devilish Hands
     Take Your Daughter to Work Day
     The Bus Ride
     The Vicarious Rape

SEE SHOW    (MMF wife) (Available from Dark Wanderer's site)
     A Blackmailed Hubby Can Make an Excellent Cum Licker
     A Slut Wife for the High School Coach
     All of the Fun and None of the Guilt?
     Black Limo
     Bonnie at the Bar 1-2
     Brenda Gets It 1
     Changed in Paris
     Changed into a TV
     Dave's Wife, Carol, Becomes a Complete Slut to Her Boss
     Dicking for My Wife 1
     Dicking My Dick-Beating Husband
     Dressing Like a Slut for My Man
     Exhibitionist Wife
     From a Lady to a Slut
     Getting All Dolled Up
     Half Hard
     Having a Black Baby
     He's Just Too Nice
     His Place
     His Professional Wife Turns into a Hot Sexy Stripper
     His Wife Likes It Hard and Fast on the Ass
     Hubby Needs a Little Help
     I'm Nothing But a Sissy Now
     In Love with Those Tits
     Keeping the Campers Happy
     Laura's Lover
     Laura's Piano Student
     March Madness
     More than Enough
     My Conservative Wife Has Become a Total Slut
     My First Black Experience, Certainly Not My Last
     My Golfing Buddy and My Wife 1-9         91k
     My Masterful Husband
     My Sister-in-Law's Rape
     My Slutty Nurse Wife
     My Wayward Evening Wife
     My Wife Is Now Her Boss' Slut
     My Wife's Black Lovers 1-3
     My Wife's First Threesome, But Not Her Last
     My Wife's Tits Belong to the Company President
     No Tell Motel
     Older But Wiser Husband
     Panty Anty
     Party Girl
     Party Wife
     Peeking Tom
     Pleasure at a Business Party
     Pussy Whipped and Then Some
     Security Guard
     Sex Drugged Slutty Wife
     Sexy Wife Tryst
     She Gets It Good
     She Love Big Black Dicks
     She Needs More Sex
     She Takes Control
     Sultana Takes Control Along with Her Black Lover
     Summer Days and a Sexual Haze for My Wife
     The Anal Attraction
     The CEO's Wife 1-2
     The Dancer
     The Shoe Salesman
     They Both See It All
     Luck Be a Lady Tonight 1-9                   117k
     Watching Her Sex the Pastor
     When They Are Apart, She Keeps Her Legs Apart
     Wife Show
     You Can Bet Your Wife on It
     Young and Big

     Back Door Whore
     Garters and Lace - Jasmine
     Garters and Lace - Joi
     Garters and Lace - Mindy
     Garters and Lace - Mona
     Garters and Lace - Shannon

     Candy's Hobby
     Janet in Training 			333k
     Politically Incorrect
     The High Cost of Used Books
     Transparent Like Glass

     School Spirit			A rating Annex Review 7-13
     The Shop
     The Twilight Café
     The Twilight Zone:  Elizabeth
     The Wedding Present

     A Slave to Capitalism		A rating Annex Review 10-1-97
     Candy's Hobby
     Janet in Training		333k	A rating Annex Review 12-20-97
     Politically Incorrect
     Sharon's Outcall
     Transparent Like Glass
     The High Cost of Used Books

  Earth 1 - Aurora (a Super Girl) - one episodic story
    Aurora's arrival on Earth
      Chapter 01-0        Discovery			88k
      Chapter 01-1        Exploration		42k
    First Contact 	
      Chapter 02-0,1     The Pirates		96, 74k
    First Love
      Chapter 03-0,1      Chris			  64, 86k
    The Hijackers and the Kintzi
      Chapter 04-0        Laura			  97k
      Chapter 04-1        Battle over the Pacific	  33k
      Chapter 04-2        The Kintzi		  39k
    Meeting in LA
      Chapter 05-0        Reunion			  67k
    Kara emerges
      Chapter 06-0        Earthquake		  95k
      Chapter 07-0        Kara			111k
      Chapter 08-0        The Audition		157k
      Chapter 08-1        Gary			  67k
      Chapter 08-2        Suzaara			  82k
    The Battle Begins
      Chapter 09-0        Cyborg			  94k
    A Test of Strength
      Chapter 10-0        Test Lab			  90k
    Mind Control
      Chapter 11-0,1,2    Mind Control		  91, 63, 61k
    The Velorian
      Chapter 12-0        David			120k
      Chapter 13-0        The Pool			  46k
    A Different Species
      Chapter 14-0        Sil One			  36k
      Chapter 15-0        Sil Two			  99k
      Chapter 16-0        Sil Three			  19k
    The Darkest Hour
      Chapter 17-0        Laura			  74k
      Chapter 17-1        Supergirl's Darkest Hour	  39k
    Adventures of a Supergirl
      (See Earth 1a for all of chapter 18)
    The Arions Emerge
      Chapter 19-0        The Arion Network	  37k
      Chapter 20-0        Interlude in Hawaii	  19k
      Chapter 21-0        Nuclear Rescue		  50k
      Chapter 22-0        Bo			  45k
Chapter 26-0        Desert Meeting		  134k
    The Terrans Prepare to Fight Back
      Chapter 27-0        Black Ops			  55k
    The Dominatrix
      Chapter 23-0        Sh'lyra			  74k
      Chapter 24-0        The Domination of Fairchild  54k
      Chapter 25-0        The Rescue		134k
    Return to Earth
      Chapter 28-0,1,2    Return to Earth I		  63, 53, 42k
    Sh'Lyra Rules
      Chapter 29-0        The Trials of Diana	  28k
      Chapter 29-1        The Trials of Fairchild	  13k
      Chapter 29-2        Diana's Story		  33k
      Chapter 29-3        Diana and Vixen		  56k
      Chapter 29-4        Space Battle		  47k
    The Healing
      Chapter 29-5        Escape to Colchica	  83k
      Chapter 29-6        With Friends Like These...	  61k
      Chapter 29-7        Time to Heal, Time to Kill	115k

  Earth 1a - Sharon (The Adventures of a Supergirl) - one episodic story
    Chapter 18 of Earth 1, in 26 parts		812k

     Earth 3 - SuperFemme (The Tales of KaraZ) - different stories
      * The Dead Also Rise. The story of the Pactrellian Revival
     The Anasazi... 1250 AD Earth/3 (Age 18)				254k
    Growing up Super... 1989 to 1994 AD Earth/3 (Age 12 to 17)		174k
    Adventures of SuperFemme... 1996 to 2010 AD Earth/3 (Age 18 to 33)
      * Military Press 							166k
      * Birthday 1-17							950k

    The Freshman... Returning to LA, the adventure continues...
      * Lovers
      * Reunions
    Area 56... The Rescue (A story of Artemis and Evangelyne)		    68k
    Guardians of Sol... 2010 to 2200 AD Earth/3 (Age 33 to 223)		  403k
     + Another side chapter - A Dangerous Encounter on the TGV		    87k
     Earth 3a - Tales of Jenine - one episodic story (so far)  		  174k
     Earth 4 - Shana (The ShapeChanger)  				  259k

     Little Fire Bug							1,830k

     Mind Snatchers			#39 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97

     While You Were Out            		10-10-10 CR137
     In Your Mouth and Mine      		#81 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     Woke Up this Morning
     Tammy Seduces Her Boyfriend
     As I've Seen
     Telephone Tag
     Hey, That's Me!
     The Seduction of Deirdre
     Kellie in Court
     Kellie Sleeps Over
     Tammy Gets Even (Better)    	#56 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     Tammy on the Big Screen
     The Seduction of Deirdre 2
     Aegean Interludes			9 CR12
     Tammy in the Rain              		#24 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     College Reunion               		 #20 in Celeste's Top 100 of
     Real Slow Smile
     Tammy's Game
     Taxi, Sofa, Bedroom            		#23 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     Hands On                       		#76 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
     American As...                		 #79 in Celeste's Top 100 of
     Dilbert                        		10-8-10 CR79
     White Hands			8 CR20
     The Virgin Mary Maguire		10-10-10 CR224/A- rating Annex 10-15-97
	Lady Cyrrh says, "The story was cleverly written and a real page-turner,
	some truly depraved touches like the creative use of rosary beads."
     Letter from Yossi			9-10-10 CR226

     The Long Weekend			9-10-10 CR253

     Mischievous Siblings
     Riding Bareback
     The Pleasure of Family Hiking         	9-10-10 CR169
     Young Hot Passions                    	10-10-10 CR170

     The Hotel Dinner			10-9-9 CR246

     B&D Academy 1-9			334k

     Presentation				A+ rating Annex Reviews 9-6-97
     Table for Two			A rating Annex Reviews 12-7-97
SOME KIND OF DOG  (Breast size)
     Back to School at Saint Cat's            	210K
     Big Feature at Saint Cat's 1-6	         1.36 MB
     Big Little Sister                        	125k
     Crusade at Saint Cat's                   	344k
     Even More New Girls at Saint Cat's   242k
     Fifth Form at Saint Cat's                	181k
     Fourth Form at Saint Cat's               	156k
     Grown-Up Girls                           	197k
     Head Girl at Saint Cat's                 	183k
     More New Girls at Saint Cat's            171k
     New Girls at Saint Cat's                 	152k
     Return of the Golden Goose 1-24.rtf  467k
     Saint Cat's - Megan's Revenge            153k
     Saint Cat's Chorus Roster                  	    2k
     Saint Cat's Dairies                      	155k

     A Loving Couple
     Cantina - MMf nc slavery
     Factory 1 - nc
     Factory 2
     Fitting Up Katie - A Bangkok Slaver Story
     It's a Wonderful Wife		8-9-9 CR265

     My Girlfriend
     My Old Coat
     Out of this World  - pony girls
     Paying for the Ride - voy, humil
     Penny's Ruin
     Rhonda				130k
     Rock - First Time
     Room 416
     Shields - bd nc
     The Baby Factory - nc
     The Beast
     The Black Crows of Morden
     The Boxvan  - nc slavery
     The Candy Bar
     The Expert - nc
     The Factory
     The Gene - weird
     The Girlfriend - nc
     The Icon
     The Legend 1-6 - beast
     The Ordinance		195k
     The Quest
     The Serving Hatch - nc gang
     The Sex Slave Files
     The Snake Doctor
     The Summer of Love
     The Trick
     The Tryst
     Welcome - slavery prostitution 

     My Brother's Girl
     My Sister's Wedding Day
     The Camera Eye
     The Neighbor's Pool
     Close Encounters of the Picnic Kind
     Kay 1-2
     Go Team Go
     Stepdaughter:  Superman
     Stepdaughter:  Two of Us
     Stepdaughter:  The Loan
     Stepdaughter:  The Photo Session
     Stepdaughter:  The Rescue
     Stepdaughter and Wife
     The Preacher

     Body and Soul                 	 #47 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
     Bracelet of Love              	 #20 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
     DNA                          127k 	 #21 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     DNA 2		200k
     Flight                        		10-10-10 CR133
     It's Hard to Be a Man
     Miss-placed		195k
     Stephanie Between the Stars
     The Girl in the Moon
     The Locksmith                 	#50 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995

     Trisha and Jennifer (ff mf teen)
     A Brothers Love (mf, teen, inc)    8.5, 8, 7 CR251   
     Michele (Mf, teen, romance)

     Love at First Byte
     My Weekend with Nancy
     Private Dancer

     Amanda's Conquest
     Family Fun
     Kid Pics
     Megan & Her Dad
     My Secret Girlfriend
     Young Innocence Lost

  Mr Davis admits to being a hard wired sadist.  If you can deal with that,
  these stories are not to be missed.
     A Day in the Park
     Diane 1-8
     Dragging It Out
     Drilling Devon
     Helpless in the Dark
     Images 1-5
     New Toy
     No More Work
     Options			A+ rating Annex Review 7-26-97
     The Lady Is for Burning

     A Wedding Day
     Another Wife Playing Doctor Story
     Bachelorette Party - The Stripper's Game
     Breakfast with Kim
     Honeymoon Visitor
     I Had to Have Her
     I'm Going to Fuck Your Wife
     Playing Doctor with Mr Next Door
     Samaritan Arrangement
     Sleepwalker 1-3
     The Girl and the Ouija
     The Play
     The Substance and the Party
     The Substance
     Time Raper
     To Save the Ship              8-10-10 CR 163

STROKER ACE  (I didn't realize there were this many stories by this author.
Surprise, surprise.  Thanks for the tip, P.)
     Ashley's Prom
     Bangkok Slaver 4:  Lollipops
     Bangkok Slaver 5:  Beyond Chiang Mai
     Bangkok Slaver 6:  Sex, Slaves, and Punishment
     Chop Shop Queen
     Leslie's Merger
     Lord of Discipline
     Miss Congeniality
     The Gift
     The Ranson

     All Give
     Bi Family
     Bigger Is Not Always Better
     Boss Barb
     Family Stud
     Fucked My Son
     Handy Andie
     Hot Buns
     In the Swim
     John and Me
     Kristie's Quim
     Loving Aunt Glenda
     My Aunt's Hot Box
     My Cousin Kristie
     My Girlfriend's Mom
     My Horny Cousins
     Nasty Videos
     Newsstand Nookie
     QVC Quims
     Riding the Big One
     Road Games
     Sex Addict
     Southern Comfort
     Suck Slave
     Toeing the Line
     Virgin Territory

     You Big, Me Doll
     On the Dock
     Warm Caribbean Night		10-9-9 CR240
     Ironing in the Kinks			10-8-8 CR240
     Louvre Love
     Guess Who's Coming at Dinner
     Life's A Beach
     Slippery When Wet             		#22 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     Alice & Joe & You & Me		10-7-7 CR240
     Cocktail Table
     Craftmanship                  		#8 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     Good Grief                   		#32 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     Birthday Party
     Here Cums Santa              		#75 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     Into the Woods
     Lucy in the Sky              		#28 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
     Weekend on the Island
     With Sue - Into the Woods    		10-10-10 CR132
     With Sue - Lab Partners     		 #28 in Celeste's Top 100 of
     Kachina                      		#79 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     To Serve and Protect         		#40 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     Fun with Dick and  Jan e     		#44 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     Gee Spot Run                 		#45 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     Catty Corner                 		#52 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     Film at Eleven               		#72 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     Red Hot

SUE'S INTIMATE LIBRARY   I got a, "Whoa!! Who the hell are you," kind of
response from Sue, so I doubt my intro gets better.   These are MMF wife
fantasies.  OK?  Fantasies.
     A Fantasy for Greg
     Hot for Vic
     Husband's Surprise Return Home
     Meeting Down Town
     Military Maneuvers
     So Talk
     Sue's Fantasy
     Sue's Fifth Story
     The Continuing Saga of Vic
     The E-mail Meeting
     The Lucky Lady
     The Party
     Together at Last

     A Bottom's Wannaf___
     A Lesson in Submission
     Images 1-200
     Letting Go
     Mistress V
     Talk Dirty to Me
     The Desk			B+ rating Annex Reviews
     The Dinner
     The Game
     The Interview
     The Invitation
     What Do You Want?
     Within the Shadows of Dreams
     You Said You Wanted a Slave

     Another Taste of Heaven       10-10-10 CR172
     Early Morning Love            	10-9-9 CR165
     Of Fights and Fantasy         	10-9-9 CR166
     Seduction of the Beloved      10-10-10 CR167
     The Goodnight Kiss            	10-10-10 CR169
     The Ring of Heaven            	10-10-10 CR171
     The Temptation of Heaven's Ring    10-10-10 CR172

     Marvel Comics
     Silver			129k
     Silver 2			  77k
     Smuggler 1-6		  77k
     The Dryad

     English Lessons
     Just a Typical Friday Night
     Mark's Wake-Up Call
     The Command Performance

SUZIE SLEAZE  (MMF wife exhib)
     Lycra Slut's Origin
     Lycra Disco Slut			A rating Annex Review 5-22-97
     Lycra Slut at the Porn Theater
     Lycra Slut Letter #4
     Lycra Slut Extra
     Lycra Teen Slut
     The Park Voyeurs
     Beach Slut

     Always the Same
     And the Lady Danced 'till Dawn
     Coming in Last
     Long Ago and Far Away	10-8-8 CR240
     Robyn's Nest
     Shocking Times           	 9-9-10 CR121/A rating Annex Review 5-11
     Tales of the East Indies	10-10-10 CR233
     The Curiosity Shop		10-10-10 CR241 #100 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     The Widow                 	8-8-8 CR140
     Yesterday                		10-9-9 CR175
     You Always Sleep with Your Hairdresser, Don't You?
                              		9.5-10-10 CR157

TAITA  (Femdom)
     Adam's First Time aka His Suburban Domme

     Art Appreciation 1-3	10-10-10 CR183
     Cain and Abel			#52 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     Correspondence			#48 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     Going Native
     Please Watch the Closing Doors	10-10-10 CR252
     Power and the Word			10-10-10 CR250
     Raga				10-10-10 CR258
     Spam Contest			10-10-10 CR225
     Softball 1-2				#42 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     The Computer Flirt			#26 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     Through the Looking Glass
     Walls Have Ears		A+ rating Annex Review 7-26-97

TEN TO WIN  (Bondage)
     A Friendly Wager		***
     Tied to Her Job		***
     Saturday Bound
     Sunday Bound
     Twins, Ties, and Trouble

  There are a whole lot more of these.  Anyone want to help me out?
     Fallen Angel
     Jeni's Story
     Maria's Story - Love Hurts 
     Thomas' Story: Cummin' of Age	557k
     Uptown Lady with a Downtown Appetite

     At the Movies
     Kelly 1-3
     Mandy and Sue Humiliate Harold
     Sheryl and Derek Meet Karin

     A Haven for Monica
     Better Loving Through Chemistry   8-8-8 CR133
     Catwoman - Double Standard
     First Time's the Charm
     Kathy                             	#41 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     Home Game
     How to Replace a Wife
     The Ballad of Jenny Mae
     Kate and Me                       	#12 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     Me and My Daddylove
     Office Bound
     Summer Nap
     The Poolhouse
     The Cruise

     All This for Only 79 Cents?		10-10-10 CR221
     Holiday Recipe			10-9-9 CR 237
     Letter to Sarah			10-9-10 CR223/A rating Annex 10-15-97
     Look What I Did When My Boyfriend Left for the Weekend
					10-8-8 CR221
     My Nipples Explode with Delight 	10-8-8 CR221
     On the Run
     Predator: A Tale for Halloween	10-10-10 CR228
     Truckstop				10-10-10 CR222 #75 in Celeste's Top 100
of 97

     Rapist Mind 1-3?
     Stepmom 1-4?

     Agony in Pink			103k

A Bride for the Whole Family		275k
A Film for a Few Friends		240k
A Girl's Best Friend
A Helpful Wife
A Husband's Hobby			243k
A Mother-Daughter Twosome
A Mother's Forbidden Passion		258k
A Naughty Fourteen			159k
A Panty Compulsion			203k
A Wild Yearning
Alice Marlow				72k
An Animal Heat
An Animal-Loving Bride
An Incestuous Love
An Incestuous Party			235k
An Unholy Desire
An Unholy Lust
Angie Makes Friends			231k
Animal Farm				283k
Animal Girl
Animal Retreat
Auntie Marilyn				126k
Auntie's Dog Days			165k
Behind the Bar
Behind the Barn			220k
Billie's Hot Mom			171k
Black Captain
Blackmailed into Swapping		336k
Blackmailed Mother			511k
Blackmailed Neighbors			258k
Blackmailed Sister-in-Law		239k
Blackmailed Teenagers			261k
Blackmailed Wife, ver 1		242k
Blackmailed Wife, ver 2		320k
Bookstore for Boys
Boyfriend's Dad
Caesar Comes and His Revenge
Changing Partners			161K
China Girl
Coed  Sluts				238k
Coming Mother				155k
Daddy's Delight				229k
Daddy's Naughty Daughters		156k
Daughter Gets the Goat			172k
Daughter's Little Friend			256k
Door-to-Door Sex-Girl			256k
Double Marriage			225k
Driven to Depravity			269k
Driving Men to Distraction		242k
Drugged Into Sin
Duplicate Lovers			256k
East Wild Wife				154k
Exhibitionist Wife
Family Bed
Family Night				204k
Family Peepers				151k
Family Pet
Family Sandwich
Filmed with Dogs
Girl's School Pet
Her Animal Act				243k
Her Driving Desires			205k
Her Four Legged Lovers		174k
Her Husband's Boss			232k
Her Sensuous Search			260k
Hero's Mistress				203k
Hidden Camera				201k
Homespun Fun				228k
Honeymoon Traders			215k
Hot & Horny Weekend			246k
Hot Naked Cousin			153k
Hot Pants Weather Girl			184k
House of Dark Pleasure			264k
House of Evil				249k
Hungry Pet				250k
Impotent Husband			236k
In Sexual Pursuit			225k
Jackie's Family Lessons			281k
Jealous Protector			252k
Julie Taylor				50k
Kappy, Son of Kaptain			533k
Late Late Family Show			198k
Lawfully Wedded Nymph		246k
Lewd Layout				188k
Lisa's Stepmother			239k
Little Eddie's Mother			217k
Lovers at Olay				236k
Loving Step-Parents			244k
Lust Takes a Holiday			230k
Making the Bride's Maid		150k
Missionary's Daughter
Mom's Best Friend			262k
Mom's In on the Marriage		287k
Mom's Rape Cure			201k
Mom's Summer Camp Swap		195k
Mother's Animal Lover			230k
Mother's New Boarder			
Mrs Howell's Foot
My Nympho Aunt			288k
Naked and Helpless
Naked Wet Daughter			160k
Nightmare Holiday
Nubile Treat				245k
One-on-One				199k
Peeping Family				195k
Perverted Passions			249k
Pilgrim of Passion			230k
Present for Teacher
Racial Swap-Night
Rajah					264k
Sally & Duke				251k
Sally's Secret Lover
Searching for Satisfaction		221k
Second Grade Teacher			274k
Seduced Young Wife			226k
Seductive Sister-in-Law			254k
Sex Ahead				225k
Sex-Education Class
She Blows the Man Down		175k
Sinful Cyndi				179k
Sister's Husband
Sister's Wet Panties			146k
Skin-Flick Slut				192k
Slave Trader's Captive			221k
Some Very Lovable Neighbors
Spell of the Beast
Spread Wide Secretary			173k
Strange Perversion
Swap Party Campaign
Tempted Tourist
The Abducted Bride			334k
The Beast in Me			253k
The Brother-in-Law			
The Dog Lover
The Doggie Doctor
The Door-to-Door Salesman		211k
The Experiment				307k
The Family Swappers			483k
The Girlfriend's Lesson
The Girlfriend's Revenge		444k
The Helpless Captive
The Hollywood Swappers
The Kinky Couples
The Lap Dog
The Loser's Wife
The Motorcyclist's Wife
The Neighbor's Pet
The Orgiastic Cult
The Playful Twins
The Reluctant Neighbor			226k
The Scandalous Stewardess
The Sex Procurer
The Straying Wife
The Twins - and Mother and Teacher	465k
The Unholy Master			305k
The Watch Dog
The Watching Husband
The Widow's Companion		235k
The Widow's Hot Family
The Young and the Wild
Three-Way Weekend
Throw Mama on the Bed		146k
Tortured Tourists
Two Sisters
Uncle Gaston and Niece			535k
Unfaithful Girlfriend
Up, Boy, Up
Video Games				267k
Weekend Captive			247k
White Captive
White Slave				201k

     And Three Were Foolish

     Nancy Comes to Work
     Slow Dancing with a Stranger
     Three in Vegas
     Field of Dreams			B+ Annex Reviews
     The Hunter
     The Picnic

     Broadway Limited
     Crystal's Persuasion
     Honey's Story			9-9-9 CR219
     Karen, An Unusual Love Story
     Night Music                    		195k
     Queen Alice
     Satin Doll
     Seduction of Yvonne Bauer
     Tales from the Institute
     The Coven				316k

     My First Lay

     A Present for Santa Claus
     Family Affair			132k
     Fun with the Kids

  If you are a male and can imagine kidnapping a young woman and turning her
  into a sex slave, I recommend you read these stories instead.  You will stay
  out of jail and get your kicks, too.
     Captured Caroline 1-11         		465k  ***
     Doc's Orders				214k / A rating Annex Reviews

  "Terri's Dilemma" should have been on Celeste's Top 100 for 1995.  I'll assume
  it was an oversight and just bring the story to your attention.
     Terri's Dilemma               		 9.5-10-10 CR77
     Meeting Shirley                		9.5-10-10
     The Photographer's Daughters   	9.5-9-9

THE RAVEN (FF catfighting)
     Hollywood Catfight
     Love Slave

     Miriam				118k
     Sarah			        	162k

     Beverly Hills 90210 - Lessons
     Beverly Hills 90210 - Bed Rest
     Beverly Hills 90210 - Girls Night In
     Let the Punishment Fit the Crime
     Role Reversal			A rating Annex Review 7-26-97
     The Diary of Alyssa Browning
     The Rest Is Silence

     Trinity Trilogy                865k   	10-10-10 CR177
        Written by Tom Trinity, posted by Mr. Bush
     Bewitched				10-10-10 CR160
     Dick Van Dyke Show		10-10-10 CR142
     Dorothy Does Oz                		10-10-10 CR95
     Get Smart				10-10-10 CR97
     Green Acres
     Gilligan's Island              		#90 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
     Have Gun, Will Travel          		10-10-10 CR161
     Maverick                       		10-10-10 CR177
     My Favorite Martian
     One Dark and Stormy Night		10-10-10 CR106
     Petticoat Junction
     The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr
     The Andy Griffith Show	   	10  CR13	
     The Addams Family			10-9.5-9.5 CR130
     The Munsters			10-9.5-9.5 CR113
     The Real McCoys              10-10-10 CR167 #37 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     The Twilight Zone
     Virtual Reality                		10-10-10 CR164

TIGGER  (Femdom)
     A Bad Scene
     A Change in Direction	508k
     A D&S Fairy Tale		176k
     A Go-No Go Test
     A Romancing of Limits
     An Honor to Serve
     At Her Command
     Coda: A New Beginning
     Domination Games		164k
     Loving a Witch		137k
     Not Blackmailed			10-10-10 CR...
     Objections				A rating Annex Review 10-15-97
	Lady Cyrrh says, "A new story by Tigger, always a pleasure.  It's one of
	most effective treatments of femdom I've seen."
     Outside the Herd
     Partnering			306k
     Pregnant Domme
     Second Season
     Soul Mates			821k
     The Sultan's Heir		A+ rating Annex Review 7-26-97
	Lady Cyrrh said, "This was a very well-written and entertaining story
	touches on many different aspects of sex, sexuality, and gender roles,
yet is
	surprisingly bias-free....The story simply is; it tells a tale, and lets
you draw
	your own conclusions."
     Tragedy, Transition and Triumph
     Why (or Introspections and Preparations)

     No-Win Situation
     A Punishment

  This author has penned several stories that stand unsurpassed.  I
  challenge anyone to best "Brenda's Conquest," "Chosen," or "Elizabeth
  and Anastasia."  I know it is a matter of taste, but these are tops.
     A Difficult Question
     A Gentle Massage for Diana
     Amazonia                 		10-10-10 CR175
     Brenda - a Love Story, aka,	
     Brenda's Conquest        	10-10-10 CR173  ***
     Camara, Lady of the Sword 	10-10-10 CR231 #36 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     Chosen                   		10-10-10 CR148 #64 in Celeste's Top 100
of 97
     Deck                     		10-10-9 CR148
     Elizabeth and Anastasia  	#10 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996 ***
     Evening Rendezvous
     I Promise                		10-10-10 CR168
     My Fault
     One Rainy Morning        	10-8-8 CR157
     Panties                  		9.5-10-10 CR143
     Redeye                   		10-10-10 CR147
     Roadside Encounter
     Piano                		10-9-8 CR147
     Testing the Device
     The Absolutely Amazing Adventures of Angelica Ahsmacker 
                               	A+ rating Annex Review 8-30-97 
			#45 in  Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     The Forgetful Husband	10-10-10 CR223
     The Morning After		10-8-8   CR230
     Watching		#67 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
     Whitewash                 	9.5-9-8 CR150

     Same Time Next Year

     Frisking the Cat                         	   10-10-10 CR163
     SG1 - Supergirl Arises from the Abyss
     SG2 - My Heart of Steel
     SG3 - Supergirl Breaks the Mold	   A+ rating Annex Reviews
     SG4 - What Supergirls Are Made Of
     SG5 - Blood Prey
     SG6 - Under Their Thumb
     SG7 - Somewhere on the Circle of Life  10-10-10 CR252

     Blackmailed into Submission
     Camping Nightmare
     First Black
     I Spy
     Jill's Submission
     June's Revenge
     My Wife's Pool Party
     Net Connection
     Our First Threesome
     Patty's Vacation
     Sally's Birthday Surprise
     The Loveboat
     The Newly Weds
     The Parole Officer
     The Prospect
     The Runaway	

     Lactogenesis 1-64

     Looking for Love
     Setup			221k
     Surprise Vacation                  187k
     The Perfect Woman

     A Magical Weekend
     Day Dreams
     First Meeting with K.C.
     Found Out!
     Untitled - photog
     The Dream
     The Drive
     The Letter Home
     Trail Ride

     Just Like Sister
     Teen Breeder
     The Cuckold Groom

   1 FATHER KNOWS BEST:                        97  10 6 2
     The Midnight Ride - Mf inc
   2 LEAVE IT TO BEAVER:                        96  10,9.5,9.5
     Beaver Learns His Lesson - mF inc pedo
   3 DONNA REED: The Facts of Life - mf inc 
   4 ANDY GRIFFITH:                                  98  10,10,10
     Opie and the Pie - FF mF mild nc pedo
   5 BEVERLY HILLBILLIES                      101  10,7,5
     Elly May, Jethro Mayn't - F beast
   6 PATTY DUKE: Two of a Kind - ff inc
   7 FAMILY AFFAIR:                                  97  10,6,4
     May I Have This Dance - Mf inc
   8 FLYING NUN: Decameron minus 99 - MF   96  10,10,10     7   81
   9 JULIA: A Thorough Checkup - mF
     Mrs. Livingston, I Presume - MF
  11 BRADY BUNCH:                                     127  10 9 9
     One Big Happy Family - mmf mmff inc nc
  12 ROOM 222: Hit the Showers - mFF
     A Whole Lotta Lovin' - mF inc nc
  14 MARY TYLER MOORE:                         99  10,9,9
     Oh, Mr. Grant! - MMMMF mild nc
  15 MAUDE:
     Knight armed with a shiner - mF mF mF pedo inc
  16 WALTONS:                                              99  10,9,9
     Mounting on the Mountain - mf mff inc
     Where No Man Has Cum Before - MF
  18 HAPPY DAYS:                                       103  10,9,9
     He Shoots, He Scores! - Mf inc pedo
  19 POLICE WOMAN: Salty Pepper - mF
  20 WELCOME BACK KOTTER:                98  10,10,10
     The Joke's On You - mmmF
     I'm Your Handiman - Mf MF bd
     And Two's Not Bad Either - mf inc
  23 LOVE BOAT:                                       105  10,9.5,9
     Cum Aboard - Mf Mf Mf Mf inc nc
  24 THREE'S COMPANY:                         182  10,9,9
     ... All Cats Are Gray - MF MFF nc
  25 TAXI: I Go For A Ride - MF
  26 WKRP IN CINCINNATI                       100  10,9,8
     It's a Dog's Life - F beast
  27 FAME:                                                  133  10,10,10  6 42
     Light Up The Sky Like A Flame - mF
  28 FAMILY TIES: All Juiced Up - mF          100  10,9,8
  29 NEWHART:                                 106  10,10,10      6   50
     The Made Maid - MF MF MMMF FF
  30 NIGHT COURT: Well-hung Jury - MF MF
  31 COSBY:
     The Daughter Never Knocks Twice - MFf inc
     Her Loving Nephew - mF inc
     Nothing More Than Feelings - MF
  35 MARRIED...WITH CHILDREN:                  133  10,8,8
     Magic Tricks - mf nc inc
  36 FATHER DOWLING:                           114  10,10,10    12
     I Am Heartily Sorry - mF MF
     Only a Mother Could Love - mF inc
  38 DOOGIE HOWSER, MD:                        111  10,10,10
     The Final Fuck - mF Necro
  39 COACH: A Real Screaming Eagle - MF        113  10,9,9
  40 BLOSSOM: First Date - Mf inc              112  10,9,8
  41 HOME IMPROVEMENT:                         116  10,8,8
     Do Not Go Gentle - mmF nc
  42 CBS NEWS:                                 115  10,10,10     3    63
     And That's The Way It Is - MF
  43 DEEP SPACE 9:
     I've Looked at Life From Both Sides Now - FF
  44 DAVE'S WORLD: Beth Boffs Her Boy - mf inc
  45 SISTERS: Lovers and Other Relatives - mff inc

UNKNOWN.  The number of truly superb stories written without claim of authorship
is stunning.  I just started with this list, so help, don't holler.
     14-Year-Old Model
     Blackmailing the Queen        		135k   mmf teen, nc
     Controlling Jennifer			295k
     First Love                              		538k   mf teen rom
     Kidnapping of Princess Brianna	102k
     The Adventures of Lisa         		558k
     The Book                                          	           mc
     The Final Mission                 		282k
     The Humiliation of Jane      		119k
     The Stepfather - First Fuck                            Mf inc

             Bob & Jeanette Brennan stories
Forecast				 #65 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Foreplay                       10-10-10 CR176
For Him                        			#5 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
Forks                            10-10-10 CR178
Forthright                     10-10-10 CR176
For These Gifts            			#92 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
For Now                       	 		#4 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
Fortuitous                     10-10-10 CR157 #82 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Voortrekkers                10-10-10 CR169 #63 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Foretaste                       10-10-10 CR180 #61 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
For Effort                      10-10-10 CR181 #21 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Forgiven				 #83 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
For Bearing
Forays			10-10-10 CR230 #11 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Forlorn					 #24 in Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Igrayne 1-2
Jolly Lott
Gully Washer
He Doesn't Love Her Like I Do
Vials      				10-9.5-10 CR178
Perfect Love                   		10-9-10 CR132
Duty                                		10-10-10 CR133
Wrapped Attention 1-2
Susan                              Winner of the "First" Third Annual
                                         Celestial Writing Contest and #14 for
April's First 1-3               10-10-10 CR170 #16 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Dune What Comes Naturally
Windmill Saga
Conjugation		 		10-10-10 CR225
Life Sentence		 		10-10-10 CR235
Grass					10-10-10 CR253

  Notice that Vickie consistently places stories in Celeste's Top 100 of the
  Year.  There is a reason for that.  They are well-crafted, devious, and speak
  to a theme.
     Back Door				10-10-10 CR224
     BiGirls                        		10-10-10 CR166
     Girls Night Out                		#43 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
     Happening                      		#77 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
     Jack and Jill
     JayCee                         		 #85 in Celeste's Top 100 of
     Nice                          			 #5 in Celeste's Top 100
of 1995
     Second Hand Rose
     Soooo Sweet                    		#61 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     Snip                           		#32 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
     Teasers                        		10-8-8 CR 161
     Teasers II                     		10-10-10 CR178
     The Two of Us
     Trust Me
     Queer Halloween			10-8-8 CR228

     Butter			A rating Annex Reviews 10-1-97
             Lady Cyrrh said, "This was the hottest anal sex story I've read so
far...It was
             written as an actual life experience in an insightful and concise,
yet feminine
             tone that was easy to curl up on the sofa with."

VIC S  (MMF wife)
   Amy's Wedding Night
   Debbie's Dark Lust               9.5-10-10 CR  ***


  I couldn't offer advice to predict for you who would like TG stories and who
  wouldn't.  I  never had any reason to think I would like them until I 
  discovered the 'net.  Who knows, this might be an area that doesn't invite
  further investigation?  I will challenge you to read a couple of these, then
  tell me you weren't turned on. I won't believe you, but you can tell me.
     Cadet Survey               	  88k
     Cathy                          	175k
     Death Row                      	193k
     Death Row II		236k
     The Rodeo                       	  95k
     Filling in for Amanda          	267k
     For Whom the Bells Toll         36k
     Grandmother's Remedy          123k
     Hail to the Chief               	  94k
     Harry                            	  75k
     How I Spent My Summer Vacation 193k
     Karak                          	144k
     Mariah                         	119k
     Mind                           	152k
     Nada - the Right to Choose   126k
     Prissy			  71k
     Release from the Web          	146k
     Shaken, Not Stirred            	  68k
     Space Angel                    	  92k
     Swampwater                     	319k
     The Monk's Power               	137k
     The Rifleman                   	183k
     The Jumper                      	  93k
     The Triad                      	192k
     Time Warrior                    	  86k
     Vamp                           	193k

     The Tie Fighter

  GBV stands for Gang Bang Virgins.  SHW for Slut Housewives.  You get the
  idea, but maybe not the full flavor.  You gotta read some.  "Bobbie's Special
  Half Time" is completely different from "Belinda's Secrets" which is very
  different from "Suzy's Trainer."  
     GBV01 Bobbie's Special Half Time
     GBV02 Gwen's First Taste
     GBV03 Christi's Big Performance
     GBV04 Lori's Risky Wager
     GBV05 Abby Gets Pulled Over
     GBV06 Jenny Takes a Detour
     GBV07 Kathy and My Frat Brothers
     GBV08 Tiffany's Filling Experience
     GBV09 Real Man Play Dolls
     GBV10 Belinda's Secrets
     GBV11 Suzy's Trainer
     GBV12 Sherry Proves Herself Worthy
     GBV13 Sarah: Playground for Sex
     SHW01 Sherry's Night Out
     SHW02 Penny's Safety Net
     SHW03 Present for Paula
     SHW04 Summer Weekend
     SHW05 Vicki's Encounter
     SHW06 Compensation for Damages
     SHW07 Anthony Brown, Sweet Smelling Stud
     SHW08 Christine Makes a Deal
     SHW09 Brie Falls Behind the Eight Ball
     SHW10 Theresa and Beverly Share
     SHW11 Angela and Debbie Play Ten Questions
     SHW12 Tiffany Gets Filled Again
     SHW13 Jessie Pays Her Debts
     The Company Trip (1-12) written with Peggy.

     An English Vacation 1-7                          236k
     Keeping the Womenfolk in Line 1-4

     Abused Husband
     Army Camp
     Bride to Be
     Camera Club Fantasy
     Car Park Voyeurs
     Commuter Train
     Frat Slut
     He Uses My Wife
     Jane's Fantasy
     Kitchen Gang Bang
     Tied to the Table
     Used Couple
     Used Wife
     Veronica's Gang Bang
     Voyeur Husband
     Wife Visits the Bookstore
     Young Wife

WILEY  (Rape)

  Breaking Amy
  Raping Amy					   226  9-10-10
  Beat  1.0              Unfinished
  Commuppance            Medium               3   3
  Confessions            Medium
  Crime 1.0              Unfinished
  Debt                   Long
  eXstacy 1.0            Medium               1   2
  Fantasy 1.0            Short                183 10,10,10      10
  Fantasy3.0             Short
  Genie  1.0, 1.1        Moderate
  Girls 1.0              Short                148 9,9,9
  Girls 2.0, 2.1         Meduim
  Going-Away Party
  Images 1.0            (Renamed Short 7.0)
  Porterville High       Long
  Rape                   Short
  Seduction              Unfinished
  SchoolGirl 1.0         Long
  SchoolGirl 2.0         Short
  Short 1.0              Short                12  7
  Short 2.0,3.0          Short
  Short 4.0              Medium
  Short 5.0,6.0,7.0      Short
  Short 8.0              Short                138 10,10,10
  Short 9.0              Short
  Short 10.0             Short                3   5
  Short 11.0 - 16.0      Short
  SlaveGirl 1.0          Long
  Teacher 1.0-1.3        long
  Vice President         Medium
  War 2.0                Short

     Appleseed                      	#44 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
     Birthday Gift	 65k
     Coercion                       	10-10-10 CR83
     Fruit of the Vine              	9.5-9.5-9.5
     Novice              	66k	 #52 on Celeste's Top 100 0f 1996
     Occupation               		10-10-10 CR79
     Party              	165k	9-9-8 CR219	
     Peer Pressure                 	#98 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
     Reasons             	82k	10-10-10 CR83
     Safe Sex                       	9-10-10
     Tales of the Seeding          	#6 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
     Ten Dollar Fine                	10-10-9 CR78
     Wedding Gift       	74k	9-10-10 CR220
     Yang Reception     	67k	10-10-10 CR94

     Hercules:  Hero to Zero
     New Learning Center 1-18            360k

     My Wedding       A trip down the aisle like you've never seen
     Sig Ep Chi
     The Mommy Towel
     The Party

X MARX DESPOT (on Dark Wanderer’s site)
     A Fitting Revenge
     A Visit with Judy
     Anything for a Friend
     Beach Blanket Bimbo
     Cockteasing, a Dangerous Game
     High Stakes Poke Her
     Judi and the Landscaper
     Judi’s Big Day
     Judy Goes Shopping
     Look What I’ve Got
     My Wife Joins the Drill Team
     My Wife, the Ring Card Girl
     One If by Hand, Two If by See
     Spring Break Adventure
     The Ballad of GI Joe
     The Complete Professional
     The Fashion Show
     The Look
     The Mall Tease Falkun
     Virgins in Vegas
     Watch What You Wish For

     Dark Secrets of Male Lust
     Growing Up in Pakistan
     Lesbian Pedophile Nuns
     Man from Orgasm
     The Camping Trip
     The Zookeeper's Son
     Wally's World

     Mom's Bad Boy 1-2
     Tree House

     Clinton			9.95-9.9-10 CR 253
     Cop's Wife
     200 Year Old Porn

Annex B Story Archives and Author-Hosted Sites

This will be the most changeable part of the project.  Sites come and go.  I
have had three addresses for JanV and no current one, for example.  I checked 
all these to make sure they were still active before including them on the 
list.  Let's start with ones I think are fairly permanent.

Story Archives

Mr Double is in a category of one.  DNS  To the best of my
knowledge, Mr. Double hosts the largest collection of sexually oriented stories
available by browser on the World Wide Web.   Unfortunately, costs of hosting
the site with several gigabytes of downloads a day have forced Mr Double to
begin a subscription service.  The archive is still available and "new" stories
will be, too, in 60 days.  Maybe.  Still, Five stars, and a tip of the hat.

Nifty Archive at Gay Café is a major repository of gay, lesbian, and
transgender sex stories.  The URL is  Five stars.

DejaNews is found at  Even if your ISP's newsfeed really,
really sucks, you needn't miss anything posted to  Go to the
site and select the button, Power Search.  Fill in the blanks, newsgroup:, and date: Jul 24 1998 and Jul 24 1998.  You'll get every
posting made on that date except binaries, and we didn't want them anyway.
Then, use your imagination.  Omit the date and fill in the author line, author
being poster.  Try and you'll get some hits, I promise.
When you find a story poster that you like, be it actual author or reposting
agent, retrieve a story segment, then click on Author Profile at the top of
your screen.  Aha!  Be forewarned.  Everything, and I mean everything, you, yes
you, post to a newsgroup can be retrieved.  Forever, or so long as DejaNews is
around.  Five stars.  

Eli the Bearded has a site at   Go to
the bottom of the page and open the monthly files for an index.  Five stars.
Or try and use the on-board search engine from there.
Five stars, again. Text Repository is found by FTP at  Stories
are listed by author primarily.  The site will accommodate 200 connections
concurrently and hosts a tremendous collection of stories.  Five stars.

Dark Wanderer has a superb collection of slut wife stories, his own plus many
others,  at   Includes work by Drifter, ucclear,
Colt45, Wife Watcher, and See Show, among others.  Also, hosts stories by
Parker.  It is a fast site, too.  Five stars.

The Mining Company is a site hosting around 500 newsgroup "experts" who have
put together web pages on that subject.  The pages are links to articles or
sites hosting the subject matter.  In our case, we want Straight Men's Erotica,
so from the homepage click on "List A-Z," then on "S," then scroll down to the
above citation.  Unless you want Straight Women's Erotica, or Gay Men's
Erotica, or ...  Invaluable resource.  Five stars.

Author Archives:

(I'll be honest and tell you I've not gone out and checked any of these sites
lately.  Links may or may not work, but worth a try.  I'll also tell you that
every time I spend 30 minutes looking, I'll find at least one more site to add
to my bookmarks.  I could use some help with this.  Volunteers? )

Adrian Hunter is at

Amity has a femdom site at

Anakha has a bondage site at

Ann Douglas is at

Brenda Ann Smith is at

Cody Ann Michaels is at

CynTiL8Ing is found at

Elf Sternberg has a site for his stories at
See Annex Review 8-22-97 for a lengthy overview of the site and Elf's stories.

Hawk Richards has an author site and links to several good story collections.
See  also, see .../stories/links.htm

Lady Cyrrh maintains a site at   You can find all her
reviews plus links to about 40 story sites.  Definitely worth a visit.

Lord Malinov's Castle is a magical site at

Mr Spraycan is at

Mark Aster is at

Mat Twassel is at

Mule has a site at which also carries Estragon.

Patrick Donovan is at

Phillip Jurado has a site for his stories at

Simon bar Sinister keeps a Mind Control story archive at

Smoking fetish stories at

The Bear has a story site with links at

The Flying Pen stories are available at   It
appears to me that a little monkeying around would produce Caesar's stories,
too, but I had trouble getting reconnected and gave up.

Ole Joe