The Art of Male Masturbation (From a sex therapist)

 Three techniques for Teenager's to Octogenarians.
 Plus a little about menopausal women and their men.

 Any male reading the above title would initially think,
 "what a stupid subject, it doesn't take a manual to
 know how to masturbate." They would be correct in that
 assumption of course. But it takes time and experience
 to receive the full joys of self manipulation.

 As an example, The average boy when first discovering
 this new-found past time, will jerk-off many times each
 day. Just the feeling of release is enough to satisfy
 his needs. This state goes on for many years. But as
 the boy grows into a man and begins to have sexual
 relations with other human beings, the tendency is to
 search for technique and quality of experience rather
 than just 'getting off'.

 The following are three of the most popular ways that
 men masturbate. Read these techniques carefully, they
 can be used in combinations that will give much plea-
 sure for years to come.

 It is suggested as a preparation for masturbation, that
 the participant obtain external stimuli (ES). The most
 popular form of (ES) is written pornography. The advan-
 tage to (ES) material is that when reading about sexual
 situations your masturbitory experience is heightened
 ten-fold. There are many good authors erotic stories.
 They can be readily obtained on the internet, or at any
 adult orientated store. (you must be at least 18 years
 old to legally obtain these materials)

 Before going into manual techniques, let me say a cou-
 ple of things about preparation. Take your time. To
 receive full enjoyment from your experience find a time
 and place where you can masturbate without fear of
 interruption. Also have the materials easily at hand
 for clean-up afterwards. This may sound obvious to
 everyone, but I mention it, only because you need to
 remove any outside worry's. To fully enjoy your coming
 orgasm, it is best to turn your thoughts inward, with
 as little external stimuli as possible.

 Lay completely unclothed on your bed. Begin to read an
 erotic story. Do not touch yourself until you feel the
 first drop of pre-cum drip onto your skin. (This is
 important as preparation to technique One especially)
 At that time you are full prepared to begin your manual


 ONE: (Slip N' Slide) (SNS)  Once your pre-cum has begun
 to flow, (Without manual manipulation) The male should
 begin to slowly spread his semen over his erect penis
 with thumb and fingers. Taking the penis loosely be-
 tween his fingers and thumb as if writing a letter. Let
 the head of the penis gently rub against your the
 valley between thumb and fore-finger. The combination
 between the slickness of the distributed pre-come, and
 the erotic story you are reading will give the closest
 experience to sex with a woman as possible.

 Again, in this technique it is important not to hurry.
 If the male performs the (SNS) technique correctly, the
 orgasm should 'sneak' up on him. There should be the
 thought in the back of the man's mind that is something
 like, "Wow, I'm going to come any second, and I could-
 n't stop from doing so, no matter how hard I tried."
 The male should slow his manipulation down at this
 time, and let the sensation build slowly. He should
 have a very slick erection fingers rubbing his shaft

 NOTE: To increase the intensity of a (SNS) orgasm, just
 when the male begins to ejaculate, he should raise his
 legs from the waist, while continuing to lay flat on
 his back. Legs should be either just a few inches off
 the bed, or pointing toward the ceiling. (Each male
 will find his preferred position) The added strain of
 the stomach muscles will greatly intensify the orgasmic

 TWO: (Stand N' JerK) When a man stands while mastur-
 bating his cardiovascular system is at a heightened
 level. This will change the overall intense feeling of
 his experience. Reading erotica or visual stimuli is
 still recommended for this style. The best place to
 perform Stand N' Jerk (SNJ) is in the participants
 bathroom. The advantages are obvious, privacy, mirrors,
 and easy clean up.

 The average male should begin the (SNJ) technique by
 viewing pictures or reading erotic stories. (Of course
 it's not necessary, but it will heighten the orgasm)
 The same suggestions apply as to position and style of
 'hand manipulation' as described in technique ONE. As
 the male reaches his orgasmic state, (if he performed
 his masturbation as out lined) will feel a tightness in
 his legs, most markedly in the thighs. Just as the
 participant's orgasm is almost upon him, he should stop
 manual manipulation, but continue to hold his erect
 penis. (The right moment for this is just as he feels
 the spasms being forced from the prostate gland.) 

 If the participant did every step correctly, he should,
 at the final moment before ejaculation, see clear sea-
 man spurt out. The feeling at this moment should be
 extremely pleasurable. This is called 'Pre-Orgasm'.
 After several spurts of clear semen, the full orgasm
 should begin. At this point the 'milky' semen will
 begin to spurt, bringing on another even more powerful
 set of orgasmic spasms. The (SNJ) technique, if per-
 formed correctly, will give the participant a 'double'
 orgasm, lasting twice as long as normal manipulation
 would allow.

 THREE: (Chinese Position) Called "Chinese" only because
 in the 19th century when this position first became
 popular in opium dens in England, the participant's
 would say, "Giving a little life to China."  This may
 sound rather obscure, but let me explain. The Chinese
 Position  is basically where the man lays on his sto-
 mach while masturbating. This position takes a little
 imagination on the man's part, because he must find the
 props to allow him to lay face down and still be able
 to 'jerk-off'. In the nineteenth century men who
 visited the opium dens had a choice, they could have a
 privet pallet to enjoy a little solo action, and when
 they came their sperm would shoot toward 'China - the
 other side of the world' hence the name  'Chinese Po-
 sition". They also had the option of having a Chinese
 woman under their specially constructed pallet, who
 would give them oral stimulation. (Another and more
 meaningful reason to call it the "Chinese Position")

 The best way to situate ones self in this position has
 been to use a couple of chairs, or if twin beds are
 available (such as in a motel room) to move them close
 enough together to allow the man to lay over the
 'crack'. The hand should act as a vagina (held steady
 while the male performs humping motions)

 The advantage to this position is that the male can
 'hump' and more closely imitate actual sex with a
 woman. Also, (after placing a towel on the floor) he
 can reach orgasm and release without having to worry
 about aim or clean up. This position gives the male a
 since of freedom of release, very similar to that of
 the orgasmic release he gets with a woman.

 There are another 234 known techniques and positions
 for male masturbation, but the ones outlined here are
 by far the most popular among men worldwide. It is a
 normal progression for men as they grow older to take
 longer to reach orgasm. The reason for this is both
 physiological and psychological. On the one hand as
 the body matures semen production slackens, also the
 male organ, although just as sensitive at in the
 teenage years, responds differently to external
 stimuli. And psychologically, a desensitizing effect
 takes place with experience. Anything, even sex can
 become routine. 

 The average American couple at age 25 will have sex
 300 times a year. At 45 this same couple will only be
 experiencing sexual relations 75 times a year. During
 the initial menopausal years for the wife (50-55) the
 sexual contact can drop to as low as 12 times a year.
 During this time masturbation becomes important to
 males in this category. The typical male even at 60,
 needs regular sexual release. It is one of the best
 cardiovascular exercise available. (recent tests show
 that males who have at least two orgasms a week live
 30% longer that males who don't)

 A ray of hope for those men experiencing the menopausal
 stage. It usually only lasts during transitional
 stages. The post menopausal woman can have a more
 forceful and inventive sex drive than she did in her
 20's. Be patient, and keep in mind that, 'all good
 things come to those willing to wait'.

 "Good Sex".  Anything worth doing takes effort. The
 same thing applies to a good sex life. Don't treat
 your partner as if she's a vestal virgin. Share your
 feelings, wants, and needs with her. If you are reading
 sexy stories to masturbate to,  bring your woman into
 it with you. You just might be surprised at her posi-
 tive reaction. (You will know how fast to do this, some
 women will not respond, but most will surprise you.) A
 suggestion. If your sex life is non-existent, try wear-
 ing nothing to bed. And when you wake up with that
 erection in the morning, bring your partners hand to
 it. Get her used to touching it, try to make it a
 morning tradition. If she loves you, she'll start doing
 it more and more, you just have to get her used to the
 idea. This is a good way to get her thinking about sex
 during the day. 
 Another suggestion, whenever the mood strikes (and you
 have an erection) and when it seems right, expose it.
 Let her see you erect. A good time is at night, when
 you are going to bed. She's brushed her teeth and is
 laying in bed while you're in the bathroom. Get hard,
 then walk to your side of the bed sporting your lust
 for her to see. At the very least you'll get a comment,
 and at the very best you'll get sex. Remember, you are
 the one that (during this period in her life) who must
 be the instigator. 

 One last note: Give her an orgasm. That will do the
 most to get her 'back in the saddle' again. Let her
 be on top, so she can control her own manipulations.