The Girls' Guide To The HOTTEST Sex Experience On The Planet! 

Posted February 1997

Women: Have you ever wished you could have- 

* The HOTTEST, most pleasurable, oral and vaginal sex imaginable?
* Simple, PURE physical satisfaction with no strings attached? 
* Sex without AIDS or pregnancy fears? 
* The privacy of masturbation, but the satisfaction and 
stimulation of sex?
* A truly HOT, nasty sex experience to share with your 
significant other?

If you answered "yes" to any of these, then you should consider 
having sex with a DOG. Wait, don't laugh! I am VERY serious. I 
know it sounds gross, but you really don't know what you are 
missing until you've tried it. Thousands of women and girls 
worldwide agree with me (just read the animal sex newsgroups and 
web pages), and, by all indications, more women are discovering 
this secret every day. Women have been having sex with animals 
for centuries, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to any woman who 
wants to experience what is possibly the most intense and 
electrifying sexual experience there is.

If you have a dog, chances are he is practically your best friend 
already. He is more loyal than any man, and loves you completely, 
unlike many men. He doesn't talk back or argue, and he's always 
there for you. Why not take it a step further and let him become 
your sexual lover? Male dogs are naturally horny practically all 
the time, so helping him relieve some sexual frustration is just 
a demonstration of your love for him (and a lot of fun for you)! 
Unlike men, dogs are almost always ready to have sex when you 
want to, they won't tell all their friends about your experience 
together (and who cares if they do?), they can't expose you to 
AIDS or other sexual diseases, and, perhaps best of all, they 
can't get you pregnant! 

I'm sure many of you are disgusted by this whole idea, and that's 
okay. You can just quit reading now and go on with your boring 
"normal" sex life. But if you want to learn something new, 
something that will make your present solo, heterosexual, or 
homosexual sex life take off to incredible new heights, then 
listen up. 

I am a 33-year-old middle-class female. I first had sexual 
contact with a dog when I was 14, and it continued off and on 
until I went to college. At the time, I always felt ashamed or 
weird and guilty, and that kind of ruined the experience. After I 
graduated from college and had my own place, I got another dog. 
One night, I came home drunk and horny and ended up messing 
around with Max the way I had with my other dog before I'd left 
home. Afterwards, the guilty feelings set in again, but I started 
thinking about it at another level. I've always been a frequent 
masturbator, and I'd come to realize that it is a woman's perfect 
right to please her body...there was nothing to feel guilty about 
acknowledging that I was sexual creature. Along the same lines, I 
realized that Max was also a sexual creature, only he didn't have 
any way to relieve himself the way humans do. Therefore, I could 
not think of any reason it would be wrong for me to please Max as 
well as myself...if he wanted to do it, how could it be wrong? I 
decided that if God didn't want us to do it, he wouldn't have 
made dogs so interested in sniffing and licking human females. Or 
he wouldn't have made Max interested in being stimulated by 
humans, either. I decided that it's my body, and my puppy, and I 
could do what I wanted as long as it didn't hurt either one of us 
and we both wanted to do it.

Okay, enough about me, let's discuss how YOU can enjoy dog sex. 
There are four areas that I will cover in this guide: Getting 
started, Oral sex, Vaginal sex and Anal sex. 

If you are still reading this, chances are you are more than just 
a little bit curious about dogsex, but you're nervous. You worry 
that it might mean you are "going over the edge." Or that you 
could be hurt somehow by the experience. Well, it's okay to be 
nervous...this is a new experience unlike any you have had, and 
it is certainly not for everyone. Obviously, it is one of the 
more perverse things you can do. But, in many ways, that's why 
it's such a HOT thing to do...the nastier things are, the more 
some of us like them. Do you find that this is true for you and 
your sexuality? If so, then you should think about letting 
yourself go and just start to experiment with your Ruff Ruff. 

You don't have to dive in and have sex with him the first night. 
If you don't like it after trying the preliminaries, you can stop 
any time (unlike some asshole men, a dog won't try to FORCE you 
to keep going if you get him stimulated!). I've never seen a dog 
get overly aggressive or mean with a woman, so I don't think you 
should worry about that. 

Which breeds are best? Any non-neutered males will respond. (Some 
of the women I have corresponded with say that even some females 
and neutered males will  enjoy licking you.) Males between 9 mos. 
five years old seem to be the most interested. Dogs with large 
penises are the best for vaginal and anal sex, but any male will 
be good for oral sex. Below is a table of comparative penis sizes 
that was posted in the newsgroups earlier. I think it is pretty 

Breed             Useable Length          Diameter
                     (inches)             (inches) 
Cocker Spaniel        2.0-3.0              0.5-1.0 
Greyhound             2.5-3.0              0.5-1.0
Bulldog               2.5-5.0                1.0
Dalmatian.            3.0-4.5 	         1.0
Collie. 		    4.0-5.0                1.0 
Labrador.             4.0-6.0                1.0
Irish Setter. 	    4.0-6.0 		   1.0 
German Shepherd.      5.0-7.0 		   1.5 
Great Dane.           5.0-7.0                1.5 
Saint Bernard.        7.0-9.0			1.5-1.75 
Mastiff.              7.0-8.0             1.5-1.75

I have tried Collies, Labs, Shepherds, and Great Danes. My 
favorite is the German Shepherd...they are large enough and 
pretty gentle.

So, you have your dog, but how do you get him interested? I 
suggest that first you get yourself stimulated so that you are 
producing your natural scent and lubrication. Do this while 
snuggling with him on the bed or floor so that he can start to 
smell it. After a few minutes, start with him. Pull the sheath 
back from his cock and study his cock; get to know it's shape and 
size. Work the sheath back and forth over it until it expands a 
little and begins to stick out of the sheath on its own. (If you 
have the guts, give it a little suck with your lips!) Then gently 
take hold of the red shaft between your thumb and finger and move 
it back and forth. His penis should start to grow a lot then. 
Masturbate him basically like you would a guy. Once it is fully 
erect, he should be getting pretty horny. (One important thing to 
remember when handling a dog: While most men like to have their 
balls rubbed or this is not so with all dogs. I recommend 
avoiding his testicles altogether, at least at the start.)


Once he is horny, you should move so that your vagina is near his 
nose and he can get a good whiff of you. About half the dogs who 
are new at this will respond naturally right then. Dogs are 
naturally attracted to the scent of a woman's vagina, so many of 
you have already discovered that Rover likes to sniff your 
panties or even your crotch. Allowing him to take it a step 
further is an excellent way to experience some of the greatest 
oral sex you will ever have in your life! One of the nicest 
things about allowing a dog to lick your snatch is that most male 
dogs will spend much more time than a human male providing you 
with the most electrifying oral sex. A dogs tongue is also much 
longer and is able to get to many places that a man can't or 
won't. A dogs tongue is covered with thousands of tiny buds that 
when he licks your clitoris you will feel sensations that you did 
not know existed. And, how many of you have had a man give you 
analingus? Not many i'll bet. Well, I'm hear to tell you that 
having your ass licked is a great thing, and a dog has no problem 
doing it for you! If you have never experienced a tongue working 
from the very top of your slit all the way around to the end of 
your crack you have truly missed something grand. 

There are several very good positions for you to try if you want 
to try this. If you decide that your preference is 
clitoral/vaginal only I have found one position that works very 
well. I recommend that you sit on the edge of a bed so that the 
back of your calfs are flat against the edge of the bed. You then 
lay straight back picking your feet up and placing the on the 
edge of the bed. This will expose your clitoris, labia and vagina 
to his waiting tongue. For those of you who would like more but 
want to prevent him from trying to mount you then the ideal 
position is reclining on your side, on pillows or cushions, on 
the floor. All you have to do at that point is to raise your leg 
a little and he will have access to all of your pussy and ass. 
For those of you that want that ultimate experience you will have 
to give give him full and total access to you. This can only 
happen when you are down on all fours. Now I know that staying in 
that position for more than a few minutes is not comfortable at 
all but there is one way that I have found that will be both very 
comfortable and very enjoying. You kneel at the edge of your bed 
and then lie the upper part of you body face down onto the bed, 
keeping your knees on the floor. You then spread your knees apart 
as much as you dare giving him full access to you. One very 
important item to remember while you are considering what 
position you would like to use is that if you do not wish to have 
him mount you this is not the position to use. 

Now that we gone over all the wonderful things that a dog can do 
for you with his tongue, lets talk about what you can do with 
yours. According to several doctors and veterinarians I have 
spoken with, a dogs cock is three times cleaner that a man's 
cock. A dog will spend considerable time every day cleaning it, 
how many men do you know that do that? So, why not try it? I find 
that when I am sucking off a dog, I have a tremendous amount of 
mental stimulation that gets me horny as hell! Just knowing that 
I am sucking on an animal's dick will get me so horny, that it 
doesn't take much to get me off. I will usually use a free hand 
to masturbate while I am sucking him, and I have some of the 
greatest orgasms this way.

Most male dogs will gladly allow you to suck them and there are 
many positions to do it in. I find that two positions are very 
good and are easy to accomplish. For those of you that are just 
starting out and are nervous about doing it I recommend that you 
have him lie on his back with you next to him. This will give you 
full access to his cock and be able to control all the action. 
Get him hard with your hand, then start to lick it. Finally, put 
the entire penis in your mouth and begin sucking, moving up and 
down on it like you would a man. Rover will be heaven by this 

While you are moving your mouth over his cock you should try to 
place the tip of you tongue into the indentation on the head of 
his cock as this will help him to reach his climax. A dog is 
different than most mammals as from the time they begin to become 
aroused until they begin to get soft they will have some form of 
ejaculate coming from their cocks. At first arousal there is a 
clear thin fluid that tastes like iron and has the consistency of 
water, this is his precum that is for lubrication so his knot 
will slip into the females vagina. At full arousal is when he 
actually will produce his sperm and you can tell when this 
happens as his cum will begin to have a slightly salty taste to 
it. You should be aware that his cum will never be as thick as a 
mans but he will produce about twice as much as a man. I 
personally think that dog cum tastes much better than man cum.

As he gets closer to his climax you will notice that at the base 
of his cock there is a very large bulge known as his knot. This 
knot is used to hold his cock inside a female (dog or human) 
until he has finished ejaculating. If you are considering going 
further then you should make a mental note of the size of his 
cock and knot. The knot for a dog whose cock is 6 inches long and 
1 and a half wide can be two inches long and 4 inches wide. 

My favorite position for performing oral sex on a dog is a 
subservient one. I lie on my back on the floor next to the couch, 
with the couch propping up my head, aided by pillows if 
necessary. Then Max "mounts" the couch, with his paws and upper 
body on the couch and his cock in my mouth. Then he just fucks my 
mouth while I use a vibrator in my pussy with one hand and my 
other hand rubs my clit. I have trained myself to cum about when 
he does. It is so HOT having hot doggie sperm shoot in your mouth 
as you cum, too! 


Good old screwing thats what this is all about, well not quite. 
There are a number of things that differ from sex with a man 
other than the dog can't get you pregnant.

At this point I will assume that you have made the decision that 
you are going to have sexual intercourse with a large dog (75 
pounds) and that you are there by yourself. I will be your 
companion and you may visualize me there. The first discussion is 
how are we going to do it. There are two prime positions to use, 
the old standard doggy style and the safer missionary style. (If 
you choose the missionary position, you can prevent him from 
getting his knot inside you and we can be in control the whole 
time.) Ok you want to try the missionary position, you are siting 
on the edge of a chair, a towel under you to prevent his and your 
cum from staining the chair, your ass at the very edge legs 
spread wide apart. Here comes your lover. He sees your warm and 
wet pussy and at once begins to sniff and lick it. You call him 
up to you so that he has his front paws on the chair his body 
between your legs. (I like to put some socks over his front paws 
so that he can't scratch me accidentally.)

Then you take his sheath in hand and begin to stroke it gently 
and as he begins to swell and extend you guide the end of his 
cock into you. As he feels the wetness and warmth of you he 
begins to hump, slowly at first then faster and faster until you 
feel his knot at the mouth of your vagina. As his cum slowly 
fills you up you too reach climax. If you allow him to put his 
knot inside you YOU WILL be together until he gets soft which 
usually take 15 to 20 minutes but can take up to 45 minutes. The 
major benefit of the missionary position is that if you do not 
want to have his knot inside you you can, in almost all cases, 
prevent it by holding it in your hand. You can also push against 
his hind legs to both keep his knot out and control the rythmn. 
But I find that the most satisfying and arousing sensations I 
feel are caused by the knot being inside me. I try to have my dog 
put his knot in every time we make love, but whether or not you 
want to is up to you. I have found that having his knot inside 
pushes against the inside walls of my vagina in a truly unique 
way. It also pushes underneath my clitoris and that the 
sensations of that happening drive me wild. (However, not having 
the knot inside you can also be fun, as it bumps your clit with 
each thrust; that is, if your finger isn't working your clit 

Doggy style is just that, you are down on all fours with him. 
This position will allow you to fully experience the pleasure of 
having a canine lover. He will at first sniff then lick you and 
after the tastes and smells begin to arouse him he will move to a 
position to mount you. A dog will usually come up directly behind 
you and mount you that way. Once he has mounted you he will begin 
to hump trying to get his cock into you, if this is something new 
to him then you should guide his cock to where it should go, he 
will do the rest. As the two of you continue he will move faster 
and faster with his strokes until you feel his knot begin to 
swell and rub at the lips. At this point we have decision time, 
If you want it inside you you should totally relax and allow him 
to slide it in. If you don't want it in you you should reach back 
with your hand and try to hold the knot with your hand. A simple 
note of warning, if you use this position and then decide that 
you don't want his knot in you you may not be able to prevent it 
from happening. If his knot is in you you WILL have to wait until 
he gets soft. I do not recommend you trying to remove it as 
unless your vagina is very large, it will hurt and may even 
injure you. So if you have any doubt's at all I would stick with 
the missionary position. 

Well we are now mated and as his knot continues to swell inside 
you you begin to feel this warm feeling inside you. A dog's body 
temperature is higher than a humans and his cum is even warmer, 
and as he cums deep inside you you can feel that warmth. His knot 
is now fully expanded, his cum is flowing into you, your juices 
mix with his and at this point you begin to feel his knot begin 
to throb. I have reached orgasm up to seven times in a row while 
this is happening.


In finding a good position for male canine/human female anal sex 
I have tried dozens of positions and found many that work and 
many that didn't. I have found that the best position is one 
called a modified doggy position. To get into that position you 
should first find an open space, very private of course, inside 
your house or wherever and place a soft pad on the floor for you 
to kneel on. You then kneel on the pad and get into a normal 
doggy position. To achieve the correct position you now bring 
your knees forward and tuck them up into your stomach. Now that 
you have done that you rest the front of your body on your 
elbows. Great you have mastered getting into the proper position, 
now there are some other things you have to do before you call to 
your lover. We have this little problem with lubrication that has 
to be solved with something otherwise this will really hurt. I 
have found that natural oils such as olive or corn oils work best 
and will not hurt your lover. NEVER NEVER use vaseline or the 
like as they will make the dog sick or even worse. 

Well now we know what lubrication we are going to use we must now 
apply it. It is not enough to just smear a little oil on the 
outside of your anus for this to work, you must lubricate both 
outside as well as inside. The easy part is the outside and I 
leave that until I am in position to do it. To lubricate the 
inside I use a large eyedropper, that will hold about an once or 
so of oil, to get the oil inside and when I have done that insert 
one finger to spread the oil over the muscle. 

Congratulations you are now ready, you have done your inside 
lubrication and are in the proper position and here comes your 
lover. You should now take your oil and rub some on your anus and 
the area around it. After he has mounted you you will probably 
have to guide him into you. Once he is inside he will hump just 
like with vaginal sex. The same precautions concerning his knot 
should be used here as well. I do not recommend those just 
starting out to try having him insert his knot. As there is not 
as much general stimulation with anal sex, you may want to gently 
masturbate while he is in you. There is one way to increase the 
stimulation and that is place a dildo or vibrator into your 
vagina. This will transmit his movement inside you to you 
clitoris and help you reach climax. I almost always do this and 
can safely say that the best orgasms I have ever experienced in 
my life were when doing this. 

Well, that's it. That's certainly enough info to get you started, 
but if you need to reach me, feel free to email me at Guys: GET A LIFE! Do NOT email. I have a 
boyfriend already, and he's much better in bed than you could 
ever be. I won't send you any pictures, and I really don't care 
what you think! I will not answer you! And, if you're thinking 
about disguising yourself as a woman, I have a little test 
waiting for you that some lesbians in an AOL chat room gave me to 
scare off creepy little dweebs like you!

Okay, girls, GOOD LUCK. Quit worrying, and get fucking! Take Care


PS: Here are some other guides I downloaded awhile back that make 
for fun reading. 

A Woman's Guide To Canine Sex
Zoofili, sexual intercourse with animals, has for a long time 
been a forbidden subject, considered 'sick', unethical and 
'kinky' to name only a few classifications. With this text I 
would like to illuminate one of the kinds within animal sex, 
namely Canine sex, Dog sex as you would call it. The reason why I 
write this is to share my knowledge of this kind with other 
women, who have a similar interest, or who have considered having 
sex with dogs, but not dared to, or who have not known how to go 
about or who have not known it existed. 
Zoofili isn't something newly invented, something our 'modern 
depraved human brains have fallen into', in fact it goes 
thousands of years back in time, believe it or not. Allready 
before the Hellas Empire (the Greek) there are legends of humans 
having intercourse with animals, or half animals. It's quite 
interesting to read those stories, as a woman, the male is played 
by an animal and the female by a human woman. Oftenly the texts 
are very detailed, and most of the times the women get pregnant, 
giving birth to gods, half- animals or humans with animal looks. 
Wether one should believe these stories or not, I don't know, but 
at least it shows us that even before our so called modern time 
there was some thought of animal intercourse. Whether it occured 
or not, we don't know for sure, but the thought isn't hard.
With the increasing technology mankind left the fields for the 
cities, and by doing this we also left the farms, which has 
created a large gap between man and animals, so you could 
probably think that zoofili has decreased dramaticly, but it's 
not that simple. Moving to flats in highly populated areas has of 
course led to having only some pets in the homes, with this the 
closeness pet-human has increased, and many households have shown 
that pets, especially dogs, have become a part of the Eastern way 
of living, the dog has become almost a member of the family, 
sleeping, eating and beeing a part of the daily routine in a 
home. This has increased the chance for women to enjoy animal 
sex, most of the sexual relations has in fact started quite 
innocent. Some of the women I have met tells me that it started 
after looking at the dog doing his daily cleaning - that is 
licking himself and that they had started to fondle with his 
penis, others tell me their's started by accident when the dog 
was sexual active and sniffed between their legs, some say it 
started with the dog trying to hump their legs, as dogs can do 
when they seek sexual relieve. 
It's quite hard to give any accurate figures in sex with animals, 
it's after all taboo, but some reports like the German 'The 
Haffner Sex Report', from 1992, tells us that about 14% of the 
farmers on a regular basis practises sex with animals, this 
includes all kinds of animals found on the farm and of course 
even men included in the practicing of animal sex. The report 
also tells us that another 3% of the farmers have at some point 
'fooled around' that is, masturbated the animal, played with its 
genitals etc. This German report based on several thousands of 
interviews also shows that about 2-3% of all women has at some 
point tried some kind of dog sex, most of these from populated 
areas. About 80% of these women have continued having dog sex on 
a regular basis. This I know from experience, that is if done 
correctly. Dog sex can be very stimulating, and if done the 
'proper' way even more exciting than a 'normal' human to human 
intercourse. It's very easy to go on with animal sex, most women 
have fantasies about animal sex, to be taken by a wild animal, to 
enjoy it as much as the animal, to feel that specific animal lust 
within your- self. women thinking of animal sex might seem rare, 
but the truth is contrary. Psychological studies shows that more 
than 80% of all women has at some point fantisized or dreamt 
about begin taken by an animal, so it's merely a decision of 
actually doing it, and if you dare, you will be very happy you 
tried, believe me. 
Last but not least, I would like to introduce myself to you 
before we continue in this introduction to Canine Sex. My name is 
Anna, the rest I wish to keep unknown for the readers, due to the 
fact I'm a rather respected person in society. I have been a dog 
fanatic all my life, and I hope that my knowledge will make it 
easier for those who would like to try dog sex or allready have 
tried and want some hints to make it even more pleasing. I have 
been having sexual intercourse on a regular basis for almost 18 
years, the first time was when I was pretty young, about 16, and 
unexperienced, but liking to experiment with my body. I had had 2 
or 3 boys before that encounter, but they were as unexperienced 
as me, and I hadn't received any pleasure at all. Making love to 
my dog changed all that for me, it was in fact my dog who gave me 
my first orgasm, and it was a reel one. At the age of 23 I 
started a kennel club on the Italian Riviera, including breeding 
facility. The kennel is quite respected, mostly dealing with pure 
races or mixed ones of 'high quality'. During this time I have 
made love to hundreds of dogs, just enjoying to do it with 
different ones, but of course I have had my favourites. I have 
dog sex almost every day, and sometimes on weekends when the 
staff is away, and I'm alone with my husband, I let the dogs make 
love to me several times, just lying helpless, enjoying orgasm 
after orgasm. As I told you I like to make love to several dogs, 
and on weekends when the kennel is closed, I oftenly make love 
all day with my husband and 6-7 favourite dogs. We both enjoy it 
immensly, my husband isn't the jealous one, at least not when it 
comes to dogs making love to me, and he enjoys watching me 
receiving orgasm after orgasm.
I have 2 small children, a boy and a girl, so on the exterior you 
might say my family look's like an 'ordinary' one. But you don't 
have to be different because you make love to dogs, the differenc 
is that you have discovered how more pleasing it is.
I hope that what I hearby share with you will come to good use, 
and that you will enjoy dog sex, and the fantastic joy you can 
In this guide I will cover cunnilingus, vaginal sex and last 
fellatio. Anal sex can be performed, but I find that you have to 
be very experienced with anal sex when you want to make love with 
a dog in that way, so I have decided not to cover that subject.
Cunnilingus is when someone (in this case dog) uses his tongue on 
the woman's genitals. Anyone who have experienced cunnilingus 
with a man, or a woman, knows that it is extremly pleasurable, 
however it's very tireing for the person who does it. The dog's 
tonuge is build completly different from a human. His tounge has 
big muscles wich he can use a longer time without getting tired. 
But what makes cunnilingus so much better with a dog is the 
construction of his tonuge, and the eagerness he oftenly does it 
The dog's tonuge is, as you probably know, quite big. Thin but 
broad and long, and very flexible. Anyone who has been licked by 
a dog (on hands etc.) knows that the surface of it is much 
rougher than a human's.
To a male dog, cunnilingus is something natural to perform. As I 
told you earlier, many of the relations between woman and dog has 
started by accident. The female odour from her vagina reminds the 
male dog very much of the bithes'. Especially if the woman is 
having her period, during this time the vagina is giving out a 
specially strong odour. When it comes to dogs and mating 
procedure, that is the signal for the male dog. When a bitch is 
in heat it's genitals gets bloodfilled, swollen and gives out a 
higher amount of odour. The bitch will then, when given a chance, 
turn her back to the dog, to show the dog that she is ready to be 
mounted. The male dog will then oftenly sniff att her vagina and 
lick at it for some time. It's not known why dog's do this, but 
it's a reflex. After some time he will mount her. 
This procedure works the same at women. When a dog feels the 
scent he will approach you and start to sniff, after that he will 
try to lick you. It's good if the dog is very young and 
unexperienced, then you will be able to train him to lick you the 
way you want to, because when it comes to sex, the dogs are very 
quick learners. more about ages of dogs in the chapter about 
Basic Canine Sexual Understanding. There are several ways to let 
the dog perform his cunnilingus. The easiest, and the one that 
gives you most control, and also lets you see most of the act is 
when you lie on your back, the dog between your legs, on the 
ground or in bed. Oftenly the dog, if he is unexperienced in 
making love to women, is a little frustrated, he doesn't 
recognise this. It doesn't remind him of making love to a bitch. 
Therefore it's positive if you guide him with your hands by 
grabbing gently around his neck. Once he sniffs and starts 
licking you can let him go, he will remain down there all by 
The feeling of getting licked by a dog is undescribable. The 
roughness of his tonuge touching your lips, his tongue massaging 
your clitoris.well you just have to experience that yourself. By 
parting your legs as much as possible, you will give your lover 
maximum access to your femeninity. And by parting your legs, your 
lips will also part, making the clitoris fully exposed to your 
lover's tongue. Doing this he will also try to insert his tongue 
inside you, seeking the source of your secretions and cum. All 
you have to do is to lean back and to let the expert on this do 
the job, enjoy!
There are several ways to let him lick you which you can enjoy, 
another one is by putting a big pillow under your buttocks, by 
doing this you will give him more access to your love hole. The 
next one which I like to use most of the time is when I place 
myself with the back of my legs towards the bed, and then 'fall' 
backward on the bed, leaving my legs hanging down from the knees 
towards the floor. This position is very comfortable and gives 
your lover full access to your love cave. These possitions assure 
you that you have full access to what is happening, and that you 
are in control and can supervise the sex act which only 
intensifies the orgasms. At the same time the dog will not be 
able to mount you, even if he tries to. All you have to do if he 
tries and you don't want to is to close your legs. 
A more daring position to receive cunnilingus which is very 
pleasurable is when you stand 'doggie-style', that is on all four 
with the dog behind you. The reason why it's daring is that the 
dog will probably after some cunnilingus try to mount you, due to 
the fact that you reassemble to the more natural position he 
knows so familiar. If he tries to mount you it might be difficult 
to escape his eagerness, that is if you really don't want to 'go 
the entire way'. One way to 'escape' is to raise yourself up on 
your knees, making it impossible for him, but if he is heavy, you 
might be too weak to lift his front paws off the ground. This 
position is for the more experienced ones, that is, when you have 
had sex with your dog several times, and you know him better. 
This position is also very pleasurable. In this position you can 
part your legs quite much, giving him full access to your crack. 
The difference is that you will also give him access to your anal 
opening. When he then performs his licking technique on your 
vagina, he will also give your anal region lovely tickeling 
feelings. What is important is that your personal hygene has to 
be very good. You have to make sure that you have washed yourself 
before the act, especially around the anal region. The reason, 
well there are all kinds of bacterias around the anal opening, 
and his tounge will then spread them to your vagina. It's not too 
risky, since his tongue wont get deeper than a couple of 
centimeters, but you have to be very careful with washing 
yourself so that you don't receive any infection in your vagina. 
I should mention that the dogs mouth and tounge is very clean, as 
clean as a human's. So you can't get any infections from his 
tonuge at cunnilingus, it's only when he licks your anal region 
he might spread the bacterias to your vagina.
The male dog will lick you for quite some time at cunnilingus 
bringing you off in an orgasm after another, his tonuge will lick 
inside all folds, seek deep inside your body for the juices your 
love cave produces, like no man has ever made. However, if you 
have a problem with him licking you, maybe he gets too eager and 
wants to mount you, or he looses interest after some time, there 
is a way to improve his cunnilingus. By applying some powder 
sugar from time to time on the opening of your pussy, he will get 
more eager about licking you, the double effect, caused by the 
sugar and your odour will drive both him and you crazy. This way 
he will not go as deep as earlier inside you, he will more lick 
your outsides. If you wish him to put his tonuge inside you, 
there is another trick. However this is quite 'messy'. Therefore 
it's good if you have a big towell under you and another one to 
dry you off from time to time, since your genitals will get all 
moisty, and dripping with his saliva. The trick is as follows: 
You apply some honey on your inner lips, around the clitoris, and 
then you try to insert some honey into your vagina. The deeper 
you get, the deeper he will seek for it with his tongue. The more 
you apply the longer will he be at it. To apply it in your body 
you can use your fingers or the ultimate way, a drop- bottle, for 
instance an eye-dropper-bottle or similar. By inserting it a 
couple of centimeters and letting a larger amount of honey enter 
you, the liquid will be in your vagina, spreading neatly. And 
when the tongue seeks for it, the honey will try to move out of 
the pressure inside your vagina, thus giving a constant pouring 
source, which will make your dog even more eager in licking you, 
and which will make it the most delightful orgasm you have ever 
By also applying some honey or sugar on your tighs, breasts, 
buttocks and belly, your dog will give you a lovely cleaning act 
in which he washes your entire body clean with his tongue, giving 
you great sensations.
However it is very important that you don't do this too often, at 
the beginning of a relationship you can use this method to train 
him, the reason is that too much sugar and honey will cause your 
dog toth problems. 
Having sex to a dog requires pretty much from the dog too. The 
first time dogs have sex they learn their 'male' part, and it's 
harder to change his way to act after he has learned his part 
once. Therefore, if you want the ultimate experience and life 
companion lover, then you should start with a puppet, or a dog 
about 12-18 months old without any earlier knowledge in sexual 
intercourse. Now I know that this is quite difficult to arrange, 
after all you'll have to use what you have. As a consolation I 
can assure you that training with the dog a couple of weeks 
oftenly improves the act.
Although ultimate feeling, physically as well as mentally, is 
when a dog makes love to you, you don't have to go the whole way. 
although that is oftenly the highlight in the relation- ship. But 
for those who think of having intercourse I would like to say 
some things about the dogs' penises. Most think that the dogs 
penises are huge or extremly tiny, this is a normal 
missunderstanding. It's hard to give any accurate figures about 
the dogs' penis when at erection due to the fact that dogs have 
for a long time been mixed at breeding, creating new breeds, with 
completly new features, as well as size of penis. In this chart I 
have tried to give you as much of the truth about the dogs, I 
have oftenly referred to the 'clean-breeds' that is the more 
unmixed breed, but many dogs lack their ancestor's genes. 

Note: 1 inch = 2.5 cm
As you can see, the size of the penis when it's erected, follows 
the size of the dog. The bigger the dog, the bigger the penis. 
And if you compare it with the human male penis, you find that 
several of the dogs have an average size equal to the human. When 
speaking of human penises the size is not so important they say, 
well I don't know if I can agree completly. Of course it's the 
technique and the passion that decides whether it feels good, but 
a thick penis feels even better than a thin, due to the fact that 
the friction towards the clitoris is higher, caused by the 
enlargement of the vagina. When it comes to dogs, the size looses 
almost all importance due to the way it's built. A dog's penis 
looks completly different, at first sight, if compared to a male 
human. Instead of having a foreskin like the human, it's entire 
shape is like the tip of the human male, that means reddish, and 
very sensitive to touches. The lack of foreskin, which has a 
function of protecting the sensitive tip of the human penis, is 
equaled by a 'coat' in which the entire penis withdraws when it's 
not erected. This coat is furry, and denotes at first look if 
it's a male or a female dog. The penis is much larger than the 
sheat is, and when erected it draws back, at the same time the 
penis pushes out and enlarges outside the sheat.
The penis is also looking different in it's basic looks. Instead 
of having the so familiar and sensitive 'mushroom', like the 
human, it is pointy at the tip, then growing larger after 2-3 cm. 
As you read earlier, the entire penis is as sensitive as the 
human's tip.
At the front of the penis the dog has a small hole from which he 
ejaculates, this looks a little different than a human penis, 
which has a crack, otherwise the function is the same, the size 
almost equivalent, but the pleasure can be even greater. The 
reason, well, the dog is one of few animals that have special 
'features'. When a dog gets aroused his penis erects and leaves 
the protective sheat. Unlike a human the dog creates the sperm 
while his penis is erected, and he is aroused. Another thing that 
differs is that the dog's penis will 'cum' during the entire sex 
act, from the first moments of erection to the end of the 
intercourse, this makes the intercourse more pleasurable in many 
ways, which I will cover later.
Another very interesting feature, is the one that makes the sex 
act extremly pleasurable, the knot. When a dog enters the bitch 
and starts his humping motion in her vagina, he also starts 
cumming instantly. But after some time, when the male dog reaches 
'reel orgasm' then the base of his penis will swell. The male dog 
will then try to push this knot inside the bitche's vagina. Once 
inside he will not move any longer, instead he will keep a 
constant pressure to assure that the knot is really inside. 
During these seconds the knot will start swelling even more 
inside the vagina to such a size that it won't be able to 
extract. During this time the dog will start to ejaculate even 
more intensly inside the vagina. The knot's function will then be 
to keep the mating couple together for some time, which I will 
cover later. The reason is to ensure that the sperm is deposited 
deep inside the vagina and to increase the chance for 
insemination. Many women I have introduced to dog sex find that 
once performed, it's the knot that really attracts them to making 
love with the dog, and I do nothing but agree. 
Now I know that women who look at the erected penis might find it 
slimy and 'dirty'. The truth is it's more clean than a human's 
penis. The dog licks himself clean several times a day, now, how 
many times a week do you think a man washes his penis? 3,4 or 
maybe even 5? The slime, is actually not slime. The penis has a 
more 'rubber-like' material which makes it 'glancy'. Of course 
it's a little damp, but the wetness is secretion, and when 
erected it's mostly pre-cum. I suggest that a short sponge bath 
with warm sudsy water may be just the thing to get you over any 
feeling that your dog's penis is unclean.
VAGINAL SEX Finally you have decided that you want to go the 
whole way with the love making, and I do nothing than 
congratulate. If you follow the advice given in this text, and 
you're a lucky dog owner, then you can experience one of few 
moments a woman can. However, dogs are a lot like men, the first 
time with a dog can be pretty frustrating. You might be 
unfamiliar with the dog's reactions, the dog might be too excited 
and you might be scared of the act afterwards. The first times 
it's just like making love to a teenage boy, too hot. in other 
words you might not enjoy it the first times, but training and 
practice will after a couple of times bring you off in fantastic 
orgasms, even better than an 'ordinary'-making would.
Making love to a dog can be very simple, as simple as making love 
to a man, or even easier, since the dog wont have 'modes' of 
readiness, he will always be ready for you. However I recomend 
you to have these items handy when the itch starts, just to make 
your pleasure even greater and to make it good and unharmful for 
- 2 pairs of socks, (4 socks- small size), the socks you will put 
on your lover's paws to prevent them from scratching you. This is 
of course not needed in all positions, but in most you'd prefer 
to have the socks on his paws. - 1 big towell, for placing under 
you, (or him), so that sperm and your cum wont stain the bed, 
carpet, chairs, or whatever you decide to make love on. - 1 small 
towell or napkins, to dry your genitals from time to time and 
after the session. - 1 or several pillows to make it comfortable 
for you and to place your vagina in such an angle to his penis 
it's both easy and pleasurable for you and your canine lover. - 
(small table- optional, directions for a good table will be given 
Now it's time to start the session. By letting the dog lick you 
for some time, he will also get aroused from the act, since he 
recognises your vaginal odour. Thus his penis will erect. But if 
it's not fully erect you can help him get hard by massaging the 
sheat for some time until the tip of his penis appears. Then, by 
pulling the sheat forwards, and backwards, just like you would do 
on a man with his foreskin, you try to erect his entire penis. At 
the beginning it might take you some time to understand what kind 
of treatment your dog gets aroused from, but the dog's penis is 
very sensitive, so you wont have too much trouble getting your 
lover hard and ready for the joy.
You wont have to think too much about lubrication. If you let the 
dog lick you for some time, that oftenly is enough, and as you 
already know the dog starts cumming almost instantly when his 
penis erects, at the beginning the spurts are very slow and the 
amount of liquid is very small, but the more aroused he gets the 
more liquid will he produce. It's important that you dont arouse 
your dog more than needed with your hands, because if he is 
unexperienced or it's the first time he makes love to you, he 
might reach his orgasm very early, and then I know that I would 
like him to be inside my body. Now being prepared to make him 
enter you, you should be aware of the fact that it will be quite 
'messy' and you shouldn't be afraid of getting his semen in your 
body, in fact it's very hard not too when you want to make love 
to a dog. Therefore it's wise to have a big towell under you so 
that his cum wont stain any precious items. I should add that a 
dog's sperm CAN NOT get you pregnant! Therefore you don't have to 
be afraid of that problem.
There are several positions in which you can make love to your 
dog, however the number of positions are fewer than making love 
to a man due to the fact your lover is 4-legged. Each position 
has an advantage, but it's good if you know something about all 
positions, which one gives the most pleasure, in which the penis 
enters you the deepest, in which your clitoris is mostly 
stimulated and the most important, in which position you are 
likely to end up in a 'tie' with the dog. Down here follows a few 
of the positions, these are the ones that work the best, but of 
course experimenting is the best way of finding out which 
position you enjoy the most.
- Missionary position. The missionary position is probably the 
most used position thru time. In the missionary position the 
woman lies on her back and the man is above. The missionary 
position can also be used when making love to a dog, it gives the 
woman a chance to supervise the entire session and to see the 
entire process. The missionary position can be performed in bed 
or on the floor. If the dog is a big one, it's good if you have 1 
or more pillows, the big 'hard' model is preferable, which can be 
placed under your body. By placing them under your buttocks, the 
lower part of your body will be in such an angle that the penis 
can be inserted easily into your vagina. When in position you 
guide your lover's penis, to make it easier for him to enter you, 
and when he is inside you just try to relax. The lubricating 
semen of his will make it extremly easy, and within a few seconds 
he will start to make the so familiar 'humping' motions.
What is interesting and enjoyable is that the rythm is pretty 
fast and the session is very wet.
The time the dog will hump depends very much on the dog and his 
experience. The first times for a dog can be very fast, in some 
cases less than a minute, in more trained dogs over 4-5 minutes, 
but don't be frustrated if the dog doesn't hump for more than 2 
minutes or so, he will learn to keep up with it for a longer time 
by training with him often. During the entire session the dog 
will cum inside you, lubricating the walls of your vagina. But 
when a dog approaches 'reel' orgasm his penis will start to swell 
even more, especially the base of his erection. Now this is the 
moment to decide whether you should let him cum inside you and to 
let him get in a tie with you or not. If you don't want to then 
you try to push him away by grabbing gently around the base of 
his penis, however it's the tie that makes it extremly 
pleasurable, and by not coming in a tie with your lover, you wont 
get the ultimate feeling. 
If you let him keep humping you his penis will swell even more, 
and suddenly he will stop with his entire shaft inside you, at 
the same time you will feel how warm semen spurts inside you, his 
penis pulsing. The amount of semen in each jet is increased, and 
the waterish and tranparent appereance of it is changed into a 
more whitish liquid which reminds very much of human sperm. Just 
a few seconds later his penis reaches such a size that the base 
of it will be up to 3 times the diameter. You might think it will 
hurt immensly, this is however not true. The base of the penis 
that has swollen to such a size is located just inside the 
vagina, and the reason why it doesn't hurt is that the vaginal 
opening isn't stretched. The knot will be in your vagina where 
it's very flexible, instead of feeling pain you will feel your 
body filled in a very pleasurable way. 
A dog's body temperature is very much higher than a human's, 
therefore you will feel his warm seed spurting deep inside the 
vagina, and due to the pressure caused by his enlarged penis, it 
will soon spread in your entire vagina, however nothing will 
leak, due to the knot. During a minute or two you will feel his 
penis swell even more, and you will probably panic at some point 
when you think that he will swell to such a size he will trash 
you. but that's not so. The vagina is very flexible, don't forget 
that it's built in such a way it can accomodate a babies head and 
body if needed to, but it's not needed to when making love with a 
dog. The enlargement comes slowly and the vagina accomodates to 
the size easily. During the tie the dog might start to lick your 
face, the reason a dog does this is to show his appreciation, to 
show his mate he is thankful that he has been chosen to make her 
What is important to give a thought to before you end up in a tie 
is that you don't really know how long you will be in a tie with 
the dog. 'Normal' time for being in a tie is about 5-15 minutes. 
However it's not rare you find dogs end up in a tie over 30-45 
minutes, especially the bigger dogs. I can give you an example, 
with a lover I have been in a tie for about 4-5 minutes which is 
the shortest, but with the same dog I have been in a tie for over 
one hour. Therefore you should be calm and have more free time 
than you would when making love to a man. This is the main 
difference in the sex act between a man and a dog. A dog wont 
leave you after he cums, instead he will remain hard inside you, 
cumming all the time he is in you. NOTE: that when you end up in 
a tie with the dog, don't try to use force to pull out his penis. 
This can be painful for you and can hurt the dog for life. 
Therefore it's important you don't have to suddenly go to the 
kitchen to take something out of the owen or similar. 
When the knot has swollen in such a size it reaches it's maximum 
your vagina will probably be full of his seed, and there is more 
to cum. A dog produces about 2-6 times the amount of sperm a man 
does! But after all that's not the thing that will bring you off. 
The missionary position will give you a maximum of clitorial 
stimulation. But you will also get stimulation of your clitoris 
and breasts by his fur, and it feels extremly exciting having his 
humping body in contact with your naked skin. 
If you don't get yourself off before the tie (the thing I like to 
do is to time my orgasm with the tie), you have plenty of chance 
during the tie. Due to the knot just inside your vaginal opening 
your labia will pout out, making the clitoris protruding very 
much from between the vaginal lips. This gives you an excellent 
chance to masturbate. It oftenly doesn't take more than a few 
touches due to the fact his knot is pulsing inside you, 
stimulating the clitoris from inside. It's during these moments 
you can, if you're lucky, receive something called Multiple 
Orgasms. This is something only women can receive, not men. 
During multiple orgasm, your body will be flooded by an orgasm 
after another, your vagina twitching and squeezing your lover's 
penis uncontrollably for several minutes, leaving your body in a 
state of frenzy! This is the ultimate feeling a woman can receive 
from a penis and only 10% of all women will receive this ultimate 
feeling when making love to man. 
Now I know from experience that that chance is increased immensly 
when making love to a dog, due to the presecne of his penis, and 
the fabulous knot inside, which gives unmerciful stimulation 
during the entire tie. During the later part of the tie you will 
feel your lover's penis start to get smaller, and you will also 
feel that his spurts aren't as powerful as earlier. The liquid 
will also consist of less sperm and a more clinging substance. 
The reason of this is to 'close' the entrance to your womb, to 
create something like a plug to hold the sperm that has entered 
in your womb inside it. This plug has the function of assuring 
that a high amount of the dog's sperm will remain inside the womb 
and to make a pregnancy possible. However, you can't get 
pregnant, but you can enjoy the new sensation and the knowledge 
that your womb and vagina is filled with doggie sperm. When the 
dog finally pulls out his penis a lot of the sperm he has 
deposited in your pussy will gush out, therefore it's wise to 
have a small towell or napkins to dry yourself.
You might think that the sex act is ended by him pulling out, but 
you are probably wrong. If your dog is a 'well-behaved' dog he 
will do something that will astound you. When two dogs have had 
sex together the male will start a licking session of the 
bitche's cunt, the reason is that this gives a signal to the 
bitch that the intercourse is ended. And by doing this the male 
dog starts the bitche's aftermating reflex. This makes the 
vaginal muscle to close even tighter, and to hold as much sperm 
as possible inside the vagina, but also to create a plug at the 
entrence of the vagina. When the dog has pulled out of you, he 
will then try to lick you, encourage him if he doesn't, the 
sensation of his tongue touching your used vagina, cleaning up 
the sperm coated entrance is like a balsam effect. He will be at 
it until no more sperm comes out, and if you want him to continue 
all you have to do is to squeeze with your vaginal muscles, like 
you would do when you want to stop peeing. This will make the 
muscles contract, letting even more sperm from your vagina pour 
out to your great sensation.
Only know the intercourse is complete! I hope you enjoyed it! 
- 'Doggie-style'. This position means that you are standing on 
all four, or even lying on your stomach if the dog is a little 
one. However this doesn't give you as much stimulation as the 
missionary and it doesn't give you too much control either. For 
instance it's difficult not to end up in a tie in this position 
since you wont be able to stop him from doing it. But this is the 
closest you will get to reminding the dog of a female dog, which 
oftenly makes it easier for the dog to coop with. 
- 'Riding'. The riding position is good when having a smaller or 
middle sized dog. However it can be difficult to perform if the 
dog is very eager. Normally a dog doesn't like to be on his back, 
since he feels very vulnerable. Therefore this is for dogs who 
have been trained in the other positions. But if the dog can 
handle the riding position then the you will be able to decide 
the rhytm, speed and even if you want the knot inside you or not 
when you approach a tie with your lover. 
FELLATIO Fellatio, cocksucking, as you would call it, isn't 
something all women would agree of doing. About 25% of all women 
performs fellatio on their lover, but performing fellatio on a 
dog seems to be something else. Me myself, I don't see any bigger 
difference between a human or a canine penis. It can be very 
stimulating to feel a dog's penis in your mouth, to see it so 
close, to feel his seed spurt continously. A dog's sperm is very 
similar to a human's. The first drops taste like the human 
precum, that is very salty. But when a dog approaches orgasm his 
semen starts to change it's ingredients into a higher consistency 
of sperm. With this change the taste changes as well into a more 
spicy taste. When the orgasm seizes in it's intensity the seed 
gets more 'oily', and the taste less bitter. It's hard not to get 
sperm in your mouth when performing fellatio on your dog lover, 
since he cums all the time during erection. Therefore it might be 
good if you have a towell or paper napkin close so that you can 
clean it up if you don't want to swollow it. 
For those who have not swallowed sperm I should mention that 
canine as well as human sperm is very rich in protein, and that 
you shouldn't be afraid of swallowing it. I know some women don't 
like the taste of it, but that's something you get used to, so 
that after a while you even come to enjoy the honey liquid your 
lover produces for you. Performing fellatio is something of an 
experiment, to see what the dog likes, each dog has it's own ego 
and is very different when it comes to sex. But I should mention 
that massaging his testecles is not recommended, since a dog 
finds that scary! What your lover might enjoy is when you let the 
tip of your tonuge play on the tip of his pointy penis, 
especially if you try to tickle the hole of his tip. A dog 
doesn't enjoy the suction as well as a human would, he enjoys 
more the humping style, and when he comes and his knot swells 
it's good if you hold a hand behind his knot steadily since 
that's the sign for him that he is in the vagina. If you let go 
of the knot he might hump in your mouth, making you gag. Fellatio 
is something that you have to enjoy to make without feeling that 
you are pushed into doing it by somebody. It's something you have 
to feel like doing. 
AT LAST Canine Sex can, as I told you earlier, be very enjoyable 
if performed 'correctly'. There are a lot of women out there who 
have tried canine sex, and who perform it on a regular basis, 
with that I mean from once a week to several times a day. I hope 
that this text has illuminated the subject which has been taboo 
for such a long time, and I hope that you women who perform dog 
sex, who have wanted to try, or who haven't even thought of it 
might find this text worthy reading. I have a lot of experiences 
in making love to dogs. As I told you I have been making love 
with dogs for a long time, and I have learned much about sex by 
doing this. The early teenage relations with dogs I have had, has 
increased the sexual drive for me enormously, and I have also 
started to enjoy sex with men more than earlier. Dog sex is 
something every woman can enjoy who have a dog or is close to a 
dog for some time. Anyone from the outbored housewife to the 
teenage girls who are too afraid of going out with boys, risking 
pregnancy or venerial diseases. For these dog sex is the ultimate 
sexual relationship, the dog won't tell anybody, and it will 
enjoy it as much as you do. 
 The final guide:
Dogs are the greatest sex-toy invented, for both men and women. 
They are ALWAYS horny, and get really enthusiastic about sex.
A dogs penis mostly stays hidden in his sheath, so get your dog 
used to you pulling his sheath back, exposing his dick. A dogs 
penis is very different from a human penis in shape. I'll give 
dimensions for Hamlet (my Great Dane). When the dog is fully 
sexually aroused, the tip of the penis is tapered to a point, 
with a small, round hole in the end. The taper widens sharply to 
a diameter of about an inch, then the shaft is about 4 inches 
long. This meets a swelling of flesh of almost 3 inches in 
diameter. This is his knot. Then there is a further inch or so of 
shaft, before it joins the flesh at his groin. Take a deep breath 
here, that is about 8 inches of dog-flesh! The entire length is 
more sensitive than the glans of a mans penis. At full arousal, 
the knot can either be hidden in the sheath, which stretches 
around it, or outside, with the sheath pulled right back. If it 
is fully exposed, you will have to wait for the swelling to 
recede before you can pull the sheath back down.
Masturbation. Jerking your dog off. Great! They love it; never 
seem to get enough (although, by the gods of Gorgonzola, I do my 
best to give them enough!).
Get naked. Heaps more fun. Caress your dog all over his body, 
around his rump, and over his balls. Tease him a bit. You can 
tell when they are REALLY turned on, they will butt their heads 
into your groin if you stop. When you and he are ready, kneel 
beside him (if you are right handed, kneel on his left side) 
facing slightly toward his rear. With your left hand, keep 
caressing him, scratching his head, back and chest. Reach under 
his belly with your right hand, and between his rear legs. Start 
by stroking his sheath, then actually hold it with your whole 
hand and pull it forward and backward along his dick. When he 
starts swelling, follow the contours of his knot inside his 
sheath with your fingers opening and closing as they pass over 
it. Do not touch the sensitive flesh at this stage, or he'll go 
soft on you, he won't enjoy it.
He will probably be humping his hips as you are rubbing him now, 
and you can increase your tempo to match his. While his knot is 
covered by the sheath, you can squeeze it quite hard, and pull on 
it quite strongly; it will increase the intensity of his orgasm. 
By now he should be squirting dog cum quite freely. It is almost 
clear for the first few squirts, and pales to a milky colour 
later. Keep you fist closed around his knot, and undulate your 
fingers. Perfect the technique that your dog likes best. He will 
probably reach his head around and lick his penis while he's 
cumming. They like the taste of their own cum, and the feel of 
their tongues on their dicks.
At this point, you can sustain his pleasure, and increase your 
own by lightly tweaking the tip of his dick with the fingers of 
your left hand. Keep your other hand clasped around his sheath. 
You will be rewarded with a volley of fresh squirts of cum. At 
this stage, I often lick the tip with my tongue, or downright 
suck on his dick, and drink his cum. NO TEETH!! Don't even touch 
that sensitive flesh with your teeth!
Don't be afraid to swallow the dog-cum. It tastes slightly salty, 
and goes down the throat a lot easier than human cum. Highly 
When his orgasm is starting to wane, he will probably just wander 
off, head down, dick hanging between his knees.
Girls, dogs love to mount people, and they are passionate, fiery 
lovers. Get naked. Play with your dog, and get him excited, and 
aroused. Let him lick your vagina, as that seems to act as a 
great stimulant for you both. For missionary style, sit on the 
edge of the bed, feet on the floor. Now pat your shoulders and 
invite your dog to put his paws up there. When he does, lie back, 
and he will walk his back feet forward between you legs until he 
is laying on your stomach, with his sheath right over your 
entrance. Lift your left leg and wrap it over his rump to pull 
him forward, as you use your right hand to guide his penis into 
your vagina. It helps to have a partner assisting here. It is 
easiest for the dog if you keep the tips of your fingers clasping 
his sheath as a guide when he starts humping into you; it helps 
stop him pulling out too far.
Caution:- if your dog is one of the Giant Breeds, DON'T try to 
'tie' with him. When dogs are mating, the knot at the base of 
their penis swells and lodges inside the bitch, and they get 
stuck together for up to half an hour, unable to separate. Part 
of natures delightful way of increasing the chance of 
impregnation. If you are unable to accommodate a swelling of 
flesh almost as large as a tennis ball, you may get badly injured 
(try explaining THAT away at the Accident and Emergency 
department of the local Hospital!). Seriously though, if he 
swells inside you, and you aren't able to accommodate him, you 
will be stuck, in extreme pain, for up to half an hour. If you 
are unsure, buy a sex toy of similar dimensions as your dogs 
dick, and practise on that. When it becomes natural and 
pleasurable, by all means, tie with your dog. Heather has told me 
that being tied to Hamlet is both erotic, and very fulfilling. He 
will cum inside you, and that is quite erotic, and you cannot get 
pregnant from a dog. Go for it, and good luck!
Letting your dog mount you 'doggy style' is quite natural for the 
dog, and satisfying too. As above, play with him, get him 
excited, and then just bend over. For smaller breeds (German 
Shepherd, Labrador etc) you will probably have to kneel. Pat your 
back, and rump, inviting him to mount. He will place his paws on 
your back. Just bend right over, and he will slide forward and 
enter you almost effortlessly. It is likely you now have long, 
red scratches down your back from his claws. Oh well, just say 
you have a passionate lover! Again, reach around and guide his 
dick with your hand. He will hump quite enthusiastically, so will 
need some guidance, and restraint. If he does tie to you, he may 
want to step off you, and turn away, so you are rump to rump, 
with him still tied into you. This is natural, as it is how they 
mate normally with bitches.
A variation for both men and woman is to have your dog lie on his 
back on the bed. Straddle him with your knees, facing forward, 
and lower yourself onto his penis. You can reach around and 
scratch his balls while you are riding him, or bend forward and 
let him lick your face. Both are good fun.
A couple of extra points about male dogs:- it is more pleasant 
sucking on their dicks after they have a bath. It is quite 
natural for a male dog to have a build-up of a mixture of body 
fluids, dead skin, and general scum inside their sheath. It 
probably won't kill you, but the thought of it in my mouth makes 
me feel queasy, so a quick cleaning session is called for.
Dogs are great partners in threesomes (in any combinations of 
humans and dogs). Experiment, have fun. Spend some time during 
your love-making with your doggy partner to praise them, and re-
assure them. Fondle them, cuddle them, and generally treat them 
like an equal. They are giving the gift of their love to you too, 
so don't take them for granted. Afterward, lie with them, hug 
them, talk softly to them.
If you own a dog, and don't have sex with them, think on this; 
Dogs love sex. They enjoy the sensations of orgasm, and unless 
you help them to achieve it, cannot achieve it themselves. Think 
on how frustrated you would be if you couldn't even masturbate 
yourself when you were horny. As a dog owner, you have taken the 
animal from his natural habitat where he would mate at every 
opportunity if he could, and put him in an environment where sex 
just isn't available. If you love your dog, you should extend the 
gift of sexual release toward him or her. It will deepen their 
love for you, and your love for them. I'm not asking you to 
engage in wild sexual odysseys with your dog (I can highly 
recommend it as fun, though!!), but at least you could jerk off 
your male dog, or rub the clitoris of your bitch to relieve them. 
It isn't unhealthy, it isn't sick, it isn't even perverted (I 
mean, animal breeders do it for a living). It is love.