Deja FAQ, version 1.0    27 Nov. 1999
Author: Wijit <>

This FAQ has been prepared to help people make
use of one of the greatest resources available
to NewsGroup readers.  It is almost always
possible to find a missing story or story part
yourself, quickly and conveniently, using Deja.
If more people would use Deja to find stories
or story parts, it would help to cut down on
the constant stream of requests for reposts.

Please be advised that this FAQ is a simplified
summary of options available, mostly with respect
to searching for sex stories (and related
subjects).  For a complete description of what
Deja is and how to use it, click on the link
labelled Help near the upper left corner of the
Deja home-page at

What is Deja?

Deja ( is now several things, but
the primary usefulness in terms of sex stories is
that Deja (formerly known as DejaNews) is an
archive of UseNet newsgroups.  They save all
ASCII plain-text posts to all newsgroups,
supposedly indefinitely.

You can also register for an account, which gives
you free anonymous web-based e-mail and the
ability to subscribe to and make anonymous postings
to your favourite newsgroups.  If you register for
a Deja account, you can also use Deja's "personal
NewsReader service" if you wish, but be warned
that that service is not free.

What are "segments"?

Deja breaks up larger posts into pieces called
segments, for storage efficiency and for display
purposes.  One good way to differentiate stories
from spam is that stories are usually longer than
one segment.  When you view a segmented posting,
you can view one segment at a time, or click on
"Get All Segments" to retrieve, view and/or
download the entire story.

How do I find sex stories using Deja?

The best way to find stories using Deja is to use
their Power Search.  Go to, and near
the upper right corner of the window, click on a
small link in blue letters labelled "Power Search".
That will take you to Deja's search engine.  Note
that the search engine is not case-sensitive.

There are many ways to use the Power Search utility.

The first thing you will see under My Search is
Search For: and a field to enter a search string, and
a button labelled "Search" beside the field.  If you
use this field, the search will look at the *content*
of posts to find any articles that contain the
keyword(s) entered into the field.  Although this can
be useful to find certain rare keywords, it can also
find way too many matches that are not of interest.
If you fail to find the story or story part you are
looking for using other methods described below, try
this method.

Below that, there is a section labelled Limit Search.

The first part is a grayed area containing some
parameters that you can set.  These will remain intact
from one search to another.

Match [Any | All] Keywords:  Normally you want to match
all keywords, otherwise you get too many unwanted matches.
Keywords are distinguishable words entered into the field
Search For: or any of the Limit Search fields.  The Deja
search engine will attempt to find matches that contain
the keywords specified.

Archive [Complete | Standard | Adult | Jobs | For Sale]:
In most cases you want the Adult archive if you are
looking for sex stories.

Results Type [Discussions | Ratings | Communities |
Deja Classic]:  Set this to Discussions.  If you want
to see the old-style format, use Deja Classic.

Language:  Any is the usual choice, unless you are
looking for a specific language.

Next, there are several boxes in which to enter
keywords that will narrow down your search.

Subject:  This will search for articles with a word
or words in the Subject Line that matches or contains
the keyword(s) you specify.  You can use "or" in
between multiple keywords to override the setting
Match All Keywords, if you wish.  The search engine
matches only alphabetic words, not numbers or other
non-alphabetic characters.

Forum:  Enter, or your favourite group
in the ASS hierarchy, or* to include
them all.

Author:  If you know the poster's posting handle (nym)
or the e-mail address the poster used when posting, it
can be inserted here.  The search will match either

Date (From / To): It is very helpful to enter a date
range to narrow down the search and limit the number
of potential matches.  Several date formats are
recognized, but the standard is "Nov 19 1999".  Note
that Deja used to have a "current" archive and a
separate "older" archive.  This is no longer the case.
If you do not enter a date range, the most recent 12
month period will be searched.  In most cases, the
system will offer a "Search Older Messages" link.

Below the middle section is a section labelled
Organize Results, in a grayed area.  These parameters
will remain in effect from search to search.

Sort By [confidence | subject | forum | author | date]:
This is supposed to alter the order in which articles
matching your criteria are presented to you.  However,
choosing a sort by anything other than confidence does
not always work properly.  Generally, sorting by
confidence (the default) serves adequately, although
some of the segments of larger stories may be displayed

Results Per Page [25 | 50 | 100]:  If you expect only
a few matches of small articles (few segments), the
default of 25 may suffice.  However, most stories
consist of several segments, and longer works can
consist of 100 segments, each of which will be listed
as a result match.  Therefore, setting this option to
100 is recommended.

What are some useful ways in which to perform searches?

If you are looking for a particular story, and you
know a keyword from the subject line of the posting,
then enter the keyword in the Subject field, and the
newsgroup in the Forum field.  You can enter the name
of the poster in the Author field if you desire, but
it is not required.  If you have some idea of the
time-frame during which the story was posted, it is
very helpful to enter a date range.

If you are looking for a story or stories from a
particular poster, leave the subject field blank and
enter the newsgroup in the Forum field, and the
poster's handle or e-mail address in the Author
field.  Entering a date range will help to reduce
the number of matches, especially in the case where
certain posters frequently repost the same stories.

If you just want some recent stories, leave the
Subject and Author fields blank, enter the newsgroup
in the Forum field, and specify a recent date range.
One good method is to enter a specific date in both
the From and To date fields.  This will retrieve all
postings on that particular date.  Note, however,
that if you enter today's date, only posts that were
processed into the archive up to the time you did
your search will be retrieved.

You may use Deja as your largely spam-filtered
NewsReader using this method (without registering
for a Deja account or paying for their "personal
NewsReader service"), although it is recommended
to specify the date three days ago in order to
allow time for all articles to arrive via UseNet
propagation and be processed into Deja's archive.

How do I avoid spam?

As mentioned above, postings consisting of only one
segment are usually spam, and postings consisting of
at least two segments are usually stories.  Aside
from that, it is usually possible to tell at a
glance from the subject line.  Deja does not archive
binary files or attachments of any kind (even plain-
text attachments), and they have decent spam-filtering
measures that reject obvious spam from ever getting
into the archive.  Spam disguised as a story or as
commentary still gets into the archive, as it is very
difficult to distinguish such spam from a real story
or real comments.

How do I retrieve and download stories?

When you enter search criteria, and click on Search,
you will be presented with everything that matches
the criteria you entered, including multiple segments
of multi-segment stories.  Click on one of the
segment links.  Then scroll to the very bottom of the
segment, and click on a tiny link labelled "View
Original UseNet format".  This retrieves the original
ASCII plain-text version of the entire story.  Then
use "Save As ..." under the File menu to download the
story.  Enter the ".txt" extension when saving the
story, or use Save As Type Text if appropriate for
your newsreader.

If you want to download Deja's HTML conversion rather
than the plain-text version, click on "Get All N
Segments", then use "Save As ..." using the ".htm"

Some postings are in Unix format, with linefeeds
instead of carriage-return-linefeeds at the end of
each line.  If this is the case, it may be necessary
to convert the file to MS-DOS format.  This can be
accomplished by using a utility program, or by
renaming the file to ".doc", reading it into Word,
then saving it as a ".txt" file by using
"Save As ... MS-DOS text with line breaks".

Can I cancel or remove my postings from Deja's
archive?   Is it possible to have postings cancelled
or removed if someone else posted one of my stories
without permission?

Currently, is it not possible to actually *remove*
anything from Deja's archive.

You can cancel your postings (which prevents them
from being viewed), but only if you posted from, and you know the exact message-ID.
This can be done at
and is equivalent to cancelling a post made via
your ISP.  The cancellation message is propagated
through normal UseNet distribution.  There is no
way to cancel postings made from elsewhere, nor
is is possible to have someone else's postings

You can nuke your postings (which also prevents
them from being viewed) regardless of whether or
not they were posted from by going
to and following
the instructions.  Nuking only acts on Deja's
archive and is not propagated.  Normally you must
nuke from the same e-mail address from which the
post was made, as verification is required.  If
the ISP is defunct, or the e-mail address is no
longer valid, or the e-mail address was altered
to avoid spam, nuking online is not possible.
You can still nuke your postings by sending a
bunch of personal identification and a signed
statement to Deja via snail-mail.  See the Deja
help guide for details.

You can prevent your postings from being viewed
at the time you post by using the following line
either as a header, or as the first line of your

x-no-archive: yes

The posting will still be archived, but cannot
be viewed or found by a search.

How do I post links to Deja articles?

The best way is to insert the 9-digit Archive
Number (AN) into the link-shell below, replacing
the "xxxxxxxxx":

The Archive Number is displayed somewhere in the
URL when you are viewing a Deja article, and is
identifiable by the "AN".  If the AN has a decimal
point and more digits after the decimal point,
that refers to a particular segment rather than
the entire article.  The 9-digit AN without any
decimal point or extra digits after the decimal
point refers to the entire article.

The long URL's that result from a search are only
temporary links valid until you exit that search.
If the URL contains such things as "hitnum" or
"context", they refer to the HTML conversion
rather than the original plain-text version.

Deja FAQ, version 1.0    27 Nov. 1999

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