The Wolfie's blackmail and Humiliation Collection
Welcome to The Wolfie's blackmail and humiliation collection
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B&D Bridial Shower
Blackmailed Secretary-Part One
Blackmailed Secretary-Part Two
Blackmailed Secretary-Part Three
Blackmailed Secretary-Part Four
Blackmailed Secretary-Part Five
Blackmailed Secretary-Part Six
Blackmailed Secretary-Part Seven
Bountiful Plantation-Part One
Bountiful Plantation-Part Two
Bountiful Plantation-Part Three
Bountiful Plantation-Part Four
Bountiful Plantation-Part Five
Bountiful Plantation-Part Six
A Film For A Few Friends
The Gang By The Pool
The Humiliation Of Jane
Her Husband's Boss
Katy's Surrender
Kristen-Part One
Kristen-Part Two
Kristen-Part Three
Helping The Babysitter Become a Model-Part One
Helping The Babysitter Become a Model-Part Two
Mrs. Arrogant Tamed-Part One
Mrs. Arrogant Tamed-Part Two
Mrs. Arrogant Tamed-Part Three
Mrs. Arrogant Tamed-Part Four
Mrs. Arrogant Tamed-Part Five
Mrs. Arrogant Tamed-Part Six
Pool Party
Property of the Raging Pythons-Part One
Property of the Raging Pythons-Part Two
Raising The Perfect Slut-Part One
Raising The Perfect Slut-Part Two
Raising The Perfect Slut-Part Three
Raising The Perfect Slut-Part Four
Raising The Perfect Slut-Part Five
Raising The Perfect Slut-Part Six
Raising The Perfect Slut-Part Seven
Raped Virgin Cheerleader
Samantha Learns Her Place
2nd place-Part 1
2nd place-Part 2
2nd place-Part 3
2nd place-Part 4
2nd place-Part 5
2nd place-Part 6
2nd place-Part 7
2nd place-Part 8
2nd place-Part 9
2nd place-Part 10
2nd place-Part 11
2nd place-Office Memo
2nd place-Part 12
2nd place-Part 13
2nd place-Part 14
2nd place-Part 15
2nd place-Part 16
2nd place-Part 17
2nd place-Part 18
Stacy's Senior Year
Turning the Tables on Tammy
The Obligation -Part One
The Obligation -Part Two
Toying with Tiffany
24-hour Boy Toy Tiffany
Trippin with Tiffany
Tiffany on the Table
Tiffany From Top to Bottom
The Untold Stories of Tiffany Daniels
Trust Us Were Salesmen