Nanny3: Back to School 1/14 (Ff+/F, reluc) by LCDRJMC and

Standard Disclaimer:  This is a work of fiction 
(honest!).  It is intended for Adults Only, so if you're 
not--then go away.  It is not intended for sale, but if 
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header as is and all will be well.  Enjoy!


It was the tiny manager's office of The Free Press, and Athena
Valentine was standing shamefully with head bowed before her
angry editor, who was seated behind his small, untidy desk.  The
man was so upset with her that he had not even asked her to sit
in the room's only other chair.
She stared at the small, wrinkled face.  It was red with fury as
he continued to read her hastily scribbled report, the few
strands of his remaining hair standing straight up over his
scalp.  He looked like a spoiled apple that was about to explode!

The man was so angry he could only sputter, "Well?  Well?"

Athena could no longer face her employer.  She buried her face in
her hands and started to cry.

"Stop that damn sniffling and talk to me.  Why are you back so
early?  What happened?  Where is your story?"

"W-what?" Athena mumbled.  "Story?  I-I haven't got one."

"What!" he screamed.  "Why don't you?"

Consumed in shame, Athena could barely focus on what he was
saying.  She should never have come back.  But then, where else
could she have gone?

"I-I didn't hear you.  What did you say?"

ory?" he carefully shouted, each word cutting into her like a
knife.  "What in God's name have you been doing all this time?" 

Athena could only sob as she collapsed into the empty chair.  She
could never explain to him or to anyone what had happened to her
at the vast Devereux estate.  How her own body kept betraying her
time and again until life had become one long delicious nude
climax.  She had even lost her precious journal, left behind with
all of her other possessions in her unplanned departure.


It had all happened so suddenly.  She was on her first assignment
as an undercover reporter studying the secret world of nannies
and it had gone wrong from the very beginning.  She could not
remember a day that she had not lost her clothes in some terribly
embarrassing way, her soon out-of-control body responding
outrageously to the slightest touch by anyone, even children!  It
was all so confusing!  

Her wealthy employer, a Mrs. Devereux, was very sympathetic and
had even arranged a doctor's visit for her.   That was how she
found out about her strange illness, and obtained the magic pills
that would calm her sexually overcharged body down and allow her
to reclaim her life once again.  It was when they were leaving
the doctor's office that Athena had suddenly become afraid of her
employer.  So many strange and inexplicable things had happened
to her since her assignment began as a nanny that she had flatly
told the woman  she was not staying any longer with her and was
returning home.  But Devereux had insisted that she remain with
them.  Athena had even gone so far as to blurt out her true
purpose as an undercover reporter investigating the life of a
nanny, in the hopes that the woman would throw her out.  

To the reporter's surprise, the woman did nothing of the kind! 
Her employer did not seemed surprised at all, in fact her
confession seem to amuse her.  Devereux then told her the most
outlandish story, how the children Athena had been caring for
were really her teenaged nieces that Devereux had used to seduce
her, and that Athena was to be the latest addition to the
Devereux household.

Naturally, Athena did not believe a word of it.  She was far too
good a reporter to fall for anything as silly as that.  Yet she
was still very frightened for reasons she could never explain. 
Something else was going on, but she was always so flustered she
was never able to think it through.  Finally, confused and not
sure of anything any more, she reluctantly returned to her
employer's car and they took her back to the estate.

Her final week with the Devereux clan was the strangest of all. 
Beginning with the ride home, a pair of Devereux children were
her constant companions.  She was stripped and kept that way the
remainder of her stay.  Even her horribly revealing nanny-suit
had been forbidden her.  Every time she would ask for something
to wear they just ignored her.  It really did not matter, because
she rarely left the children's floor where her suite of rooms was
located.  The children, a different set each day, kept her in a
constant state of sexual excitement.  No matter what she did,
they were there with her.  She could not even sleep nor eat
without being caressed and teased to the point of insanity.  She
was kept on the edge for hours and hours until she would finally
break down and, her pride forgotten, plead for the release of a
climax.  But it would only happen when they were ready, and they
were rarely ready.  

When she was allowed to cum, they made it an endless series of
heart-stopping orgasms which continued until she collapsed,
completely exhausted and spent.

Her precious SO pills upon which she had placed so much hope for
a normal life were also forbidden to her.  They would cruelly
taunt her with them, and she begged to be allowed to take them,
but they would just laugh and put them away.  But she fooled
them.  She found out where the pills were hidden and was able to
sneak one every few days.  

What Athena never knew was that the pills were designed to
enhance her natural sexuality, not suppress it.  So, she was just
doing exactly what they wanted, keeping herself on edge.

Athena's world was soon swallowed by her own out-of-control
sexuality.  Her life turned into a weird erotic dream, where she
lost track of what was real and what was not.  Even her desire to
escape had vanished into the maelstrom that had centered on her
demanding sex.  

But she was not totally oblivious to what was going on around
her, not yet.  It was after one particularly challenging session
with the children that Mrs. Devereux had come into her room when
she was alone, and had taken a cell-phone call there.  Her limp,
sweat-soaked hair was covering her face, so Athena was able to
watch the woman without being noticed.  It was the one time that
Athena had ever seen her employer become angry. The woman barked
about "poor security" and "how dare they investigate me," before
switching into rapid-fire French.


Devereux was furious.  Her main agent in the FBI informed her
that she was now the subject of investigation by the
law-enforcement agencies of three countries, including the United
States.  The stupid fool, letting it go this far before telling
her about it.  What did he think she was paying him all that
money for?  He should have blocked it long before this, he was
high enough.  It was all so irritating.  Now she had to get rid
of her latest beautiful plaything, just when the girl was ripe
for picking, and she had to do it in such a way that the girl
would not be missed by her idiot of an editor or her family, nor
would she want to make a nuisance of herself by trying to return
to the estate.

As soon as she lost her tails, that's when she would do it.


It was when the nieces returned that Athena heard Mrs. Devereux
tell them that she was being harassed by the immigration people
again, and so it was imperative that nothing happen which would
draw any attention to the family.  Before falling into a puzzled
sleep, Athena was chillingly conscious of being watched by three
thoughtful pairs of eyes.

It was the very next day when they had taken her out for a
shopping expedition.  It was the first clothes she had worn since
she had visited the doctor so long ago, and they felt strange to
her.  After being led from shop to shop without buying anything,
they took her back to the limo and left the mall.  The Devereux
children had been working on her naked body again in the back
seat (how they could always strip her so confidently any time
they chose was something that mystified her still) when the car
stopped suddenly.

Mrs. Devereux said briskly, "It's clear.  Do it!"

They had her backed up against the door.  Someone must have
opened it, because suddenly the door was gone!  She flailed her
arms, trying to stop from falling.  In a flash she was sitting
naked on the empty hot sidewalk, surrounded by her clothes, and
about 15 seconds away from a fabulous climax!  She was in such a
fog she just stupidly sat there and watched the limo drive away
as she wondered what happened.  Suddenly, Athena screamed in pain
as she felt her tender bottom baking on the hot pavement.  She
jumped up and began rubbing her sore buttocks.  It was then that
the awful truth of her situation came to her.  She was naked and
the limo was gone!  

Screaming in total panic, she tried to run after the car but it
had disappeared!  While astonished pedestrians came running to
see what all the noise was about, she instinctively went back and
quickly bent over to blindly grab what clothes she could reach,
then ran!  Ran like the scared naked rabbit she was!  

Thank God the limo had not yet reached the freeway.  They were
still outside the giant mall and Athena was able to quickly duck
into the underground parking garage.  She hid panting behind a
large trash dumpster and quickly got into her only clothing, a
short tight black skirt and a transparent white blouse.  She
didn't have time to find anything else.  She had no shoes or
underwear.  Mrs. Devereux had been holding her purse for her, so
she had no money or identification.  Wrapped inside her blouse
she did find her precious bottle of SO pills, and she put the
bottle in the waistband of her fastened skirt.

After waiting a few minutes, Athena did not see any sign of
pursuit or rescue.  She sneaked a look back toward the street but
the limo had not returned and her remaining clothes were no
longer there.  She was stunned.  They had left her!

Athena knew she looked a mess, but what was she to do?  Trying to
appear as inconspicuous as possible, she padded up the first
stairs she could find to the lowest shopping level and went
looking for a phone.  She tried the various Devereux numbers they
had given her, but since she was calling collect, they would not
accept the charges!  She begged some change from a kind clerk in
a clothes store and went back to the phones, but now the numbers
were no longer in service!  They had changed the numbers!  She
felt so miserable!  It was like she had just been thrown away!

She stumbled around the giant mall for a time, trying not to cry
and failing.  Gathering up her courage, she finally made the one
call she had been avoiding.  She phoned her editor collect, and
he grumpily arranged for a return flight (coach), and even a ride
to the airport from the mall, but refused to send her any money
for food or clothes. 

Unfortunately, it was several hours until her ride to the airport
arrived and, unable to cope with peoples' stares any longer, she
had spent them hiding miserably in a stall in the ladies'

Her flight home was equally miserable, squeezed as she was in the
crowded seating of economy class. She was so afraid that someone
would take advantage of her undressed condition that she could
hardly sleep.

Her ride, a guy from sales,  picked her up at the airport when
her flight arrived early that next morning and she sat in stony
silence, ignoring his lame attempts at conversation, as he took
her back to the paper.


Now her she was, seated before her angry boss, a failure at her
first undercover assignment.

"No answer, eh?  It figures.  You might be interested to know
that we received a message from the Frothingill's School of Child
Care for the Privileged this morning.  They received word from a
Mrs. Devereux yesterday that you simply left her employ without
reason and therefore are not entitled to any salary you might
have earned.  In fact, it says here that they collected all of
the belongings you left behind and are turning them over to the
local FBI office for investigation.  It seems you did not make a
very favorable impression."

"Whaaa!" was the devastated Athena's only response.

"Oh, and Frothingill has cancelled your nanny certificate.  You
are no longer licensed to care for children."

"Whaaaa!"  Her life was ruined!  She was a complete failure at
the one thing she had wanted to become, a reporter.

The editor softened at the sight of his newest reporter crying
her lovely eyes out.   Perhaps there was something to salvage
here.  It was a plan he had been thinking about for some time,
and now was the perfect time for it.

"Okay, Nanny," said the editor calmly, his anger forgotten.  "I'm
going to give you a second chance."

"But I can't be a nanny any more!" Athena sniffed.

"'Nanny' is your official code name, idiot.  That's how you'll be
known from now on.  I've been reading up on this undercover stuff
and this time we'll do it right."

"Undercover again?  Oh, gosh.  I don't think I could."

"Look.  Take some time off, go back to your apartment, wash your
feet, and relax.  This is the opportunity of a lifetime I'm
talking here."

"That's what you said the last time.  I'm really tired of
investigative journalism.  It didn't work out at all the way I
thought it would.  I want to go into the research department
where it's safe."

"No you don't.  It's terrible.  They get paper cuts there all the

"That's all right.  I'll be very careful and wear gloves. 
Libraries and books, that's what I want from now on."

"Nonsense!  You'll be fine.  It was your first job, that's all. 
Next time, you'll be much better prepared.  For this one, you
will not even have to leave town.  There is a local school that
needs investigating.  There are all kinds of rumors floating
around about it, but nothing definite.  You'll be going in as one
of the students.  Plus, you will not be going in alone.  This
time the entire resources of The Free Press will be behind you."

"A student?  Oh, please!  No more kids!"

"Now, now.  Stop complaining.  Most reporters would give their
left...uh...eye tooth for an opportunity like this.  Why are you
so worried about the students, anyway?  You're the college
graduate.  Inside of a week, you will have them wrapped around
your little finger.  Hell, inside of a month I'll bet they'll be
electing you class president!"

"Gee, do you really think so?"

"Of course!  Actually, that's what I'm hoping for.  It will be
much easier this time.  Look, I've even got you equipment. 
Here's a really neat pager I got for a bargain at the local pawn
shop.  It  has a silent mode, so no one will ever know that
you're in communication with the outside.  It even has a little
screen for messages that I can send you from my computer.  That
way I can be in constant contact with you and no one else will
ever be the wiser.  Is that great or what?"

"A pager!  But most schools don't allow their students to have
pagers anymore."

"They don't?  Well, hide it somewhere."

"Yes, of course.  How easy.  Just hide it somewhere."

"That's right."

"And how am I suppose to contact you?"

"You make everything so complicated.  Just find a phone
somewhere.  I'll be listed as your guardian, so if we call each
other occasionally no one will be suspicious.  Plus, that way
they will call me in case anything does happen.  See, I've
thought the whole thing out.  You can even stay at your old
apartment.  By the way, you wouldn't happen to have your own
cellular phone, I suppose?"  

"Humph!  On my salary?"

"Thought not.  You know, Miss Valentine, I am surprised at your
attitude.  May I remind you that this paper set you up at
considerable expense on the undercover story of a lifetime, and
you blew it.  Since you refuse to tell me what happened, I can
only assume that it was probably your own inexperience which
caused you to be found out and quit.  Okay, then.  Here is your
chance to redeem yourself, or not.  It's all up to you.  I guess
you must ask yourself the basic question: how committed are you?
Do you really want to win the Pulitzer Prize for investigative
journalism, or don't you?" 

"I do!  I really do!"

"That's my girl."

"I do want to win it.  That's all I could think about all through
college.  But, still!  Where is this school I'm suppose to be
attending?  If it's a local school, couldn't I be recognized by
someone on the staff?  I mean, it has only been four years since
I graduated high school."

"It's okay.  I checked your file and you never went there.  It's
the Elizabeth Borden High School."

"Oh, my.  I've heard that things can get a little rough there

"Really?  From who?"

"Friends of friends who went there.  They always called the place
"Lezzy Borden," but would never say why.

"That's what I mean.  A lot of rumors floating around, but very
little fact.  Rumors of wild s-s-s-sex, er, hanky panky, going on
between students and sometimes even the staff.  Wow!  What a
wonderful story this could be!  It's the perfect time for a good
reporter to make her mark!  Just remember though that this is a
family newspaper, and we want to keep it that way."

Athena turned white at the mention of sex.  "Not again!" she
screamed in her mind.  "Please God, not again!"  She trembled
with sudden cold as she remembered the small hands of the young
children roaming freely over her proud body, and wrapped her arms
around herself.  Mrs. Devereux had told her they were actually
her teenage nieces, but Athena still did not believe her.  She
knew innocent if somewhat spoiled children when she saw them.  

But now her editor, who had placed a great trust in her and whom
she had failed miserably, has now seen fit to give her this
second chance.  So be it.  This time it would be very different.
She would be with teenagers in a public school, and they
certainly would not dare to take advantage of her in such an
environment, especially with teachers all over the place.  She
knew now how to take care of herself.  Oh, yes!  There will not
be any problem about that at all.  Any boy who even thinks about
touching her will be expelled for life!  That is, after the
lawsuit of course.  At last she would be able to concentrate on
her job of mingling with the other girls and not having to worry
about anything else.  Thankfully, these girls were not children.
They were proper young women, on the verge of adulthood.  They
certainly would not even think about wanting to touch her, to
explore her adult body at every opportunity the way those crazy
Deveroux children always seemed to be doing.  She would finally
be safe from all of that!

The more Athena thought about it, the more her initial misgivings
were replaced by her old dreams of journalistic glory.  Finally
she made her decision.  Her editor was right!  She WOULD do this!
 In fact, she must.  It could very well be her last chance.  If
she ever wanted to be an important reporter anywhere again it was
up to her to bring back the REAL story of what was happening at
Elizabeth Borden High School. 

She dropped her arms and faced her editor with new-found

"I see it now.  Thank you for this second opportunity, sir.  I
know I can do it."

"That's the spirit!  Now, for this to really work, you must be
elected Queen of the Prom."

"What!  Prom Queen?  You can't be serious!"

"Why not?"

"Because, she's usually the most popular girl in school.  I'll
just be there a few months at most before the election."

"Then you'll have to get busy.  Becoming Prom Queen will be an
excellent way to prove you have truly blended in and become one
of them.  The success of your series  therefore requires it."

"My series?"

"Of course.  This time I want an article a week, and it had
better be on my desk by close-of-business every Friday, or else
you can kiss your career in journalism good-bye!"

"Good-bye?" Athena wailed.  "But why?"

"Because I am not sponsoring another paid vacation for you,
that's why.  I want concrete results.  I also expect you to
follow it through this time, doing what ever it takes to make it
all the way to the finish.  If you even think about dropping this
assignment and come running back here to work before I officially
end your investigation after the prom, Miss Valentine, you can
just forget it!"

"Oh, please, sir.  Not my job!"

"Well, then?"

"I...I promise.  I will stick it out this time.  It was only that
last time things just got so out of control, I didn't know what
to do!" 

"Whenever that happens, just use your common sense, girl.  You're
not stupid, you know.  But remember, the story (along with your
job) should have priority over everything else.  You must be able
to blend in as a typical student until the prom, and then win
that.  You must think and act exactly as they do, only better. 

"Yes, I (gulp!) understand completely  Stay with it, no matter
what, and be better then they are."

"That's right, be the best.  Now, about the prom.  I understand
your concern, so I have a campaign for you all worked out.  Don't
worry about the guys.  Dress like a teen and you'll have their
vote regardless of what you do.  It's all the girls you'll have
to convince."

"Gosh, how can I do that in so short a time?"

"Constantly show them what a superior woman you really are.  Find
the  elite of the senior class and not just join them but become
one of them, lead them.  Like I keep telling you, you are the one
with the college education.  Miss Valentine, you must not only
dress and act like a high school senior, but a superior one at
that.  You have brains, ability and looks.  Sweep them off their
feet.  They are still kids after all.  Take charge!  Make an
impression on them that they will never forget.  You are the
superior woman, so be sure to let everyone know it!  If you
become the best student in that school, they will certainly
follow you, Athena Valentine, High School Queen!"

Athena's head began to spin.  It all sounded so wonderful.  She
would finally get what was coming to her.  Her own experience at
high school was not a happy one.  Athena had been so quiet, so
proper, so grown-up for her age, that she hardly had any friends
at all.  She didn't date and always dressed sensibly.  She did
not even attend her own prom, because she thought it was such a
foolish waste of time and money.  It was only her dream of
becoming a reporter that made her able to endure the barren
experience of high school and pass on to college.  Yet later,
after watching her younger slut of a sister in the same school,
it was clear to Athena that Alexis was having all the fun and all
the friends.  Now, it was her turn.  She always knew she was
better then most if not all of her contemporaries when she was at
school.  She had the better body and the better mind, and now she
could finally prove it.

Athena turned away from the eager face of her editor, and looked
through the room's only window, a small, dirty pane of glass
hardly worthy of the name.  The beauty of the late fall beckoned

"Yes!" she thought.  "He is absolutely right.  No more mistakes!
At last I will be in a place where no one will be able to take
advantage of me, because finally I will be the one totally in
control.  At Elizabeth Borden I will be the superior woman!  I
was such a nothing when I was in high school.  No one even knew I
was there.  Well, it's my turn now!  This time they will all
definitely know that I was there!  Pulitzer, here I come!"

She turned back to face her editor again, her decision made.

"I'll need money for clothes and things."

"Of course.  See Accounting and they'll cut you a check for what
ever you need to prepare for your assignment.  Just keep it
reasonable, okay?  We are not called The Free Press fornothing."

"It's my assignment now, and I'll get exactly what I need."
"Great.  Keep that wonderful attitude of yours and that Pulitzer
is in the bag.  Now, hand me those chicken ads from that basket
over there, then go home and clean yourself up.  You know we have
a dress code here.  Oh, and don't forget your pager."


Part I

Athena had been undercover for so long, and had immersed herself
into her student role so completely that she had practically
forgotten who she was and why she was on assignment.  Whenever
she looked into a mirror, as she was doing now, she no longer saw
Athena Valentine, eager young journalist who was forever prim and
proper.   Now she only saw Athena Valentine, the beautiful, all
powerful high school senior who was willing to do anything to get
what she wanted simply because she knew she was superior to those
around her, and therefore deserved to act as she pleased.  She
could not say when this startling change in her personality
occurred.  Perhaps it happened when she deliberately squashed her
first freshman just for the fun of it, or maybe it was the time
she first teased a teacher into giving her a grade much higher
then she actually deserved.  

She was surprised at how easy it was teasing teachers and others
of the school's staff into getting what she wanted.  Who would
have thought it?  Homework?  Who were they kidding?  Who had time
for homework?  A hastily scribbled note that she wrote herself,
an 'accidental' look at her girlish cleavage, a soft hand on a
masculine forearm, a breathy "Thank you," and she was excused
from another assignment.  It was great!  Was it her fault that
her social schedule was so busy she just didn't have time for
those silly old assignments?  Working as a volunteer assistant in
the Administration Office didn't hurt either.  It gave her direct
access to those who run the school, and her influence in school
affairs was remarkable.  It was only her Friday updates with her
editor which served to remind her who she truly was, but even
that line was becoming blurred for her.  Athena now knew that he
wanted her (didn't all men?), and she made his life a living hell
with outrageous demands for expensive clothes and other things to
keep up her status as the best-looking senior in school.  

The night before she was to begin her new undercover assignment,
Athena had come to a decision.  It occurred to her that her first
assignment had been a disaster for the simple reason that she had
been far too nice, and everyone felt free to take advantage of
her naturally kind nature.  Well!  Those days were gone!  No one
was ever going to take advantage of her again, ever!  She had
seen the light and nothing would ever be the same for her again.
Her mouse days were over.  Although deep down it wounded her soul
to have to act like this, she knew she had to change at least
this once in order to succeed.  It was simple enough.  She would
just put her overripe conscience on hold for the duration of the
assignment.  It was too important for concerns about right and
wrong, about the proper way of conducting herself with others. 
Oh, no!  She would be the predator now.  She would be the one who
takes shameless advantage of others for her own benefit.  For the
first time, she, Athena Valentine, would have the upper hand and
she was determined to play it for all it was worth.  

And to her complete surprise, it worked!  She would not have
believed it possible, but by becoming the very thing she had
hated when she herself was a senior, she had become a success! 
She had become an excellent manipulator, using every means at her
command to gain what she wanted.  

The beautiful nude reporter couldn't help but smile, as she
looked in the mirror.  She was now one of the social elite.  Her
whole assignment had gone just like she (really her editor) had
planned.  She picked as her friends only those who could help her
climb up the social ladder.  She didn't have time to waste on
people who would do her no good.  She made sure she was always
the prettiest and best dressed girl there, in order to make her
the natural candidate for this year's Prom Queen.  If by chance
another girl might be providing a little too much competition,
Athena had found that there were ways of edging them out.  Make
them look ridiculous in public, change a few grades in the office
where she worked, all sorts of things were possible to the new
and (she thought) certainly improved Athena Valentine.

The behavior code was her greatest achievement.  On her first day
in school she volunteered to work in the administration office,
and had been there ever since.  Athena swiftly gained the respect
of the principal and her staff with her high level of competence
(it was the only place in school where she actually worked hard)
and her many suggestions for improving the school.  One of these
ideas was to institute a revised code of student behavior, a code
that was much stricter then the previous one and for the first
time introduced serious limits on what students could wear or not
wear to school.   Actually, the school officials were planning on
doing it anyway, but Athena was able to help push the idea along.
 Of course, she did not hesitate to let her fellow students know
that it was all her doing, and that she had done it because she
cared about them.  It actually helped to boost her standing all
through  the school.   

For the first time in her life, boys were knocking down her door
just to stand next to her, and she discovered to her surprise
that she loved using and teasing them.  Not that she ever made
good on an understanding or a sly promise.  Boys weren't
something that really interested her any more, and she wondered
if her strange experiences at the Devereux estate had anything to
do with that.  All guys ever wanted were to get into her precious
panties.  It really disgusted her, the thought of their horrible
cocks trying to violate her proud body.  It was a measure of her
fierce determination to succeed, of how far she was willing to
go, that she dated at all.  

Once she went too far and it had been a disaster!  She actually
touched a cock, because she thought the stupid jock could help
her join the cheerleading squad.  Shivering at the thought,
Athena remembered how at the very first, slight touch of her
trembling hand the drunken fool had cum all over her new dress,
and ruined it.  She spent the remainder of that terrible evening,
after she burned the dress in her apartment's incinerator, in the
shower trying to scrub herself clean, but she never really
succeeded.  She had felt dirty for days after that.  If she lived
to be 100, she knew she'd never want to touch another one.  Ugh!
She only went out with boys now to keep up her popularity with

Looking closely at her lovely face in the mirror, it looked
almost too perfect to be real.  She had always been in awe at her
own beauty, but lately she had become absolutely mesmerized by
it.  It was still her, of course.  The numbers had not changed
greatly: 35-22-34, 5'6" at 112 pounds and she always worked very
hard to make sure that they didn't.  She had large innocent blue
eyes, a cute turned-up nose, and a pair of nice pouting lips, all
of which were framed wonderfully by her dark blonde hair that ran
down to her back.  She always wore it parted in the middle, with
bangs cut just to the tops of her eyebrows.  It was a part of her
young-girl look, and it suited her perfectly.  Her firm body was
breath-taking (a look in any boy's eyes told her that), a glowing
brown from head to toe, tanned periodically  by the expensive
tanning machine she told her editor she simply had to have, and
of course he had leased it for her.  

Athena looked down in wonder.  Below her indented waist she was
completely hairless and she still had not gotten used to it.  The
result of a recent drunken party given by her 'friends' (the
idiots), the hairless pussy made her look like a very young girl
indeed.  It was also still very sensitive and could become very
distracting at times, which surprised her.  "If it always feels
like this after it's shaved, then why do the other seniors keep
doing it?" she wondered.  

Her legs, along with the rest of her disciplined body, were
perfectly sculptured by the many exercises she did every single
day.  She could not abide those girls who were unable to keep
themselves in shape.  They were just so gross it almost made her
sick every time she saw one.  

The new Athena Valentine found herself very impatient with any
sort of physical imperfection.  She looked good, so why shouldn't
everyone else?

She turned and looked at her bare tanned rump, thinking how nice
even that looked for a change.  But the thing that most people,
well, guys anyway, saw were her breasts.  You couldn't have
bought a more luscious pair, sitting high and proud on her chest
at an impressive 35C.  

Yes, she was quite a vision at 22 and still was able to easily
pass as 18.  And today was going to be her greatest moment.  She
was going to be crowned Queen of the Senior Prom.  Not only would
it make her silly editor happy, it would also make her the envy
of every girl in school and for the moment that seemed more

Feeling very pleased with herself, she giggled when she thought
of her name being called as the winner over the auditorium's
speakers.  It fit her perfectly: Athena Valentine.  At one time
she thought her name a little embarrassing, but now she just
loved it when her teachers called her Miss Valentine in class.

Yes, things were finally going her way.  At last, she was the one
firmly in control and she was going to win!  Finally!  Guys
wanted to be with her, and girls wanted to be her.  It was

She smiled once more at her perfect reflection and began to


What Athena didn't know was she had made many, many enemies on
her rapid climb to the top.  Today three of them, Paige, Natalie,
and Lisa, had made plans to get even with little Miss Perfect. 
Athena had always treated them like second class citizens, only
because they were underclassmen and certainly weren't as
attractive as she was.  She couldn't be seen talking to students
like them, she actually told them once.  What would peoplethink?

Today they were going to get even for the months of her snotty
comments and stuck-up attitude.  Her oppressive presence could be
felt everywhere in school and they hated her for it.  The way
she'd used her influence to get the behavior code changed, so
that she would be dressed nicer than anyone else.  Now at
Elizabeth Borden, the only things that girls who weren't seniors
or juniors could wear were practically school uniforms.  There
could be no more bare midriffs, mini-skirts, cut-offs, or
underwear that showed.  The list was almost endless.  Even not
wearing a bra or panties could be cause for dismissal if
discovered by school officials.  Not only did Athena cause the
new code to happen, she made it her business to see that it was
enforced as well.  If any students, especially the girls who were
lower classmen (freshman and sophomores), didn't wear what they
were suppose to, Athena made sure that the school's principle
found out about it.

On the other hand, juniors and especially seniors could wear
almost anything they wanted.  It was all so unfair!  

Today was special.  Today was 'get even day' for the three
sophomores.  They all had been good friends and constant
companions from the first grade.  The Three Amigos they always
called themselves because of their Spanish heritage.  They all
physically resembled each other with their straight black hair
and liquid brown eyes.  They even dressed alike.  You would have
thought they were sisters or at least cousins to see them, but
they were not related at all.  The girls were smart and
personable, but became rather shy and unsure of themselves in
school, as only young teenagers who come from overly-sheltered
homes can sometimes be in their first uncertain outings in the
real world.  

Athena treated them like dirt because they were, to put it
simply, rather plain.  They were flowers which had not yet
bloomed and it showed in their thin faces and just-developing
young bodies.  They had irritated Athena probably because they
were so unassuming and the haughty senior  took special delight
in harassing them whenever she could.  

Only now it was to be their turn to do the harassing.  Faced with
the unpleasant prospect of Athena Valentine lording over them for
the remainder of the school year, the girls decided that it was
time for action, and so the idea of 'get even day' was born. 

* * * *

Athena was alone in the girl's gym.  She stood on the top row of
the bleachers (she loved being higher than everyone else), as she
waited impatiently for her friends on the Prom Committee.  The
large empty room was already showing signs of tonight's
activities with balloons and bunting attached to the walls.  At
noon the long flexible wall separating the boy's and girl's gyms
would be pulled back and no further classes would be held here. 
The committee was to meet in order to  review any final
arrangements which had yet to be completed.  In fact, it had all
been done some time ago, but Athena wanted everyone to know that
her approval was still required before anything happened, even
though she wasn't actually a member of the committee, but a kind
of self-appointed advisor.  Not that she was going to help to
actually help them run anything tonight, as she had much more
important things to do.

Athena knew she was a vision standing there, in the fabulous and
expensive clothes she always wore.  A fussy cashmere sweater with
cute tiny buttons, the material pink and not too tight, yet
clinging enough to show off her lovely firm breasts.  A skirt
that hugged her hips and came down to three inches above the
knee.  The skirt was not that high, but with her legs it was
still enough to make the boys stare, the animals.  On her slender
feet Athena wore a pair on single-strap, 4-inch black pumps. 
Students weren't supposed to wear heels that high, but she had
gotten the principal to stretch the rules for her just a bit. 
They made her legs look so good!  Being beautiful had its rewards
and she just loved every minute of it.  She wondered with her
success tonight if she could have her editor (the worm!) extend
this assignment for the remainder of the school year.  She was
having way too much fun just to give it all up and return to
being a struggling reporter.

While she waited, Athena caught several boys looking at her
through the door connecting to the other gym.  She pretended she
didn't see them, as she turned around to place her books on the
bleachers.  Making sure, of course, to show her butt to them by
bending down extra low.  Then, after turning back around and
casually putting her arms behind her back, she pushed her
impressive breasts out.  Athena loved to show the boys a tiny bit
of what they must surely dream about, but could never have.  She
pretended to just catch sight of them and smiled innocently, then
waved.  They all blushed and ran off.  "Yes, it is very nice
being on top for a change," she said.

While she was waiting, she decided to put her long hair in one
braided ponytail running down her back.  She often wore it that
way, because it looked so attractive.  Besides,  it kept the long
hair out of her face.

Athena looked up at the clock.  "Where are they?"  she wondered.
"I can't believe they stood me up again!  Well, I can't wait all
day, or I'll be late for class."

She irritably looked towards the door for one last time as she
bent down to pick up her books and knocked them off the bleacher
and down between the open slots of the stands.  "Shit!" Athena
cursed under her breath.  She thought about leaving them, but her
paper on 'The War of 1812' was in her notebook.  Athena couldn't
leave without it.  Her teacher, Miss Bohon, was one of the few
female teachers she had.  She was also one of the only women who
could turn heads as well as Athena could.  Athena constantly told
all who would listen about what a bitch her history teacher was
because the woman was always acting so unfair to her.  They were
always having words.  Miss Bohon had actually told her once that
if she ever came to class with her top unbuttoned again, she
would give her detention.  Her, a senior!  

Lately Athena had been arguing about having to do this history
paper right before the prom.  She had been doing this for two
weeks now without success despite everything she tried.  She even
had some of her male teachers come after school and try to
intercede for her.  Finally, Miss Bohon told her flatly at the
end of yesterday's class, "Turn in the paper tomorrow on time,
Athena, or you shall fail, big time."  

Failing a class was the worse thing that could happen to her
right now.  It meant she wouldn't be eligible for any
extracurricular school-sponsored activities!  No Prom!  No Prom
Queen!  That bitch!  How dare she abuse her authority as a
teacher like that.  Athena pouted for the rest of the day, then
hastily cobbled something together that evening.  

She looked between the slots and couldn't see her books anywhere
in the shadows.  But fortunately her notebook was hanging on one
of the cross braces only a few feet below her.  Athena gave a
quick look again hoping there would be some boy she could talk
into getting it for her, but there were none to be found.  She
would need a high ladder to reach it from behind the stands, but
even then only after she pulled the heavy set of bleachers away
from the wall.

"Men!" she huffed in disgust.  "Where are they when you need

Athena wiped off the bleacher with her hand, then lay down upon
it.  She reached forward and put her right arm through the slot.
"Shit!"  Athena cursed again.  The notebook was just 6 inches out
of her reach.  She got up on her knees (now her lovely ass was in
the air above her) and, placing her left hand the bleacher next
to her for balance, put her head halfway into the slot to give
her right arm a farther reach and grab her notebook.  Finally,
with one big push she got her hand on her notebook.  

"Got it."

As she leaned forward to get a better grip on the important
notebook,  her heavy ponytail fell through the slot and, laying
across the left side of her face, hooked itself on one of the
bolts that held the metal brace to the wooden step.  Athena
started to back out but before she moved an inch she felt
something pulling sharply on her ponytail.  She eased herself
forward a tiny bit, then tried again to back out.  


Just what she needed right now was to have her hair become caught
on something.  She tried using her left hand to find out what the
trouble was, but she almost lost her balance and fell all the way
through the opening.  "Oh, shit!" she muttered with feeling at
her narrow escape.  Her left hand was her only real support.  
Athena thought about dropping her notebook so she could use her
right hand to feel around and free herself, but then she'd surely
lose her notebook and her paper as well, and there was no way she
could afford to do that.  

"Think, Athena, think,"  she told herself.  But the only thing
she could think of was dropping her notebook.  She steadied
herself, and gave herself one mighty push backward.  All she got
for her effort, however, was a sore scalp, and tears in her eyes.
 Athena didn't want to cry but she couldn't think of anything
else to do.  

"Help! Please someone!  I'm stuck!"  


The Three Amigos (Natalie, Lisa, and Paige) were walking by the
gym on their way to the cafeteria, when Paige stopped.

"Did you hear that?"  Paige asked.

"Yeah."  Lisa answered.  "What is it?"

"Sounds like someone's in trouble in the gym," Natalie replied. 

"The first class will not be in there an hour yet," observed
Paige.  "We had better check it out."


They walked in the gym and stopped when they heard an irritated
voice say, "Come on, somebody!  I'm stuck!  Help already!"

The three couldn't believe what they saw.  At the top of the
stand, there was a girl with her head between the bleachers, and
it sounded a lot like Athena Valentine.  The three quickly walked
over for a closer look and what they saw made them stop again.  

"It can't be!" muttered Natalie.

"With those clothes, are you kidding?" asked Lisa.  "Who else
could it be?"

"Yes, it's Athena all right," noted Paige with delight.  "You
see, what did I tell you.  There is a God."

"Now what do we do?" said Natalie.  "We can't just leave her like
this, looking like a sexy ostrich, can we?"

"Want to bet?" Lisa replied.

"Oh, baby!" said a grinning Paige.  "Girls, it's show time!"

"What, now?" asked Natalie.  "We get her now?"

"Why not?" said Lisa.  "It's perfect!"

"Hi, Athena!"  Paige called across the gym as she tried not to
laugh in delight.

At the sound of the voice, Athena froze.  Oh, great!  It just
what she didn't want, a silly underclassman like Paige to find
her, and if Paige was here, then so would be her two constant
companions, the other plain-Janes Lisa and Natalie.  Now she was
humiliated in front of the three of them!  Damn!  Well, help was
help, regardless of how ineffectual it might be.  It was time to
take change of this ridiculous situation.

Trying to sound kind, Athena said, "Hi, girls.  My hair is stuck
on something.  Could you please help?"

"You want our help?"  Natalie asked.

"You sure didn't want to help us last week when my car broke
down," Lisa told Athena.

Athena was getting miffed.  She couldn't miss an appointment to
have her hair done just to help them, now could she?  She had to
admit it was fun watching their plain faces as she drove by them
as they stood by their car in the rain.  But this was different!
Holding in her temper, she took a deep breath and decided to be
nice, so they'd help her.  She could always pay them back later.

"I'm sorry, but I was really late that day for something very
important," Athena explained in her most reasonable of tones. 
"Please, it hurts my head the way my hair is being pulled." 

"Well, okay" Paige said as she stared hypnotically at Athena's
raised behind.  She had possessed a crush on the beautiful Athena
since the first day she had seen her.  The girl was so perfect
Paige could hardly believe it!  She had always wanted to get her
hands on the untouchable Athena's firm tanned body, and now here
she was, trapped and hers for the taking.  

Natalie and Lisa knew of their friend's crush.  They both looked
at each other, then nodded silently at the widely grinning Paige.
 Lisa said loudly, "Natalie and I must get to class, but Paige
here can help you."  In a whisper she told Paige, "That way you
can have her all to yourself."

Paige silently word formed the words, "Thank you", to her
friends, then watched them both go stand to guard at the gym's

"Any time!" muttered Athena.  Yiks!  Why did it have to be these
three idiots who found her?

"Be there in a second," Paige said sweetly as she eagerly raced
up the high bleachers.  As she stood close behind the helpless
senior, she paused a moment to take in the glorious sight of the
bent-over Athena Valentine.  "Woof!" she whispered.  What a dairy
entry this was going to make!

"What?" asked an increasingly angry Athena.  What was taking so

"Okay, now.  Let's see if I can find what you're caught on,"
Paige said as she leaned over the back of the trapped senior
without touching her.  "Nope.  Can't see a thing.  I'm going to
have to get closer if I'm ever going to find what you're caught

"I don't give a shit what you do!" Athena yelled.  "Just get me
out of here!"

"Sure," said a delighted Paige.  "Sure."

Athena jumped when she felt a hand on her left ankle.  Her foot
was raised and her pump slipped off.  "Hey!  What are you doing?"
the surprised senior asked as her other shoe was removed.

"You and your heels!" said Paige.  She held up the right pump and
admired the stylish design before setting it aside with the left.
 "Do you want to be free or not?"

"Oh, all right," grumbled Athena.  "Just do it, will you?"  she
wasn't sure what was more embarrassing, being in this ridiculous
predicament or having her pumps removed by Paige.  She wasn't
certain why, but loosing her footwear like that made Athena feel
very tingly, especially the way the teen's hand lingered on her
bare ankle for a moment.

"Just do it.  Okay!" agreed Paige, only she was thinking along
very different lines.  Heart pounding, she leaned forward and
pressed her pelvis firmly against Athena's delectable buttocks. 
"Yes!" she breathed quietly.  They felt so good!  After savoring
the moment, the light-headed girl placed her trembling hands on
Athena's hips, and inserted one small knee between the helpless
senior's sculptured legs, making sure it was pressed firmly up
against Athena's panty-covered pussy.   

"Oh, yes!" sighed Paige in ecstasy.  

"OH!" gasped Athena in shock when she felt something move up
against her sensitive sex.  Oh, no!  It was bad enough having
Paige be right up against her like this, but still!  Yet, she
realized the girl had to get close, so for the moment Athena
could only reposition her pinned hips and  try and relieve the
deadly pressure on her pussy while she waited for that idiot
Paige to figure out what she was caught on.

"Stop squirming," commanded Paige suddenly as she pressed her
knee even higher against it's wonderful target.  "Do you want us
both to fall?"

"But you're...!" Athena started to say, then stopped.  Oh, God! 
What was she thinking?  She couldn't tell the girl what she was
doing, especially a lowly brain-dead sophomore like Paige.  It
would be terribly embarrassing.  Even worse would be getting hurt
on the day of the prom.  What a disaster that would be!  All of
that work for nothing?  No way!

"Come on, Paige, help me," Athena pleaded again as she tried to
keep her hips still and ignore the growing sensations coming from
her heating sex.  "I...I'll be still."  She didn't know why she
was getting so upset.  The girl was only trying to help her. 
Athena held her breath a moment and tried to relax.  "There is
nothing to worry about," she thought.  "Nothing at all."

Athena would have changed her mind if she had seen the dreamy
look on Paige's face.  The teen looked like a little girl whose
mother had just given her a large cookie.  She began to push her
pelvis rhythmically against Athena's firm buttocks, with her knee
and thigh moving back and forth between the increasingly
distraught senior's legs.

Athena desperately wanted to tell the stupid girl to take her
hands off her proud body, but she really did need Paige's help. 
Helplessly she began to shift again as she felt Paige run her
hands down over her buttocks, then push her leg even tighter up
against her crotch. 

"OH!!!" Athena gasped at the sudden increase in pressure against
her womanhood.  "Paige, please be careful!"

"Stop squirming, I said.  Now, let me see," Paige said in her
best professional voice.  She was surprised at how easily the
high-and-mighty Athena did what she told her.  Feeling calmer
now, she leaned forward and deliberately pressed her small,
braless breasts against Athena's back.  Paige was cheating the
rules by being without a bra, and she wanted the haughty Athena
to know it.

Athena tried to move forward to give Paige more room (and to get
away from that embarrassing thing between her legs), but all she
did was to cause her sweater to slide down towards her lowered
head, baring her fit tanned stomach and lower back.

Athena's movement did not go unnoticed.  Seeing the way Athena's
sweater started to ride up, Paige decided to help it just a bit.
She carefully grabbed the bottom and slowly pulled on it until it
was resting just below Athena's large, firm breasts.  

"I can't see,"  Paige told her matter-of-factly as she leaned
farther forward and pushed her knee repeatedly against Athena's
vulnerable pussy.  Hearing no reaction, she placed her hands onto
Athena's bare sensitive ribcage, and rubbed her knee up and down
as Athena kept trying to move her pussy away from her. 

Athena panicked and squirmed even harder to escape when she felt
Paige's hands holding her bare mid-drift.  What had happened to
her top?

"Oh, God!" the senior shrieked.  "Paige, what's going on?  My
sweater!  It seems to be riding up.  Can you pull it back down,

"Just a sec, Athena.  I think it might be stuck on something. 
You don't want me to rip it do you?" Paige answered as she worked
the sweater up higher, pushing it up over Athena's bra-covered
breasts, as the senior again tried to desperately back out
without pulling her hair out by the roots.  

"Paige, don't rip it!  It cost 500 dollars!" Athena shouted
through the sweater that was now bunched around her neck.  

Paige pulled her own top off, baring her cute upturned breasts,
and rubbed her tits against Athena's bare back, the smell of the
firm, tanned flesh filling her lungs with pure sweetness. 
"Ooohhh!  That's so nice!" she moaned as she moved her small
breasts over the golden back.  The feel of her stiff one-inch
nipples sliding over the warm skin was an electrifying sensation
which made the teen's toes curl!  Paige had dreamed of this
moment since the first day she saw her, and now Athena was hers,
all hers.  Overcome with the closeness of the sexy vulnerable
senior, Paige had to resist slipping a hand down the front of her
tight jeans.  She could always do that later.

Athena was so confused she couldn't tell what was going on any
more.  She felt some very odd things rubbing against her back. 
She couldn't figure out what they were, but the small, hard
objects felt warm and caused her back to break out into goose
pimples.  What was that foolish girl doing back there?  "Come on,
Paige," Athena grumbled.  Her day was very busy and she didn't
have time for this!  Besides, that silly girl was making her feel
very...nervous.  "That's not helping!  My head really hurts!"

"Don't move or you'll rip your sweater."

"Oh, no!  Not my sweater!"

Paige ran her fingers up Athena's spine and grinned as Athena
jerked in response, causing Paige's nipples to rub again across
the smooth back.  Her clitoris throbbed in response and Paige
again had to fight the urge to take care of her own growing

"What are you doing?" the edgy reporter protested.  "That's not
helping me!"  Whatever Paige was doing to her was inadvertently
causing her body to seriously come alive.  She hadn't felt like
this since those terrible days at the Devereux mansion.  It was
wonderful and she hated herself for feeling that way.  For the
first time in months she felt the need of her SO pills, her
anti-sex pills that were prescribed her just to stop these
terrible feeling of uncontrollable sensuality building within her
heating body.  This girl was just suppose to be helping her, and
here she was getting all excited instead!  Oh, God!  What was

"Come on, Paige," Athena pleaded with a growing sense of
desperation.  "Stop fooling around and help me."

"I'm just trying to find out what your sweater is stuck on,"
Paige said chuckling as she reached down.  She easily found the
bolt that Athena's hair was caught on, and gave the thick strand
of hair a few extra turns to attach it more firmly.  The long,
lightly scented hair was soft and silky to the touch, and Paige
felt a thrill just to touch it.  

"Maybe I need to get this out of the way."  With that, Paige
pushed the sweater right up over Athena's shoulders, causing it
to fall over the hapless reporter's head, completely covering it.

"Paige!"  wailed the muffled voice from inside the sweater. 
"What are you doing?"

"Stop your whining!  I still can't find a thing.  Now, don't move
or you'll rip your pretty sweater." 

"Okay, but hurry, please," Athena whimpered as she tried not to
move.  She certainly didn't what to rip her brand new sweater,
but it was so hot and stuffy with her head wrapped inside it, she
was already feeling faint.  Not that she had anything else to
worry about!  

This was so humiliating!  She must be quite a sight to the silly
sophomore behind her.  Not just behind her, either.  In Paige's
ridiculous attempts to free her, Athena had felt the teen all
over her.  The close, fumbling presence of Paige had started the
terrible magic again, and her body was joyously responding to the
teen's every innocent touch.  Athena could sense the extreme
pressures building within her, pressures she had not felt in a
long time, pressures she had lately become helpless to control. 
The shocking need to climax was rising within her and she didn't
know what to do about it!  She couldn't cum, not now!  She would
just die if she did!  "Please, God!," she whispered.  "Not now,
not now."

If she could just hang on a little while longer, Athena was sure
that even that stupid idiot Paige would have her freed in a

"I think I see what the problem is...oops!  Sorry!  Your bra just
opened.  Hooks must be bent.  I'll check that first, then I'll
see what's got your hair." Paige said, as she opened the bra
clasp and pushed the straps off Athena's shoulders.  

"Oh, no!" wailed Athena as she felt her breasts go free.
"Now, let's see what we have here," Paige said gaily.  She
reached around and cupped both of Athena's firm breasts and
squeezed the wonderful flesh between her fingers.  At the same
time, she kept rubbing her nipples against Athena's bare back. 
"Now who's not wearing a bra?" Paige asked gleefully.

"OH!!" panted the distraught senior from inside the hot sweater
as she felt hands knead and squeeze her swollen breasts.  Athena
tried to be still, but the way Paige was helping her, it was
making her nipples harden against Paige's eager hands.  She was
hoping that Paige didn't notice or she would die of

The sensations went right to her abused sex and it tingled hotly
in response!  She wanted to press her legs together to stop the
sudden throbbing of her erupting pussy, but with the clumsy Paige
being between her legs would not allow it.  Whatever Paige had
pressing against her sex was driving her crazy!  She knew it was
just the girl's leg accidentally placed between her own, but it
was really getting to her.  Athena tried spreading her knees on
the narrow bench to give Paige more room, but that just caused
her to press her crotch even harder onto the intruder between her
legs!  Soon she would be soaking through her panties with her
out-of-control secretions and then she would truly die, because
then this nothing of a girl would know how she had affected her,
the superior woman, Athena Valentine.  She tried again to move
out of the way but all that did was pull harder on her hair, and
start tears again to run down her face.   She was trapped!  The
girl had to finish soon, she just had too!  

"Oh!  Paige!" groaned the trapped senior as her breasts swelled
at the teen's electric touch!  "S-stop...t-that!  Y-you're
not...helping at all."

"I can't see without leaning over you, and I don't want to fall
on you either.  I need to hang onto something, so stay still or
you'll rip your sweater."

"Oh, my God!  Do you have hold me...Uhhh!"  Athena gasped
as closed her eyes.  She suddenly felt her very sensitive nipples
being twisted hard in opposite directions.  When she could speak
again, she said carefully, "Okay, okay.  But p-please...hurry,
will you?"  

Paige kept running her knee against Athena's damp crotch as she
played with Athena's lovely breasts.  She found that if she moved
her hips the right way, her own crotch would press against the
back of Athena's left thigh, and Paige began to masturbate
herself against the senior's left leg.  With everything that was
being done to her, Athena couldn't help but breathe even harder.

"P-please...h-hurry," Athena whispered desperately.  It was
happening again!  Oh, God!  She felt so turned-on right now  she
couldn't stand it!   Her climax was close, very close.  She could
not fight it much longer.  "I'm going to loose it," she thought
desperately.  "I'm going to loose it all if Paige doesn'thurry."
"I guess that wasn't it," said the ever-helpful Paige.  "Let me
try something else."

Paige could have played with Athena's fantastic tits all day. 
They were more wonderful than she ever imagined.  So firm! 
Athena's erect nipples made her head spin as they pressed against
her palms.  Whenever she pinched or twisted them she could hear
Athena moan in response.  But it was time for other things.  She
didn't have all day, after all, before the first class would come
in to use the gym.  

Paige raised up and looked at Athena's tight butt.  It was right
in front of her!  As Athena once again tried to painfully pull
herself free, Paige lifted Athena's skirt up at the same time. 
Athena never knew what happened as Paige pushed her skirt up
around her waist.

"Now don't move," Paige said as she ran her hands over the
panty-covered buttocks in front of her.  The slick translucent
material, a  glowing pearl, stretched tightly over the delectable
buttocks.  To her delight, Paige could easily detect the dark
shadow of Athena's ass crease through the expensive material.

Athena could feel that like her sweater, her skirt was probably
now riding very high.  She could feel the soft fabric of Paige's
jeans pressing against the backs of her bare thighs!  The pain
from her last attempt at escape had caused her to start crying
again.  Her sweater-covered head was swimming from being
upside-down for such a long time and she was feeling very
light-headed.  With all of the other distractions, the beautiful
reporter didn't notice the way Paige was now fondling her
up-turned ass.

Paige was in heaven as she squeezed and kneaded Athena's firm
buttocks.  Fidgeting and wiggling under her touch caused the thin
elastic waistband of Athena's panties to lower just a bit,
revealing the top curves of Athena's shapely bottom. 

The increasingly flustered Athena couldn't understand what was
happening to her.  Trapped in this terribly humiliating,
upside-down position, her head wrapped up in her own sweater, her
breasts hanging free from a broken bra, her mind buffeted by
unexplained sensations running the length of her trembling body,
she felt she was going mad!  What on earth was Paige doing?  Why
couldn't some of her senior friends have found her, instead of
this ridiculous girl who obviously did not know what she was
doing?  Suddenly, Athena frantically wished she had worn a longer
skirt today.  She hated to think what kind of view she must be
giving the teen behind her after all of the girl's hapless
fumbling!  Perhaps she could see the backs of her thighs.  Oh,
God!  Maybe she could even see her...her panties!  Oh, no!

"P-Paige," Athena gasped from inside the hot sweater.  "I think skirt is riding up.  Could you pull it down, please?" 

"No, it's fine," Paige answered, as she took her fingers and
hooked them in the waistband of the panties and gently pulled
them down Athena's tanned thighs.  

Athena never felt the faint whisper of silk as her expensive
panties floated down her thighs to land on her bare feet.  She
never heard Paige's gasp of awe as the beautiful 22-year-old's
secret places were fully revealed to the hot-eyed teen crouching
behind her.  All Athena heard inside her sweater was the pounding
of her own heart, the sound of her blood roaring in her ears.  

The teen sighed at seeing not a hair in sight.  "Wow," she
whispered.  "How hot is that!"  

Paige leaned forward and again pretended that she was trying to
help free Athena.  "Let me try one thing more," she said.  The
girl grabbed the senior's soft hair and pulled it with one hand,
while with the other she cupped Athena's magnificent pussy. 
Paige almost gasped aloud as she ran her fingers up and found
Athena's pubic area as smooth as silk.

"Paige!"  Athena howled as Paige started pulling on her hair,
while the hand cupping the distracted senior's pussy went
unnoticed.  Paige's finger quickly found Athena's clit and toyed
with the tip as she kept tugging on Athena's hair.  

Athena knew something was different but could not understand
what.  She was getting more light-headed by the second, her body
close to exploding in wondrous orgasm.  "Paige, please hurry!" 
she pleaded.

Paige just smiled and grabbed Athena's lovely left breast and
rolled the nipple between her fingers, as she slid two fingers
inside Athena's hot little cunt.

"AAAhh!" groaned Athena.  Her mind was clouded completely by a
sudden flurry of fantastic erotic sensations which overwhelmed
her.  The senior was devastated!  "What's happening?" she moaned.
 "What's happening?"

"I'll have it in a moment."  Paige quickened her fingers working
the tight, grasping channel, while she joyously kneaded Athena's
firm left tit.  

Athena wasn't sure why, but all she knew was she was going to
cum.  Frantically now, she tried one last attempt to pull her
hair free before it was too late, but all moving her hips
accomplished was to keep Paige's busy fingers buried deep inside

"Oh no!  Please, Paige!  God!  Oooooooooooh!"  Athena could fight
it no longer!  She climaxed!  The senior's body stiffened as hot,
delicious girl-cum splashed over Paige's right hand as her
fingers were held tightly by the pulsing vagina.   

Athena remained still as the marvelous sensations swept through
her body, releasing her, purging her, renewing her.  "Yes!" she
thought.  "God help me, yes!  Yes!  Yes! Yes!"  She did not care
how it happened.  She cared only that it did happen, and that was

Paige waited until the clenching muscles loosened and a groggy
Athena began to move again before she shifted her hand and
quickly teased Athena's vulnerable clit until the stunned senior
came again!  Athena cried out once in surprise, then fainted. 
Her lifeless fingers loosened and the notebook dropped under the

Paige stood and turned to face the wall.  She swiftly opened the
front of her hip-huggers and placed her right hand deep inside. 
Moving past her own sparse pubic hair, she quickly worked her own
dripping sex until she too stiffened momentarily, then collapsed
onto the bench seat in blessed relief.  She shamefully refastened
her pants, then turned to face the gym again in embarrassed
silence.  She had never done that before.

The panting Paige smiled weakly over to her friends at each door.
 "Come on and help me get her dressed," she called across the
large gym.

Paige easily unhooked Athena's hair and laid the beautiful senior
on her back.  She sat on the bleacher after first moving the
unconscious Athena's legs so that she could sit between them. 
She gazed with awe at the sight of the semi-nude senior.  She
couldn't believe that she had done this, had brought the haughty
and untouchable Athena Valentine to this amazing condition.  Her
heart raced as she drank in the sight of her victory over this
incredibly stuck-up yet astonishingly beautiful girl.  The
senior's sweater was still over her head, tangled with her
loosened bra.  The girl's ponytail had come undone, the long
blonde hair laying across her face in disarray.  The skirt still
rode high over the flaring hips, while obviously damp panties
dangled uselessly from her left foot. 

But, in spite of everything else that was showing, it was only
the thin glistening lips which nestled high up between the
sculptured thighs that attracted Paige's attention!  They seemed
to beckon to the teen and she found herself powerless to resist.
She looked towards her approaching friends still walking across
the gym floor, but, alone or not, she just couldn't help herself.
 If the school's marching band in full uniform with instruments
blaring came through a door right now, it would not prevent her
from taking advantage of this ultimate opportunity.  She leaned
forward, placed her face between the opened thighs, and
repeatedly ran her tongue the length of the defenseless slit,
lapping up the heavenly nectar as she did so.

"Ooohh!" moaned the semi-conscious Athena at the devastating
sensations coming from her pussy.  In her staggered mind she was
back in the Devereux play room and deadly little Barbara was
between her legs.  "Too good, honey. good. 
Not...right," she protested in her dreams as she automatically
raised her hips to increase the powerful contact.  

Fascinated, Paige stopped to listen, but Athena became quiet
again.  "Wonder if I can do that again?" Paige murmured.  This
time she inserted her tongue deep into the tight passage,
savoring the hot velvet wetness, while using her hands to tease
the up-thrust breasts.  

"Barbara, you little devil!" groaned the dreaming senior. 
"You...shouldn't be doing...that.  Good little girls don't
do...that nannies.  Aaahhhhh!  Soooo good! 
Never!  Can never resist... me!  Too good. 
Too much sex.  Need pills.  Oh, God!  It's happening...happening!
 Not again!  Not Again!  Need my pills...must stop it.  Ooohhh! 
Need pills!!"

The astonished teen could not believe what she was hearing.  What
had this teaser been doing?  Ever since the cunt came to
Elizabeth Borden, she had acted so superior to everyone, putting
down those who did not measure up to her high standards.  And now
this!  Was there a secret side to the perfect Athena Valentine
which was only now being revealed?   Something in her makeup
which made her not just perfect, but the perfect target,
unsuspecting and vulnerable?

Paige fluttered her tongue over the raised clitoris and the dazed
Athena opened her eyes wide in disbelief as her body spasomed and
a gusher of sweet fluid came from her pulsating vagina!  

"What's going....AAAHHH!" she cried.   Athena's perfect body
jumped and twisted on the bleacher under Paige's continuing
assault.  Athena kept cumming again and again as her shattered
mind was given no time to understand  what was causing it!  Paige
kept her strong grip on Athena's dancing chest, cruelly twisting
and pulling at the vulnerable  nipples with wild abandon while
she joyfully suckled at the defenseless Athena's erupting sex! 
Finally Athena could take it no longer and with one last
desperate cry she succumbed again in total confusion from the
devastating series of all-consuming climaxes!

Paige stood after she heard the approach of her friends at the
top level of the bleachers, but not before quickly licking the
unconscious senior's cunt and inner thighs clean of her
delightful girl-cum, and giving the glorious breasts one final

"Yes!!" exulted Paige, ecstatic in the knowledge that the perfect
Miss Valentine wasn't so untouchable after all.  You just had to
know how and where to do it!

"You go, girl!" exclaimed a laughing Natalie as she surveyed the
scene.  "I can't believe you did that!"

"Wow!  Looks like you had your fun at last, Paige," Lisa said
with a knowing smile.  "How was it?"

"It was better than I ever imagined" panted the sophomore.  Paige
was ecstatic.  "Thank you.  Thank you both for letting me...have
her.  But listen to this: the mighty Athena Valentine has a
problem with...," Paige's voice dropped suddenly to an
embarrassed whisper "!"  Her voice rose back to normal. 
"How cool is that?" 

"Really?  What problem?" asked Lisa as her eyes drank in the
golden semi-nude form laying there.  "Looks like she does it
pretty well to me!"

"No, Lisa.  That's just it.  She does it too well.  The Bitch
Queen can't help herself.  She even has to take pills to keep it
under control."

"Those pills we found in her locker?" asked Lisa.

"The ones she keeps hidden next to her pager," said Natalie. 
"Must be."

"But my mom has pills like that," said Lisa.  "I took one once
and almost spent an entire Saturday playing with myself, I was so
hot.  Those are really nasty!"

"You sure?" said Paige.  "The label on the bottle said just the
opposite.  Kind of a tranquilizer."

"I'll never forget those little pills as long as I live.  Look,
we all know Valentine's an idiot.  The stupid bitch must have
gotten her prescriptions messed up."

"Hey, wait a minute!" said Natalie.  "That wouldn't have been
those special vitamin pills you offered us at our last
sleep-over, would it?"

"Well," said a clearly embarrassed Lisa, "why should I have all
the fun?"

"You shit!"


"This is great!" Paige said.  "At least we know how they work.  I
think Little Miss Perfect is going to have an even worse day then
we planned.  First, though, we have to get her dressed.  Do you
have the bra I gave you this morning?'

"Sure thing, right here," Natalie answered, reaching into her
book bag and handing it to Paige.  "But I don't see how it's
going to fit on those."  Natalie laughed and pointed at Athena's
full breasts.

"Oh, it will fit if we squeeze her into it.  We don't want her
bouncing around at school, that's against the rules," Paige said

With a great deal of effort, they got Athena's impressive 35C's
into a bra that held only a 34B.  

"There!" exclaimed a satisfied Paige.  "That should keep Athena
from bouncing and make her very uncomfortable for a while.  Did
you change the sports bra she keeps in her gym locker with the
strapless one?"

"Sure did.  Everything is ready for Athena's very special day,
the bitch!"  Lisa answered with a smile.

"If I would have known Athena shaved, we could have bought her a
special pair of panties, too," Natalie giggled, looking down at
Athena's bald little pussy.

"Quite a pleasant surprise.  I think the rest of the school will
love it, too, as soon as we tell them!   Little Miss Prefect's
sweet surprise," Paige said.  "Well, enough chit-chat.  We'd
better finish and get to class."

"We've missed one already, you know," said Natalie.

"It was more than worth it," said Paige as she licked her fingers
and hand clean.  "Absolutely!"

"Hey!" objected Lisa.  "When's it our turn at Super Bitch?"

"Soon, Lisa," said Paige with a wink.  "Very soon."

The three completed the pleasing task of getting Athena dressed
and left her, still unconscious, sitting on the top bleacher,
propped up with her back against the wall.  They even refastened
her ponytail.

"Oops!" said Paige.  "Almost forgot!"  Going back to the senior,
she removed a tiny pair of scissors from her book bag, and began
snipping around the fasteners of Athena's sweater and skirt.
"Thought we weren't going to do that until later?" said Natalie.

"You and your schedules!  Look, there's no time like the
present!" sang Paige.  "There!  That should give her something to
think about!"

On the way out, Lisa said, "I wonder what she'll say when she
wakes up?"

* * * *

End of Part One