Kristen the Cruiser

                              Title: Kristen the Cruiser
                              Author: el Mano (


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                        I had known Kristen and her family for a long time. I 
                        watched her grow from a sweet little girl to a gonky 
                        pre- teen and then to a truly lovely sixteen year old. 
                        When she was young Kristen had had a big crush on me. I 
                        used to love it when her parents would bring her over. 
                        She always gave me big hugs and nice wet little girl 
                        There came a time one summer when I got to "know" little 
                        Kristen a lot better. It happened one warm June evening 
                        when she spent the night with my then thirteen year old 
                        sister in law, Lauren. But that is another story.
                        Kristen had always been a "looker." She was about 5'-5". 
                        She had a nice trim figure even as a little girl and as 
                        she grew older her curves filled out into one of the 
                        nicest bodies I have ever seen. By the time she was 
                        sixteen, Kristen wore her beautiful long blonde hair in 
                        a ponytail most of the time that hung to her waist. She 
                        had sparkling blue eyes and a pouty little mouth.
                        Unfortunately, as some good-looking girls often do, 
                        Kristen became rather enamored with herself as she grew. 
                        By the time of this story, she'd become one of those 
                        "untouchable" beauties that one can only dream about. "I 
                        wonder who gets to fuck them?"
                        She was now a junior in high school and very popular. 
                        Everyone knew her by name. She was the head cheerleader 
                        on the varsity squad; the only junior in the history of 
                        the school to ever achieve this rank. She was very much 
                        in the running for Class President. She was expected by 
                        all to graduate with honors. She was dating a guy named 
                        Rick who was a sophomore at the University of Virginia. 
                        She was simply magnificent and she knew it!
                        Kristen lived with her mother Lyle in a little old house 
                        out in the county after her father's untimely death. The 
                        two women had a difficult time dealing with minor 
                        problems such as broken plumbing and the like. After 
                        Lyle's husband died I would often go over to fix little 
                        things around the house for her. Occasionally I would 
                        run into Kristen when she came home after school.
                        I would always try to strike up a conversation with her 
                        but was usually not so politely snubbed by the young 
                        beauty. This really hurt my feelings, but what the hell. 
                        She was a busy girl with young friends of her own and 
                        really didn't have time for an "old" guy like me. I must 
                        admit, though, after awhile I began to get angry. One 
                        afternoon I had some spare time and decided to run by 
                        Lyle and Kristen's house to fix a downstairs sink that 
                        need some attention.
                        Lyle had given me the key to their house months ago 
                        since I had become their kind of "handy man". I let 
                        myself in at around 2:45. I was working on the P-Trap 
                        trying to get it loose when I heard the back door slam. 
                        I looked at my watch. It was 3:30; must be Kristen 
                        getting home after school. I gave the wrench one more 
                        big push and the trap bolt finally let go. I got up from 
                        under the vanity to go outside for some Teflon tape.
                        As I strolled into the kitchen, Kristen was there eating 
                        an apple and looking really great as usual. Hi, Kristen, 
                        I said cheerily. "Hello," she said not even looking at 
                        me in her snotty way. I was beginning to seethe as I 
                        went out of the door. When I returned, Kristen was gone. 
                        I heard a stereo turned up loud upstairs. I went back to 
                        work on the sink.
                        It only took me another 15 minutes to put everything 
                        back together. When I was finished, I washed my hands in 
                        the kitchen and was preparing to leave when out of 
                        nowhere a thought struck me. I remembered as clearly as 
                        if it were yesterday leaning down a licking Kristen's 
                        wet cunt all those years ago.
                        I could hear the stereo blaring as crept up the back 
                        stairs. I followed the sounds of Led Zeppelin as I 
                        finally approached the closed door. "Hmmm," I thought. 
                        "Now there's a familiar smell." Being a burnout from the 
                        sixties I immediately recognized the smell of burning 
                        Kristen was in the process of taking a big hit off the 
                        joint when I opened her door. "What's that funny smell?" 
                        I asked as I grinned knowingly at the startled young 
                        girl on the bed? Kristen was caught and she knew it. She 
                        had nowhere to run.
                        "Uh.... Hi," she said, immediately turning on the 
                        manipulative charm. "It's just some Turkish tobacco that 
                        my boyfriend gave me."
                        "Yeah, right," I said as I walked into her room 
                        uninvited. I closed the door behind me. As I approached 
                        the bed, I also noticed an open can of Budweiser on the 
                        nightstand. As I eyed first the can then Kristen, she 
                        looked at me guiltily. "Does your Mom know that you are 
                        smoking pot and drinking?" I asked the worried teen.
                        "Well, no, but..."
                        "But what?" I prompted.
                        "Well... she doesn't have to know, does she?"
                        "I don't know, Kristen," I said.
                        "Please don't tell Mom," she pleaded. I only do this 
                        once in awhile." She looked so vulnerable at that 
                        I thought for a moment; letting the minutes drag by. 
                        Finally I said, "Tell you what, I don't know why I 
                        should do you any favors after the way you've been 
                        treating me the past couple of years, but I'll let this 
                        go on one provision. I want you to start treating me a 
                        LOT better. You owe me for this, Kristen."
                        "What exactly do you mean?" she asked, a haughty tone 
                        returning to her voice.
                        "I mean," I went on, "I don't want to hear that kind of 
                        a tone in your voice when you speak to me. I want you to 
                        be sweet and nice." I sat on the bed beside the young 
                        blonde. She moved away apprehensively. "Hey, take it 
                        easy," I said. "You can start by offering me a hit off 
                        that joint."
                        Relief visibly washed over her as she held out the 
                        smoking number. Instead of taking it from her I leaned 
                        over and took a long pull, allowing my lips to brush 
                        against her fingers. Her hand shook as I sucked on the 
                        joint. When I sat back up, she jerked her hand away.
                        "Mmmm... that's nice," I grunted trying to hold my 
                        breath. I slid over closer to the young girl so that my 
                        hip was almost touching hers. She was already at the end 
                        of the bed and although she had nowhere to retreat to, 
                        she still tried to move away form me. I put my arm 
                        around her and pulled her to me. Her whole body 
                        "Noooooo..." she whined, as she began to squirm.
                        "What's wrong?" I said as I nuzzled my nose into her 
                        lovely white neck beneath her sweet smelling blonde 
                        hair. I breathed in a long deep breath of her scent. The 
                        memories flooded back again.
                        "Stop it," she almost shouted, as she wiggled from under 
                        my arm and jumped up from the bed. "Don't do that," she 
                        spat venomously.
                        "Kristen," I said, sternly. "I'm willing to let this one 
                        instance go, but from this point on, I expect you to 
                        behave. Unless you want me to tell your mother right now 
                        about your drug and alcohol use, you're going to have to 
                        get used to doing what I tell you."
                        The young girl glared at me in shocked disbelief. "But 
                        you promised you wouldn't tell," she whined.
                        "Everything has its price and the price for my silence 
                        is your full cooperation," I told the bewildered young 
                        "Yeah but..." she started.
                        "No but's!" I almost shouted as she shrank back. "I 
                        expect you to do as I say starting right now. Go 
                        downstairs and get me a beer. I'll be waiting right 
                        The teenage girl was looking back at me pensively as she 
                        left the room. "This was going to work out really well," 
                        I thought to myself. I glanced around Kristen's room 
                        noticing that most of the pictures on the walls were of 
                        herself. There was one of two group pictures of her 
                        cheerleading squad and one on the bedside table of a 
                        young dark haired guy. Rick, I assumed. "Well, Rick old 
                        buddy, you're just going to have learn to share," I said 
                        to the picture as I grinned.
                        When Kristen returned with my cold Budweiser, we drank 
                        for a moment in silence. Kristen wouldn't sit on the bed 
                        but just stood there in front of me wondering what this 
                        evil man would ask of her next. I didn't let her wait 
                        long. I set the beer on the nightstand and said, "Come 
                        over here Kristen."
                        She hesitated.
                        "I said come here. Stand right here in front of me," I 
                        Slowly she moved toward me. As she got within reach I 
                        grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her close so that 
                        she was standing between my thighs. She squeaked in 
                        fear. "Relax," I told her. I was already getting dizzy 
                        from the sweet smell of the young teen, or maybe it was 
                        the pot. Who knows.
                        "Kiss me," I said point blank.
                        "No," she said. "I won't!"
                        "Oh but you will, Kristen. Your mother will be home any 
                        minute. I'm sure that being grounded for the rest of the 
                        school year won't help your relationship with old Rick 
                        here," I said nodding toward the picture on the 
                        "How did you...?" she began.
                        "Never mind how I know his name. I said kiss me on the 
                        lips right now young lady."
                        Ever so slowly the beautiful young girl bent toward me. 
                        I didn't move one inch, but rather I let her come the 
                        whole way to me. She scrunched her eyes closed as her 
                        tender lips touched mine. An electric shock ran through 
                        me as the memories of her talented mouth filled my head.
                        Quickly she drew back, wiping her mouth with the back of 
                        her hand.
                        "Again," I said. I thought she was going to cry as she 
                        once more was forced to bend down to me. This time, as 
                        our lips met, I placed a hand behind her neck and held 
                        her mouth to mine. "Mmm...mmm...mmm," she moaned through 
                        her nose. I didn't french her just yet.
                        When I at last released her, she jumped back. Tears 
                        sprang to her eyes and she again wiped her pouty lips 
                        with her hand. 
                        "That was real nice, Kristen. Rick is a lucky man. I'll 
                        just wager you have a very talented mouth." 
                        The young girl flushed red before me. "Is that all?" she 
                        said angrily. "Will you please leave me alone now and 
                        just go," she shouted, that haughty tone was back. 
                        "Yep," I said. "I'll leave right now."
                        She sighed with relief as I got up off the bed to leave. 
                        "But," I said as I looked back at her. "I want you at my 
                        house tomorrow afternoon promptly at 4:00."
                        "What!" Kristen gasped, a shocked look on her pretty 
                        face? "No way!" She said.
                        I went right on as if I hadn't heard her at all, "We're 
                        going to have a little party. My girlfriend will be 
                        there. Her name is Lynn. You'll really like her. You 
                        will be there Kristen, or else... If 4 o'clock rolls 
                        around and your smiling face isn't at my door, your 
                        mother gets a phone call. Do we understand each other?" 
                        For a minute she just stared at me in wide-eyed 
                        "DO WE UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER?" I shouted moving back 
                        toward her.
                        "Yes...yes... okay," she cried shrinking away from me 
                        and falling onto her bed. 
                        "Good... 4:00... Be there!" I left quickly as she began 
                        to sob, slamming the door behind me. "We'll just have to 
                        see what tomorrow brings," I thought to myself as I got 
                        into my truck and drove away.
                        >>> Kristen - Two <<<
                        I lived in town at the time near the University. I had a 
                        nice apartment that I had made some additions to. The 
                        main addition was a secret room that shared a common 
                        wall with the main living area. The most prominent 
                        feature on this wall from the living room side was a 
                        large ornamental mirror with a big gold leaf frame.
                        Would it be too obvious to say that this mirror was 
                        actually a one-way glass? Well it was... Really! 
                        Anyway, behind the glass in the small room was some very 
                        sophisticated video and audio equipment including two 
                        cameras mounted on tripods. One with a wide-angle lens 
                        and one with a remote controlled zoom and pan mount. 
                        Both cameras and their accompanying hidden mics were 
                        connected to a large console of professional audio/video 
                        editing and dubbing equipment. All camera and recording 
                        functions could be controlled from a tiny remote smaller 
                        than a TV/VRC remote.
                        I had designed it myself and had it fabricated by a good 
                        friend who is an E.E. It could easily be concealed in my 
                        pocket. The living room itself had soundproof walls, 
                        floor and ceiling. The windows were triple pain and also 
                        sound insulated. The furniture consisted primarily of 
                        one large modular couch arrangement that could be moved 
                        into any configuration one could ever want. All areas of 
                        the living room were "visible" to the mirror.
                        I invited Lynn over for the afternoon's entertainment. I 
                        had known Lynn since she was eleven years old. My 
                        sister, Jenny originally introduced her to me and we had 
                        since become very close friends. Lynn was a beautiful 
                        young woman now at eighteen. She had long dark hair and 
                        incredible emerald eyes that shot green fire when she 
                        was aroused, which was often when we were together.
                        I explained my plans for young Kirsten and asked her if 
                        she would help me out. 
                        "Sure," she said. "Kinda reminds me of what you and your 
                        sweet sister did to me all those years ago," she scolded 
                        "Yeah, and look where it got you," I said as I reached 
                        behind her firm butt and goosed her.
                        "Hey, settle down big boy," she chided. "You'll want to 
                        save some of that energy for our new little friend."
                        "Not today," I said. "I want you to have a turn with her 
                        Lynn smiled at me knowingly.
                        "Just follow my lead and once you get started with her, 
                        I'll roll the tape." 
                        "Sounds great," Lynn beamed!
                        At 3:55 I started to worry that maybe Kristen had backed 
                        out, but then suddenly there came a light knock on the 
                        front door. I remained on one end of the couch as Lynn 
                        got up and went out into the foyer to get the door.
                        "Hello," I heard her say. "Come right in." 
                        I heard another voice mumble a reply but could not make 
                        it out. It was definitely female. My heart was pounding 
                        as Lynn walked into the room first. A big lump jumped to 
                        my throat as in walked little Kristen looking both 
                        radiant and proud.
                        "Hi," I said as I tried not to jump to my feet.
                        "Hello," she said icily. She was magnificent! Long, 
                        thick, blonde hair which today hung loose and shining 
                        around her shoulders. Her eyes flashed with both anger 
                        and apprehension. Her beautiful firm young body was 
                        boldly displayed in a tight little skirt that ended at 
                        mid-thigh. Her firm young breasts were poking out behind 
                        a nice flowered cotton pullover. She had just a hint of 
                        makeup on. Probably all that was allowed at school.
                        I could see why she had such power over the boys in her 
                        life. My cock was getting hard just looking at her. "I 
                        see you've met Lynn already," I said trying to keep my 
                        voice under control. God, this little girl was magical!
                        "Yes we have met, you're very pretty, Kristen," Lynn 
                        said with a warm smile as she turned to the younger 
                        "Thanks," was all the answer she got.
                        "Well," I said, breaking the somewhat uncomfortable 
                        silence that developed, "you two chat while I go grab us 
                        a beer. You'll join us, won't you Kristen?" I said in a 
                        rhetorical tone.
                        "I dunno...." she replied.
                        I said, "You will join us, WON'T you Kristen?"
                        "Yeah, okay... I guess," came her meek response.
                        "Good, that's much better. Just have a seat and relax. 
                        I'll be right back." 
                        As the two girls sat, I went to the kitchen. I grabbed 
                        three buds from the fridge and opened them. Into 
                        Kristen's I dumped a small amount of a special fast 
                        dissolving tasteless sedative. The same kind I'd used on 
                        her years before only this time I used just enough to 
                        make her really groggy for a long while before rendering 
                        her unconscious. Lynn had told me she wanted her to 
                        struggle a little. I sure liked the way Lynn thought. I 
                        had taught her well.
                        I walked back into the living room to find the two girls 
                        sitting in silence. 
                        "Not too talkative today, Kristen?" I asked.
                        "Kristen is just getting started as a beer drinker," I 
                        said as I handed Lynn her cold Budweiser. "Her mother 
                        doesn't know yet. She also doesn't know that Kristen 
                        uses marijuana."
                        Kristen's eyes burned into me. "You promised you 
                        wouldn't tell," she spat.
                        "Oh don't worry about Lynn," I said. "She won't tell 
                        anyone, will you Lynn?" Lynn wants to be your friend. 
                        Here, drink up," I said as I handed Kristen the spiked 
                        She took her first sip. We again sat in silence. "So 
                        Kris... can I call you Kris?" Lynn asked.
                        "Okay," the monosyllabic response. "So Kris, what grade 
                        are you in?"
                        "Wow," I thought, "three whole syllables!"
                        "Are you doing well in school?" Lynn went on.
                        "I am an honor student," Kristen replied, her nose in 
                        the air. She took a big swallow.
                        "Do you have a boy friend? Surely a pretty girl like you 
                        has at least one boy friend?"
                        "I am going steady with Rick Miller. He is a sophomore 
                        at UVa. We are planning to get married as soon as he 
                        graduates," she said in a slightly more conversational 
                        As Kristen was took another big swallow of beer, Lynn 
                        asked, "Are you still a virgin, Kris?"
                        I thought both Kristen and I were going to choke. Lynn 
                        really knew how to point blank a person!
                        Once Kristen had regained her composure she sat there 
                        blushing hotly. She took yet another long pull on her 
                        beer, tipping the can back. It had to be pretty nearly 
                        "Well?" Lynn pressed.
                        "That's none of your business, now is it," she said 
                        "Now don't be rude, Kristen," I said somewhat sternly.
                        "Well it isn't any of her business, and it isn't any of 
                        your business either," she shouted. "I'm getting out of 
                        here and going home right now!"
                        As she got to her feet she wobbled momentarily and then 
                        fell over right in my lap. "Hi there," I beamed down at 
                        the lovely young girl as I caught her in mid-fall and 
                        lowered her onto my lap. "You sure you won't stay a 
                        while?" She struggled weakly and tried her best to get 
                        up but I easily held her.
                        "Let me go," she whined and tried to hit me.
                        I held both her hands in one of mine and gently stroked 
                        her soft cheek. "Now be still little one," I cooed. 
                        "Lynn and I are going to show you a good time aren't we 
                        "You bet," Lynn replied as she scooched closer to the 
                        two of us.
                        "Stop!" Kristen whined feebly as Lynn began to run her 
                        hand up one of Kristen's smooth warm thighs. Her 
                        struggling was definitely getting weaker all the minute. 
                        "No, ummm... mmmph..." Kristen started to wail until I 
                        brought my mouth down over hers. Her body tensed as out 
                        of the corner of my eye, I saw Lynn's expert hands move 
                        up under the young teen's skirt.
                        "Mmmm... mmmo... uugh... mmmo," the young girl moaned 
                        into my hungry mouth. I kissed her hard as my tongue 
                        fought with her clenched lips to gain access to her 
                        sweet mouth. I saw Lynn reach further up under Kristen's 
                        skirt and suddenly the teen's eyes and mouth sprang open 
                        wide. I knew Lynn had made contact.
                        "Ahhhh," the girl puffed. I took advantage of her wide- 
                        open mouth and plunged my tongue deep into her sweet 
                        warm mouth. I sucked hard on her tender tongue as I 
                        plunged my tongue deep into her. She pulled her wrists 
                        from my grasp and began to pummel my shoulders weakly 
                        with her fists. I paid her no mind and just continued to 
                        kiss her sweet tasting young mouth.
                        Soon her hands dropped to my shoulders. The drug was 
                        having the desired effect. The fight was draining from 
                        her. She was still trying to struggle, however, as I 
                        pulled my mouth from hers. The time was near. I slipped 
                        out from under her and signaled Lynn to take over. As I 
                        stood up, Lynn crawled slowly and gently on top of the 
                        weakly resisting young girl. "Lights... camera... 
                        action!!!" I thought to myself grinning.
                        I sat on the other end of the sofa and pulled the camera 
                        remote from my pocket. I looked into the tiny monitor on 
                        the remote and adjusted the camera angle until I could 
                        see all three of us on the couch. I zoomed in until only 
                        Lynn and Kristen were framed then I hit record. I 
                        figured that any signs of struggling could be edited out 
                        or dubbed to look like submission. Kristen's eyes were 
                        open but dazed looking as Lynn lay full on top of her. 
                        She grabbed Lynn's arms to try to push her away but in 
                        the monitor it really looked like she was pulling her 
                        down. As Lynn's lips first touched Kristen's the teen's 
                        eyes opened wide. 
                        "Mm... Mm," she groaned trying to roll her head away, 
                        but Lynn expertly moved a hand to hold her face all the 
                        while making it look like she was stroking Kristen's 
                        cheek. I could see Lynn's cheeks move as she worked her 
                        tongue into young Kristen. Soon Kristen's jaw dropped 
                        down slightly and I could tell Lynn had gotten inside. 
                        Kristen's struggling continued to wane and soon she lay 
                        still as Lynn kissed her deeply. 
                        After a minute, she sat up straddling Kristen's luscious 
                        young hips. In a dramatic flare she threw her lovely 
                        dark hair back and arching her back she began to 
                        unbutton her blouse. Lynn was good. She made a nice 
                        little show of removing her shirt and bra. Soon she was 
                        naked from the waist up, her lovely small but firm tits 
                        standing out proud, nipples erect with excitement. 
                        Next she began to tug Kristen pullover top out of the 
                        waistband of her skirt. Kristen's eyes opened and her 
                        hands moved to interfere but she was just to weak to do 
                        anything to prevent Lynn from doing whatever she 
                        "Noooo, please don't," she whined. 
                        I would edit that part out and dub in some purring 
                        sounds, which I would no doubt get later on. Lynn just 
                        smiled down at the woozy young girl and continued to 
                        draw the tight cotton top up past her little bra to just 
                        under her chin. With Kristen's hands still on her 
                        wrists, Lynn effortlessly released the front clasp 
                        between the cups of Kristen's bra.
                        Slowly she lifted and separated the small lacy garment 
                        to reveal two perfect firm white mounds, each topped 
                        with tiny strawberry nipples. I found myself 
                        unconsciously rubbing my stiffening cock through my 
                        jeans as I watched Lynn tenderly undress the helpless 
                        teen. Kristen rolled her head to face the back of the 
                        couch as Lynn gently pinched her two tiny nipples into 
                        full erection. Slowly Lynn started to squeeze and 
                        massage the two perfect mounds of breast flesh.
                        I could see the muscles in Kristen's arms flex as she 
                        vainly fought to remove Lynn's hands. Soon her body gave 
                        in and her hands fell away. Lynn kept rubbing the young 
                        girl, moving from her tits down and under her arm pits 
                        then down her sides to her waist and then back up the 
                        center of her firm tummy and back to her breasts. 
                        Kristen continued to face away. 
                        Soon, Lynn slid one leg down between the couch back and 
                        one of Kristen's outstretched legs. She scrunched her 
                        body next to the young girl. At the same time she 
                        brought her other knee up over Kristen's thighs. 
                        As she lay along side the young girl she bent her head 
                        down and tried to coax a kiss out of the teen. As 
                        Kristen tried to turn away from her to face the other 
                        way Lynn prevented her gently with a soft touch of her 
                        hand to the young girl's face. Kristen was almost beyond 
                        resistance now. I watched as her eyes closed and Lynn's 
                        hot mouth covered her's. 
                        To my great pleasure, this time I could see Kristen's 
                        jaw and cheek muscles move beneath her flawless skin as 
                        she kissed Lynn back. Lynn moved her hand from the young 
                        girl's cheek and down over her chest to her firm breasts 
                        where she began to kneed and pinch. Kristen began to 
                        arch her little back a bit. She was unconsciously 
                        getting into Lynn's petting. Soon Lynn let her exploring 
                        hand begin to move down over Kristen's firm flat tummy. 
                        She rubbed and pressed slowly and gently as she sought 
                        the fastener of her skirt. I could see their tongues 
                        mingle in each other's mouths as their kissing continued 
                        Then I watched as Lynn unfasten the button on the front 
                        of Kristen's tight skirt. I don't think the sleepy teen 
                        even noticed. One of Kristen's hands jumped slightly but 
                        that was her only reaction as Lynn quickly unzipped the 
                        short zipper of Kristen's skirt. As Lynn's hand moved 
                        under the waistband, however, we got a bigger reaction. 
                        "Mmmo.. Mmph... Mmm," she groaned into Lynn's mouth. I 
                        saw a hand move to interfere and quickly I slid off the 
                        couch and onto the floor beside the two girls. Carefully 
                        I held Kristen's wrist, preventing her from reaching up 
                        to stop Lynn. Her other hand was up under Lynn's hip and 
                        trapped against the back of the sofa. I gently rubbed 
                        her firm tummy with my other hand, making it look on 
                        film like I was simply helping out. 
                        Jesus, I wanted this girl! Her skin was so incredibly 
                        hot and smooth to the touch. I could smell her female 
                        scent of excitement beginning to waft through the air as 
                        she struggled weakly with the two of us. It took every 
                        bit of my control to keep my hand from joining Lynn's up 
                        under the teen's skirt. 
                        Kristen's young body began to tremble as I saw her skirt 
                        bulge out over her cunt. I knew that Lynn was rubbing 
                        her through her panties down there. Her legs were 
                        clamped tightly together as she moaned helplessly into 
                        Lynn's mouth. I moved my hand down from her warm tummy 
                        and gently pulled the firm thigh nearest to me toward 
                        the edge of the sofa. I saw the bulge of Lynn's hand 
                        beneath Kristen's skirt move further down between the 
                        young girl's legs. 
                        "Mmmm... Mmmph," she groaned louder this time as her 
                        little hips bucked up off the couch. 
                        "Ahhh, the little girl likes that, don't you baby," I 
                        purred into Kristen's ear. I nibbled at her ear lobe and 
                        then began to gently kiss her cheek moving slowly up to 
                        her mouth. Lynn raised her head and moved aside to let 
                        me take over at Kristen's mouth. The young girl's lips 
                        and teeth parted easily for my exploring tongue. Deep 
                        into her sweet warm mouth I drove the tip. I chased her 
                        nimble tongue until at last I caught it. 
                        Slowly she began to pant softly through her nose. Her 
                        fragrant breathe coming in little puffs against my 
                        cheek. From time to time she still would attempt to turn 
                        her head away as her mind sought to wrestle with the 
                        sedative while her young body all the while slipped 
                        further into passionate submission. 
                        Lynn was still rubbing her through her panties as I 
                        raised up to whisper, "Let's move her to a wider part of 
                        the couch." Lynn smiled in anticipation.
                        >>> Kristen - Three <<<
                        Lynn gently held Kristen as I stood up to move a couple 
                        of the big plush navy blue sections of the modular couch 
                        along side of the section the two girls currently 
                        I noticed that Lynn had removed her hand from under 
                        Kristen's skirt for the time being and was gently 
                        rubbing the young girl's tummy and cooing softly to her 
                        trying to keep her as relaxed as possible. Once the big 
                        ottomans were in place with the casters locked I nodded 
                        to Lynn.
                        "Let's slide her gently over more into the center." 
                        I knelt at Kristen's head and Lynn got up and moved down 
                        even with her hips. I took her shoulders and Lynn got 
                        her thighs and together we gently shifted the groggy 
                        young girl to the center of the big "bed". 
                        Kristen opened her big blue eyes at this, but didn't 
                        utter a sound. She just looked around dreamily for a 
                        minute and then slowly her eyes closed again. I waited 
                        for her breathing to slow watching the rise and fall of 
                        her smooth flat tummy and firm perky young breasts. 
                        Slowly I moved her arms up over her head and then 
                        grasping the bottom of the cotton pullover, I tugged the 
                        garment gently over her head and arms and then off. This 
                        had the added effect of spreading her beautiful blonde 
                        hair out around her head against the navy blue 
                        background of the big sofa. What a sight to behold. She 
                        was so lovely. 
                        Suddenly she began to bring her knees up and roll onto 
                        her side. Lynn gently grabbed her legs to prevent this 
                        and with a long sigh the young teen dozed again 
                        stretched out on her back. Carefully Lynn began to 
                        wiggle the tight skirt over Kristen's firm hips. 
                        I moved down and after rubbing her tummy for a minute to 
                        get her used to my touch, I slowly slid my hands up 
                        under the small of her back. As I gently lifted her 
                        little ass off the sofa, Lynn slipped the tight skirt 
                        down to her thighs exposing the sexy little thong style 
                        bikini panties beneath. 
                        My heart again leapt to my throat as I stared transfixed 
                        at the full mound beneath the small patch of satin at 
                        the juncture of the young girl's firm milky thighs. God, 
                        I wanted nothing more than to touch that warm little 
                        pussy right then and there, but I was somehow able to 
                        contain myself. My time would come later.
                        Lynn sat back also admiring our "catch". "She is a 
                        lovely little thing, isn't she?" Lynn said to me. 
                        "Yeah," I said, "and when she was younger, she had quite 
                        the talented little mouth. She used to be a real 
                        "Mmm, sounds good to me," Lynn said smiling lustily. "I 
                        can tell you that her little cunt is hot as a 
                        firecracker. I can't wait to get started."
                        With that she hopped off the bed and pealed her tight 
                        pants down over her nicely shaped hips and ass. Next she 
                        pulled down her little panties to reveal her beautiful 
                        puffy pussy. Lynn always kept shaved for me. I
                        have always loved the way smooth hairless vulva feel 
                        under the tongue, and Lynn had been loving my attentions 
                        since she was eleven. "Why don't you remove Kristen's 
                        skirt and panties now, Lynn. I for one would very much 
                        like to have a look at her."
                        "Gladly," Lynn replied with a smile. She crawled back 
                        onto the big bed and pulled the tight skirt the rest of 
                        the way off the teen's muscular legs and then slowly 
                        pulled the small satin panties down. 
                        My eyes bugged out. Before us was one of the prettiest 
                        sights I have seen in a long time. I remembered that 
                        even as a very young girl, Kristen had begun to "sprout" 
                        some pubic hair. Over the past five years, she had grown 
                        a nice full bush of very blonde wispy curly hair, which 
                        she had trimmed into kind of a "Mohawk". 
                        This coupled with the fact that she had very full vulva 
                        even though she was quite narrow down there, served to 
                        amply fill the small patch of satin that had been her 
                        panties. Kristen moaned softly as she dozed; probably 
                        semi-aware that she had been disrobed. 
                        "You might have to hold me back," I said to Lynn as I 
                        gazed at the young teen's gorgeous little snatch. "I 
                        gotta get outta these jeans," I said. I stood and peeled 
                        my T-Shirt over my head and then practically tore off my 
                        blue jeans and shorts allowing my throbbing nine-inch 
                        member to stand up proud. 
                        "You look pretty worked up," Lynn said to me smiling. 
                        "God I really am," I said. "But I want to wait for a 
                        better time, maybe after she sees our little production. 
                        It's your turn with her today, my dear, but don't be 
                        shocked if you feel this bad boy in your belly before 
                        the evening is through," I said grabbing my heaving 
                        "Mmmm, that'll be nice," Lynn said sexily.
                        "I had better sit over there," I said nodding to the 
                        other side of the couch. "You go ahead but call me if 
                        she starts to struggle again. The drug has pretty well 
                        kicked in so she shouldn't have much fight left in her. 
                        She will be able to feel what you are doing to her but 
                        won't really know what is happening."
                        Lynn smiled at me and moved onto the bed next to the 
                        helpless young Kristen. She started by gently kissing 
                        Kristen on the lips. It was such a tender scene. I knew 
                        it would look great on tape. I pulled the little remote 
                        from my pants pocket and sat down to watch. 
                        Kristen's eyes fluttered open as Lynn's tongue journeyed 
                        into her mouth. Her hands came up in a vain attempt to 
                        prevent Lynn's advance but then dropped onto her 
                        shoulders. In the tiny monitor, it looked like she was 
                        hugging Lynn to her. I hit the zoom button and the 
                        little picture filled with the two girls' lovely faces, 
                        their mouths tenderly locked together. 
                        I panned down to see Kristen's flat tummy moving up and 
                        down as she fought with her body and with Lynn for 
                        control. I zoomed back out as Lynn began to kiss the 
                        young girl's face and neck. Kristen's eyes were closed 
                        again and her head rolled to the side as Lynn's tender 
                        mouth moved to her firm young breasts. Her belly heaved 
                        as Lynn took first one little nipple and then the other 
                        between her lips and gently tugged out on them. 
                        When she released them they would snap back and her 
                        little tits would quiver. Lynn started licking Kristen's 
                        tits all over. "Ohhhhhhh... mmmmm... ahhhhhmmmm," 
                        Kristen moaned softly, her head rolling the other way. 
                        Her hands had slipped up to the back of Lynn's head and 
                        for all the world it looked like she was pressing Lynn's 
                        face harder against her. She even took a handful of 
                        Lynn's hair.
                        I knew she was trying to prevent Lynn from moving any 
                        further "south" but in the monitor, it looked like a 
                        passionate embrace of her lover. Lynn gently released 
                        Kristen's weakened grip and removed her hand from her 
                        hair. She kissed her hand as she laid it on the young 
                        girl's chest near her little tits. She gently held it 
                        there as she began to kiss her way down Kristen's firm 
                        Kristen's eyes again fluttered open and she began to 
                        squirm. I almost got up to assist, but Lynn, spying me 
                        out of the corner of her eye, raised her head and shook 
                        it slightly, telling me to wait. She had things well 
                        under control. She twirled her tongue in Kristen's 
                        little belly button and then sat up. Gently she rubbed 
                        the young teen's tummy, straying down to her lower 
                        abdomen but not touching her sex. Kristen began to 
                        visibly relax once more under Lynn's soothing touch. 
                        The sedative had her on the very edge of consciousness 
                        and Lynn knew that all she had to do if the teen began 
                        to resist was to stop for a minute. This would allow the 
                        drug to defeat the adrenalin which would surge through 
                        the young girl who was dimly aware that she was being 
                        handled against her will. 
                        We both sat and admired Kristen's sweet body for a 
                        minute longer as she sank into a fitful slumber. Slowly 
                        and carefully Lynn crawled up and straddled Kristen's 
                        shoulders, placing her knees between Kristen's body and 
                        her arms and positioning her sweet shaved cunt directly 
                        over the young girl's face. Kristen slept on, breathing 
                        evenly and slowly. 
                        Lynn brought her calves gently together effectively 
                        trapping Kristen's head between them. The young teen was 
                        now helpless to either move her head or to reach around 
                        Lynn's hips to interfere with anything that might happen 
                        to her below her waist. 
                        I watched breathlessly as Lynn carefully spread the 
                        young girl's thighs. I zoomed in on her slowly spreading 
                        cunt. I could just make out a hint shiny pink flesh 
                        between her full vulva beneath the narrow covering of 
                        blonde curly hair. I zoomed back out as Lynn slowly bent 
                        down toward Kristen's waiting pussy. Lynn didn't waist a 
                        minute but rather pushed her stiff tongue directly 
                        between the soft folds of Kristen's vulva and into her 
                        warm moist pussy.
                        Kristen's eyes shot open and with her mouth wide open 
                        she gasped in a deep breath and let it out with a wail, 
                        "Nooooooooo.... donnnnn't!" Her cry was cut short as 
                        Lynn quickly lowered her wet pussy onto the helpless 
                        girl's face and mouth. 
                        I could see Kristen begin to struggle weakly, but Lynn 
                        had her pinned totally. "Mmmmphh.. mmmppphh.. mmmpphh," 
                        came from between Lynn's thighs which were now tightly 
                        clamped on either side of Kristen's head. 
                        I looked down to see Lynn's jaw muscles moving beneath 
                        her cheeks. She had brought her mouth fully down against 
                        the teens vulva and I knew she was working her tongue 
                        down deeper into the helpless girl as she sucked and 
                        licked. Kristen tried to reach around Lynn's hips but 
                        couldn't. Her hands went up to Lynn's thighs as she 
                        vainly tried to lift her from her face. She was just too 
                        weak from the drug. 
                        As it was, it looked on tape like she was hotly grasping 
                        Lynn's thighs to pull her ass down harder onto her face. 
                        I could see Kristen struggling to move her face out of 
                        Lynn's pussy. She jerked her head from side to side. 
                        This action looked like she was really giving Lynn a 
                        good tonguing from the angle of the camera. 
                        After a minute more, Lynn sat upright and began to grind 
                        her hips lewdly over the helpless girl's face. I zoomed 
                        in to see only Kristen's chin now wet with Lynn's juices 
                        protruding from between Lynn's smooth shaved vulva. Lynn 
                        arched her back and moaned out loud. 
                        "Oh god, don't stop, Kristen. That's wonderful. Keep 
                        doing that!! Ohhhhhh... gnnnnnnuuhh... uuggghhhhh!" It 
                        was hard to tell whether she was acting or not. I 
                        suspect that it was a little of both, knowing from 
                        personal experience what a hot lover Lynn was. 
                        She continued to grind on Kristen's face as she reached 
                        down and slipped her hand in between the teen's once 
                        again tightly closed thighs. As she began to rub and 
                        fondle I noticed Kristen's legs part voluntarily ever so 
                        slightly. Lynn immediately took advantage of this as I 
                        saw her slip one finger between Kristen's full puffy 
                        Lynn's finger came away glistening with moisture as she 
                        brought it to her mouth. Lynn sucked her finger 
                        sensuously and then returned it to Kristen's pussy. I 
                        watched in extreme excitement as Lynn ran her finger up 
                        and down the glistening slit of our young captive. 
                        Kristen was still struggling weakly to free her head 
                        from between Lynn's thighs but was having no success. 
                        Her movements were serving only to further stimulate my 
                        now highly aroused young girl friend. Kristen's hips 
                        began to slowly roll as her helpless body began to 
                        reluctantly succumb to Lynn's ceaseless manipulation. 
                        Suddenly Kristen's hips jerked as I saw Lynn move her 
                        hand deep between the young teen's thighs. Lynn winked 
                        at me and cooed, "Oh my, Kristen, we are still a virgin 
                        aren't we." 
                        I noticed Kristen's narrow hips start to move more 
                        rhythmically as Lynn began to gently finger fuck the 
                        young girl. "Be careful," I cautioned Lynn. "Her cherry 
                        is mine!"
                        "Don't worry," she smiled. "I'll save her for you.... Oh 
                        god! Yes! Kristen... Mmmm, suck me, baby!" Lynn cried 
                        Did I see Kristen's jaw muscles move? Was she starting 
                        to get into this? Her hips were definitely moving in 
                        time to Lynn's fucking fingers now. The room was filling 
                        with the smell of hot female flesh. Both young women 
                        were really getting worked up, their firm young bodies 
                        beginning to glisten with a sheen of perspiration. 
                        I was getting pretty worked up too. I was stroking my 
                        throbbing cock as I watched the two young girls go at 
                        it. Lynn bent down once more and after spreading 
                        Kristen's thighs she pressed her mouth full onto the 
                        girl's heaving pussy. Sucking sounds now filled the room 
                        as Lynn tongued and suckled Kristen's fresh virgin cunt. 

                        I watched for a minute but then I just could stand it 
                        any longer. I moved to the end of the bed and grabbed 
                        Lynn by the hair. I pulled her away from Kristen's wet 
                        cunt and kissed her sweet mouth now running with the 
                        young teen's juice. 
                        First I shoved my tongue deep into my girlfriend's mouth 
                        and kissed her hard. Then I began to lick the fresh 
                        pussy juice off her mouth and cheeks. Jesus, it tasted 
                        good. I leaned down and took a deep breath of the smell 
                        of hot fresh young pussy that was practically steaming 
                        off Kristen. 
                        It took all my control not to dip my tongue into her. 
                        Instead I looked at Lynn and said, "I'm going to fuck 
                        you now, baby."
                        "Oh yes," she moaned, deep into her own heat. I released 
                        her hair and she immediately dropped back to the young 
                        teen's cunt and dug her face between the milky white 
                        thighs. I moved around to the other end of the bed and 
                        crawled up behind Lynn's lovely ass. Slowly I crawled on 
                        my knees until I was close behind her. 
                        I looked down to see Kristen's eyes open wide in shock 
                        as she saw my big cock press right over her nose and 
                        into Lynn's vagina. Kristen's hands came up as she 
                        reached to protect her face. Quickly I grabbed her 
                        wrists and effortlessly held them away as I drove the 
                        full nine inches of my jerking cock deep into Lynn's 
                        quivering pussy. 
                        I felt my balls rub over Kristen's forehead and nose as 
                        the tip of my dick banged into Lynn's cervix. "Ayeeeee," 
                        Lynn screamed into Kristen's cunt as she felt my cock 
                        slam into the deepest part of her belly. 
                        "Keep sucking her," I shouted down at Kristen as I 
                        pulled my cock almost all the way out. I could see the 
                        fear in the young teen's eyes as she obediently started 
                        to lick. As I drove back home, I felt her hot little 
                        tongue graze the shaft of my cock. "Lick my balls," I 
                        commanded looking down at her as I pulled out of Lynn 
                        once more. 
                        "Mmm... Mmm," the teen moaned shaking her head between 
                        Lynn's tightly clamped thighs. "I said lick my balls!" I 
                        reached around Lynn's hips and finding one of Kristen's 
                        firm young nipples, I gave it a hard pinch. 
                        "Mmmmmmeeeeee," she squealed, her mouth half filled with 
                        Lynn's dripping pussy. This time I drove my cock into 
                        Lynn and held it deep inside. I thrilled to feel 
                        Kristen's little tongue move against my throbbing balls. 
                        "That's a good girl," I grunted. "Keep doing that." 
                        Kristen didn't reply but I felt her tongue begin to 
                        explore more of the surface of my tightly clenched 
                        scrotum. I was getting close and I knew Lynn was too 
                        because I could feel her pussy muscles begin to quiver 
                        all around the shaft of my cock. Having fucked Lynn 
                        since she was eleven years old, I knew what she liked. 
                        The same as my sister, Jenny; she liked to be quick 
                        fucked 'til she came. 
                        With the helpless Kristen still trying to lick my 
                        swinging balls I began to hammer Lynn's cervix with 
                        short hard strokes. I increased the tempo as I felt her 
                        muscles begin to contract. Lynn has been a screamer 
                        since she was a little girl. As I heard her orgasmic 
                        wail begin to rise from between Kristen's legs, I pumped 
                        harder and faster. 
                        Suddenly Kristen gave a loud long moan from between my 
                        legs. God, I thought, we were all three going to get off 
                        at the same time. 
                        Kristen's hips began to buck causing Lynn's head to bob 
                        up and down in front of me. With a shriek, Lynn came, 
                        her pussy juice spurting from around my pistoning cock. 
                        The next thing I heard was Kristen's unfamiliar cry as 
                        her back arched up off the bed carrying Lynn with her. 
                        She was a strong young girl. 
                        "Ohhhhhhhhhhh... Gommmmmmm... ahh.. ahh.. ahh.. ahh," 
                        she groaned as her hips humped violently up and down. I 
                        lost track of further events as I felt cum rise from my 
                        jerking nuts and fire deep into Lynn's milking cunt. 
                        Most went deep into her belly but a lot still squirted 
                        out to run down onto young Kristen's nose and mouth. 
                        Lynn mashed her shaved pussy back wiping the mixture of 
                        girl juice and cum all over Kristen's lovely face. My 
                        cock continued to jerk as Lynn's finely tuned pussy 
                        muscles milked me dry. 
                        Finally I pulled out of her and sat back slightly. I 
                        couldn't resist wiping my cock against our captive 
                        girl's mouth and nose, further spreading our juices 
                        around her lovely face. If I weren't so spent, I could 
                        have cum again just looking at the sight of the helpless 
                        teen's face covered with cum and being forced to endure 
                        my further ministrations. 
                        Her face was flushed from her recent orgasm, but still 
                        she scrunched her eyes shut and tried vainly to avoid 
                        the now softening cock that was rubbing against her lips 
                        and nose. To the camera, I was sure it looked like she 
                        was trying to assist in spreading our cum around her 
                        "You are a very good girl," I said soothingly as I sat 
                        back on my haunches. Gently I rubbed her cum soaked 
                        cheek with one hand. 
                        "I hate you," she was just able to whisper as the 
                        sedative once more began to drag her down. 
                        "I know," I said smiling, "but we can change that!" 
                        I doubt she heard me. As I started to get up she was 
                        already out. Lynn appeared to be out too. She had 
                        collapsed on top of the hot young body beneath her and 
                        was dozing peacefully in her after glow. I gently rubbed 
                        her warm shoulders and she turned her sweet face toward 
                        "Mmmm, that was wonderful," she cooed softly. 
                        "Yeah," I said. "I love you, baby." I kissed her, 
                        smelling Kristen's love juice on her breath.
                        I took several still shots of the young girl as she lay 
                        unconscious and covered with cum. I arranged her firm 
                        young body in several suggestive poses taking close ups 
                        of her spread pussy still wet with a mixture of her cum 
                        and Lynn's saliva. In the mean time Lynn showered and 
                        got dressed. 
                        Together we managed to clean up the sleeping teen and 
                        then got her dressed. I gave her a small shot of 
                        epinephrine to help bring her around. She started to 
                        groan softly as Lynn and I helped her out to my truck. 
                        We sat the groggy young girl between us and drove her 
                        On the way she began to recover quite nicely from the 
                        sedative. As she became more aware of her surroundings 
                        she immediately became angry. "What am I doing here?" 
                        she demanded.
                        "Lynn and I are taking you home," I said calmly. "I 
                        telephoned your Mom and told her that you had dropped by 
                        after school for a little tutoring in English Lit." 
                        Kristen glared at me, "I don't know what you did to me," 
                        she said, "but after tonight, I never want to see you 
                        again... and what's this stuff in my hair," she said as 
                        she discovered some of the residue of my cum in her 
                        golden tresses.
                        "I just smiled and said, "no problem, baby." I put my 
                        hand on her upper thigh and squeezed gently.
                        "Don't call me that," she shouted, batting my hand away! 
                        "I mean it," she went on hotly. "You stay away from me. 
                        I don't care if you tell my mother that I drink, or 
                        smoke, or anything else. If you don't leave me alone, 
                        I'll tell Rick and he'll fix you two," she said; the 
                        familiar haughty tone in her voice.
                        'If she only knew,' I thought to myself smiling.
                        We dropped her off in front of her house. I waved to her 
                        mother who stepped out onto the front porch and waved 
                        back at me.
                        "See you later Kristen," I said. 
                        The young girl turned quickly, "Go to hell," she spat! 
                        I just gave her a big cheery smile and drove away.
                        >>> Kristen - Four <<<
                        I waited, barely able to control my urges, for two days 
                        before I made my next move. I parked my truck in the 
                        trees behind Lyle and Kristen's house, let myself in 
                        with my key and went upstairs to Kristen's room to wait 
                        for the young girl to get home from school. 
                        I knew from past visits that her mother, Lyle, didn't 
                        get home until after 6:00. If she did get in early, I 
                        would simply say that I had come over to fix something 
                        for them. Kristen usually got home promptly at 3:30 to 
                        3:45. At 3:35 I heard the downstairs door open and then 
                        My heart raced with anticipation as I heard light 
                        footsteps on the stairs. I was sitting on her bed facing 
                        the door as the young teen entered her bedroom. "What 
                        are YOU doing here," she said as she dropped her books 
                        in shock.
                        "Oh, I just thought I'd pay you a little visit, to see 
                        if you needed me to "fix" anything," I said smiling 
                        "You get out of here right now," the haughty young 
                        blonde shouted! "I told you that I never wanted to see 
                        you again! And don't try that old 'I'm gonna tell your 
                        mom' thing with me cause it won't work this time! I want 
                        you out of here now or I'm going to call Mom and Rick," 
                        she scolded.
                        "Ok, Ok," I said. "Take it easy. I'll leave, but before 
                        I go, I thought you might like to watch this little 
                        flick I picked up the other afternoon."
                        "Hell, no, I won't!!" she shouted. "Now GET OUT!"
                        "I think you'll be very surprised to see what is on this 
                        tape," I said, waving the cassette at her.
                        "What's on it?" she said her curiosity getting the 
                        better of her finally.
                        "Oh just some stuff like this," I said as I removed a 
                        small photo from my top shirt pocket and tossed it on 
                        the floor at her feet. It landed face down. Kristen bent 
                        down to pick it up. She looked at it as she was standing 
                        Suddenly the color drained from her pretty face and I 
                        thought she was going to faint dead away as she grabbed 
                        onto the open bedroom door for support. She was staring 
                        wide eyed in shock at a lovely picture of herself naked 
                        on my big couch with her legs spread wide and my 
                        girlfriend, Lynn's tongue deep in her gaping young 
                        "I have more," I said as I got up and crossed the room 
                        to her. I handed her another shot of her own face buried 
                        in Lynn's runny cunt. Even in the small picture one 
                        could plainly see the love juices running down her chin. 
                        Kristen looked from the two pictures in her trembling 
                        hands to me and then back to the pictures, all the while 
                        shaking her head in utter disbelief. 
                        "" she started to say.
                        "We took them the other afternoon when you dropped by my 
                        place. Don't you remember?" I asked grinning widely at 
                        the shocked young girl.
                        "I remember you made me come over, but...."
                        "Kristen, Kristen, I am SO disappointed. You mean you 
                        don't remember how much fun you and Lynnie had? She will 
                        be heart broken. Well, no matter, what's say we watch my 
                        little production before your mother gets home." 
                        I took the shell-shocked young teen by the hand and led 
                        her out of her room and down to the living room. She 
                        allowed me to guide her to a big chair and sit her down. 
                        She was looking totally bewildered and still looked like 
                        she might pass out any moment. I walked over to the 
                        family VCR and popped in my tape. I picked up the 
                        remote, turned on the TV and hit PLAY. 
                        Kristen watched in total silence. Only occasionally did 
                        she utter a little sob or a whimper as we watched our 
                        love scenes unfold before us in professional quality 
                        flawless color with full stereo sound. Even a practiced 
                        eye would be hard pressed to pick out the sound dubs and 
                        track mixes. To your average viewer, it looked like my 
                        girlfriend, Lynn, and sweet young Kristen were engaged 
                        in a very consensual, very mutually pleasurable act of 
                        I watched the horror grow in the young girl's face as I 
                        stepped into the picture only to shove my massive rock 
                        hard cock into Lynn's heaving pussy right above 
                        Kristen's face. I thought she was going to throw up as 
                        the all seeing camera zoomed in on her little pink 
                        tongue licking my throbbing balls as I quick fucked my 
                        girlfriend into a wailing orgasm. 
                        We both watched in silence as Kristen's hips heaved up 
                        off the mattress and then bucked up and down as she 
                        achieved a massive climax of her own. The movie ended 
                        with me rubbing my softening cock on her pretty lips as 
                        she moved her head from side to side, "obviously" 
                        wanting my cum spread evenly over her little face.
                        The final scene faded to black with Lynn snoozing, on 
                        top of the inert body of young Kristen. Both women spent 
                        and happy. "So, whadaya think?" I asked the shocked girl 
                        in the chair next to me.
                        "How? Who? Oh God!" she said as she burst into tears. 
                        She sobbed for a minute and then looked up at me; the 
                        haughty anger right back in her voice. "So, now what," 
                        she said snootily. "Are you going to show my mom?"
                        "Oh no, Kristen, I wouldn't dream of doing that," I said 
                        mockingly. "I thought perhaps some of your classmates or 
                        teachers would be much more interested. Hey, perhaps you 
                        could use some of this material as part of your campaign 
                        for class president." 
                        Again she paled. "You wouldn't dare," she demanded! But 
                        I detected just a hint of fear in her voice. 
                        "Maybe Rick would like to see this. Lynn tells me you're 
                        still a virgin so maybe this will give him something to 
                        jerk off to, whadaya think?" I said as I got up and 
                        snatched the tape from the VRC. I headed back up the 
                        "Where do you think you're going," Kristen sneered as 
                        she followed me.
                        "Anywhere I please, my dear. Anywhere I please." 
                        I turned to face her for a minute as I let my last words 
                        sink in. I turned back and walked into her bedroom. I 
                        went right over and sat on her bed. She must have been 
                        thinking furiously on the stairs because several minutes 
                        passed before the young girl slowly walked in the door. 
                        She really was beautiful. Especially with her face all 
                        flushed with anger and apprehension. It really served to 
                        set off her thick blonde hair. She was wearing a nice 
                        conservative outfit consisting of a flowered button down 
                        blouse and white pleated cotton skirt that hit her just 
                        above the knee. Her blue eyes flashed as she stared at 
                        me uncertainly. 
                        Before she could speak, I looked at my watch and then 
                        looking her straight in the eye I said, "strip for me!"
                        "You're kidding," she said trying to act brave.
                        "Strip for me, Kristen," I said again without raising my 
                        voice. I reached over and patted the video cassette on 
                        the bed beside me and smiled. 
                        "No, she said defiantly, "You can't make me do that!"
                        "Now, Kristen," I said as matter-of-factly as I could 
                        under the circumstances, "you know you have nowhere to 
                        go with this. I CAN make you, and I WILL make you, so 
                        you might just as well cooperate. I am going to count to 
                        three and you had better start unbuttoning that pretty 
                        little blouse of yours or I am going to get up off this 
                        bed and rip those clothes right off of you."
                        Her look of defiance turned to one of fear as she began 
                        to plead, "Please don't make me do this. I am sorry I've 
                        treated you badly. I promise I'll be nicer in the 
                        future, really." 
                        "One..." I said.
                        "Oh, please she whined, please don't!"
                        "PLEASE NOOOOOOO!!!!" she wailed pitifully as she burst 
                        into tears again. 
                        "Three..." I counted as I started to get up from the 
                        "Wait...OK..OK," she said breathlessly holding her hands 
                        up to me. "OK, just give me a second." Her long blonde 
                        pony tail flicked around her shoulders as she quickly 
                        looked around the room, a cornered look on her lovely 
                        face. I stood still for a moment until slowly she faced 
                        me and brought her hands up to the top button of her 
                        She hesitated staring at me with pleading eyes. 
                        "Do it!" I commanded, not letting up on the pressure at 
                        this crucial point. Ever so slowly the scared young girl 
                        began to unbutton her pretty blouse. I sat back down on 
                        the bed and tried to keep my hands out of my crotch as I 
                        watched the spectacle before me breathlessly. 
                        I gasped quietly as her lacy bra and then more and more 
                        tender white skin came into view. As she undid the 
                        bottom button, I said, "Go on, take it off!"
                        Tears jumped to the corners of her eyes and her face 
                        flushed brightly as the young girl removed her blouse 
                        and dropped it to the floor. 'Step one complete,' I 
                        thought to myself.
                        "Now the skirt," I said not giving her a break. She 
                        didn't hesitate quite as long this time. She was 
                        resigning herself to the inevitability of her situation, 
                        I hoped. She unzipped the side zipper and wiggled out of 
                        the white skirt. "I'll take that," I said. 
                        She looked at me puzzled but stepped out of the skirt 
                        and tossed it to me on the bed. I caught it and brought 
                        it to my nose. I breathed in a long breath of her 
                        perfumed young scent. 
                        "Mmmm, my dear, you do smell fresh!" Again her face 
                        flushed red and anger again flared in her sparkling blue 
                        eyes. God she looked great! The lump in her little lacy 
                        panties almost matched the lump in my jeans. She had 
                        such a nice full little pussy. 
                        "That's nice," I said allowing my eyes to travel over 
                        her young body. Now I want you to clasp your fingers 
                        together on top of your head. 
                        "What for," she asked in a frightened little voice. 
                        "Because, Kristen, I want you to," I said staring her 
                        right in the eye. "Do it right now, please." 
                        Slowly she brought her hands up and locked her fingers 
                        together on top of her pretty blonde head. This served 
                        to flatten her already muscular young tummy and caused 
                        her firm but small tits to stick out all the more. "Keep 
                        'em there," I said as I got up from the bed and moved 
                        toward her. 
                        She started to back away form me. 
                        "Don't move," I commanded! 
                        "But...." she started. 
                        "I said don't move and be still, I want to see your 
                        little tits."
                        She shuddered all over as I touched her. Slowly I 
                        unfastened the clasp in between the lacy cups of her 
                        little bra. As I did this I continued to look her in the 
                        eye. As the clasp popped loose she lowered her gaze and 
                        whimpered. I slipped the two soft cups back and exposed 
                        her sweet firm tits. 
                        "Bring your arms down now," I said. 
                        As she did I slipped the small garment over her 
                        shoulders and off. "Put your hands back up on top of 
                        your head," I told the blushing frightened young girl. 
                        Slowly she complied. Now her firm little tits were 
                        sticking out proudly before her. I dropped the bra to 
                        the floor and smiled at her as I licked the fingers on 
                        both my hands. 
                        "Nooo...please..." she whimpered as I reached slowly for 
                        her little pink nipples. 
                        "Hush!" I told her. 
                        She gasped in a breath and let it out in a whining, "Oh 
                        God!!" as I pinched her tender flesh and began to roll 
                        her tightening nipples between my fingers and thumbs. 
                        "You like this, don't you baby," I murmured as I 
                        squeezed and pinched and tugged on her tender little 
                        "Ohhh, please stop.." she again whined. "I'll be nice to 
                        you from now on, I promise," she continued.
                        "Oh, I know you will, Kristen... I know you will! Now 
                        turn around and face the door," I said as I removed my 
                        hands from her quivering breasts.
                        "Please," she said once more as she turned. "Ohhhh..." 
                        she moaned as I reached around her and cupped both her 
                        lovely tits in my hands. I pulled her against me. I 
                        breathed in the sweet scent of her shiny clean hair. 
                        I know she could feel the hardness in my jeans as her 
                        tight little ass pressed back against me. I nuzzled her 
                        tender neck and nibbled at her earlobes as I continued 
                        to fondle and squeeze her magnificent firm breasts. She 
                        started to bring her hands down. 
                        "Ah..ah..ahh," I murmured in her little ear. She froze 
                        for a moment and then started to tremble. I played with 
                        her tits for a few more minutes getting her little 
                        nipples nice and hard, then without warning I slipped my 
                        hands down her flanks and grasping the waistband of her 
                        little panties, I pulled them down to her ankles in one 
                        fluid motion. Her hands came down again. 
                        "Put your hands back on your head and keep them there," 
                        I commanded sternly.
                        "Ohhhh...but you can't do this..." she wailed in 
                        "Shut up and do what you are told," I said as menacingly 
                        as I could. Her hands went back up in place. As I stood 
                        I ran my hands back up the full length of her trembling 
                        young body. Once I was standing again I took her by the 
                        shoulders and spun her around to face me. I placed one 
                        hand behind her narrow waist and one hand behind her 
                        neck up under her warm fragrant hair and pulled her 
                        naked young body to me. I pressed my hungry mouth fully 
                        over hers, my tongue searching for an opening. 
                        "Mmm... Mmmo... Mmmmee," she squealed into my mouth as 
                        she fought to keep my tongue from entering her. I pulled 
                        her head back by her hair and said looking her in the 
                        eye, "Open your mouth, Kristen!"
                        "But..." she started to cry."
                        "Open your mouth!" I said shaking her by the hair.
                        As I moved my mouth back to her I was very happy to see 
                        her little pink lips part, giving me a brief glimpse of 
                        her perfect white teeth. This time I was pleasantly 
                        surprised to see that she even kept her hands locked on 
                        top of her head as I began to kiss her in earnest. She 
                        would not kiss me back, but that didn't matter. I 
                        reveled anyway in the sweet taste of the young teen. My 
                        hand at her waist strayed down and grabbed on of her 
                        fine tight ass cheeks and gave it a good squeeze. 
                        She jerked her head back and glared at me. I just smiled 
                        at her and pulled her back to my hungry mouth. I 
                        continued to suck her young mouth and probe deeply with 
                        my tongue for a good long while as she trembled and 
                        whined through her nose. Slowly I moved back from her, 
                        still savoring her taste and scent. She trembled and 
                        looked down at the floor in her humiliation. 
                        I held her with one hand on her soft shoulder as I 
                        lifted her chin with the other causing her to look me in 
                        the eye. She tried to look away as a tear ran down one 
                        "You are a very lovely young girl," I said soothingly. 
                        "Some day, when I am finished with you, Rick will be a 
                        lucky man." 
                        This had the desired effect. Once more I saw the defiant 
                        look return mixed with just the right amount of 
                        apprehension. "You may bring your hands down now. I want 
                        you to look me straight in the eye and if you so much as 
                        move, I am going to have to hurt you. Do you 
                        She looked shocked but nodded meekly. "I want to see if 
                        all this petting has had any affect on you young lady." 
                        With no further warning I reached down and cupped her 
                        soft warm pussy with one hand while moving the other 
                        behind her hip to hold her. Immediately she gasped and 
                        her hands flew to my wrist. Without removing my hand 
                        from her sex, I looked her straight in the eye and said 
                        menacingly, "Take your hands away now!"
                        With a big sob her hands fell away and she stood up 
                        "That's much better," I said. "Now stand still, baby's 
                        gonna like this." Gently I began to rub her warm pussy 
                        while I held her hips still with my other hand. I looked 
                        at her and she looked away totally humiliated. "Look at 
                        me," I told her. I smiled as I saw the fear and anger in 
                        her flashing blue eyes as she stood powerless to stop me 
                        from having my way with her. "Spread your legs," I 
                        "Nooooo," she whined through clenched teeth.
                        "Spread 'em, I said as I kicked at one of her ankles. 
                        "Owww," she cried, but her legs parted slightly. Enough 
                        for me to work my hand into her warm moist area. 
                        "Doesn't that feel good," I cooed to her as I continued 
                        to squeeze and rub her tender young cunt. 
                        "I hate you," she said.
                        "You said that the other day, and I think, given some 
                        time we can change that," I said smiling lewdly.
                        "Uugghhh," she grunted as I unexpectedly worked one 
                        finger into her tight pussy slit. 
                        "Ahhhhhh," I cooed once more, "my aren't we the wet one 
                        my sweet little girl. 
                        "Oh please stop now," she pleaded. "I won't tell anyone 
                        this happened if you will just please stop."
                        "Oh, I don't think you will tell anyone, Kristen. After 
                        all, being a porn star doesn't exactly look good on the 
                        resume for a class president does it." I moved my finger 
                        in her pussy. 
                        She moaned helplessly. She really was pretty wet down 
                        there given the circumstances. As I looked right at her 
                        I pulled my wet finger from her pussy and after taking a 
                        long smell of her musky scent, I popped it into my 
                        "Mmmm, you do have a sweet tasting cunt, Kristen. Just 
                        like Lynn said. I have always loved the taste of virgin 
                        She looked away with a mortified look on her sweet face. 
                        "I know you don't remember it, but I tasted you years 
                        ago." She was so shocked by that news that she hardly 
                        noticed when I returned my probing finger to her warm 
                        wet pussy. 
                        "What," she said her hips beginning to move 
                        unconsciously? "When you and Lauren spent the night at 
                        my house when I was still married four years ago, while 
                        you were sleeping, I ate your little pussy for over an 
                        hour. Your little ass was moving all over the place and 
                        you came to beat the band even at eleven years old. You 
                        tasted great then and you still do. I vowed at that time 
                        that I would get to know you better when you got older, 
                        so here we are. Isn't this just great." 
                        All the while I had been running my finger up and down 
                        in Kristen's warm wet slit. She had been just too 
                        shocked to notice I guess, but when suddenly I pushed my 
                        finger into her tight hot vagina to the first knuckle, 
                        she noticed all right. 
                        "Ahhhhh... you bastard," she grunted! "Get your filthy 
                        finger out of me!"
                        "Now we're getting rude again," I said as I removed my 
                        hand from her ready young pussy. "Get over here and put 
                        your hands on the dresser and keep 'em there!"
                        I grabbed her by the pony tail and pulled her backwards 
                        across the room to her waist high dresser.
                        >>> Kristen - Five <<<
                        "Put your hands up there," I commanded as I spun her 
                        around by the hair. 
                        "No," she said as she tried to hit me. I don't normally 
                        hit women, but in this instance I thought a little slap 
                        might do the trick. She was very close to complying with 
                        my wishes. Just one more little dose of fear. As she 
                        swung at me I grabbed her slim wrist and held it. With 
                        my other hand I slapped her across her face, not too 
                        hard, certainly not enough to leave a mark. That did the 
                        trick. She brought her hands to her cheeks and stared at 
                        me in horror, then began to weep. 
                        "Hands on the dresser and face the mirror. I want you to 
                        get used to mirrors, I said smiling." I spun her around 
                        by her shoulders and shoved her at the dresser. She 
                        stopped herself with both hands on the dresser top. 
                        "Don't move," I commanded, looking at her in the mirror. 
                        She lowered her head between her arms and trembled. I 
                        saw her stiffen and look up as she heard me unzip my 
                        "Please no, not this, anything else, but not this, she 
                        began to plead. "Shut up, Kristen. You've been needing 
                        this for a long time. I am really surprised old Rick 
                        hasn't fucked you silly yet. Let's just call this an 
                        attitude adjustment." 
                        I dropped my jeans and shorts and moved up behind the 
                        helpless young teen. She shrank away from me as I took 
                        her by one warm hip. "Don't move, or I'll hurt you!"
                        "OH NO!!" she wailed as I took my stiff cock in my other 
                        hand and began to rub it up and down in her warm wet 
                        pussy slit. "Spread your legs," I said as I kicked at 
                        both her ankles. Her legs spread to shoulder width. She 
                        tried to move her pussy away as I began to hunt with the 
                        wide head of my cock for her tight virgin opening. "I 
                        said hold still!" I slapped her on one firm ass cheek. 
                        With a nice resounding "whack" she froze, her ass in the 
                        perfect position.
                        All I had to do was push.
                        "Ahhhhhhhhhh... Nooooooooo...God NO!" she cried as my 
                        big dick slipped into the entrance of her virgin pussy. 
                        God she was so tight. I could feel her begin to tremble 
                        inside as I held still for a minute, letting her cunt 
                        stretch to the size of my cock. I pushed in just a bit 
                        more which caused her to gasp in pain as the head of my 
                        throbbing member met with the flexible barrier of her 
                        I humped her shallowly with two or three short thrusts 
                        coating the head of my cock with her juices and jabbing 
                        her hymen with each short thrust. She grunted in mild 
                        pain each time I hit her barrier. Then I backed out so 
                        just the head of my cock was in her. I squared my 
                        shoulders, brought my other hand to her hips and plunged 
                        into the helpless young teen with one slow but forceful 
                        motion, driving my cock through her cherry and deep into 
                        her previously unexplored young belly shouting, "This 
                        one's for Rick!"
                        I watched her face in the mirror as I entered her. God, 
                        what a sight. At first her eyes were tightly closed as I 
                        short humped her prior to full penetration, but they 
                        flew open wide and staring as she felt all nine inches 
                        of me plow into her young body. "Ahhhhhh... NOOOOOO!!" 
                        she screamed as the wide head of my dick slammed into 
                        her little cervix.
                        I just held still pulling her trembling hips back to 
                        hold her against me. I had shoved all of my big dick 
                        into her in one smooth motion and was reveling in the 
                        feelings of her young pussy muscles as they shook and 
                        quivered around my invading flesh. As I heard her take a 
                        long shuddering breath, I drew out slowly, paused as she 
                        panted briefly and then rammed home again. I could feel 
                        the tight ring of her vaginal opening slide the full 
                        length of my cock she was so incredibly tight. 
                        "Uuuuuuggggghhhhh," the teen grunted as her slim back 
                        arched to accept me. As my cock traveled back into the 
                        deepest reaches of her tummy I could feel her tight 
                        muscles move out of the way to admit me. I released one 
                        warm hip and leaned down to fondle one of her delicate 
                        I whispered over her shoulder, "How's that feel, baby? 
                        Doesn't the little girl just love that big fat cock up 
                        in her tummy?"
                        She squealed as I pinched her nipple hard. Slowly I 
                        ground my hips, moving my cock head against her cervix. 
                        "Oh god," she groaned.
                        "That's right, baby, feel that big cock, honey. Feel it 
                        deep, deep in your tender young belly." 
                        Her head dropped between her shoulders. I let go of her 
                        breast and stood back up straight. With both hands on 
                        her narrow waist I slowly extracted my cock from her. I 
                        looked down to see the inner lips of her young cunt 
                        tightly squeeze my shaft and pull outward as I withdrew. 
                        I pushed back into the young girl; faster this time. I 
                        was rewarded with another deep grunt. 
                        "Mmmm, yeah," I said. Slowly I started a rhythm going. 
                        Her young body was beginning to respond whether she 
                        wanted it to or not. I could feel her tight pussy 
                        getting hotter and wetter with each stroke on my cock. 
                        Her breathing got heavier as I fucked. "Ahhh, my little 
                        girl is getting into this," I said to her. "I can feel 
                        that little pussy of yours getting hotter and wetter." 
                        "," she panted as I 
                        increased my tempo.
                        "Yeah I like that idea, baby, I want to look you in the 
                        eye when I fuck you," I said with a chuckle. I reached 
                        down and grabbed her long blonde pony tail and jerked 
                        her head back. I leaned down beside her head and looked 
                        her in the eyes in the dresser mirror as I continued to 
                        fuck the helpless young girl relentlessly. 
                        I heard the first of many pussy farts as trapped air in 
                        her tight cunt escaped from around my pistoning cock 
                        shaft. I tugged on her hair causing her muscular young 
                        back to arch way back. 
                        "Ahhhhhhhh...." she cried as her hands practically came 
                        off the dresser I was pulling and fucking so hard. The 
                        sounds of wet pussy noises were mixed with grunts of 
                        passion and the sound of my hips slapping against her 
                        firm ass cheeks. 
                        "Oh, baby, hear those sounds, that's your little cunt 
                        sucking on my big long cock. It's so hot and wet. I can 
                        feel your muscles inside beginning to quiver, baby. I am 
                        going to make you cum like a banshee in a minute and I 
                        am going to shoot my load deep into you and there's 
                        nothing you can do about it baby."
                        "Noooooo... don't please," she panted.
                        I put an arm around her chest above her breasts and 
                        pulled her upright. Her little feet left the floor as I 
                        shoved my cock into her all the way to the root. I 
                        humped her hard and fast as I held her up with her feet 
                        dangling helplessly. I moved a hand down to her warm 
                        soft belly, now covered with perspiration and could 
                        actually feel a bulge each time my cock hammered into 
                        her. By now the young girl was just about fucked silly. 
                        Her hands were dangling limply at her sides and swinging 
                        to the rhythm of my fucking. Her head was lolling around 
                        on her shoulders except when I really drove home and hit 
                        a soft spot up in there then it jerked up with a grunt.
                        "Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, honey," I panted into 
                        her ear as I humped the limp teenage girl. 
                        Suddenly her legs stiffened as she sought to get her 
                        feet down. At the same time I felt her already tight 
                        little cunt contract even more. A long low moan started 
                        from deep in her belly. 
                        "Oh yeah, baby," I grunted as I set her down and pushed 
                        her back down to the dresser. "Little girl's gonna cum 
                        for me."
                        "No... Oh... Oh... Oh..." She sobbed feebly to the tempo 
                        of my thrusts.
                        "Oh yes, honey, here we go, cum for me baby, cum for me. 
                        Cum for me baby, that's right." I grabbed her narrow 
                        waist with both hands and drove my cock deep into her 
                        and held. She took one deep shuddering breath as I felt 
                        her vaginal muscles begin to spasm. Holding her hips I 
                        began to quick fuck the tight young teen. "Splat.. 
                        Splat.. Splat.. Splat, went her tight cunt as I hammered 
                        her cervix mercilessly.
                        "Oh... oh... oh... oh... oh... oh... oh... oh... god 
                        no," she gasped as her back arched hard. I saw a look of 
                        wonder in her staring blue eyes as she faced the mirror. 
                        "Oh gnnnh, noooooooooooo," she wailed as she slammed her 
                        ass back hard against my hips. 
                        Her body shook all over, inside and out as the young 
                        teen came to her first fuck. I had a hard time keeping 
                        her hips still enough to continue my humping as her 
                        pussy muscles clenched and relaxed around my cock. I 
                        felt my own jizz begin to rise just watching the young 
                        girl cum for the first time.
                        I pulled out to the tip and slammed back into her, 
                        feeling the tight muscles of her spasming vagina ripple 
                        against my penetration. I started to fuck her in long 
                        hard thrusts, each one pulling all the way out to the 
                        tip and then back in to hammer the very back of her 
                        vaginal canal. 
                        "Here it comes, baby, I shouted. I'm gonna fill your 
                        little belly full of hot sticky cum. Rick might get in 
                        here later on but he will always find traces of my cum 
                        still in there when he does." 
                        Although she was still deep in the throws of her orgasm, 
                        her parental and sex education training must have kicked 
                        in. "No, please," she cried, "you're not protected, I'm 
                        not on the pill, I'll get pregnant!"
                        "Yeah, little one, you just might, now shut up and take 
                        it all into your tummy, cause here it COMES!" 
                        She shrieked as my first jet of hot jizm hit the back of 
                        her birth canal splashing around the entrance to her 
                        womb. I held my pulsing cock deep in her and kept a 
                        tight grip on her hips so she couldn't pull away. 
                        "Oh God! Nooooo... Pleassssssseeee... Nooooooooooo," she 
                        cried and sobbed as she felt more and more of my hot 
                        lava flow into her quivering vagina. 
                        "That's right, I said falling onto her back and placing 
                        my mouth near her ear, take it all into you, baby. Why 
                        you're still cumming too, baby, I can feel those tight 
                        little pussy muscles of yours milking my big cock dry of 
                        cum and pulling it deep, deep into your tummy." 
                        With that I reached under her and began to squeeze and 
                        massage her firm jerking belly, massaging her uterus and 
                        maybe causing her cervix to open a little and admit a 
                        few of my beautiful swimmers. "Now who's gonna have a 
                        bastard," I cooed in her ear. 
                        She just sobbed beneath me, her tight pussy still doing 
                        its work on my slowly softening cock. I was determined 
                        to stay deep in her until I fell out. She smelled so 
                        sexy and sweet as her musky scent drifted up from her 
                        clenching young ass. 
                        I began to lick the girl sweat off her firm back as I 
                        stayed inside her. I reached under her and began to 
                        fondle and squeeze first one firm young breast and then 
                        the other. With the other hand I reached down between 
                        her hot sweaty thighs and found her erect little 
                        clitoris at the top of her sopping pussy slit. I slowly 
                        began to rub it in a circular motion. 
                        I felt her pussy jerk to the motion of my finger. I also 
                        felt myself begin to get hard again right inside the 
                        young teens belly. 
                        "No... Oh no... Please, not again, no please don't," she 
                        cried as she realized what was beginning to happen. 
                        Slowly I began to grind my hips, moving my rapidly 
                        stiffening prick in her belly as I continued to work her 
                        clit. "Uuuughhhh... noooo," she groaned as she tried to 
                        climb off my impaling cock.
                        "Easy, baby, this won't take a minute," I said to her as 
                        I once more began to stroke in and out of her pussy. "I 
                        want you down on the floor, right now." I pulled out of 
                        her with a wet "pop" and forced her to her knees on the 
                        carpet. Before she could struggle I dropped behind her 
                        lovely young ass and mounted her once more. 
                        "Oh, yeah," I moaned, "That's where I belong." 
                        Once again I grabbed her long pony tail and pulled her 
                        head back. I could feel the increased friction on my 
                        pistoning shaft as her back arched, changing the angle 
                        of attack of her wet cunt. I pulled her head way back 
                        with both hands on her pony tail so she was almost 
                        looking at me over her forehead as I began to fuck her 
                        faster. "Hyaaa, baby," I chuckled as I whipped her back 
                        with the end of her hair. "Ride that big cock, honey."
                        "Uhh... uhh... uhh... uhh... uhh... uhh... uhh... uhh... 
                        uhh," she panted as her body began to get off again. 
                        "That's it baby, I just knew you were going to like this 
                        before it was all over. Oh, Oh, honey, is that pussy of 
                        yours getting tighter again? Yeah, little girl's a hot 
                        one! You're gonna cum for me again aren't ya? Yeah, 
                        baby! That's my girl, cum baby, cum for me, baby."
                        I felt my cum rise again at the exact time I felt 
                        Kristen's pussy clamp down on me. "Ahhh fuck yessss!!" I 
                        shouted as I rammed my cock all the way into her. 
                        "Uuuggghh... gnnnoooooo," Kristen cried as her ass 
                        bucked up and down on my jerking cock. 
                        I couldn't believe I had more cum to offer the young 
                        teen, but I did, and she felt it too. 
                        "Oh god!!" she wailed as wave after wave of baby juice 
                        again fired into her hot spasming pussy. 
                        I dropped to one hand and reached under her and between 
                        her legs. I worked on her erect clit again, wanting her 
                        orgasm to last long enough to really milk me dry. I 
                        thought I'd never stop cumming into the tight little 
                        girl as her powerful young vaginal muscles gave me the 
                        massage of my life. 
                        Finally I was spent. I fell on top of young Kristen 
                        pushing her to the floor. We both lay there panting, my 
                        cock still deep in the young girl's belly. After a 
                        minute or two she started to groan and move beneath me. 
                        "Hold still," I said. "We've come this far, I want to go 
                        soft inside you." 
                        She slumped in submission and lay still. From time to 
                        time I could feel her move inside as my cock slowly 
                        softened. I nuzzled my nose into her hair and breathed 
                        in the sweet scent of her shampoo mixed with the smells 
                        of sex. 
                        After what seemed like blissful hours, I gently rose, 
                        pulling my now limp dick from between Kristen's cum 
                        soaked cheeks. The little girl had actually drifted off 
                        to sleep and did not notice when I exited her. I looked 
                        at my watch. It was nearly 6:00. Lyle would be home soon 
                        and there was still one more surprise I had in store for 
                        my little lover. I leaned down and gently kissed Kristen 
                        between the shoulder blades. 
                        "No, Rick...Stop!" she moaned in her sleep. I kissed her 
                        on the cheek. This time her eyes fluttered open. 
                        "Good morning, darling," I said. 
                        "Mmmm," she almost purred, still muzzy from the fucking 
                        I had given her. Then she realized where she was. She 
                        crawled away from me to the bed and pulled the bed 
                        spread down to cover herself. 
                        "This is certainly no time for modesty," I said smiling.
                        "Will you please leave now," she said softly. "Haven't 
                        you done enough?" She shivered.
                        "Now Kristen, let's not be snotty again. You know that 
                        pisses me off. I think we have the beginnings here of a 
                        really nice relationship. I sure enjoyed getting to know 
                        you better, and I am sure that in time you will come to 
                        like my attentions. Who knows, maybe, if your good, I'll 
                        even share you with old Rick." 
                        I nodded at the photo on the bedside table. "In the mean 
                        time, I don't want you to see him again until I tell you 
                        it's OK. Furthermore, I want you to tell your mother 
                        when she gets home in a minute that you want me to 
                        continue to tutor you in English Lit. for the rest of 
                        the school year. We will have to meet almost every 
                        afternoon at my place and from time to time you might 
                        have to stay late. If she will allow it, you might tell 
                        her that I would be happy to put you up over night every 
                        now and then if we work too late. I'm sure she won't 
                        I paused to let my words sink into the dazed young 
                        girl's brain. "You are mine now Kristen. You must resign 
                        yourself to that fact. You will learn to do what I say 
                        when I say it. I can be very nice and I can be quite 
                        mean. It's your choice." 
                        She looked totally bewildered. I stood up and walked 
                        over to her. "Give me your hands and stand up here," I 
                        said as I stood over her.
                        "Please let me go..." she whined, looking up at me 
                        "Not just yet, now stand up." 
                        Reluctantly she tried to rise and hold the spread over 
                        her nakedness. I grabbed the quilt and jerked it away. 
                        She instinctively tried to cover herself with her hands. 
                        I grabbed her wrists and brought her hands down to her 
                        sides. She flinched but did not pull away as I reached 
                        down and cupped her pussy. 
                        With my other arm I pulled her close to me. She actually 
                        started to open her mouth slightly as I pressed my lips 
                        to hers. I kissed her lightly several times on the lips 
                        as I gently rubbed her warm little pussy. I pushed a 
                        finger into her still warm wet slit at the same time I 
                        moved my tongue into her sweet mouth. 
                        "Mmmmpphhh," I felt her sweet breath puff against my 
                        cheek. I kissed her deeply for a minute while I slowly 
                        moved my finger up and down in between her warm wet 
                        tightly closed vulva. 
                        "Mmmppphhh," she puffed again as my finger found her 
                        stiffening little clit and began to swirl it around. She 
                        shivered all over. I pulled back from her mouth and 
                        tried to look her in the eye as I continued to stroke 
                        her clit gently. She tried to looked away. I placed my 
                        fingers beneath her chin and raised her face back up to 
                        mine. My finger never stopped its work in her wet pussy 
                        as I looked deeply into her eyes seeing both her 
                        humiliation and her arousal. 
                        Finally, I said to her softly, "Your body definitely 
                        likes me. I hope the rest of you will some day. I 
                        released her chin and she turned away again. Reluctantly 
                        I pulled my hand from between her magnificent thighs. 
                        "OK, here's the first thing you must do for me."
                        "What?" she said fear returning to her eyes.
                        "Don't worry, it won't hurt. You might even like it in 
                        time," I said soothingly. I picked up my jacket and 
                        pulled a five inch butt plug from the pocket. "Have you 
                        ever seen one of these?" I asked Kristen holding it up 
                        for her to look at closely.
                        "Uh..uh," she shook her pretty head.
                        "This is a butt plug," I went on, "and as the name 
                        implies, it goes into your tight little asshole."
                        "Oh, no, I can't do that," Kristen said backing away 
                        from me.
                        "Stop right there, young lady," I cautioned.
                        She froze instantly.
                        "Good, good, I said, that's much better." I took her 
                        wrist and pulled her back closer. "I want you to face 
                        the bed, bend over, place both hands on the bed and 
                        spread your legs wide."
                        "I don't know," she said hesitantly, looking fearfully 
                        at the rubber cylinder. It was about 1/2 inch in 
                        diameter at the tip and tapered out to 3/4 inches at the 
                        butt. There it ended with a wide flat rubber flange. It 
                        had a couple of bumps along its five inch shaft and an 
                        indented groove at the base designed to accept the 
                        wearer's anal ring.
                        "Do it now, Kristen!" I commanded.
                        Reluctantly she turned and bent over the bed, all the 
                        while she kept her eyes on the rubber plug in my hand. 
                        As her hands hit the sheet I said, "Spread those sweet 
                        thighs wide and this will go in a lot easier."
                        "Ohhhhh," she moaned as she stood back up. "I can't, 
                        it'll hurt. I've never had anything in there before."
                        "You'll be fine, now bend over." I stepped behind the 
                        young girl and pushed her down to the bed with a hand on 
                        her back. I pulled her legs apart with one hand while I 
                        gently held her down with the other. "Go ahead and fall 
                        forward onto the edge of the mattress," I said as I gave 
                        her a little push.
                        Now she was spread wide and her firm round butt was 
                        poking lewdly up in the air. I set the plug on the 
                        mattress beside her hip and slowly started to rub my 
                        hand up and down in her warm wet pussy. As I wet my 
                        fingers from the juices still running out of her from 
                        her recent fucking, I moved some of it to her tight 
                        rubbery little anal ring. I kept on rubbing her pussy 
                        with two fingers and with my thumb, I began to rub her 
                        little ass hole, gently pushing down more and more. She 
                        gave a big grunt as my thumb popped into her. 
                        Her body began to shiver and her anus clamped on my 
                        thumb. "Relax," I said as I withdrew my thumb. I felt 
                        her ass cheek relax a little as I pushed one finger deep 
                        into her pussy. 
                        "Oh God," she groaned as I began to fuck her slowly. As 
                        her hips began to move, pulled out of her pussy and 
                        pushed the same sticky wet finger all the way into her 
                        quivering anus. 
                        "Uhhhhh...nooooo, it hurts," she cried as she began to 
                        "Hold still," I said putting more pressure on the small 
                        of her back. "Your muscles will acclimate slowly." I sat 
                        beside the young girl on the bed and held my finger 
                        still inside her. I could feel her anus clenching and 
                        relaxing. After a minute, I began to move my finger in 
                        and out of her slowly. 
                        "How's that feel, little one," I said leaning down to 
                        "Stop, I don't like it at all," she whined. She breathed 
                        a sigh of relief as I pulled my finger out of her tight 
                        rectum. Without hesitation, I picked up the rubber plug 
                        and slipped it into Kristen's 
                        wet pussy. She didn't resist but began to squirm as I 
                        moved it around and around and in and out getting it 
                        well coated with warm sticky pussy juice. I stood back 
                        up and moved between her now outstretched legs to 
                        prevent her from closing them. I kept fucking her tight 
                        pussy with the butt plug until I saw her shoulders slump 
                        and her forehead drop to the mattress. 
                        Before she knew what was happening, with one hand I 
                        spread her ass cheeks and slipped the tip of the butt 
                        plug into her anus. 
                        "Oh, noooo... not there," she cried as she struggled to 
                        both close her legs and rise up off the edge of the 
                        I held her down as I chuckled, "where did you think it 
                        She gave a long low guttural grunt as I pushed the plug 
                        into her. First one hump and then the other disappeared 
                        into her tight ass. I stopped and rotated the plug 
                        slowly. I could feel her strong young muscles clutching 
                        at the plug. 
                        "Please, no more," she groaned pitifully.
                        "It's almost in," I said. "Just hold still for one more 
                        minute." I pulled the plug out just a bit until I felt 
                        the second hump pull against the inside of her anal 
                        ring. Then with one final twisting motion, I pushed the 
                        plug the rest of the way into Kristen's virgin rectum. 
                        "Uuuugggghhhhh," she heaved as I saw her strong anal 
                        ring snap into the recessed groove and the wide flange 
                        lay flat against her firm quivering ass cheeks. 
                        "All done," I said. 
                        "God that feels awful," she moaned. "Will you take it 
                        out now?"
                        "Oh, no," I said much to the young girl's dismay. "I 
                        want you to leave it in until I see you again. Stand 
                        up," I told her. 
                        Slowly the teen pushed herself stiff legged up off the 
                        bed. She stood naked before me her legs spread a little 
                        wider than normal. I saw fine beads of perspiration 
                        beginning to break out on her forehead. 
                        "Walk across the room and back," I told her. 
                        Slowly and carefully the young teen walked kinda bow 
                        legged to the door. It was such a thrill to see the flat 
                        flange of the plug inside her laying flat against her 
                        tight little teen ass cheeks. It moved ever so slightly 
                        as she walked. I knew she was feeling it inside too. She 
                        turned and walked gingerly back to me. I knelt down in 
                        front of her. 
                        "That's very nice," I said looking up at her. "I want 
                        you to leave this in and every time you feel it inside, 
                        I want you to think about my cock inside you and about 
                        our afternoon together." I reached my hand between her 
                        slightly spread legs. "Do you understand?" I pushed up 
                        sharply on the flange of the plug pushing the rubber 
                        dildo further up into her. 
                        "Ughhh!!!" she grunted. "Yeah, I guess so," she said.
                        "Good, now get dressed. Your mother will be home soon."
                        "Can't I please take a shower?" she pleaded.
                        "No way," I said! "Go get a panty liner if you're 
                        worried about spotting your clothes. I want all that cum 
                        I pumped into your belly to stay there until tomorrow. 
                        Now get dressed. I want to watch." I sat on the bed and 
                        admired the firm body of my young conquest as she 
                        painfully dressed herself.
                        Once she was dressed, I got up and went to her. I pulled 
                        her to me and kissed her sweet mouth. She weakly 
                        resisted at first but finally resigned and allowed me to 
                        have my way with her mouth. Again I thrilled to her 
                        sweet scent mixed with musk. I held her at arms length. 
                        "You have been a very good girl. Say hi to your mom for 
                        me and be sure to tell her about our tutoring 
                        arrangement. I want you at my house again tomorrow right 
                        after school and that plug had better still be in your 
                        little butt. Don't even think about backing out on me, 
                        Kristen. If you don't show up, several copies this tape, 
                        I picked up the fateful cassette, will mysteriously end 
                        up in the school library." 
                        Before she could answer, I turned and left.
                        >>> Kristen - Six <<<
                        She showed up at my door on Friday at 4:15. "Hi," I said 
                        as I held the door open for the beautiful young girl. 
                        "Hello," she replied demurely as she moved past me her 
                        sweet perfume filling the air. 
                        "Go ahead on into the living room," I told her. "I'll 
                        join you shortly." 
                        She didn't answer as she walked away down the hall. As 
                        she disappeared around the corner, I unlocked the door 
                        to my secret room and let myself in. I looked through 
                        the big one way glass on one wall to see the young teen 
                        looking around my living area nervously. 
                        Quickly I checked the cameras and recorders. I also set 
                        the hidden remote camera in the bathroom to activate 
                        upon sensing motion and left the room, locking the door 
                        behind me. I entered the living room and walked over to 
                        Kristen who was standing with her arms tightly wrapped 
                        around herself gazing out of the window. 
                        She must have been lost in thought, because she didn't 
                        hear me walk up behind her. "I am very glad to see you 
                        this afternoon," I said in a conversational tone as I 
                        placed one arm around her narrow shoulders. She shrugged 
                        out from under my arm and moved away from me and against 
                        the wall beside the window. I was not about to let her 
                        have her own way, so I stepped right up to her and said, 
                        "Kristen, I expect you to be nice!" 
                        She muttered something unintelligible, her eyes