Sibling Incest (f/m, f/f, f/f/m)
by Carol Martin

Copyright 1999 by Carol Martin.  All rights reserved. 
No part of this story may be reproduced on any media of any kind
without the written permission of the author.  
Published with permission of the author by TYGER.  


I want to dedicate this story to my good friend Ron.  I only know him
from the Internet, and only for a short time.  But I have come to
respect him very much.  In fact I think I was falling in love with
him even though I knew he was much older than me.  He was such an
encouragement to me in the writing of this story, that I don't think
I could ever have started it, never mind finish it, without him.
Thanks Ron, and God bless you.  You are one wonderful guy.  I'll
always remember you.


This is a story of incest between brothers and sisters.  It is a true
story.  Everything that I tell you is true, but some of the detail
has been embellished to make it more interesting for my readers.
Some of the names have been changed, but mine is real.  If you are
offended by incest especially incest involving young children, then
it is advised you leave.  Thank you.

For the rest of you, I hope you like my story, and I would appreciate
any feedback you care to give me, good or bad.  I only want
constructive criticism though.  I don't want to hear your objections
to incest or incest between young children.  You can email me at:

I would like to add something else.  Most people frown on incest,
especially incest between children and adults.  This is not the case
with me, so I can not speak on that practice.  The only people
involved were my brothers and sisters and cousins.  No adults took
part except when we became adults ourselves.  I can assure you that I
have suffered no ill effects from this practice, nor have any of my
siblings.  In fact I think it gave me a greater pleasure in sex which
I can now share with all my other sexual partners, both male and
female.  If anyone finds themselves in a similar position as I was
in, I would recommend it.  Hate me for saying that if you want, but
that is how I feel.  I can see nothing wrong with the practice if
everyone involved consents to it.  Especially if there is as much
love in your family as there was in mine.


Chapter One.  (f/m)

My name is Carol.  This story began about twelve years ago when I was
7 years old.  Actually, I was just about 8.  At that time I always
wanted to be older, and when anyone asked me how old I was, I always
said just about 8.  I am the middle child of five, but the middle
child syndrome never applied to me.  My eldest sibling is my brother
Bobby who was 12 at the time.  Then came my sister Sandie who was 11.
Me.  My brother Brad was next.  He was 6.  Then there was my baby
sister Candie, who was 5.

Our parents were the kindest, gentlest and sweetest people in the
whole world.  My daddy worked hard to feed and clothe all of us and
my mummy had to work as well to make ends meet.  They managed to save
up enough money to buy a small house just after they got married.  It
was a 3-bedroom slab house with no basement.  The idea was that they
would have only 2 children.  The biggest bedroom would be for my
parents, the one with the 3-piece bathroom suite attached, and one
bedroom for each child.  Anyway that was the plan, but as you know
they ended up with 5 kids and things got crowded.  They couldn't
afford to buy a larger house or build an extension to the present
one.  We just made out the best we could.  The plan they had of
putting the girls in one bedroom and the boys in the other bedroom
still worked out though.  We all got along well, thanks to our
parents.  They showed so much love to all of us, that their love
rubbed off on us.  They never showed any favoritism to any of us.
They treated each of us as equally as possible.  We hardly ever
fought amongst ourselves.  We had arguments like any normal family,
but my mummy would never allow us to go to bed mad.  We always had to
make up first.  I think that was the main reason that we all loved
each other so much.

It all started one hot summer afternoon during the summer holidays.
Our parents were at work.  Sandie, Brad and Candie were all out doing
their things.  I had been watching TV, but got bored.  I decided to
see what Bobby was doing.  Maybe he would play with me.  I ran down
the hall to his bedroom and just burst in.  Bobby was lying on his
bed naked and doing something I had never seen before.  I stopped
suddenly and just stared with my mouth wide open.  " What do you want
Squirt?  Don't you believe in knocking?"  Bobby sounded annoyed.  I
just stood there staring.  I didn't know what to say.  Then he smiled
and said, "Come on in Carol.  Lock the door behind you."  I guess I
was in shock or something.  I did as he asked and sat on the bed next
to him with my legs hanging over the edge.  I couldn't take my eyes
off what he was doing.  "Have you ever seen one of these before?"
Bobby asked me holding out his erect penis for me to get a better

"Yeah, but not when it is so big," I said.  "I've seen it before but
it was much smaller then.  And Brad's is so small too."

Bobby laughed.  "Well, Squirt, they all start off small, but when a
guy gets excited they grow.  Brad's can grow too, but not as much."

"Are you excited now, Bobby?"  I asked.

"Of course I am.  What do you think?."

"Why?"  I asked innocently.

"I was jerking off.  It gets me excited."

"Oh!"  I said.  I still couldn't keep my eyes off his cock.  I had
not seen many cocks, just his and Brad's.  But they were just brief
looks, more by accident than anything else.  I think I remember
seeing my daddy's once when I burst into their room when I was
younger.  I think I remember it as being really big.

"Then when you came in, my little sister, I got even more excited."

"What do you mean?"  I asked, still looking at his lovely cock.

"Never mind," Bobby said.  "I'll tell you some other time.  Do you
want to touch my cock?"

I didn't say anything.  I just sat there staring at it.  Bobby knew I
wanted to, so he gently took my hand and placed it on his cock.  Oh,
It felt nice.  It felt so warm and smooth and soft to the touch even
though it was hard.  He told me to wrap my fingers around it.  I did,
but my tiny fingers would not go all the way around.

I was smiling now.  I liked making my brother happy, and he was happy
now, I just knew it.  He was always nice to me, but today he seemed
extra nice.  Then he told me to squeeze it just a little bit and move
my hand up and down.  As I did this, my brother started to squirm and
moan.  I stopped and asked him what was the matter.

"Nothing Squirt.  You are making me feel so good.  Keep doing that,

I jerked him off for a little while then he suddenly stopped me.
"I'm going to cum in a little while, Squirt."

"What do you mean?"  I asked.

"Some stuff is going to come out of my cock.  It's what makes babies.
Do you want to see it come out?"

Of course I did and told him.  "Then you better get undressed so that
none of it will get on your clothes.  We don't want mom to see it, do

I jumped off the bed and took my dress off and threw it on a chair.
All I had under the dress was a pair of panties.  I took them off too
and put them on top of my dress and stood in front of my brother,
naked, for the first time in my life.  I looked down to the floor and
crossed my hands over my pee hole.  I felt a little, I don't know
what, a little self conscious?  Uncomfortable?  Embarrassed?  I could
feel my whole body go bright red.

Bobby just looked at me and licked his lips and smiled and said
"What's the matter with you?  Shy?  Come and sit beside me again."
As soon as he said that whatever fears I felt earlier just
disappeared in a puff of smoke.  I gleefully jumped up on his bed,
and when I was crawling over his body to get on the other side of him
this time, I felt his hand on my bum as he tried to help me.  It felt
nice.  I think from that moment on, I felt something stronger for
Bobby than I had ever felt before.  It was like a shot of electricity
went through my body.  I didn't think I could ever be happier.

During this time, I noticed that his cock had gotten smaller.  I
couldn't understand that, so I asked him why.  "Don't worry, Squirt,
just start jerking me off like you were doing and it will soon get
hard again"

I did, and he was right.  It was hard again in a matter of seconds.

Bobby's body started jerking again, his legs started shaking, he was
breathing harder than usual, his eyes were half closed.  His left
hand grabbed my thigh and squeezed me hard.  It hurt a little, but I
didn't say anything.  He was moaning louder now.  He started saying
words like "fuck" and "shit" and others I can't remember.  He told me
not to stop and to go faster, harder.  I put my two hands on his cock
and started going as fast as I could.  This was hard, tiring work for
me, but I knew that Bobby liked it and I couldn't stop now.  I had to
keep going.

Suddenly, Bobby went all stiff and to my amazement this hot, white,
sticky stuff started shooting up in the air.  It landed on Bobby and
on me.  It just kept coming.  It seemed like it would never stop.  I
sat there in amazement, watching this stuff shoot through the air.  I
was so excited yet I couldn't help but laugh and laugh as it landed
on my stomach and arms and legs.  Finally it did stop and Bobby
relaxed.  I let go of his cock now and my hands were covered in this
stuff, this wonderful stuff that made babies and that came out of
Bobby's body.

He took me in his arms and kissed me.  As he kissed me he pulled me
on top of him.  His cum that was all over our bodies spread out over
our tummies.  It felt so nice.  That was the first time he really
kissed me.  It wasn't a brother sister kiss, but, as I later
discovered, it was the kiss of a lover.  As he kissed me, his tongue
forced its way into my mouth and I let him do it.  I had never felt
anything like this before.  A tingle ran all through my body again.
I threw my arms around him.  His stuff got all over his hair and
shoulders, but he didn't mind.

I sucked on his tongue.  It felt just like it always belonged there.
It felt so nice in my mouth, so soft and warm and slippery.  I wasn't
revolted by it like I would have been if someone had told me that was
what kissing was like.  It tasted familiar.  It took me a while to
figure out what it was, but it tasted like the Craft Dinner we had
for lunch.  Ever since then, Craft Dinner has been my favorite lunch.
I managed to get my tongue in his mouth and he began to suck on it.
Oh, nothing ever felt that good before.  My saliva started to trickle
out of the corner of my mouth and I wiped it away as Bobby finished
kissing me.

Then he asked, "How did you like that, Squirt?"  I didn't know
whether he meant the kiss or my jerking him off.  I had never been
kissed like that before and it made me feel so good inside.  Then
Bobby said, "You did a good job of jerking me off."  Then I knew what
he was referring to.

"Yeah, I did, Bobby.  Thanks for letting me do it for you.  Can we do
it again?  That was fun."  My eyes were bright and shiny and I had
this big smile on my face.  Bobby knew I was serious.

Bobby laughed and answered, "Not now.  I've got to rest first.  But
if you want we can do that every day.  Would you like that?"  I
looked at Bobby and smiled and moved up to give him a big kiss.  He
knew what my answer was.  "OK, Squirt.  You better go and have a
shower and get all that cum of mine off you.  If mom and dad found
out what we were doing, they'd kill us.  I'll have a shower when
you're finished."

I kissed Bobby again, and as I crawled off the bed, I rubbed against
his now soft cock.  I could feel it jerk as I touched it.  It felt
good.  I picked up my clothes and went to the bathroom.

I ran the water and got in the tub.  I let the warm water wash over
my body and I remember thinking that I hated to wash Bobby's baby
seeds off me.  But Bobby was right.  If mummy ever knew what we did,
we'd be in real trouble.  Up to that time, no one had ever told me
that what we were doing was wrong or illegal or anything like that.
Except maybe Bobby when he said that mummy and daddy must never find
out.  I just knew it, just like I knew that mummy would be mad or
upset if she knew what Bobby and I did.  I had heard very little
about sex and what I did hear I really didn't understand.  All I knew
was it was something that mummies and daddies did to make children.

I finished washing and dried myself and walked back to my room still
naked.  Bobby was standing in the hall waiting to get in the bathroom
for his shower.  It's funny, but now I didn't feel embarrassed to let
Bobby see me naked or to see him naked.  It just seemed so natural.

I smiled at him as I passed him and playfully pulled on his cock.
Giggling, I ran to my room.  'What a great summer this is going to
be,' I thought to myself.

Chapter Two.  (f/m)

Almost every day for about two weeks, I'd go to Bobby's room and we
played together.  We always got undressed and I jerked him off on his
bed.  I know he liked the way I did it.  His cock would twitch and it
seemed to get hard the instant I touched it.  I'd jerk Bobby off and
his seed would shoot in the air and land on us.  I'd laugh and
giggle.  He showed me how to hold it and squeeze it just as it was
beginning to come out so that it somehow build up pressure and would
shoot out harder and faster and further than normal.  I loved doing
that.  I loved seeing his love seed fly through the air and land on
me.  It usually landed on me.  Once it even landed on my face and
some trickled into my mouth.  I started to spit it out till I
realized that it didn't taste too bad.  Those were wonderful days.
Little did I know that things were going to get even better soon.

One morning I was up early.  Mummy and daddy were still eating
breakfast.  "You're up early, Carol.  Can't sleep?"  Daddy asked.  He
picked me up and sat me on his knee and gave me a big kiss.  I
remember he always smelt so nice in the morning.  I later found out
it was his Old Spice After Shave lotion.  I'll always remember that
smell.  I still love it to this day.

"I'm OK daddy.  Just thought I'd get up early today and go outside
and play with Brandy."  Brandy was my friend from down the street.
We were best friends.  Her parents and mine were also close friends.
"Is anyone else up yet" I asked.

My mummy came over to me and gave me a nice kiss, then gently paddled
my bum and said, "No, you are the only one up.  Now leave your dad
alone.  He's running late today."  I gave him another kiss and jumped
off his lap.  Mummy had some toast and jam on her plate that she
didn't finish, so I grabbed it and ran out the door after kissing her

I played with Brandy till about 10:30, when her mother said that they
were going out and that I better run along home.  I was anxious to go
home anyway.  I wanted to see Bobby again.

When I got into the yard, Sandie was just getting on her bike and was
going to her friends place.  Brad and Candie were playing with the
little boy and girl next door.  I asked Sandie if Bobby was up yet
and she giggled and said that she didn't think so, and she took off.

I ran into the house and up to Bobbies room.  I gently knocked on the
door.  There was no answer, so I quietly opened the door and peeked
in.  Bobby was still in bed.  I tiptoed into his room and closed and
locked the door behind me and stood beside his bed.  He only had a
sheet over the bottom half of his body.  The top half was naked.  I
liked his chest.  He didn't have any hairs on it like he has now,
Just nice and smooth.  I think he must have been hard again cause
where his cock should have been was this thing that looked like a
tent.  I bent over and kissed him.  He opened his eyes and when he
saw me he smiled and said "Hi, Squirt.  I was dreaming about you."

"Were you really?"  I smiled at him as I crawled over him and laid
down beside him under the sheet.  I was surprised that he had no
pajama bottoms on either.

"Yeah, it was a nice dream," he said.  "Why are you in bed with me?"
he asked.

"I just want to be close to you."

"Well, don't you think you are a little overdressed for that?"  he
asked and laughed out loud.

"Oh," I said and took off my dress and panties and threw them to the
foot of the bed.  We were both naked in bed now.  Bobby got up and
said he had to pee.  He was hard.

I watched him as he walked to the door.  "Oh, I see you locked the
door, eh?  Mmmm."  He smiled and left the room.  When he came back he
locked the door again and climbed into bed.

"What took you so long?"  I asked him.

"I don't know.  I just peed and washed and brushed my teeth."  He put
his arm around me and pulled me to him.  He felt so warn as I
snuggled into him and I put my arms around his waist.  He kissed me.

"Do you want me to play with your cock again?"  I asked him.

"Sure, if you want to," he answered.  "But you know what I was
thinking?  How would you like to learn how to fuck?"  I didn't know
what fuck was and told him.  Bobby smiled and said, "That is what
grown up people do to get babies."

I sat up in the bed.  I was startled and said, "You mean you want to
make a baby with me now?"

Bobby laughed so hard that I thought he'd never stop.  "No, Squirt,
you are way too young to have a baby.  Don't worry about that."  He
laughed some more.

"How do we fuck, Bobby?"  I asked him.

He rolled over so that he was on his side facing me.  He pulled the
sheet back off me.  "Spread your legs apart a little for me."  I did
as he asked.  He put his fingers on my pee place.  "Do you know what
this is called?"  he asked.

I said, "Sure, it's my pee hole.  Mummy told me."

Bobby smiled.  "That's one name for it.  It's also called your vagina
or your pussy or your cunt."

"What do you call it, Bobby?"  I asked.

"I like to call it cunt.  I like that word.  Can I call it your cunt
to you?"

"Sure, if you want," I said as I smiled at him.

"Good.  Well, a guy takes his cock and puts it inside a girls cunt.
Right there."  He put his middle finger where the cock would go.

"But Bobby, your cock would never go in there.  It's way too big."  I
looked scared and Bobby saw that.

"Don't worry about it.  Your cunt can open up very wide and take
cocks that are even bigger than mine," Bobby said nonchalantly.

"You mean there are cocks bigger than yours?"  I said in amazement.

Bobby laughed again.  He held me tightly to him.  He made me feel so
safe and secure.  "When you grow up and start going with guys, you'll
see.  I'm only 12 don't forget.  My cock will get bigger and bigger
as I grow up."

"I didn't think they could get any bigger."

Bobby laughed again.  "You'll see."

"Are you going to put your thing in my thing then?"

"Do you want me to?"

"I think I do," I said a little hesitantly.  I knew Bobby wanted to
do it.  I loved Bobby so much that I would do anything he wanted.
"Yeah, Bobby, I do want you to," I said more assuredly this time.

"Wow, that's great.  I know you are going to like it.  It's going to
hurt a bit at first.  Can you stand a little pain?"

"How do you know it's going to hurt me?  Oh, Bobby, I'm so scared."
I sobbed.  "Don't worry.

"Every thing is going to be OK.  You are not the first girl I've
fucked, you know."  He said that with a great deal of pride.  "Every
girl in the world goes through this.  Are you OK now?"

"Yeah, I'm OK now.  Who else have you fucked?"  My mind raced to
think of all the girls Bobby knew.  I didn't know all of them but I
knew some.  I couldn't think of any that would fuck him.  He had lots
of girlfriends.  I guess it was one of them.  But who?  "Who Bobby?"
I asked.

"Never mind right now.  I'll tell you some other time."

"Can we do it now, Bobby?  Your cock is hard, and some of that stuff
is coming out again."

"That's not the same stuff that came out yesterday.  This stuff is
called my precum.  It acts like a lubricant or an oil to make my cock
go into your cunt more easily.  Here, I'll show you."  Bobby got up
and positioned himself between my legs.

Automatically I spread my legs wide apart.  I don't know why.  They
just parted.  Maybe that was a girl thing that showed through earlier
than normal.  He took his cock in his hand and rubbed the head along
my cunt lips so that some of the precum got all over my lips.  "See
Squirt, it's making your cunt all slippery now.  Feel it."

He moved out of the way a bit and I put my hand to my cunt.  He was
right.  It did feel slippery down there.  I smiled up at Bobby.
Bobby got back between my legs and started to put his cock inside me.
He rubbed some more precum and pushed against me.

It felt a bit uncomfortable, but at least there was no pain.  He
pushed harder and harder and finally I felt a sharp pain as the head
of his cock finally broke through my opening.  I yelled and jumped a
bit.  "It's OK, Carol, honey" Bobby said softly to me.  "Here look
down and see.  The head of my cock just went inside you.  That's what
that pain was.  Your cunt had to stretch farther than it has ever
stretched before and when my head finally broke through, there was a
little pain.  Are you OK now?"  Bobby wiped the tear that was running
down my cheek.

I raised my head and looked down.  I could see Bobby's cock and the
end of it was part way into my cunt.  I was amazed and I remember
feeling so proud of myself.  It didn't hurt any more.  In fact it
felt good.  I threw my arms around Bobby's neck and gave him a big
juicy kiss.  He smiled and pushed my shoulders back on the pillow.

"I'm going to push it in farther now Sis.  Just relax."  Before he
did, he reached over to his bedside table, opened the drawer and
pulled out a jar of Vaseline.  He opened the jar and rubbed some of
it on the part of his cock that was still visible.

"Why did you do that?"  I asked.

"It's OK, Sis.  It will help make my cock slide into you easier.  My
precum is not enough right now."

I loved Bobby so much.  I had so much faith in him that I knew he
wouldn't do anything to really hurt me.  I didn't know it then, but
Bobby was so mature for his age.  He was far more mature than any of
the guys he chummed with.  He was far more mature than any of our
cousins.  He was just Bobby to me then.  He was always kind and
considerate.  He was my Bobby.

I relaxed and Bobby pushed harder and harder and fraction by
fraction, his huge cock went deeper into me.  It felt good.  Every
once in a while he'd pull it part way out and then in again.  I
remember I really liked that part.

Bobby stopped again and told me to look and see what was happening.
I raised my head again and what a surprise.  His cock was half way in
me now.  I felt so excited.  I thought I was proud when I saw that
the head of his cock had gone inside me.  Well I was a hundred times
prouder now.  I never thought it would be possible for it to go so
far inside.  I giggled and Bobby kissed me again.

He pushed again, but now there seemed to be an obstruction.  Bobby
stopped and put his arms around me and whispered as if he didn't want
anyone else in the world to hear but me.  "Listen, Sweety, I've got
to tell you something.  There is a piece of skin that goes across
your cunt.  I forget what they call it.  But I have to get past that
skin and it will hurt a bit when I break it.  And there will be some
blood too.  Do you want me to break that skin now or do you want to
wait for another time?"

I looked up into Bobby's eyes.  He seemed so sure of himself.  After
all he had done this before.  I trusted him.  I sobbed, "I'm really
scared, Bobby.  What do you think?"

"This will be the last time I hurt you.  I promise.  If you get this
over with there will be no more hurts.  Wouldn't that be nice?"

"Do it now, Bobby," I begged him.  "get the hurts over with."  Bobby
smiled at me and gave me a gentle and tender kiss.  Still keeping his
cock in me, Bobby reached over to his dresser and grabbed a towel and
forced it under my ass.  "Why did you do that?"  I asked.

"We don't want to get the blood all over my bed, do we.  Mom would
have a kitten."  He laughed.  So did I.  Bobby told me to wrap my
legs around his waist and help him by squeezing so that his cock had
more power to break the skin.  I did and he went a little deeper in
me and suddenly I felt this really sharp pain.  I had never felt pain
like that before.  I yelled and cried and tried to push Bobby off me.
Thank God there was nobody in the house because they would have
heard my yells.

Bobby held me tightly to him.  He didn't withdraw his cock.  He kept
it inside me.  He kissed all over my face, kissing the tears away.
The pain subsided and I relaxed again.  Bobby kept holding me and
kissing me and wiping my tears away.  "Are you OK now Sis?"  he asked.

"Yeah.  Wow that really hurt, but it's OK now."  I smiled at him.

"Look now and tell me what you see."  Bobby said.  He leaned the top
part of his body back and I could see down there.  I couldn't see his
cock any more.  I looked at Bobby in astonishment.

He had this big grin on his face.  "Where is your cock?"  I asked.

"It's all the way in you now.  How does that feel."

"Oh, Bobby, it feels wonderful.  Is it really all the way inside me?
Really?  Wow.  Are we fucking now Bobby?  Are we?  Oh, wow, I could
do this all day long."

Bobby smiled.  "Yes, we are fucking now, Squirt, but we're not
through yet," Bobby said and he started pumping his cock in and out
of my cunt.  I was still very sore down there and it hurt every time
his cock went in and out of me.  I didn't say anything because I
didn't want Bobby to worry.  Thank God it didn't last too long.
Bobby was so aroused by now that he shot his life giving seamen into
me right away.  I could feel it going deep into me.  I could feel
shot after shot as he unloaded into me.  Finally it stopped.  Bobby
stayed inside me and hugged and kissed me some more.

Suddenly I could feel his cock get smaller.  He pulled out of me and
his seamen dribbled out.  He had overfilled me.  Thank goodness for
the towel for there was some blood too.  I got a little scared when I
saw the blood, but Bobby told me that everything was OK and no harm
would come.  His cock was a bit red from the blood too.  He just used
the towel to clean himself.  Then he wiped some of my blood and his
cum off my red cunt.  I don't know if it was red from my blood or
from being used for its rightful purpose for the first time.  It was
still red after he wiped it.

We just stayed in each other's arms for about half and hour.  We
kissed and cuddled and talked about sex and the fun we were going to
have together now that the hurting part was done.  I asked him if I
was going to have a baby.  He asked me if I had periods yet.  I
didn't know what he meant.  He told me when I bleed from my cunt
every month.

"You mean like just now?"  I asked innocently.

"No," he said.  "I guess you don't have periods yet.  Mom or Sandie
will tell you all about them later.  No, sweety, you are not going to
have a baby.  You are too young."

Then Bobby said that there were other things he wanted to teach me.
When I asked him what they were, he just smiled and said, "You'll
see."  He also said he had a secret he was going to tell me, but not
now.  Later.

"Tell me now, Bobby.  Come on.  You know I can't wait.  Tell me."

"No, later.  Don't be impatient."

"Are you going to tell me who you fucked?"  I was so excited that my
big brother would trust me with a secret.  He had never done that

"You'll see, Squirt.  Just forget about it."  Finally Bobby said I
had better go and have a nice long warm bath.  It would help my pussy
feel better faster.  I gave him one more kiss and squeezed his cock
one more time and left.

As I walked from Bobby's room to the bathroom, I could feel his cum
dribbling down my legs.  It felt nice.  It was a little hard to walk.
Every step I took made my cunt a little sorer.  I poured the water
into the tub and climbed in.  The water felt good, but when it hit my
sore pussy, it stung quite a bit.  I had to lift my bottom out of the
water and slowly drop down again.  I did this a few times till I was
able to stay in the water.

I lay back and closed my eyes.  I spread my pee hole apart so that
the warm water could get inside.  It stung again, but not much.  I
washed my pee hole, but it was so tender that I could not touch it
too much.  I looked at it again.  It was still beet red and looked
sore.  But I didn't care.  I liked what Bobby and I did today.  I
just hoped that it wouldn't be as sore as this every time Bobby and I
fucked.  I poured some bubble bath in the water and ran some more hot
water and lay back and closed my eyes.  'Oh, wow.' I thought, 'This
has been the greatest day of my life so far.'

Chapter Three.  (f/m)

I slept in the next morning.  I heard my mummy and daddy leave for
work at their usual time.  That would be about 8:15.  I turned over
and went back to sleep.

I don't know what time it was, but I felt my bed move.  I opened my
eyes and saw Bobby lying next to me.  A big grin came on my face when
I saw him.  He always made me happy.  My arms just automatically went
around his neck and I started to kiss him.

"Woe there, little sister.  Just a minute," he said.  "If you are
going to kiss me like that, you better go and brush your teeth first."

"I'm sorry, Bobby, I didn't know."  Jumping out of bed, I ran to the
door.  I turned and said, "I'll be right back," and I dashed out of
the room and into the bathroom.  I had to pee so the first thing I
did was look after that then I washed my hands and face, brushed my
teeth and combed my hair.

I didn't take too long as I didn't want to keep Bobby waiting.  But I
did take a minute to check the house to see who was home.  I couldn't
see anyone in the house.  I could see Brad and Candie playing next
door and Sandie's bike was gone, so I guess she was with a friend or
something.  I ran down the hall and into my bedroom and dove on the
bed beside Bobby.  I crawled under the sheet and noticed that Bobby
was naked.  "Do you want me to take my baby dolls off, Bobby?"  I
asked shyly.

"Oh, Carol, I love you," Bobby said as he took me in his arms and
gave me a big kiss.  His tongue forced its way into my mouth and
searched every nook and cranny in my mouth.  I sucked on his tongue
like I did the other day.  It tasted so good.

This time it tasted like Colgate's tooth paste.  He must have brushed
his teeth too before he came to me.  I worked my tongue into his
mouth and he sucked on it too.  A wonderful feeling crept all through
my body from my toes to my legs to my pee hole to my stomach to my
breasts and to my head.  I don't remember having this strong a
feeling before, not even when Bobby kissed me like this the last time.

Bobby looked me right in the eyes and held his hands on either side
of my head as he did so.  "Carol, I want to take your jammies off
you.  Can I?"

"Sure, Bobby, if you want to.  I think that would be nice."  Bobby
slipped my baby doll top off and threw it on the chair next to my bed.

He looked down at my little titties.  Actually there were no titties.
I hadn't started to develop them yet.  Anyway, Bobby liked what he
did see and he ran his index finger around and around my nipples and
my tiny areolae.  Then he leaned over and did the same thing with his
tongue and ended up sucking each of my undeveloped titties in his
mouth.  This felt so good.  I never felt anything as nice before.  He
started to kiss and lick his way down to know, my pee hole.
When he reached my baby doll panties, he hooked his thumbs under the
elastic and slid them down my legs telling me to lift my bum so he
could pull them down easily.  Then he slid them off my feet and threw
them on the chair as well.  "You look so beautiful, Carol," he said
as his eyes followed every square inch of my naked body.

I felt a little self conscious.  Bobby was the first person that I
could remember to study my body so intently.  Maybe a doctor or nurse
or even my mummy did when I was a baby, I don't know.  "Do you really
mean that, Bobby?  You're not just saying that, are you?  I'm not as
beautiful as Sandie.  She's a lot prettier than me."

Sandie was prettier than me.  She had nice titties.  I know all the
boys at school looked at her.  She had a really nice slim figure with
lots of curves in all the right places.  She was really developing.
"No, she's not," Bobby said.  "You both are beautiful.  She's just
older than you.  That's all.  When you get to be as old as she is,
you'll look just as beautiful.  Believe me."  I put my arm around
Bobby's naked chest and snuggled into him, and lay there for a minute
or two.

Bobby rubbed my back and bum.  I could see the sheet covering him go
into that tent shape again and I knew Bobby was hard.  I laughed out
loud and pointed to it and said, "Look Bobby.  There's a snake in the
bed."  Bobby laughed too and said that I knew what that was.  Of
course I did.

"How is your pussy this morning, Carol?  Is it still sore?"

"Not really.  It didn't sting much when I had a pee this morning.
And last night before I went to bed I had another bath and soaked it
for a long time.  Then I put some Vaseline on it and it feels OK
now."  I told him all that with a great deal of pride.  I didn't tell
him that it was actually a little sore.  Just in case he decided he
better not fuck me today.  I wanted him to fuck me.

"That's good," Bobby said.  He looked down at my pussy.  "It looks a
little sore, Carol.  Are you sure it doesn't hurt you?"

"It's OK, Bobby.  It's just a little red.  That will go away."

Bobby smiled at me and said, "Want me to fuck you?"

"Oh, yes Bobby.  Yes, yes, yes."  I was surprised at how excited I
was beginning to feel.  I think Bobby was surprised too.

"This time, how about you being on top?"  Bobby stated.

"I guess."  I said.  "Does it make any difference?"

"Well, yes in a way it does.  You are in control that way.  If it
hurts, you can stop."

"But I thought you said all the hurts were gone, Bobby.  You promised
me there would be no more hurts."  I started to cry a bit and a tear
fell down my cheek.

"It is gone, baby."  Bobby said holding me tightly to him.  "It is.
There will be no more hurts.  I wouldn't lie to you.  I just meant
that you might still be sore from yesterday and when we fuck now it
might hurt a little.  That's all I meant.  I promise."  I felt a lot
better now.

I looked down at bobby's big cock.  Some of that precum stuff he was
talking about yesterday was coming out of the hole in his cock.  I
put my finger in it and spread it around the head of Bobby's cock.
His cock jumped when I touched it and we both laughed.  "Before we
fuck, Carol, can I tell you something?"  Bobby asked.

"Sure.  Is this the secret you were going to tell me?"

"Yeah."  Bobby replied a bit coyly.

I was so excited now.  I forgot all about Bobby's cock and that we
were just about to fuck again.  I sat up and asked, "Who is it,
Bobby?  Who?  Who have you been fucking?  Ohhhh!  Bobby, please tell
me.  Please.  Please."

Bobby smiled at me.  Anyone could see that he was a little
embarrassed or scared to tell me.  Anyone except me that is.  I just
had to know.  He stammered and stuttered a bit.  I could feel his
whole body tighten up.  Finally he came out with it.  "It's your big
sister, Sandie.  We have been fucking for about 6 months now."

I was silent for a few seconds.  I didn't know what to say.  I just
looked at Bobby with this surprised look on my face.  "Really?"  I
asked.  "Really?  Oh, wow.  I didn't know that.  Does she like it?"
I think I was a bit in shock.  I couldn't think of anything else to
say at that moment.

"Yeah, really and she loves it.  Just like you do.  I told her what
we did the day before and that I fucked you yesterday.  I thought she
would be mad, but she wasn't.  You're not mad at me are you, Carol?"

I laid down in Bobby's arms again.  He held me close to him.  How
could I ever be mad at Bobby.  I loved him so much.  I loved him more
than a brother.  I always loved him but now that we were fucking, I
loved him even more.  Even more than Sandie did.  I'm sure she only
loved him like a brother.  "Of course I'm not, stupid.  You know
that."  I reached up and kissed him again and he kissed me.  I could
feel his body relax again.  Nothing was going to change with us.
"Can we fuck now, Bobby?"

"Sure, squirt," Bobby said smiling.  He got the Vaseline out again
and rubbed some on his erect cock and on my red pussy.  Then he laid
down on his back and told me to straddle him and face him.  "OK, now.
I'm going to help to position you over my cock.  I'll lower you down
on it when you are in position.  OK?  You can lean over an put your
hands on my shoulders or anywhere you want.  Just use your legs and
arms to lower and raise yourself as you want.  Do you understand?"

I nodded, and Bobby very gently lifted me high enough so that I was
above his cock.  Then he said, "OK, Carol.  Now reach between your
legs and grab hold of my cock and guide it into your cunt opening."
I did as he asked.  "Oh, that's good, baby.  Really good.  That's the
way.  Now lower yourself down."  Bobby kept his hands on my waist,
but didn't push down or guide me in any way.  They were just there
for balance.  I felt his head enter my cunt again.  This time it
didn't hurt.  I gradually dropped down further and further on Bobby's
cock.  Still no hurts.  My pee hole did sting a bit, but I didn't
mind it.  I liked being on top.  I could look down easier to see how
far he was in me.  I looked now and he was about half way inside me.
I could feel my heart rate increase.  This was nice.  No hurts.  I
raised up and then down a few times, going deeper each time.  Every
time I did that, Bobby let out a little moan.  I know he likes that,
so I did it some more.  The next time I looked down, there was no
sign of his cock.  It was buried all the way inside me.

"Look, Bobby," I said excitedly.  "Look, you're all the way inside of
me again.  Oh, wow, isn't that something?"  I was smiling from ear to
ear and so was Bobby when he saw how far his cock was buried inside
his sexy little sister's cunt.

I began to move up and down.  I didn't know why, but I was able to
slide up and down very easily now.  It must have been the Vaseline.
The more I did it the easier it became.  Bobby's cock felt so good
inside me.  If it felt as good inside Sandie's cunt as it did inside
mine, no wonder she loved it.

I was moving up and down faster now.  Every time I reached the top
I'd drop down harder and harder.  It seemed like Bobby was going
deeper and deeper in me with every thrust.  I could feel Bobby's cock
seem to get bigger and it was jerking and twitching inside me.  Bobby
was moaning louder and louder now and using those words again.  You
remember.  "Oh, Carol, fuck me.  Fuck me honey.  Fuck me harder.
Faster.  Faster.  Oh, Baby, you really know how to fuck.  Ohhhhh,
Carol, I'm going to cum now.  I'm going to cum inside your cunt.
Ohhh, God.  Here it cums, Carol.  Here it cums.  Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?  Oh, God.  You are terrific."  I could feel stream
after stream of my brother's baby seed pumping into me.  I loved that
feeling.  He let shot after shot go.  Just like last time, I didn't
think it would ever stop, but it finally ended.  I collapsed on his
chest and put my arms around his neck and I kissed him again.  My
tongue went deep into his mouth and he sucked on it like it was a
sweet sucker.  He put his arms around my waist and held me tight.  I
felt so safe and secure there.  "See, Sis" he said, "It didn't hurt
this time did it?"

"No, Bobby, it didn't," I said.  "It was really nice.  I like fucking
you.  Do you like fucking me?"

"I sure do," Bobby said with a great deal of enthusiasm.

I kissed his lips again, then said, "Bobby, did you mean it when you
said I really know how to fuck?"

"Sure I did, sweetheart.  You made my cock feel really good and that
is a sign that the girl knows how to fuck."

"I'm glad I did good.  Am I just as good as Sandie?"

"Don't forget, Sandie has been doing it longer than you and certain
things happen to her that don't happen to you yet.  And she can do
things that help too.  These things make fucking better," Bobby

I could feel Bobby's cock start to shrink, but I stayed there on top
of him.  I slowly began to move my body around and up and down while
we talked.  "What can she do that I can't do?"  I asked innocently.

"Well, for one thing, her cunt gets wet on its own and makes it easy
for my cock to slip inside her.  We don't have to rely on my precum
alone or Vaseline to make her cunt slippery," Bobby explained.

"Will I do that soon?"  I asked still moving around on Bobbies cock.

"Oh, yeah, you will, but I don't know when.  It might be soon now
that we are fucking.  I just don't know.  Mom would probably know,
but we can't ask her, can we?"  We both agreed and laughed.

Bobby's cock had been getting smaller during this time, but now with
my continuous moving about, I could feel it starting to get hard
again.  I held his face in my hands and whispered to him, "Bobby,
you're cock is getting hard again."

"Yeah, don't I know it," Bobby said smiling.  "Do you like feeling it
get bigger inside you?"  he asked.

"It feels so nice.  I like it," I said as my movements became
stronger and stronger.  I was moving up and down now on his now fully
enlarged cock.  With all his baby seed in me, it moved with hardly
any resistance at all.

Bobby was doing his moaning and jerking thing again.  'God, is he
going to cum inside me again?' I wondered to myself.  'Oh, yeah, he
is.  Wow.  This is great.  I love fucking Bobby.  I love Bobby,

Bobby started to ask me to fuck him harder, just like last time.  I
rode up and down on his cock as fast as my arms and legs would carry
me and I suddenly felt that same wonderful feeling as my Bobby shot
load after load of his seed inside my cunt again.  There wasn't as
much as last time but it still filled me up and now most of it was
seeping out of my cunt and running down my legs and onto Bobby and
onto the sheets.  This time Bobby didn't care if any got on the
sheets.  Neither did I if you want to know.

When he was finished, I rolled off him.  His cock came out of my cunt
with this sort of sucking, sloshing, popping noise, you know, like
when you separate two objects that fit tightly together.  Something
like that.  Bobby's cock was half up.  It was all shiny and wet from
his seed juice.  I touched it and it felt nice.  Bobby laughed and
said, "If you play with it any more, you'll make it hard again, and
you know what we'll have to do then, don't you?"  I giggled as I knew
just what he meant, but I figured we should rest a while so I stopped.

"Bobby, What else can Sandie do that I can't?"

"Well, you know when my cock is inside you?"

"Yeah," I said.  "I know."

"Well, she can do something that just drives me crazy.  Somehow she
seems to be able to grab hold of my cock while it is inside her and
that is so nice."

"You mean she grabs it with her hands?"  I said in amazement.

Bobby giggled and said, "No, honey.  Not with her hands.  With
something inside her cunt.  I don't know what it is, but I like it."

"Do you think I can learn to do that?  Do you think Sandie would
teach me how to do it?"

"I don't see why not," Bobby said.  "Listen, Squirt.  Sandie and me
are going to meet today at about 2 o'clock."  He leaned over to see
the clock.  "It's now 11:50.  So that's in about 2 hours.  She is
going to come to my room.  Do you want to come too?"  Oh, wow, did I.
There was no way I'd miss this, and that is what I told Bobby.  "OK,
then," Bobby said.  "You come to my room at 2:30.  Will that be OK?"

"But why not at 2 o'clock?  Why 2:30?"

"I just want to have time with Sandie and to let her know you are
going to be here.  Understand?"

"I guess," I said glumly.  I crawled on top of Bobby and lay on his
tummy and chest.  I wasn't very heavy and he didn't mind me doing

"Hey, Squirt.  You like fucking, don't you?"

"I sure do, Bobby, Why?"

"Well, there are other things I want to show you."

"Like what?"  I asked.

"Well, like showing you how to suck my cock and how to get my cum to
go off in your mouth," Bobby explained.

"Yuck!"  I said.  "That sounds terrible."

"Don't' worry about it sweetheart.  You know I wouldn't do anything
that is going to hurt you.  It may seem yuckie at first, but you'll
soon love it.  Sandie loves it."

"Does she?"  I asked in amazement.  "Does she really?"

"She sure does.  She liked it right from the beginning," Bobby stated

"What else are you going to teach me?"  I asked.

"You know your pretty little bum hole?"  Bobby asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"Well, that is another hole my cock likes to get into."

I sat right up on Bobby's stomach.  Did I hear right?  Bobby was
smiling at me.  "Do you mean you want to put your cock in my bum
hole?  That's awful."  I was shocked.

"Why, what's awful about it.  Everyone does it."

"But that is where my poop comes out.  It's yuckie."

I laid down on Bobby again and he held me tight.  I was shaking.  He
knew I was scared.  "It's OK, honey.  I won't do any of those things
to you unless you are really sure that you want me to.  If you watch
Sandie and me enough, you'll see us do those things and then maybe
you won't think it is too bad.  Just relax now.  Everything is OK."

"What else, Bobby?"  I asked nervously.

"I think that's enough for now, don't you?  You'll learn a lot of
things in the next while.  I won't do anything that will hurt you.
You know that, don't you?"  I told him yes and he kissed me again and
asked me how my pussy felt now.  I told him it felt really good and
he said he was glad.  "I better go now, sweety.  I'm going to have a
shower and freshen up for Sandie and have some lunch.  Don't forget.
Come to my room at 2:30.  OK?"  Bobby gave me one more kiss and left
my room.  I lay on the bed and watched him as he walked naked to the
door.  He stopped there and turned around and said, "I'm the luckiest
guy in all of Canada.  I've got two sexy young sisters to fuck every
day, and one more coming up.  I think I'm in heaven."  He left the
room.  I felt so happy and so at peace with the world.  I was the
happiest girl in all of Canada.

Chapter Four.  (f/f/m)

While Bobby was having his shower, I laid in my bed thinking about me
and him and Sandie.  I was still surprised that it was Sandie that
Bobby was fucking.  I thought for sure it was one of his girlfriends.
Bobby and Sandie never showed any signs of anything between them.  I
wouldn't have known what to look for anyway.  But then again, what
did I know about that sort of thing.  I could hardly believe it.
Sandie was so beautiful.  I used to watch her when she was getting
dressed and undressed.  She had a long slender body and her figure
was filling out.  She had beautiful long legs and her breasts were a
lot bigger than mine, but then who's weren't?  Hehehe.  She was also
growing some hair around her pussy.  I remembered what Bobby said
about fucking Candie too.  I wondered when that would be.  Would he
do it now?  She was only 5 years old.  No.  I'm sure he would wait
till she was at least as old as me.  So many things were running
through my mind.

All this time I was rubbing my pussy with my fingers.  All Bobby's
cum made it very slippery.  It felt so good.  Bobby had deposited so
much of his seed in me that it was still seeping out.  When I got up
and walked to the dresser, a lot more escaped and I had to catch it
in my hand or else it would have gotten all over the carpet.  Bobby
came out of the bathroom and went to his room.  I had already decided
to have a bath and freshen up.  I sat in the tub for about half and
hour.  This time the water didn't sting my peepee, and when I washed
it, there was no pain at all.  The blood had stopped too, so it
looked like I was back to normal.  I didn't realize it at the time
though, but things would never again be like they were before.  I had
lost my virginity to my big brother.  To this day, I've never
regretted losing my virginity to Bobby.  Not once.  I had lost my
virginity to someone I loved the most in the world.  I was learning
so much from him and I'd learn even more from Sandie.  I was growing
up fast.

I filled the tub with bubbles and just laid back and relaxed.  I
closed my eyes and pictured fucking Bobby.  Until yesterday, I never
knew what sex was.  I never knew how wonderful it would make me feel.
Two days ago I was a virgin, although at that time I didn't know
about virginity.  Then suddenly, yesterday I was no longer a virgin.
My heart started to beat faster as I thought about that and my hand
went down to my pussy and I started playing with myself again.  The
soap and water got inside me and washed out quite a bit of Bobby's

I got out of the tub, dried off and went back to my room.  I put on a
fresh pair of panties.  They were my very best pair.  They were white
and silky and had pictures of red hearts all over them.  Mummy and
Daddy had given them to me for Christmas, and I only wore them on
special occasions.  I figured this afternoon was going to be a very
special occasion.  Then I put on a nice summer dress.

I started to straighten my bed when I noticed that my sheets had a
lot of Bobby's cum on them, so I took them to the laundry room and
put them in the washer.  It was now about 1 o'clock.  I heard Sandie
come in and go to the bathroom.  I heard the shower running.  I
didn't want to run into her because she didn't know that I'd be
joining her and Bobby and I knew I'd feel a little embarrassed if I
started to talk to her.  She would notice that I was acting strange
and would want to know why.  I stayed in the laundry room.  God, time
just dragged.  Sandie finished her shower and went to our room.  I
guess she was getting prettied up to see Bobby.  I wanted to go and
see her, but I new I'd feel uncomfortable so I went to the kitchen
and made a peanut butter and jam sandwich.  It was now quarter to
two.  She'd be going to Bobby's room soon.  Time was going so slow.

I put the sheets in the dryer and walked back to the kitchen again
and I heard Sandie go to Bobby's room.  It was five to two.  Oh, god.
I felt so excited.  I couldn't wait half and hour, but I knew I had
to.  I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and had another pee.
I wiped my pussy really clean this time.  In fact, I used my wet
face cloth.  I don't know why I did that.  I just felt that I should.

I didn't know what to do.  I went to my room and just sat on my bed
waiting for the clock to reach 2:30.  'Does time always go this
slow?' I kept thinking.

Two thirty, at last.  I slowly walked up to Bobby's door and lightly
knocked.  To my surprise, it was Sandie who said, "Come on in Carol.
The door's open."  I opened the door and stepped in.  and closed it
behind me.  I looked towards Bobby's bed and my mouth almost fell to
the floor.  Sandie was on top of Bobby and she was riding up and down
on his cock.  I could see it going in and out of her cunt.  In and
out, in and out.  It was the most beautiful site.  Sandie turned to
look at me and smiled.  "Lock the door, sweety."  I did, but didn't
take my eyes off them for one second.  Bobby looked at me and smiled.

"Why don't you take your clothes off and get on the bed with us?"

"Yeah," said Sandie.  "Come on."  I didn't need to be asked twice.  I
took my dress off and folded it over the chair and took my panties
off and put them on top of my dress.  Sandy was watching me and said,
"Those are pretty panties you have on, Carol."  Bobby agreed.  I
smiled at them both and thanked them.  I had to crawl over both
Sandie and Bobby to get on the bed.  They were both wet with
perspiration.  I thought that was odd, cause it wasn't hot in the
room.  It wasn't till quite a while later that I realized that lovers
can generate their own heat and sweat profusely.  We all laughed as
our naked bodies touched for the first time ever.  I watched as
Sandie rode Bobby's cock.  I got as close to the action as I could.

I couldn't get over how Sandie's cunt seemed to stretch to accept the
size of Bobby's cock, and how beautifully it wrapped itself around
it.  Sandie was working his cock so nicely.  There was this wonderful
slushing sound coming from her cunt.  I loved the sound of it and I
loved to see Bobby's cock go in and out of her cunt as she lowered
herself down and raised herself up repeatedly.  Bobby was squeezing
Sandie's titties and then sucking them into his mouth.  Sandie moaned
and said how nice it felt.

Bobby was squirming now and using his fuck words like he did with me.
"Oh, God Sandy.  Fuck me.  Fuck me.  I'm just about ready to cum.
Oh, Sandy.  I love you baby.  You fuck so good.  Oh, Christ.  Fuck
me, fuck me, fuck me."

"Shit, Bobby, I'm cumming too.  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Oh Bobby.  You feel
so good inside me.  I'm cumming.  I'm cumming.  Ohhhhhh, God, Bobby,
I'm cuuummmmming."

Sandie was bouncing on Bobby so hard now.  The bed was bouncing up
and down and so was I.  There was this glassy look in her eyes.  Her
head was thrown way back and she was breathing really hard.  I had
never seen anything like that in all my life.  I found myself playing
with my pussy.  Suddenly, Sandie let out this cry like I had never
heard before.  I can't explain it.  It was as if someone had just
experienced something out of this world.  She threw herself flat on
Bobby's chest and started to kiss him so passionately.  Her hips were
still grinding into Bobby.  She couldn't stop.  I could see her
tongue darting into his mouth and his into hers.  "God, Bobby.  That
was so good.  Sooo good.  I had the wildest orgasm.  I could feel
your cum shooting all the way to the back of my cunt.  Christ, I
didn't think you'd ever stop cumming.  I didn't want you to stop."

She rolled off Bobby.  His cock was still hard and drops of his cum
were still dribbling down his shaft.  Now Sandie started to lick
Bobby's cock.  She kept moaning "Mmmmmm" all the time she was doing
that.  Then she put his whole cock in her mouth and started to suck
on it.  Bobby was now wriggling and squirming all over the bed.  He
was grabbing Sandie's head and holding it while his hips pumped his
cock into her mouth.  He was moaning loudly now and using those words
again.  Sandie kept right on sucking him.  I could see by the indents
in her cheeks that she was sucking really hard.  Bobby was really
enjoying this.

"God, Sandie.  You're the best cock sucker in the whole world.  You
better stop now or I'm going to shoot a wad into your mouth.  I'm
just about there."

Sandie looked up and smiled at Bobby.  She took his cock out of her
mouth just long enough to say, "What's keeping you then, big
brother?"  and promptly started sucking him again.

That was all Bobby could take.  Immediately he started pumping wad
after wad of his spunk into my sister's mouth.  I sat there in
amazement as she took it all into her mouth and I could see her
swallowing it too.  She kept Bobby's cock in her mouth even after he
had shot his last load and just cleaned up every drop she could get.
When she finally let it go, it was soft again and the only thing you
could see was her saliva all over it.

All this time while Sandie was sucking Bobby's cock, her bum was in
the air and facing me.  I had a good view of her pussy.  It looked so
beautiful.  It was all wet and some of Bobby's cum was oozing out of
her.  I wanted to touch it, but I didn't dare.  I was too scared.

They both laid on their backs beside each other now.  Bobby's arm was
around Sandie as she snuggled up to him.  "You were really good
today, Bobby."  Sandie said.  "That must be because of Carol."  They
both looked over at me and giggled.

"How did you like that, little Sis?"  Bobby asked.  I was still numb
and couldn't say anything.

Sandie said, "She must have liked it.  Look.  She's still playing
with her pussy."  They both giggled again and I realized what I was
doing.  I went beet red and quickly took my hand away from my pussy.

"Don't be embarrassed, Carol."  Sandy said as she moved over beside
me and held me tight.

This was the first time I can remember feeling her naked body against
mine.  She gave me a kiss like she never did before.  It was the same
kind of kiss that Bobby gave me.  You know.  With her tongue.  I
really liked that and did it back to her.  We both started breathing
hard and holding each other tightly.  Bobby was really enjoying
seeing his two sexy little sisters kiss passionately right in front
of him.  I could taste Bobby's cum in Sandie's mouth and on her lips
and this made me even more excited.  Sandie asked me softly "Did you
like watching Bobby and me fuck, Carol?"

"Yeah.  It was exciting."  I answered.  "Bobby says that you do
something that he really likes.  He says that you grab his cock when
it is inside you.  How do you do that?  He says it's not with your

Sandie laughed out loud and gave me another hug and kiss.  "No,
sweety, it's not with my hands.  I use my vagina muscles.  You know
when you have to go pee and you are holding it in?  Well it's
something like that.  Just pretend you are holding your pee in when
Bobby fucks you."

"Oh, wow.  Thanks Sandie.  Is that all?"

"Yeah, I guess."  Sandie said thoughtfully.  "Oh yeah, I only squeeze
his cock when he is pulling out, not when he is going in, and I don't
usually do it all the time.  Only when he is getting really excited
and is just about ready to cum.  Can you remember all that?"

I told her I thought I could and asked her another question.  " Bobby
also told me that you can do something that makes his cock go inside
you easier.  He says that he doesn't have to rely only on his precum
to make your pussy slippery, or Vaseline.  What's he talking about?"

Sandie turned more towards me now and her back was to Bobby.  She was
in the fetal position and I was cuddled into her.  All the time we
were talking, Bobby was playing with his cock and it was now really
hard.  I didn't know this, but Sandie had turned her bum to Bobby for
a reason.

"You know the precum that comes out of Bobby's cock hole?"  She
asked.  "Well, we girls do something like that.  When we get excited
our pussies let some fluid out.  This fluid is slippery.  The more
excited we get, the more fluid we produce.  This fluid lets a guy get
his cock inside us without hurting us or causing us any discomfort.
Do you understand?"

I said I thought I did.  "I don't get that fluid.  Why not?"

"I don't know, sweety.  But you will soon.  If you and Bobby keep on
fucking every day, I bet you will start producing this stuff pretty
soon."  She squeezed me hard and kissed me again.

All this time Sandie was squirming around.  Suddenly she took in a
big breath of air and let out a little scream of pain.

"What's wrong, Sandie?"  I asked.

"Oh, God, Bobby.  That feels so good."  Sandie cried.  "Carol, Look.
Bobby is fucking my ass now.  Look!"

I moved around to where I could see what was happening.  Sure enough,
Bobby had his cock deep in my older sisters bum.  My mouth fell open.
I couldn't believe it.  Sandie was moaning and yelling like a mad
woman.  "Stop it, Bobby.  Stop it."  I yelled.  "You're hurting
Sandie.  Oh, Bobby, please stop it."

"No, sweety, no.  It's OK."  Sandie told me as she held my hand and
squeezed it hard.  "It's lovely.  I like it."

Sandie was playing with her cunt now.  She was rubbing her clit hard
and fast.  I saw this and asked her what she was doing.  "Oh, Baby,"
she said.  She could hardly speak.  Her breath was hard and fast.
"I'm m-mmasturbating.  Oh, God.  This is so good.  I'm rubbing my ...
my c-cclit...ohhhhh...with Bobby's...cock ass...oh God, oh,
God... it feels so good."  Then she said to Bobby, "Oh, Bobby, you
are great.  I love you so much.  Fuck my ass hard, Bobby.  Fuck it
hard.  Aaauuugggghhhhhhhhh."  She let out this long loud howl again
as she had her second orgasm of the day as Bobby shot a big load of
his precious cum into her ass hole.  I didn't know what an orgasm was
at that time and wouldn't know till later when Sandie and I would be
alone and she would tell me a lot of things.  At the moment, all I
knew was that something really nice just happened to

her.  I was still in a position where I could see what was happening.
As Bobby pulled his cock out of Sandie's anus, some of his spunk
started flowing out too.  He must have really filled her backside
full.  I looked at his cock expecting to find it covered with that
brown stuff.  You know what I mean.  But there was none.  That really
surprised me.

Bobby got up and excused himself and went to the bathroom.  Both
Sandie and I watched him walk across the room.  We both smiled.  He
looked so handsome.

"Is Bobby going to have a pee?"  I asked Sandie.

"Maybe.  But he's mainly going out to wash his cock.  He always does
after he fucks me in my bum."

"Do you like him doing that?"  I asked inquisitively.

"Oh, yes.  It's really nice.  We only started doing it a few weeks
ago.  Some kids at school were talking about seeing that on some
porno video.  It sounded interesting so I asked Bobby if he'd do it
to me.  We are both really glad we did.  Has he ever done that to

"No, but he said he wants to some day.  I was really scared.  Did it
hurt, Sandie?  Bobby promised that once he broke that skin inside me
that all the hurts would be finished."

"He didn't lie to you, Sweety.  If you only do normal sex then there
will be no more hurting.  But if you want him to fuck you in your bum
hole, then there will be a little more hurting.  But it's not too
bad.  You know what we had to do?"  she asked not really expecting an
answer.  "Bobby had to put a lot of Vaseline on and in my bum hole
and I put a lot on his cock.  That way it went in easier and without
much pain.  The worst part is getting the head to go in.  Once it's
in, the rest is easy.  Just like the time his head first went into
your pussy hole.  You remember that, don't you?"  I told her I did
and that it hurt a bit.  "That's right.  Now, we don't really need
any Vaseline.  He can get it in me any time he wants now."  She
giggled and smiled at me.  "You'll like it, Carol.  I promise."

Bobby came back.  Both Sandie and I smiled as we saw him.  His cock
swayed from side to side as he walked toward us.  He sat on the edge
of the bed.  He looked at me and asked "did you ask Sandie about how
she can grab hold of my cock like she does?"

"Yeah.  It seems easy.  Can we fuck now so I can try it, Bobby?
Sandie can help me."  I turned and looked at Sandie and asked, "Is
that OK, Sandie?"  She smiled at me and said she'd be happy to.

Sandie got the Vaseline from the drawer and spread some all over
Bobby's cock which was again rock hard.  Then she told me to spread
my legs and she spread some on my cunt.  This was the first time I
remember another girl touching my pussy and I was surprised at how
nice it made me feel.  I smiled at her as she did it and she smiled
back at me.

"You go on top, Carol.  It's better that way."  Sandie said to me.

Bobby picked up on the signal and laid on his back.  Sandie helped me
straddle Bobby and held his cock as I lowered myself down and
positioned it at my cunt entrance.  "OK, honey.  I'll balance you.
Drop down on Bobby's cock and do your stuff."

Sandie held me as I started to fuck Bobby.  I bobbed up and down and
up and down.  As I moved up I tried holding my pee like Sandie said.
Bobby let out this moan.  A big smile came over his face.  "That's
it, Squirt.  You did it.  You grabbed my cock and it felt really
good."  He reached up and pulled me to him and gave me a big kiss.
"You're a fast learner."

"Way to go, Carol."  Sandie said with pride.  I was so happy that I
was actually able to do it that I started bouncing up and down on
Bobby's cock like I was obsessed.

Bobby started to use his words again and this made me go even faster
and harder.  His cock was throbbing again.  I could feel it inside
me.  I could also feel it growing.  Sandie also sensed that Bobby was
close.  "Now, Carol.  Now.  Start squeezing his cock.  Now's the
time."  Sandie was yelling at me excitedly.  I tried to remember
everything she had told me.  I started squeezing Bobby's cock, but I
soon got out of rhythm.  Bobby didn't seem to mind.  He was moaning
and jerking around as I bounced up and down on his cock.

Sandie started coaching me now.  As I rose up on his cock she said,
"Squeeze now."  As I went down, she said, "Let go."  She kept doing
this till Bobby couldn't take any more and he shot the biggest wad of
his precious life giving seed deep inside me.  I thought he shot a
lot in me before, but this time he must have shot twice as much.  I
kept bucking up and down.  I wanted every little bit.  Sandie said,
"Now Carol squeeze his cock and get every drop of his cum.  That's a
girl.  You did very well."  She put her arms around me and kissed me

I rolled off Bobby and lay beside him on my back.  I was breathing
really hard and so was Bobby.  "How did she do, Bobby?  Did she get
it right?"  Sandie asked.

"Oh, Sandie.  She was wonderful."  Bobby said as he rolled over and
held me in his arms and kissed me so passionately that I almost
cried.  "Thank you Carol.  You were wonderful.  I wouldn't have
thought you could learn so fast."  Sandie laid down on the other side
of Bobby.  He put his other arm around her and kissed her deeply too.
"God, I feel like a king."  he said.  "There is no one else in the
world who has two such beautiful and sexy sisters to fuck.  I'm the
luckiest guy in the whole world."

The three of us laid there for what seemed like and hour, but was
only about 5 minutes.  We just hugged and kissed.  We both kissed
Bobby and Bobby kissed us, and Sandie and I kissed too.  Bobby seemed
to like it when Sandie and I kissed.  I don't know why.

Suddenly there was this loud clap of thunder.  Both Sandie and I
jumped a foot off the bed, but Bobby was strong.  He looked out the
window.  He looked sad.

"What's the matter, Bobby?"  Sandie asked.

"Look out the window."  Bobby said.  It's raining.  Brad and Candie
are coming in the house now.  We will have to stop for a while."

We all turned and looked out the window.  Sure enough it was starting
to rain.  We were all sorry, but we knew we couldn't let the "kids"
see what we were doing.  Both Sandie and I gave Bobby a big kiss and
a squeeze on the cock and picked up our clothes and left Bobby's
room.  Sandie went to the bathroom to have a shower and I went to our
bedroom and got dressed.

I didn't put my good panties on this time as I was still leaking some
of Bobby's cum and I didn't want to stain them, if indeed that stuff
would stain them.  I folded them neatly and put them back in the

I went to see what Brad and Candie were doing.  I found them in the
front room watching TV.  We all sat on the chesterfield and watched
it together.

I couldn't help thinking about what Bobby said about having Candie
one day too.  I began to feel excited.  She was very pretty.  In
fact, I think that Candie is the prettiest of all us girls.  Then I
thought about Brad.  One of these days we were going to have to get
him involved too.  After all, with 3 horny sisters, Bobby was going
to need some help.  He should be ready to fuck his sisters in 3 or 4
years.  I wondered if Bobby could last that long.  I giggled to

Chapter Five.  (f/f)

I got my sheets out of the dryer and Sandie helped me make my bed.
We talked for about an hour till she had to go and make supper for
our parents.  I asked her if she wanted some help, but she didn't.
She was just heating up something that mummy made the other day and
froze for tonight.  She told me to go out and play.  She'd see me
later tonight.

I got on my bike and rode over to Brandy's place.  She was inside
watching TV, because it was still wet outside, although the rain had
stopped.  When I got there, we kissed each other like we always did.
I don't know why, but this time I let my tongue brush against her
lips and teeth.  I must have been thinking of kissing Sandie.  I felt
her jump; just a little.  Not enough for anyone to see, but enough
for me to feel.  She pulled away from me.  I don't think it was from
fright, but because I surprised her.  She smiled so sweetly at me and
took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom.  Our parents thought
it was so cute how much we liked each other and were always kissing
and holding hands.

Brandy was in a real happy mood that day.  We got some of her dolls
out and started dressing and undressing them.  We always liked doing
that.  We especially liked the Barbie dolls.  We used to like
touching their little titties and wishing we had titties like that.
We'd compare Barbie's to our own.  We sometimes got so sad because we
had nothing.  Sometimes we'd giggle like crazy.  "Why did you put
your tongue in my mouth, Carol?"  she asked innocently.

I didn't look at her.  I didn't answer.  I just looked down at the
doll I had and played with it.  I just didn't know what to say.

"Carol, why?"

"I don't know," I said.  "Didn't you like it?"

"I thought it was cool," Brandy answered with a big grin on her face.
"Where did you learn to do that?"

I smiled now and looked at Brandy.  I was so glad that she liked
that.  "Sandie told me about it.  We were talking today and she said
she would like to try it, so she kissed me and I kissed her."  I
couldn't tell her the whole truth just now.  I knew I would one day.

"Can we do it again?"  Brandy asked as she crawled over to sit next
to me.  She was wearing a sun dress like me.  As she crawled over to
me, her dress rode up and I could see her panties.  They were yellow
and had pictures of animals on them.  I made sure she could see mine
too.  I wanted to kiss Brandy like Sandie kissed me, and when she
said she did too, I was so happy.

We put our arms around each other and put our lips together.  We
didn't know enough about kissing then to open our mouths.  Our kisses
were more like those you give your parents.  You know, just pucker
your lips.  When our lips touched, I opened my mouth a bit and stuck
my tongue out and touched Brandy's lips.  I ran my tongue across her
lips and then forced it into her mouth.  Her mouth was closed, but
she automatically opened it when she felt my tongue.  I found her
tongue and when my tongue touched hers for the first time, she let
out a little moan.  She just seemed to know what to do automatically
because she started to suck on my tongue and soon hers was
penetrating into my mouth.  Our saliva was running out of the corner
of our mouths.  We parted suddenly and started to giggle as we wiped
the saliva from our mouths.  "That was nice, Brandy.  I liked it.
Did you?"

"I sure did," she said.  "It sure beats ordinary kissing."  We smiled
and Brandy asked me, "Will you tell me everything that Sandie tells
you about things like that?"

"Sure I will," I said.  If she only knew how badly I wanted to tell
her everything.  Everything like fucking and cocks and sucking.  I
wanted to do all those things with Brandy.  I knew the cock thing
would not be possible, but I wanted to do everything else.  I was
becoming obsessed with sex.

Brandy's mummy called to me and said I was to go straight home for
supper.  I kissed Brandy goodbye and said goodbye to her mom and
raced home.

The house smelt wonderful.  Mummy and daddy were sitting at the
table.  So was Bobby and Sandie and Brad and Candie.  When I came in,
mummy got up and served out the stew that Sandie had heated up, and
we all enjoyed our supper.  It was a lively supper just like all of
them were in our house.  We all talked and laughed and said what we
had done that day.  Our parents told us how their day went at work,
whether it was a good day or bad.  Of course Bobby and Sandie and me
left out a few things...hehehe...

Daddy had stopped off at the Dairy Queen on his way home and bought a
wonderful ice cream cake.  When we finished I gave daddy a great big
hug and kiss for buying it for us.  Everyone else thanked him too in
their own way.

Sandie and Candie and me did the dishes.  It was our turn tonight.
We always took turns.  Tomorrow night it would be daddy's and Bobby's
and Brad's turn.  Somehow mummy always seemed to get out of doing the
dishes.  But then she had other things to do.

Bedtime comes so early when you are a kid.  Brad and Candie had to go
to bed by 9 PM.  My bedtime was 10 o'clock.  Sandie and Bobby were
supposed to be in bed by 11.  Of course these times were earlier when
we were going to school.  When I went up to bed, Candie was sound
asleep.  I got undressed and put on my Baby Dolls and went and got
washed and brushed my teeth and did the things everyone does before
going to bed.  I climbed into bed and turned the light off.

I couldn't sleep.  My mind was thinking about all the things I had
learned in the last few days.  I loved Bobby so much and now I
realized that I loved Sandie just as much.  I was thinking more about
Sandie tonight.  I remembered what she told me about grabbing on to
Bobbies cock with my pussy muscles, and how much Bobby seemed to like
it when I did it.  I remembered how her pussy wrapped around Bobby's
cock so beautifully, just like it belonged there.  I wondered if my
pussy looked the same when I was fucking Bobby.  I remembered the
feeling I got when Sandie touched my peepee when she put the Vaseline
on me.

Sandie came in.  She didn't turn the light on.  She just used the
light from the hall.  She got undressed as I watched her.  She put on
her nightie and went to the washroom.  When she came back, she came
over to my bed and whispered, "Carol, are you awake?"

"Yeah, I'm still awake.  Are you OK?"

"I'm OK.  I'm not tired.  I want to talk."

"I'm not tired either."  I said.

"Can I get in bed with you?"  Sandie asked me softly.

My heart started to beat faster now.  "Sure, that would be nice."  I

Sandie crawled into my bed beside me.  As she did, her nightie rode
up and I could feel her bare skin against my legs.  It felt really
nice.  Her skin was so soft and warm.  "Did you have a good time this
afternoon with Bobby and me?"  she asked.

"Oh, Sandie.  I don't remember ever having such a good time.  Thank
you for letting me be there.  You taught me a lot today."  Sandie
giggled a little and said that she enjoyed me being there too, and
that there are a lot of other things she could teach me if I wanted
to learn.  "I want to learn everything," I said.  "How do you get wet
so fast.  Bobby says that when he and you fuck that you get wet and
it makes his cock go in you easier.  How do you do that?

"I don't know, Sweety.  It just happens.  I know that when Bobby and
I first started to fuck, I didn't get wet.  Bobby had to put Vaseline
in me too cause it would hurt a little when he tried to put it in me.
His precum wasn't enough.  But soon I started to get wet and we
didn't need the Vaseline any more.  Now all I have to do is just
think about fucking Bobby, my pussy starts to get wet."

"Is it starting to get wet now?"  I asked inquisitively.

"It sure is.  Want to feel it?"

I didn't say anything.  Sandie could feel my legs shaking a bit.  She
put her arm around me and kissed me.  Not the tongue kiss this time,
just an ordinary kiss.  I told her I wanted to feel how wet she was.

Sandie took the covers off of us.  It was dark so I couldn't see
anything.  She gently took my hand and placed it on her pussy.  Oh,
wow.  She wasn't kidding.  She really was wet down there.  I could
feel the soft pussy hairs she was starting to grow.  Her legs were
spread a little apart and she was so warm down there.  "I'm going to
let go of your hand now.  Just leave it there and feel all around my
pussy.  OK?"  I heard a slight tremor in her voice as she said that.

She let go of my hand and I felt her relax in my arm.  I rubbed my
fingers and hand all around her pussy area and into her pussy a bit
too.  I swear that as I did that she seemed to get wetter and wetter.

She was breathing harder now and her legs were squirming.  "Carol, I
want you to rub my clit.  Can you do that for me?"

Clit?  What's her clit?  I had heard the word before but I didn't
have any idea what it was.  "I don't know what a clit is, Sandie."  I
was almost crying.  I felt a little ashamed as I thought I should
know what that was.

Sandie held me close and kissed me again.  This time her tongue was
in action.  "Don't cry, Carol.  Please don't cry.  Everything is OK.
You don't have to worry.  You'll soon learn all these things.  There
is so much you don't know, but Bobby and me will teach you
everything.  We both love you so very much."

Sandie reached over and turned on my bed side lamp.  She looked over
to make sure Candie was still asleep.  She was.  She looked to make
sure the door was closed.  It was.

"Look here, honey."  Sandie showed me what looked like a small piece
of skin at the top of her pussy.  She put one finger on either side
of it and slid the skin down.  My eyes almost popped out of my head.

She exposed this little...thing?...I didn't know what else to call
it.  It looked like a little finger without the nail but smaller.
Later on I discovered that it looks more like a miniature cock than a
finger, but I never thought of a cock at that time.  "That's my clit.
Pretty isn't it?"  Sandie seemed so proud of it.

"Oh, wow!  Oh, wow!"  That's all I could say.  My eyes were riveted
to this thing she called a clit.  I thought it was beautiful.
Finally I said "What's it for, Sandie?  Why do you have a clit?  Have
I got one too?"  I asked excitedly and my breath came faster and

Sandie smiled and said, "Calm down now.  Calm down.  Yes you have one
too.  If you want we will look for it in a couple of minutes.  Do you
want to do that?"

"Yeah, lets look now," I answered excitedly again.

Sandie giggled and said, "Hold on.  Don't get so excited.  I want you
to rub my clit for me first.  It makes me very excited and I can get
an orgasm that way.  You remember when I had that orgasm with Bobby?
Well it's the same thing except I don't need Bobby.  Understand?"  My
head was swimming.  I said I understood, but I didn't really.  I
wanted to be grown up so badly.  I couldn't wait.  There was so much
I didn't know.

I reached over and started to rub Sandie's pussy for her.  I rubbed
her clit a lot and she kept getting wetter and wetter.  She started
to shake all over and her eyes rolled to the back of her head.  She
was shaking and jerking and moaning.  She told me to rub harder and
faster as she was just about ready to cum.  I rubbed as hard and as
fast as my little hands would work.  She threw her head back and her
eyes got that glassy look again.  She was breathing really hard now.
Finally she let out this low cry of relief as she had her first
orgasm at the hands of her little sister.

She relaxed back in the bed and gave a great big sigh of relief.  I
could see a little smile on her face.  I didn't move my hand when she
came, and I was surprised to find a lot more moisture coming from
her.  I could see it dribbling down her legs and disappear into her
bum area.  Sandie then explained to me that it was something like a
man's seed when he shoots it into a girl.  When a man cums, he shoots
his wad into you.  When a girl cums, she gets wetter and wetter like
that.  Anyway that was the explanation Sandie gave me at the time.
It was probably all she knew about it and it was good enough for me.

I didn't realize it at the time, but my hands were all wet from my
big sisters pussy.  I didn't know why she did it at the time, but she
took my hand that was in her pussy and licked and sucked each finger.
She didn't give me a chance to ask why she did that because before I
could say anything, she asked me, "Want to look for your clit now,
Carol?"  I sure did.

I forgot about everything else.  Sandie held me with both arms now
and kissed me so very passionately.  She ran her hands through my
hair and her tongue worked itself way into my mouth almost to the
back of my throat.  She tasted so good.  She tasted better than she
did before.  It would be a few days before I knew why.  She laid me
on my back and slipped off my panties.  She found her nighty to be in
the way so she took that off and threw it on the foot of the bed
beside my panties.  She got very close to my pussy and examined it
closely.  My pussy wasn't anywhere near as developed as hers was.

When I felt her fingers exploring down there, I felt a tingle all
through my body.  "Here's the skin that hides your clit, Carol.  Have
a look."  I leaned up and saw what she pointed to.  I had seen that
skin before, but never knew what it hid inside it.  Sandie now put a
finger on either side of it and gently and slowly drew the skin back
till it's treasure was revealed.  I was watching all this and I
couldn't believe it.  I had a clit.  I really had a clit.

Sandie looked up at me and we both smiled then we both laughed.  We
laughed so loud that we were scared we'd wake Candie or that our
parents would hear.  Thank God neither happened.  I threw my arms
around Sandie and squeezed her as hard as my little arms could

"Can you make me cum?  Can you make me have an orgasm like you had?"
I asked.

"I don't know, Carol.  I don't know if you are old enough to have

"Can you try, please.  Please.  Please."

Sandie knew that I desperately wanted to cum.  She really didn't
think that I'd be able to do it, but she tried anyway.  "OK, honey,
I'll try for you.  Now just relax.  Lie down and spread your legs
wide open.  Good.  Now bend your knees up to your chest.  That's

She took her middle finger and licked it and started rubbing my clit.
She rubbed it and also stuck her fingers deep inside my cunt.  She
felt so nice there that I started to moan.  I was moaning because of
her fingers in my cunt, not because she was rubbing my clit.  "Does
that feel good, Carol?"  Sandie asked.

"Yeah, it feels really nice."

"Do you feel anything special happening to you?"  I told her that I
didn't feel anything different, but that I liked what she was doing.

Sandie worked on my cunt and clit for about 15 minutes.  Finally she
said, "I'm sorry, Carol, but I don't think you can cum yet.  You'll
just have to wait awhile."  She saw how disappointed I was.  She
said, "But I've got some good news for you.  You are pretty wet
between your legs now.  I don't think you and Bobby will have to use
Vaseline much longer.  Have a feel."  I put my hand between my legs
and yes, I was wet there.  I definitely was wet.  Not as wet as
Sandie got, but definitely wet.  I giggled and then cried.  I was so
happy.  To this day I still cry when I'm happy.  Then she said, "I
don't think it will be long before you have your first orgasm.  If
you play with your pussy every night before you go to sleep and get
your juices flowing, an orgasm won't be far behind.  I'd like to be
the one to bring you to your first one.  Could I?"  Sandie hugged me
tight.  "Could I, Carol?"  She asked again.

"That would be nice.  I'd like that."  I answered as I kissed her
lips.  "I'd like that."  Sandie smiled and held me tight.  "We better
go to sleep now.  Do you want me to sleep in your bed tonight?"

"Yeah, that would be great."  I said as I took my Baby Doll top off.
I wanted to feel Sandie's naked body next to mine all night long.
Sandie reached over to turn the light off.  It was about 12:30.

"Good night, Sandie"

"Good night, Carol.  See you in the morning."  Sandie snuggled into
my back with her arms around me.  I never felt so safe and secure in
my life before.

Chapter Six.  (f/f)

Two weeks had passed.  I had my 8th birthday.  I got the usual gifts
from my family.  Things like clothes and a book and a Teddy Bear.  I
love Teddy Bears.  Even now when I'm 19 years old, I collect them.  I
guess I have a bout two dozen of them.  My family couldn't afford
some of the expensive things that other kids got for their birthdays.
But we didn't mind that.  After all, that was what we were used to
and mummy and daddy explained to us why we couldn't have the
expensive things.  They filled us so full of love that even if we
didn't get anything, we'd have been happy.

Bobby and I fucked just about every day and I was becoming very
proficient at it.  He was still fucking Sandie too.  Bobby really
liked the way I learned to grab on to his cock with my pussy muscles.
I liked doing it for him because I knew that he liked it.  I'm not
kidding.  Since I started doing that he seemed to ejaculate so much
harder.  I thought he shot a lot of his life giving seed into me
before, but I swear that after I started doing that, he shot much
much more into me.  Not only was there enough to fill me right up,
but there was enough left over for dessert...hehehe...

Every spare minute I got I'd practice masturbating.  Sandie would
sometimes catch me doing it and would give me suggestions to do it
better.  Sometimes she'd help me too.  I still couldn't get an orgasm
though, but I was getting very wet.  In fact Bobby didn't need
Vaseline any more.  We kissed and cuddled and touched each other for
a few minutes before fucking.  You know, the usual foreplay stuff.
I'd get wet very quickly and Bobby's cock would slip inside me very
easily.  I liked it that way.  It was a lot better than using

I remember it was early afternoon on a Monday in August.  I had
gotten up late and had breakfast and went to the bathroom to wash and
comb my hair and brush my teeth.  When I finished, I went to Bobby's
room.  He was packing a bag.  "Why are you packing, Bobby?"  I asked.
"Are we going on holidays?"

"No, Squirt, I have to go to camp for a few days.  I don't really
want to go, but mom and dad made all the arrangements.  I'll be back
Friday afternoon.  Are you going to miss me?"  I was stunned.  I
didn't know what to say.  Tears poured down my cheeks and I started
to cry like a baby.  I ran to Bobby and threw my arms around his neck
and snuggled into his shoulder.  He held me tight and tried to
comfort me as best he could.  I was sobbing and could hardly speak.

"Oh, don't leave me Bobby.  Please don't leave me.  I don't want you
to go.  I'll miss you too much.  Please don't go."  Bobby fell back
on his bed and pulled me down with him.  He put me on my back and
held my wet face in both his hands and kissed my lips so tenderly.
Then he wiped away my tears, but more took their place quickly.

"Ahh, sweety.  Don't cry.  You know I can't stand it when you cry.  I
don't want to go either, but I have to.  I won't be gone that long.
I'll come back to you as soon as I can.  I promise.  You can wait
till Friday, can't you?"

I started to cry and sob harder now.  "No, Bobby, I can't.  I won't
know what to do without you."  I must have sounded desperate.  I
think I was yelling.  I know that I was sobbing so hard I was
surprised that Bobby could understand me.  He held me in his arms for
about 15 minutes.  He kissed me and dried my tears and rubbed my
shoulders and pressed me tightly to him.  It was just how daddy used
to hold me when I hurt myself or was sad or something.  Only this was
now Bobby.  My Bobby.  There was no sex.  He didn't touch any of my
private parts.  He just held me and comforted me.

Pretty soon I had calmed down and we got off the bed and he carried
on with his packing.  "Are you OK now, Carol?"  he asked.

"I'll be OK."  I said with as much strength as I could gather.  I
didn't want Bobby to think I was still a baby.  I had feelings for
him.  Grown up feelings.  I felt that I was grown up and I wanted to
show that to him.

I left his room.  I went to the kitchen and sat down at the table.
Ten minutes later mummy came in the door.  "Hi, Carol.  Why are you
looking so glum."  she asked while she smiled at me.  I started
crying again and couldn't stop.  Mummy came to me and put her arms
around me and comforted me.  "What's the matter, Princess?  Are you
not feeling well?"  she asked in her usual sympathetic manner.  I
sobbed out that Bobby was going away and that I didn't want him to go
and that I was going to miss him.  Mummy just held me and didn't say
anything for a few seconds.  "He's only going for a few days, honey.
He'll be back on Friday.  That's not far away.  He'll be back before
you know it."  Mummy tried to be as encouraging as possible.  "I left
work early to see that he got off safely.  The bus will be here in a
few minutes to pick him up.  Is he ready yet?"  Just then Bobby came
into the kitchen with his bags and put them by the back door.  Mummy
got up and took Bobby by the arm and led him to the far side of the
kitchen.  She talked to him for a while and she gave him a little
spending money.  The bus came and Bobby was gone.  Everyone went to
see him off, but I couldn't.  I just couldn't.  That was the saddest
day of my life.

Mummy went back to work and I went to my bedroom.  I lay on my bed
crying and sobbing.  It couldn't have been more than five minutes
when Sandie came to our room.  She sat on the bed beside me and
rubbed my back.  Her hands were so soft and tender.  I looked up at
her through teary eyes.  She was smiling at me.  "Are you OK now
Sweety?  Mom and Bobby told me how upset you were that he is going
away for a few days.  I saw him get on the bus.  I don't think he
really wanted to go.  He told me to look after you.  He told me you
were crying.  I'm going to miss him too, you know."

"I don't want him to go.  Are you going to miss him as much as me?"
I asked.

"I sure will.  Want to know what I'll miss the most?"

"What?"  I asked.

She leaned over and put her mouth close to my ear.  "His cock."  She
said and then started to laugh.  Her laugh was so contagious that I
started to laugh too.  We both laughed and laughed.  Tears came back
to my eyes, but this time they were tears of laughter.

I sat up on my bed and hugged Sandie.  I held her hands and said, "Me
too."  We both roared again.

"You know what, sweetpea?"  Sandie asked.  "You and me can have some
fun without him.  Girl fun.  How does that sound?"  I thought I knew
what she meant but I wasn't sure.  I told her that would be fun.
"Good."  Sandie said as she stood up and headed for the door.  "I'm
just going to have a shower.  I was running today and need to freshen
up.  See you in a few."  She left the room but came back a couple of
seconds later.  "Hey, Sis.  I was just thinking.  Want to have a
shower with me?"

This was more than I expected.  To be able to see Sandie's naked body
up close was more than I could resist.  "Oh, wow.  Do you mean that?
Can I?"

"Sure.  Come on.  No one is home now."  she said as she started for
the bathroom.  "Come on."

I jumped off the bed and followed Sandie into the bathroom.  She
started to get undressed and told me to get undressed as well.  I
only had my dress and panties on, so it didn't take me long to
undress.  I ran the water while Sandie continued undressing.  She was
down to her training bra and panties now.  I couldn't help staring.
When she undid her bra and slipped it off her shoulders, her
beautiful little titties stood out so proudly.  I noticed that her
nipples seemed so big today, but didn't think anything more about
that.  Then she slipped her panties off and I could see the little
bit of hair that was growing around her pussy.  She saw me looking
there and asked "Do you like my hairs down there?"

"Yeah, I really do.  Will I ever get hairs there?  I don't have a
single hair."  I said as I looked down between my legs at my bald

"Don't worry, You'll get hair there soon enough.  Come on, lets get
in."  We both stepped into the shower and Sandie pulled the curtain
behind us.  The water was not too hot and it felt really good.  We
held each other as we moved around so that we both got wet.  I liked
the feel of her bare skin against mine.  We let the warm water wash
over our bodies for about 5 minutes, then Sandie said that she would
wash me first.  She got the body lotion and sponge and lathered me up
from head to toe.  She worked the sponge between my thighs and washed
my pussy and bum hole really well.  Then she took her hand and her
finger penetrated into my little pussy.  I liked the feeling.  Then
she had me turn around and a finger went into my bum.  It hurt a
little and I jumped, but she told me everything was alright.

Now it was my turn to wash her.  I was so nervous.  Sandie could feel
my hands shaking.  "It's alright Carol.  Don't be nervous.  Don't
forget, it's only me here.  You don't need to be scared of me."  I
knew that and told her so.  I lathered her up and spent a lot of time
on her titties and pussy and bum.  I especially liked washing her
titties.  I sure wished I had titties like hers.  We rinsed each
other off and got out of the tub.

The bathroom was all steamed up now, so we didn't dry ourselves
there.  Instead we grabbed our towels and took them to our bedroom.
It was much cooler there and drying would be easier.  We stayed in
the nude and Sandie blow dried my hair and I did the same for her.

When we were all dried, Sandie laid down on her bed.  I don't know if
it was consciously or unconsciously, but her hand went directly to
her pussy and she started rubbing herself.  "Did Bobby fuck you today
before he left?"  Sandie asked.

"No.  How about you?"

"No.  I wish he had of though.  I'm really hot now."  Sandie stated.

"What do you mean by hot?  It's not that hot in here today."  I

"I mean sexy.  Hot means sexy sometimes.  I want some sex."  Sandie
explained.  I sat on the edge of her bed and watched as her fingers
worked on her pussy and clit.  I could see moisture there.  Her pussy
and hairs were shimmering in the light from the window.  She was
definitely wet there.  She took a finger and licked it.  I stared in
amazement.  "Why did you do that?"  I asked.

"My pussy juices taste so good."  She explained.  She took another
finger and held it out to me.  "Have a taste.  It's good.  Really it

I took her hand and slowly licked her finger.  Oh, wow.  She wasn't
fibbing.  It did taste good.  I licked it all up and smiled at her.
"That's really nice, Sandie."

"I knew you'd like it.  I bet yours tastes just as nice as mine."
She stated.

"Do you really think so?"  I asked coyly.

"Of course."  She said.  "Let's see."  She moved over on the bed
making room for me.  "Lie down beside me and play with your pussy.
Bobby tells me that you are able to get really wet down there now.
That's good.  Have you had an orgasm yet?  Keep rubbing yourself."

I told her that I didn't think I had an orgasm yet.  I didn't know
what they were like so I didn't know.  "You'll know when you have
one.  Believe me.  It will be the most wonderful experience you've
ever felt."

"You mean even better than Bobby fucking me?"  I asked innocently.

Sandie giggled.  "Yes, even better than that."

I was rubbing my pussy and clit all this time and was quite wet now.
Sandie could see the moisture on my bald pussy.  "Try licking one of
your fingers now, Carol.  Tell me what you think."

I took one of my fingers and stuck it in my mouth.  My heart was
beating wildly at the moment.  I was so excited.  I was going to
taste my own sex juices for the first time.  I ran my tongue around
my finger and a smile came across my face.  "Sandie, it tastes good.
Just like yours.  Really.  Oh, wow.  It tastes so good."  I offered a
finger to Sandie who took it readily into her mouth and licked every
speck of my juices from it.

"Mmmmm, Carol.  It does taste good.  You know what?  Yours is the
only pussy juice I've tasted other than my own.  I really like it."
Sandie put her arms around my shoulder and kissed me.  Her tongue
went deep into my mouth and our tongues played and danced together.
Her hand roamed all over my body and goose bumps grew all over.

She put her mouth close to my ear and whispered something like she
wanted to make sure that no one else heard.  "Carol, Can I do
something?"  she whispered.

"What?"  I whispered back.

"I want to lick your cunt.  I want to really taste you.  Will you let
me?  I won't hurt you.  I'm sure you will like it."  She almost
sounded like she was begging or at least trying hard to convince me.
I started to breathe hard now.  I was scared.  I never thought that
things would go this far with my big sister.

I didn't say anything.  I couldn't say anything.  Sandie looked me
straight in the eyes as if asking me again.  I smiled at her and
nodded my head.  She gave me a big juicy kiss and slowly began to
slide down my body, licking and kissing as she went.  She stopped at
my undeveloped titties.  She circled her tongue around each of my
nipples.  I was surprised because even they were excited.  They
actually got hard just like I saw Sandie's get hard earlier.  Her
tongue ran around my areolae too, but of course I didn't know what
they were called at that time.  I closed my eyes and lay there in
supreme ecstasy.  I never felt this good before.  Little did I know
that there was a lot more pleasure to come.

She left my titties now and moved further down.  She stopped at my
bellybutton and let her tongue probe and circle it.  It was so nice.
Then she shifted her position so that she could get at my private
part easier.  Again my legs automatically spread apart so as to make
it easier for my wonderful sister.  My knees bent up and I pressed
them against my chest.  I was wide open for her.  I could feel her
hot breath against my pussy.  I felt like I was exploding down there.
Like every inch of my pussy was expanding and trying to grow.  I
can't explain it right now.  Sandie used her hands to spread my pussy
lips apart so that she could get her tongue deep inside me.  She took
long slow licks.  My body started to tingle and I couldn't keep
still.  I was still scared.  I was shaking.  I wasn't scared out of
fear, but of the unknown.  This had never happened to me before.  Her
tongue worked itself deep into my cunt.  Sandie sure knew how to do
it.  She learned fast.  She kept saying, "Mmmmm."  She loved the
taste of me.

My juices were really flowing now and I began to feel something
building up inside me that I had never felt before.  I laid back
accepting all the attention Sandie was giving me.  My eyes were
closed.  I held on to Sandie's head and ran my fingers through her
hair.  "Sandie, this is wonderful."  I almost cried out.  "Oh Sandie.
I like what you are doing.  I like it.  I like it."  She lifted her
head from between my legs and smiled at me.  She crawled back up till
she was lying next to me again.  Her face was all shiny.  I didn't
know why right then.  She leaned over and kissed me.  Her kiss tasted
extra special, then I realized that was because of what she had been
doing to me.  I liked how she tasted today.

"Thanks for letting me do that, Carol.  I've wanted to do that for a
long time, but didn't know how to tell you.  It was wonderful.  You
tasted really good down there, you know.  Did you like me doing that
to you?"

"Yes, I did."  I replied.  "I felt something really funny when you
did that.  I don't know what it was.  But I liked it."  I said.

"Hmmmm."  Sandie said.  "I wonder what that could be."  She was
almost laughing when she said that.

"What's so funny?"  I asked innocently.

"Well, it sounds like how I felt just before I had my first orgasm.
That feeling you had and the way your pussy lips and cunny seemed to
swell so much, I don't think it will be long before you have your
first one.  Won't that be great?"  She asked.

"Do you really think so, Sandie?  Really?  Oh, wow.  I can't wait.

Sandie put her arm around me and I snuggled into her chest.  She
squeezed me tight.  I could hear her heart beating and hear her
breathing.  "Yes, little sister, I think it will be very soon.  If we
keep on doing this, maybe it will be before Bobby comes back.
Wouldn't that be a nice present for him?  Would you like that?"

"Oh, yes.  Oh, yes.  I would like that."  I said enthusiastically.

Sandie whispered to me again.  "Would you do that to me now, Carol?
I want to feel your tongue there."

"You mean lick your pussy?"  I asked sheepishly.

"Yeah.  Would you?"

"OK, but I don't really know what to do."

"That's OK.  Neither did I when I licked you."  She said.  "I'll
guide you.  You don't have to be scared.  It doesn't matter if things
don't go well the first time.  We'll both get better with experience.
Now start by sucking on my titties."

I slid down her body till my mouth could reach her titties.  I had
never seen them this close up before, except maybe in the shower, but
that doesn't count.  They looked so much bigger.  I touched them both
with my hands.  They felt so nice.  So soft.  So firm.  "Kiss each of
my titties now, sweety."  She said with short panting breaths.  She
was breathing harder and faster now.  I kissed each tittie, going
back and forth between them.  "Now put them in your mouth and suck on
them and run your tongue around them."  She was breathing so hard now
that I could hardly understand her.  Her voice sounded dry and
hoarse.  Her whole body was shaking and she was jerking around.  She
couldn't keep still.  "Oh, baby.  That's so good.  So good.  Oh God.
You are so good.  Ohhh."

Sandie lay there as I sucked on each of her titties one at a time,
while running my tongue around them.  "Suck them harder, Carol.
Harder."  I sucked as hard as I could, but I was a little girl and
didn't have that much strength.  But I guess it was enough because
she didn't ask me to do it harder again.

"Move down now.  Move down to my pussy.  Oh, God.  I got to feel your
tongue there right away.  Hurry, Carol.  Hurry.  I feel like I will
cum very soon.  Ohhh God."  I left her beautiful titties and
hurriedly moved down to her pussy.  When I got there, I was surprised
to find how wet she was.  Another surprise awaited me.  The scent
that came to me was heavenly.  I never smelled anything so wonderful
before.  Sandie told me to take long slow licks, starting at the
bottom near her bum and licking up to her clit, making sure that I
got her clit on every lick.

I did exactly as I was told.  Then she told me to put my mouth right
over her clit and suck on it as hard as I could and to flick her clit
with my tongue.  I did just that.  In about two seconds she was
squirming around on the bed, her legs jumping and her whole body
shaking.  She was moaning like a mad woman.  Her legs wrapped around
my neck.  Her head was thrown back and her eyes were in the back of
her head.  She let out a loud erotic sound that I'm sure would have
been heard all over the house.  Suddenly her body went still and all
stiff.  She was all tensed up and slowly she began to relax.  At that
same time I noticed a definite flow of sweet and slightly salty
liquid dribbling into my mouth.  Sandie had cum in my mouth.  I
instinctively knew that.  Her cum tasted so nice that I couldn't get
enough of it.  I just knew I had to get every drop.  I couldn't waste
any of it.  I licked and licked till I got every drop of her precious
fluids.  Some had dribbled down her legs, but I soon gathered all
that up.

Sandie gently pulled me up till I was lying along side her.  My face
must have been as shinny or even shinier as hers was earlier.  She
kissed my cum soaked lips and her tongue went deep into my mouth.
"Mmmm, honey.  You really taste good right now."  Sandy giggled when
she said that.

"So do you."  I said giggling too.

We laid there for quite a while just talking and holding each other.
We talked about getting me to have my first orgasm as soon as
possible and we talked about when Sandie had her first orgasm and how
special it was for her.  We talked about Bobby, and we wondered how
he would survive without his two hot, sexy sisters to fuck every day.
We laughed and laughed.

Chapter Seven.  (f/f)

Sandie and I practiced masturbating every day while Bobbie was gone.
Sandie could reach orgasm with very little trouble, but I still
couldn't.  Just about every time I got that nice feeling, but I could
never bring it to fulfillment.  One night, I think it was Wednesday,
when Candie was fast asleep and our parents had gone to bed, Sandie
crawled into my bed.  It was hot and I was naked.  Sandie was naked
too.  I was waiting for her.  I knew she would join me that night.

We started kissing and feeling each other's bodies.  We were both
getting very excited.  I could feel Sandie's titties get hard and her
pussy fluids were flowing.  I knew I was wet between my legs too
without having to feel down there.  Sandie got up and sat cross
legged in front of me between my spread legs and facing me.  She
lifted my legs so that they were over the top of hers and she moved
closer.  She was in easy reach of my pussy which was what she wanted.

She started to rub my pussy with her fingers ever so gently.  She
could feel me getting wetter and wetter.  Her finger would poke
itself inside my cunt every once in a while.  I started moaning and
Sandie had to tell me to keep it quiet.  That feeling was coming back
again.  This time it was stronger than ever.  I felt like I had to
pee.  I told Sandie to stop.  I had to go to the bathroom.  She said
that I didn't have to pee, that it was my orgasm.  It was just about

She kept rubbing.  She started to pay more attention to my clit now.
She'd pull back the hood and expose it then start to rub it and pinch
it gently.  I was going up the wall.  It felt so good.  I never
wanted this feeling to go away.  My arms were flaying around and my
legs were twitching.  My breath was coming fast and short.  My eyes
were closed.  Sandie kept working on my pussy, rubbing it and
sticking her fingers inside me and playing with my clit.  Suddenly, I
took this great gasp of air.  My eyes opened wide and so did my
mouth.  I grabbed Sandie's hands and held on.  I didn't want her to
do anything else.  Suddenly my whole body seemed to explode.  It was
so nice but at the same time I was scared stiff.  My body went stiff.
Wave after wave of the ultimate pleasure poured through my body.

Sandie knew exactly what happened.  She sat there looking at me and
she had the biggest smile I've ever seen on her face.  "We did it,
baby, we did it.  Way to go."  She said excitedly in a loud whisper.
"You just had your first orgasm.  How did it feel?"

I sat up and grabbed hold of my big sister.  I was crying with joy.
Tears rolled down my cheek.  Sandie wiped my tears away and kissed
me.  "Oh, Sandie.  Did I really cum?  Did I?  I'm so happy."  I said.
"I never felt anything like that before.  My whole body is still

Sandie laughed.  "You think that was good.  I promise you.  It will
get better every time."  Sandie looked down at my pussy.  She could
see a lot of extra moisture there.  "Look, Carol."  she said.  "Look
between your legs.  See how wet you are now?  That proves you had a
good cum.  How do you like that?"

I looked down and my mouth opened in awe.  I reached down and touched
myself and found I was really wet.  I noticed too that some fluids
had seeped down between my legs and ran into my bum and also on the
sheet.  I dropped down on my pillow and threw my arms over my head
and lay there giggling.  Sandie soon started giggling too and soon we
were both laying there laughing softly.  Sandie congratulated me for
doing a good job and kissed me once more and went to her own bed.

I was so happy and contented that I just lay there for 15 minutes or
so.  The whole events of the night flashed through and through my
mind.  I loved this thing called an orgasm.  I knew I was going to
have many more and they were going to get better and better.  I could
hardly wait to tell Brandy.  She wouldn't believe it.

The next morning I raced over to Brandy's house.  She was still
eating breakfast when I got there.  Her mother was in the basement
sorting out the laundry.  "Brandy, Brandy."  I said excitedly in a
low voice so that her mother couldn't hear.  "Guess what I did

She knew it was something special by the way I couldn't keep still.
Brandy didn't finish her breakfast.  She lead me up to her bedroom
and closed the door.  "What happened, Carol?  Tell me."

She was almost as excited as I was.  I held both her hands and smiled
and said in an excited whisper, "I had my first cum last night."

Brandy's mouth fell open and her eyes opened wide.  A big smile came
over her face.  "No!  You didn't!"  she said.  "You didn't."

"Yes I did."  I reassured her.  "Sandie helped me and I did it.  Oh,
Brandy.  It's the most wonderful feeling I ever felt.  And we did
something else too," I said in a very low voice.

Brandy was so excited she couldn't control herself.  "What?  What?"
She almost yelled as she was jumping up and down.  I pulled her close
to me so that I could whisper in her ear so that there was no way her
mummy could hear me.

"I licked Sandie's peepee and she licked mine."  I said excitedly.
"Oh, Brandy, it tasted so good."

We hugged and Brandy kissed me.  I don't think she really believed
me.  She just held me for a few moments, then she said, "Can you show

"Sure.  You know that.  Let's ask your mom if I can sleep over
tonight.  We can do it then."  We went down to the basement and
Brandy's mom said that would be fine providing my mummy said it was

I left Brandy and went back home.  I wanted to see Sandie and tell
her about Brandy.  Sandie was eating breakfast.  She was in her Baby
dolls.  "That's great Carol.  I know how much you and Brandy like
each other.  I hope you both like having sex together.  If you start
now, it will just get better and better and by the time you are more
grown up, it will be really good for you.  I'm sure mummy will let
you spend the night at Brandy's.  Don't forget that Bobby will be
back tomorrow afternoon."

"I know."  I said excitedly.  "I can hardly wait."

Sandie laughed.  "I'm getting him first."  She exclaimed.

I was stunned.  I never even thought about that.  I just naturally
thought Bobby would fuck me first.  I forgot all about him fucking
Sandie too.  I guess he really would want to fuck her first.  After
all, she was his first, and she was older and knew many more tricks
than I did.  Still, I was disappointed that Sandie would get him
first.  I knew there was no point in arguing with her, so I just
accepted the fact.  "That's OK, Sandie."  I said glumly.  "You
deserve him first.  Promise me you won't tell him about me.  OK?"

"What do you mean?"  she asked.  "About you getting an orgasm?"

"Yeah.  I want it to be a surprise for him.  Do you promise?"

"Don't worry, sweety, I won't tell him a thing.  I think that is
really going to please him.  But I got to warn you," She stated, "The
chances of you two cumming together is very slim.  At least for the
first time.  I know that it took Bobby and me quite a few tries
before we could cum together.  Remember that, OK?  And don't be

"What do you mean by cumming together?"  I asked.

"Well, the best fuck is when you have your orgasm at the same time
that Bobby shoots his load into you.  That is what everyone strives
for.  But it's not easy.  It never works out the first few times till
you guys get your timing right.  But it will come, so don't worry
about it."

"Thanks, Sandie."  I said as I hugged and kissed her.  "You don't
mind me going over to Brandy's tonight, do you?"  I asked.

"I guess not."  Sandie replied.  I sensed a note of disappointment in
her voice.  "I was hoping that we could have more fun tonight.  But
it's OK.  We have lots of time for that."

"Oh, Sandie.  I'm sorry.  I didn't know.  I'll tell Brandy that I
can't make it."  I headed for the phone to call her when Sandie
stopped me.

"No!  No!  Don't do that.  You go over there tonight.  That is too
important for you to miss.  We'll get together soon.  We have lots of
time.  Don't worry about it."

I loved Sandie so much.  She was so considerate of me.  I knew she
was disappointed, so I suggested that we have some fun right now.
She liked the idea but said that she had to meet her girlfriend at
the mall and didn't have time.  That was alright with me because I
was so excited about being with Brandy later that I probably couldn't
concentrate anyway.

Mummy said I could spend the night at Brandy's.  After supper, I put
my nighty and a change of clothes and toothbrush into an overnight
case and went over to Brandy's.  I took the nighty more as show
because I really didn't expect we'd be wearing any pajamas tonight.

Brandy was already in her room so I went up to her.  She was already
in her night clothes.  We were both so very nervous.  We knew what we
were going to do and that is what scared us.  At first, we just sat
on her bed.  We didn't talk much and we hardly looked at each other.
Then Brandy gently held my hand and looked at me and smiled.  I
smiled back at her and leaned over and gave her a soft kiss on the
lips.  She put her arms around me and kissed me back.  That's all
that was needed.  The ice had been broken and we were like we always
were with each other again.

I guess she was more nervous than I was.  After all, this was
something completely new to her.  I at least had been through it
before.  Looking back, I could understand what she was going through.
I tried to make her as relaxed as possible.

We laid on her bed and just talked and giggled and touched each
other.  Not on our private parts just yet.  Just on our hands and
arms and legs.  Things like that.  We had always touched each other
like that so it was something we were both familiar with.

Brandy's mummy and daddy came into the room to kiss us good night.
It was now about 10:30 and it was Brandy's bedtime.  I asked if I
could have a bath before I went to bed and they said that was fine.
Brandy had her own bathroom so it wouldn't disturb anyone else.

When they left, I told Brandy to run the bath and I started to get
undressed.  When she came back I was just in my panties and socks.  I
smiled at her as I finished undressing and told her to take her
nighty off too.  She did and soon we were both completely naked.  We
just stood there staring at each other.  Brandy was beet red and
tried to hide her pee hole with her hands.  I didn't try to hide any
part of my body.  I could feel the blood rushing to my head though.
After all, we had never seen each other naked before.  Well not for a
long time anyway.  When we were kids, we used to bathe together quite
a bit.  We had changed some since those days.  This was probably the
most awkward moment we ever had together.  Probably even more awkward
than when we were sitting on the bed not knowing what to do or say.

I giggled and Brandy soon giggled too.  I went up to her and held her
by the hands and kissed her lips again.  She started to smile again.
I held her out at arms length and we looked over each others bodies.
I know I liked what I saw and I'm sure Brandy liked what she saw too.
We had a nice bath together.  I washed her and she washed me.  We
didn't play with each others private parts except to wash and rinse
them.  I didn't want to rush Brandy and have her change her mind.
Just getting her to see me in the nude was enough for right now.
After all, I knew what we'd do later.

After we got dried, we crawled into bed.  We didn't put our nighties
on.  I can still remember the feel of her warm and slightly damp skin
against mine.  I had felt the same thing with Sandie, but this was
different.  This was not my sister.  It was Brandy, my best friend.
My heart was pounding so hard that I was sure that she could hear it.
But then I imagine her heart was beating so wildly too that she
couldn't hear mine over her own.

We held each other in our arms for what seemed to be an eternity, but
was actually only a minute or two.  Then I slowly reached down and
placed my hand between Brandy's thighs.  It was warm down there and
slightly damp too.  I didn't know if that was because of the bath or
because she was excited.  I didn't have that much experience to be
able to tell.  She instinctively spread her legs apart a bit to make
it easier for me.

She was breathing hard and fast now.  I could feel her body
shivering.  I knew it wasn't from the cold because it was another
warm night.  I started rubbing her pussy.  At first I just rubbed her
outer lips and then gradually went a bit further to her inner lips.

Her love juices were definitely oozing now.  She seemed to be getting
wetter with every stroke I took.  I asked her if she liked what I was
doing.  She couldn't speak.  She just nodded her head.

I wanted to see what I was doing to her pussy, so I got into the
position Sandie got into with me and Brandy was in the position I was
in.  I now had a really good look at her sweet beautiful pussy.  This
pussy that I'd get to know and love so very well over the years.  I
stuck my finger into her cunt and I encountered her hymen.  I knew
this was the skin that Bobby had to break through before I became a
"woman."  I still hadn't told Brandy that Bobby took my virginity.  I
wanted to get this part done first.  I made a promise to myself that
I would tell her later tonight.

I explained to her about her clit and the hood that covered and
protected it.  I put my fingers in either side of the hood and pulled
the skin down exposing her clit.  She was amazed to see it.  So was
I.  It was probably twice the size of mine.  I felt a twinge of

My fingers were now well soaked with Brandies love juices.  I took a
finger and licked it.  My oh my!  I never tasted anything so sweet.
"Oh, Brandy.  You taste even better than Sandie.  Mmmm!"  I told her.
"Here, taste for yourself."  I held a finger out for her to lick.
She held my hand and slowly brought it to her mouth.

I could see the fear in her eyes.  I took my hand back and put my
arms around her and kissed her again.  "Don't be scared, Brandy.  If
you don't want to do that right now, I'll understand.  Shhhh, honey.
Don't cry."  Brandy had started to cry and it took me a while to calm
her down.  I held her tight and kissed her and talked softly to her.
Finally she calmed down and told me that she wanted to taste my
finger.  I smiled at her and put my finger back into her still wet
pussy and offered it to her again.

This time she took it to her mouth without hesitation.  I watched her
closely as she licked my finger.  I could see the corners of her
mouth start to rise and soon I could see how happy that act made her.
She liked it.

I now worked harder on her cunt to try to make her have her first
orgasm.  She was one year older than I was, but I wasn't sure if the
lack of fucking would prevent her from reaching orgasm or what.  I
soon found out that fucking had nothing to do with reaching orgasm.

I rubbed her pussy and clit for about two minutes before she started
to moan and shake violently.  She squirmed all over the bed and I had
a hard time keeping her still.  Suddenly she took in this great big
gulp of air.  Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she started
to almost scream.  I had to put my other hand over her mouth or her
parents would hear the noise and come rushing into the room.  I
continued rubbing her cunt and soon she seemed to freeze up and then
just relax into the bed.

Her pussy was sopping wet now and liquid was dribbling out of it and
following the folds of the skin and going towards her ass.  I wanted
to bend down and lick it all up, but I didn't want to frighten her
any more than she already was.  I just scooped some of it up in my
hand and tasted it that way.  Oh, God.  It was delicious.

Brandy just laid there.  Her eyes were closed and she was breathing
hard.  "Brandy, are you OK?  Brandy, how do you feel?"  She slowly
opened her eyes.  They looked all glassy.  She didn't say a thing for
a few seconds.

Finally she smiled at me.  It was a smile like no other smile she
ever gave me to that time.  It was a special smile that from then on
would be for me only and which I have seen now hundreds of times.

"Oh, Carol.  That was really something.  I never felt anything as
nice before.  Did I cum?  Did I really have an orgasm?"

"Yeah, you really did."  I replied.  "You really did.  Your cum
juices just poured from you.  Feel between your legs and see for
yourself.  Your sheet is sopping wet too."  Brandy put her hand
between her legs and found out just how wet she was.  She couldn't
believe it.

We laid there holding and kissing each other for about 5 minutes.  We
talked about how we felt and how much we liked orgasms.  I told her
about the piece of skin that I found in her pussy, her hymen.  "I
don't have one any more."  I told her.  Of course, she wanted to know
why, so I told her about Bobby fucking me and about the first time
when he broke my hymen and took away my virginity and how it hurt and
bled.  I told her how much I liked fucking and how I planned on
having my first fucking orgasm with Bobby when he got back from camp.

Brandy could hardly say a thing.  I think she was a little in shock.
I remember that she looked long and hard at my pussy.  "But, Carol.
Your pussy doesn't look any different than mine."

"Of course not."  I said.  "Why should it?"

"I don't know.  I just thought it would look different after you have
been fucked."  She stated.

"Well, sometimes it is a bit sore and really red.  Like the very
first time.  It was really sore and I had to soak it in the bathtub
for a long time.  But it doesn't hurt any more and the red is all

We talked till almost 3 in the morning.  We masturbated a couple of
times.  Brandy was really getting into this masturbation thing.
Finally we became so tired that we fell asleep in each other's arms.
This was the first of many happy nights Brandy and I spent together
and the start of a long girl/girl relationship.

Chapter Eight.  (f/m)

Finally Friday was here.  It was such a long 5 days.  I enjoyed
myself with Sandie and Brandy, but I really missed Bobby.  I got up
early as I couldn't sleep.  Sandie was still asleep.  I really wanted
Bobby to fuck me first but I knew that Sandie was going to have that
honor.  I knew that Bobby would have been without any girls for a
whole 5 days and that he was really going to be excited for his first
girl.  The lucky one was going to be in for something special.  It
wasn't going to be me.  That's all I knew.  I went to the kitchen and
mummy and daddy were just getting ready for work.  They both kissed
me and left.

After breakfast, I went to the bathroom and did the things you do in
a bathroom.  You know.  (Blush).  I brushed my teeth and got into the
tub.  I filled it with good hot water and put in lots of bubbles and
soaked there for a good half hour.  The hot water and the bubbles
felt so good on my skin.  I thought about Bobby and I thought about
him fucking Sandie first.  I began to get a little mad, or maybe I
got a little jealous, I don't know which.  Why did Sandie have to
have him first?  Why couldn't I?  I found myself wishing that Sandie
would have an accident on her bike and break a leg or something, just
so that I could be with Bobby first.  I lay there with my eyes
closed.  I began to feel bad for wishing harm come to Sandie.  She
was my big sister and I loved her so much.  No matter how much I
wanted Bobby, I should never wish harm to come to her.  I asked God
to forgive my evil thoughts.

After I got dried, I went back to my bedroom.  I only had my towel
around me.  I took the towel off and dried my hair with it.  I stood
in front of the mirror and started to examine my body.  I wished that
I had nice titties like Sandie and hair around my peepee.  I heard a
moan from Sandie's bed.  I looked over and she was just waking up.
"Hi, Sandie."  I said.  "Bobby will be home today."

"Oh, Carol.  I know, but I feel so sick.  I feel like I want to
puke."  I got scared.  "What's wrong, Sandie.  Do you want me to call

"No, No.  Don't do that.  I don't know what's wrong.  It's probably
just something I ate.  I'll be OK in a while.  Ohhhh!!!!  I'm going
to be sick.  Watch out.  I got to get to the bathroom."  Sandie
jumped out of bed and tore off to the bathroom.  She got there just
in time.  When she came back to the bedroom, she looked as pale as a
ghost and she had some sick on her Baby Dolls.  I helped her take
them off and helped her back in bed.  Even though she was sick, I
couldn't help admiring her naked body.  She was so beautiful.  I
didn't go out of the house all day.  I washed her Baby Dolls for her
and I looked in on her every hour or so to make sure she was alright.
I found an old ice cream bucket and placed it beside her bed.  She
was sick a few times and it got to the point where she had nothing
more to sick up.  But she still felt sick and still didn't look good.
She slept most of the time.

I had some lunch and brushed my teeth.  Bobby would be home any
minute now.  Then I suddenly realized that Sandie was too sick to let
Bobby fuck her.  I would be the first one after all.  I felt so
happy.  I went back to the washroom and had a really good wash all
over including washing my cunt.  I wanted it really clean for Bobby.
I went to my mummy's room and found her best perfume.  Something
called "Chanel No.  5."  I put a little dab behind both ears and on
my wrists and on the back of my knees.  I always liked it on mummy
and I hoped Bobby would like it on me.  Then I went to my bedroom and
got my best panties and tightest shorts I had and put them on.
Sandie opened her eyes and I asked her if it was OK if Bobby fucked
me when he got home because she was sick.  She said she didn't care
because she was too sick to do anything about it.  She said that even
if Prince William came over and wanted to fuck her, she wouldn't.  I
kissed her on the forehead and left the room.

At 2:30 the camp bus pulled up in front of the house and Bobby got
off.  He ran across the street and into the house.  I was at the door
to greet him.  "Hi, Bobby."  I said throwing my arms around his neck
and wrapping my legs around his waist.  I gave him a great big kiss
full on the mouth.  "Wow, Squirt.  You must have really missed me."
Bobby said as he kissed me back and held me tightly against him.  He
was holding me up by my bum.  "I really missed you.  I never thought
a brother could miss his little sister like I missed you."  He held
me and kissed me again.  It was one of those tongue kisses that I
like so much.  Then he said "Boy, sweetheart, do you ever smell good.
Is that perfume?"

"Yeah."  I said a bit sheepishly.  "I used some of mummies.  I wanted
to smell really nice for you today.  Sandie's sick.  I don't know
what's wrong with her, but she hasn't been up all day.  She puked

"Ohhh, that's too bad."  Bobby said.  "I'll just go up and see her
and tell her I'm back.  Then I'll go and have a shower.  I want to
freshen up."

Bobby was with Sandie for about 5 minutes.  I heard him go to his
room then to the bathroom.  When I heard the shower stop I went to
his room and waited for him.  My heart was beating so hard and fast
now.  I was so excited that Bobby was back.  I never even thought for
one moment that he wouldn't want to fuck me right away, but that
thought came into my mine while I waited for him.  What if he didn't
want me?  What would I do?  I didn't have to wait long for the
answer.  While I waited for him I got undressed.  I didn't want to
take any chances.  I knew if he saw me naked he would be lost.

Bobby came walking into his room.  He was drying his hair as he
walked.  He was completely naked and his cock swayed back and forth.
It was soft, but as soon as he saw me sitting on the edge of his bed
naked, I could see it start to grow.  I knew then and there that he
really wanted me.  I smiled at him and ran over to him and kissed him
again.  He smelled so fresh now and he had brushed his teeth too.  He
carried me to the bed and gently laid me on it.  His hand moved all
over my body and he touched my pussy.  I let out a soft moan as his
tongue almost went down my throat.  I could feel his hard cock
pressing against my stomach.

"Oh, Bobby.  I've been waiting for you to fuck me for so long.  I
thought I'd die."

"I've wanted to fuck you too, Princess."  Bobby said excitedly.  I
could feel his heart beating.  "You don't know how hard it was for me
not to see you and feel your body on mine.  I want to fuck you so
badly.  I want to fuck you right now."

"Yes, Bobby, yes.  Do it right now."  I almost screamed the words.

Bobby grabbed me and pulled me roughly to him.  He hurt my arm a bit,
but I didn't care.  I knew how excited he was and how excited I was.
He kissed me hard and touched me all over again.  His lips sucked on
my titties.  They still hadn't grown since he left, but I still liked
him doing that.  His fingers were poking into my cunt and I think he
was surprised to see how wet his little sister was down there.  I was
on my back and he crawled between my legs.  I spread them so that he
had room.  I bent my knees an lifted them to my chest.  He arched his
back and I could feel his big cock trying to find my hole.  I reached
down with my hand and positioned it at the mouth of my cunt.  Once it
was there, Bobby knew just what to do.

Slowly at first he pushed in and I could feel his cock sliding into
the very depth of my cunt.  Even I was surprised at how easily it
slipped in.  I guess I was really wet.  He started to fuck me slowly,
then he started to go faster.  That feeling I like so much started to
come back again.  I started moaning and bucking up to meet his

I was so near having my first real fuck orgasm now.  I was moaning
and crying out.  Bobby didn't know what was happening, I had never
acted like that before.  I took in some big gulps of air and suddenly
everything exploded inside me.  I started to shake and jump around.
My legs went around Bobby's waist and I squeezed him as tight as I
could.  I threw my arms around and just as suddenly I went all limp.
Bobby looked at me wondering what was wrong.  But before he could say
anything, I looked up at him and smiled.  "Oh, Bobby.  You were
wonderful.  I just had my first orgasm with you.  Could you tell?"

Bobby let out a really loud cheer.  I have never seen him so happy.
"Oh, honey, I'm so happy for you.  That was great.  Did you like it?"

What a silly question, I thought to myself.  Of course I did.  "I
sure did, Bobby.  Fuck me some more.  Make me cum again."

Bobby went to work on me like he never did before.  He took long hard
strokes.  His cock was rubbing up against my clit, giving me
heightened pleasure.  I had 2 more orgasms.  Bobby knew when they
occurred because he smiled when he knew.

I could feel his cock get bigger and harder in me.  I started
grabbing his cock with my cunt muscles.  It was Bobby's turn to moan
now.  Whatever I was doing to him, he really liked.  "Shit, Carol,
I'm going to cum now.  Oh God.  You are so hot.  Can you ever fuck,
baby.  Keep grabbing my cock like that.  Ohhhhhh, C- C- C -Carol.
I'm c-cumming.  I-I-I'm cc-cumming."

Bobby lost all control at this point and I could feel his life giving
baby seed pump and pump inside me.  I'd never known him to ejaculate
so much spunk as he did that day.  I guess deep down inside me I must
have known that would happen.  That was why I wanted to be his first
fuck after camp.

He kept shooting into me.  I could feel that my cunt was full up and
it started to seep down my legs.  Or was that my own cum I could
feel?  Anyway, something was there.

Bobby collapsed on me and kissed me so passionately.  He kept telling
me over and over how much he loved me.  I told him how much I loved
him too.  I could feel his cock go limp and he rolled off me.  As his
cock came out of me, we both heard that slushing, sucking popping
sound we heard when we first fucked.  You know, like when two tight
fitting wet things are pulled apart.  We giggled.  When his cock was
out, liquid really started coming out of my pussy.  We looked at it
and it must have been a mixture of both our cums.  Bobby leaned down
and licked some of it from my slit.  I could tell by the look on his
face that he liked it.  He licked again and got some in his mouth and
came up and kissed me and transferred the juice to me.  I drank it
all up.  It was delicious.

Bobby held me in his strong arms.  I hadn't had him for 5 days, but
I'd swear on a dozen bibles that his cock had grown.  It seemed so
much longer and a lot thicker.  "Bobby, did your cock grow when you
were at camp."  He laughed out loud which made me laugh too.

"I don't know Squirt.  Maybe it did.  Maybe you just missed it so
much that you think it got bigger.  Do you still like my cock?"
Bobby asked that last question with a knowing grin on his face.

"You know I do."  I said.  I kissed him again and then slid down and
rested my head on his chest with my face towards his cock.  His arm
was around me rubbing my little baby titties and sometimes feeling
between my legs.  My nipples, as small as they were, were getting
hard.  I held Bobbies limp cock in my hand and started playing with
it.  It was still wet and slippery and shinny and some of his cream
was still leaking from it.  It felt nice to touch.

Not surprising, it started to grow again.  The more I touched it and
squeezed it, the bigger it got.  I wanted to give Bobby another
surprise.  I saw Sandie do it when the three of us were together and
Bobby really liked it.  I was scared because I really didn't know
what to do.

I moved down and rested my head on Bobby's stomach now.  His cock was
right in front of me.  Slowly I stuck out my tongue and licked the
head of it.  I could see it jump.  I heard Bobby give out a soft
moan.  That encouraged me.  I shifted a bit more and put his whole
cock in my mouth and started sucking on it like a baby sucks on its
mother's breast.  Bobby moaned some more, so I started to suck
harder.  My mouth was starting to get sore.

"Carol, listen to me."  Bobby said.  "You are doing a good job, but
just relax a bit.  You don't need to suck on it like that all the

I took his cock out of my mouth and said, almost crying, "I'm sorry,
Bobby.  I- I just wanted to make you happy and I know you like Sandie
to suck your cock.  I -I thought you'd like me to do it too."  I felt
so bad.  I wanted so much to please Bobby and I had failed.  I
started crying.  Tears were all over Bobby's stomach.

He pulled me up to him so that he could kiss me and wipe away my
tears.  "Come on now, my Angel.  Don't cry.  You know I can't stand
you crying.  You were doing good, really you were.  I just wanted to
show you something to make it easier on you and nicer for me.  That's
all.  Don't cry any more now, please?"  Bobby was almost begging.

"I- I just want to p-p-please you, Bobby."  I sobbed.

"You do please me, Baby.  You do.  But look here."  Bobby held his
cock out for me to see it.  "The most sensitive part of a guys cock
is the head here."  He pointed to his cock head.  "And just beneath
it on the underside."  He showed me where he meant.  "When you put my
cock in your mouth, I want you to run your tongue all around the head
and especially to rub your tongue on the area beneath the head.  You
can still suck on it but let your tongue do most of the work.  Do you

I had stopped crying now.  Bobby was so kind and caring.  He was so
patient with his silly little sister.  I hugged him and told him I
understood now.

"There are other things you can do too, you know."  Bobby said.  "For
example, you don't have to put my cock right in your mouth.  You can
also just wrap your lips around it down near my balls.  That feels
nice too, but not as nice as having it in your mouth.  And you can
suck on my balls.  I like that too, but you got to be very careful if
you do that cause they are very tender and it doesn't take much to
hurt them.  And don't forget.  Use your tongue."

Bobby's cock had grown small.  I took it in my mouth again and
started doing those things with my tongue that he told me about.  I
was really surprised to see how quickly it became hard again.  I paid
particular attention to the area just beneath the head.  Soon Bobby
was wriggling and flaying around.  He was using those dirty words
again that he liked to use.  "Oh, C- Carol.  B-B-Baby.  I'm g-g-going
to c-c-c-cum now.  God.  Ya.  I-I'm about ready.  P-P-Please, Carol,
Let me c-c-cum in your mouth."

Bobby was so excited that he could hardly speak.  I didn't say
anything.  I looked up at him and carried on doing what I was doing.
At the same time, I was gently playing with his balls.  His eyes were
shut tight and his head was thrown back.  He was holding my head
really hard.  I kept sucking and licking his cock head and he was
moaning and squirming like mad.  I could feel his cock start to pound
in my mouth and I could feel it actually getting bigger, if that was

Suddenly Bobby started to shoot his cream into my mouth and down my
throat.  I tried to keep up with every drop of it, but he was cumming
so fast and so hard that some of it escaped out of the corner of my
mouth.  I could feel it on my chin, so I scooped it up with my finger
and put it back in my mouth.  That was the first cum I really tasted.

I had tasted some of it before like when he and Sandie kissed me, but
this was the first time I got it directly.  I loved the taste of it
right from the beginning.  As I grew up I would talked to other
girls.  Most of them didn't like the taste of it at first.  But I did.

I kept his cock in my mouth until I had milked every last drop out of
him.  His cock went limp in my mouth and when I let go of it, it was
just wet from my saliva.  "God, Carol."  Bobby sputtered, "That was
incredible.  I knew you were a fast learner, but I never thought
you'd learn how to suck cock so quickly.  I'm really proud of you."

"Thanks, Bobby."  I replied proudly.  "I'm glad you liked it.  I'll
do that anytime you want.  OK?"

"OK.  You bet."  Bobby said as he pulled me on top of his chest and
kissed me for the longest time.  I kissed him back and our tongues
were doing the dance again.  I slipped my leg over his body so that I
was now straddling him and lay full length on his body.  His cock was
in the area of my pussy and I wiggled around to try to get it hard
again.  It didn't take long.  I could feel it growing every second.

I raised my bum and reached back to grab Bobby's cock and placed it
at the opening to my cunt.  God, I was so hot again.  I just had to
have him now.  When it was in place I dropped down and felt it enter
me.  I was in my favorite position now.  On top.  I like to be on
top because I felt in control.  If I wanted I could see his cock go
in and out of my wet cunt easily.  I could control the pressure when
he went inside me.  I could control the length of the strokes.  I
could drop down hard and really feel it inside me.  There were so
many things I could do.  I liked being on top.

Bobby was rock hard again, just the way I liked him.  I was sitting
straight up just using my leg muscles to lift me up and drop me down.
Bobby was holding my hips just to balance me like he always did.  I
loved to see how his cock slid in and out of my cunt.  I liked to see
how my cunt lips wrapped around his cock.

Bobby's eyes were closed.  He was breathing hard.  I could feel his
cock start to throb again and it seemed to be growing inside of me.
I could feel that special feeling building in me too as I neared my
climax.  I started to bounce up and down faster and faster and drop
down harder and harder thrusting his monstrous cock as deep into my
cunt as I could possibly get it.  Bobby started to swear again like
he always does when he is ready to cum.  I was feeling my cum getting
ready too.  We were both moaning.  I couldn't take it any longer.
"ohhhhh, Bobby.  I-I-I'm c-c-cumming.  I-I'm cumming.  Aughhh.  Oh
God.  This is so good," I was screaming now at the top of my voice.
Bobby was yelling too that he was cumming.  Suddenly it hit us both
at the same time.  We both went stiff and our bodies shook and we
both collapsed.  Bobby shot load after load after load of his
precious fluid into me.  What with my own explosion of fluid, and the
stuff he had deposited in me earlier, my cunt was overflowing and
liquid was gushing out and down my bum and onto Bobby's legs, into
his bum and onto the sheets.  I didn't think two kids could lose so
much fluid at one time.

We both just laid there totally exhausted.  I was still on top of
Bobby and his cock was still inside me.  I could feel it getting soft
again.  I decided to get off him because if it got hard again I knew
I'd want to fuck him again, but I was so tired and my cunt was
getting so sore that I knew I had to stop.  I fell off him and his
cock came out.  It was all slippery and slimy and wet, but looked so
beautiful.  I wanted to touch it again, but I didn't.  I put my arms
around Bobby and kissed him passionately.  It wasn't a sister/brother
kiss, but a kiss of lovers.  We kissed and hugged for about five
minutes then I said I had to go and have a bath.  He kissed me once
again and said OK.

As I walked to the bathroom, my overflowing cunt started to leak
badly so I put my hand there to prevent it from leaking on the floor
and carpets.  I passed my bedroom on the way to the bathroom and the
door was open a bit.  I saw Sandie and she was awake.  I went in.  Of
course I was smiling from ear to ear.  "That was some fun you and
Bobby were having."  Sandie said.  "I could hear you both yelling and

"Oh, Sandie.  It was wonderful.  I bet I came about 6 times.  How
long were we in there?"  I asked.

"About 2 hours.  It's a good thing the kids weren't home.  They would
have wondered what all the noise was about."

"I'm sorry, Sandie, but Bobby just got me so excited.  He fucked me
twice and I sucked his cock.  I would have liked to do more, but I'm
a little sore here."  I indicated to my pussy which I was still

"Why are you holding your cunt.  Does it hurt that much?"  Sandie

"No.  It doesn't.  It's just that I don't want to let any of Bobby's
stuff get all over the floors."  I explained.

"Good thinking."

"I'm going to have a bath.  How are you feeling now?"  I inquired.

"I'm a lot better now, thanks."  Sandie answered, smiling.  "But I'm
going to have Bobby all to myself tomorrow."

"OK.  That's fair."  I said as I left and went to the bathroom.

Summer passed quickly, and before I knew it, school was starting
again.  Bobby and I continued to fuck almost every day, and I was
becoming very good at it.  I learned how to control my cunt muscles
as well as Sandie did.  I learned how to suck Bobby's cock as well as
her too.  At least that is what he told me and I believed him.  You
don't know how happy that made me.  Sandie and I still had our
girl/girl thing at least once a week, usually more.  I was getting to
like that as much as fucking Bobby.

As the years went by, Bobby was not only fucking me and Sandie, but
Candie was now 8 years old and he was teaching her just like he
taught me.  Candie was so cute.  She looked a lot like me when I was
her age.  Bobby said that she was just as inquisitive as I was about
sex and wanted to know everything and do everything, just like me.  I
could hardly wait to get her myself, but I wasn't going to do
anything till she got more comfortable with Bobby.

Bobby was beginning to get into trouble at school.  His marks were
slipping.  Looking back on it now, I think he was fucking other girls
from school too.  He was about 14 now and dating other girls.  At
least he was getting a lot of phone calls and whenever I answered the
phone it was a girl.  It was all getting to be too much for him.  I
never even thought about it then.  Maybe I should have known and
asked him, but I didn't.

Brad was growing up and started watching us at our sex games and
wanting to take part.  We all thought it would be a good idea to get
Brad involved so as to give Bobby a break so that he could
concentrate more on his school work.  That's how Brad got involved.
But I'll tell you about Brad and Candie another time.

                            --- THE END ---