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Clayton's Children - The Babysitter (Mggg, cons, inc)

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Warning: This story contains descriptions of sex between an adult
male and preteen children.  If this is not your cup of tea stop
reading now.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.  No illegal activity described
herein was carried out, this document details fantasies that took
place late at night when I was alone in bed.  I firmly believe that
no fifteen minutes of pleasure is worth the innocence of a child.
Besides, I derive much pleasure from the company of children, playing
with them or simply watching them at play, I am not going to risk
this for any momentarily heightened sense of pleasure.

If you are under the age of eighteen the law says I've got to tell
you to go away, so, "Go away!"  Common sense says you're going to
ignore me, so don't blame me if you go blind, your parents find you
in possession of this document or your cum causes your space bar to
stop working.

If this type of material is illegal in your city, state, country,
then see above, substituting "law enforcement agency" in place of

If you're a member of the moral minority, religious right, or any
other such control group then read on, my aim is to offend you as
much as possible.  People like you who would force others to fit your
narrow minded little world views are a blight upon the landscape.  My
personal philosophy is that of "Rational Anarchy" ie.  anyone should
feel free to do as they please such that their actions do not
adversely impact on the lives of others.

Introduction: Primus - The origin of the title: Over the years I have
found myself looking after a large number of children, many of whom
have at one time or another developed severe crushes on me.  As time
went by I discovered that I enjoyed their company more and more,
often I found myself with them, discussing the intricacies of the
transformers, comparing various superheros against one and other, and
spending less time with their parents.  Finally someone remarked that
the children might as well be mine.  And so my Clayton's children
came to be, "The child you're having when you're not having a child."

Secundus - This is a story of make believe, it describes what might
have been in a very different world.  If you feel an uncontrollable
desire to carry out the activities described in this type of story,
then stop reading now and seek professional help.

Tertius - You might find this story to be a little long winded for
your tastes and too much prose separating the 'Rumpety, Pumpety'.
Well too bad, I'm starting to get just a little sick of those stories
in which the narrator has their partner undressed by the third
paragraph, has them orgasming in the fifth and is working on their
second encounter or their next partner by the tenth.

Quatrius - I hope you find my choice of phrasing to be an improvement
over some recent stories that I have seen in the newsgroups, these
stories appear to have been written either cut and paste or by an AI.
If the former then shame on you and if the latter then I commend you
and urge you to improve your algorithm to include more descriptive
phrases and less repetition.

               Clayton's Children - The Babysitter

Chapter 1 - Shanghaied

"Hey Greg!"  my mate, CJ call's from across the room, "Are you doing
anything this afternoon?"

"No, why?"  as soon as the words are out of my mouth, I regret them.

"Good, you can give me a lift over to the ex's."  he says and I groan.

"Why can't you catch the bloody bus?"  I grumble half heartedly.

"What do you think I keep you for?"  He grins back at me through his
bushy beard.  "Besides, there's a couple of cones in it for you."  he
continues, waving a baggie beside his ear.

"You've talked me into it."  I grin back, "When do you want to leave?"

"Oh, in about four or five cones."  he replies, retrieving the
scissors from under the cushion of his chair.  He pulls the old
speaker, that we use for a table, between his legs and grabs the bowl
and bong from inside the enclosure.

"Here, dry these."  he says, tossing a couple of cigarettes in my

I catch one as it passes my ear, and pick up the other from between
my legs as he starts to cut up the stick.  I run the cigarettes
through a lighter flame, driving off all the excess moisture.  When
I'm done, I lean over and lay them on top of the speaker, next to the
bowl and sit back to wait for CJ to finish.

A little later, he picks them up and crumbles them into the bowl,
mixing the finely chopped green into tobacco.  He quickly packs the
cone and setting his lips to the neck of the bong, lights it and
pulls the sweet smoke deep into his lungs.  Then while holding the
smoke in, he packs the cone again and passes it to me.

"Thanks."  I say and light up, pulling hard to clear a seed that
blocks the stem.

I hand the bong back to CJ and lean back in the chair, savouring the
sensation, as the smoke does its work and my head starts to spin.
"Good stuff."  I gasp.

"Is there any other kind?"  he says as he packs the cone.  Waving the
bong in the direction of the door, he asks, "Should we?"

I wrinkle my nose, "I guess we'd better."

"Danny," he cries in a breathy whisper, "Danny, ... Danny."  He waits
a few seconds, "I called him.  You heard me, didn't you?"

"Yes."  I assent and he lifts the bong to his lips.

Then just as he's about to light up, the door opens and Danny sticks
his ugly face through the door.  "Must be my pipe."  he says, coming
in and closing the door behind him.  "You two are bastards, you know?
You come into my house and you use my smoking room and my bong.
Who's cigarettes did you use?"  he asks, then catching the half grin
on CJ's face, he goes on, "And my bloody cigarettes too."

"We called."  CJ objects, "Didn't we Greg?"

"Yes."  I agree solemnly.

"Yeah right.  Give me that fucking bong."  Danny snatches it from
CJ's hand.  "And get out of my fucking chair."

CJ relinquishes his place and pulls the speaker over to a new seat in
the least comfortable chair in the room.  Danny sits down and
snatches the proffered lighter from my hand.  He lights the bong and
punches it, before throwing the lighter back at me, hard enough to
sting, when it impacts in my palm.

Over the next twenty minutes or so, we polish off the mix and move
out into the lounge to listen to a little Hawkwind.  No sooner do I
take my seat, than a semi-guided organic missile leaves its place in
front of the television and launches itself into my lap.

Sandy's feet come perilously close to the family jewels, as she
stands up and entangles both of her chubby fists in my beard.  With a
quick jerk, she pulls my head forwards and playfully snaps at my
nose.  On the third snap, her forehead impacts painfully against mine
and I jerk backwards, grimacing as her hands in my beard pull me up

She giggles as I rub my forehead with one hand and extricate her
fingers from my beard with the other.  I then proceed to make
munching noises as I pull her tiny fists to my mouth.

Shrieking, she pulls her fists from my grasp and plumps down into my
lap, her nappy thankfully lessening the impact.  She then extends a
single finger towards me.  I snap at it and she jerks it back with a
painfully shrill, shrieking giggle.  Over and over again, I snap at
her tiny finger, rewarded each time with another piercing shriek.

Finally I trap her hand in mine and pull it to my mouth, easily
taking the small fist between my teeth, where I proceed to give it a
generous coating of spit.

Danny and CJ laugh at her disgusted expression and when I release her
hand, she jerks it back and wipes it on the front of her t-shirt.  A
few seconds later a look of concentration appears on her face and I
feel a spreading dampness in my lap.

Looking down, I see that the little minx has pulled the leg of her
plastics to one side and her pee is seeping through her nappy to soak
me.  "Sandy!"  I cry in and outraged tone.

Her only response is to giggle and pull her nappy far enough aside to
squirt the last few dribbles directly onto my crotch.

By this time CJ and Danny have worked out what is going on and are
laughing uproariously, Danny on the floor in front of his chair.

"Here," I say, rising from my seat.  Holding Sandy at arm's length, I
move to stand in front of Danny, "She's your daughter."

"Uh-uh," he returns with a grin, "it's your fault, you clean her up."

Tucking the dripping toddler under my arm, I head for her bedroom,
grabbing a wet cloth from the bathroom on the way.  Once there, I
strip her plastic pants off and drop them on the floor, beside the
bucket and unfasten the pins, holding her nappy on.  I drop the
saturated square of cloth in the bucket and toss her, shrieking, onto
the bed.

As I kneel beside her bed, she seizes her toes in her fingers and
presents her tiny pussy to me.  I quickly wipe the outside of her
slightly reddened vulva and her dimpled bottom clean with the cloth.
I then use the fingers of my free hand to separate her baby labia.

For a few seconds, I gaze at the glistening pink crevasse between
them, marvelling at her tiny clitoris, the size of a grain of rice,
hidden behind its hood.  An inch lower down, the opening of her
little vagina winks at me.  I then slowly wipe the last traces of
piss from between her plump pussy lips.

She smiles at me, from between her knees, as I allow a fingertip to
brush over her tiny clit and down the smooth valley separating her
fat labia.  Then as I use the cloth to unnecessarily clean the tiny
pucker of her little pink anus, I wet the little finger of my other
hand in my mouth and press the tip against her tiny vaginal opening,
feeling it open up to accept me and clasp half of the first joint in
an exquisite embrace.

Dropping the cloth, I gently remove and reinsert my finger tip, while
she makes little cooing giggles of pleasure.  Inside my pants, my
cock hardens, painfully confined within my tight jeans.

Leaning forwards, I plant a wet kiss on her puffy labia and flick the
tip of my tongue over her now hard little clit.  Rising, I withdraw
my finger and pop it into my mouth, savouring the sweet taste of her
baby juices.

Rising, I adjust my straining cock into a more comfortable position
as I go and get a nappy from the hanger beside the door.  When I turn
back Sandy is rubbing her fingers back and forth over her tiny little
clitoris, cooing with pleasure.  For a few moments, I stand there,
watching the beautiful, eighteen month old toddler happily

Dropping back to my knees, I lower my head and drool a small gob of
spittle onto her busy fingers.  Then wetting my finger, I once more
insinuate the tip into the warm clasp of her tiny vagina, stopping
when the tip reaches the thin membrane of her hymen.

With short, quarter inch strokes, I gently finger fuck the little
girl, the motions of her fat little fingers become faster and faster
as she approaches her climax.  Within thirty seconds, her cherubic
face screws up in a grimace of ecstasy and I feel a rhythmic
squeezing and relaxation as her tiny vagina contracts on the tip of
my little finger.

Gently extricating my finger from the sweet moistness of her young
vagina, I lift it to her lips.  She opens her mouth and eagerly
accepts the proffered digit, contentedly suckling, long after all
traces of her delicate juices are gone.

I lower my face between her chubby thighs and apply my tongue to the
tight pucker of her baby arsehole.  She releases my finger with a
cooing giggle as I slowly drag my tongue upwards over the tiny
entrance to her vagina, tasting the sweet, delicate juices that seep
from within.  I give a final flick to her softening clitoris with the
tip of my tongue and look up into her smiling face.  Smiling back as
she fights to keep her eyes open.

Rising on shaky legs, I use a corner of the nappy to dry her sweet
vulva.  Then folding it, I slip it beneath her dimpled bottom and pin
it in place.  Slipping a clean pair of plastics on her, I lift her
smiling, tired body into my arms.  She throws her arms around my neck
and holds her smiling face up to me, her lips pursed as she waits for
me to kiss her.

I deliver the kiss and she rests her head on my shoulder, snuggling
her face into my neck.  Within seconds, she is emitting tiny, little
snores and I pull back the covers and lower her to the pillow.
Pulling up the covers I kiss her flushed cheeks and look into her
smiling face for a few seconds.

I gather up her damp plastics and take them and the cloth through the
kitchen to the laundry.  On my return, I meet Angela, Sandy's mother,
coming in through the front door and I rush to help her carry the
shopping through to the kitchen.

"Where's Sandy?"  she asks, gazing down at the damp patch on my
groin.  "I see She's piddled on you again."  she says with a grin.

"Yeah, as a pay back for licking her hand."  I grin back, "I just put
her down for a nap."  I say, waving a bag in the direction of the
partially closed door to Sandy's bedroom.

"I don't know how you do it."  Angela says, shaking her head as she
peers in on her somnolent daughter.  "It takes me forever to get her

"Hammersthetic."  I joke.

"I can almost believe you."  she says, "Where's Danny?"

"In there with CJ."  I say, indicating the closed door of the smoking

"I might have known."  She says, "He better have left some for me
this time."

Together, we enter the room and Angela takes a seat in Danny's lap as
I drop into the chair beside CJ.  He hands the bong to Angela, then
takes only the cone when she extends it back towards him.  Packing
it, he drops it back into the stem and she smokes the second pipe.

He then gives me two, which finishes off the mix.  "Ok, lets go."  he
says to me, rising from his chair.  "But you'd better get changed

We say our goodbyes and head next door to my place, where I clean
myself up and put on a fresh change of clothes.  Grabbing my keys, we
go out to my car and I follow his directions to his ex-girlfriend's

Chapter 2 - Alison and Rene

I pull up in front of a neat brick veneer.  Though obviously built by
the housing commission, it has a much more homey look and feel than
many of the other, almost identical, houses in the street.  Instead
of a bare lawn, it sports a well-tended garden, that is a riot of
color, and many young trees break up the stark lines of the house.
The porch is a solid mass of greenery, with rank after rank of ferns
and orchids almost totally obscuring the wrought iron rack that
supports their pots.  Hanging from the eaves, geraniums, maiden hair
ferns and plants that I can not name, further serve to give the
'efficiently' designed house character.

I see a curtain twitch in one of the windows as we make our way up
the concrete path to the front door.  Before CJ can knock, it is
flung open forcing him to dodge backwards as the screen door flies
open in his face.

With shrieks of "Daddy!", two juvenile bundles of energy launch
themselves at CJ as he crouches and gathers them into his arms.  Now
that they are relatively motionless, they resolve themselves into two
blonde beauties.  The elder looks to be about nine or ten years old
and after kissing her father on the cheeks, she looks up at me
brazenly.  The younger of the two, who is about five, huddles closer
to CJ and peers suspiciously past his shoulder to look at me.

"Who's he?"  she asks pointing at me.

"Don't point."  CJ says, "You'll poke holes in the air and trip up
the fairies."

Both girls giggle, though the elder of the two rolls her eyes, as if
she had heard the joke more than once before.  Stubbornly, the five
year old repeats, "Who's he?"

"Girls, this is Greg."  CJ informs them, "Greg, this is my daughter,
Alison."  The older girl, grins up at me and extends her hand towards
me.  I take it in mine and as I shake it, I feel her middle finger
curl between our hands and scratch my palm.  My eyes widen and her
grin widens to match, the tip of her tongue protruding from between
her lips and moistening them.

"And this is Rene."  he says, trying to turn the shy five year old
towards me, but she just clings tighter to him and buries her face
against his neck.

"Hi CJ."  a woman's voice causes me to look up and I drop Alison's
hand like a hot potato as I gaze into the stunning blue eyes of a
bombshell blonde.  She notices my hasty action and a brief smile
flickers across her lips, but all she says is.  "Well aren't you
going to introduce me?"

"Oh, sorry Honey."  he stammers, "Cheryl, this is Greg, he lives next
door to Danny's.  Greg, this is my sort of ex-girlfriend Cheryl."

"Oh yes."  she says giving me a megawatt smile, "CJ's told me all
about you."

Rising, with Rene still attached like a limpet, he gathers Cheryl up
in a hug and kisses her soundly.  "Happy birthday Honey."  he says
when he releases her.

Giggling, she invites us into the house and I see her green thumb at
work here too.  Ferns and philodendrons occupy pots in the entry and
a wicker screen is almost completely covered with variegated ivy.
She leads us through, into the lounge where even more plants occupy
the corners and spaces beside the furniture.

Ushering us into seats, Cheryl asks me, "What do you like to drink
Greg, tea or coffee?"

Tea thanks, white with three."  I reply.

"Alison, come and help me."  she instructs as she goes through into
the kitchen.  Alison returns a minute later with a plate of biscuits
and a cup of cordial for her little sister.  Throwing me a bright
smile she disappears back into the kitchen, emerging a few minutes
later with her mother.  Alison carries her own drink and a steaming
mug, which she hands to me, before plumping down onto the couch
beside me.

Cheryl waits for CJ to rearrange Rene on his lap, then hands him his
drink before taking a seat in the chair opposite him.  She instructs
Alison to hand around the biscuits and with a flourish the beautiful
young girl presents me with the plate.  Her stoop causes the top of
her blouse to gape open and I get a good view of her nascent breasts.
The areola have just begun to darken and are pushed up into small
half spherical mounds the size of small plums.

I lift my eyes to her face and her grin tells me that she knows
exactly where I have been looking.  Turning her face slightly to one
side, she conceals her lips from her parents view and briefly puckers
them.  As she turns away from me, I find myself crossing my legs to
hide a growing bulge and wishing for an opportunity to be alone with
this forward young girl.

After taking the plate around to her parents and sister, she returns
to her seat beside me.  As Cheryl, CJ and I chat and sip our drinks,
I notice Rene peeking at me over the top of her cup, ducking her head
each time my gaze meets hers.  Slowly though, she becomes bolder and
a few minutes later she scrambles from her father's lap.  Setting her
empty cup on the coffee table, she keeps its solid bulk between us as
she stares curiously at my face.

Rather than discomfit her, I keep my face turned towards her parents
and continue with the conversation, while watching her out of the
corner of my eye.  Is seems that they too are watching her antics,
their attention constantly switching between their youngest daughter
and me.

Slowly, Rene sidles around the end of the table furthest from her
parents and disappears from my view.  The conversation descends
further and further into inanities, as I follow her progress in her
parents eyes.  They seem almost to be holding their breath as Rene's
progress slows.  A minute or so later, Alison utters loud protests as
her little sister forces her way into the six inch gap that separates
her body from mine.

On the other side of the room, Cheryl's and CJ's look relieved and I
turn my head and look down at the little cutie jammed up against my
hip.  She looks back solemnly and ventures a tiny smile, which widens
as I grin back at her.  I rock my jaw from side to side, causing my
long beard to waggle and her smile becomes a giggle as she snatches
at it.

Momentarily forgetting who she is, I snap at her fingers as if she
was Sandy and she snatches them back with a scared look.  Then
reassured by my grin, she tries again, once more snatching her
fingers back as my teeth meet with a clack an inch from the tips.
She smiles tentatively and slowly extends her fingers, jerking them
back as I bob my head.  This goes on for a few moments longer, her
smile widening into a grin as she grows bolder.  Then with a crow of
triumph her hand darts forwards and she entangles her fingers in my
beard, tugging gently.

I grimace theatrically and she giggles delightedly.  Then as she tugs
again and again, Cheryl cries, "Rene!"  and with a frightened look,
she jerks her hand back, accidentally pulling three or four wiry
hairs from my chin.  Seeing them, she looks almost ready to burst
into tears.

Before she can scramble from the couch, I take her hand and
re-entangle it in my beard.  Then looking across at Cheryl I say,
"She's fine, at least SHE doesn't want to play 'butts'."

Cheryl gives me a quizzical look and CJ explains, "Danny's kid, likes
to headbutt and she isn't gentle, your ears'll be ringing and she'll
still be giggling."

"Oh!"  She and CJ exchange a look and she nods.

"Uh Greg?"  CJ clears his throat.

I look over to him and warily ask, "Yes?"

"Would you do us a big favour?"

"Like what?"

"Look after the kids so I can take Cheryl out for her birthday."  he

My heart leaps at the thought of being left, more or less alone with
Alison, but not wanting to appear too eager, I ask, "Why me?"

Cheryl replies, "Because my dad's had a little heart scare the other
day and he's in hospital.  Mum's too busy being worried to look after
these two.  He's all right, but I was worried we'd have to cancel
this weekend.

"CJ told me how good you are with Sandy and the other kids that come
around there, so I told him to bring you around and we'd see how Rene
reacted to you.  She's terribly shy and we usually get my parents to
look after them on our weekends."

I hold up my hand to interrupt her and say, "Hang on, that's the
second time you said weekend.  You want me to look after your kids
for the entire weekend?"

"Uh-huh."  she replies, "Would you do it please?  We'll pay you of

Glaring at CJ, I growl, "I think I've been had."  I then ask, "How
much?"  trying to sound mercenary, while hiding my inner elation at
having an obviously willing Alison to myself for two whole days.

"How does an ounce of prime buds sound?"  CJ asks with a grin.

"I'll do it!"  I reply.  "Just what are these weekends anyway?"

"Well, it's like this."  Cheryl explains, "CJ and I get on really
well until we start spending a lot of time in each other's company
and then we start fighting like cats and dogs.  It was starting to
upset Alison, so CJ moved out before we became enemies.  Then on my
birthday, CJ came over and all but kidnapped us.  We left Alison with
my parents and the two off us spent an absolutely glorious weekend
down at Lakes Entrance.

When we got back, we had another go at making things work, but the
same things happened all over again and again CJ decided to leave.
On his birthday, I left Alison with my Mum and Dad and I took him up
to Echuca.

"After that it became a tradition.  We'd take each other somewhere on
our birthdays and at Christmas we'd take Alison and later Rene too,
camping.  Then before the fighting started we'd go our separate ways
again.  CJ often spends Saturday nights here with me and the girls.
It sounds weird, but it works for us, the girls still have a father
and they never have to see us fighting."

"So where are you going this time?"  I ask.

"On a paddle steamer cruise on the Murray."  CJ replies with a grin
at Cheryl.

"You got the tickets!"  she shrieks springing from her chair to
launch herself at CJ and plaster kisses all over his face.

A gentle tug on my beard reminds me of Rene's presence and I look
down into her serious little face.  "Are you going to look after us?"
she asks.

"Would you like that?"  I ask in return.

"Uh-huh."  she replies, nodding gravely.

"What about you?"  I look up at Alison.

"You bet."  she grins, licking her lips.

Suddenly Cheryl pulls back and exclaims, "Shit, we'd better get

"Relax," CJ soothes, "we've got plenty of time, we don't have to be
there until seven."

"What about Greg?"  she objects, "He'll have to get some clothes and
I have to put clean sheets on my bed."

"Don't worry about me," I say, "I keep an overnight bag in the car so
I'm all right there.  What about you CJ?  Do you need a lift to get
your stuff."

"No, we'd already packed Cheryl's car when her father had his turn."
he replies.

Cheryl has pulled a book in her lap, using it as a rest as she busily
scribbles away.  As she writes she says, "The kids can have fish and
chips for tea tonight and pizza tomorrow, can you manage sandwiches
for their lunches?  Rene has Rice Bubbles for breakfast, and Alison
likes Vita-Brits.  Here's my mother's phone number and address and
the number for the hospital.  CJ get the number for the Echuca
Police, just in case he has to get hold of us."

As CJ gets the phone book, Cheryl rattles on with her instructions.
"Rene goes to bed at eight o'clock, Alison can stay up until nine
thirty, ten at the latest.  Make sure Rene goes to the toilet before
she goes to sleep and has nothing to drink after seven.  She still
wets the bed sometimes.

"Rene shouldn't give you any trouble and Alison had better not, if
she knows what's good for her."

As she speaks, I make all of the appropriate noises in the right
places and when she finishes, I reassure her, "You go ahead and have
a good time, we'll be fine."

Over the next hour, while CJ and Cheryl shower and get dressed for
dinner, I get to know Rene better, answering Alison's scowl with a
whispered "Later."  She brightens up at this and joins in my games
with Rene.  Though she tries to steal the show by giving me a glimpse
down the front of her shirt at every opportunity and sitting opposite
me with her legs crossed, giving me a clear view of her pink, cotton

Whenever Rene looks away, she drops her fingers into her lap and rubs
at her pussy as though scratching an itch.  Once, when Rene runs off
to get something from her room, Alison draws the damp gusset of her
knickers to one side, revealing the smooth white flesh of her vulva.
Still maintaining the pretence of scratching an itch, she brings her
other hand down and rubs at the glistening pink crease separating her
sweet pussy lips.

She calmly releases the elastic, as Rene clatters back into the room
carrying a coloring book and her Crayons.  Rene tugs me over to sit
at the coffee table and uses my lap as a seat, her squirming to get
comfortable causes my semi-rigid prick to harden completely.

Alison moves to kneel beside me, and pokes the finger that had just
been between her legs out at me.  I playfully snap at it, expecting
her to jerk it away.  Instead she holds it still and my teeth close
bare millimetres from the tip.  I look into her eyes and I'm met by a
challenging look.  So taking her dare, I cover my teeth with my lips
and close them around the proffered finger, taking my first taste of
her sweet pussy.

At the same time Rene looks up and jeers at her sister, "Ha, he got
you.  I'm better than you."

Alison and I exchange grins and pulling her finger free of my lips,
she agrees with a laugh, "Yeah, I guess you are."

Rising, she leaves the room and returns with a coloring book of her
own and a set of Derwent pencils.  "Move over."  she orders her
little sister.  Using her hip to shove Rene to one side, she
appropriates my left knee, forcing me to place a hand on each of
their waists to support them.  Pretending to lose her balance, she
steadies herself, her hand falling into my lap directly on top of my
still firm prick.

She gasps and snatches her hand back.  I look down into her face, to
be met by a look compounded of surprise and embarrassment.  She turns
to the table and opens her book to a picture of Ariel, the little
mermaid.  Then carefully selecting just the right shade of blue-green
she pokes her tongue from the corner of her mouth and begins to
carefully color Ariel's tail.

Just as my leg begins to go to sleep, CJ and Cheryl come to my
rescue.  "Girls, we're going now, don't be pests and mind what Greg
tells you."

The girls scramble from my knees, Alison giving my now soft member
another exploratory feel, as she pushes herself to her feet.  I climb
to my feet, pins and needles burning in my leg and I limp over to
where Alison and Rene are receiving kisses goodbye.

Cheryl notices my limp and grins, saying, "You shouldn't let them
take advantage of you like that, especially Alison, she's too heavy."

"Forget it, Cheryl."  CJ says, "That's why he's so good with kids, he
lets them do whatever they want with him.  But at the same time, he
doesn't let them get away with any shit."

"Ok, we turned the spa on for you kids, but you're not to get in
unless Greg's with you.  ok?"

Both girls greet this announcement with loud cheers and readily agree
to the restriction.

"The water should be hot enough in about an hour.  Don't let them
totally cook themselves.  Here are the keys and here's the money for
the fish and chips and pizzas and bread and milk in the morning.
We'll be back about ten Sunday night."  Cheryl delivers final
instructions and hands me a fifty dollar note.

"Can we get a video?"  Alison asks eagerly.

"One each."  Cheryl answers, "There should be enough there, if not
I'll fix you up when we get back.  There's a video store up next to
the milkbar.  Alison will show you where it is, just don't let her
get anything too gory.  Girls, you be good for Greg and do whatever
he says."

She stoops to deliver a final kiss to each of the two girls and as
she releases them they move over to their father.  He sweeps them up
in his arms and gives them a bear hug, winking at me, he whispers in
their ears and slips a folded five dollar note into their hands.

"Thanks mate, you don't know how much I appreciate this."  CJ says,
slipping a tightly rolled baggie into my hand as he shakes it,
rolling his eyes in the direction of Cheryl.

"Thank you Greg."  Cheryl says and surprises me by pulling me into a
hug.  "Here, don't smoke it until Rene's in bed and don't let Alison
have more than two cones.  The bong's over the stove."

CJ misinterprets my stunned mullet expression and grins at me, "Yeah
she has that effect on me too."

The girls and I escort CJ and Cheryl to the car and I stand with them
at the end of the driveway, as they wave until the car turns at the
end of the street.  I look down into their up turned faces and ask,
Ok, what do you want to do?"

Chapter 3 - Set Up?

"Get a video."  Alison cries.

At the same time, Rene waves her five dollar note and declares, "Buy
lots of lollies."

"I think we can manage that in one trip."  I say with a grin.
Checking that I have the keys, I pull the door shut and take hold of
Rene's hand, allowing Alison to lead me up the road to the shops.

Immediately we enter the milkbar, Rene makes a beeline for the
counter and holds up the five dollar note.  "Lollies, I want lot's of
lollies."  She informs the girl behind the counter.

The girl's eyes flick from the money to Rene to me and she raises an
eyebrow in true Spock fashion.

"It's all right."  I hastily say, "I'm looking after them for the
weekend, while their parents are away."

The girl laughs at my frightened expression and says, "I'm not
worried about that.  I know Rene and there's no way a stranger could
get anywhere near her.  I'm just wondering if you're prepared for the
mess, when she deposits five dollars worth of lollies on the carpet."

"I get you're point."  I grin back, "Make it a dollar and she can buy
some more tomorrow.  Alison, the same goes for you."

Alison, returns two of the four chocolate bars she is holding, to the
shelf and looks up at me pleadingly.  "Ok, but that's it."  I relent,
"And you don't eat them until after dinner."

Grinning happily, she waits at the counter for the girl to finish
filling a bag for Rene and they hand over their money.  When they
receive their change, Rene holds up the well-filled paper bag in one
hand and the four gold coins in the other, crowing at her incredible
bargaining skills.

Thanking the girl, we leave the shop and go into the next, where we
order our fish and chips.  "Let's get our videos while they're
cooking."  Alison says.

As we enter the video store, I suggest, "Why don't we let Rene choose
the movie for tonight and you can get yours tomorrow."

"Ok," she agrees and a few minutes later, we emerge with a copy of My
Little Pony.  We collect the fish and chips and head back to their

Rene wants to watch the movie straight away, but I suggest that she
wait until after we have eaten.  I send Alison to get a couple of
towels from the bathroom and lay them out on the floor.

Setting dinner in the middle, I restrain them while we say grace.
"Two, four, six, eight.  Bog in, don't wait."

They take me at my word and they tear into their dinner like starving
animals.  Rene singes her fingers on her piece of fish and I show her
how to tear off a strip of paper and wrap it around the battered

Within minutes, dinner is but a memory and a few scattered crumbs,
which Rene assiduously hunts down and consumes.  "Can I watch
'Ponies' now?"  she asks.

"Yep."  I agree, "And you can eat some of your lollies too."  Taking
the cassette from Its case, I pop it into the VCR and sit back,
resigned to an hour of saccharine sweetness.

"Hey lets get in the spa."  Alison says to me once her little sister
is engrossed with the television set.

Immediately, Rene leaps up and hits 'stop' and yells, "Yay, Me too,
I'll watch 'Ponies' later."

Alison's face drops a little at her sister's intrusion, but wisely
says nothing.  She leads me out through the back door to where a fern
filled conservatory has been built onto the back of the house.
Sunken into the middle of the floor, totally concealed from outside
view, is a large spa bath.

"Hang on you two," I say, "you get your bathers, while I get some
shorts from my car."

"Why?"  Alison objects, "We never wear bathers in the spa with Mum
and Dad."

"That's different."  I say, "I don't think your mother would like it
if I got in with you two without any clothes on."

While Alison and I have been speaking, Rene has stripped off her
clothes and is standing, naked, by the edge of the spa.  "Hurry up,"
she cries, "I'm getting cold."

"Greg says we've got to wear our bathers because Mum wouldn't like it
if we were rudie nudies with him."  Alison says to her little sister.

"Oh!"  A frightened look creeps onto Rene's face, "Does that mean I'm
naughty?"  she asks in a quavering voice, her lower lip trembling.

"No Rene," I reassure her, "but you'd better put your bathers on."

Immediately her whole demeanour brightens and the next thing I know,
my arms are full of delighted, squirming, naked little girl.  With
this, I realise what Cheryl meant by my not having any trouble with
her.  A look of censure would have her near tears, while a raised
voice would probably have her bawling for hours and to raise your
hand to her in anger would probably drive her into catatonia.

"Will you help me?"  she asks, "I always get it wrong."

"I don't know."  I demure.

"Please?"  she begs with irresistible, doe like eyes.

"You'd better do it," Alison advises, "or she'll look at you like
that for the rest of the night."

"Ok," I laugh, "I don't think I could take that."

Again, I see that bright smile, that, with a little self confidence,
would match her mother's.  "Oh thank you."  she cries, giving a
little wriggle, that abruptly stops as her mouth opens in surprise.

Suddenly I realise that my hand has slipped on her little bottom and
the side of my finger now rests in the crease of her plump little
pussy.  I quickly readjust my grip and turn to Alison, asking, "Could
you take my keys and get my bag out of the boot of my car?"

"Sure."  she agrees cheerfully and unsnaps my keys from my pants.
"Which one is it?"  she asks.

I shift Rene to my hip and pick out the right key for Alison.  As she
goes outside, I carry Rene to her room and lower her to the floor.
"Where are your bathers?"  I ask.

"In here."  she says, going over to her chest of drawers and pulling
out the top drawer.  "Lift me up."  she says.

I slip my hands around her tiny waist and lift her until she can see
into the drawer.  Lifting one leg between hers, I rest the toe on a
drawer handle and lower her to sit astride my thigh.  She rummages
through her underwear for a few moments and pulls out a blue ball of
stretch lycra.

She shoves the drawer closed and indicates with a wriggle, that she
wants to get down.  I lower her to the floor and take her bathers
from her hand.  Shaking them out, I sort out front from back and hold
them open for her to step into.  I pull them up snug into her crotch
and help her get her arms through the right holes, settling the
shoulder straps with a light snap onto her shoulders.

She steps back a couple of steps and I survey her, noticing that the
strip of cloth between her legs is half caught up between her pussy
lips.  Motioning her back to me, I slip a finger under the
elasticised leg band and pull it straight, the back of my knuckle
just brushing the exquisitely smooth skin of her plump vulva.  Her
eyes widen a little at the intimate touch, but the smile on her lips
never wavers.

I withdraw my hand and she holds out her arms to me.  Then just as I
go to pick her up, Alison says from the doorway, "Here's your stuff."

Giving Rene a pat on the bottom, I say, "You go and wait in front of
the fire, we'll be there in a minute."  I rise and take my bag and
keys from Alison, telling her, "Go and get changed."

In the master bedroom, I quickly strip, pull on a pair of speedos
(left over from summer) and slip on the towelling robe that I keep in
the bag.  Leaving the room, I catch a glimpse of Alison through her
half open door.  She is naked from the waist up, tying the string at
the side of her bottoms.

I'm just about to turn away, when she notices me.  "Greg," she calls,
"come here.  I can't get this knot undone."

I stick my head through the door for a closer look and see that the
strings on one side of her bikini bottoms are well and truly snarled.
As I move into the room I get a good look at her little tits.  Just
beginning to sprout, they are tiny, almost hemispherical mounds,
entirely covered by the crinkled, pink/brown skin of her areola.
Surmounting them, are her pea sized nipples which stand slightly
stiffened by the cool late autumn air.

She thrusts these out at me proudly and I start to think that this is
a put up job.  When I kneel at her side and take the snarled strings
from her, a quick inspection confirms my guess.  I can see where the
original bow was tied and the new knot contains so many loops that it
could not possibly have formed accidentally.

I give her an accusing glance and she responds by grinning down at me
and letting go of her bathers.  They fall a few inches before the
strings in my hand pull them up short, revealing the top of her
beautiful pre-teen vulva less than eighteen inches from the tip of my
nose.  In form it is a smooth, slightly plump mound, separated into
two perfectly symmetrical halves by a fine, dark cleft.  Three
quarters of an inch from the top of that sweet valley is her
clitoris, a small pink nubbin, the size of a pencil eraser.

"Oops!"  she exclaims insincerely, and I look up into her slightly
flushed, grinning face.  "I guess I might as well take them off.
Anyway it'll be easier for you."  Saying this, she plucks at the bow
on the other side and I'm left holding a tiny scrap of cloth wrapped
around her right leg and a complete view of her sweet pussy.

"I guess you might."  I growl up at her and her grin widens.

I begin lowering the wisp of fabric that I hold, but she has one more
surprise for me.  Before I can lower my hands more than a foot, she
draws her leg up and out of her bottoms, giving me a clear view of
the damp, pink cleft between her pussy lips and the glistening,
slightly darker flesh of her inner labia.  She holds the pose for a
few seconds and I become conscious of a sweet, slightly musky smell.

As she lowers her leg, I tear my gaze from the delightful sight and
look down at the tangle in my hands.  A few quick tugs soon have it
sorted out and I hold her bottoms out to her.

Instead of taking them from me, she turns to face me and strikes a
pose that is as old as life itself.  Standing with her right leg
slightly cocked, her left hand low on her hip and the thumb and
forefinger of the right loosely framing her mound, she asks, "Do you
think I'm pretty?"

"Beautiful."  I whisper, then catching myself, I continue sternly,
"Do you know that you're asking for trouble?"

"Uh-huh."  she replies just as seriously.  "But I like you.  You're

"Just because I'm nice, doesn't mean I'm safe.  Haven't you been told
about strangers?"  I ask.

"Of course silly, but you're Daddy's friend."  she replies.

"That doesn't mean anything."  I tell her, "I might still be a bad
man who does nasty things to little girls."

"Are you?"  she asks seriously.  "Nasty I mean."

"No I'm not."  I say, "But you should be more careful, because I do
want to do things with you."

"Would you stop if I asked you to?"

"Yes I would."  I reply.

"Then I want you to do things to me."  she informs me.

Then with a mercurial change of mood she grins at me, "I'm a big girl
now, see I'm growing hair down here."  she points at her bare vulva.

I take a closer look, but I'm forced to ask, "Where?  I can't see

"Right here."  she says pointing to the very top of her crack.
"You'll have to look closer."

I lean closer, getting another intoxicating whiff of her sweet pussy.
Finally, I'm close enough to see a few wispy hairs, almost invisible
against her skin.

"Here," she says grabbing my wrist, "you can feel them easier."  I
offer only token resistance, as she draws my hand closer and presses
my fingertips against the flawless, resilient flesh of her juvenile

She relaxes her grip on my wrist and I lightly brush my fingers over
her smooth pubic mound, feeling a fine peach fuzz and a few slightly
stiffer hairs just above the top of her cleft.  She makes no move to
pull my hand away, so I continue to lightly explore her beautiful
young pussy.  With my heart beating like a triphammer, I run the
sensitive tips of my fingers all over the plump bulge between her
legs, delighting in the exquisite feel of her unblemished skin.

I then fold the last two fingers of my hand under my thumb and gently
probe lower down.  Realising my goal, she shifts her feet apart and
allows my fingers to investigate further.  Still keeping my fingers
on the outside of her vulva, I gently run them between her legs,
finding a slight hint of moisture.  I then increase the pressure
slightly and feel the soft folds of her little pussy open up around
my middle finger.

She gives a gasp and her fingers tighten slightly on my wrist.  I
stop dead at this and a few seconds later her fingers relax.  Taking
this as a signal to continue, I press a little harder, moving my
fingertip in tiny circles, until the tip of my finger presses against
the entrance to her vagina.

Again her fingers tighten, and again I stop.  This time she pulls my
hand upwards until my finger tip is clear of her vagina before she
relaxes her grip.  Taking the hint, I leave her vagina alone and
continue to explore the hot, moist flesh of her inner folds.  As I
draw my fingers back and up, I feel her inner labia close on the
sides of my fingertip and I come into contact with the rigid knob of
her fully extended clitoris.

"Stop!"  she gasps and her fingers tighten convulsively on my wrist.

"Are you all right?"  I ask.

"Uh-huh."  she nods.  "But why does it feel so much better than when
I touch myself there?"

As I think about how to answer her, I remove my fingers completely
from between her pussy lips and stare at the glistening pink knob of
flesh that now extends a little beyond her pale outer labia.  Finally
I ask, "Are you ticklish?"

"Yeah, I guess so.  Why?"  she asks confusedly.

"Well, can you tickle yourself?"

"Of course not."  she replies.

"Well, it's sort of like that.  You can't tickle yourself, because
your brain already knows exactly what's going to happen.  Touching
your pussy is like a special kind of tickling, but because there are
lots more nerves there, you can do it to yourself.  It feels better
when somebody else does it, because your brain doesn't already know
what's going to happen."

"Oh, I get it."  she says smiling.  "You can touch me again if you
want to."

"Later," I say picking up her bathers and drawing the scrap of cloth
up between her legs, "we'd better get you dressed before Rene comes
looking for us."

She makes a little moue of disappointment, but takes hold of the
strings and ties them in bows on both hips.  I reach for the top,
which is on her bed and she asks, "Do I have to wear that?"

"I think you'd better."  I say and she ducks her head for me.  I slip
the loop at the top behind her neck and she turns for me to tie the
strap across her back.

Turning back to me, she presents her half covered breasts to me,
saying, "You fix it."

I brush the balls of my thumbs over the exposed mounds, feeling the
crinkled skin covering the firm flesh tighten even further.  I flick
the stiff little posts of her nipples, drawing a little gasp from her
lips, then quickly tug the top of her bikini into place and rise to
my feet.

I lightly swat her bum, causing her to jump and squeak in mock
outrage.  "Come on you, let's go."

In the lounge, we find Rene sitting about a metre from the
television, totally engrossed in her 'Ponies', as every few seconds,
her hand dips into the open bag of lollies in her lap.  The shadow
that I throw over her body, as I move to stand behind her, causes her
to look up and ask.  "What took you so long?"

"My bathers got all tangled."  Alison explains.

"Oh.  Can we get in the spa now?"  Rene asks.

"Sure thing."  I reply.  "Come on."

Rene scrambles to her feet and stops the video.

"Do you need to go to the loo?"  Alison asks, "Remember what happened
last time."

Rene blushes and says, "Yeah, I better go."

As she leaves the room, I ask Alison, "What happened?"

"The water turned pink."  Alison chortles, "Mum puts stuff in the
water that turns pink if you piddle in it."

"Oh."  I say.  "I need to go too, so I'll see you out there."

I go after Rene and find her sitting on the toilet with the door
open, her bathers on the floor.  Grinning up at me, she says, "They
fell off."

"Really?"  I ask, listening to the hiss of her pee in the bowl.

Her only response is to lower her head and giggle.  When she
finishes, she hops down from the seat and picks up her bathers.
"Here, help me put them on."  she says holding them out to me.

I pull a couple of sheets from the roll and hold them out to her,
"Here dry off first."

She looks quizzically at the wad of tissue in my hand, "Huh?"

I reach down and dry her pussy for her, explaining, "Dry your crack
after you have a piddle.  That way there won't be any pink in the

"Oh."  she says, "Put my bathers on."

I take them from her and hold them for her to step into.  After I
pull the shoulder straps into place, I look down and see the crotch
pulled right up between her pussy lips and she avoids looking me in
the eye.

Grinning inwardly, I kneel and slip my finger under the narrow strip
of cloth, running my knuckle the length of her little pussy as I pull
it free.  As my knuckle runs along the little furrow, she presses
against it and my cock hardens in response.  Still maintaining the
pretence of ensuring the correct fit of her bathers I run my finger
back and forth a few more times before withdrawing it.

"Ok, off you go."  I say, giving her little bottom a quick squeeze
and pushing her out the door.  "I need to use the toilet."

She stands outside the door, looking a little disappointed as I close
it.  I extract my cock from my Speedos and wait for it to soften
enough for me to piss.  Once I'm done, some wicked little demon makes
me stroke my hand up and down the shaft until my cock stands stiff,
pointing away from my body at a forty five degree angle.

I stuff it back into my Speedos, where it makes an impressive bulge
and leave my robe hanging open.  Flushing the toilet, I open the door
and almost trip over Rene who is still waiting outside.  Her eyes
nearly pop out of her head when she is confronted by my lycra encased
cock, practically in her face.  Taking her by the shoulder, I turn
her around, her head swivelling on her shoulders until it hurts me
just to look at the way her neck is twisted.  Finally, I put my hand
on top of her head and twist her eyes to the front.  Pushing her
ahead of me, we walk through to the conservatory, where Alison is
already luxuriating in the spa.

As soon as we pass through the door, Rene takes an exaggerated step
to the side and I grin inwardly as Alison's eyes widen and her gaze
fastens on my crotch.  Slipping my robe off, I hang it on a hook by
the door and walk towards Alison.  Her eyes remain glued to my cock
as I pace across the deck and step down into the gently steaming
water, not leaving it until it disappears beneath the surface,
whereupon she looks up into my face.  I meet her gaze and hold it
until she blushes and lowers it to minutely examine the bubbling
surface of the water.

Beside me, Rene presents me with a view of her cute little bottom,
with the fabric of her suit bunched up in the crack, as she turns and
lowers herself into the water.  "Can I sit on your lap?"  she asks as
she proceeds to do just that, pressing her practically bare bum back
against my rigid member and wriggling it.  Across from me, Alison
throws her little sister a venomous look.

When this has no effect, she sets the blower going and disappears
beneath the roiling surface.  A moment later, Rene shrieks and slides
from my lap.  Alison leaps from the water in front of me and as Rene
rises from the water sputtering, she drops into my lap and defends
her territory by splashing her little sister.

Rene retaliates by closing her eyes and leaping at her big sister,
swinging blindly.  One wildly swung hand catches in the top of
Alison's bikini and with a popping rip, one of the shoulder straps
tears free of the minuscule triangles covering her breasts.

Feeling like a heel, I bark "Enough!"  Sure enough, Rene comes to an
immediate halt and looks at me with tears in her eyes.  Her gaze then
falls on the damage done to her sister's bathers and the tears begin
to flow freely.

"I'm s-s-sorry."  she sobs.

I lift Alison down beside me and gather Rene up in my arms.  Holding
her tight to my chest, I rock her back and forth making soothing
noises as I caress her back and soft little bottom.  "It's all right
I say, I can fix it."

"You can?"  she asks, blinking up at me.

"Uh-huh."  I confirm, hoping I am right.  "Alison, it looks like you
got your wish.  You might as well get rid of that."

"Now you two, do you think you can share me?"  I ask, "Or should I
just send you to bed right now?"

"We'll be good."  Alison says and Rene nods vigorously as she
wriggles from my arms and places herself astride my left knee, facing
towards me.  Alison straddles the other knee and slips her arm around
Rene's shoulder and pulls her in close, saying, "It's all right, it
was getting too small anyway"

Rene sniffs loudly a couple of times and smiles wanly.  A few seconds
later she giggles and says, "Your boobie's poking in my ear."

We all laugh at this and all is forgiven.

Suddenly a wicked thought enters my mind and I straighten my legs
causing the pair of them to fall and disappear beneath the water.
They rise sputtering and Alison looks at Rene, "Let's get him."  she
cries and they leap at me, their fingers digging into my ribs and
burrowing for my armpits.

I let them win the assault and laughing, I slide beneath the bubbling
surface.  Expelling just enough breath to keep myself submerged, I
sit on the bottom and wait to see what they will do.

After a few seconds I feel hands on my shoulders.  They slip beneath
my arms and I'm hauled to the surface.  Rene is in front of me with a
frightened look on her face, so I smile and wink at her, but leave my
body limp.  Grunting Alison drags me to a seat and steps up on to it,
pulling me up to sit on it.  But as soon as she loosens her grip I
pretend to slip back towards the water.

I do this a couple more times, until Rene looses control and bursts
out laughing.  At this point Alison realises that she's been had and
shoves me from the seat into the water.  I turn beneath the surface
and leap from the water with a roar.  Alison then jumps at me and I
stagger as she locks her legs around my waist and her hands about my

She pretends to choke me as she shakes my head back and forth, saying
"You, you, you, oooghh."

I lift my hand to her waist and tickle her, catching her as she
looses her grip.  Lifting her back up, I blow zoober after zoober
into her belly button, causing her to giggle and thrash
uncontrollably.  Accidentally, done on purpose, I land a few near and
on her pert little titties, and she gasps and stiffens in my hands.

Finally I relent and drop her into the water, turning to descend on a
smugly smiling Rene.  "Your turn little girl."  I say as I lift her
lycra covered belly to my lips and blow.  The farting noises are even
louder and her giggles are most satisfactory.

Keeping hold of her I return to my seat, blowing into her belly
button each time she falls silent.  Eventually though, her breathing
becomes laboured and I desist, lowering her to my knee.

Warily, Alison approaches and sits down beside me, though for a
minute or so she perches on the edge of the seat, ready to flee at my
first movement.  Then having decided that no further attack is
forthcoming she cuddles up to my side.

She starts as I move my arm, them realising that I'm just going to
put it around her shoulders, she leans forwards and I slip it behind
her so that my hand rests on her hip.  She turns in my arm to rest
her head on my shoulder and press one of her little boobs against my
side.  A few seconds later she loosens the tie on her bottoms and
twists until my hand cups her bare bottom.

She then lifts her own hand from the water and twirls my beard around
her finger as she says.  "I'm glad you're looking after us instead of
Grandma and Grandpa."

"Uh-huh," Rene agrees, "Me too.  You're much more fun."  She turns in
my lap to rest her head on my other shoulder and I support her with
my hand behind her knees.

For the next hour or so, they chatter to me about school, until Rene
lifts her hand from the water and holds it up before my face.  "Look
I've got witches hands."  she says, waving the wrinkled extremity
under my nose.

"Well we better get out before Alison gets witches boobs."  I joke,
tweaking one gently, causing them both to giggle.  "Besides," I
continue, "it's time you started getting ready for bed."

"Do I have to?"  she objects as a matter of form.

"You have to."  I confirm, removing my hand from Alison's bottom and
lifting it so I can check my watch.  "It's nearly half past seven.
By the time you've had your bath it'll be your bedtime."

"I don't need a bath," she protests, "I'm clean."

"You still have to wash the chlorine off."  I say.  "Come on let's

I unwrap my arm from around Alison and climb from the spa with Rene
on my hip.  "You too."  I say to Alison as I walk off with Rene.
Alison reties her bottoms and climbs from the water, hurrying to
catch up.

I grab my robe and we go through to the bathroom as I say, "We'll
just rinse off under the shower with our suits on.  That way we can
throw them in the drier so they'll be ready for tomorrow."

In the bathroom, I lower Rene to the floor and turn on the shower
adjusting the temperature to be suitable for her.  We then squeeze
into the cubicle together and quickly rinse off.

When we're done I roughly towel them dry and say, "Brush your teeth
and give me your bathers then go and get your nighties and a
hairbrush.  We'll dry off properly in front of the fire."

With a wicked grin Alison, tugs at the bows holding her bathers on
and hands me the skimpy scrap of cloth before fronting up to the
basin and picking up her toothbrush.  Rene's smile is not one whit
less naughty than her sister's as she follows suit, slipping off her
bathers and handing them to me.  When they finish their teeth they
scurry off to their rooms, pausing in the doorway to wiggle their
bare white bottoms at me.  While they are gone, I take the
opportunity to remove my own bathers, towel myself dry and slip on my
robe.  Then figuring on a complete exchange of oral fauna later in
the evening, I make use of Alison's toothbrush, before wringing out
our bathers into the bath and throwing them into the drier on my way
through the laundry.  I then head on through the kitchen into the

Both girls are waiting for me in the lounge, standing naked before
the wall furnace.  When they see me in my robe, their faces mirror
their disappointment, but I'm not ready to be naked before Rene, as I
don't want her carrying tales to her mother or CJ.

I drop into the seat nearest the fire and pull Rene in to sit between
my legs.  Taking her towel from her, I rub as much of the moisture as
I can from her hair.  Alison hands me the brush and I carefully work
the tangles from Rene's hair, then brush it out until it's bright and
shiny and most of the moisture is gone.

I then lift her down and help her into her nightie.  Sending her off
to watch TV for the few minutes that remain until her bedtime.
Alison then slips in between my knees and wriggles backwards until
her bum presses against my bare cock.  "Oooh!"  she squeaks in
surprise and wriggles harder against it, causing it to begin to rise.

Taking up the towel, I dry her hair and then drop it into my lap.
Picking up the brush I go to work on her slightly longer tresses,
carefully working the brush through them, until her hair shines
brightly.  When I lift her from the chair, she quickly turns to get a
glimpse of my cock, but the towel in my lap conceals it and before
she can get any ideas about snatching it away, I pull my robe
straight and rise from the chair.

By this time it is after eight o'clock, so I tell her, "You get your
nightie on while I put Rene to bed."

I stop 'Ponies' and lift Rene to my hip, carrying her through to the
toilet.  Again she leaves the door open and this time she tucks the
hem of her nightie under her chin and sort of curls up, looking
between her widespread legs as she concentrates on expelling the piss
from her body.  It takes her a few seconds to get it flowing, but
when she does, it flows in a golden arch from the tiny cleft between
her legs to fall hissing into the bowl.

When she finishes, she grabs a wad of paper and dries off, before
lifting her chin and letting her nightie fall.  She hops to the
floor, pushes the button and holds her arms for me to lift her.  I
carry her to her bedroom and supporting her against my shoulder, with
one hand cupping her bare little bottom beneath her nightie, I pull
back the covers.  When I lower her to the bed, she wriggles
downwards, her nightie rucking up to reveal her plump little pussy
and outie belly button in the process.  Unable to resist, I stoop and
wrap my lips around it blowing a zoober and making her giggle and
squirm delightfully.  Daringly, I blow another zoober at the top of
her tiny slit, before pulling her nightie straight and drawing the
covers up under her chin.

I read her a story from a book of Aboriginal legends about how three
sisters were changed into rock to protect them a bunyip.  But the
witch doctor couldn't change them back because he'd lost his magic
shinbone and that was how the rock formation called the Three Sisters
came to be.  By the time I'm finished, she is almost asleep, but when
I turn back from putting the book away, she holds her arms out to me
and has her lips pursed.  I give her a hug and a kiss goodnight and
tuck her in.  I start to pull the door closed but leave it open when
she asks me to.

Chapter 4 - Alone with Alison.

On my way back to the lounge, I retrieve one of the baggies given to
me and a couple of cigarettes.  I then collect the bong, scissors and
a small bowl from the kitchen and walk through into the lounge, where
I find Alison sitting in front of the television, watching Beverley
Hills 90210.

I make appropriate gagging noises as I take a seat on the couch and
she turns to look at me.  When she sees what I am holding, her eyes
light up and I decide to have a little fun at her expense.

I dry the cigarettes, quickly mull up and pack a cone, then make a
real production of enjoying it.  I look directly into her eyes as I
pack the second cone.  I wait for her to start moving towards me and
quickly smoke it, enjoying the slightly crestfallen look in her eyes.

Then, I pack the next pipe and place it on the coffee table, then
wait to see what she will do.  For a few minutes her attention wavers
between the bong and the TV until she finally works up the courage to
ask, "Can I have a pipe please?"

"You!"  I pretend to be shocked, "You're too young."

"No I'm not," she protests, "Mum lets me."

"I don't believe you."  I scoff.

"But she does.  She says that I can smoke it, but I can only do it at

"Why would she say something like that?"  I ask.

"Because she found some in my bag once."  Alison explains, "She said
I could smoke it, but only with her on the weekends and I was never
to get it from anyone at school again.  She said bad people sometimes
put really bad stuff like heroin in the stuff they sell at schools so
they can get them hooked and make them do whatever they want."

"Ok," I say, "you can have one cone."

"But Mum lets me have three."  she objects mendaciously.

I raise my eyebrow and slowly reach for the bong on the table.

She hastily corrects herself, saying, "I mean two."

"That's better."  I say, leaning back into my seat.

"It was worth a try."  she grins, then gives me a direct stare, "Hey,
you knew.  Mum told you.  How come you made me tell you why?"

"Because I wouldn't have let you have any, if you couldn't give me a
good reason why.  No matter what your mum said."  I explain.

"Oh.  why?"

"Because I think you are too young.  But your mum's right, the shit
they hand out at schools is full of nasty things and some of them are
a lot worse than heroin.  Did you pay for what you got?"

"No."  She answers, moving around the coffee table and sitting down
beside me.  "That's why Mum said I should smoke hers.  She took the
stuff I had to the cops and they found heroin in it.  She got really
mad at the school because it was a teacher who was giving the stuff
to kids.  They had to get the cops in and everything.  The teacher
was doing it because he liked to fuck- oops."  she covers her mouth.

"It's ok.  I've heard the word before, go on."

"He used it to get little girls to fuck."

"Does your dad know about it?"

"Uh-uh."  she shakes her head emphatically, "He was mad enough when
he found out a teacher at school was handing out drugs.  He would
have killed him if he knew I was one of the kids he was giving them
to.  I know it was silly, but this girl I knew gave it to me and said
it was ok.  But really she was already hooked and the teacher made
her to give it to me, because he wanted me too."

"Ok, that explains why your mum would let you smoke grass, but why on
earth did you take such a big risk with me after a scare like that?"
I ask incredulously.

"Promise you won't get mad."

"Get mad," I'm confused, "why would I get mad?"

"Promise."  she repeats.

"Ok, I promise."  I say.

"That's good."  she says with a relieved sigh, "It's not me you'd get
mad at.  You see Jenny's a really good friend of mine."  she says as
if that explains it all.


"Jenny Gormley."  she says naming one of my young lovers and it

"Oh!  And she told you about me I suppose?"

"Uh-huh."  Alison nods.  "But it's not really her fault.  We were
playing with our hairbrushes."  Alison blushes.  "You know down
there."  She points at her lap.  "And just after she had a cum, she
said a man felt even better.

"She didn't want to tell me about you, but I kept on asking her until
she told me.  She made me promise not to tell anybody, because you
weren't like that teacher.  She said you always asked her before you
did anything.  And then I heard Daddy telling Mum about you last
night and hoped you were the same person Jenny knew."

"How did you know I was?"  I ask.

"Because she has a picture of you and she showed it to me."  Alison
replies, then asks, "Will you teach me like you taught her?  I won't
tell Mama or Daddy."

"Are you sure?"  I ask, "It's a big step."

"Uh-huh," She replies emphatically, "Jenny says you make her feel
really good and it won't even hurt the first time because I've
already done it with a hairbrush."

"Ok, I'll teach you."  I say, "Now do you want this pipe or not?"

"Goody!"  she yelps.  "Of course I want it.  Give me the lighter."

I hand her the lighter and she lifts the bong to her lips.  It takes
her three attempts to finish it, but she doesn't cough.  Instead of
blowing out the last lung full of smoke, she carefully sets the bong
down, straddles my lap and pressing her lips to mine she forces the
smoke into my lungs.  Pulling back, she grins at me and says.  "Mama
and Daddy do that all the time."

"I like it."  I grin back at her, "Do you want me to do it to you?"

"Does it count as my second pipe?"  she asks.

"Probably, but I won't tell if you don't."  I grin, "But only one."

With the flexibility of youth, she twists in my lap and packs the
cone from the bowl on the table, then presents it and the lighter to
me.  I take it from her and smoke it.  While I hold my breath, she
takes the bong from me and puts it back on the table.

Turning back to me, she tilts her head to one side and pulls my lips
to hers.  I push the smoke into her lungs, accidentally blowing the
last of it into her face when she pulls back.  Giggling, she says,
"That feels really weird, but I like it."

She starts to turn back to the table but I stop her, saying, "That's
enough for now.  How do you feel?"

"Great."  she replies, "Really, really happy."

"Good."  I say, "Can I have a kiss?"

"We already did."  she giggles.

"I mean a proper one."  I say, digging my fingers into her ribs.

"No!"  she shrieks, giggling and squirming in my lap.

"What?  No kiss?"  I deliberately misunderstand her, so I can punish
her with further assaults on her ribs.

"Yes, no, don't!"  she squeals, trying to pull my probing fingers
from her ribs.

I give her a few last digs and stop, grinning at her crimson face, as
she gasps for breath.  A moment later she gasps again and gently
rolls her hips.  I feel her bare pussy move against my equally bare
cock, causing it to instantly spring to attention and press upwards
between her labia and buttocks.

Her look becomes one, composed of excitement, curiosity, arousal and
a little fear.  Experimentally she rocks back and forth and giggles,
"Oh wow, your thingy feels funny."

"My what?"  I ask, being deliberately obtuse.

"Your thingy.  You know, down there."  She blushes, pointing vaguely
between her legs.


"Your dickie."  she blushes furiously, turning her head aside.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"  I ask, "That sounds like
something Rene would say."

Still red faced, she looks me in the eye and says defiantly, "Your
cock then.  How about penis, or dick."  finishing with, "Rene says
doodle anyway."

"Or prick, or rod, or dong, or a lot of other things."  I say,
"They're just words.  It's when and how you say them that matters."

"Ok, your COCK feels real funny against my CUNT."  she says and gets
a case of the giggles.

"Yeah," I say, "well, your CUNT is hurting my COCK, it's not supposed
to point at my feet when it's like this."

She seems to find this hilariously funny too, but her giggles stop
abruptly, when I wrap my hands around her waist and slowly lift her
upwards.  As I lift her, my cock straightens, the head sliding down
the crease of her buttocks.  A scared look comes into her eyes as the
tip lodges against the rear of her pussy lips, outside the entrance
to her vagina.

When I lift her high enough for the tip of my cock to slip free, she
breathes a sigh of relief.  After I lower her back down, so that her
pussy lips press against the under side of the shaft, she giggles and
says, "That was silly, I want you to do it, but I'm scared too."

"That isn't silly at all."  I reassure her, "It's perfectly
understandable.  It's probably one of the most important things that
happens in your life and you don't want to muck it up.  Right?"

"Uh-huh," she says throwing her arms around my neck and hugging me
tight, "you understand."

I hug her back and flex my cock at the same time.  She squeals as it
moves under her, and wriggles her hips.  "Oh wow," she whispers,
"that feels even better, it's rubbing against my tingle bump."

"Your what?"  I ask.

"My tingle bump."  she repeats, "you know the bump at the top of my
crack.  I call it my tingle bump because it tingles when I rub it.  I
don't know what else it's called."

"It's called a clitoris or clit for short."  I say.

"Oh!  Well, it feels really good."  she says, and starts rocking her
hips and dragging her clit back and forth along the underside of my
cock.  Within a few seconds, the movements become smoother, as her
vaginal secretions start to coat my rigid shaft.

As things become more slippery, I pull her hips higher with each rock
of her pelvis, until the crown of my cock rubs from her vaginal
entrance to her stiff clit.  I slide my hands up her sides and start
rubbing my thumbs back and forth over her tiny tits through the soft
knitted cotton of her nightie.  Her face takes on a dreamy expression
and her head rolls on her shoulders in time with the motions of her
hips.  Eyes closed, she moans almost inaudibly with pleasure.  Under
my thumbs her nipples become rock hard little knobs on top of the
firm resilient domes of her budding breasts.

Her breathing quickens, then catches, as I bring my forefingers up
beside my thumbs and catch her nipples between them, gently pinching
and rolling the hard little nubbins of flesh back and forth.  Leaning
forwards, I nuzzle the side of her neck, pressing my lips against her
soft flawless skin.  She shivers and groans at the contact and the
movements of her hips become jerky and uncoordinated.

Opening my mouth, I gently bite down on the soft roll of flesh where
her neck joins her shoulder and pinch her nipples harder between
thumb and forefinger.

Abruptly her hips stop dead and I feel a sudden increase in warmth
and dampness in my lap as she cums with a shuddering groan.  A few
moments later her entire body relaxes and I pull her close to me,
gently stroking her back, running my hands from the crown of her head
to the soft curve of her buttocks.

"Mmmmm," Alison murmurs, snuggling into my chest and kissing it,
"that's nice."

"I press my lips to the top of her head and ask quietly, "Was that a
good one?"

"Uh-huh."  She tilts her head up and kisses me softly, "The best I
ever had."  A sudden gleam enters her eye and she grins, "You know, I
haven't even seen it yet, except inside your bathers."

"Well that's easily fixed."  I grin back.  "Go ahead and look."

She lifts her hands to my shoulders and pushes herself upright.  She
then takes hold of the hem of her nightie and pulls it up, securing
it under her chin.  "Oh wow," she cries, looking down, "it's huge.
Will it really fit inside me?"  She gives a little giggle, "I sure
made it wet, didn't I."

She starts to reach down to touch it and I can't resist saying, "You
look with your eyes not your fingers."

She snatches her hand back, and looks up at me, letting her nightie
fall to bunch about her waist.  She sees my grin and thumps my arm.

"You can touch it."  I laugh.

She starts to pull her nightie up under her chin and then deciding
that it will keep getting in the way, she pulls it off over her head
and tosses it over the arm of the couch.  She then tugs on the belt
of my robe and lifts first her right knee and then her left, as she
folds it back to either side, baring the front of my body.

Her fingers lightly trail over my chest, tracing the lines of my
collar bones and ribs.  She plays with my nipples for a few moments,
giggling as they harden under her touch.  "Your boobs get hard too."
she says wonderingly.

"Yeah, my nipples get hard, just like yours."  I say, "We've both got
all of the same sort of things, they're just arranged differently.
Your clit is a lot like the end of my cock and the rest is the same
too, just turned inside out."

"That makes sense I guess."  she says as she trails her fingers
lower.  The glint in her eye warns me, but I have no time to react
before her fingers dig into my sides.  As I laugh, my legs shoot out
straight and she begins to slip towards the floor, forcing her to
stop and grab hold of my robe.

"That's for tickling me."  she declares.

I pull my feet back to give her a more secure seat and she continues
her exploration, giving me one last retaliatory poke, right in the
belly button, before she brushes her hands over the head of my rigid
prick.  I make it jump at her touch and she jerks her hand back with
a giggle.  She pokes at it with a finger and I make it jump again.
Again she giggles and draws back.

"Go on, it won't bite."  I encourage her.

She slips backwards off my knees, pushes them apart and kneels on the
floor between them.  With her face only inches from my groin, she
closes her hand over my glans and squeezes it.  "It's not as hard as
I thought."  she says.  "It's hot though."

She then slides her hand down to wrap about the shaft.  "Oh, that's
harder."  she giggles.

I close my hand over hers and show her how to masturbate me.  "Oooh,
the skin moves."  she cries in wonder, "Does that feel good?"

"Uh-huh."  I say, "But you'd better stop or I'm going to cum."

"What's cum?"  she asks.

"Have an orgasm and feel really good like you did."  I answer her.

"Men squirt stuff out of the end, don't they?"

"Yes, we squirt out a slippery white fluid called semen."

"I thought it was called sperm."  she says, "I want to see it."

"Some times people call it sperm, but they're really the little cells
in semen that join with a girls egg to make babies."

"Girls don't have eggs."  she objects.

"Not like a chook."  I laugh, "Human eggs are tiny, because they get
fed by the mother while the baby grows inside her.  Bird's eggs have
to have enough food to last until the baby is ready to come out of
the shell."

"And there has to be enough room for the baby bird too."  she says.

"Of course, that too" I say.

"So if you squirted your sperm, uh semen, in me I'd have a baby?  I
don't want a baby yet.  Is Jenny going to have a baby?"  she asks in
a worried tone.

"No," I laugh, "Jenny's not going to have a baby.  It doesn't happen
every time, besides she's too young to have a baby, she's not
menstruating yet."

"What's that?"

"When a girl gets old enough, her body begins making eggs and her
womb gets ready to feed it by growing a special lining.  If an egg
doesn't join with a sperm the body flushes it out with the old lining
and she bleeds from her vagina.  This happens every four weeks or so,
until she's about fifty, unless there's a baby growing inside her.

"Oh periods, Mum told me about them.  I don't get them yet, but Mama
says I will soon, because my boobs are growing."

"Well you can't have a baby then."  I tell her.

"That's good, because I want to see what it's like to do it, uh
fuck."  she grins self consciously.  "Can I see your stuff, uh semen,
now?"  She asks eagerly.

"Yeah, you can see my stuff."  I agree.

She immediately begins rapidly stroking her small hand up and down my
shaft, her enthusiasm causing me to wince in pain and grasp her
wrist.  "Slow down."  I say, "Take it easy."


"Here, you do it like this."  I close my hand over hers again and
show her the pace and length of stroke that I like.  Taking her other
hand I cup my balls with it and say, "Gently roll these around in
their sack, that'll help me make more cum, but be very careful,
because they're very sensitive.  When I'm nearly cumming, they will
lift up next to the bottom of my cock.  When that happens you can
speed up a little bit or you can stop and wait for them to get loose
again.  The longer it takes to cum, the better it feels and you'll
get a bigger load of semen too."

She gently rolls my balls around and asks wonderingly, "What are

"They're my testicles, or balls, on nuts."  I explain, "They make my

"You mean semen don't you?"  she asks, thinking she's caught me out.

"Uh-uh," I reply, "they only make the sperm, which gets mixed with
some slippery goo inside my body and then it's called semen."

"Oh!"  she says as she puts my instructions into practice and goes to
work on my tumescent penis, sliding her hand up and down my shaft and
carefully fondling my balls.  Every now and then she starts to pull
on my balls as she looses her rhythm and she takes on a look of
intense concentration, as if she was trying to rub her tummy and pat
her head at the same time.

In a short while she becomes more practiced and I continue my
instructions.  "Ok, the purple knob on the end is very sensitive too,
especially the wrinkled bit here."  I point out the area under my
piss hole.  "Get your fingers wet and slippery and rub it gently with

"How do I make them slippery?"  she asks.

"You can use your spit or pussy juices."  I tell her.

Opting for pussy juices, she takes her hand off my balls and dips it
down below the level of the couch, returning with glistening
fingertips.  Her other hand is still, as she transfers the moisture
to the crown of my cock and goes back for more.  Then realising that
she has stopped moving her hand on my cock she resumes her stroking.
At the same time she rubs the slippery tips of her fingers in circles
on the tip of my cock, brushing her thumb back and forth over the

She looks up into my face as I groan, grinning a shit eating grin in
response to my reassuring smile.  "Am I doing it right?"  she asks.

"Just perfect."  I reply softly, "Just perfect."

The top of her head threatens to separate from the rest of her as her
grin widens.  Suddenly it disappears as she misses the beat and I
wince as she pinches my foreskin between her thumbs.  Returning her
concentration to the job in hand, she decides that my balls have been
neglected long enough and abandons my glans to give them some more

Less than a minute later I am groaning continuously and involuntarily
thrusting my hips up from the couch, fucking her tight little fist.
My balls are hot and heavy in the palm of her hand as she moves it in
small circles gently massaging them.  Somehow or other I manage to
grunt, "Gonna cum."  through the tidal wave of pleasure that crashes
over my body.

I Choke back a shriek that threatens to burst from my throat, as the
first searing pulse of white hot semen boils from my balls and erupts
in a creamy fountain from my angry purple knob.  It rises a good
eighteen inches and falls with a wet slap, coating Alison's small
fist and my balls.  Again my body spasms and another scalding geyser
of seminal fluid splashes onto my belly.

Again and again the powerful, undeniable, convulsions wrack my frame,
forcing jet after jet of lava hot come through my throbbing shaft.
Even after my aching balls run dry the spasms continue, slowly dying

Finally I seize Alison's wrist to stop her hand, as its movements are
now painful to my hyper-sensitised glans.  As soon as I take hold of
her, she looks up at me apologetically and says, "I'm sorry I didn't
make it last longer, I really wanted to see what it was like."
Adding earnestly, "I'll make it better next time."

"Ach.."  I swallow to moisten my parched throat.  "Alison," I say,
reaching down to gently brush the back of my hand against her soft
cheek, "if you make it much better, I'll die a happy man."

"Really?"  she squeals, her face brightening, "I did it good?"

"You 'did it' great."

She beams at my praise, and leans into my knuckles.  Like a cat, she
rubs against the back of my hand, her eyes closed, the contented hum
in her throat almost a purr.  She reaches up to press her hand
against mine and becomes aware of the cum that coats it.  Opening her
eyes she examines the pearly droplets that coat it.

Looking up at me with a question in her eyes, she says, "Jenny says,
she eats it.  She says it tastes good."

"Why don't you see for yourself?"  I encourage her.

Visibly steeling herself, she barely touches the tip of her tongue to
a glistening droplet and withdraws it into her mouth.  A moment later
she tries again, this time collecting a fairly decent gob.  Even
before her tongue disappears between her lips, a delighted smile
appears and her tongue darts back out to eagerly lap at her hand.
When her hand is clean, she dips her head to the creamy strands that
adorn my thighs and a moment later I feel her tongue on my balls.  In
her hunt for more of what she so obviously likes, she bypasses my
cock to lap at the pearly rivulet that descends from my navel.

She then sits back on her heels and I hear her muttering to herself,
"Jenny says she does it, I can do it too."  A moment later she takes
my flaccid member between her fingertips and engulfs it in the hot
wet cavern of her mouth.  With a lingering slurp, she draws back, the
tip of her tongue against the underside stripping a last dribble of
semen from the shaft.

"I did it."  she squeals, half in wonder, "I really did it.  And I'm
gonna suck it ALL out next time."

"You missed a bit."  I grin, pointing at the gooey strands festooning
my pubes.

"No way!"  her face screws up in disgust, "That's too gross."

I have to smile at her values, sucking semen from my cock is fine,
licking it out of the surrounding hair is not.  She returns my smile
crookedly, protesting, "Well it is."

"I didn't say a word."  I say my smile broadening.

"You didn't have to."  she returns.

"Well if you aren't going to clean it up," I say, "will you pass me a
towel, so I can?"

"Ok," she chirps cheerfully and presents me with a charming view of
her still boyish buttocks and the shining, puffy lips of her sweet
pussy, as she crawls across the room.  My cock twitches at the sight,
but she has left me too drained to respond in the fashion that her
delightful display deserves.

When she rises and turns back to me, she coquettishly hides her
charms behind the towel, holding it in front of her body as she
smiles seductively at me over the upper edge.  She comes to a halt
just out of reach and treats me to brief tantalising glimpses of her
glistening mons.

I snatch at the towel, but she dances back grinning and resumes
flashing her pussy at me.  Then with a final flash of her creamy
white buns, she darts past me into the kitchen.  poking her head back
through the door, she points at the coffee table, saying, "Bring
that."  and disappears.

Chapter 5 - Hot Tub Fun.

Smiling, I gather up the bong and bowl and follow her through the
kitchen to the conservatory.  She is already in the roiling water and
her eyes follow my bobbing, dangling member as I approach.  I set the
bong down and shuck off my robe, dropping it on top of her discarded

I then step into the water and take a seat opposite her.  She watches
me through the rising steam and as soon as I pick up and pack the
bong she scoots around to sit beside me.  Watching as I light up and
pull the sweet intoxicating smoke deep into my lungs.  Holding the
smoke in, I sit back and pack her last pipe for the evening.  Finally
my vision starts to go and I'm forced to breathe out.

Alison watches fascinated, as my breath whooshes out, without a trace
of smoke showing.  "How did you do that?"  she asks.

"Do what?"  I return, my head spinning.

"Not blow any smoke."  she says accusingly.

"I didn't want to."  I reply in the most aggravating tone I can

"Well give me that."  she cries snatching the bong from my hand.  "I
want to try."

'This should be interesting.' I think to myself grinning.

"Light it for me," she orders, "my hands are wet."

"Yes miss."  I acquiesce subserviently, "Right away miss."

Alison snorts into the bong, and mull puffs from the cone.  "Don't do
that!"  she cries.  "Now pack me another one."

"Yes miss."  I take the bong from her with downcast eyes.

"Stop it."  she giggles.

"Stop what miss?"  I ask as I pack the bong.

"STOP CALLING ME MISS."  she all but yells.

"Of Course..."  I say, "... mistress."

"Stop it!"  she giggles, punching me in the arm.  "Now give me that."

I hand her the bong, pick up the lighter and wait for her to take a
few deep breaths as she gets her giggles under control.  When she
nods and puts her lips to the mouthpiece, I light it for her.  Now it
is my turn to be surprised.  I watch her pull on the bong until the
cone empties and air whistles down the stem.

She lifts her head and stares into my eyes.  As I look back she emits
a couple of tiny snorts and tears start to form in the corners of her
eyes, but, somehow or other, she keeps the smoke in her lungs.  I
take the bong from her and set it aside.  Finally, she releases her
breath explosively.  Grinning tightly, she dashes the tears from her
eyes and lowers her head into her hands.

"Oh wow!"  she moans, "My head's really spinning.  I did it, but I
don't know if I want to try again."

"Well you're not going to get the chance tonight."  I tell her,
"You've had more than enough.  Are you all right?"

"Uh-huh."  she nods, then groans, "Ooooh, that makes me dizzy."

"Here."  I say, and pull her into my lap, where she curls up and
rests her head on my shoulder.  I cup her bottom in my hand and
gently run my fingertips along the length of her pouting pussy lips.

"Mmm that's nice."  she murmurs, snuggling closer.

Under my light touch, I feel her vulva begin to swell, and her
breathing quickens.  I lay my finger along the length of the tight
split between her labia and press inwards, they give way before me
and clasp my finger in their sweet, slick, warm embrace.

Alison moans softly, deep in her throat and pushes back against my
hand, "Mmmm, yesss."  she murmurs, kissing my chest, "Tickle my
pussy.  Make me feel good again."

Happy to comply, I whisper, "Yes mistress."  and feel, more than hear
her soft giggle.  I gently trace the lines of her inner labia within
the pliable folds of her maturing pussy, brushing my fingertip over
the pebbly hardness of her clit, nestled at the top of her precious
little slit.  Back along the length of her vulva I trace, carefully
skirting the tight entrance to her vagina, I lightly tickle her
perineum, causing her to wriggle.

Back and forth along the sweet, slick length of her beautiful pussy,
I drag my finger, while she makes happy little noises and squirms
contentedly.  Once, as my finger passes near her vagina, one of her
wriggles causes the tip to slip inside and she stops dead.  But as I
carefully begin to extract it, she stops me and says, "No, it's all
right, you can put your finger in me."

"You sure?"  I whisper into her hair.

"Uh-huh," she nods, "I was just testing you before."

"Really, why?"  I ask.

"I wanted to make sure you was as nice as Jenny said you was."  she

"Oh!"  I remain still as I digest this.

"Well hurry up and stick it in."  she interrupts my thoughts and
wriggles against my hand.  "Oooh!"

"Oh, you like that?"  I ask, moving my finger in small circles,
teasing her with just the very tip.

"Uh-huh."  she nods.

"Are you sure?"  I tease her, changing the direction of the rotation.

"Yess I'm sure."  she hisses, "Now put it in properly."

"Really, REALLY sure?"  I tease and flick another finger across the
tip of her clit.

"YESSS!"  she cries in frustration, then moans a long drawn out,
"Noooo!"  as I pull my finger completely free of her vagina.  "Put it
back."  she pleads, almost whimpering, "Please, put it back.  I
really want it.  I need it."

I tease the soft skin of her perineum, from her tightly clenched anal
pucker to the back of her heated, swollen labia for a few more
seconds, enjoying her frustrated moans and wriggles as she tries to
trap my questing digit.  I catch her hand as she tries to grab my
wrist and guide me into her.  Then after a few more seconds of
teasing to heighten her anticipation, I insinuate my fingertip
between her enlarged labia and slowly slide it home, into a heated,
glove like sheath that opens before me and clasps my intruding finger
in an unbelievably tight embrace.

"Yess!"  She hisses, "Oh, yesss!  That feels sooo good.  Move it in
and out.  Fuck me with your finger."

As I start sliding my finger in and out, she hisses again, and again,
"Yess, Yesss, Oh, yess!  Sssooo good."

Releasing her trapped hand, I slide my other hand down over her
gently undulating belly and insinuate it between her slim thighs,
brushing the side of my forefinger across the tip of her distended
clit.  "Again!"  she squeaks, "Do it again."

She pulls her upper leg up to her chest, giving me plenty of room,
between her legs.  Turning my hand to cup her bulging mound I rub my
palm in small circles over her engorged clitoris.  drawing further
squeaks and moans of excitement from her barely pubescent frame.

A new idea strikes me and I completely withdraw my finger from her
clasping sheath.  "Noooo!"  she moans, "Put it back.  I want to cum
so bad."  Then, "Yes, Yess, Yesssss!"  as I slide the index finger of
my other hand into her young box.

At the same time, I circle the crinkled pucker of her little
arsehole.  Back and forth, my hands shuttle between her legs,
swapping fingers with each gentle thrust into her body, Alternately
teasing her clit and her bum hole.  "Oh Yess!  God yesss!"  she
squeaks, "Faster, do it faster."

I comply with her wishes and soon my hands are flying back and forth
between her quivering thighs, until a particularly violent wriggle on
her part causes me to push the finger of one hand into her vagina
before the other is out of the way.

She tenses at the added intrusion and I stop dead, with the middle
finger of each hand half buried in her tight little twat, scared that
I've hurt her.  "No," she gasps, "don't stop!  Push 'em right in."

I try to do so, but the rest of my fingers become entangled in each
other.  I pull my finger out and she cries, "No, put them back.  Oh!"
she squeaks as I replace them with the first two fingers of my right
hand, driving them home to the last knuckle as I caress her clit with
the ball of my thumb.

"Oh yess!"  she squeals ecstatically, "fuck my pussy with your
fingers.  Fuck it, fuck it, fuck, fuck, fuck."  she babbles
obscenities in time with the thrusts of my fingers into her body.
With the fingers of my left hand I begin circling her tightly
clenched anal sphincter, teasing her as I plunge the fingers of my
other hand in and out of her creaming cunt.

"Eeeek!"  she squeals shrilly.  "What are you doing?"  she asks as
her anus relaxes under my orbiting finger and opens to accept the tip.

"Relax," I sooth her, still teasing her clit, but keeping the rest of
my fingers still, "you're going to love this."

"But it's dirty."  she objects.

"Very nasty."  I agree, "But it's going to drive you wild."

"Does Jenny like it?"  she asks.

"She loves it."  I say.

"Well ok," she agrees timorously, "But you've got to stop if I tell
you to."

"Of course."  I agree and gently work my fingers back and forth, not
actually moving them, just encouraging the tightly clenched rings of
muscle to relax.

Her vagina is the first to ease up and she releases a drawn out sigh
of satisfaction as my fingers slide home within its sweet, rubbery
confines.  Gradually, as I slowly work my fingers in and out of her
tight vaginal sheath, I feel her arsehole relax and the first knuckle
of my finger slips, with a rush, into the warm, buttery confines of
her rectal passage.

She squeals at the sudden intrusion and I stop as I ask, "Are you ok?
Does it feel all right?"

"It feels funny," she answers, "sort of like I need to poo, but it
feels good too."

It gets better" I tell her and continue.

A few seconds later, she has taken my entire finger into the buttery
depths of bowels and is rocking her hips back and forth, forcing
herself harder onto my fingers as I plunge them alternately into her
holes.  "Yess, oh yesss, yes, yes!"  she yelps excitedly, "Fuck my
bum, fuck my cunt.  Fuck me with your fingers.  Fuck meee-eeee!"  Her
voice rises in pitch and she cries, "Oh, Oh God, it's, it's
happening, I'm gonna cum.  I'm, I'm, I'm, ... Ohhh, I'm

Her voice mounts to a shrill scream that she muffles by turning her
face into my chest, as I drive my finger into her tightly clenched
rear passage and she cums.  Her exquisitely tight little vagina and
arsehole become even tighter, as they clamp down on my deeply buried
fingers, clenching and relaxing rhythmically, again and again, as she
shudders through the most intense experience of her young life.

Slowly her tremors subside, reduced to occasional twitches and
shivers.  She draws a shuddering breath and her forehead bangs
against my chest twice before she finds the strength to lift her head
and look up into my eyes.  Blinking away the tears of reaction, she
licks her lips and whispers, "It never ever felt that good before,

"Your welcome."  I whisper back, "Do you want it to feel even better?"

Her eyes widen in surprise.  "No way!"  she cries, "It couldn't get
any better than THAT!  I'd die."  A sudden smirk flashes onto her
face, "But you're right, I'd die happy."

"Well you don't quite die," I grin back, "but I have made Jenny pass
out a few times.  Wanna give it a go?"

"Maybe."  she grins up at me, "Can I do it to you?"

"You can try," I say, "but it's a lot harder to do it to a man."

"How come?"

"I guess it's because a girl can have lot's of orgasms straight after
each other."  I explain, "Most men can only have one orgasm at a
time.  So to do it to a man, you have to make it really good."

"Why do girl's get lots?"

"Probably because a man doesn't have to carry something as big and
heavy as a bowling ball around inside his belly for months and then
squeeze it out through a hole this big."  I hold up my circled thumb
and forefinger by way of demonstration.  She giggles at my
explanation and I continue, "A girl gets more and better orgasms to
make up for it."

"So how do I make it really good for you?"  she asks with a wicked
gleam in her eye.

"By nearly making me cum and stopping and then doing it again and

"Uh- huh," she nods her understanding, "like you told me in the

"Just like that" I agree.

"Can I do it now?"

"Not tonight honey."  I say and her face falls.  "It would take to
long and you've got to go to bed pretty soon."

"Do I have to."  she protests, "Mum won't know."

"But I will."  I say, "I promised your mama you'd be in bed by nine

"Ten."  she automatically corrects me.

"Ok.  Ten."  I say.

"But I want to suck your cock like Jenny does and let you squirt in
my mouth and I want you to fuck me too."

"Well you'll have to make up your mind there."  I say with a grin, "I
can only cum once more before your bedtime.  What's it going to be,
fuck or suck?"

"Both!"  She giggles a little self consciously, "Uh, Jenny says you
do something to her sometimes."  her voice tapers off into silence.

"Like what?"  I ask, already knowing the answer, but enjoying her
mental squirming.

"Um, she says you lick her pussy."  she says.

"I think I can manage that."  I grin, "Is there anything else you'd

"Yeah, you can get your finger out of my bum," she giggles, "I want
to piddle."

I pull my fingers free of her sweet pussy and tight little arsehole
and help her from the water.  Taking up the towel, I wrap it around
her slim body and briskly rub her dry.

Chapter 6 - 'Golden' Shower Time.

"How do I turn off the spa?"  I ask.

Alison reaches down to the controls and kills the blower and says
"We'll just cover it up and leave the heater on so it's ready for

She then helps me spread an insulating cover over the water and we
gather up Rene's clothes, my robe and the bong.  She pouts when I put
the bong and bowl away.  I follow her through the laundry and into
the toilet, dumping Rene's clothes along the way.

Alison stands in front of the toilet and when I make no move to
continue through to the bathroom, she asks, "Do you want to watch me

"If you'll let me."  I reply.

"That's rude?"  she giggles and sits on the pot, spreading her legs

"Hang on."  I say and kneel down on the tiled floor in front of her.
I guide her into a slightly hunched position at the back of the seat,
with her pelvis tilted upwards.  Using my thumbs I pull apart her
rubbery labia and stare into the sweet pink furrow thus revealed.

"This is so naughty, but it's making my pussy feel all tingly inside

"Just looking at your beautiful little pussy is making me tingly
too."  I say.

She suddenly pulls her self upright and pushes my hands away from her
pussy.  "Get that mirror, I want to look too."  she says, pointing
around the corner into the bathroom.

I get up and get the magnifying, makeup mirror, then kneel before her
and helping her back into position.  She holds the mirror on one of
her thighs tilting it until she has a good view of her puffed up
vulva, as I once again stretch her pussy lips apart.

She only gives me a few seconds to contemplate her glistening pink
bits before she starts pointing.  "That's my clitoris, right?  What
do you call these?"  she points at her inner lips."

"Here," I say, taking away one hand and guiding her free hand into
place, "You hold this side."  Taking her pussy lip between thumb and
forefinger she stretches it much further than I would have dared,
pulling the other from beneath my thumb.  Emulating her, I secure the
other and stretch it the same way; until her vagina, a deep, wet
cavern of mystery, opens up of its own accord.

"Ok," I say pointing at her clit, insheathed within its hood.  "This
bit is actually the prepuce, or hood of your clitoris.  Here inside
it," I gently skin it back to reveal her iridescently shining, pink
pearl, "is your clitoris.  It's got more nerves in it, than the skin
of your whole back.  That's why it's so sensitive.

"These here," I trace the taught lines of her outer labia "are your
labia major, that means big lips, they're also called outer pussy
lips.  Now can you work out what these are?"  I point to her inner

"Little lips?"  she answers questioningly.

"That's right, labia minor, that means little lips, or inner pussy
lips.  And of course you know what this is."  I say, sliding a finger
deep into her vagina.

"My vagina."  she giggles.

"Right, or pussy hole, cunt hole or fuck hole.  And this is your pee
hole or urethra."  I say, tickling the tiny slit below her clitoris.

As soon as I do so, I know it is a mistake.  She giggles at the
feathery touch and I feel the tiny opening bulge under my fingertip,
as a pale golden spurt of urine shoots out.  Blocked by my finger it
sprays sideways onto her legs and up onto her belly.

"Oops, sorry."  she giggles, getting it under control and choking off
the flow.

"'sa'right!"  I reply in a gravely voice.

"Greg?"  her voice is so low as to be almost inaudible.


"Will you do it again?"  she asks in a small voice, "It felt good."

Obviously Jenny had at least managed to keep our games a secret when
she spilled the beans to Alison, so I ask, "How would you like to sit
on me and piddle all over me?"

Shocked, she lets another small spurt of pee go.  Staring at me she
asks, "Isn't that dirty?"

"Not really, I've read that pee is clean enough to drink, even if it
doesn't taste the best.  But it is nasty isn't it?  Wanna try?"  I
grin up at her.

"Yeah!"  she grins, "But we better do it in the shower so we don't
make a mess.  Now hurry up and help me, I'm bursting."

I take the mirror and put it to one side, then lift her and carry her
to the shower cubicle, where I sit half reclining in the base.
Alison, already spraying pee, straddles me and stretching her pussy
lips to the sides, she sits in my lap, with my rampant cock between
them.  Her piss is hot on my flesh, as it sprays in all directions,
all over my belly and legs and up my chest almost to my chin.

Alison throws her head back and closes her eyes, as she rocks her
hips back and forth, grinding her pussy on my engorged member.  Deep
in her throat, she moans in ecstasy.  I lift my hands to tweak her
tumescent nipples and she places her hands over mine, crushing my
fingertips closed on the stiff fleshy nubbins.

All too soon, the steamy flow stops and she groans in disappointment.
Shifting my hands to her hips I lift her glistening wet pussy to my
mouth.  Clamping my lips over her pussy I drag my tongue from one end
of her slit to the other.  She doesn't taste too bad, a little acrid
and pretty salty, but nothing like the ammoniacal surprise my
disgusting little brother once left in a cup on the table.

With a muffled cry, she grabs hold of the soap dish and grinds her
pussy against my face.  With my hands, I push her back an inch or so,
so that I can better service her sweet gash.  Pointing my tongue, I
probe between her fat labia, searching for the entrance to her
vagina.  When I find it, I drive my tongue inside and wriggle the
tip, causing her to yelp with pleasure.

Withdrawing my tongue, I pull her pussy lips apart and find her rock
hard little clitoris.  Each flick of my tongue over the fat little
nubbin, wrings an animalistic growl of pleasure from her and she
tries to force her oozing gash against my face.  I suck the blood
filled little shaft between my lips and reach around behind her.
Then as I bite down with my lip cushioned teeth on her pulsating
clit, I drive my thumb deep into her vagina.

Her whole body goes rigid, and I hear her grunt solidly, as her cunt
goes into spasms around my thumb.  With a jerk that makes me fear for
the soap dish, she thrusts her hips forward and grinds her adolescent
pussy against my lips.  Again and again her young body convulses, as
I extend her orgasm with my flickering tongue on her swollen clit,
until finally, unable to take any more she looses her grip on the
soap dish and starts to slide down the wall.

Keeping my thumb embedded in her contracting vagina, I carefully
lower her back into my lap and cradle her head against my shoulder.
Gradually her breathing slows and she moans, lifting her head to look
up at me.  "Oh, wow!"  she groans, "That was so good.  But how could
you lick my pussy when it had piddle all over it?"

"Like I said," I reply, "It's clean and it doesn't taste too bad when
it's fresh.  So you liked having your pussy licked."

"God yes!"  she exclaims, "You can lick my pussy any time."  Her face
takes on a meditative look and she asks, "Do you want to piddle on me

"Alison," I say, giving her a serious look, "are you saying that
because you want me to, or just because you think you have to do it,
because I let you do it to me?"

"No."  she replies, "I want you to do it, but I don't know if I want
to taste it."

"Well don't then."  I reply, "What Jenny told you is true; If you
don't want to do it, you don't have to.  And if you do want to try or
do something, just ask me.  I might say no, but I won't get mad, or
think any less of you for it.  On the other hand, if I ever find out
you did something you didn't want to, just because you thought it
would please me or somebody else, then I'll never play these games
with you again.  ok?"

"Uh-huh."  she nods looking serious.  "Now can you piddle on my boobs
and pussy?"

"Well there's a little problem there."  I reply with a grin, "Men
can't pee when they're hard."

She scoots back, looks down at my rampant cock and giggles, "I'd call
that a big problem.  I still don't know how it's going to fit in me."

"Well it's not really THAT big, they come in all sizes and some can
be twice as big.  And think about it for a moment, if a baby can come
out of that hole, there shouldn't be any problems getting my baby
maker into it."

"I guess you're right."  she giggles.  "And do they really get that
big?"  she asks, her eyes widening with incredulity.

"Yup, that big."  I grin at her, "Big enough to tickle your tonsils,
I'm just an average sort of bloke."

"Well you're still too big for what I want now."  she pouts, "How do
I make it small?"

"Well you could pump the cream out."  I respond, knowing what her
reaction to that will be.

Sure enough, she objects strenuously, "No, you've got to fuck me
tonight.  Is there any other way?"

"Well there's always the cold shower."  I reply.

Before I have a chance to stop her, she pulls herself free of my
impaling thumb and turns the cold tap on full, causing us both to
gasp.  Immediately, my erection wilts like a chocolate Easter bunny
in a blast furnace and I struggle to my feet.  I shut off the icy
water and glare down at her, "Actually I was just going to use a wet
cloth, that was a bit much."

"You did say a cold shower," she says through chattering teeth.  She
looks down at my shrivelled member and giggles, "Anyway, it worked
and you can piddle on me now."

"Let's warm up a bit first."  I say.  Turning the shower head to the
wall, I adjust the temperature to as hot as I think she can stand and
turn the spray back on us.  Alison gasps at the heat, but turns her
face up into the falling water.

Once we stop shivering, she reaches for the taps and turns off the
water.  Taking a firm hold on my somewhat recovered member, she says,
"Ok, you can give me another sort of shower now."

With a conscious effort of will, I relax my bladder and send out a
strong spurt of hot piss, which hits her in the belly.  She jumps and
squeaks at the impact, but recovers quickly and aims my stream at her
chest, moving it from side to side coating both of her tiny breasts
with my pee.  She then trails the flow down over her belly, and aims
it at the juncture of her thighs, spreading her pussy lips apart, to
direct it against her still hard clit.

She moans at the impact and my cock begins to harden in response.
Then in a surprising move, she drops to her knees and aims the golden
stream at her face.  With one hand she furiously masturbates her
clit, the other holding my cock steady, as she turns her face back
and forth in the hot outpourings of my bladder.

With amazing rapidity.  my cock continues to harden and she has to
fight it down, to keep it aimed at her beautiful elfin face.  It is
with some difficulty, that I force the last of my pee out, releasing
it in short sharp bursts.

Keeping her eyes closed, she releases my cock to slap wetly against
my belly and lowers her hand to join the other between her legs.  Her
left hand furiously rubs and pinches her swollen, bruised looking
clit, while the other delves deeper and she drives three fingers as
far as she can force them into her box.  Leaning back against the
wall, she rapidly plunges them in and out, driving herself towards
another massive climax, her head banging unnoticed, against the tiles.

I drop to my knees in front of her, slipping a hand behind her head
to cushion it, as I take hold of her left nipple with the other.
Leaning forward I take her starboard teat between my teeth and start
to gently chew on it.  I taste my own, stronger flavoured urine, on
her skin, but caught up in pleasuring her, I ignore it and
concentrate on flicking my tongue back and forth across the stiff,
rubbery nubbin of flesh caught between my teeth.

In only a matter of seconds, she grunts, and her juvenile frame bucks
beneath me, as she cums.  Thrusting her chest out and mashing the
small hillock of her breast against my bared teeth.  Her orgasm is
short and sharp, subsiding as quickly as it rose and a few seconds
later, her chest heaving she pulls away from me.

I sit back on my heels and look down into her glistening face, as she
gets her breathing under control.  Taking hold of her wrist, I pull
her fingers from her ravaged twat and lift them to my lips.  Feeding
her fingers into my mouth, I wash the bitter taste of my piss away
with the succulent juices of her spend.

A moment later, I hear her ask, "Uh Greg, could you turn the shower
back on so I can wash my face and open my eyes?"

I slip my arm beneath hers and help her to stand on trembling legs,
then adjust the water to a comforting warmth.  She turns her face up
into the falling water and leans into me as she luxuriates in the
soothing spray.  A minute later, she turns the water off and keeping
her arm around my waist, she pulls me from the shower.

We roughly towel ourselves dry and make a dash for the lounge, where
we take our time, to properly dry each other in front of the wall
furnace.  I then take a couple of cushions from the couch and pull
Alison down to sit between my legs in the warm blast of air coming
from the grill, as I attend to her hair for the second time that

When I'm done, she takes the brush from me and stands behind me while
she does mine.  She then starts to sit in front of me, but changes
her mind.  With a very definite, "Don't move."  she skips from the
room and returns a moment later, holding something behind her back.

She drops gracefully into a half lotus before me, giving me a clear
view of her pretty, young pussy.  I notice that even in this
widespread position the shell like halves of her vulva remain mostly
closed, though at the top, the hood of her clitoris is clearly
visible and at the bottom I can see a black slit within a slit, that
indicates the position of her vaginal entrance.

She only gives me a few seconds to contemplate the delightful vista
before her hands and the hairbrush block my view, as she goes to work
on my beard.  Once she is satisfied that it is tangle free, she
divides it down the middle and then divides the right half into
three.  With nimble fingers she quickly plaits it and says, "Close
your eyes and don't open them until I tell you to."

I close my eyes and feel her fasten the end.  "Keep them closed."
she admonishes me, as she goes to work on the other side.  Half a
minute later she finishes the left and says, "Ok, you can open them

I open my eyes and I'm presented with my horrendously magnified
visage in the makeup mirror and then I catch sight of what she has
used to fasten the ends of the plaits.  Two bright pink bows of inch
wide ribbon adorn the tips of my tightly plaited forked beard.

Cocking my head to one side like a bird, I say, "I think I can live
with the plaits, but those ribbons have to go."

"I don't know," she says grinning, "I think they're kinda cute."

"Yeah 'ugly but fascinating'."  I return, reaching up to tug them

"No!"  Alison restrains my hand, "It's just a joke, here."  she takes
hold of one plait and tugs the ribbon off, replacing it with an
elastic band, she then does the other and holds the mirror up again.

"You know, I think I like it."  I say, turning my head, this way and
that, to get a better look.  "Now all I need to do is grow my hair
long here" I indicate my temples.  "and I'll look like a real

"And do you know what barbarians do?"  I ask with a leer.

"No."  she replies with a grin, that tells me she can make a good

"They capture beautiful, young virgins and subject them to a fate
worse than death."  I growl and suiting my actions to my words, I
pluck the mirror from her hands and setting it aside I take hold of
her and throw her over my shoulder.

Chapter 7 - What's She Been Up To?

Falling into the part, she feebly beats at my back and quietly
shrieks, "Oh no, not that.  Spare me, please spare me."

"Never."  I say, gently swatting her on the backside, "I've captured
you and now I'm going to have my wicked way with you.  The only
question is; Where do you want it, here, your room or your mother's."

"My room."  she declares and returns to beating my back with blows
that might just concuss a gnat, while uttering shrieks that would be
inaudible from across the room.

I rise to my feet and start to carry her from the room.  "Oops," I
say setting her down, "we'd better take these with us or Rene's going
to wonder what's going on."  I throw her nightie at her, while
picking up and slipping on my robe.  I put the cushions back on the
couch, while Alison, takes care of the TV and Video.  She then comes
to stand before me, obviously waiting for me to put her back over my

Taking a good grip on her hips, I do so and she goes back to her
thumping and squealing as I begin to detail the depraved and
degenerate actions I intend to perform on her poor, defenceless body.

"First, I'm going to strip this flimsy rag from your, trembling
terrified body and then I'm going to rub my great, filthy hands all
over your sweet, innocent, little body like this."  I demonstrate by
trailing my hand up her legs, under the hem of her nightie, to gently
squeeze and maul her delightfully firm buttocks.

"And then, I'm going to force my nasty fingers up inside your little
girl's cunt like this."  Again I suit actions to words and push my
middle finger into the steaming, sopping wet, velvety passage, that
lies between her quivering thighs.  As soon as my finger slides home,
she goes limp and a tremulous sigh escapes her lips.  A moment later
she gains purchase by wrapping her arms around my chest and humps her
hips up and down, fucking herself on my intruding digit.

"Come on."  I say, withdrawing my finger from the tight, warm embrace
of her youthful pussy.  "We'd better get to your room, before I drop
you here on the floor and fuck you right outside Rene's bedroom."

I shush her as she giggles and look in on Rene.  Somehow or other,
she has gotten herself entangled in the bed clothes.  Her nightie is
rucked up under her armpits, exposing the bottom of her ribs and cute
little belly.  The sheet and doona are wrapped around her legs and
lower body.

Setting Alison down on the floor, I carefully disentangle the bed
clothes and fold them down to the foot of the bed.  Rene doesn't even
stir as I pull her nightie down.  I wave Alison around to the other
side of the bed, so she can help me with the bedclothes, but instead
of taking hold of the sheet, she flips the hem of her little sister's
nightie up and with a muffled giggle, pulls her leg to one side.
Though the light from the hall is dim, the shadows sharply delineate
the lines of her sweet young pussy and I imagine that I can see just
a hint of moisture in the deepest shadows.

"I dare you to kiss it."  Alison whispers from across the bed and I
look up to see the light gleam from her teeth as she grins at me.

Grinning back at her, I carefully put my hands on either side of
Rene's tiny frame and lower my lips to her pouting pussy.  As I get
closer, I inhale and I detect more than a hint of an unmistakable
odour and I think to myself, 'well she obviously liked the way I
fixed her bathers, I wonder if she made herself cum.'

Drinking of the heady, intoxicating aroma of her arousal, I gently
press my lips to the smooth, hairless skin of her five year old
vulva.  Then unable to resist, I dip my tongue between her legs and
taste of her sweet ambrosial nectar, dragging the rough tip of my
tongue, the full length of the fine crack separating the perfect,
hairless halves of her pre-teen pussy.

It is with an extreme effort of will, that I stop myself from falling
upon her succulent little pudenda and devouring her whole.  Instead I
reluctantly drag myself away and cover the source of my temptation.

I look up at Alison and meet her open mouthed stare with a grin,
waving for her to take hold of the sheet.  Fumbling, she does so and
we draw it up under Rene's chin and carefully tuck her in.  She then
helps me with the doona and lightly brushes her lips across her
little sister's cheek, then motions for me to do the same.

As I do so, I feel her twitch as one of my braids tickles her under
the nose and I hastily pull back, watching as she frees a hand and
scrubs it back and forth across her upper lip.  With a little mumble,
she rolls over onto her side and burrows her nose under the edge of
the doona.

Silently, I walk around the end of the bed, hold out my hand to
Alison.  Instead of taking it she wraps her arm around my waist and
snuggles into my side, pulling my hand down to cup her right breast
through the soft cotton of her nightie.

She remains silent until we reach her room, but as soon as the door
is closed she turns until the tip of my cock rests between her
budding breasts and looks up at me.  In a mock accusing tone, she
says, "I said, kiss it not lick it."

"But she smelled so good," I reply apologetically.

"So, what did she taste like, better than me?"  her expression tells
me what answer I'd better give to that question.

However some little demon prompts me to say, "Yep."  I wait for her
expression to darken, before grinning and adding, "But, I haven't
tasted you without pee sauce, so who can tell."

"Oooh, you, you, you bugger!"  she says and thumps my chest.

"Seriously though," I say, "there are no betters or worse, everybody
is just as good as everybody else, just different.  Of course that
doesn't count if you haven't washed for a week.  In that case I'll
tell you, you stink and taste like shit."

She giggles at the last, and I grin back at her, "Want to hear
something funny?"  I ask.


"I know how your baby sister got all tangled up like that."  I say
and wait.

Alison tries to outwait me, but her curiosity gets the better of her
and she asks "How?"

"I think, your little sister has found out that her pussy is good for
more than peeing with and she fingered herself to sleep."

"Your kidding," Alison giggles, "Rene?"

"Uh-huh," I nod, "she certainly smelled like it."

"And of course you just HAD to taste her, just to make sure."

"Of course."  I reply with an air of injured innocence.

"I think you're just a dirty old man, who likes to do naughty things
to little girls."  she accuses, "But that's all right, I'm a little
girl and I want you to do naughty things to me right now."

"Come on."  she starts pushing me towards the foot of the bed.  I
feel the edge against the back of my legs and with a shove she
topples me onto it.  She immediately starts tugging at the belt of my
robe and as soon as the knot gives way, she folds it back to expose
my rampant member.

With a squeal of delight, she grabs hold, gives it a few quick pumps
and then takes hold of the hem of her nightie.

Smiling, I sit up and place my hands over hers, saying, "No, let me
unwrap you."

She smiles shyly back at me, and lets her nightie fall.  I reach for
the hem and then an idea strikes me.  She looks at me questioningly,
as I rise from the bed and go over to her dresser.  It is identical
to Rene's and taking a chance, I tug open the top drawer.  Yep, there
are her knickers, a mixture of older cotton varieties and newer more
grown up ones.  In a couple of cases, very grown up.  For the
occasion, I choose a full, high waisted, pair of plain, white, cotton

Alison looks at them askance for a few moments, when I hand them to
her, but their symbolism dawns on her and she motions for me to turn
around while she puts them on.  She then tugs my robe closed and
reties the belt.  Pushing me back onto the bed, she stands before me,
a picture of virginal innocence.

Chapter 8 - A Fate Worse than Death.

As I grasp the hem of her nightie, a look of apprehension flickers
across her face, as she realises that the moment of truth is almost
upon her.  "Are you sure you want to do this?"  I ask quietly.

"Uh-huh."  she nods, "I'm just a little scared."

"It's ok to be scared."  I tell her and immediately the fearful look
fades, though she continues to chew nervously on her lower lip.  I
lower my eyes to the hem of her nightie and start to slowly gather
the material in my hands, inching it higher and higher.

With six inches of cloth in my hands I pause to look up at Alison's
face, where anticipation has started to crowd out her nerves.
Letting my gaze fall once more, I resume gathering up her hem,
raising it until her knickers come into view.

She has arranged them perfectly.  Although they are a little on the
small side, she has settled them low on her hips, so that the crotch
is slightly baggy between her legs giving no hint, as to the shape of
her pudenda.  My heart thumps in my chest and my hands tremble, as I
continue to lift the soft fabric of her nightie higher.

Again I pause, just below the level of her breasts and when I raise
my eyes to hers, I'm met by her sweet, still slightly nervous smile.
She raises her hands above her head and I raise the nightie up to the
level of her chin.  Her tiny breasts have become even smaller,
flattened when her skin is pulled tight by her upraised arms.

I stand to pull her nightie right off and toss it aside, before
sitting back down on the bed and drinking in the sight of her perfect
pre-teen body.  She stands, a trifle self-consciously, before me, her
hands folded protectively in front of her groin.

"Perfect, just perfect."  I whisper and she rewards me with a
brilliant smile, dropping her hands to her sides.  I hold out my arms
to her and she climbs onto the bed, straddling my hips.

I gently enfold her in my arms, drawing her against my chest and
pulling her head down to my shoulder.  Her arms slip around me and
she hugs me convulsively, sending a thrill of pure love through me.
I gently caress her back from the nape of her neck to the elastic
waistband of her snow white knickers.

Slowly her arms relax and she lifts her head to gaze lovingly into my
eyes.  Lifting my hand to the back of her head, I gently, pull her
forehead down to my lips, planting a soft kiss just below her fringe.
She then does the same for me.  Taking turns we exchange sweet soft
kisses in this fashion, eyelids, cheeks, nose and chin.

Finally, lip meets lip, at first gently, almost chastely, but it
quickly becomes more, as moaning, she parts her lips and increases
the pressure of her hand on the back of my head.  Experimentally, I
probe between her soft, sweet lips with the tip of my tongue and she
meets it with her own.  Teasingly, she flicks the tip of my tongue
with hers and pulls back, inviting me deeper.

I follow and again, her tongue greets mine, following it as I explore
the warm, minty cavity of her mouth.  She briefly twines her tongue
around mine, before gently crowding it out of her mouth and I feel
her tongue agilely exploring the interior of my mouth.

Suddenly, I feel her lips tighten and she pulls back grinning.  "I
just realised," she says, giggling, "that's the first time we kissed

"I guess that is pretty funny."  I smile back at her.

"Yeah," she giggles, "I've jerked you off, and sort of sucked your
cock and you've fingered me and licked my pussy and we've piddled all
over each other, but this is the first time we've really kissed

"Well, do you like it?"  I ask.

"Uh-huh," she replies, "but I want to feel what it's like to fuck

"Not so fast," I say, grinning, "you only get one first time, I want
this to be really special for you.  Now close your eyes and enjoy."

Taking her beautiful elfin face between my hands I press my lips to
her forehead then gently to each of her eyelids.  She squeaks in
surprise as I flick the tip of my tongue over her eyelid and her eyes
snap open.  "Keep them closed."  I gently admonish her as I kiss them
closed again.

Her cute little retrousse nose is next and she giggles as I
completely cover it with my lips and gently nip at the tip.  "Shhh."
I trail kisses and tiny little licks over her cheek and lick and
nibble around her earlobe while she squirms beneath my ministrations.
I follow the line of her jaw, working my way around to her other ear
with a rapid series of nibbling kisses.  Again she squirms as I take
her earlobe between my teeth and tug gently.  I work my way across
her cheek to her slightly parted, moist lips.

She moans in disappointment as I just flick my tongue across her lips
and abandon them to gently bite her chin.  Next I kiss and nibble her
throat causing her to throw her head back.  Opening my mouth as wide
as I can I take her throat in my teeth and feel her entire body
shiver convulsively.

Moving my lips to her right shoulder I kiss, and bite along her
collar bone.  I then press my tongue into the hollow at the base of
her throat, before moving on to her left shoulder.  As my lips move
down her chest she arches her back to present her small boobs up for
my attention.

Cradling her in my arms like a baby, I turn and carefully lower her
to the bed.  Kneeling beside her, I suck her entire right breast into
my mouth, enjoying the feel of her rubbery nipple everting itself
under my tongue.  Leaving a wet trail across the center of her chest
I move on to her left breast, teasing the nipple erect with a series
of rapid flicks of my tongue.  I then take it between my teeth and
bite down gently.  With a quiet moan, she arches her back and presses
the surrounding flesh to my lips, then moans again as I release it.

I feel her tense as I trace a direct line from the hollow at the base
of her throat on an arrow straight journey towards her navel.  At the
last moment I veer aside and she relaxes with a sigh.  A moment
later, she folds up like a jackknife around my head and emits a
muffled shriek, as I plunge my tongue into the sensitive pucker
positioned in the center of her belly.

From her navel I move to her right hip and trace a line of wet kisses
along the line of the waistband of her knickers.  I then do the same
along the legbands, holding her legs together, when she would part
them to give me access to the cloth encased center of her being.

I leave another trail of nibbling kisses down her legs to her feet,
where pulling them together I suck both her big toes into my mouth at
once, then concentrating on one foot I take all of the toes into my
mouth and lick along the undersides.  I then suck on the toes of the
other foot before turning her over on to her face.

I firmly grasp her ankle and give a broad flat lick to the sole of
her foot causing her to squeal into the pillow and try to jerk it
from my grip.  The other foot receives the same treatment with a
similar response.

Back and forth from one leg to the other, I trail licks and kisses up
her calves to the sensitive backs of her knees.  I lick and she
squirms and squeaks yet again.  Onwards and upwards I lick and nibble
up the backs of her thighs centring my attention on the more
sensitive inner surfaces.

By the time I reach her cotton encased bottom, she is bucking her
hips, forcing her mons into the mattress as a heavenly aroma rises
from between her slim legs.  I trace the line of her knickers, then
briefly press my lips to each of the twin globes of her taught
buttocks.  She lifts her hips for me as I take hold of the waistband
of her knickers, then lowers them again with a groan, as I release
them with just the top of the crease at the base of her spine showing.

Lowering my lips into the thus revealed valley, I work my way up her
spine, pressing my lips to each hard, knobbly vertebra until I reach
the base of her skull.  Taking the back of her neck between my teeth,
causes her to shiver in reaction, her face coming clear of the
pillow, as she arches her head back, moaning deep in her throat.

I loosen the belt of my robe and sit back for just long enough to
shrug it from my shoulders and let it fall to the bed.  Then before
she can move, I nuzzle into the side of her neck as I spread it
beside her.  As I roll her on top of it, I find her lips with mine
and part them with my tongue.  Hungrily, she all but inhales my
tongue, sucking on it like it was a small and prehensile cock.  Just
as hungrily, I explore every square millimetre that I can reach
within her mouth before pulling back and slipping my thumbs into the
waistband of her knickers.

As soon as she feels my hands on her hips, her eyes fly open and she
looks down.  Noticing my nakedness, she lifts her eyes to meet mine
and mouths the single word, "Now?"

"Now."  I confirm, and she lifts her hips for me.  Slowly I tug her
knickers lower and lower, first exposing the top of her pubic mound
and a few seconds later the start of the crease between her labia.
Millimetre by millimetre I unveil her sweet, hairless pussy; until,
in all its glory, it is revealed to me.

Immediately the fabric clears her bottom, she lowers it back to the
bed and parts her legs slightly.  As I tug her knickers lower, the
fabric of the gusset stick to the lips of her pussy and when it does
pull free, long gooey strands of her lubricants join her labia to the
fabric.  One by one they break, the last persisting until her
knickers reach mid thigh.  Like a baby she lifts her feet clear of
the bed and in a single swift motion, I divest Alison of the last of
her clothing.

Raising the saturated fabric to my face, I inhale deeply, drawing the
intoxicating aroma of her arousal deep into my lungs.  Extending my
tongue, I taste of her sweet juices, before setting the drenched
bundle of cloth aside, on the night stand.

For a few moments longer, I gaze into her eyes, deeply moved by the
look of complete and utter trust that I find there.  No longer
afraid, she is ready for that single, unique act, which signals the
beginning of the end of her girlhood.

Slowly, but without hesitation, she lifts and separates her knees,
giving me complete access to the most intimate part of her body.
With infinite care, I move sideways to kneel between her feet.
Craning her neck, she strains to see down between her legs to where
my rigidly upstanding cock, rises from its nest of wiry dark hair.

I gently push her head back to the pillows and Starting at the top of
her head, I allow my gaze to fall on her, as I drink in every
exquisite detail of her body.  Her long silky hair forms a golden
corona that frames her narrow lightly tanned face.  Her eyes are a
clear sky blue, bordered by long almost invisible lashes.  In the
center of her face, between slightly reddened cheeks lies her small,
slightly retrousse nose, above barely parted, cupid's lips.

I lower my gaze past her strong, slightly defiant chin and long,
slender neck to the tiny, perfectly hemispherical mounds of her
nascent breasts, crowned by tiny pea sized nipples.  Just enough fat
covers her torso to conceal the lines of her ribs.  In the center of
her flat belly, my eyes find the perfect round dimple of her navel.

Lower still, I reach the swell of her young pubis, the white,
untanned flesh of which, remains unsullied by all but the finest of
peach fuzz.  Divided into perfectly symmetrical halves by the finest
of cracks, it frames the stiffly upstanding nubbin of her iridescent
little clitoris.

From it, my gaze traces the deep pink lines of her swollen inner
labia to the narrow black slit of her vagina.

Her slim hips are just beginning to round and fill out into the lines
of her emerging womanhood.  Swifter now, I sweep my gaze over the
slim well-toned lines of her firm thighs; past knees slightly scarred
by rough and tumble childhood activities, to firm, rounded calves;
slim ankles and small dainty feet.

Her eyes widen a little as I lean forwards to loom over her and the
tip of my prick brushes against the burning flesh of her swollen
vulva.  I gently pull one of the pillows from beneath her head, then
folding it double, I push it beneath the other, easing the strain on
her neck.  I then gently push one of her legs back towards her chest
and guide her hand to hold it behind the knee.  Getting the idea, she
lifts the other leg of her own volition and takes hold of it too.

As she gazes down to where my cock hangs above her shining, puffed up
little pussy, I replace her hand on her right leg with my own,
whispering, "I'll hold this leg, that hand has another job to do."

For a moment she looks at mee quizzically and then her mouth forms a
little 'O' of comprehension as she realises that the moment is upon
her, and that even now, I am giving her control of the situation.

She reaches down and around her backside and fumbling a little, wraps
her small fingers around my shaft.  Then taking a deep breath, she
watches, with eyes as big as saucers, while she angles my rock hard
prick down towards her waiting pussy.  Following her lead, I lower my
hips slightly until the bulbous tip of my cock kisses the slick, hot
ring of flesh at the entrance to her virgin pussy.

When she pushes her hips upwards and tries to force the fat crown of
my prick into her body I suggest, "Move it around a little and get
everything nice and wet first."

Intently gazing at where the tip of my cock meets her labia, she
begins dragging the head of my penis back and forth in the oily
groove between her legs, gasping as it passes over her hypersensitive
clit.  I groan at the sheer, unadulterated pleasure as I feel the hot
rubbery flesh of her swollen labia open up around the tip of my cock
and coat it with her sweet slippery fluids.

I gently start to rock my hip, pushing as she brings the head of my
cock up to circle the rigid little shaft of her clitoris and again as
it passes over the center of heat and wetness that marks the entrance
to her vagina.  With each pass over her vagina, I press a little
harder, until suddenly her labia opens up around me and the top half
of my swollen glans lodges in the tight ring of muscles at the
entrance to her vaginal sheath.

My groan of pleasure mingles with her moaning gasp and she stares,
wide eyed, at the point where our bodies have become one.  Pressing
inwards experimentally I feel her open up around me until the tight
ring of muscle closes, with a snapping sensation, behind the flaring
crown of my rigid member.

Already, with barely the tip of my cock within the sweet tight
confines of her pre-teen pussy, I am close to cumming and I hold
myself rigidly still as I wait for the churning of my balls to
subside.  A few seconds later, Alison lifts her hips and she moans
deep in her throat as another inch of my cock slides into the tight,
warm embrace of her juvenile pussy.

Carefully, I pull back half of that inch and then push downwards
slowly, until her hand is caught between her swollen labia and my
pubis and nearly half of my cock is buried in the warm, wet confines
of her body.  The slow, piston like plunge of my manhood into her
body, seemingly forcing a moan of delight from her slightly parted

As I begin to pull back, Alison takes her hand from my shaft and
takes hold of her leg, allowing me to lower my hand to the bed.  I
withdraw until the flare of my cock catches at the entrance to her
vagina, then reverse my direction and push back into her, gaining
another fractional inch of penetration.

Briefly, I lift a hand from the bed to guide the motions of her
pelvis, in counterpoint to my thrusts.  She quickly picks up the
rhythm, squeaking, as she lifts her hips when I push down and
dropping them with a moan, as I pull back.  Half a minute later, my
pubic bone kisses hers, as I push the last quarter inch of my shaft
into the incredibly hot, tight clasp of her velvety vaginal sheath.

"Oh my God, it's in."  Alison breathes disbelievingly, gazing raptly
at the point of juxtaposition.

"How does it feel?"  I ask, as I fight down the cum rising in my

"Wonderful."  she whispers, "It feels so good I don't want you to
take it out.  Ever."  She wiggles her hips a little, grinding her
pebbly clit between our bodies and moans, "Oh wow, that makes my
tingle bump feel sooo good."

"Noooo, put it back!"  she moans as I pull back, slowly and steadily
until only my glans remains within her.  Followed by a single drawn
out hissing, "Yesssss!"  as I push back into her, not stopping until
her clitoris is crushed between our pelvis's.  "Again!"  she yelps
from between clenched teeth.

I back out a little faster and plunge back into her body, rotating my
hips as our bodies come together, crushing her clit between us.  "Oh
Yessss!"  she squeals, "Fuck me harder!"

Her face becomes a mask of pleasure and her hips jerk up to meet
mine, as I plunge faster and faster into her receptive pre-teen body.
Our bodies meet with a wet slapping sound, and before long she
releases her grip on her legs and wraps them around my waist, using
the extra leverage to pull me into her with greater and greater
force.  Her fingers dig bruisingly, into the muscles of my upper arms
and I use the pain as a focus to keep myself from cumming too soon.

Each time our bodies meet, she rotates her hips, grinding her
engorged clit into my pubic mound.  Beyond coherence, she moans and
squeals deep in her throat, thrashing her head from side to side.
Suddenly, from deep within her body, there rises a keen that is
purely animal in nature and she goes into convulsive spasms beneath

Surrounding my deeply embedded cock, her vaginal sheath contracts in
rippling waves, triggering my own climax.  Jet after searing jet, of
my white hot seed burns a path through the shaft of my cock, to
splash deep inside her body, up against the neck of her womb.  Almost
crushing her beneath me, I press my face into the pillow above her
head, muffling her howls of pleasure, against my chest, even as I
bite into the pillow to control mine.

On and on her orgasm continues, the milking action of her vaginal
walls prolonging mine long past the point where my balls have run
dry, leaving my prostate convulsing painfully.  Finally her climax
ends and my own burning contractions are allowed to cease.

Before I crush her totally, I slip my arms beneath her shoulders and
the back of her legs and hold her to me, as I roll over onto my back.
Groaning, she tries to lift her head, but she is so spent that it
falls back with a thump, onto my chest.  Mustering what little
strength remains to me, I slide my fingers beneath her chin and help
her look up into my face.

"How did you like your first time?"  I ask her with a grin.

"I loved it."  she whispers back, "I felt like I was going to die and
I didn't even care.  Thankyou."

"Thank-YOU!"  I whisper back, "Thankyou for sharing one of your most
precious moments with me.  How do you feel now."

"Fucked!"  she replies with a wan smile.

"Yes, you certainly are that."  I say, with a quiet laugh.

"I'm too tired to hit you."  she giggles, lowering her head back to
my chest.  "So you'll have to imagine I just did."

Some time later I'm woken by Alison shivering in my arms and a
burning ache in my balls that tells me I have overspent myself.
Carefully, I roll her sleeping body off me, my now shrivelled cock
pulling free of her freshly fucked pussy.  Surprisingly, only a tiny
trickle of sperm leaks from her vagina, but just in case, I roll her
up in my robe, before lifting her to my shoulder, while I pull back
the bedclothes.  She is so exhausted that even when I slip and drop
her the last foot to the mattress, she doesn't even stir.

A glance at the clock beside her bed, as I pull the sheet and doona
up over her cocooned body, reveals that it is only ten thirty, but
even after resting for half an hour or so, I barely have the strength
to stagger through the house and douse all of the lights but the one
in the hall.  Finally, I stumble into the master bedroom and crawl
between the sheets.

Some time later I'm woken by a tiny hand shaking my shoulder.
Blearily, I blink my eyes, finally managing to focus, in the dim
light from the hall, on Rene's little face.  "Greg," she says in a
small voice, "I've wet the bed.  Can I sleep with you?"

Chapter 9 - Rene Too?

Bleary eyed and still half asleep, I roll out of bed not realising
that I'm naked until a tiny gasp makes me look to Rene, then follow
the line of her wide eyed gaze to my cock.  "Oops!"  I say, "Run
along to the bathroom Rene, I'll be with you in a minute.  ok?"

Wide eyed, she stumbles backwards, her eyes looked on my cock, until
she bangs her shoulder on the doorjamb.  She then turns and almost
runs down the hall to the bathroom.  Leaving me wondering if I'd
scared her with my accidental exposure.

Turning on the bedside lamp, I grab a pair of jocks from my bag, slip
them on.  Catching sight of myself in a mirror, I notice that one of
my braids has come undone, so I pull off the other elastic band and
drag my fingers through my beard.

I then check the bed in Rene's room to see what the damage is.
Luckily she has thrown the blankets back and when I check them, I
find that they're dry.  So I Just gather up the wet sheets and mop up
the worst of the cooling mess on the rubber undersheet.  After drying
my hands on the corner of a sheet, I grab a pair of dry knickers for
her.  I then take the sheet into the laundry and set them soaking in
the trough.

I enter the bathroom through the toilet and find Rene standing in the
middle of the tiled floor, still dressed in her wet nightie and
shivering from the cold.

"Oh you poor mite."  I say, "You could have taken that off and
wrapped yourself in a towel while you waited."

"I didn't want to get it dirty."  she whispers.

"That doesn't matter."  I tell her, "If it happens again, you just
wrap up in a towel to stay warm.  ok?"

"Uh-huh."  she nods.

"Now lets get these wet things off and get you cleaned up."  I say
laying the clean undies on the rim of the bath.

"Skin a rabbit."  I say seizing the damp hem of her nightie and
pulling it off over her head.  Underneath her cute little slit
glistens with her urine.

"Well here's the problem," I say pressing the back of my hand, with
one knuckle slightly extended, to her tiny mound.  "this is all wet.
I wonder how that happened?"

"I wet it silly."  she giggles, pressing a little against my hand.

"How did you do that?"  I ask.

"Silly!"  she giggles, pressing hard enough for my knuckle to slip
between her plump little pussy lips.  "I piddled while I was

"Well lets, get you cleaned up a bit and then I want you to do
something for me."  I say, turning on the taps, wincing at the sound
of the demand type hot water service firing up.

"What's that?"  she asks.

"I want you to see if you can piddle a bit more for me, so there's no
chance you'll wet your mummy's bed, ok?"

"Uh-huh."  she nods.

"Now spread your legs a bit Honey."  I say , dampening a cloth with
warm water and rubbing a bit of soap on it.  She does as I ask,
moving her feet well apart, and I quickly wipe down her tiny body
from neck to knee.  Then using the fingers of my free hand, I
separate the halves of her still closed pussy and take a quick peek
at her tiny pink clitoris, before wiping from her butt crack up to
her belly button.

I then rinse out the cloth with clean water and repeat the procedure,
cleaning the residue of soap from her young body.  In the few seconds
it takes me to shut off the water and drape the cloth over the edge
of the basin, she begins to shiver again and I quickly grab a towel
and wrap her in it, massaging her through the thick cloth to warm her

When I get to her pussy, she again pushes into my touch and a happy
little smile plays across her lips.  I spend a little longer than is
strictly necessary drying between her legs and her expression turns
dreamy as her eyes slowly close.

When I remove my hand, her eyes open and she turns a slightly
disappointed look on me.  "Come on," I say, "are you ready to do that
wee for me now?"

"Uh-huh."  she nods, shrugging the towel from her shoulders.  She
trots into the toilet and clambers up onto the seat, to sit legs
splayed as she strains to do as I'd asked.

"Hang on," I say from the doorway, "I've got an idea."

I step up to the basin and set the cold tap trickling into the drain.
I then go back to the toilet and kneel in front of her.  Taking a
chance, I press her knees further apart and using my thumbs, I open
up the thin crack bisecting her fat little mound.  Looking on
curiously, she watches what I am doing, but makes no objections.

"Ok," I say, in a low, steady voice, "I want you to close your eyes
and listen to the sound of the water running in the sink.  I don't
want you to push and strain, I just want you to listen to the water.
Can you hear the water?  What does the water sound like?  It sounds
like somebody piddling doesn't it?  Just relax and listen.  Doesn't
that sound make you want to piddle too?  Are you going to do a wee
for me?  Just relax and listen to the water.  Are... That's a good

As I watch the little pink crease between her legs, I see the opening
of her urethra pucker outwards and a pale golden stream emerges and
dribbles into the bowl beneath her.  She pees for about five seconds,
then pushes out a last couple of spurts, that hiss into the side of
the bowl.

"That's all."  she says and pulls a couple of sheets from the roll.
"Please?"  she asks holding them out to me.

Changing to a one handed grip on her tiny mons, I take the wad of
paper from her and carefully dry her crack.  Then after dropping the
paper into the bowl, I trace the length of her slit with my bare
fingertip for the first time.

"Mmmm."  she hums.

"There you go," I say, lifting her down from the seat, "All dry.  Now
off you go and put your knickers on, I need to have a widdle too."

I slide the door closed behind her, lift the seat and release my
cock.  Thanks to Alison, I'm still only half hard, even after such a
close scrutiny of her little sister's pussy and watching her pee.
Taking aim, I direct my stream into the bowl, mixing my urine with

When I finish, I turn towards the door as I reach for the button and
I catch a glimpse of a shadow disappearing from the crack between it
and the jamb.  When I open the door, I find Rene rooted to the spot,
with both legs stuck in the same leg hole of her knickers and she
looks up at me with a scared expression on her face.

"Were you peeking?"  I ask, smiling to let her know I wasn't mad.

Blushing prettily, she hangs her head and nods.

"It's ok," I tell her, "but you really shouldn't, your mummy mightn't
like it."

"You watched me."  she mumbles, on the edge of tears.

"It's ok.  I'm not mad."  I say, kneeling down and hugging her,
"Watching you was a bit different.  I was helping you to pee and
you're still a little girl.  But little girls aren't supposed to
watch men widdling."

"Are you going to tell Mummy I peeked?"  she asks, still not far from

"I tell you what."  I say tilting her face up and smiling into her
eyes, "I won't tell her you watched me if you don't tell her I
watched you.  ok?"

"Ok."  she says, sealing the bargain with a sweet kiss.

"Now lets get these on properly."  I say stripping the knickers of
her legs and holding them open for her.  She steps into them for me
and I pull them up snug on her hips, then as has become usual, I slip
a finger into the leg band and brush my knuckle along her slit a few
times as I pull the front panel taught.

Again she gets a dreamy look on her face, and she pouts a little when
I stop.  Picking her up I settle her on my hip and carry her as I
shut off the tap and turn off the lights on my way to the bedroom,
where I toss her onto the bed.  She giggles as she lands and bounces
a few times.

"Ok, you, wriggle in here."  I say to her, pulling back the corner of
the bedclothes.  She quickly slips under the sheets and wriggles
across to make room for me to slip in beside her.  As I pull the
covers over us, she snuggles up to my front and pulls my arm around
her, then tucking her hand in mine she hugs it to her chest and
presses her little bottom even more firmly into my belly.

I lift up onto my elbow to look down at her and she turns her head to
look back.  I smile at her and whisper, "Goodnight little one."

"G'nite."  she murmurs and puckers up for a kiss.

I briefly press my lips to hers then lower my head to the pillow and
reach behind me to turn out the light.  And with the sweet little
girl smell of her hair filling my nostrils I drift off to sleep.

Chapter 10 - Rene Too.

"I said I was going to suck your cock and drink it all."  Alison
grins up at me from between my legs, silhouetted against the
curtained window by the first chill light of the dawn.

Her tight little fist, continues the slow pumping action that had
awoken me.

"What about Rene?"  I ask, not yet sure that she should be joining
our games.

"Don't worry about her, she's still asleep."  Alison reassures me,
even as she leans forwards and engulfs the head of my prick in her
warm, wet mouth.  Something about her answer leaves me feeling
uneasy, but the sensation of her lips being forced open by the
turgid, purple crown of my cock leaves little room for thinking.

She sucks on it like a baby for a couple of seconds then pulls free
with a sloppy, wet, sucking slurp.  With her fingertips lightly
digging into the top of my cock she resumes sliding the skin
sheathing my shaft up and down jerkily.  Then once again forces the
soft tight ring of her lips down over my swollen glans.

Somehow or other the inexperience of her cock sucking and the
knowledge that it's her first time, excites me even more than a more
talented attack on my prick would do.  Groaning with the imminence of
my release, I open my eyes to see *RENE* crouched between my thighs,
with my prick in her tiny hands and her small red lips surrounding
the head as she licks the tip.

Even as my mind screams at the wrongness of this, my balls pulse
powerfully and with an incredible burning spasm, I pump a massive
surge of semen into her warm, wet mouth.

Surprised by the sudden eruption in her mouth, her head jerks upwards
and her eyes meet mine.  Immediately, she freezes, an obscene drool
of jism dripping from the corner of her parted lips.  She does not
even seem to notice the hot, searing splashes on her cheeks, chin and
lips as my prostate, empties my balls into her face.  Over and over
again, my loins spasm, endlessly draining my seed, to coat her tiny,
perfect features, with my viscous, creamy ejaculate.

Finally, an eternity later the fountaining jets become a slow
upwelling that seeps from the bloated tip of my shaft to ooze down
the sides and over her diminutive fists.

Chapter 11 - "I Can Too."

She crouches there, unmoving, her eyes locked to mine, like some
small creature fascinated by a snake, her tiny face plastered with my
cum.  Thick, white, stringy, curds drip from the tip of her nose and
the point of her tiny chin.  She too holds me just as fascinated,
unable to blink, move or speak, barely able to think.

"Greg are you awa... OH WOW!"  Alison's voice suddenly breaks the

Immediately Rene's tiny face collapses in on itself and her tears
mingle with my cum as she begins to cry.  She grabs the sheet and
pulls it over her head, hiding her face from us as she curls into a
tiny quivering ball of abject misery.

I have to literally pry the sheet from her fingers, before I can
gather the sobbing little girl in my arms, murmuring reassurances as
I rock her back and forth.  Reaching out to Alison, I pull her to me,
and her arms join mine in cradling her little sister.

Gradually, our comforting words penetrate her misery and she begins
to relax.  With an almost convulsive motion, she uncoils and throws
her tiny arms around my neck, burrowing her hot, sticky face into the
side of my neck.  Alison pulls herself close against her baby
sister's back, and brushing her hair aside, she begins to softly kiss
the soft skin just in front of Rene's ear.

Ever so slowly, Rene's sobs become further and further apart, finally
turning to occasional gulps.  Sniffling, she lifts her head to be met
by two pairs of eyes filled with love.  Alison continues her soft,
caressing kisses, occasionally pulling back a little to lick the
salty mixture of semen and tears from her lips.

I smile into the sad little face before me, and slowly, tentatively,
she returns it wanly.  Then giving her every chance to object or
retreat, I slowly bring my lips closer to hers.  Barely brushing
against them, I kiss her tenderly, trying to project as much love and
reassurance as I possibly can.  After a few seconds, she presses back
into the kiss and surprises me by parting her lips slightly and
gently sucking on mine.

A moment later, she pulls back with a squeak and turns an accusing
look on her grinning sister.  "Whatcha do that for?"

"Because it tastes nice?"  Alison replies unrepentantly, darting back
in to take another swipe at Rene's cheek with her tongue.

Again Rene squeaks, then giggles.  Seeing this as a good way to
complete this tiny child's recovery, I make a very sloppy pass over
Rene's other cheek from her chin to her temple, making her pull her
head in like a turtle and squeal with laughter.  Together, Alison and
I lap the salty cocktail from Rene's little face, relishing every
obscene droplet with noisy slurps and smackings of our lips.

"Feeling better?"  I ask the squirming, giggling bundle in my arms,
when we have collected every last dribble of tears, semen and even
little girl snot.

"Yes-s-s, s-st-sst-op."  she giggles, trying to hide her face and
avoid our darting tongues.

"Oops, missed a bit."  I say and lift her up to lick at a small
dribble between her tiny nipples, then blow a zoober on each
minuscule point.

"Oooh stop, I'm going to widdle."  she squeals.

"Really?"  I ask and blow another zoober in her belly button.

"Oooh stop, I need to go real bad."  she squeaks.

"Let's go then."  I say, pushing Alison aside and rolling from the
bed with a squirming Rene tucked under my arm.  I take two steps
towards the door and feel the chafing of my jocks, which Rene had
tucked under my balls.

"Uh, Alison," I ask, "could you fix my undies?"

Instead of unhooking them, she giggles and pulls them down my legs to
my ankles.  "There."  she says.

Stepping from them, I quickly carry Rene into the toilet and set her
on the floor.  Even as she reaches for her knickers, she squeaks and
a small wet patch blossoms between her legs.  "Help."  she pleads.

Laughing I flip down the seat and lift her onto it.  "I want to watch
you pee your knickers."  I say, closing my hands over hers when she
tries to tug them off.

"That's naughty."  she giggles, as I lift her up onto the seat.
Another spurt of pee escapes and further dampens the crotch panel of
her knickers.  "Ok, here it comes."

The tightly woven fabric of her knickers briefly bulges outwards
between her legs and the stain spreads, turning the thin cotton cloth
transparent and molding it to the smooth hairless flesh of her plump
pussy lips.  A second later it trickles over her buttocks and
dribbles into the bowl.

As soon as the first urgent pulse of urine leaves her body, she stops
the flow and asks, "Help me like you did before?"

Smiling inwardly at the transparency of her request, I push the damp
cloth of her knickers to one side and part her glistening little lips
watching as she begins to play with the flow of her pee.  With little
grunts, she stops and starts the flow, slows it to a trickle then
squirts it out with such force that she farts noisily.  This makes
her giggle so much, that my finger slips into her slit and cover her
pouting urethral opening.  Suddenly, piss sprays everywhere, back
over her vaginal entrance, up over her clit and into my face and onto
the insides of her thighs.

She stiffens and goes suddenly silent, cutting off the stream in mid
flow, but when I don't pull back and instead gently massage the tiny
opening, she relaxes and another shower results before I get my
finger out of the way.  Moving it to the tiny pink button a bare half
inch away, I tease it in gentle circles, feeling it swell under my
ministrations, as I let the remainder of her flow trickle over the
rest of my fingers.

"Do you always help girls pee like that?"  Alison's voice asks from
the doorway, making me jump.

"No, but it's fun when I do.  Isn't it?"  I answer, turning towards
her.  For the first time, I notice that all she is wearing is a tiny
pair of knickers that are little more than a strip of almost
transparent cloth held in place by elastic strings.  Her little
finger and thumb poke out on either side of that narrow strip as the
other three fingers work in slow circles at the top of her slit.

"Yeah," she giggles, as Rene looks on, half scared, half amazed.
"What did she mean, 'help like before'?"

I help Rene down from the seat and lift it to take care of my own
pressing needs as I explain how she had wet the bed and I had
hypnotised her into peeing for me earlier.  I finish by saying, "I
think she just likes it when I touch her pussy."

"Out of the way!"  she yelps, as I give the customary three shakes,
"You made me want to do it now."

Crowding me aside, she slaps the seat back down with a rifle like
crack, and wrenches her knickers down, even as she backs onto the
pedestal and sits down.  Then safe from accidents, she turns a
slightly strained, ingenuous smile on me, "Help me please?"

Rene looks on in wide eyed fascination, as I kneel in front of her
sister, finish pulling her knickers off and force her legs out to
their widest extent.  Then deciding to put on a good show for Rene, I
slip two fingers into the glistening hole at the base of her big
sisters slit.

Alison squeaks at the sudden intrusion, then grins at me, as she
squirts a quick spurt of golden pee into the palm of my hand.  At the
same time she brings one hand down over her belly and toys with the
solid pea sized bump of her clitoris.

I begin to slowly pump my fingers in and out of her tight, young
vagina, as she lets her scalding hot pee slowly trickle into the palm
of my hand and over my fingers.  Within seconds she begins to gasp
for breath and her hips rock in time to my fingers within her vagina.
Grasping her engorged clit between thumb and forefinger, she begins
to squeeze and tug on it, her movements quickly getting rougher as
she rapidly approaches climax.

Her other hand comes down, seizes my wrist, and moves my fingers
faster and faster within her tight, clasping sheath.  Loosing control
of her bladder, she sprays the remainder of her piss into my hand as
her lips draw back in a snarl and a short savage climax rips through
her.  Back arched, she begins to slip from the seat driving herself
down onto my fingers as she emits a series of short sobbing cries.

"Stop it!  Stop it!  You're hurting her!"  Rene cries, beating on my
back with her tiny fists.  Taking hold of my wrist she tries to pull
my fingers from her sister's body, but as my hand is just about all
that is supporting Alison, her efforts are futile.

Quickly recovering from her cum, Alison begins to giggle.  "No Rene,
it's all right."  she says, pulling herself off my fingers and back
onto the seat.  She catches her sister's tiny fists in her hands as
Rene goes back to hitting me.  "It's ok, Rene, he wasn't hurting me,
he was making me feel really, really good."

"Really?"  she asks, turning her eyes to her sister.

"Really."  Alison answers, repeating herself for emphasis, "Really."

"I'm sorry I hit you Greg."  Rene turns her penitent little face to
me, "I fought you was hurting Alison."

"It's ok," I tell her, "You were just protecting your sister.  I
wouldn't blame you if you'd hit me with a rolling pin."

"Speaking of protecting sisters."  Alison says.  "How come your sperm
was all over Rene's face anyway."

"He didn't do it!"  Rene exclaims, leaping to my defence.  "I made it

"Come on, let's get cleaned up first and then we'll talk about it in
bed, where it's warm."  I say, ushering Rene ahead of me into the

I fill the basin with warm soapy water and pause with the cloth in my
hand to inspect Rene.  From a point just above where her little slit
begins, a dark stain disappears all the way down between her thigh,
the soaking wet fabric tightly molded to and clearly outlining her
juvenile mons.  Under my close scrutiny she blushes, the flush
covering her from her forehead down to her tiny little nipples.
Clasping her hands in the small of her back, she pushes her hips
forwards, bringing her little pussy into even greater relief.

"I'm gonna wet my knickers next time."  Alison declares, "That looks
really rude."

Giggling, Rene brings a hand around to the front and readjusts her
undies, pulling the leg bands together and drawing them up into her
slit.  "Fix my knickers please."  she says, the shy tone of her voice
belied by the giggle that follows.

Kneeling, I slip my finger beneath the fabric and rub my knuckle up
and down her slit several times, smoothing out the gusset of her
knickers and finally settling it over her mound with a pat.  I then
smooth the air bubbles from beneath the fabric and firmly drag my
finger along the full length of her slit, forcing the wet cloth up
into her crack.

"It looks like she doesn't have any knickers on at all."  Alison
giggles, crouching to look closely at her baby sister's little pussy.

"I wanna see."  Rene says, hunching over to look.  However as she
bends the fabric wrinkles spoiling the effect.  "Lift me up so I can
look in the mirror."  she orders.

Dropping the cloth in the basin, I put my hands under her arms and
lift her to stand astride the sink.  Insinuating my hand between her
legs from behind, I use my fingers to push the fabric of her knickers
back into her cleft and smooth it over her mound.

"Look at me."  the happy little girl giggles, "I'm a rudie nudie.
Can I take them off now, they feel yucky."

Laughing, I lift her and stand her in the sink full of warm water.
Slipping my fingers under the waistband, I slowly draw them down,
turning them inside out on her legs.  She squeaks and gives a little
wiggle of her hips when the fabric finally pulls free of the tight
clasp of her glistening pussy lips and as I draw them further down
her legs, she scratches at her slit, distractedly lifting her feet
one at a time for me to remove her knickers.

Tossing the wet fabric aside, I take up the cloth and I carefully
wash her flat little chest and down over her belly, making her giggle
as I give her protruding belly button a quick squeeze.  Working
lower, I have to clean around her finger, which is still softly
stroking back and forth over her clit.  Moving around to the back, I
wipe off her little bottom, then separating her buttocks, I run the
cloth back and forth over her little pink pucker a few times, making
her giggle again and push back against my finger.

Then, as her legs seem to be weakening, I quickly wipe them down and
lift her to the floor.  Taking the towel held out by Alison, I
briskly rub Rene dry, finally dislodging her finger from her slit as
I dry it.  "My turn."  Alison says and I look up to see her climbing
on to the side of the bath and from there on to the vanity.

Wrapping Rene in the towel, I get up and apply the cloth to Alison's
bulging mons.  "No, do it properly."  she says, pulling my hand up to
her neck.

As I begin to wipe down her torso, she pushes a finger into her slit
and slowly works it back and forth.  With slow strokes I carefully
wash her tiny titties, gently tweaking her hard little nipples and
teasingly moving away as she leans into my hand.  Sliding the cloth
lower I wipe back and forth over her taught little belly, making her
squeal with laughter as I push a finger into her navel and wriggle it
back and forth.

Then as I approach her mons, she brings her other hand to her pussy
and stretches her labia apart, inviting me to thoroughly wash inside
her slit.  Moaning as my cloth covered fingers pass over her clit,
she presses down against my hand and rocks her hips back and forth.
She squeaks in outrage as I lightly swat her rhythmically clenching
buttocks but ceases the motion and lifts up off my hand.

Bringing the cloth around to the back, I find her waiting with her
buttocks already obscenely parted, the crinkled dimple between them
winking at me in the mirror.  Chuckling, I drag the cloth along the
full length of her arse crack, but skip over her puckered anus and
continue down her legs.

Ok, that's it."  I say.

"No it's not, you didn't wash my bottom properly."  she replies

"What?"  I pretend shock, "You want me to touch your bum hole?"

"Yeah."  she giggles, turning and thrusting her bum out so far, that
her cheek presses against the mirror.

Grinning, I bring the cloth back to her little pink rosebud and give
it a thorough washing, Making her wriggle and push back against the
rough cloth.  "Ok, that's it this time."  I say bringing the cloth
down on her bottom with a wet slap.

Ignoring her outraged expression, I drop the cloth and lift her down.
I grab another towel, but before I can cocoon Alison in it, she
snatches the cloth from my fingers and cleans the drying semen from
my dangling member and balls.  She then scrubs at the wiry tuft of
hair at the base of my belly.  When she's finished, she tosses the
cloth aside and takes up a towel to dry me.

By the time she's done with me, my cock has risen to attention, and
after bestowing a quick kiss and wicked flick of her tongue on it's
shiny purple crown, she pats herself dry.  Scooping Rene into my
arms, I allow Alison to take hold of my rigid shaft and lead me back
to her mother's bedroom.

"Now," I say, once I'm snuggled up between the two girls, with my
fingers tucked between their legs and lightly brushing the outsides
of their hairless, little mounds.  "let's see if we can find out why
I woke up with my cock in Rene's mouth.  Rene, why were you playing
with my penis this morning?"

"B'cause I saw Alison doing it to you last night."  she admits.  "But
you already squirted, b'cause she was licking her hands and then she
licked and sucked your penis.  It surprised me when it squirted.  Are
you mad at me b'cause I didn't go to sleep?"

"No, I guess not."  I reassure her, "But you know, you really
shouldn't spy on people like that.  And if you think my penis
surprised you, well you REALLY surprised me.  I thought it was a

"Did you like it?"

"Yeah, it was great."  I tell her, "I just wish I'd been awake to
feel it for longer.  But then again, I probably would have made you
stop, because it's not something little girls like you should do."  I
blithely ignore the fact that even 'big' girls, like her sister,
shouldn't be doing it either.

"Can I do it again?"  she asks, "I didn't get a very good taste last

"Yeah," I say, my cock twitching at the thought, "since you've
already done it once, I guess you can do it again."

"Goody!"  she squeals, squirming down under the sheets.

"Hang on a sec," I say, hauling her back out, "there's plenty of time
for that later.  Now what else did you see?"

"Nufing, you got up and I ran back to bed and fell asleep.  Can I
have a taste now?"

"In a minute, my penis needs a bit of a rest first.  Would you like
me to help you to feel good too?"  I ask, diddling her tiny clit.

"You're already making me feel good."  she says, opening her legs to
give me more access to her pussy.

"I mean really good like Alison."  I say.

"Really, you'll put you're fingers in me and everything?"  she asks,
a little apprehensively.

"Well, you're a bit too small for that."  I say, "I was thinking
about tickling your crack some more and kissing and licking it too."

"But that's where I piddle from."  she says, her face screwing up in
a little moue of disgust.

"Well, I pee from my penis."  I point out to her, "Besides we just
washed your crack so it's nice and clean."

"Oh yeah."  she says in realisation.  "And I am too big enough.  See?"

She takes hold of my hand and holds onto my thumb as she folds my
fingers into a fist.  She then gives my thumb a quick suck, wetting
it with her saliva, then lifts her bum up and guides my thumb towards
the seeping entrance to her tiny vagina.  Thinking that the best way
for her to find out that it won't fit is to let her try, I offer her
no resistance.

Alison echo's my surprised gasp as the tip of my thumb slips easily
into the snuggest, warmest, little cavity I've ever encountered.
Afraid that she's going to hurt herself, pushing me through her
hymen, I try to resist her, but she holds tight and pushes her hips
at me, fully impaling herself on my thumb.  "See."  she says

"Ah, yes I see."  I whisper.  "Now what happened to your hymen?"

"What's that?"  she asks curiously as she slowly fucks herself with
my thumb.

"It's a little piece of skin up inside your vagina that should have
stopped my thumb going in."  I explain.

"Oh that."  she says, "I pushed my hairbrush through it, like Jenny
told Alison to."

"How do you know about that?"  Alison half yells, turning on her

Rene's little vagina spasms around my thumb as she jerks in fear.
She huddles against me, reverting to a baby like lisp as she tries to
explain, "You voodn't let me play wif you, so I sneaked in an' hid
under ve bed.  Ven you closed ve door, so I vas stuck."

I give Alison a warning look, when she opens her mouth to yell at her
little sister and she closes it with a snap, opening it again to
apologise, "It's ok.  I guess Rene, I'm not really mad at you, but
that was private and you shouldn't have been listening."

"I know vat."  Rene peeks at her sister across my chest, "But I
couldn't get out and I knew you'd yell at me."

"Yeah I would have."  Alison admits, "I would have been scared you'd
tell Mama."

"I can keep secrets!"  Rene says indignantly, "I didn't tell about

"Yes you're a good girl."  Alison soothes her sister, "You can keep
secrets really good.  You're not going to tell Mama about this
either, are you?"

"No way, Greg would get in twuble, and I wuv him ever so much."  she
declares, hugging me fiercely.

"And I love you too."  I say, letting go of Alison and hugging Rene

"What about me?"  Alison cries indignantly.

I wrap my arm back around her and hug her against me.  "You too, I
love all of my little girls."  I say, kissing her upturned face.
Hungrily, she seeks out my lips, opening hers to me and eagerly
accepting my tongue into her mouth.  I ardently explore the smooth
sweet interior of her young mouth, tracing the line of her teeth, the
insides of her teeth, playfully pinning her tongue, and allowing her
to pin mine in return.  A moment later, she crowds my tongue out and
darts hers into my mouth, flickering lively over my teeth and the tip
of my tongue.  Hollowing my cheeks, I suck on the mobile little
member, swirling my tongue around the tip.

When we part, Rene, who had been looking on with wide eyed interest,
eagerly asks, "Me too?"

"Sure."  I reply, making her squeak, as I extract my thumb from the
warm, tight, embrace of her slick little vagina.  I lift her to
straddle my lap, with her tiny hairless pussy pressed against the
underside of my rigid shaft.

Lowering my lips to her tiny upturned face, I plant small nibbling
kisses all over her perfect, diminutive features.  Sweeping her hair
back with my hand, I softly kiss her brow, making her giggle.
Shushing her, I kiss each of her tiny, perfect eyelids, feeling them
quiver under my touch.  Then starting just in front of her dainty,
little ears I trace the line of her cheekbone, stopping to engulf her
tiny button nose and lightly nip the tip with my teeth.

Again she giggles, hunching her shoulders, but not pulling away.  I
flick my tongue over the tip, to help her get used to the idea of
tongues being involved, then finish tracing her cheekbone to her ear.
Coming back I trail along the line of her tiny jaw, then as I open
my own jaw wide to engulf the point of her chin, I realise just how
tiny my young lover is, as I cover most of the lower half of her face
with my lips.  Closing my mouth a little, I quickly nip the point of
her chin and pass on to her other ear.

Then unable to resist the temptation, I give the tiny pink shell a
broad wet lick, making her squeal and wriggle delightfully against my
cock.  She too notices the enchanting sensations emanating from her
diminutive pussy and grinds it against the underside of my cock,
making me pull my head back and gasp.

She giggles at my reaction and hooks her feet behind my back, pulling
herself harder against me.  Because my back is getting sore from my
hunching down to reach her face, I cup her tiny bottom in one hand
and lift her, until I can press my lips to hers comfortably.  At that
height, the sensitive underside of my glans presses against her slit,
just over her little clit.

Though tempted to lift her that final inch or so, that would place my
cock at the entrance to her tiny vagina and see if more than my thumb
will fit, I restrain myself, knowing that the incredibly tight fit
and the thought of entering one so young would have me shooting
before I was properly bottomed out in her tiny five year old body.
Wanting her first time to be the best that I can possibly give her, I
hold her as she is and barely parting my lips I draw one then the
other of hers between them, flicking my tongue against the soft,
moist skin.

I pull back a little to look into her soft, trusting eyes, then
tilting my head to the side, I press my parted lips against hers and
lick them until they part to allow the entry of my tongue.  At first
her teeth resist me and I lick over them and her gums, but as she
gets used to the sensation of a strange tongue within her mouth, she
opens them and meets my tongue with hers.

As our lips part further, I find it a little difficult to adjust to
the tiny size of her mouth and I end up engulfing the lower half of
her face from her nose to her chin.  She giggles delightfully into my
mouth and I adjust the fit of my lips to hers and try again.  More
successful this time, I slip my tongue between her lip and her tiny
sharp teeth to taste the sweet glory of this tiny preschooler's mouth.

At first her little tongue lies limp and unresponsive in her mouth,
but as I prod it with the tip of mine, it wakes up and presses back
against me, quickly learning to swirl about the tip of mine.  With
little prodding flicks I withdraw my tongue from her tiny honeyed
mouth, inviting hers to follow and taste me.

Hesitantly at first, but quickly becoming bolder, her little tongue
passes my lips and flicks over my teeth, then between them to poke
teasingly at my tongue.  When I try to pin it against the roof of my
mouth, it withdraws in a flash only to return flirtatiously a moment
later.  This time I hold my tongue curled back against the roof of my
mouth and the tip of her tongue finds the soft underside of mine.

Kittenishly, she pulls back, then returns to explore further.  When I
do nothing, she becomes more daring, and presses against the smooth
wet flesh.  Feeling devilish, I suddenly release my tongue to slap
down on top of hers, and she pulls it back with a giggling, squeak.
I return my tongue to her mouth and find hers waiting to give mine
the same treatment.  I feel her lips tighten slightly in a smile and
pull back just in time, hearing her tongue clack against the floor of
her mouth.

Darting back in quickly, I pin her tongue down with mine.  In
response she gently closes her lips around my tongue and sucks on it
like a baby, slowly pulling back until she can look into my eyes
mischievously, with a final tiny nip like I'd given her nose, she
pulls free and grins at me roguishly.

I return the grin with interest and snap playfully at the tip of her
nose.  Squealing happily, she weaves and ducks her head as I continue
to snap my teeth in her face.  After a few seconds of this, I lower
her back to my lap and bring my hands up to trap her head between
them and making loud munching noises I slowly close on her, as she
squeals in mock fear and struggles weakly.

Opening my mouth to it's widest extent, I engulf her mouth and nose
and munch loudly as I pretend to eat her face.  Then pulling back, I
drag my tongue over her madly giggling face, in a broad, wet lick
from her chin to her brow, making her squeal in shocked outrage.

Beside us, Alison rolls on the bed hugging herself and giggling
insanely at her little sister's shocked expression.  Releasing Rene,
I lunge at her wildly giggling sister and start tickling
unmercifully.  Then holding her out flat, I cover every square inch
of her squirming body with sloppy wet licks and zoobers.  A moment
later, Rene, having scrubbed her face dry, joins in, driving Alison
to redouble her efforts to escape.

Only when she warns of an impending flood do we relent.  I finish
with a final resounding and very wet zoober to the top of her pussy,
making her gasp, and sit back on my heels waiting for her to recover.
With great shuddering gasps, she draws breath back into her body and
rolls over, scrubbing her front against the sheet.  (Oh well I was
going to have to wash them anyway.)

Then with a wild yell, she leaps at me and knocks me over backwards.
Calling for aid from Rene, she sits on my hips and begins to tickle
me.  Not being very ticklish, or at least not where she's trying, I
calmly accept her digging fingers, smiling beatifically up at her,
even as Rene starts in on my feet.  Frustrated by my lack of
response, their fingers range farther afield, searching for a
sensitive spot that might get a reaction out of me.

Finally they give up and Alison says to her sister, "Watch this,
this'll make him jump."  She then slides down onto my legs and takes
hold of my cock, pointing it at the ceiling.  Then rising onto her
knees, she fits the bulbous tip at the entrance to her pussy and sits
down hard, gasping as my bloated member shoulders the warm, velvety
walls of her vagina apart.

She lets out a muffled yelp of discomfort as I do indeed jump,
slamming my hips upwards and driving the last two inches of my shaft
into her and jamming the engorged glans up against her cervix.

"I wanna try that too!"  Rene cries, trying to tug her sister from me.

"You can't, you're too little."  Alison says, slowly rotating her
hips and making me groan at the incredible sensation of her cervix
brushing over the sensitive tip of my cock.

"I can too!"  Rene declares heatedly, "Watch this."

The indignant little preschooler, rolls from the bed and stomps over
to her mother's wardrobe.  With a grunt she pulls out the bottom
drawer.  She then fumbles around the floor of the wardrobe for a few
seconds, emerging with a piece of timber that obviously forms a false
floor.  Reaching into the cavity that she has revealed, she pulls out
a briefcase and brings it over to the bed.

Keeping Alison impaled on my cock, I sit up to see what Rene has got.
Smiling triumphantly, the little girl flips up the lid to reveal an
incredible array of dildos and vibrators.  The smallest a little more
than half the size of the cock buried in Alison's guts and the
largest as long as my forearm and as thick as my wrist, with an angry
purple fist sized glans at the end.  A lifelike pink, it is finished
with grotesque blue veins, which at a point about halfway along it's
length, spell out the name 'Mr Big'.

Taking the smallest, Rene wets it in her mouth and lying back on the
bed, with her feet towards us, she parts her legs and pushes almost
the entire ivory shaft into her vagina, as her flabbergasted sister
and I watch in amazement.

A moment later, she pulls the dildo free and discards it, reaching
for the next of the eight toys in the case, a smooth hot pink plastic
phallus a little smaller than my cock, with a sketchily sculpted tip.
She wets it by licking up and down the length of the shaft and then
with no more effort than she showed taking the first, she pushes just
over half of it home before coming up against her cervix.  Then
cupping both hands over the base, she pulls it further into her body,
a strained look on her face.  Suddenly her cervix gives way and her
hands slap against her mound.  When she takes her hands away, less
than and inch of shocking pink plastic remains visible outside her
obscenely splayed labia.

The next, is a vibrator, a perfectly smooth, pure white cylinder of
hard plastic, slightly slimmer than the last and about seven inches
long, with a sharply tapered wedge shaped tip.  After wetting it, she
slips it inside herself and with only the briefest of pauses forces
the tip through her cervix and into her womb, not stopping until the
knurled base is all that protrudes from her obscenely distended pussy.

The fourth is also a vibrator, lifelike, eight inches long and nearly
two inches in diameter.  For the first time, her face screws up as
she strains to get the head into her vagina, but with a little grunt,
manages it and embeds about half of the thick shaft before bottoming
out against her cervix.

Alison sits unmoving on me, watching in wide eyed amazement as her
tiny five year old sister pulls the vibrator free and reaches for the
next, even thicker, sex toy.  About the same length as the last, this
dildo is made of a firm, resilient, bright yellow rubber.  From the
base to within two inches of the smooth bullet shaped tip it is
textured with small ridges every quarter of an inch or so.  With a
tiny grunt she pushes it in until the first ridge rests against her
massively stretched vaginal opening.  Then wrapping both hands about
the base, she pulls it deeper, grunting as each ridge stretches her
and pops into her hugely distended vagina.

Up until now, she has shown no real signs of arousal, but has simply
been demonstrating to us just how accommodating her little vagina is,
but when she withdraws this latest toy, she squeaks excitedly as her
vagina reluctantly releases each ridge.  At the same time, she
massages her tiny clit with the fingers of her right hand, pushing it
down into contact with the withdrawing ridges.  Oddly though, as she
seems to approach a climax she stops playing with her clitoris and
waits a few seconds before removing the dildo and discarding it.

She skips the next toy in the case, because although longer than the
last, it is no thicker.  Instead, she reaches for the last bar, 'Mr
Big'.  Lifelike in form, if not size, this massive ebony shaft is
over a foot long and nearly two and a half inches in diameter.

This time, instead of wetting it with her tongue, she takes a tube of
KY jelly from the case and carefully squeezes out an inch long noodle
onto her fingers, with which she painstakingly coats the head and
first few inches of the shaft.  After carefully recapping the tube of
Jelly, she slips from the bed and rests the butt of the huge fake
negro cock on the floor.  Then positioning herself over it, she holds
her pussy lips apart and squats until the grotesque bulb on the end
presses against her vaginal entrance.

At first contact, Alison gasps and I turn my head to look at her
slack jawed profile.  Her eyes are almost popping from her head and a
thick strand of saliva drools unnoticed from the corner of her slack
mouth, running from her chin to her chest.  Feeling my gaze on her
she manages to regain control of her mouth to whisper "No way!"
before it falls back open and she turns back to her sister.

Inside my head, a tiny little voice screams at me to stop this before
Rene hurts herself, whereas a much stronger voice clamours to see if
this tiny preschooler is indeed able to accomplish the impossible.
The big voice wins and holding Alison against me, I lie down with my
head hanging over the edge of the bed and my nose only inches from
the point where the glistening bulb topping the shaft parts her fat
little labia; labia made even tinier by their proximity to the huge
imitation cock.

Taking a few deep breaths, Rene steadies herself with one hand on my
forehead and allows more and more of her weight to fall on the
obscene shaft beneath her.  Grimacing, she works her hips in tiny
circles as I watch the lips of her pussy stretch and whiten with the
strain.  Ever so slowly I watch her tiny vulva stretch and stretch
and incredibly, stretch some more, until with a deep grunt she seems
to fall two inches as the tremendous black glans enters her body with
a rush.

Groaning and continuing to move her hips in a circle, Rene works
another two inches of the thick ebony shaft into her body then pushes
herself upright.  Taking a wobbling step backwards, she put her hands
on her hips and proudly thrusts her obscenely bulging pudenda
forwards, grunting as the injudicious move makes the colossal shaft
dangling from her body sway back and forth, the embedded tip visibly
moving beneath her swollen mound.

"Beat that!"  she crows directing a slightly strained grin at her
gaping sister.

"Ok, I will."  Alison declares hotly, "Just as soon as I finish
here."  lifting herself up until only my glans remains within her,
she pauses briefly until she is sure her sister's eyes are on her
then drops back down, taking the entire length of my shaft in one
swift, squelching movement.  Then satisfied that she has Rene's full
attention, she slowly slides up and down the full length of my cock.

Within seconds though, the sensations of her velvety little snatch
caressing my rod, coming on top of Rene's obscene show become too
much for me and seizing her hips, I begin pumping her up and down,
masturbating myself with her tiny body as I rapidly approach a
climax.  Only seconds later, my balls empty themselves into her tiny
pre-teen twat, my semen coursing through my cock like lava to fill
and overfill her clasping fuck tube.

As I continue to pound her body up and down, my semen begins to leak
down around my pulsing shaft, matting my pubic hair in a thick gooey
froth.  Finally though my climax ends and I fall back as Alison takes
over, bouncing on my cock seeking her own release, but it is not to
be, my rapidly shrinking cock slips from her vagina, releasing a
sticky white flood that trickles down around my balls as she futilely
tries to stuff it back into her body.

Then giving into the inevitable, she rolls from my lap and reaches
for the vibrators.  Eschewing the others, she picks up slim white
seven-incher and goes to insert it into her pussy.  "Wipe it off
first I tell her, it's got fluff on it."

Before I can stop her, she grabs a corner of the sheet and wipes the
hard plastic shaft clean.  (Another reason to wash them.) Then
propping herself up on her elbow, she drives the slim tapered head
into her vagina and begins pumping it in and out, striving for the
release that had been denied her.

With my eyes on Alison, I don't notice Rene until I feel her tongue
on my balls, lapping up my cream like a little kitten.  As I look
down at her crouching over my groin with that thick black phallus
still protruding obscenely from her grossly overstretched vulva, she
moves up to the wiry mat of my pubic hair, not stopping until my
groin is free of every last sticky strand of semen.

"Mmmm that was nice."  she says, crawling up over my body to plant a
sweet kiss tasting of me and her sister on my lips, "But how come it
tasted different this time?"

"Because it had your sister's pussy juice mixed with it."  I reply.

"You mean from inside her hole?"  The tiny five year old asks, her
voice comically filled with disgust.

"Yeah."  I laugh, "Tastes good doesn't it.  Want some more."  I reach
over to where Alison lies panting, her body twitching with the after
effects of her orgasm.  Slipping my hand between her legs I extract
the slim white shaft from her glistening vulva and bring it close to
Rene's tiny face, grinning as she recoils slightly from the slimy
cylinder of plastic.

Her nose wrinkles briefly in disgust, then as the intoxicating odour
reaches her, she tentatively reaches out with her tongue and takes a
small taste, a moment later she smiles broadly and seizing my wrist
in case I try to take this new treat away from her.  She quickly
licks the entire shaft clean.

"That was yummy."  she informs me with a giggle and turns to watch
her sister.

Recovered from her orgasm, Alison has taken up the lifelike
eight-incher and after cleaning it, she presses the thick bulbous
head between her legs and shoves.  She grunts loudly in discomfort as
the head begins to pull her smooth hairless labia into her body with
it, forcing her to stop.  Lying back, she holds her pussy lips apart
and tries again.  This time she forces the flared head into her
vagina, yelping with pain as the flare stretches her more than she
has ever had to deal with before.

"Hey take it easy."  I caution her.

White faced and wincing, she nods, waiting for her vaginal passage to
become accustomed to the intrusion.  After a few moments, color
begins to return to her face and she slowly relaxes.  Carefully, she
gives the thick shaft protruding from her pussy an experimental
wiggle and deciding she can bear it, she carefully pushes, slowly
edging the lifelike vibrator into her body.  Finally she stops with
just over an inch at the base and the control knob protruding from
between her white, bloodless labia.

"Ready for this yet?"  Rene asks, struggling to her feet with that
obscene black shaft still dangling from her tiny pussy.  Now
comfortable with the massive rod stretching her vagina, she stands
over her big sister, slowly pulling it almost all the way from her
body and pushing it back in.

"Give me a minute."  Alison says, experimentally sliding about an
inch of pink plastic from her vagina.  She winces a little, as the
thick shaft briefly sticks then slips with a rush.  After another
experimental movement she begins to pump the thick phallus in and out
slowly.  Gradually increasing the length of her strokes until she is
fucking herself with nearly the full length of the shaft.

Standing above her, Rene continues to slide the huge black prick in
and out of her tiny vulva.  Her breathing begins to speed up and she
becomes a little unsteady on her feet, so I reach up to steady her.
Again she stops as she appears to approach a climax and pulls the
thick shaft free with an audible pop.

In utter astonishment, I lie with my head between her feet and watch
as the gaping hole between her legs closes faster then I could
believe possible, shrinking from an opening large enough to accept a
small jar, to a tiny hole that looks as if it would protest the entry
of a pencil.  Amazed at the incredible elasticity of this tiny
preschooler's vagina, I reach up and lightly caress the fat little
lips of her tiny pudenda.  Then I slowly insinuate my smallest finger
between them and press into a warm, slick sheath, that firmly grips
my finger in an unbelievably snug embrace.

Removing my finger, I roll over, sit up and pull Rene down into my
lap.  "You've never had an orgasm have you darling?"  I ask her as I
gently stroke my fingertips over the outside of her little slit.

"What's that?"  she asks me.

"You get an orgasm," I tell her, "by playing with your pussy until
you feel so good inside that you don't care about anything else.
It's like..."  I cast around for something a very shy and easily
scared five year old can understand.  As I try to think of something
within her experience, urgent sounds from Alison draw my attention to
where she is rapidly sawing the quiescent vibrator in and out of her
creaming pussy and moaning incoherently.  "It's like this."  I say,
reaching across and giving the base of the vibrator a sharp twist.

The sudden and unexpected onslaught of the new sensations brought
about by the humming toy within her pussy are all it takes to send
Alison crashing over the edge into a massive orgasm.  Her mouth opens
in a silent scream and her hands hit the bed beside her as she flops
bonelessly caught up in the sensations that rip through her immature
pre-teen body.

Between her legs, each powerful, rippling contraction of her juvenile
vagina forces more of the vibrator from her until it falls free, and
lies buzzing between her thighs.  Without the stimulation of the
vibrator within her pussy, her climax recedes, sending a few final
weak shudders through her abdomen.

Rene watches her twitching sister for a few moments longer, then
turns her wide eyed stare on me.  "Would that happen to me if I
didn't stop when it started to feel scary?"  she asks fearfully.

"Uh-huh."  I confirm and reassure her, "I know it feels scary to
start with, but it's a nice scary.  Like when somebody throws you up
in the air and catches you.  I know!  Have you ever been in a car
when it goes over a bump and your tummy goes away?"

"Uh-huh."  she nods.

"Do you like that?"  I ask, hoping for a 'yes'.

"Yeah!"  she replies eagerly.

"Well, an orgasm is that sort of scary too."  I say.

"What sort of scary?"  Alison asks, returning to the world of the
coherent and entering conversation.

"Like going over a bump in the car and loosing your tummy."  Rene
answers, then asks, "Is a 'gasm really like that?"

"Uh-huh."  Alison confirms enthusiastically, "It's even better.  It's
like going right up into the sky on a swing and then you fall down
and down and down, but you don't hit the ground because all your
insides explode first, except they don't really.  It's better than
all the ice cream you can eat and all the hugs you ever had.  It's
better than anything."

"Even the hug Mama gives me when I have a scary dream?"  the wide
eyed and probably confused preschooler asks.

"Better than ten hugs."  Alison affirms.

"I'm still scared."  Rene says, wriggling around in my arms and
hugging herself against my chest.  "Cuddle me?"

Tightening my arms about her, I lay my cheek on top of her soft
blonde head and whisper soft reassurances, as I gently caress her
stiff little back.  Slowly she relaxes and melts against me until her
arms hold me, instead of clutching me convulsively.

"Are you ready to have an orgasm now?"  Alison asks, earning a
withering look from me as Rene stiffens slightly.

Chapter 12 - Trust Me.

I wait until the tiny girl in my arms relaxes again and lift my head
from hers.  Then lifting her head with a finger under her chin, I
ask, "Would you like to play a game, first?"

"What's it called?"  she asks, curiously.

"It's called 'Trust me'."  I tell her.

"How do you play it?"  she asks.

"It's very easy."  I say, "The hardest part is trusting me.  Do you
want to give it a try?"

"Uh-huh."  she answers in a small voice.

"Ok, first things first."  I say briskly, "Alison, would you wrap all
these toys up in that towel and put the case on the floor.  Rene, you
can help me straighten this bed up a bit."

A minute later, I guide Rene to stand in the middle of the bed and
pull her hands up to her shoulders, crossing her arms over her chest.
"Now close your eyes and fall over backwards."  I tell her.

"What?"  she asks, spinning around and staring up at me.

"I'll catch you," I tell her, turning her back around and putting her
hands back on her shoulders, "That's why the game is called 'Trust
Me', you have to trust me to catch you."

"Promise?"  she asks, tilting her head back to look up at me with big

"No, no promises, because you wouldn't have to trust me then."  I
say.  "Will you trust me?"

"Uh-huh," she murmurs almost inaudibly and nodding.

"Ok, then."  I say, "Close your eyes and just lean backwards until
you fall over."

The first time she falls, she collapses like a puppet with cut
strings, but expecting this to happen I catch her under the arms
before her knees touch the bed, and lift her back to her feet.  "Ok,"
I say, "this time, I want you to pretend you are a tree that's just
been chopped down."

"Uh-huh."  she nods.

"Ok, fall."  I say and catch her as soon as she overbalances.
Pushing her back to her feet, I tell her, "Ok, from now on, I want
you to keep your eyes closed until I tell you to open them.  Fall!"

I let her fall a little further this time before catching her and
pushing her back to her feet.  Each time she falls I let her fall a
little further until, finally her bottom hits the bed softly as I
catch her shoulders less than six inches from the mattress.

"Ok, now we do it on the floor."  I say.

Her eyelids flicker at this, but she manages to keep them closed.
"Good girl."  I praise her.  "That's right, keep them closed."

I lift her back to her feet and step down to the floor as I tell her,
"Now walk until you get to the edge of the bed.  Take big steps, I
won't let you fall."

Having a very firm mattress, the bed is perfect for this and she
confidently steps forwards, trusting me to tell her when to stop.
Instead I let her take a step out into thin air and catch her in my
arms as she topples with a thin scream.

"You said you wouldn't let me fall."  she accuses me.

"I know, I lied."  I say unrepentantly, "But I got you trusting me
and I did catch you.  Didn't I?"

"Uh-huh."  she nods.

"And you'd trust me to catch you on the floor, wouldn't you?"

"Uh-huh."  another nod.

"Would you trust Alison?"  I ask.

Rene eyes her sister for a few moments considering this, before she
confidently answers, "Yes."  then qualifies it, "Sometimes."

"Will you trust me to give you an orgasm?"  I ask, "It won't be like
the one Alison had, I'll make it a little one.  It will still be a
bit scary, but I'll be there to catch you."

"Ok," she agrees, a little fearfully.

"It's Ok, Rene," Alison says, "I was scared too, last night.  Really
scared.  But afterwards I loved it."

"Really, you was scared too?"

"Uh-huh, I nearly wet my pants."  Alison confirms, "I would've too if
I had any piddle left."

Hearing this, I give Alison a direct look and she flushes as she
explains, "I didn't tell you, because I didn't want you to stop."

"I'm ready now."  Rene announces, "What do I do?"

"All you have to do is relax, and let me hold you," I tell her, "I'll
do all the rest."

"Ok," she nods.

I pile up the pillows at the head of the bed and recline against
them, pulling Rene into my lap.  Then in the same hypnotic tones that
I'd used on her earlier, I tell her to relax, continuously reassuring
her that I'm there to hold her.  I gently stroke the front of her
body from her neck down to her knees, carefully avoiding the plump
little mound at the juncture of her thighs.

With each pass of my hands, I feel the tension fall from her tiny
frame.  When I ask her how she feels, she responds with a dreamy,

As I begin to trace the creases between the tops of her thighs and
her pussy, she tenses slightly, then relaxes as I continue to murmur
reassurances into her hair.  Lifting one hand to her chest, I
discover that it is so narrow, that I am able to brush my fingertips
over both tiny pink nipples at the same time.  Under my fingertips,
they harden, feeling like tiny ball bearings under the slightly
crinkled skin.

Under the fingers of my other hand, I feel the fat lips of her little
pussy begin to warm and grow slightly and I add a third finger,
tracing the crease that divides her labia as well as the creases to
either side.  Almost instinctively, she pushes up against my hand and
I move my hand to her stomach, pushing her back down and telling her
to relax and let me do everything.

When I move my fingers back to her tiny vulva and resume stroking it,
I begin to push a little harder, though still keeping my fingers on
the outside.  With each stroke, I push my fingers a little between
her legs and they gradually part until I am able to reach the tiny
seep of moisture, flowing from her vagina.

She shivers as I begin to draw this moisture up on my middle finger
and smear it along the length of her slit.  Then on the third or
fourth pass, I press inwards hard enough to part her plump little
pussy lips and brush my finger over the tiny opening between her
legs.  This time as I pull my fingers up, I maintain the pressure and
draw the moisture up between her labia, stopping just short of her
tiny clit.

As my gentle ministrations continue, her breathing quickens and her
tiny, narrow hips rock involuntarily, causing my finger to come into
contact with the tiny, rock hard, pea sized nubbin of her clit.  She
gasps at the contact and pushes into it, letting me know that she is
ready for the final step.

The next time my fingers slide down into the warm, slick gap between
her legs, I press harder, pushing just the very tip of my finger into
her vagina, then withdraw it, gently dragging the entire length of my
finger, between her pussy lips and over her clit.  She moans deep in
her throat and pushes back against me, as her body instinctively
reacts to these new sensations, while my soothing voice quells her

Back and forth I slide my finger, entering the warm, slick embrace of
her vagina more and more deeply with every pass until finally, my
palm cups her warm, slippery mound at the bottom of every stroke.
Her breathing now comes in short shallow gasps, punctuated by little
peeps of excitement and under my fingers her heart flutters like a
little bird.

Only seconds later as I withdraw my finger and push it back into her
tight little hole, she cums, with gentle undulations rippling up and
down her belly, as her vaginal walls rhythmically contract and relax
around my finger and she chirrups like a baby bird.

I wait until her little pussy stops nibbling on my finger and she
opens her eyes and tilts her head back to look up at me lovingly,
before I take my hand from between her legs.  "How was that?"  I ask

"Nice."  she replies, "It wasn't scary at all.  Can you do it again?"

"Later Punkin, I think it's time we got up and had something to eat."
I say as I absently bring my finger up to my face and sniff the
sweet delicate aroma of her spend, then avidly suck it clean.

"Can I have some?"  Alison asks.

Without waiting for an answer, she grabs my wrist and starts sucking
on my fingers, slurping noisily and making great lip smacking noises
of enjoyment.

"Hey!  She's getting it all."  Rene protests.

"Well there's plenty more where that came from."  I say, sliding my
other hand down over her belly and wetting a finger in her vagina.

I bring the finger up to her face and gently brush it over her lips.
She tentatively licks them and then like her sister she eagerly
attacks my finger.  All too soon the thin coating of sweet juices is
gone and she pushes both of her own hands down between her legs for

She sucks the fingers of one hand into her mouth and offers the other
up to me.  I gladly accept, making her giggle when I engulf it to the
wrist and suck hard as I pull it from between my lips.

But when she goes to collect another double handful of juices, I stop
her saying, "That's enough for now Punkin.  Let's hop in the spa and
have some breakfast."

"But there's still more."  she objects.

"And there will be as long as you keep rubbing yourself down there."
I tell her, rolling her over in my lap and playfully swatting her

"Ouch!"  she giggles, pushing her little bum up and waggling it.

"Oh want some more do you?"  I ask.

"Yes please."  she giggles.

I deliver four more light swats, counting them off, "Two, three,
four, five."  and roll her out of my lap.

When I step down onto the floor, I kick the towel wrapped bundle of
ersatz cocks and send them skittering across the floor.  As I bend
over to pick them up, I ask, "How did you find these Rene?"

Chapter 13 - Confessions of a peeper.

"I saw Mama washing one once and she said it was a special toy for
big girls, so I sneaked into her room and hid and she came in and she
put it away.  And then she went shopping and Alison was watching TV
so I snuck back in here and locked the door and got them out to look
at them."

"Well how did you know how to use them?"

"There's some books with pictures in there too."  she scrambles from
the bed to rummage around in the space under the wardrobe, returning
with a double handful of x-rated magazines.  "See?"  she holds them
out to me.

"Lemme see!"  Alison says excitedly, trying to snatch them from her

"No!"  I say taking them, "We can look at them later.  Let's get this
lot washed and put away.  Bring the case Alison.  Rene put these away
for now."

I hand Rene the magazines and bundle the dildos back up in a towel.
Then ushering Alison, who looks longingly over her shoulder at the
wardrobe, ahead of me, we go to the bathroom.

As I'm wiping the Black Mamba dry I ask Rene, "What ever possessed
you to try and put this thing in your little pussy?"

"I wanted to be a big girl too."  she tells me, "When I could make
this one fit," she picks up Mr Big, which looks like a log in her
tiny hands, and says, "I was going to show Mama and show her I was a
big girl too."

I take the monstrous phallus from her hands, and slowly turn it over.
Even in my hands, the bloody thing looks deformed.  "Rene," I say
slowly, "Even your mamma doesn't use this one.  See," I point to
where half a price tag still adheres to the shaft, "it's still got a
label on it."

"And don't be in such a hurry to grow up, it happens way too soon
anyway."  I tell her seriously, "You're a beautiful little girl, who
I love very much just the way she is and your mama loves you that way

"Me too!"  Alison pipes up and bends to give her little sister a kiss
that curls my toes to watch.  "Whew," Alison gasps when they part,
"she's a good kisser isn't she?"

"Just wait until she's had a bit more practice."  I say.  dropping
the last of the dildos into the case and snapping the lid down.

After putting the case away and telling both girls to leave it and
the magazines alone, I usher them out of the room asking, "Any body
need to pee?"

Rene answers in the affirmative, and leads me towards the toilet.  As
she climbs up onto the seat I ask her if she want's me to help again.

"No, I want you to stand here."  she takes hold of my hips and pulls
me closer, until my cock is right in her face.  "You said I could
have another taste."  She says, and sucks my limp prick into her tiny
mouth.  Almost immediately it begins to grow under the influence of
her baby like sucking.

"Cool!"  Alison says from the doorway and I turn my head to see her
slide her hand between her legs and cup her pussy.

As my cock continues to expand, it quickly fills the sweet, warm,
cavity of the tiny girl's small mouth.  I look back down to her and
gently take hold of the sides of her head, sliding my fingers under
her hair at the back and caressing the delicate skin of her cheeks
with my thumbs.  I cradle her head, letting her feel my love, but do
not restrict the movements of her head as the bulbous glans presses
at the back of her throat and forces her head back.

She tilts her head back slightly.  her deep blue, almost violet eyes
looking up at me lovingly, from beneath long pale lashes.  Bringing
both hands up she wraps her tiny fingers around the rigid shaft of my
member and holds it steady as she pulls her mouth off the end with a
pop and gives the tip a quick kiss.

"That felt funny."  she giggles.  "I like it when it grows in my

She then opens her jaw wide and pushes her tiny lips back over the
tip, and starts sucking again.  At first, I let her go, but as it
becomes obvious that she is going to do nothing more, I gently apply
pressure to the back of her head and pull her further onto my cock,
stopping just as the tip brushes the back of her throat.  She looks
up at me trustingly as I guide her head back and forth a couple of
times and when I release the pressure, she continues the motion of
her own accord, fucking me gently with her face.

After a few seconds she pulls off my cock, to swallow the saliva that
has pooled in her mouth and I tell her, "Push up with your tongue and
lick it all over too sometimes."

Straight away, she sticks out her tiny tongue and licks from the root
to the tip, making me twitch and gasp as the tip passes over the
sensitive skin of my fraenum.  She giggles at my reaction and flicks
her tongue over the sensitive folds of skin several times before
taking me back into her mouth again.

This time, as she rocks her head back and forth, she presses up
against the underside with her tongue, especially as the sensitive
folds of the fraenum passes over her tongue.  As her confidence
increases, her head bobs faster and she adds swirling her tongue
around the tip to her repertoire.  The next time she pulls her head
clear, she drools her spit into her hands and slides her hands up and
down the length of my shaft as she rubs the tip over her lips and

The incredible sight of this tiny preschooler, sitting naked on the
toilet as she services my cock like a seasoned porn star, is almost
enough to make me shoot there and then, and I groan in reaction.
Almost as if realising my predicament, Rene lets go of my cock and
grins up at me.  "Are you going to squirt soon?"  she asks.

"Soon, real soon Darling."  I groan, "Suck it some more please."

Instead of doing as I ask, she gently grasps my balls, one in each
hand and asks, "What are these?"

"They're my balls Honey, they make my sperm."  I tell her.

"What's that?"  she asks curiously.

"That's the yummy, creamy stuff that squirts out."  Alison tells her

The short question and answer session, has been enough to cool me
down a little and I am able to hold off as she explores the swollen
purple glans teasingly, with the tip of her agile young tongue.  She
likes my reaction to her spearing the tip of her tongue into the
gaping slit at the tip and giggles as she gives it a couple more
pokes, before pushing her lips over the angry purple knob and
engulfing almost half of my prick.

The sensations of her lips wrapped tightly around my shaft and her
wet little tongue playing with the sensitive underside of my engorged
prick drive me to such fiery heights, that I have to take my hands
from her head before I loose control and try to force myself down her
tiny throat.

"Oh God!"  I groan, "That's a good baby."  I start caressing the side
of her tiny face with the back of my hand.  "Suck Daddy's cock for
him."  I moan, fantasising about having a baby daughter of my own.
Rene briefly pauses when she hears me call myself 'Daddy', then
resumes her ministrations with even greater enthusiasm, her head
bobbing up and down and her tiny fingers caressing my spit slickened

"Daddy's little girl is making him feel so good."  I moan, "That's it
baby, Daddy's going to give his little baby a nice big drink of
cream, real soon.  Suck it good baby.  Oh, God baby, here it
cummmms."  I groan as the first massive jet of scalding hot seed,
sears through my cock to splash against the back of my five year old
lover's throat.

She jerks back as it hits and my second spurt splashes across both
cheeks of her tiny face.  But she quickly recovers from her surprise
and aims the spurting tip of my cock at her wide open mouth,
extending her tiny tongue underneath it to catch any drips.  I choke
back howls of unbearable pleasure, as I look down to watch my creamy
seed, spurt from my painfully distended prick into her waiting mouth.

Wrapping my hand over her tiny fists, I move it up and down on my
shaft, pumping, my ejaculate into her mouth, watching it coat her
little, pink tongue and drip in obscene, greasy strands from her
teeth.  Some interminable time later, I strip one last pearly droplet
from my shaft onto her waiting tongue and still my hand.

Standing on rubbery legs that barely support me, I look down into her
up turned face.  Her tiny face is crisscrossed with pearly strands of
my semen, where I have missed the mark, and drools in stringy, white
strands from the corners of her overfull mouth.

As I watch, she carefully closes her mouth and I see her cheeks bulge
rhythmically as she swirls my cum around, testing the flavour of it.
A smile quickly suffuses her cum streaked features, and she pulls her
hands from beneath mine to scoop up the obscene strands that drip
from her chin and push them between her lips.

A thud, followed by a series of choked squeals, reminds us of
Alison's presence and we turn our attention to the little ten year
old, who lies in the doorway, frantically mauling her hairless
pre-teen pussy with both hands.  One hand frenziedly rubbing at her
clit, while she plunges four fingers of the other in and out of her
creaming snatch.  As we watch, the frantic motions of her fingers
slow, becoming languorous and gentle as her climax fades.

"Oh wow!"  Rene breathes, and I turn back to her.  Her fingers are
pressing against the top of her tiny pussy, gently rubbing back and
forth as she watches her big sister come down from her climax.

Slipping my hands under her arms, I lift the tiny child from the
toilet and hold her against my chest as I lick the creamy strands of
semen from her face, making her giggle as my tongue passes over her
cheeks and nose.  I gently lick her tiny bow like lips and they part
to allow me to slip my tongue inside and taste the residue of my cum
that still adheres to her gums and cheeks.

Lifting her higher, I lap up the few gooey droplets that had dripped
from her chin to her narrow flat chest.  I flick my tongue over each
of her tiny pink nipples, then lick lower, making her squirm and
giggle as I push her outie belly button in with my tongue.

"Ooh stop!"  she squeals, "I haven't done wees yet."

As soon as I hear this, I spin around and sit on the toilet.  Lifting
her higher, I force my tongue between her tightly clenched thighs and
drag it back through her slit.

"Ooh stop!  I'm going to wee, if you don't stop."  she squeaks.

"Wee in his mouth!"  Alison calls from the doorway, recovered enough
to sit up.

"That's yucky!"  Rene says with a shocked giggle.

"No it's not, he likes it."  Alison replies, "I peed all over him
last night and he drank it and he peed on me too."

A moment later, I make the matter academic, by blowing a zoober onto
her plump little mound.  She squeaks with dismay and I feel dampness
in my beard.  I lift her back a little to look at the trickle of
moisture that has escaped her body and dribbles down one of her

Before her dismay can become something darker, I lap up the warm,
salty dribble and force my tongue into the damp hollow, where her
thighs and fat little labia meet.  She yelps at the contact, then
slowly, almost reluctantly, separates her legs for me.  As my tongue
passes over her pee-hole, she releases an involuntary spurt of salty,
sweet urine onto my tongue.

Then when I don't pull back in disgust, she cuts loose with full
force.  I quickly cover her tiny mons with my mouth, loosing only a
few precious droplets as I make the seal.  I let the tasty treat flow
over my tongue, only swallowing enough to leave room for more in my

"He's drinking my wees."  Rene cries incredulously.

As the flow slows to a trickle, I gulp down what's in my mouth and
tickle her pee hole with the tip of my tongue, making her giggle and
release the last of her pee in short, sharp spurts.

When I lower the little girl to my lap, she surprises me by pulling
my head down and kissing my wet lips, not even pulling back when she
slips her tongue between them and discovers that I still have a mouth
full of her urine.  Instead, she forces my lips further apart and
lets some of it trickle into her mouth.

She pulls back a little and I watch her swirl it around for a few
seconds testing it, then smiles and gulps it down.  She then tilts
her head back and opens her mouth like a baby bird.  Happy to comply,
I squirt a small spurt into her waiting mouth, smiling as Alison
gasps in amazement from where she stands behind Rene.

Rene fervently swallows the salty, sweet morsel then opens her mouth
for more.  I feed her the last of my mouthful of her pee in small
spurts, each of which she eagerly swallows.  When I have no more to
give her, she makes a little noise of disappointment and licks around
my lips collecting every stray droplet she can locate.

When nothing remains for her to find, she pulls back and looks up
into my eyes, giggling as she says, "That was naughty."

"Yep, that's what makes it so much fun."  I laugh, kissing her nose
and playfully snapping at it, making her jerk back with a delighted

"Oh wow that was so hot."  Alison says, her hand once more rubbing at
her slit.

"Have you got a drink for me little girl?"  I ask, nodding at her
busy fingers.

"I wish I did."  she says with a note of disappointment in her voice,
"Maybe I'll have some ready after breakfast."

"Good."  I say, "Let's have a dip while we wait."

Squealing with delight, Rene scrambles from my lap and runs through
the laundry to the back door, opens it and darts through.  Alison and
I follow a little more slowly, arriving at the back door just in time
to see the happy little girl land in the middle of the cover floating
on the surface.

"Look, I'm walking on water."  she cries, standing up and taking a
wobbling step towards us.  A moment later, the edge of the styrene
bead filled cover dips and dumps her, squealing happily, into the

The cover rises back to the surface, trapping her beneath it and I
jump to rescue her.  But Alison grabs my hand and pulls me back,
saying, "She's all right, watch this."

Even as she speaks, I see the cover lift up as Rene stands beneath
it.  A moment later Alison turns on the blower and Rene squeals and
sputters in giggling outrage.  Smiling, I creep up to where Alison
kneels, her thumb on the button, plant my foot on her rear and push
her in with her sister.

Throwing back the cover, she turns an indignant glare on me, then
disappears with a squawk as Rene pulls her feet from under her.
Chuckling, I pull the cover from the water and step into the roiling
water with the girls.

As I enter the water they forget each other and turn on me.  Climbing
onto the seats, they jump at me from either side and try to drive me
beneath the surface.  I give them long enough to realise that they
aren't going to get anywhere, then tighten my arms around them and
drop to the bottom, pulling them under with me.

As soon as they begin to struggle, I let Alison go and jump back to
my feet.  Peeling Rene's tiny arms from about my neck, I lift her up
and blow zoobers all over her body until she is helpless with
laughter.  I let her calm down for a few seconds, then with a final
zoober right over her clit that leaves her gasping, I put her down on
a seat and stoop to deal with a determined Alison, who is trying to
shift one of my firmly planted feet.

Without warning, I giver her what she wants and catch her as she
stumbles backwards.  Shrieking and wriggling futilely, she struggles
to escape, her laughing protests getting louder as I secure both of
her hands in one of mine and start blowing air into her navel.  A
moment later Rene joins me and we quickly reduce Alison to a
helplessly giggling wreck.

Sitting down, I set her down beside me and cuddle her against my
side.  Rene worms under my arm on the other side and each time Alison
begins to recover, she darts an arm across my belly and tickles her
big sister.  I let her get away with it a couple of times, then put a
stop to it by grasping her wrist and giving her a stern look.

She responds with an impudent giggle and wriggles from my grasp, then
proceeds to attack Alison from the other side.  In the end I have to
pull her away and subdue her with an overdose of zoobers.

I finally get Rene securely ensconced in my lap, my arms trapping
hers at her side and I look up to see Alison regarding her little
sister, almost as if she has never seen her before.  A moment later,
a decidedly retaliatory gleam enters her eye, but at least SHE
subsides when I give her a stern glance.

A few minutes later, Rene twists her neck in a way that makes me
wince and asks, "Can you let me go now, please?"

"Can I trust you?"  I ask.

She considers the question for a moment, then nods and answers, "I'll
leave her alone."

"Fair enough."  I say, releasing her.

"But I didn't say I'd leave you alone."  she giggles, turning around
and tickling my ribs.  This time around I allow her tickling to
affect me and laugh for her, wriggling just enough that she has to
work to maintain her seat.  I let her have her fun for half a minute
or so, then trap her hands and pull her up until I can blow a single
zoober around her belly button.

I then lower her back down into my lap, planting little kisses along
the way, finishing with a brief but sensuous kiss on the lips.  "Ok,
that's enough of that.  Who's ready for breakfast?"

Two shrill, "Me"s answer my question, and we leave a trail of wet
footprints through the house as we go into the bathroom for towels.
The girls make me kneel on the bathmat and team up to rub me dry,
before allowing me to dry them.

As I rub Alison down, my eyes fall on the tiny wisp of nothing that
she'd been wearing earlier and when I finish, I pick them up and ask,
"Where on Earth did you get these?"

"Mama bought them for me yesterday."  is her answer and a sudden
thought flits through my head, which I immediately dismiss as an

"Here, put them on."  I say.  "They look positively indecent."

Giggling, she slips the tiny pair of knickers on and twirls slowly,
posing for me.  In back, a narrow triangle of thin gauzy fabric
barely covers the innermost third of her buttocks and does nothing to
conceal the shadowy crease separating them.  As her pirouette brings
the front panel into view, I'm treated to the sight of her beautiful
hairless pussy, which is in no way concealed by the scrap of fog
hugging it.  Instead, just as I'd hoped, it makes her look even more
naked than when she'd been nude.

Rene too, notices the difference, saying, "They're rude."

"Come on nudie," I say, patting her on the bottom, "let's see what we
can find for you."

Alison and I follow the waggling white bottom into its owner's
bedroom and she stands in front of her dresser, waiting for me to
pick her up.  As I'd done the night before, I support her on a lifted
knee and together we rat through her underwear drawer looking for
something interesting.  However, all of the undies in her drawer are
your basic cotton, 'little girl' knickers, ranging from basic white
through to cute little animals of all descriptions.

Then without consulting me, Rene wads up a pair of powder blue
knickers and tosses them in the direction of her wastepaper basket
and misses.

"Hey, what did you do that for?"  I ask.

"They're old and they've got holes in them."  she tells me

"Well, let's see them anyway."  I say, lifting her down to the floor.

I pick up the discarded scrap of cloth and hold them up to the light.
Indeed they do have holes, one about half an inch across to one side
in the back and two smaller holes in front.  "Here, try them on for
me."  I say, kneeling in front of her and holding them open.

She steps into the leg holes and I pull them up.  They are quite a
bit too small for her, but this only serves to outline her tiny,
plump mound.  One of the front holes is right over the crease
separating her pussy lips, giving a glimpse of her slit, and the
other reveals a tiny patch of pale white skin on her left hand labia.
The hole in back also shows off a small expanse of soft white skin.

"What do you think Alison?"  I ask turning Rene to face her.

"They're rooood!"  she giggles in a little girl voice.

"Now let's see what we can find for me."  I say, smiling.

With exaggerated waggles of their tiny bottoms the girls precede me
into their mother's room and proceed to empty my bag onto the floor.
A moment later Rene crows in triumph and holds up a leopard print,
'cache sex', that an older girlfriend had given me.  Giggling, she
dresses me, having a little trouble stuffing my half hard cock into
the tiny pouch.

Then, with a little playful pushing and shoving, we line up in front
of the full length mirrors that form the doors of the wardrobe, to
inspect ourselves.  We present an absolutely obscene sight.  A ten
year old girl, in knickers designed to show off, rather than conceal
the lines of her hairless, pre-teen pussy.  Her five year old sister,
in knickers so tight, that every fold of her fat little pussy is
clearly outlined beneath the taught fabric.

And standing between them, with his hands on their shoulders, a
thirty year old, overly hirsute man with the darkening head of his
stiffening cock, peeking out of a leopard print posing pouch.  A
moment later, Rene pushes a finger into the hole at the top of her
slit and my cock shoulders it's way clear of the pouch that can no
longer contain it.

"Oh he want's a better look?"  Alison says, making us giggle.

"Yeah, he knows a couple of sexy young ladies when he sees them."  I
say in reply.  "Now come on, let's get breakfast before he decides to
take a closer look at what's in your knickers."

Running ahead of me, they bolt for the kitchen, and I follow at a
more sedate pace, which allows me to tuck my cock back inside my
underwear.  When I arrive, they already have most of the makings of a
cold breakfast on the table and Rene is carrying the milk and orange
juice to the table as Alison brings bowls.

I make the mistake of allowing Rene to pour her own breakfast.  Then
when I go to clean it up, she won't let me until she has picked each
and every Rice Bubble out of the young flood and popped it into her
mouth, as Alison makes noises of disgust.  I guess I could, stop her
easily enough, but her giggling lets me know that she knows this is
not normally acceptable behaviour, so I let her have her fun,
confining myself to stern looks and a low rumbling in my throat,
which she cheerfully ignores.

Chapter 14 - Sprung, Confessions Of A Gardener.

Twenty minutes or so later, as we are doing the dishes, the phone
rings.  Before I can get my hands out of the soapy water, Alison drop
the plate she is holding on the bench with a clatter and dashes over
to where the phone is hanging on the wall.

"Hello?"  she says.  "Oh hi Mama, he's doing the dishes."  <pause>
"Yeah, we're great.  How's Daddy?"  <pause> "Oh!  Well, are you
having a good time?"  <long pause> "That's good."

"Lemme speak to her."  Rene squeals tugging on the cord and her
sister's elbow.

"Yeah, ok."  Alison laughs, "Here Rene, Mama wants to talk to you."

"Hi, mama."  the excited little girl bubbles, "Yeah, he's nice.  I
wet the bed and he let me sleep with him.  And he read me a story
too.  And I love him to pieces."  <pause> "Yes mama."

"Here Greg."  she hands me the receiver and takes Alison by the hand
leading her away, "Come on Alison, Mama says we've gotta watch TV,
b'cause she wants to talk to Greg."

"Hello Cheryl, how are you and CJ?"  I ask, "How's the holiday?"

"I'm Great, but CJ's still sleeping last night off.  Apart from him
drinking most of his winnings the trip's been great.  We're tied up
at Barham for an hour or so while they take on water and wood for the
boiler.  Not that they need to, but it gives the tourists something
to take photos of I guess.

"Are the girls out of ear shot?"  she suddenly asks.

"Yeah, they've got some sort of cartoon on."  I say, "Why."

"Is my little girl a woman yet?"

Her question shocks the hell out of me, and I respond with a dumb,

"Have you done the deed?  Popped her cherry?  You know, shown her how
to make a baby?"

"Just what sort of sick, perverted bastard do you think I am?"  I
decide to try the angry approach, to see what the hell is going on.

"The sort that gives a little girl what she wants without hurting her
of course."  she replies, "I know all about Jenny.  You see I was
working in the garden outside and I got to Alison's window while they
were playing with their hairbrushes.

"I thought it was real cute, Alison learning about sex from her best
friend exactly the same way I did.  But then when Jenny said a man
was better, my ears really pricked up.  I listened in to see if I
could identify this sick pervert so I could get him put away.

"Well I heard your name, but Jenny kept going on about how nice you
were and how you always did what she wanted and never forced her and
how it was her idea in the first place and you tried to talk her out
of it.  That made me realise that getting rid of you would really
upset at least one little girl who loved you, because she would be
forced to give evidence against you."

"it would never come to that."  I interject, "I'd confess, before I'd
let her be questioned."

"Even so, she'd still think that she had something to do with you
going to jail.  Anyway, I was just going to make sure that CJ never
brought you anywhere near my girls.- you see I recognised your name.
But every time I thought about it, I got wet between the legs and I
started trying to work out how to go about getting you here without
CJ being around.

"When Dad had his scare the other day, just before my birthday
weekend, I manoeuvred CJ into suggesting you and bringing you around
for the girls to meet.  When Rene accepted you, I *knew* that Alison
would be in the hands of somebody who would give her only what she
wanted and not try to force anything else on her.  And when I saw how
Alison kept on giving you peeks at her tits and showing off her
knickers when she thought nobody was watching I knew that she'd
chosen you to take her virginity."

"You saw that did you?"  I ask, recovering enough to laugh.

"Yep!"  She laughs back, "So did you make it special for her?"

"Yes," I reply, "I'd like to think so."

"Good."  she says decisively, "I want to hear every juicy little
detail when I get back."

"Uh, yeah."  I say, "We still might have a problem though.  You know
how 'shy' is a good word to describe Rene.  Well, take the middle
letter and move eight places down the alphabet."

I listen to her counting through the letters of the alphabet, "I, J,
K, L, M, N, O, P.  P, shy, spy.  Oh!"

"Yeah, spy."  I say dryly, "While you were doing the weeding, she was
counting dust bunnies in Alison's room."

"She was under the bed?"  Cheryl says, giving a shocked little laugh.

"Correct.  Then last night, after we thought she was asleep, she saw
Alison kneeling between my knees charming the one eyed trouser snake
- don't worry it was her idea - and this morning, I woke up just in
time to paint her tonsils."

"Oh god!"  Cheryl gasps, "I hope it didn't scare her."

"Surprised her quite a bit and then she saw me looking at her and
froze.  I think it would have been ok, except Alison walked in before
I could tell her I wasn't mad.  She was terribly afraid that we would
be mad at her, but we both cuddled and kissed her until she felt
better and then we licked her face and tickled her till she nearly
wet herself."

"Good.  I'd hate to see her get hurt.  You haven't tried to fuck her
have you?"

"No, between my wake up call, and Alison teaching her how to do the
charming properly.  I haven't had the time, nor the energy."

"Well you might have just saved your balls," she says, in jest,
"because the thought of my little baby girl getting her cherry popped
is making me soak my drawers, and I don't want to miss seeing it

"Ah, that might be a bit difficult, she's been playing with her
hairbrush too."

"All the better, it won't hurt her when you do, do the deed."

"Guess what else Agent Double-O Five and a bit has been into."  I say.

"I'm not sure I want to."  Cheryl replies with a groan.  "Go on, tell
me the worst."

"Well, you know your super secret hiding place?"  I ask, "It's been

"Oh God no!"  she gasps, "Does she know what those things are for?"

"Yep, she found the instruction manuals."  I reply.

"There aren't any..."  she begins, "Oh!"

"Yeah, they gave her a fairly good idea of what to do."  I pause for
effect.  "And she's tried every one of them on for size except Mr

"Even I haven't tried that one!"  Cheryl gasps, "CJ bought it for me
as a joke.  You mean she's tried everything else?  Even the Black

"As much as would fit anyway."  I say, "God that was obscene, the
bloody balls were hanging down by her knees and it stretched her so
much, it looke like the bloody thing was a part of her body.  "

"Oh shit, don't say things like that."  she gasps, obviously aroused,
"This is a public phone booth and you're giving me an itch I can't
scratch.  But tell me, how in the hell did she manage to get that
thing to fit in the first place?  "

"Well just about the same time she started playing with her
hairbrush, she saw you cleaning one of your toys and she decided she
wanted to be a 'big girl' too.  So she went and hid in your room and
waited for you to put it away."

"I remember that."  Cheryl says, "I thought the little shit had gone

"And then you went shopping and Alison was watching TV, so Rene
locked herself in your room and went to work in a very scientific and
thorough manner.  She made it about half way through your collection
that day and since then, every time she's had a chance, she's tried a
new toy.

"Her intention was to show you that she was a big girl too, as soon
as she managed to accommodate Mr Big."

"Oh my God, that thing would split her in half."  Cheryl cries in
shock.  "I hope you put an end to that idea."

"Yeah, I convinced her to wait a little while before she grew up any

"You know, Alison's quite put out by her little sister."  I continue
with a chuckle.

"Why's that?"

"She can only get half way through your collection before she has to

"Well there's not much that Rene can beat Alison at yet," Cheryl
laughs, "but I *could* wish it was something a little more mundane.
I'd hate to think about what might happen if she starts crowing about

"Actually, that's more or less how I found out about your toys in the
first place.  Though it was Alison who was doing the skiting.  She
decided to show Rene what she could do, sat in my lap, and then told
her that she couldn't do it.  That made Rene mad and she went to your
wardrobe and got out your case.

"One by one she demonstrated exactly what would fit, culminating with
her stuffing four inches of the Black Mamba into her pussy and then
challenging Alison to give it a try."

On the other end of the line I hear a loud clunk and a series of
muffled, gasping obscenities.  A moment later, Cheryl picks up the
receiver and apologises, "Sorry about that, you just made me cum
without touching myself."

Just then, I hear a warning tone and Cheryl hurriedly says, "Shit
I've got to go, I haven't got any change left.  I'll try and call you
from Swan Hill, but CJ might make that impossible.  Christ the way I
feel now, I might just make sure of it.  So if I don't, I'll see you
when we get back, give my love to the girls and don't go ruining my
baby girl's virtue until I'm there to <click>"

I hang up the phone and go into the lounge where the kids are
watching Gargoyles.  "Girls, we've got a problem."  I say, "Your Mum
says I'm not allowed to fuck Rene."

"Why not?"  Rene asks in the interval that her sister leaves as she
tries to pick up her jaw.

"Because she want's to watch."  I grin, watching Alison's face.  Her
eyes threaten to pop from her head and her mouth opens and closes
like a goldfish as she tries to digest what I'd just said.

"She want's to watch you fuck Rene?"  she gasps, "What about me?"

"What about you?"  I ask.

"What did she say about me?"

"Oh she just wanted to know if your first fuck was a good one and
then we talked about Rene."  I ignore Alison as her expression shifts
from shock to incredulity and say, "Guess what Rene?  Your Mama had
an orgasm right in the phone booth when I told her about how you
played with her toy dicks."

"Really?"  the little girl squeals excitedly and jumps up and down
chanting "Mama had a 'gasm.  Mama had a 'gasm."

Rene becomes suddenly sombre as Alison cries, "Shut up Rene!"  she
then turns scared eyes on me.  "She knows about us?"  she asks

"Actually, I only really told her about Rene."  I say, "She already
knew you were going to fuck me before she left."

"She did?"  Alison yelps.

"Uh-huh," I nod, "Next time you have a secret conversation, you might
want to check outside the window as well as under the bed."  I say
with a grin, "Your Mama heard every word and every disgusting noise
you and Jenny made."

I sit down on the couch and, pat the seat beside me.  "Come and sit
here and I'll explain it a bit better."

A moment later I have a little girl snuggled up against my right side
and a very little one cuddled under my left arm.

"Ok," I say, "Your mama heard you two, fucking yourselves with your
hairbrushes and she thought it was cute, because that's how she got
started too.  Then Jenny started talking about men, and your mama
kept listening, because she wanted to know who I was so she could
tell the police.

"Lucky for me though, she started to get hot, thinking about you
fucking someone.  And I think she guessed that you were going to do
it soon anyway, and decided that I sounded like a nice guy and
wouldn't hurt you like some people would.  So when your grandad got
sick, she tricked your daddy into getting me to babysit.  She even
bought those knickers for you."

"Does this mean I don't have to keep secrets from Mama any more?"
Rene asks.

"Well not about this anyway."  I say, "You'll have to make up your
own mind about other secrets."

"What about Daddy?"  Alison asks.

"Talk to your mother first," I reply, "because I think she's keeping
it a secret from him.  Ok?"

"Ok," she agrees, "What are we going to do now?"

Chapter 15 - A new 'friend'?

"Well what would you like to do?"  I ask.  Hastily adding, "Apart
from that."  when her eyes drift towards my groin.

"Spoilsport."  she grins, "Can we go to the park?"

"Yay park!"  Rene gives her vote with a cheer.

"The park it is."  I say.  "Do you want to make a picnic of it?"

"Yay picnic!"  Rene starts bouncing excitedly around the room.


"Sounds great."  she grins.

"Well we'd better get some clothes on and get ready then."  I say
snagging Rene as she passes in front of us.  "Come on you, let's get

"Don't wanna."  she replies grinning.

"Ok," I say letting her go, "We'll leave you behind."

"Don't care."  she says.

"Ok, Alison, let's go."  I stand up and pull Alison to her feet.

Leaving Rene standing in the middle of the lounge, we head down the
hall, separating at her mother's bedroom door.  I exchange my posing
pouch for something a little more comfortable and slip on a pair of
jeans and a T-shirt.  After running a comb through my hair and beard
and putting on my boots, I scoop up a jacket and go to see what
Alison is up to, stepping over Rene, who has planted herself in the
middle of the doorway, as if she isn't there.

I meet Alison as she comes out of her room and she stops to let me
admire her.  She is dressed in a figure hugging denim miniskirt with
matching jacket.  Under the jacket, she is wearing a plain white
blouse, which is just thin enough to let a hint of her developing
areolae to show through.  On her feet she has a pair of white canvas
shoes and white ankle socks trimmed with lace.  Her shining, golden
hair is pulled back into a pony tail fastened with a blue velvet

She smiles at my low admiring whistle and jumps into my arms, tilting
her face up for a kiss.  I plant one on the end of her nose, making
her giggle, them lower her back to the ground and take her hand.  She
follows my lead, as I ignore Rene, stepping around her on our way to
the kitchen.

As we move around the kitchen, packing fruit, making up sandwiches
and a thermos of tea, we step over and around our little shadow.  I
smile inwardly as the consternation in her expression becomes more
and more pronounced, but outwardly I show no more awareness of her
presence than I do of one of the kitchen chairs.

"Ready Alison?"  I ask, snapping down the lid on the esky.

"What about me?"  Rene ask plaintively, her tiny chin aquiver.

"You're not dressed."  I say, hefting the esky and heading for the
front door.

"Wait!  I'll get dressed."  Rene cries, running down the hall to her

"Would you really have left her behind?"  Alison asks curiously.

"Of course not," I grin, "but she just found out I'm more stubborn
than she is."

A few moments later a muffled cry for help, comes from Rene and I go
to see what the problem is.  In her haste to get ready, she has
become entangled in the dress she is trying to put on, actually
managing to force her head halfway into the sleeve.  Grinning, I peel
it off her, and help her put it on properly.  Handing her a pair of
pale blue, knee length socks, I get up to look for a jumper, but
Alison is already holding a bright red parka.

"Thanks."  I say, "Shoes?"

Alison reaches under the bed, coming up with a cute little pair of
sneakers, which she slips onto her little sister's feet.

Bouncing to her feet, Rene slips her arms into the parka I hold ready
for her, "Ok, I'm ready, let's go."  she declares pulling away from

"Really?"  I ask.  "Why don't you take a look in the mirror."

She does as I ask and giggles as she lifts her hand to her somewhat
tangled hair.  "Oh yeah."

"Come on, that's soon fixed."  I say picking her up and throwing her
over my shoulder.

In the lounge, I pull her into my lap and quickly, but gently pull
the tangles from her hair.  Gathering her hair in my hand, I send
Alison to get another scrunchie.

Then I usher them outside and just as I'm about to pull the door
shut, Rene cries, "My seat!"  and forces her way back inside,
returning a moment later hugging a foam booster seat almost as big as
she is.

Two minutes later, I have both girls strapped in.  In the back seat,
much to Alison's disgust and I slip in behind the wheel.  On our way
to the park, I stop at a service station for a couple of bottles of
soft drink and some ice for the esky.

Ten minutes later, I pull up in front of an adventure playground,
which lies at the end of a dead end street, surrounded by bushland.
It had been built in anticipation of a housing development that had
failed due to the recession.  During the week it is aswarm with kids
on their way home from a nearby primary school, but on the weekend it
is largely abandoned, too isolated for it to be considered safe for
unsupervised children.

On either side of the street, are several overgrown blocks of land,
littered with scraps of weathered building materials and the dirt
from half dug foundations.  I know from earlier explorations of the
area, that the bush behind the empty blocks are only narrow strips,
about fifty metres deep, beyond which lies similar streets.  A paved
bicycle track links these streets to the park and also to a completed
development some two hundred meters beyond the bushland behind the

When I pull up, I'm somewhat surprised to see a skinny little girl in
a dirty, floral print dress and pink cardigan, with dark curly hair,
kicking herself, somewhat dispiritedly, back and forth on one of the
swings, the toes of her scuffed sneakers dragging in the dirt.  She
is so deeply adsorbed in her own sad little world, that she does not
notice us until she hears the car doors slamming.  She looks up with
a sulky expression, that quickly clears when she sees the girls
tumbling out of the car.

Leaving me and a suddenly shy Rene to unpack the car, Alison runs
over to the little girl and starts talking to her.  I hand Rene the
bag containing our cups and other utensils and dump a rubber backed
rug on top.  Taking up the esky, I direct Rene, who can't see over
the load in her arms, to a sunny patch of grass nearby.

As I shake out the blanket, Alison and her new friend come skipping
up to us.  "This is Anna, Greg, her Mama made her come here because
she kept on waking up her new baby brother.  She lives over there
behind the trees."  Alison waves in the direction of one of the
adjacent streets.  "Can she stay and have a picnic with us?"

"I think Anna's mother might be expecting her back for lunch."  I
say, "Besides, it's still a little early to eat."

"I meant when it was time to eat silly."  Alison tells me scornfully.
"Can she play with us till then?"

"I don't see why not."  I reply with a grin, "That is of course if
Anna want's to play with a couple of little horrors like you."

"Oh I do."  Anna says earnestly, "I thought there'd be somebody here
to play with, because I heard lots of kids yesterday, but I haven't
seen anybody all day."

"How long have you been living here Anna?"  I ask, "I didn't know
there were any houses on that street."

"Oh there aren't."  she replies, "Daddy's building us one, but he got
hurted and we're living in a caravan, because we had to leave our old

"Well, why don't we put all of this away and we'll go and see your
mother, Anna."  I say, "We can ask her if you can have lunch with us.
And there are a couple of things I need to say to her too."

"Ok," she replies a little sadly, "but Mummy will say yes, because
she says I'm a nuisance."

"That's probably because she's worried about your daddy."  I say

We quickly bundle everything back up and lock them in the back of my
car and after unpeeling Rene from my leg and moving her to my
shoulders, we follow Anna along the bike path to the next street over.

One of the blocks has been cleared and the frame of a house has begun
to take shape on top of a poured concrete floor slab.  Rather
incongruously, a partially complete bathroom is visible through an
open door way.  It is the only section of the house to have the
plaster of the walls nailed up.  A plastic tarp fixed over the
ceiling joists protects it from the weather.

Beside the frame of the house is a medium sized caravan, from which
emerged the thin wail of a hungry baby.  Before I can knock, Anna
flings the door open and bounces inside, earning herself a sharp
rebuke from a harassed sounding woman.

Chapter 16 - Bread Cast Upon The Waters.

"I'm sorry Mummy," Anna replies, somewhat abashed, "but I wanted to
ask if I could have a picnic with some girls and their Daddy in the

"Anything to get you out of my hair."  the woman cries, sounding so
close to tears, that I can't blame her for her uncharitable words.
"Here, hold your brother so I can make his bottle first."

"His Name's Greg and the big girl is Alison," Anna chatters, "I don't
know what the little girl is called.  He says he wants to talk to

"They're here?"  the woman yelps, sticking her head through the door
to look at where we stand in an embarrassed huddle to one side of the
door.  "Oh God, I must look an absolute fright," She cries, her hands
flying to her hair, "I'd invite you in, but the place is an absolute
pig sty."

I pull the scrunchie from Alison's hair and muss it up then run my
fingers through my own until it stands on end.  "There, we match."  I
say grinning, "Now if you don't mind us inviting ourselves in, you
look like you could do with a nice hot cuppa."

She giggles, a little hysterically, at me and nods, not trusting
herself to speak, as she steps back into the van.  I lift Rene down
from my shoulders, holding her on my hip as she won't let me put her
down and step up after her.

"You sit down there, and I'll fix you a cuppa."  I order this strange
woman.  Belatedly apologising, "If you don't mind me taking over for
a while."

She takes the indicated seat, saying, "No, I don't mind.  I don't
know who you are but I could cheerfully kiss you right now."

"I'm Greg Mills, sometime knight in shining armour," I introduce us,
"this is Rene and that's Alison making a beeline for your baby.  And
much as it would please me for them to be my children, I have to
admit that I'm just borrowing them for the weekend, while their
parents are on holiday."

"I'm Jean Little, no longer a maiden," she smiles wanly, "but very
much in distress.  You've already met Anna, and the 'little bundle of
noise', is Robert.  Now I better get his bottle, before he remembers
he's hungry."

"No, you sit there, I can see everything I need, and once I've
plugged the hole in his face, we'll see about you.  Ok?"

"Oh, thank you!"  Jean says fervently, "My husband slipped when he
was erecting a roof truss two days ago and broke his hip.  I've been
trying to cope, but between worrying about him and the baby keeping
me up at night and Anna during the day I'm beginning to lose it."

Working around Rene, who still has her face buried in my shoulder, I
wash my hands and get a bottle and teat from the sterilising solution
and after checking with Jean, measure out the right amount of
formula.  When I feel the kettle it is obvious that Jean had been
waiting for it to cool and that explains the cranky baby.  It's still
a little warm, but I make up the formula anyway, setting it in a bowl
of cold water for a few seconds to cool.

After checking the temperature, I hold out the bottle to Jean,
saying, "Mummy spit please."

"Huh?"  she says confused.

"Suck the teat for a second," I say, "He'll recognise the taste of
your saliva and take the bottle faster."

"That's a new one on me."  she says after briefly sucking on the
bottle and grimacing at the taste, "Where did you learn that?"

"My neighbor," I reply, "I also borrow her kid on a fairly regular
basis.  You can do it to his dummy too, it works just as good as
honey and it doesn't rot their teeth."

Peeling Rene back enough to look into her face, I ask, "Do you want
to feed the baby?"

She immediately slithers down to the floor and takes the bottle from
me.  I follow her to the other end of the van, where the two older
girls are struggling to keep Robert's attention.  Lifting Rene into
the middle of the bed, I arrange Robert, who is beginning to whimper,
in her lap and show her how to hold him and the bottle.  He looks to
be about four months or so old and as soon as the bottle touches his
lips his fists come up to grasp it.

Leaving the older girls to supervise Rene with the baby, I return to
the front of the van, refilling the kettle and switching it on, on
the way.

"Do you have any kids of your own Greg?"  Jean asks as I shove a pile
of nappies aside and sit down opposite her.

"No, not yet."  I reply.  "I haven't found anybody willing to settle
down with me yet."

"You're kidding?"  she says incredulously, "You know so much about
them and you worked around having Rene on your hip like you do it all
the time.  God, if I weren't already married, I'd be proposing about

"I have to warn you, I drool in my sleep."  I say laughing.  "Mostly,
I just borrow other peoples kids.  That way, you can usually give
them back when they need changing."

"I can relate to that."  she laughs, "Have you ever noticed that they
save the smelly ones for company?"

"Of course."  I laugh back.

"Now, before he finishes his bottle, and the girls come back," I say,
"there's something I should say."

"Sounds serious."

"Not yet, but it could be.  It's about the park.  I don't think it's
a good idea to let Anna play there on the weekends.  It's way too
isolated for her to be there without supervision.  It's ok after
school, because half the kids from the school are there, but it's
usually pretty deserted on weekends."

"Are you saying perverts hang out there?"  she asks, her voice rising
enough to attract the attention of the kids.

"Shush."  I wait for the girl's attention to return to the baby and
continue, "No, not at the moment, because it is so rarely used on the
weekend.  But it's going to get around that you've started to build
here and Anna might be in danger then, so I'd keep her close to you,
until a few people build on the street over there."

"How did you get the land anyway?"  I ask, getting up to deal with
the kettle, "I thought this was all one development that collapsed."

"It is, Sean, that's my husband, used to work for the developers and
when they went bust, he and the other employees were given land in
lieu of back pay and redundancy.  We wanted a block on the center
road, but the receivers held onto that, waiting for the market to
pick up again.

"Most of the others sold their land back to the new owners, but we
held onto ours and as our lease on the old place expired two months
ago we decided to move here as soon as Sean could get enough of the
bathroom finished for us to use it.  That way we could save the rent
money and build faster.  Last weekend, we moved into the van here and
then Sean had his damned fall."  she finishes, becoming distraught.

"Here drink this."  I say, wrapping her fingers around a mug of
sweet, milky tea.

"God, how much sugar did you put in this?"  she asks after taking a

"Enough."  I tell her, sitting down with my own mug, "Now drink, you
need it."

We silently sit sipping our drinks, until Rene interrupts, calling
out, "He's finished his bottle.  He's smiling at me."

"Oops," I say, grabbing a nappy from the pile beside me and throwing
it over my shoulder, "time for damage control."

I quickly scoop Robert from Rene's lap and lift him to my shoulder,
patting his back.  A few seconds later, he lets go with a sustained
burp that tells me I'd just averted a major disaster.

Once I'm sure he's not going to present us with any little surprises,
I check his nappy and finding it dry, I give the girls back their
living doll and go back to my cuppa.

"You moved quick there."  Jean comments.

"I had to," I laugh, "can you imagine the mess there would have been
when those three made like a trade union and went out in sympathy."

"I can and I thank you from the bottom of my stomach for avoiding it."

"You're welcome."  I say, "Now while we have such efficient baby
sitters, why don't you and I see to cleaning up a bit, you'll be much
more cheerful, if you're not constantly tripping over reminders of
what you haven't had the time to do.  And then we are going on a

"Oh god, how can I ever repay you?"  she says, almost crying with

"You don't," I reply, "you do whatever you can to help when you come
across others in distress."

It takes a surprisingly short time for us to get the van cleared,
with me in the kitchenette washing the dishes and sweeping the floor
as Jean puts away the piles of clothing that have accumulated and
makes the bed.  At the same time, I steam sterilise a couple of empty
soft drink bottles in the microwave and fill them with boiled water,
giving Jean a head start on Robert's next few bottles.

When she sees what I'm doing, she gives me a heartfelt "Thanks."  and
a quick buss on the cheek, blushing like a schoolgirl.

As soon as we have finished cleaning up, Jean chases me out of the
kitchenette, beaming her gratitude and saying, "We can at least bring
our own contribution to the picnic."

As she begins to cut sandwiches for herself and Anna, Anna announces,
"He's wet Mummy."

I wave her back to the bench, and with Anna to fetch for me, and my
two to giggle at his little circumcised dick, I quickly have him
changed and in a fresh pair of rompers.  Then when they would reclaim
their newest toy, I tell them it's time he was put down for a nap.

They give in with good grace and after watching me tuck him into his
cradle, they retire to the table at the front of the van to play with
Anna's Barbies.  Rene, having gotten over her initial shyness,
becoming so bossy that I have to rein her in.

Chapter 17 - The Picnic.

Ten minutes later, we are on our way back to the playground.  Jean
and I carrying Robert in a capsule and the girls laden with a basinet
for Robert, his travel bag, and the food.  When we arrive, my two
dump their loads and make a beeline for the slide, while Anna, in a
sudden fit of conscience, offers to help us set up.

However Jean sees where her daughter would rather be and taking the
thought for the deed, thanks her and sends her off with a pat on the
backside.  A few minutes later we have lunch laid out on the blanket,
and a sleeping Robert transferred to the basinet.

The girls come running when we call, attacking the simple feast as if
they had not eaten in days.  Then when the sandwiches are nothing but
a memory and the girls are engaged in a giggling belching contest,
Jean produces a block of chocolate, and distributes it among us.
Causing Rene to surprise me and her sister, by giving Jean a quick
kiss on the cheek.

Then, having determined that nothing remains to fill their hollow
legs, they, try to drag me off to play with them.  Laughing, Jean
shoos me away, saying, "Go on, I'll be fine here with Robert, you've
given me the first half hour to myself I've had since before we

With me to provide the muscle, the first thing they want to try is
the spinning egg.  I beg off, telling them they should let lunch
settle a bit first.  So their next choice is the swings.

Fortunately for them, but not for me, there are three swings on the
frame and they have me running like a blue arsed fly, as I move from
side to side giving each of them a push.  At first, I give Rene tiny
pushes, not wanting to scare her, but she soon starts shrieking,
"Higher, Higher!"

Even when I have all three of them rising above my head on the back
swing, she continues to exhort me to push her even higher.
Abandoning the other two to their own devices, I concentrate my
efforts on Rene's swing and soon have her rising to a height of ten
or twelve feet at the top of each swing.

When I look to the others, Anna is swaying back and fourth, pumping
the swing so that she maintains a maximum height of five feet or so,
while Alison has come to a full halt, her head turning from side to
side as she incredulously follows her baby sister's movement.  Again,
she looks as though she is looking at her sister for the first time.

Leaving Rene to the forces of gravity and friction, I approach Alison
and start spinning her swing, winding the chains together for about
twenty turns before letting her go.  Squealing with delight, she
spins faster and faster, her hair flying out in a diaphanous cloud.

Of course as soon as the other two see this, they want to try it too,
Anna drags her feet in the dirt to bring herself to a quick stop, but
Rene, her little legs to short to reach the ground, has to yell for
me to stop her.  I'm not sure that the swings are far enough apart to
set all three girls spinning at once.  So after stopping Rene, I wait
for Alison to spin down, and dismount.

She manages to take about four reeling steps before she collapses in
a giggling heap, her head turning on her shoulders as her eyes follow
the dictates of her inner ears.  Leaving her sprawled indecorously on
the grass, (her skirt barely covering her knickers) to recover on her
own, I wrap the two outer swings around the support poles.

Having new devilry in mind, I get Anna to lie down in her swing,
before winding her up.  I tell her to pull her legs in if she want's
to go faster and stick them out straight to slow down.  Then lifting
her swing back and to the side, I release her, with a flick to her
heels to impart a little extra speed.

Her happy shrieks pierce the air as she curls herself up as tight as
she can, her spinning swing also moving in a larger circle as it
winds down.  When the movement of the swing has slowed to lazy
oscillations, she stops herself with her feet, and pulls herself to
her feet, using the chains.  Releasing the chains, she takes three
staggering steps backwards and caroms of me, landing in a laughing
heap at my feet.

"My turn!"  Rene shrieks, flinging herself over the seat of the swing.

Smiling, I wonder what this adrenalin junkie has done with the shy
little girl who had been afraid of her own shadow barely six hours
earlier.  I haul Anna to her feet and half carry her over to where
Alison is sitting, her hair in complete disarray, and a happy smile
on her face.  When I lower Anna to the ground beside her, she flops
backwards, throwing her arms wide.

After I wind Rene up and let her go, I join Alison and Anna on the
ground, lying back between them and watching the clouds scud by.  A
moment later, Alison squirms around and makes a pillow of my stomach.
On my other side Anna sits up and hugs her knees to her chest.  Her
dress falls into her lap and I can see her little bottom tightly
encased in white cotton and a little higher I can see her pussy
pushing the fabric out between her legs.

They start talking about the latest exploits of Ken and Barbie and
not terribly interested in the subject of the conversation, I look
over towards the blanket.  Totally exhausted by the last couple of
days, Jean now lies fast asleep, curled protectively around Robert,
who she has moved onto the blanket with her.

A short time later, Rene staggers from the swing, somehow or other
keeping her feet until she encounters mine and falls on top of her
big sister.  Alison cries out loudly in surprise and pain and I hear
Robert begin to fuss.  I look over to the blanket and see Jean sit up
and rock him back and fourth, comforting him.

When he has settled down, she changes his nappy and then tucking him
under one arm, she comes over to us.  "I think it's time we went home
Anna."  she says, "Robert's spent enough time in the sun for one day."

"Do I have to?"  Anna asks beseechingly.

"Well I don't think we should impose on Greg any more."  Jean tells
her daughter, "He's already been more helpful to us than we have any
right to expect."

"Where's the imposition?"  I ask, "I'm already here with these two
and it's no chore to keep my eye on another.  If you want to continue
your half holiday I'll bring her home before we leave."

"Well if you're sure."  Jean says.

"I'm sure."  I reply, "It's no problem."

"Well, ok then.  Can you send her back about three o'clock, if you
don't want to leave before then.  I want to get up to the hospital to
see Sean."  she smiles down to her daughter.  "You be good now."

"Yes Mummy."  Anna replies cheerfully, trotting back to the blanket
with her mother and helping her to pack up the baby's things.

Jean declares that she's perfectly fine, when I offer to help her
carry the things back to the van and heads off across the park to the
bike track.

Chapter 18 - Little Exi-piss-ionists And Monkey Tricks.

"Well what now?"  I ask.

"The egg" is their unanimous reply.

I let them haul me to my feet and lead me over to it.  We clamber
inside, with Rene and I opposite Alison and Anna.  Then taking hold
of the wheel in the center, I start turning it, going faster and
faster.  When it gets to the point where I can't grip and release
quickly enough to go any faster, I carefully let myself back against
the wall, being careful not to crush Rene.

With their weight's almost tripled, their laughter is somewhat
strained as they make astronaut faces at each other and try to lean
into the center.  Rene then discovers the fun of lifting her arm and
letting it go limp so that it thumps me in the stomach.
Unfortunately for me, under the high G's of the spinning capsule, her
tiny arm has all the impact of a medicine ball, being winded under
normal conditions ain't funny, at something like two and a half G's
getting your breath back becomes almost impossible.  In fact by the
time I do, Alison has brought the capsule to a standstill and is
blowing on her hands to cool them.

A tiny tug on my sleeve makes me look down at Rene, her expression
like that of a dog expecting to be kicked, "I'm sorry.  Are you all
wight?"  she whispers almost crying.

"Oh Honey," I say, pulling her onto my lap and cuddling her, "it's
all right, I know you didn't really mean it."

"You sure?"  she asks.

"Yes I'm sure," I reassure her, "now give me a kiss and we'll forget
it.  Ok?"

She tilts her head back for me and meets my lips with her own
slightly parted.  Although I would like to extend this kiss, I'm
conscious of Anna's presence, so I keep it brief.  As we separate,
some wicked little imp makes her flick her tongue across my lips and
a moment later, she gives me a decidedly naughty grin.

Across from us, Alison and Anna have their heads together and are
holding a conversation in low tones, thinking that I'm still
comforting Rene, but I have no trouble hearing what they are saying.

"I need to pee."  Alison is whispering.

"Me to."  Anna replies, "I'll take you to my place."

"There's nobody around," Alison says, "why don't we just do it here."

"What about him?"  Anna asks, shocked.

"So what," Alison says dismissively, "he's seen me before.  We don't
wear anything in the spa and then afterwards we had a shower
together.  You know how the water makes you want to pee if you
haven't been for a while?  Well we thought it was pretty silly to get
out so we just did it there."

"You mean you've seen his thingy?"  Anna asks, her voice rising to a
point where I have to take notice.

"Alison," I ask, "what are you saying?"

"I was just saying how we don't wear anything in the spa and how we
just peed in the shower afterwards because it was silly to get out."
she explains.

"Why?"  I ask.

"Because we need to pee and I don't want to go back to Anna's."  she
tells me, "Can we do it here?"

"You most certainly can't do it in here."  I say pointing at the
floor, deliberately misunderstanding her.

"No silly," she giggles, "outside.  There's nobody who can see."

"Well, I don't know."  I say slowly.

"I need to go too."  Rene says from my lap, "Real bad."

"Well, I guess It'll be ok, but we'd better move back into the bush."
I say, trying to sound reluctant.

Without further ado, Rene slides from my lap and holding my hand she
leads me out of the capsule, dragging me at a half run towards the
trees and scrub on the other side of the bike track at the back of
the park.

As soon as we are out of sight of the park and the bike track, she
pulls her knickers down to her ankles and lifts the hem of her dress
up to her waist, then squats in the dirt, half facing me.  "Oh I'll
get my undies."  she says and stands back up to strip them off and
hand them to me.

This time when she squats, she faces me directly and I get a perfect
view of her little puffy slit.  A moment later she cuts loose with a
strong, golden stream that spatters into the dust and leaf litter
between her feet.  As she pees, she holds her head down, watching the
piss emerge from between the fat halves of her hairless baby pussy.

As she finishes and stands up, Alison lifts her skirt, showing off
her skimpy little knickers, her bald cunt clearly visible through the
practically transparent fabric.

"Oh wow!"  Anna gasps, "Where did you get those knickers?"

"Mama gave them to me."  Alison replies with a grin, "Aren't they

"I'll say," Anna says in a strange tone, "It almost looks like you
aren't wearing any at all."

"Well now I'm not."  Alison giggles, stripping them off and handing
them to me.

When she squats, she does so in a fashion, that lets all three of us
see between her legs.  She places her feet as far apart as she can
manage, then as if that is not obscene enough, she separates her
labia with her fingers.  Showing off every square millimetre of the
inside of her pussy, from the small, glistening, pink hole at the
base to her erect little clit at the top of her slit.  As I watch,
her urethral opening bulges and opens up, emitting a strong, yellow
stream of urine onto the dirt.

Giggling, she begins to play with the flow, cutting it off completely
and then expelling it in short, sharp bursts.  Then, as her bladder
empties, she reduces the flow to a mere trickle that runs down
between her labia and over the entrance to her vagina and then her
arsehole, to drip from the end of her tail bone.  She finishes with
three quick spurts then takes her time standing up, grinning wickedly
all the while.

By this time, poor Anna is standing with her legs crossed and her
hand pressed into the junction of her thighs.  "You won't tell Mummy
will you?"  she asks, looking up at me beseechingly.

"No, I won't tell her."  I reassure her.


"I promise"

Grimacing with the strain of holding her pee, she modestly slips her
hands under the skirt of her dress and quickly pulls her knickers off
and hands them to me.  A moment later, she pulls her dress up to her
waist and drops into a squat so quickly that my knees ache in
sympathy.  So urgent is her need, that even before her bottom hits
her heels, she is pissing into the dirt.

Her large pussy lips are so tightly closed that the stream sprays a
little wildly and wets her legs.  With a strained grunt, she shuts
off the flow and she uses her fingers to pull the plump lips of her
mound apart.  Her inner labia are surprisingly well developed for a
girl of her age, and at the point where they meet, the tip of an
amazingly large clit peeks from its hood.  At the base of her slit,
her vaginal entrance is little more than a puckered, pink dimple with
a tiny dark hole at the center.

A second later, she sighs, pushing the pee from her body in a golden
arch.  Fifteen seconds or so later, the flow slackens to a dribble
that flows over dimple marking the entrance to her vagina, making her
giggle a little at the tickling sensation.

A moment later, she stands, letting her dress fall and looks up into
my face, blushing prettily.

"Come on," I say, "let's get your legs dried off."

Jamming their knickers into my pocket, I lead them back to the
blanket, smiling at the conversation that begins behind me.

"Piddling like that in front of him made me feel all funny."  Anna
whispers, to Alison.

"Where?"  Alison asks, "In your pussy?"

"Is that the place between my legs?"  Anna asks, "That's where it
felt funny, sort of tingly."

"Yeah."  Alison answers, "When I feel like that, I sometimes rub my
bumpy bit and it feels even better."

Pretending not to hear their conversation, when we reach the blanket,
I rummage through the bag we'd brought our plates in for napkins.

"Mummy say's I'm not supposed to touch myself there."  Anna says,
"She says it's nasty."

"No it's not."  Alison says, "I do it all the time and it feels
really, really good.  And MY Mama says it's all right too."

"Here you go girls."  I say, holding out a handful of paper napkins.

They each take one and Anna watches as both Rene and Alison pull
their hems up to their waists and push their hips forwards, almost in
my face.  Spreading their labia with their fingers, they wipe their
pussies dry.  Alison then drops her napkin on the grass and very
deliberately runs her finger back and forth in her slit a couple of
times, going so far as to insert the first joint of her finger into
her vagina.  Only when I give her a warning look does she take her
hand away and drop her skirt.

"See?"  she says to Anna.

Blushing, Anna pulls up her dress, just enough to clear her well
developed pussy and immediately covers it with the napkin and her
hand.  She slowly wipes herself dry, then covers herself up again as
she wipes up the errant droplets bespattering her legs.

Picking up Alison's napkin by a corner, I hold it out to her and
point at the nearby bin.  She gingerly takes it from me and all three
of them 'do the right thing', disposing of the soiled wads of tissue.

I hold out their knickers to them when they return, but as Anna
reaches for hers, Alison asks, "Can we leave them off?  The air feels
nice on my bare pussy and bum."

"If you want to."  I reply, feeling more comfortable with Anna's
presence now that I know she's unlikely to tell her mother about

"Good, the breeze makes my pussy tingle.  What about you?  Is your
pussy tingling?"  she finishes, turning to Anna.

"Yeah, sort of."  Anna replies blushing.  "Can we?"  she asks me,
"You can't tell Mummy though."

I mime buttoning my lip, making her giggle.  After putting their
knickers into my bag, I let the girls lead me over to the see-saw.
All three of them cram onto one end and I take the other.  Even with
all three of them to counter balance me, I have to sit in, a good two
feet from the end, to level it.

From where I sit, I have a perfect view up under Rene's little dress
and I happily drink in the sight of her perfect, little, baby pussy
as we rock up and down.  Nor does it take very long for her to notice
the direction of my gaze.  With a wicked grin, she moves one hand
back between her legs and starts playing with her puffy slit, rubbing
her fingers up and down the full length of her little crack, pushing
her fingertip into her vagina at the bottom and making little circles
over her clit at the top.

Then, just as she starts to become aroused, Alison gets a wicked
thought of her own and whispers something to the other two.  A few
seconds later, as their end touches the ground, all three of them
fall sideways off the see-saw.  Fortunately for my tail bone, I'd
guessed that was what she had had in mind and I get my feet under me
in time to keep from crashing into the ground.

A second later, I forget all about what sort of revenge I will
extract, as Anna starts crying, her hand pressed to the inside of her
thigh.  Quickly, I move over to where they lie in a tumbled heap and
kneel down.

Gently, but firmly I pull her hand away, to find a raw looking scrape
about two inches long and a nasty looking black splinter, about half
an inch long, under her skin about three inches down from her pussy.
"Ouch!"  I say, "That's got to hurt."

"It does."  she sobs, curling up to look at it.

"Well come on then," I say, scooping her up in my arms, "lets go over
to the blanket and get it out."

Kneeling on the blanket, I gently lie her down, lifting the hem of
her dress up onto her belly.  To get at the splinter, I have to rest
the side of my hand on her smooth mound, the tip of my little finger
actually pressing into her tight slit over the entrance to her vagina.

Fortunately, about an eighth of an inch of the thick, evil looking
splinter still protrudes from her skin.  Not giving her any warning,
I take hold of the end and holding her leg down, I give it a quick
jerk, extracting it from her thigh.  She jumps at the sudden pain,
and her sobs, which have almost stopped, resume with renewed force.

Lifting her into my lap, I cup her warm little bottom in my hand and
rock her back and forth, apologising and explaining why I had to do
it that way.  Gulping, she gets her tears under control and smiles up
at me wanly.

Taking my handkerchief, fortunately clean, from my pocket, I gently
dry her tears, then ask if I can take another look.  Nodding, she
lies back down on the rug, pulls her dress up, and spreads her
thighs.  There is a tiny bead of blood, at the point where the
splinter had pierced the soft white skin of her inner thigh.

"I'm sorry," I say, "but I'm going to have to hurt you again.  I want
to squeeze some more blood out to wash out any dirt that's still in
there.  Will you be a brave girl for me and let me do it?"

Pulling her lower lip between her teeth, she nods jerkily, lifting
her leg up for me.  Again I rest the side of my hand on the soft,
warm skin of her little pussy, then warning her this time, and giving
her my handkerchief to bite on, I place my thumb and forefinger
either side of where the splinter had been and squeeze out a large
drop of blood.

She grunts with the pain, and when I look to her face, I see two
shimmering tears pooled in the corners of her eyes.  Taking a napkin
from the bag, I gently dab up the blood, and then folding it into a
thick pad, I hold it over the scrape on her leg and use my
handkerchief to tie it in place.

"How's that?"  I ask, lifting her to stand in front of me.  "Better?"

"Yes."  she nods, then throwing her arms about my neck, she kisses me
softly and says, "Thankyou."

"You're welcome."  I say, hugging her back.  "Do you want to go home?"

"Uh-uh."  she shakes her head.  "It's better now.  See?"  She takes a
few steps, grimacing once as her thighs brush together.

"Well, ok, if you're sure."  I say, pushing myself to my feet and
taking her hand, "Come on, let's watch these two burn their bums on
the slide."

My little joke has the desired effect, cheering her up a little and
making her giggle softly.  She then looks up at me and asks, "Can I
have the splinter so I can show Mummy?"

"Sure."  I say.  "If we can find it."

All three of us cast about the blanket and a minute later Rene gives
a triumphant cry, holding her hand up with the splinter between thumb
and forefinger.  Taking it from her, I find an empty bagie in my bag,
seal it inside and drop it in with their knickers.

Hand in hand, we follow Alison and Rene to the big spiralling slide,
and watch them climb the ladder, their little white bums, flashing at
us from beneath their skirts.  At the top, Alison makes a production
of sitting on the back of her skirt, and pushes off with a whoop of
joy, quickly descending to the bottom and running back around to the
ladder.  Rene too carefully tucks her dress under her bottom as she
sits down and descends with a delighted shriek, that ends with a
grunt, as she lands with a bump in the coarse sand at the bottom.

After watching them a couple of times, Anna decides that she is well
enough to have a go for herself.  Little white bum flashing under her
skirt, she climbs the ladder and shrieking happily, she descends to
the bottom.  The next time around, she wants to make a train and she
wants me to join in.

The other two gleefully fall in with her idea and a moment later, I
find myself ascending the ladder with three cute white bottoms and
flashing hints of hairless pink cracks above me.  As they are
ascending in order of age, I find Alison's bum almost in my face, and
a sweet musky odour in my nose that almost sends me wild with desire.

A second later, it is in my face, as she suddenly stops and thrusts
it back.  I blow a zoober into the pale soft flesh of her flawless
young backside, making her squeal with laughter and push back against
me.  Opening my mouth I gently bite into her tender white bottom and
she gets the hint, pulling away with a final shimmy and a giggle.

When we reach the little platform at the top, Anna asks incredulously
of Alison, "Did you just fluff in his face?"

"No silly," Alison giggles in reply, "He blew a fart on my bottom."

"Well she stuck it in my face."  I say defensively, as Anna turns a
wide eyed stare on me.

Giggling, they arrange themselves at the top of the slide, holding
onto the sides whilst I slide my legs in beside them and wrap my arms
about their waists.  With whoops of joy, they let go and quickly
gathering speed, we descend to the bottom.  Just before we reach it,
I let go of the girls, letting them shoot off the bottom in a happily
shrieking tangle of arms and legs, stopping myself so that I don't
land on top and crush them.

On the next ascent of the ladder, Rene takes the rear and about half
way up, she presents her tiny bottom for a zoober.  Smiling, I set
her flesh aquiver, delighting in the sweet sound of her laughter so
much, that I have to press my lips to the other side and do it again.

At the top, Alison gives me a mock dirty look for the double blast
I'd given her sister as they take up their positions and wait for me
to slip in behind them.  As we descend, Alison's hair flies back,
tickling my face and my laughter joins theirs.  Once again, I dump
them, shrieking with shrill girlish laughter, into the sand.  As they
land in a jumbled heap, they give me tantalising glimpses of their
sweet young pussies as they untangle themselves.

On the third ascent, the other two, push a furiously blushing Anna to
the rear, but as she makes no actual objection, I don't interfere.
As we ascend, I drink in the enchanting view of her little white
buns, and the tight slit that briefly appears and vanishes at the top
of her thighs.  Indeed, I'm engrossed at the sight, that when she
stops, I continue, bumping into her, my nose slipping between her
small white buttocks.

She squeals at the unexpected contact, almost falling back against
me, then steadies herself, waiting for me to blow into the milky
white flesh.  Happy, nay, eager to comply, I blow half a dozen or so
quick zoobers, on her little bottom, making her squeal joyfully, and
pull away, then push back for more.

When I stop, I imagine I can detect a slight whiff of little girl
musk as she falteringly, finishes her ascent.  At the top, as we slip
into place, I overhear her confide in a whisper to Alison, "That made
my pussy place tingle."

Alison giggles in reply, saying nothing, as she waits for me to slip
in behind them.  At the bottom of our whooping descent, I brake
myself only briefly, before throwing myself over the giggling trio,
catching myself on my hands as they shriek in mock terror.

Having exhausted the possibilities of the slide, they tow me over
towards the intricate jungle gym and start swarming all over it,
Alison then Rene flashing their backsides at me whenever the
opportunity presents itself.  A minute or so later, Anna blushingly
joins in, deliberately facing me and climbing the ladder to the
monkey bars two steps at a time.

As their play continues, they become bolder in their activities,
vying with each other to see who can put on the naughtiest show,
consciously facing me as they climb and turning their backs to me
whenever they bend over.  As my cock stiffens in my pants, Rene ups
the ante, grasping a low bar and somersaulting through her arms,
briefly hanging with her dress in the small of her back and her
bottom on display, before dropping to the sand and standing up.

Anna's blushing display, starts with her climbing the ladder of the
monkey bars two at a time, then pulling herself onto the top and
crawling along to the center.  Then turning sideways, she grabs the
rail beside her knees and drops, swinging back and forth a few times.
With her dress pulled high by her arms stretched above her head, the
hem barely covers her pussy and as it flaps in the breeze of her
motion, I'm treated to tantalisingly brief glimpses of her little
slit.  A few seconds later, she drops to the sand, her knees bending
to take the impact and then falls back onto her hands, her amazingly
mature mound with it's tight young slit on deliberate display for
several seconds before she brings her widespread thighs together and
pushes herself to her feet.  Blushing furiously she turns to watch
what Alison will do.

Alison's lewd display begins with her climbing onto the top of the
monkey bars and straddling them, her tight denim skirt bunched up
around her waist as she humps her way along to the middle.  Then
checking to be sure we are watching, she hooks her legs over one bar,
and lowers herself between it and the next, briefly hanging by her
hands and knees.  Then letting go with her hands she hangs upside
down, her smooth, hairless mound bulging prominently at the junction
of her thighs as she swings back and forth.  Then pulling herself
back up, she somersaults through her arms, and spreads her legs wide
for a couple of seconds before letting go and dropping to the sand.

Rising with a smirk for me, she takes Anna aside, their heads
together as they talk, punctuating their whispers with, wicked little
giggles on Alison's part and embarrassed ones on Anna's.  I worry for
a bit that Alison might spill the beans, but though Anna does throw a
few looks my way, they are those of a little girl making sure they
are not being overheard and I decide that Alison will be discreet.
Well sort of discreet anyway.

Taking a pouting Rene by the hand, I lead her over to where a flying
fox, runs between two platforms and lift her onto the higher of the
two.  Climbing onto the lower one, I throw the handle up to where she
can catch it.  As she reaches up to grasp the handhold, her dress
rides up, revealing a tiny hint of her puffy little slit.  With a
wild yell, she throws herself from the platform.  As her full weight
falls onto her arms, her dress rides even higher, the hem level with
the top of her slit.  She slides down the gently inclined rail with
increasing speed until she reaches the bottom, then as the handle
comes to an abrupt halt, she continues forwards, falling into my arms
with a happy shriek.

Giving her bottom a quick squeeze under her dress, I lift her back to
the handle and give her a push up to the other platform where Alison
catches her.  Then taking hold of the handle herself, Alison throws
herself at me as hard as she can, lifting her legs high and wide as
she rushes towards me.

Not wanting to wear one of those flying feet, I quickly move between
them and she hits me high in the chest, the impact knocking me over
backwards.  Looking down at me from her seat astride my chest, she
giggles and rises to her knees and then stands, the white flesh of
her sweet, young pussy starkly visible in the shadows beneath her

As I prepare to push her back up to the other platform, I take a
handful of her bottom, sliding my thumb under the short hem of her
skirt and briefly rubbing it along the damp crease between her legs,
making her squeal and push back against me.  I caress her little
pussy for a few seconds, coating my thumb with her juices, then send
her on her way up to the younger girls.

While Anna's attention is diverted by catching Alison, I quickly lick
the sweet nectar of Alison's pussy juices from my thumb and take up
station, sitting right on the edge of the platform, squarely beneath
the rail.

As she shoves off, Anna too, lifts her legs and parts them, giving me
a perfect view of her little pussy as she rushes towards me, but this
time I am better prepared for the impact, catching her in my arms and
lowering her to my lap, where the solid lump of my erect prick
presses against her pussy through the thick material of my jeans.  It
takes her a few seconds to realise what is pressing against her and
when she does, she blushes prettily and quickly pulls herself to her

Not wanting to scare her, I send her back with a simple push on the
bottom and wait for her to hand over the handle to Rene.  As soon as
Rene is on her way, Anna goes into a huddle with Alison, their
glances in my direction, making it obvious that she is telling the
bigger girl about feeling my cock.  A second later Rene thumps into
my chest and slides down into my lap, my hands cupping the warm
globes of her bare little bottom beneath her skirt.  I give them a
quick squeeze, pulling her against me and gently rocking her up and
down a few times, making her giggle.  I then lift her up and shove
her back towards the other girls.

This time around, I manage to withstand the considerable impact of
Alison thumping into me and remain upright as she slides down into my
lap, where she briefly rubs herself against me, then with a wicked
smile, she places her hand in my lap and gives my cock a quick
squeeze as she pushes herself upright.  When she turns to grasp the
handle of the flying fox and I lift my hand to fondle her wet little
pussy, she thrusts her bum back at me, impaling herself on my thumb
with a soft squeak.  After giving her tight little cunt a couple of
quick pokes with my thumb, I suck my thumb clean behind her back,
savouring the sweet ambrosial taste of her sexual fluids, then send
her on her way.

As Anna comes flying towards me, I see Alison say something to Rene
and decide that this will be the last time, as the look Rene gives
me, makes me shudder to think what she might do to top her sister.

A moment later, Anna makes it definite.  As she approaches with a
wild whoop, she lifts her legs too high and they go either side of my
head.  Catching her with my hands about her waist, I allow myself to
fall backwards, adsorbing the momentum of her impact with my arms.  I
finish with her sitting on my face, her little pussy against my lips.
As I lift her from me, I can't resist blowing a zoober into her skin
at the point where her prominent mound begins to curve outwards from
her belly, just above her slit.

With a wild, giggling squeal, she rolls to one side and I worry that
I've scared her, but when I sit up, I find her sitting with her back
to the other girls as she inspects her pussy.  She blushes when she
notices me watching, but instead of covering up, she points at her
fat clit, rubbing it gently with her fingertip as she whispers, "That
made me feel all tingly right here."

"Did you like it?"  I ask.

"Uh-huh," she nods, continuing to rub her clit, "and rubbing it like
this makes it feel even better."

"Well, you'd better stop it now."  I say, "You can try it some more

Waving at the other two to join us, I jump down from the platform and
swing Anna in a big circle as I lift her down.  Big mistake, Rene
comes flying up to me begging me to swing her around too.  Laughing,
I take her and Anna by the hand and lead them out onto a soft grassy
spot.  Then waving Anna back, I slip my hands under Rene's arms from
behind and clasp them across her chest.

Lifting her feet off the ground I start spinning faster and faster,
until her feet are aimed at the horizon and she squeals with delight.
When I slow down and release her, she takes two staggering steps
then falls in a heap.  She tries to stand up several times, giggling
wildly as she falls back to the turf over and over again.  Finally
she gives up and rolls onto her back, her eyes rolling in her head as
she stares up at the spinning clouds, unconcerned that her dress is
bunched up above her waist.

Giving me little time to recover, Anna claims her turn, pulling my
hands under her arms and putting them together in front of her chest.
Smiling at her enthusiasm, I entwine my fingers and start spinning.
When I release her thirty seconds later, she doesn't even manage a
single step before collapsing on top of Rene with a giggle.

Waving Alison away, I lean forwards, my hands on my knees as I
recover my breath and sense of balance.  When I do straighten up, she
immediately places her wrists in my hands, and asks me to spin her
that way.  Groaning, I start turning slowly, with her taking a few
running steps before she lifts her legs from the ground.  As I pick
up speed, I lean back, spinning faster and faster until I'm almost
stumbling over my own feet.

A few seconds later I start slowing down until her toes brush the
grass.  Pulling her knees up a little she twists, trying to get her
feet under her as she comes in for a landing.  A moment later, she
deliberately digs her heels into the turf, tumbling to the ground,
shrieking as she pulls me down on top of her.

Laughing, I start attacking her ribs, tickling her unmercifully in
revenge.  As she squirms, her shirt pulls from her skirt, exposing a
widening expanse of lightly tanned skin.  Then as soon as her cute
little belly button comes into view, I press my lips to it and blow
hard.  Shrieking loudly, she brings her knees up, trying to protect
her belly from my assault, but I'm too quick for her.  Slipping my
hands beneath her, I hold her pressed to my lips as I blow zoober
after zoober into her belly button, not stopping until her struggles
weaken and she begins to gasp for breath.

Sitting back, I look down on her.  As she lies gaping like a goldfish
trying to draw air into her tortured lungs, I notice that her shirt
has ridden up under her arms and her skirt has rucked up around her
waist.  I let her recover for a little while, then pinning her flat,
I blow three last zoobers, one each on her puffy titty mounds and a
final sustained blast at the top of her mound, right over her clit.
This last making her arch her back and force her sweet little pussy
hard against my lips.

When I look up, I meet Rene's wide eyed stare, while beside her Anna
just smiles, her hand gently rubbing her mound through the fabric of
her dress as she remembers the sensation a similar treatment had
induced in her own pussy.  Below me, Alison gives me a curious little
smirk as she rearranges her clothes.

"Well I don't know about you lot," I say, slowly pushing myself to my
feet, "but I'm pooped."

Leaving them to do as they wish, I only slightly exaggerate my
stagger as I make my way over to the blanket and sit down.  Pulling a
half empty bottle of Fanta from the ice in the esky, I take a long
pull.  As I lower the bottle, Rene snatches it from my grasp and
takes a drink, before passing it on to Anna, who in turn passes it on
to Alison, who drains the last couple of mouthfuls and tosses the
bottle onto the blanket.

Then turning to me, she asks, "Can Anna come home with us and play in
the spa?"  Her request, echoed in the pleading eyes of the other two

"I don't know."  I reply slowly, "I think her mother wants her to go
and visit her dad in the hospital."

"No, she doesn't," Anna says, "I have to stay outside with the

"Come on let's ask her then."  Alison says, grabbing my hand and
trying to tug me to my feet.  A moment later Rene and Anna take hold
of my other hand and I allow them to pull me to my feet.

But when they try to lead me towards the bike track, I hold back,
saying, "Let's get packed up here first and then I'll drive us

They're so eager to get going, that in less than a minute they have
the rubbish stuffed in the bin, and everything else packed away.  As
Alison and Anna start hauling the esky across the grass I ask, "Hey,
haven't you forgotten something?"

As they turn back to me, I extract their knickers from my bag and
hold them up.  Giggling they leave the esky and take their undies
from my hand.  Then after they have slipped them on, I suggest that
they leave the esky to me and concentrate on the rest.  A minute
later, after giving Anna her splinter, I slam the boot and bundle
them into the back seat.

Almost before the car has stopped, they tumble out of the car and are
flying up the drive towards the caravan, only at the last minute, do
they remember the baby and come to a sudden halt as they wait for me
to catch up.

Chapter 19 - Anna Joins In.

Carefully opening the door, Anna leads the way inside, then her
patience exhausted, the words tumble from her lips as she asks, "Can
I go and have a spa with Alison and Rene, please Mummy."

"What was that, Anna?"  asks her mother.

Realising that Jean had been asleep, I stop with my foot on the step.

"Can I go to Alison and Rene's place and have a spa with them.
Please?"  she asks, making me smile at just how much wheedling she
manages to squeeze into that last word.

"What?  Where's Greg?"  Jean asks, still not quite with it.

"I'm out here."  I reply, "Can I come in?"

"Of course, come in."  she replies.  Then as I step up into the van
she says, "I guess I didn't realise, just how much the last couple of
days took out of me.  What's this Anna's saying?"

"Alison invited her over to play in the spa with her."  I explain, "I
suggested that you might want her back, but they insisted we ask you

"Well, I wouldn't want to impose on you any further, you've done so
much for me already, but she does get pretty bored waiting at the
nurses station, while I visit Sean.  They've still got him pretty
well doped up and I don't want her to see him like that."  she

"But if It's ok with you, I guess she can go.  There is one problem
though, she doesn't have a suit.  She grew out of her last one, and
with summer over, I haven't bothered to get her another."

"That's all right," I answer before Alison or Rene say why she won't
need one, "She can wear a pair of knickers and a t-shirt.  Or we
might be able to find an old suit of Alison's."

Anna emits a single shrill, squeal of delight, then remembering her
sleeping brother, she slaps her hand across her mouth.  "Sorry
Mummy."  she mumbles.

Her eyes twinkling, Jean says, "That's all right.  Now let's find you
something to wear."

"Can she have tea with us too?"  Rene asks, "It's pizza."

"I guess so."  Jean laughs, picking up her purse.  Handing me a ten
dollar note, she says, "Here, this should cover her share and get
them all an ice cream each too."

"Come on you."  she turns to her daughter, let's get some clean
clothes on you.

As Anna protests, "I'm not a baby, Mummy!"  Jean takes hold of the
hem of Anna's dress and strips it off her.

"What did you do to yourself this time?"  Jean asks resignedly,
noticing the handkerchief tied around her daughter's leg.

"Jumped off the see-saw and I got a splinter, see."  Anna answers,
taking the dress from her mother and rummaging through the pockets
for her souvenir.

"That's a beauty."  Jean says appreciatively, admiring the splinter
in it's bag.  "Just what were you doing jumping off the see-saw

"Trying to dump me."  I answer with a laugh.

"Oh you didn't?"  Jean cries in a shocked voice.

"Well I think it was Alison's idea, and because Anna was stuck
between the other two she got what Alison should have."  I say in
Anna's defence.

"Well let's have a look at it?"  Jean says, removing the
handkerchief.  "Oh, you did do a good job.  Turning her daughter
around to inspect the scrape, which continues around onto the back of
her leg, she says, "These just wont do at all.  Just what have you
been sitting in."

Thinking, 'Those knickers were clean when I gave them back.' I have a
quick look.  Obviously in an attempt to show that she had not had her
knickers off, Anna has rubbed dirt into the seat of her knickers
while we were packing.

"Well let's get these off."  Jean says, grasping the waistband of her
daughter's knickers.

"But he'll see my, my... thingy."  Anna protests, waving her hand
vaguely as she trails off into silence, a sweet blush suffusing her

"Don't be silly child," Jean chides, "you're much too young to worry
about that sort of nonsense.  Now hold still."

"Ouch!"  Anna cries as her mother scrapes the leg band of her
knickers over the graze on her leg.

"Sorry."  Jean says contritely, "Now you wait there while I get you
some clean clothes."

As her mother turns her back and moves towards the other end of the
van, Anna smiles naughtily and drags her finger along the length of
her slit, then schools her expression as her mother returns with a
blue and white striped, cotton, print dress, a blue cable knit jumper
and another pair of plain white knickers.

Laying the dress and jumper on the table, Jean helps her daughter
into the knickers.  After, she has slipped the dress and jumper on,
she wets a cloth at the sink, and scrubs her protesting daughter's
face and then drags a hairbrush through her daughter's curls.

"There, now you won't embarrass me."  Jean tells her daughter as she
steps back to survey her handiwork.

"What time do you want me to bring her back?"  I ask.

"You don't have to do that."  Jean protests, "I can pick her up."

"Nonsense," I say, "you've got a baby and a husband in the hospital
to worry about, Now what time?"

"Well, if you're going to be like that."  Jean huffs, smiling to take
the sting out of it, "Is eight too late."

"No that's fine."  I say.

We exchange phone numbers, and she gives me a bag containing a towel,
T-shirt and another pair of knickers for Anna.  Then with a kiss
goodbye and an admonishment to be good, Jean entrusts her daughter to
my care.

A minute later we are on our way.  In the rearview mirror I notice
Anna and Alison have their heads together and I overhear snatches of
their conversation.  "... even better ... Mummy might have caught me."

"I know, ... it ...s good ... get caught."

 "... think he might let me see it?"

At this point Rene pipes up, and in a low but clearly audible voice
she says, "Yeah, and you can touch it too.  It feels really neat."

Both bigger girls gasp and glance in my direction, so I pretend not
to have heard Rene's words and as the cat's out of the bag, I am
curious to hear what Anna has to say to this.  A few seconds later,
once they are sure that I have not heard, they continue and because
they think I can't hear them, their voices are slightly louder as
they include Rene in the conversation.

"Wow what's it like?"  Anna asks.

"Well it's like your brother's but a lot bigger of course and it's
got lots of hair like his beard around it."  Alison answers.

"I know that much!"  Anna says scornfully, "What's it feel like?
Mummy hit me when I tried to touch Robert's."

"Really funny," Rene says, "It's like it's got a bone in it, but you
can still bend it a bit.  It's really soft on the outside and the
skin moves up and down too so it covers up the purple bit on the end."

"Hey Robert's isn't like that."  Anna says, "his is all floppy and
the end isn't purple either."

"Oh, his is like that too most of the time.  But remember what you
said on the flying fox?  It gets hard like that when he looks at our
pussies and when we rub it."

The conversation has to stop at this point, as we are nearly home.  I
stop at the milkbar and followed by all three girls, I enter the
shop.  The girl behind the counter is the same one who had served us
the day before and she raises her eyebrow at the addition to our

"I'm collecting little girls."  I say with a straight face, "Have you
got any you want to get rid of?"

"Well I do have a little sister, who can be a real pain in the butt
sometimes," she laughs, "but I think I'll keep her, Mum might not
understand.  What can I do you for?"

"Oh, you could normally 'do' me for nothing," I laugh and wave my arm
encompassing the three girls clustered around the freezer, "but I'm
already taken.  So you'll have to settle for selling me four ice
creams and a carton of milk."

"Ooh, you are saucy."  she giggles; a perfect imitation of the big
breasted young blonde from the 'Carry On' movies.

Rene having decided that the side of the freezer will not become
transparent, no matter how hard she stares at it, makes a bee line
for the lolly counter.  Scragging her by the back of the collar as
she passes me, I guide her back to the freezer and lift her up so she
can make a selection.

After paying the girl and confiscating the ice creams for her to put
in a bag, I entrust Rene with the important job of carrying it until
we get home.  Then saying goodbye, we take our leave.

"Hurry up and light the heater."  Alison says almost as soon as the
door closes.

"Why?"  I ask.

"So we don't have to put our clothes back on when we get out of the
spa, silly."  she answers with a grin.

"But we have a guest."  I tease, "You can't just run around without
any clothes on."

"But what about the spa?"  she asks.

"You'll just have to wear a T-shirt with your bathers since I haven't
fixed the top yet."

"You mean we have to wear clothes?"  Anna asks in dismay, "I wanted
to see your penis thingy."  She then slaps her hand over her mouth,
"Oh, don't tell Mummy I said that."

"Don't worry I won't," I reassure her, "and I was only teasing.  If
you want to run about without any clothes on, you can."

"What about you?"  she asks.

"Me too, I guess, but you can't tell anybody either."  I say,
winking, making it a joint conspiracy.  "Not even your best friend,
because she might tell somebody, who might tell somebody else, who
tells your mummy."

"Ok," she winks back grinning.

Kneeling down in front of the heater, I sort out the instructions and
get it lit.  When I turn back, I find myself face to face with three
bare naked little girls, cheesy grins plastered across their faces,
though Anna's is a trifle selfconscious and her cheeks are flaming.

"It's your turn now."  she giggles.

"Why don't you put the ice creams in the freezer first."  I say,
"We'll have them after our pizza."  Like a shot, Rene snatches up the
bag, disappears into the kitchen and returns almost before I can draw
my breath.

Grinning at her eagerness to show me off to her new friend, I quickly
strip down to my jocks, tossing my clothes on the pile they had
begun.  I stop with my thumbs in the waistband and ask, "Would you
like to take them off Anna?"

Nodding slowly, she steps forward and takes hold of the sides of my
jocks and with a quick yank, pulls them down to my knees and lets
them fall to the floor.  As I step out of them, we both take a step
backwards, she with her eyes locked solidly on my dangling member.

"Oh!"  she gasps, "It's dangly."  As I feel her eyes boring into my
groin, my cock begins to rise, "Oh wow, It's getting bigger."

"That's because you're staring at him," I tell her, "and he's
standing up to have a look at you."

"Can I have a closer look?"  she asks.

"Of course."  I say.

In complete contrast to Alison and Rene's broad grins, Anna's face is
very serious, her little forehead furrowed in concentration as she
steps forward and bends over to bring her face closer to my still
growing member.  She starts to bring her hand up, then snatches it
away and clasps it in the other behind her back.

"You can touch it if you want."  I tell her.

"Can I!"  she says excitedly, "Mummy yelled at me and called me a
nasty little girl when I tried to touch Robert's.  I only wanted to
see what it felt like."  She finishes on a slightly plaintive note.

"Well I'm not your mummy," I say, "If you want to learn about boys
with me, you can, but only if you want to and you're not just doing
it because you think these two will think you are a baby."

"Oh, I want to."  she breathes fervently.

Slowly, almost hesitantly, she brings her little fingers up to
lightly brush along the length of my shaft.  Her delicate, feather
light, touch being all that it takes to bring me to full hardness.
"Oh, it is soft!"  she exclaims in surprise, "And it's warm too."

"Gently there."  I warn as she moves her hand down to cup my balls,
hefting them in the palm of her hand.

"What are they?"  she asks.

"They're my balls."  I tell her, "They make my sperm."

"What's that?"  she asks.

"It's yummy."  Rene says.

"It's this white cream that squirts out of his penis after you suck
on it for a while."  Alison explains.

Anna whirls to stare at the two grinning imps behind her.  "You suck
on his penis?"  she cries appalled, "That's where his pee comes out!"

I give Alison and Rene a suppressing look, saying, "It's ok.  Anna,
it's totally different to pee.  Let's get in the spa and I'll explain
it too you."

"Ok," she agrees.

As soon as I step into the gently roiling water and sit down, Alison
and Rene begin to scuffle over my lap.  "Hey you two, stop it.
Anna's our guest and she gets first choice."  Turning my head to look
up at her, still standing on the rim of the spa, I ask, "Would you
like to sit on my knee?"

"Uh-huh."  she nods.

Taking her hand in mine, I help her step down into the water, and
help her sit sideways in my lap, so that she can look up into my
face.  Once she is settled, her head on my right shoulder and my
right hand lightly clasping her upper thigh, with my other hand, I
lightly caress her legs from knee to ankle as I ask, "Has your mummy
told you anything about where Robert came from?"

"She said he was in her tummy," Anna says quietly, "and that was why
she got fat for a while, but when I asked how he got in there she
said that was a bad question and if I ever asked again she'd make me
bite the soap."

"What does 'bite the soap' mean?"  Rene asks curiously ceasing her
friendly tussling with her sister.

"If I say something bad, she makes me bite into a piece of soap."
Anna explains.

"You mean like 'fuck'?"  Rene asks.

The expression on Anna's face is a mixture of shock and fear as she
looks up into my eyes to see what I will do.  When I smile
reassuringly, she nods "Yes" to Rene.

Grinning, Rene begins a litany of obscenities, "Cock, dick, cunt,
pussy, shit, arsehole..."  her grin widening as Anna flinches
slightly under the impact of each forbidden word.

"Enough!"  I say sharply, "I think she gets the picture."  Looking
down at Anna, I gently say, "Ignore the little slut, she's only
showing off.  This morning, she was calling my penis a doodle."

"You mean those words aren't bad?"  she asks.

"No, not really."  I answer slowly, "It's more how you use them and
who you say them to.  You have to be really careful who you say them
to though, because most people don't think little girls should know
what they mean.  And you shouldn't teach them to your friends,
because if they say you taught them, then your mummy might hear about
it and she'd go and get the soap."

"Does that mean I should wait until I hear someone else say them
first before I use them?"  she asks.

"Exactly!"  I say approvingly, "Unless of course it's someone like
your Daddy, when he hit's his thumb with a hammer."

"Uh-huh.", she nods seriously, then asks, "Are you going to tell me
about babies now?"

"Sure."  I say, "Ok, you know a baby grows inside a woman's tummy.
Well it gets made when a man's sperm, joins up with a tiny little egg
inside her, and that egg start's growing until nine months later, the
baby is born."

"How does the sperm join with the egg if it's in her tummy?"  she
asks, "Does she swallow it?  Does that mean Alison and Rene are going
to have babies?"

Both of the little girls sitting opposite us giggle madly, their
mouths, which they had opened to say something snapping shut as I
give them a withering look.

"No."  I answer, giving her a reassuring hug, as she begins to look a
little hurt by their amusement at her ignorance, "First of all, you
are all too young to have babies, though Alison's body is nearly
ready.  And second, the baby doesn't actually grow inside a woman's
stomach, it grows in a special place called the uterus which is at
the bottom of her tummy, here."  I trace a small upside down triangle
just below Anna's belly button.

"Would you spread your legs a little bit?"  I ask, gently pushing
against her right knee.

Without resistance, she allows me to push her knees apart, allowing
me access to her most intimate recesses.  I begin to slowly slide my
hand up between her thighs, giving her plenty of time to object or
stop me.  She looks up at me trustingly, not even twitching as my
finger comes into contact with the tightly closed lips of her well
developed cunt.

"Here," I say lightly touching her at the base of her slit, "this is
where the sperm goes in.  You know there's a hole here don't you?"

She nods and murmurs "yes."

"Well it's called a vagina, it goes up inside you and it's connected
to your uterus.  A man puts his penis inside it and after a while he
squirts his sperm."

"You said it was called 'semen'."  Alison objects pedantically.

"Don't be a smarty pants."  I say, "I'm trying to make this easy for
her to understand."

Turning back to Anna, I continue, "As miss smarty pants over there
just pointed out, the creamy stuff that comes out of a man's penis is
actually called semen and it's full of the sperm that his balls make.
Do you understand what I've said so far?"

"I think so."  she says in doubtful tones, "But isn't that where I
pee out of?"

"No," I say, "The place you pee from is further up."  I gently pry
her pussy lips apart and touch her over her urethral opening,
tickling it with my finger tip.  "Here, this is where you pee from."
I then slowly drag my fingertip a little lower and press against the
tight little opening to her vagina.  "Your vagina is down here."

Her lips part slightly, and her breathing quickens slightly at the
intimate touch.  "But how can your penis fit in there?  That's a very
little hole."

"It stretches a lot."  I tell her, silencing, Alison and Rene with a
glance as they open their mouths to speak.  "It's got to, because
that's also where the baby comes out once it's ready."

As I speak, I gently circle her vaginal entrance with the tip of my
little finger.  Ever so slowly, I feel the muscles puckering the skin
relax and as I press inwards, it gives way and allows my finger to
slowly enter her body, slipping into a warm, extremely tight, sheath,
which is surprisingly slippery.

"Ooh!"  she says, her voice little more than a soft exhalation.
"Your finger's going into me."

"How does it feel?"  I ask gently, stilling my finger, with less than
half of the first joint inside her.

"Sort of funny."  she says, "Like your finger is filling me up."  Her
little face takes on a look of extreme concentration as she considers
the sensation of having her pussy penetrated for the very first time.
A few seconds later, she smiles up at me, "I like it, it's nice."

Encouraged by her trusting acceptance of my digital penetration of
her immature vagina, I pull my finger out and gently reinsert it,
pushing a little deeper.  Then with slow, gentle strokes, I slide my
finger in and out of her tiny vagina, penetrating a little further
each time until the tip of my little finger brushes against the thin,
delicate membrane of her hymen.

"Oh, don't stop."  she says in disappointment as I withdraw my
finger.  "That felt nice."  then, "Ooh!"  as I try my middle finger.

There is a little more resistance to the larger intruder, but her
happy smile never wavers as the tight ring of muscle surrounding her
vaginal entrance dilates and allows the entry of my much thicker
middle finger.  sighing contentedly, she opens her legs further and
wriggles into a more comfortable position against my chest.

Ever so gently, I explore the gossamer thin tissue of her maidenhead,
wishing that I had more time with her, enough time that I might be
able to make love to her properly.  But with only a few hours before
I have to take her back to her mother, I limit myself to a gentle
finger fucking of the outermost inch or so of her tight, slick vagina.

Her sweet exhalations, wafts warmly over my face as I look down at
her, her eyes closed in contentment, her breath sighing from moist,
slightly parted lips.  Unable to resist their allure, I lightly brush
them with my lips, gently kissing her.

Her eyes open as I pull back and the corners of her mouth turn up in
a smile, filled with love and complete trust.  "Mmmm, that's nice."
she murmurs, contentedly.

"I want to see her have an orgasm."  Rene says eagerly, disturbing
the mood.

"What's that?"  Anna asks, her eyes filling with curiosity.

"It's the best thing in the whole world."  Rene enthuses expansively.
"It's like all your insides just explode."

"Huh?"  Anna's eyes widen apprehensively.

"It's all right," Rene quickly reassures her new friend, "I was
scared too, really scared, but Greg made it all right.  He won't let
you fall either."

"Fall?"  Anna asks confusedly, "Does he drop you."

"No, silly."  Rene giggles, "But when he does it to you, it feels
like you're going higher and higher and higher on the swing and then
when it happens, you feel like you're falling really, really fast but
you never hit the ground, and when it's over, it's like you're
floating on the softest, dreamiest cloud ever."

Anna's eyes question me and I nod, saying, "A little confused, but
that's about it.  But if you want me to do it, we should wait until
after tea and do it on a bed or the couch, so I can see what I'm
doing properly and we can take our time.  Why don't we just play in
the spa for a little while and then I'll order the pizza, ok?"

"Ok," she nods reluctant agreement.

Slipping my finger from her vagina, I quickly lift it from the water
and taste of her sweetness for the first time.  Even diluted by the
waters of the spa, her juices have a flavour that set's my cock
twitching against her hip.  "Mmmm, you taste good."  I say.

"Isn't that yucky?"  she asks staring at my finger.

"Nope," I grin, "It's yum.  Isn't that right girls?"

Both Alison and Rene nod eager agreement.  "It's better than
strawberry ice cream."  Rene adds enthusiastically.

"Really?"  Anna asks, a little disbelievingly.

"Really."  I confirm.  "Anyway enough of that for now."  I say,
lifting her in my arms and blowing a zoober into her belly.  I then
drop her, giggling and wriggling, into the water.

Then when she rises, sputtering wildly, I splash her in the face,
being careful to send most of the water past her at the other two
girls.  Yelling dire threats at me, all three of them start sweeping
great sheets of water in my direction.  I endure the inundation for a
few seconds then slide from my seat and sit on the bottom in the
center of the spa.

Seconds later, cool bubbles of air tickle my balls and arsehole as
one of the girls starts the blower.  Waving my arms about, I feel for
their ankles, but the little shits are standing on the seats, where
they know I don't dare pull them under, so I curl my legs under me
and rise with a roar that sets them squealing with mock fright.

Standing on the seat directly in front of me is Alison, so I sweep
her up in my arms and pull her shrieking delightedly to my chest.
"You look like a tasty little girl," I say in a gurgling voice, "I am
going to take you to my grotto beneath the waves, where I'm going to
eat you up."

"Oh save me, save me."  she cries, sounding anything but terrified.

"No, you can't eat my sister."  Rene cries taking hold of one of
Alison's flailing arms and pulling feebly.

"No, No, don't eat her."  Anna yells, getting into the act and taking
the other arm.

"No one escapes the creature from the black lagoon."  I gurgle,
slowly sinking beneath the roiling surface, taking my wriggling
victim with me.

Rolling to break the younger girl's grip, I shift my hands and move
her until I can press my lips to one of the tiny mounds sprouting
from Alison's chest.  She tenses at the contact, expecting a zoober,
but instead of blowing, I open my mouth wide and make munching
motions over her tiny titty, flicking the tip of my tongue back and
forth over the rapidly erecting nipple.

A few seconds after I begin munching on the other nipple, she pulls
away, seeking release.  I allow my hands to slide down over her hips
to her upper thighs as she stands on my legs and press my mouth over
her mounds munching and licking at her young pussy.  I feel, more
than hear her excited squeal, as my tongue, pushes between her labia
and flicks over her stiffening clit.

Then, needing breath myself, I push her off my legs and rise to the
surface, finding myself nose to nose with my next willing victim.
Grinning back at her, I draw a deep breath and wrap my arms about
Rene, pulling her under the roiling water.  Giving each of her tiny,
pink nipples a quick flick with my tongue, I trail down over her
belly to the fat little mound between her widespread legs.  Opening
my mouth wide, I engulf her plump, young pussy and munch and lick
until she let's me know she has run out of air.

Releasing her and rising to the surface, I turn towards my final
victim and find her blushing and giggling as she struggles weakly in
Alison's arms.  As I take hold of her, her blush deepens and she goes
totally limp and quiet.

Guessing that Anna would probably try to drown herself if I took her
below the bubbling water and started mouthing her pussy, I stretch
her out on the surface to chow down on the third grader's slim body.
Beginning at her fingers, I open my mouth wide and engulf most of her
hand.  I then make my way, noisily, up her arm, making her squirm a
little and giggle at the smacking sounds I make.

When I reach her shoulder, I transfer my attention to her face,
feeling the heat of her flush on my tongue as I nibble and lick at
her cheek.  Playfully, I suck on her little nose, nibbling the tip
for a few seconds, revelling in the sound of her happy giggles,
before moving on to her sweet red lips.

I find them waiting for me, slightly parted with the dying echoes of
her mirth.  Gently, I suck one of her lips between mine, kissing her
softly, sensuously.  Not wanting to possibly scare her with a deeper
kiss, I flick her lips with the tip of my tongue as I pull away and
gently bite down on her upthrust chin.

Her head is tilted back to expose her thin throat and as I move
lower, I take her windpipe between my teeth, feeling her shudder
slightly at the contact.  But with surprising trust, she does not try
to force me away with her chin, instead she tilts her head further
back, giving me even greater access to her vulnerable throat.

Ever lower, I roam further with my teeth and lips, taking each of her
prominent collar bones into my mouth, and gently bite down.  As I
pass over her tiny, undeveloped boobs, I smack my lips as I flick
them with the tip of my tongue, feeling the soft, pink skin crinkle
and tighten under my touch.  With a last flick to the BB sized
nubbins of her nipples, I move on to the bottom of her ribcage, where
she helpfully sucks her stomach in, to allow me to fasten my lips and
teeth around her lowermost ribs.

As I pass over the dimple of her belly button, I can't resist
spearing my tongue into the little slit like depression, making her
buckle in my arms and shriek with girlish laughter.  Shifting my grip
on her slim little body, I take advantage of her folded position to
munch noisily on the heels of her feet and then her toes.  Then as
she unfolds I snack my way up her legs alternating from shin to shin
and then gently bite down on her dimpled knees, where I discover she
is very ticklish.

But all of her laughter disappears when I turn her in my arms and
kneel on the bottom, repositioning her with her legs over my
shoulders.  As I munch my way up the soft skin of her inner thighs
towards her protuberant pussy, she strains to see what I am doing.
Seeing this, Alison moves behind her, supporting her head and

With a final loud "Groumph!"  I engulf her fat mound in it's
entirety, making her squeal with laughter that immediately chokes off
with a gasp, as I drag my tongue from the dimple at the base of her
slit to her clit at the top.  Already beginning to harden under the
influence of the strange new sensations that I have begun to awaken
in her, her clitoris quickly grows to it's full dimensions surprising
me with it's size.

Pulling back, I gaze up between her legs at her hairless slit, which
is now pushed open at the top by a thick, rigid shaft, as wide and as
long as the first joint of my ring finger.  Both Alison and Rene gasp
at the size of the little pricklet that pushes from between Anna's
bald labia and when I look up, I see Alison unconsciously licking her

"Oh!"  Anna squeaks in surprise, "It's never done that before.  How
come it's doing that?"

"Because it's happy."  I say smiling, "It's never happened before,
because it's never been touched properly before."  Lowering my head a
few inches, I give the proudly standing, fleshy shaft a flick with
the tip of my tongue, making her gasp and push her hips up towards my

"Oh!"  she squeaks, "That's nice do it again."

Happy to comply with her wishes, I flick the stubby shaft back and
forth a few times with the tip of my tongue, enjoying her little
squeals and wriggles of pleasure.  Then because I want her first
orgasm to be a special one, not something hastily induced in the spa,
I plant a final kiss on the very tip and pull back lowering her into
the water.

Not knowing the pleasures that I have denied her, she wraps her slim
arms about my neck, and presses her lips to mine in a soft, sweet,
sensuous kiss, pulling back after a timeless two seconds to whisper,
"Thank you."

Whispering "You're welcome."  in return, I playfully snap at her
nose, making her pull back with a happy squeal that knocks Alison
beneath the boiling surface of the water.

Sputtering as she rises, Alison begins to wrestle with Anna, tickling
and dunking her.  A moment later, Rene comes in on the side of her
new friend, making up for her lack of size with ferocity, as the two
of them put Alison on the defensive.  Leaving them to disport
themselves as they please, I sit back on the seat to watch their
play, enjoying the brief glimpses of white or lightly tanned flesh,
that occasionally rise above the roiling surface.

After a minute or so of cheerful, wrestling in which Alison gets
worse than she delivers, they go into a little huddle.  With the
noise of the roaring blower, I can't hear what Alison is saying.  But
it's not too hard to guess, as Rene nods enthusiastically while Anna
shakes her head and glances in my direction.  Alison, though will not
take 'no' for an answer, and becomes more animated, talking and
gesticulating until Anna nods, blushing furiously.  Then with a
wicked grin, Alison submerges herself, while the other two look on,
Rene grinning, Anna blushing furiously.

A second later, I feel the water swirling about my legs and a soft
pair of lips engulf my half hard member as Alison grasps my hips to
hold herself down.  The back of her head briefly appears in the
swirling waters over my lap, then disappears as she bobs back down.
For about half a minute or so, she bobs up and down on my rapidly
hardening cock, her tongue working furiously.  She then surfaces with
a gasp and moves aside for Rene, saying with a grin, "It's our turn
to eat YOU up."

Even as Alison speaks, Rene grasps my raging penis in one hand and
forces her tiny mouth down over the swollen head of my cock, her
tongue pushed against the bottom of her mouth by the thickness of my
shaft.  When she pulls back, the tiny pre-schooler completely removes
her mouth from my prick, then bobs down again, her lips, an
excruciatingly tight ring that rolls down over my sensitive glans,
the tip of her tongue brushing over the fraenum.  Incredibly, this
tiny little girl far surpasses her elder sister, in both duration and
skill, and when she finally does come up for air, she leaves me a
gibbering wreck, my balls aching for release.

As she pulls aside gasping she waves Anna towards me.  Blushing
furiously, the eight year old, steps hesitantly towards me, her
uncertainty prompting me to say, "You don't have to do this if you
don't want too."  But she just shakes her head at my words and
continues to advance, submerging herself as her legs touch my knees.
Her hand grasps my shaft in a light grip and a moment later her lips
brush over the very tip of my cock, making it twitch.  She pulls
back, a bit and lets go in surprise.  Then a moment later secures a
slightly firmer grip and I feel her tongue pass over my fraenum and
on to the winking eye at the end of my prick, the light, feathery
touch, almost enough to set me off.

Finally, gaining confidence as nothing nasty happens, she opens her
jaw wide, and brings her mouth down over my cock, her lips closing
around the shaft as the swollen head of my cock glances off the roof
of her mouth.  Then without moving her head, she begins a baby like
sucking, that is more soothing than arousing and I feel the urgent
need to empty my balls subside.

Chapter 21 - Circus Tricks.

Ten seconds later, she releases my cock and lifts her head above the
surface, smiling broadly.  "How was that?"  she asks.

Not wanting to disappoint her, I say, "It was great.  How did it make
you feel?"

"Naughty," she giggles, "but it also made my tummy feel tingly, like
when you licked my pussy."

"Would you like to taste his creamy stuff?"  Rene asks.

"I don't know."  Anna answers uncertainly.

"I know," Alison says, "You can watch me and Rene and then you can
try it, he squirts lots and lots of time so we can all have some."

"Would you like to do that?"  I ask.

Anna nods hesitantly and Alison orders me to lie down on the deck
beside the spa.  As I do so, holding my upper body up on my elbows,
so that I can watch, she tells Rene to get out of the water and kneel
on the deck beside me.  As she takes her position astride my legs,
leaving Anna kneeling on the seat, Rene takes advantage of the
situation to slip her tight little mouth over my cock.

But once she has herself positioned, Alison takes control, prying
Rene's fingers off my shaft and telling her to let go.  Reluctantly
Rene pulls away and Alison's lips replace hers.  She bobs her head
twice, her tongue pressed against the underside of my shaft then
withdraws and angles my prick towards Anna.

Again Anna opens her jaw wide, not closing her lips around the shaft
until the glans is well within the warm cavern of her mouth and
Alison says, "Not like that Anna, The purple bit's the most
sensitive, especially the wrinkled bit, make your lips touch it there
and lick it with your tongue too."

Nodding, Anna tightens her lips around me as she pulls back, her
tongue pressing upwards against the fraenum as she withdraws.  When
my prick pops free, she asks, "Was that better Greg?"

"You're doing great."  I reassure her, "These two have just had a bit
more practice than you."

Alison aims my prick towards Rene, and this time, before she forces
her tightly ovaled lips over my glans, she flicks at the underside
with the tip of her tongue, making me gasp.  Then, when she forces
her lips over my swollen glans, she makes them even tighter than she
has before, making me groan and stab my hips upwards, forcing my
prick against the back of her throat with a rush and making her gag.

As Rene pulls away, coughing, Alison moves in, swirling her tongue
around the tip of my cock twice, before plunging her head down and
forcing my cock through lips almost as tightly pursed as her little
sister's.  Taking only the head of my prick into her mouth, she
massages the shaft with her hand, sliding the skin up and down over
the iron hard core as she works her tongue over swollen purple glans,
especially against the sensitive underside, and the tiny slit at the

I groan as she releases me with a wet suck and aims my cock towards
Anna's waiting mouth.  Anna almost pushes Alison aside in her
eagerness, her tongue slapping wetly over my glans as she
enthusiastically goes to work.  Then after giving my cock a slippery
coating of saliva, she begins to explore my glans with the tip of her
tongue, tracing the wrinkled skin on the fraenum, tickling the slit
and pushing stiffened tip under the rim of the helmet.

A moment later she encloses the bulbous crown in her mouth and
without preamble, pushes her lips down to the base of my shaft,
taking half of my cock deep into her throat.  The incredible
sensation of her narrow gullet massaging the head of my cock is too
much for me and before I can warn her a massive jet of cum, sears my
guts as it burns through my shaft into her stomach.

Feeling my glans swell in her throat, and the base pulse against her
lips, she tries to pull her mouth off my spasming cock, but before
she can get it all of the way out, I pump a second jet, even more
powerful than the first against the roof of her mouth.  The third
sprays across her upper lip and cheek.

But as Rene moves to take my spouting prick into her mouth, the taste
of my cum registers with Anna and she takes hold of my cock, almost
wrenching it from Alison's hand, and pulls it back to her mouth.
Before she can seal her lips over my fountaining member, I decorate
her face with a fourth viscous, white streamer of cum.  Hungrily, she
takes the remainder of my searing load into her hot little mouth,
holding it on her tongue without swallowing.

As the pleasure/pain of the spasms wracking my body loose their
intensity, and the torrent of semen slows to a trickle, Anna hollows
her cheeks and sucks powerfully, literally pulling the last of the
cum from my body.  Then satisfied that she will get no more from my
wilting prick, Anna sits up with a shit eating grin on her cum
streaked face and opens her mouth, showing us the glutinous, white
mass coating her tongue and the thick pearly strands joining it to
the roof of her mouth.

Taking in the awed and somewhat miffed expressions of the other two
girls, she gulps twice, working the thick, viscous fluid down her
throat and tells them, "Sorry, I changed my mind."  Though her cheeky
grin belies her apology.

When, a few moments later, I have recovered enough to speak, I ask
incredulously, "Where did you learn that trick?"

"What trick?"  she asks, her giggle telling me she knows damned well
what I'm asking her.

"Swallowing my cock, you little shit."  I say grinning.

"At the circus."  she replies, "We went early and I saw the sword
swallower practicing and I snuck away from Mummy and Daddy and
watched him from behind a truck.  He saw me and said I could come out
and watch properly.  He showed me all his swords and he even ate some
fire for me, but he wouldn't tell me how he did that.

"I asked if he'd show me how to swallow the swords and he said 'No.'
but I kept on asking and he said 'Ok.' I could try with a little
practice sword he'd made for his little girl.  I think he thought I'd
be sick and I'd go away.

"He showed me how to tilt my head back and hold the sword and I tried
it, I was nearly sick and he told me I had to sort of swallow while I
was doing it.  I did it again and swallowed the whole thing.  He said
I was better at it than his own little girl and I could keep the

"Then Mummy and Daddy found me and they were a bit mad that I'd run
away, Mummy wanted me to give the sword back but Daddy told her to
let me keep it.  Then the sword swallower told them how good I was
and whispered to Daddy and gave him some free tickets.

"When we went into the circus tent and when it was his turn, he got
me to come out into the ring and I swallowed my sword in front of
everybody and every body cheered and clapped and all my friends who
were at the circus too, saw me and I did it at school for them until
the teacher took my sword away and said I couldn't do it at school
any more.

"But some really big girls in grade six, really pop'lar ones, asked
me if I could do it with a banana so I tried and I could.  Then they
asked me to show them how to do it, so it told them how to hold their
necks straight and swallow when they felt like being sick and they
all did it, and they giggled and said 'Thankyou.' one of them even
said she was going to surprise her daddy after the others were all
gone.  And some of my friend's big sisters, 'Really big girls in high
school'" I can hear the awe in her voice at being noticed by such
exalted personages, "got me to show them too.

"Now I don't even have to swallow any more and I can put things
straight into my throat."  she finishes proudly.  "And I thought
since your thing, uh cock is like a banana I could swallow it too.
Do you think that girl sucks her daddy's cock?  Do you think those
other girls suck on their daddy's cocks too?  Do you think my daddy
would like it if I sucked his?"

"Uh yes," I stammer, "I'm pretty sure she does, and some of the
other's might too, but I'd say most of them would be sucking their
boyfriend's off.  I don't know about your daddy though.  Does he like
watching you swallow your sword?"

"Yeah, he always gets me to do it when he has visitors."  she
answers, "And when Mummy's not there he likes to watch me do it with
bananas too, and when I do it he looks like he's really hungry, you
know like licking his lips and things."

"In that case, yeah he'd probably like it a lot," I say, "but you
can't just offer to do it for him, you'll have to pretend it was
yucky like you thought before you tasted mine."  I pause as a thought
comes to me, "I know, maybe you could say, 'I wish I had some cream
for this banana.' the next time you do it for him."

"Uh-huh."  she nods seriously, then asks, "That's because we can't
let him find out about us, right?"

"That's right."  I answer brushing a cum streaked strand of hair
behind her ear.

"I wonder if that girl fucks her daddy too."  Rene adds.

"What does that mean?"  Anna asks, recognising the naughty word but
not knowing it's meaning.

"That's where he puts his cock in your pussy and slides it in and out
until he squirts inside you."  Rene explains, showing off, but she
then spoils it by adding, "You can watch Greg fuck Alison later and I
wish Mama would come home so he can fuck me too."

"Why?"  Anna ask curiously, not understanding the implications of
Rene's words.

"Because she want's to watch the first time I get fucked."  Rene
answers before I can stop her.

"Your mama knows about you doing things with men?"  Anna asks, her
eyes wide in shock, "Wasn't she mad at you?"

"Yeah, my Mama's cool, she even got Greg to look after us, so he
could fuck me, because she heard my friend Jenny telling me all about
him.  But she didn't know about Rene then.  Greg told Mama about her
this morning after she put these plastic cocks Mamma has in her
pussy.  She was listening too and she spied on Mama and saw where she
hid her plastic cocks and she practiced with them until she can put
bigger things in her pussy than me.  But I've only done things with
Greg."  She concludes her jumbled explanation.

"Why isn't my mummy like that?"  Anna asks.

"Because different people think about sex in different ways."  I say,
"Your Gran probably taught her that sex was bad unless you are
married, or she might have been hurt really bad by a man who didn't
care about her when she was young, so she taught you that sex was bad
too.  Rene's and Alison's mummy knows that sex isn't bad if you do it
with somebody you can really trust, so she lets them do it."

"Oh, what about their daddy?"  she asks.

"He doesn't know and daddies sometimes get very angry with people who
have sex with their little girls."  I answer, "So they're going to
get their mamma to help them.  And that's why you have to pretend you
don't know anything if your daddy does anything with you too."

"But I don't want to wait until Daddy comes home from the hospital,"
Anna complains, "I want you to fuck me now.  I want to see what it's

"I'm sorry honey," I say slipping into the water beside her and
pulling her onto my knee, "I can't because there's this little piece
of skin inside your vagina."  I take her hand in mine and close all
but one of her fingers into a fist.  I guide it down between her legs
as I continue.  "Here, push your finger into your vagina and feel,
but be careful because you don't want to hurt yourself."

She follows my instructions, and a look of wonder crosses her face as
she explores the forbidden territory of her young cunt.  "Ooh!  I can
feel it, it sort of hurts when I push on it.  Why is it there?"

"I think it stops things like poo and dirt going up inside you when
you are a baby.  When you get older that has to be broken before you
can fuck properly and it takes a little while before you can walk
properly afterwards, so your mummy might find out and then we'd all
get into trouble."

"I really wish I could," I say, tightening my hug, and kissing her
cum streaked cheek, "but it's just too dangerous in the little bit of
time we have tonight.  But we can still do other fun things.  Isn't
that right girls?"

"Uh-huh."  they confirm, slipping in on either side of us, and
hugging Anna too.  "We can have lot's of fun."  Rene continues.

"Ok!"  Anna says a little disappointed.

"Now," I say, in more cheerful tones, why don't you three let me out
so I can order the pizza and we'll just have a soak in here until it
comes.  Then after tea we can have some more fun and games.  Ok?"

"Ok," is the threefold response, with Alison pulling Anna onto her
knee and licking one cheek clean of cum.

"Hey!"  Rene cries as Anna giggles and hunches in on herself, "I want
some too."

"Don't bother," Alison says making a face, "it doesn't taste very
nice when it's cold."

"You're a greedy guts."  Rene complains to Anna.

"Well, you'll just have to wait till later won't you?"  I say as I
climb from the water and stand dripping on the deck.

"We can still have fun anyway."  Alison declares, and Anna squeaks a
little as Alison rubs her pussy under the water.

"Don't Alison."  I say, "Lets wait until later, so we can make it
special for her.  Ok?"

"Ok, Meanie."  she replies, then says to Anna, "He made it real
special for me last night.  Now let's wash your face."  she says,
with a mercurial mood change, pushing Anna and her sister into the

Leaving them tussling, I go and order the pizza, and collect my robe
from Alison's room, so I have something to wear to the door.  When I
return to the spa, I find them still fighting playfully, and dumping
my robe by the door I step back into the spa.

Immediately, all three girls turn on me and we spend a fun twenty
minutes or so, dunking and tickling each other and blowing zoobers
whenever and wherever the opportunity present's itself.  Then, just
as I have a happily squealing Rene bent backwards over the edge of
the spa and I am preparing to attack her protruding belly button, the
doorbell rings.

Blowing a zoober on her belly by way of farewell, I get up and slip
my robe and collect some money from my pants in the lounge before
answering the door.  As I hand over the money and take the two flat
boxes from his hands, his eyes widen and his jaw drops as I hear
rapid, thudding footsteps behind me.

Chapter 22 - Tasty Treats.

"Hello mister, have you got our dinner for us?"  Rene asks, stepping
up, to stand naked and dripping, beside me.

"Uh, yeah."  he stammers, fumbling with his change maker.

"We've been playing in the spa."  she informs him innocently.

"Uh, so I see."  he replies, "Um, aren't you cold?"

"No, we've got the fire on.  Is that your car?"  she points towards
the car parked out the front with a huge pig's head bolted to the

"Um, no," he says, fighting to keep his eyes on her face, instead of
a point some eighteen inches lower, "it belongs to my boss, I just
drive it when I deliver pizzas."

"Oh."  she says, her eyes darting about as she looks for a way to
extend the conversation.  After a brief pause, she points to his
change maker and asks "How does that work?"

He demonstrates the spring loaded device for her, removing all of the
coins in one compartment and showing her the spring inside, then
pushes the coins one by one back into place.  About half way through
this, he drop several coins, his eyes looking past me.  I turn to
follow his gaze and see the older two girls returning, now with
towels wrapped about their waists.

"Hello."  they say, stopping to address him.  Alison with her
shoulders thrown back to show off her brand new breasts.

"Uh, hello."  he stammers, allowing another twenty cent piece to slip
from his fingers and bounce ringingly on the concrete of the porch.
The noise of the bouncing coin, seems to bring him to his senses and
he stoops to recover the coins.

"Ok, that's enough Rene."  I say, handing her the pizzas and giving
her a push towards the lounge before she can find another excuse to
delay him further, "We'd better let," I read his nameplate, "Brian
go, he gets paid for each pizza he delivers and we're making him take
too long.  Thanks for the pizzas mate, here you deserve a tip for
putting up with her questions."  I hand him five dollars.

"Bye!"  the girls call out, followed by an embarrassed squeak from

"Bye!"  he calls back over his shoulder and stumbles as he, already
on the path, tries to take a nonexistent step.

As I close the door and turn away, I notice a towel on the floor and
Alison peeking, red faced, around the jamb of the lounge room door.
Giggling she steps out and retrieves her towel, but makes n