WARNING:  The following story is a fictional account of an incestuous
sexual encounter between an adult male and an underage female.  If
you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story offends you,
stop reading now.  I'm serious.

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                          Amanda's Accident

I have always been sexually attracted to childrenn.  Even when I was
but a young teenager myself I'd always gotten a thrill from looking
at, and on rare occasions touching, little kids.  Boys or girls, it
didn't much matter to me as long as they were young and cute.  Not
that I ever had anything against adult women too, I hope you
understand, I was married to a beautifull sexy girl for several years
and loved every minute of fucking her wet little cunt.  My desires
for childrenn never really left me and I knew that sooner or later
I'd just have to start fucking with my son and daughter.  My wife had
died in childbirth, so that only spead the process up a little.

The story I'm about to share with you is about the very first time I
ever touched my daughter sexually.  Hope all of you enjoy hearing
about it as much as we enjoyed doing it.

It was after 11:00pm that night and my darling 7 year old daughter,
Amanda, and I were on our way home from an all day pool party/ Girl
Scout (Amanda was a Brownie at the time) meeting.  I was exhausted,
and more than a little horny from watching my sexy little girl and
her equally sexy little friends go around in nothing but their tight
little bathing suits all day.

It's always amazed me that parents let their little girls go around
in such revealing outfits, but I'm not complaining one bit.  I'd had
a constant hard on all day and had decided that it was high time I
got a piece of my little daughter's hot ass!

Amanda, for her part, was a boundless bundle of energy and endlessly
talking about all the fun she'd had that day and squirming happily in
her seat.  She wasn't only squirming because she was hyper...I'd
planned things carefully and for the last hour before we'd left the
party I'd been pushing the liquids on her.  Soda, cool-aid, water,
whatever...and now it looked like nature had taken it's course and
was doing a real number on my baby's bladder.

"Daddy," Amanda whined at me while wiggling around in her seat.  "I
really need to stop."

I smiled.  Seeing her in so much obvious distress was a real turn on
for me and my cock, which had been stiff all day, grew another inch
and started leaking lube into my pants.

"Why do you need to stop, Punkin."  I asked her kindly and licked my
lips while looking her over.  Amanda's squirming had caused some
interesting shifts in the short Brownie Uniform she had on.  I could
see the full expanse of her right inner thigh as well as a little bit
of the red and blue panties she'd chosen to wear that day.  My
daughter squirmed some more and I knew that, at 7, she wouldn't be
able to control herself for long.

"I need to go."  She blushed shyly.  She was always a little shy
about her bodily functions.

"Go?"  I teased.  I swore I'd make her say it!

Even in the dim interior of the car I could see her turning six
shades of pink and wondered if her hairless little cunt was the same
shade.  Amanda hugged her belly and whimpered with increasing need.

"I need to pee-pee, Daddy."  She looked absolutely stricken.  "Pee-pee
really bad."  As I watched she slid her other hand down between her
slim thighs and clutched her crotch tightly.

I smiled again.  Seeing my own child touching herself like that was
more of a thrill than I had had in awhile.  But It was all going in
order with my plans.

"Okay, Baby,"  I told her, "I'll find a place to stop."  Then I slid
my right hand gently over her thigh and replaced her cunt grasping
hand with my own, rubbing her lightly through her little panties.

"Daddy,"  She gasped in surprise as she felt my fingers caressing her
most private area.  "What are you doing?"

"Just helping you 'Hold It' Punkin."  I replied and slid my hand down
into the waistband to fondle her soft bare pussy skin to skin for the
very first time.  I rubbed her hairless little vulva lightly with my
fingers and heard her gasp as I slid one finger between her still
forming labia to rub her tiny clit in a slow circle.

"Daddy,"  Amanda half moaned while placing her little hand over mine,
"You're touching my privates."

No fool that daughter of mine.

"Does it feel nice, Punkin?"  I asked while letting a knuckle part
her twat lips slightly and feel deeper into her sweat moist vagina.
"Most girls like being touched there, and it'll help you not to pee."

"I need to go bad, Daddy."  Her voice trailed off as I started to rub
her cunt a little harder.  She didn't take her hands off of mine, but
I noticed she'd spread her legs a little wider to give me better

"Daddy sort of has to go too, Baby."  I told her while guiding her
left hand down to the hard lump in my slacks.  "Why don't you hold my
thing for me untill we get to where we can both go."

In spite of herself she gave my cock a gentle squeeze.  It was all I
could do to stay on the road.  I kept up my forbidden touching of my
little girls pussy as the car ate up the miles and fondled her with
every trick I'd ever learned.  I was beside myself with excitement.
The thought of "molesting" my own little girl this way was playing
through my mind and her tiny hand on my cock was adding fuel to the

All of a sudden, Amanda gave a little yelp and bucked her hips
against my hand.  I don't know if she could cum at 7 or not, but
something pleasant happened to her.  She hugged my hand tightly and
squirmed really hard and then...sort of like an out of control bitch
I guess...lost complete control and started to piss uncontrolably in
her panties and all over my hand.

I nearly ran the car into a tree.  Lucky for us the rest area I'd
scouted the day before was just ahead.

I pulled in, shut off the motor and removed my hand from my little
girl's underpants.  I could tell that she was deeply ashamed by her
accident and sought to belay her fears.

"it's okay, Baby."  I told her gently.  "Daddy doesn't mind that you
went pee-pee on his fingers.  You're too sweet to get mad at."

She stared at me.

"In fact," I continued, "Everything about you is sweet, even your
pee."  I raised my hand to my mouth and licked my piss wet fingers,
loving the slightly salty taste of her urine.  "See?"

Amanda gasped a little but just kept staring.  I was getting a little
worried.  My little girl was smart for her age.

"well," I sighed.  "Lets get you cleaned up.  I nodded toward the
bathroom area and Amanda hopped out of the car.  I walked around to
join her and took her little hand in mine as we made the short walk.

"You touched my privates, Daddy."  Amanda whispered and stopped,
turned and looked up at me.  "You rubbed my thing."  She thought a
minute.  "It felt nice though."

"I'm glad, Baby."  I answered honestly.  "I liked doing it to you and
I'll do it again if you want."

She was silent.

I grew more nervous.

We entered the small public bathroom and I lifted my cute, wet, 7
year old up onto a changing table that was mounted against one wall.
I stood between her legs and let my hands run over her hips and
stomach.  I loved feeling her up.

Amanda shuddered.

"Take your panties off, Punkin."  I told her.  "They're all wet from
your accident."

An accident I made happen, I thought to myself and watched as my
daughter wiggled out of her soaked underpants and handed them to me.
I know I should have been more cautious, but at that point I couldn't
resist...I held the wet material to my mouth and licked at the wet

Amanda was still staring at me, but smiled a little.  I think she knew
something vaguely sexual was going on, but after the treatment I'd
just given her little pussy, she was in no mood to complain.

"Amanda, we need to get you cleaned up."  I told her while dropping
her underpants to the counter.

She nodded shyly and spread her legs, giving me a clear view up the
skirt of her Brownie dress at her tender and piss wet little nookie
notch.  I'd looked up the dresses of some of her friends but had
never seen their hairless cunts.  I was so turned on I could barely

"do you remember how nice I made you feel in the car, Sweet heart?"  I
asked, reaching out to stroke her hot, moist slit.

"Yeah, Daddy."  She half moaned and bucked her child trim hips against
my incestuously probing fingers.  "You touched my privates like
you're doin' now."

"I know a way we can clean you off that will feel even better."  I
went on in a voice filled with lust as I used my free hand to spread
her young legs a little wider.  " Do you want me to do it for you?"

She stared at me, thinking hard, her sharper than average young mind
working hard.

"You're doing sex with me, Daddy."  No trace of anger or fear in her
voice, only wonder.

"sort of."  I held my breath and she looked at me for so long I
almost passed out.

"Okay, Daddy.  Show me."  She whispered softly and rubbed against my
fingers.  She looked surprised but happy about her present situation.

I had Amanda lean back on the table and pull her dress up, then I
burried my face between her thighs.  My tongue explored every inch of
her hairless virgin slit, licking her vulva and tiny sex, darting in
between her labia and teasing her small clit, cleaning her and
arousing her at the same time!  I let my tongue dart back to her ass
and lovingly ran my tongue up her slick crack before teasing the
opening of her tight pink anus.

She jumped and bucked at this...later I found her to love anal
attention, just like Todd, my son, but that's another story.  Anyway,
I continued to give Amanda her first wet kiss, either above or below
the waist, and after a very few minutes she bucked against my questing
lips and held my head tightly against her little crotch.

I think that time she had some type of orgasm.

By now my cock was in serious need of some attention and I knew
exactly what it was I wanted.

"Did Daddy make you feel nice, Punkin?"  I said, raising my head from
her damp genitals and kissing her lightly on the mouth.

"Yeah.  I liked it, Daddy."  She giggled and I knew she was being
honest with me.  "Are you going to do it again?"

Typical woman.

"In a little while."  I replied while taking my hard dripping cock
out of my fly and giving her a good look.  "Would you like to make
Daddy feel real good like that, princess?"  I took her hand, wrapped
it around my slippery shaft and pumped her fist up and down the
length.  More hot lube bubbled out the tip and wet her fingers.

Amanda thought about my question, blushed, giggled and then answered.
"You want me to play with your thing, Daddy?"

Hearing her say that nearly made me cum on the spot.  I had other
plans though.

"No, Baby."  I answered.  "I want you to let Daddy put his hard thing
in your mouth and I want you to lick it all over like I did to your
little thing."

"How?"  was her only question, and she asked it with a smile.

I had her squirm around on the changing table untill her feet were
against the wall and her cute blonde head was hanging upside down off
the edge.  I cupped her head tenderly to make sure she wouldn't fall
over backwards.

"Now, open your mouth as wide as you can, Punkin,"  I explained to
her.  "And I'll put my thing in and move it in and out, and while I'm
doing that you lick and suck on it all over as best you can, okay?"

Amanda didn't say a word, she just opened her little mouth and waited
for her first taste of her Daddy's dick.  I wasted no time either.
The table was low enough that in the position she was in I could fuck
her mouth at just the right angle while holding her little head.  I
pushed my stiff 7" into my child's mouth and was delighted when she
started running her tongue around the head.  I had to work hard not
to cum right away, I wanted to enjoy her wet 7 year old mouth for as
long as possible.  I began to fuck Amanda's mouth slowly, going
deeper with every stroke.  My hips were pumping cock into her
slippery gullet and I was listening to the wet slurping sounds coming
from her young throat.  I couldn't get a whole lot of my prick in my
daughter's mouth, but every wet inch I could feel was heaven.

I did ease up a little when I heard her start to gag though.

Let me tell you friends and neighbors, untill you see and feel your
cock sliding in between your own childs widely stretched lips, you
haven't really lived!

Amanda's dress was still bunched up around her hips and the fingers
of my free hand were busy "molesting" (Unfair word, though I love
it.) her aroused little pussy, and teasing her tiny asshole as well.

I pumped my cock in and out of my 7 year old daughter's wet mouth for
several minutes and then pulled out when I realized I was about to
cum.  I didn't want to choke her after all.

Well, Most of me didn't want to see her choke on my load anyway.

I pulled my wet prick out of my little girls slack mouth and
proceeded to jack it off right over her little face.  My first squirt
was so forcefull that the stream of sticky white cum splashed over
her little pussy where I rubbed it into her soft skin.  The next
couple of shots sprayed out and landed on her Brownie Uniform,
looking for all the world like melted ice cream and the last few
drops dripped onto her mouth and down her cheeks.

I've always thought Amanda looked cute with cum dripping off her chin.

Afterwards, we cleaned up as best we could, and enjoyed a bubble bath
together later at home.  We have been having sex fun together...along
with her brother, my son, after awhile... ever since.

                            --- THE END ---

"Amanda's Accident" Copyright By the Author 1999.  All rights reserved. 

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