Amanda and Christine - Deflowering Christine
                          by Chris Cummings

Accepting an invitation to check out her best friend's new hot tub,
Christine and her dad are invited to do even more than that.  


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Author's Note:  The following story is a work of fiction.  It
happened only in my mind.  After reading it, be sure it happens only
in your mind, too.  Children are our most precious gift.  Admire
their natural beauty, and treat them with respect.


Christine was ten, soon to be eleven years old.  She was a tall
slender girl with light blonde hair, which flowed gracefully half way
down her back.  Her closest friend, Amanda, had moved into the house
next door with her mother, Anya, a few months ago.  Amanda was only
two days younger than Christine, and she too, was tall and slender
with long blond hair.

Anya and Amanda came from the Ukraine, and they both spoke English
very well.  Christine was drawn to Amanda shortly after they moved
in.  At first I thought it was the similarity in age, and appearance
that attracted her.  However, I soon learned it was intimately more.
As the two preteens became best friends, they often seemed as one.
Time and again they projected the same feelings, expressions, even
outward appearance, occasionally dressing identically.  They were
certainly best buds, who shared their personal thoughts and concerns
about life as a fifth grader.

When school let out for the Summer, Amanda and Christine grew nearly
inseparable.  Christine and Amanda had established a routine of
sleeping over with each other.  Usually Christine slept at Amanda's,
and occasionally, Amanda was here.  Anya and Amanda shared a king
size bed, and they eagerly welcomed Christine to join them, so
usually Christine chose to sleep over there.

Anya and I discovered we were very much alike: We were both in our
early 30's, divorced, tended to be very outgoing, and we each had a
ten, soon to be eleven year old daughter.  Since our two girls were
such close friends, Anya and I also quickly became aware of our
similar accepting attitudes concerning nudity and exhibitionism.

Although Christine and I often enjoyed being nude in our home and
secluded back yard, Anya and Amanda took nudity to a much higher
level.  Amanda was an exhibitionist who loved to show off her naked
body!  Back in the Ukraine, she was eagerly sought and photographed
by many photographers, and her erotic pictures were featured on
several web sites.  The pictures Anya showed us started when Amanda
was about five years old and gradually progressed until she and Anya
moved here.  Amanda was definitely an exhibitionist, and a beautiful
one at that.  Christine was fascinated with Amanda's photos and
wanted some taken of her, too.

Christine and Amanda listened to and comforted each other over the
sadness and strain of their parents' divorce, which hit both of our
families.  Yet, they eagerly celebrated with outrageous laughs,
whoops and giggles as only preteen girls can.  I particularly enjoyed
their laughter and shrieks, as they showered together, and prepared
for bed.

As puberty began to blossom, so did these two preteen nymphs.  Since
they both grew up with parents who believed it was natural and
enjoyable to be naked, they would often walk about in the privacy of
our homes and back yards, eagerly displaying their nude, lanky,
preteen bodies.  I carefully observed the growing buds on my precious
daughter, sprouting up from her otherwise flat chest.  Amanda too,
proudly revealed signs of emerging hormones, as her nipples began to
swell ever so slightly.

I fondly remember one warm June evening when I was sitting in our
family room, reading the newspaper.

"Daddy, daddy!"  Christine called as she and Amanda burst in through
the sliding door from our back yard.  "Anya's asked us all to check
out their new hot tub!  Come on, daddy, let's go!"

I put down the newspaper and quickly followed those two naked nymphs.

"It's finally here," beamed Anya, as I walked the short distance from
our yard into their adjoining back yard.  "It came this morning and
is all set up.  Let's try it."

Christine and Amanda were already in the hot tub, peering up at us.
"Come on you guys!  Get in!  It's great!"  beckoned Amanda.

Anya climbed in and found a seat next to Amanda.  As I stood admiring
the new hot tub with three beautiful, naked females, my cock swelled.
I paused momentarily, noticing Amanda and Christine sending admiring
smiles my way.  I grinned back, and joined the girls in the bubbling
water as they giggled and poked each other.

"Nice," observed Anya.  She nodded and smiled at my hardness.

"Twenty four jets!"  she announced, "It' has twenty four water jets!
Not twelve like our old one.  Remember the old hot tub Amanda?"

Amanda briefly nodded her head.  She and Christine had both
positioned themselves directly in front of some jets and were letting
the pulsating water massage their tight preteen pussies.  Shrieks of
surprise erupted from their mouths, which was soon followed by sighs
of pleasure.

Anya nodded and smiled at them.  "Yes!  Yes, girls!  Enjoy the good
feeling.  Remember what I taught you."  Then she moved over and sat
next to me.  "This is wonderful!"  She proclaimed."

I smiled at her.  We both lay back, allowing the twenty-four water
jets to pulsate over our bodies, and relax our muscles.  "Yes, it is
wonderful, Anya," I replied.

After a few moments of hearing only the bubbling water, Anya said,
"This is like being back home in the Ukraine.  Relaxing in a hot tub
at the end of a day with my family.  You enjoy it, too?"  she asked.

"Oh yes!  I like this a lot!"  I replied.

"Me too," piped up Christine.  "This is great!"

Amanda added, "Yeah, being with my best friend, her dad, and my mom.
Life is good."

"Just good?"  Queried Anya.  "What would make it better?"

"Having Christine play with me," retorted Amanda, as she poked her
body up above the water, revealing her little nipples directly in
front of Christine.

My heart quickened, and my cock sprang to full attention.

My daughter beamed eagerly, reached out, and began massaging Amanda's
petite breasts.  Amanda, in turn, started petting Christine's.

Anya remarked, "And now it is better, yes?"

"Oh yes!"  purred Amanda and Christine in unison.

"I taught them well," boasted Anya.  "Just like my parents taught me.
Girls, show Joe what you've learned."

As Anya reached over and turned down the bubbling water, the girls
turned up the level of my sexual arousal!

Amanda moved onto a higher seat, and lay back, displaying most of her
firm preteen frame above the water.  Christine slid over and gently
massaged Amanda's budding nipples.  She focused her attention on
Amanda's right breast, and circled it with her fingers.  Then she
switched over to the left side, and repeated the procedure until
Amanda's nipples were both standing tall.  Christine smiled and
placed a kiss on Amanda's cheek and lips.  Then, one at a time, she
gently licked the erect nipples and sucked them.  As she began
sucking, she slid her hands down and started massaging Amanda's
belly.  Amanda eagerly spread her legs and hung them over the side of
the seat to give Christine easy access to her pussy.  I saw Amanda
thrust her hips upward, as Christine's fingers slowly glided over her
tight preteen slit.  This sensual routine continued for a few
minutes.  Then, the girls kissed deeply, and finally switched places.

Now it was Amanda's turn to work on Christine.  Her well-practiced
routine began, and we watched her expert fingers dance over
Christine's breasts, tummy, and tight little crack.  Christine
responded eagerly to the delicate and sensual touch of her partner.
Her breathing was fast and deep.  I heard gasps as Amanda's fingers
eagerly probed into my little girl's virgin pussy.

This sensual arousal was making my heart race.  I'd never before seen
so much sexual excitement between two young girls.  It was a new
experience for me, and I welcomed it wholeheartedly.  Now I
understood why Christine and Amanda spent so much time together.
Anya had taught them the true joy of sex!  This was a dream come
true, and I was ready to join in their fun.

My hand had begun to gently pump my throbbing hard on, as it poked up
out of the water.  "Yes, that's what we all need," purred Anya, as
she stared at my fully erect, eight inch, throbbing penetrator.

"Come," she said, "Let's enjoy their young bodies, too."

"Yeah!"  cheered Christine and Amanda in unison!

Amanda finished fingering Christine's wet pussy, and lay down on the
seat next to her turned on friend.  Anya slid over next to Amanda,
and I moved next to Christine.  I watched as Anya used her fingers to
slowly circle her daughter's budding breasts.

"That feels good!"  announced Amanda.

"Joe, make your daughter feel good too!  She needs her loving daddy

What an invitation!  My cock jumped at the thought of openly playing
with my preteen daughter.  Although Christine and I occasionally
showered together, our limited sexual relationship had been private
up to now.

"Come on, daddy," urged Christine.  "Rub my titties so they feel

"Joe," smiled Anya, "It's good!  Help your daughter enjoy her body
and she'll help you enjoy yours!  Show her how much you love her."

My cock and I both sprang at this invitation.  I gently circled the
tiny buds on my daughter's chest with my fingertips.  Her little
nipples grew hard and erect, popping up a bit more.  Christine
smiled, and moaned blissfully.

"Anya's been showing Amanda and me how to get our bodies to enjoy the
sensual touch of a friend, and this feels so good, daddy!"

"Yeah," beamed Amanda, "And we're getting our pussies ready to cum!"
She announced.

With that, Christine poked her tight little pussy up out of the
water, and I saw a trace of a few emerging hairs sprouting from her
precious mound.

I leaned over and circled Christine's right nipple with my tongue,
then sucked on it, and drew it up into my mouth.  I switched over to
her other breast and repeated the performance.

"You're lucky to have a daddy like Joe," Anya told Christine.  "He
can do you like only a daddy can."

Anya copied my lead, sucking on Amanda's buds, and both girls giggled
with glee.

After a moment of this, I moved my hands down onto Christine's belly.
I gently stroked her firm preteen tummy, and continued my descent
toward her waiting prize.

Christine gasped a breath as my nimble fingers covered her slit.  She
instinctively spread her legs wider, and I lightly traced her crack
with a finger, starting at the top, and slowly sliding down its
entire length, stopping at her cunt hole.  When I gently poked her
pussy hole, she twitched a bit, and thrust her pelvis upward!

Amanda and Anya both stopped their sex play, and moved closer for a
better view of the seduction.

"Watch, Amanda!"  instructed Anya, "Only once can a daddy pluck the
cherry from his little virgin princess like this.  Christine will
remember this forever!"  she whispered with a smile of contentment,
remembering her own daddy doing this with her when she was ten years

My fingers tingled at the touch of Christine's warm, virgin cunt.  I
forced my hand to leave this enchanting treasure and started
massaging her entire body.  I began at her feet and sensually rubbed
her toes and ankles.  Next, I slowly proceeded up her long lanky
legs, over her thighs, and up farther to the waiting treasure of her
young body.  I gently brushed my thumbs against her pussy lips and
stopped.  She squirmed a bit in her seat, and moaned.  "Oh, daddy,
that feels so good!"  She whispered.

Thoughts of my youth flashed through my mind.  I remembered my first
time.  I was fourteen and Carrie was twelve.  Not since then had I
been as sexually excited as I was right now!  Indeed that was a night
to remember.  That was a long time ago, and now I was even more
excited than I was that night.  I was teaching my own preteen
daughter how to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh to their fullest!

Next, I started at the top of her head, and encircled her beautiful
face.  I lightly caressed her forehead, nose, cheeks, ears, mouth,
neck, and shoulders.  My well-practiced fingers continued the sensual
assault on her trembling young body as I slowly drew her attention
down, down her young torso, again stopping at her beautiful tight
preteen pussy.

I repeated my moves, going from her feet up to her pussy, and her
head down to her pussy.  I wanted all of Christine's attention to be
focused on her precious preteen virgin pussy.  The hole of heaven,
her virgin prize!  I wanted her to experience an orgasm she'd
passionately remember forever.

It appeared to be working.  Her slit was getting slippery and she was
thrusting her hips up to meet my fingers as they traced her tight,
young cunt.

Anya watched and whispered to Amanda as the excitement built within
Christine's young body.

Amanda, too, was being turned on by this incredible display of
fatherly love and lust.

Anya started to gently finger Amanda, and Amanda returned the favor
to her mother.

After a few minutes of drawing Christine's attention to her pulsating
pussy, I eagerly moved my hand on top of her cunt, squeezed her
nearly hairless mound and pressed my index finger in to the first
knuckle, noting there was no barrier to stop my penetration.  I felt
her warm pussy lips eagerly grasp my finger.  As I repeated this
provocative massage, Christine's breathing quickened.  I heard
Amanda's breathing match Christine's.

"Help me, Amanda," Instructed Anya, as she moved and grabbed one of
Christine's legs, gently pulling it to the side.  Amanda took hold of
the other leg, and spread it in the opposite direction.  Now,
Christine's entire vagina was fully displayed for the enjoyment of
all.  Amanda stared and took in Christine's fully flushed outer lips,
pink inner folds, and her virgin pussy.

"That's a sight to behold," Announced Anya, as she admired the horny
girl spread before us.  Then she turned toward me and said, "Joe,
THIS is nature's way of making us happy.  Do you feel it?"

"Oh, yes," I replied.  "Yes!"

"Good!"  she said eagerly.  "My loving father did it with me when I
was ten, and I happily remember that experience to this day.  It's so
special!  Show Christine how deep her daddy loves her."

I moved between Christine's spread legs, and placed my mouth a few
inches above her pussy.  I breathed in the sweet aroma of her youth.
It was intoxicating!

Next, I slowly licked her outer lips with the tip of my tongue.  I
let it glide up and down its entire length, and each time it slid in
a bit deeper.

Christine responded with quicker breathing and more forceful
thrusting of her hips.  She was trying to push my tongue deeper into
her wanton crevasse.

I continued to lick her outer pussy lips, circling and slowly moving
my tongue inward.  I found her tiny clit, and circled it with my
tongue.  It too was standing full and hard!  Christine moaned louder,
and humped her pelvis up into my face.  I sucked hard on her clit,
causing her to heave her hips upward.  Next, I pushed my tongue deep
into her cunt, and licked her like a madman.

"It's time, Joe!  Mount your daughter now and give her every inch of
your throbbing love.  Deflower your virgin daughter!  Fill her with
hot daddy love juice!"

My dick was throbbing like never before.  All eyes watched as I
grasped my rock hard cock in my right hand, and eagerly placed its
bulging purple head at the top of Christine's virgin slit.  A few
drops of precum oozed out and dribbled onto Christine's pink pussy
lips.  Since she was held wide open, I could see well into the folds
of her cunt.  There was no hymen in sight!  Christine must have lost
that somewhere along the way.  Yet, I knew she was still a virgin; at
least until now.

"Christine, it's time."  I said in a raspy, lust filled voice.  Not
waiting for a reply, I began the descent into her welcoming tight
treasure.  The purple head of my cock easily slid in past her outer
folds, and immediately was surrounded with her warm wet juice.

I felt no barrier, just a tight velvety clasp on my raging hard on.
I was now about two inches into her.  Although I'd fucked several
girls in my life, I'd never been this turned on before.  Here, I was
about to deflower my own precious, virgin, ten year old daughter!

I heard Anya and Amanda prodding me on.

"Go, Joe!  Go in!  Do it now!  Fuck her, Joe!  Do it!"

I drew back a bit, my cock head almost coming out of touch with her
warm pussy lips.  Then, with a swift downward thrust, I plunged hard
and deep into my preteen's precious pussy!  I felt the tightest, most
welcoming walls of pleasure I'd ever known in my life!  I was deep
inside her vagina, and loving every moment!  I paused.  Christine
gasped and moaned an unrestrained "Ohhhhh!"

I drew back, but not completely, and thrust in again.  Christine
gasped and sighed a bit.  I didn't know if those were sounds of pain
or pleasure, and at that point I didn't care.  The intense feeling of
my cock buried deep in her preteen pussy was utterly incredible!

I thrust in again with all my might, sinking deeper into her
welcoming pussy.  Anya and Amanda had let go of Christine's legs
after my first virgin breaking plunge, and Christine instinctively
wrapped her legs around me, trying to hold me deep inside her.  I
forced my hips back, pulling my cock out of her tight snatch, then
again, slammed it deep and hard into her.  With each forward thrust,
Christine gave a whimper and moan.  Her arms were clinging tightly
around my shoulders, and I kept pumping with all my might.  I felt
the pressure of cum building in my balls.  Each thrust of my dick
sent me higher, and I couldn't wait for it to explode deep inside of
my daughter.  When the build up reached the point of no return, I
gave a few final lunges.  This was immediately followed by a torrent
of cum!  It spewed from my cock, squirting deep into Christine's hot,
deflowered cunt.  She banged her hips up and met my downward thrusts
with passion.  I shot wad after wad of hot, sticky cum deep into my
ten year olds welcoming pussy.  My cock felt like a cannon, and the
cum kept flowing.  Never before, and never since, have I experienced
such a turn on and such a violent release of my sperm!

We both collapsed after my flood of cum finally ceased, and I lay on
top of Christine, with my still hard shaft buried deep inside her.  I
gently kissed her, and she welcomed me with her tongue.  She looked
at me, moaned, and gasped for air as she panted from her orgasmic
deflowering.  Then Christine closed her eyes with a smile of

Strands of wet hair were swept across her face.  Her arms fell and
hung back.  She was spent.  My meat was still stuffed tightly inside
her drenched pussy, and she was flooded with hot, gooey, daddy sperm!
What a wonderful moment to savor!

"He did it!  He did it to her!"  Anya beamed with a cheer of approval.

"She's full of his cream!"  Shouted Amanda, jumping up and down,
still fingering her own wanton pussy.

Those passionate memories are filled with a father's special love for
his daughter.  I savor them forever!  Christine will also keep them
with her, and hopefully, someday, help to pass them on to her preteen