Seven Year Old Nympho
                          by Leslie Schmidt

When his sister is called to active duty, a junior in college moves
into her apartment to take care of her 7 year old daughter while she
is away.  He soon discovers a side to his niece that he would never
have expected.  


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Published with permission from the author by TYGER. 


Soon after 9/11, my sister was called to active duty.  She had been
in the reserves for a few years and never really expected to be
called up, but she did not question the need for her to serve.  She
is a single mom and I had watched her daughter when she drilled on
weekends.  We had also arranged that I would take care of Brittany if
Jo were called up.  So, I moved out of the dorms at the University I
was attending and moved into Jo's apartment.  The arrangement was
good, even saving me a little money as I now could live rent-free.

Brit and I have been close since she was born.  Her deadbeat father
had left when she was two, and I became an occasional surrogate.  A
male junior in college, taking care of a seven-year-old is unusual
but not unheard of.  I had been spending summers and vacations with
Jo and Brit, so we adjusted easily to the new arrangement.  Brit
really missed her mother but, as she put it once, "It's like mommy's
on a really long drill weekend."

Brit is a very quiet seven-year-old.  In fact, quiet is not nearly
strong enough a word.  She is reserved.  She doesn't hide, and will
talk openly and directly when engaged, but she never babbles.  I
don't think I have ever had to tell her to quiet down.  She has short
blonde hair and a pretty face; all in all she is generally normal.
She has the usual collection of dolls and stuffed animals.  Her
relationship with the family cat is strained.  She really wants to
love the poor beast but, as always happens, a middle-aged tomcat
finds the love of a little girl a bit too demanding.  After a few
minutes of her affection, he will run off with his tail twitching.  I
was to learn that the love of this seven-year-old was a bit much for
a twenty-two year old man!

Brit and I settled into a regular daily routine of school, meals, and
chores -- life normal.  We spent most evenings home.  Brit would
watch TV while I studied.  Her bedtime was 10; I usually studied
until around midnight.  One evening I was sitting on the sofa reading
while Brit watched a cartoon channel.  I had my legs stretched out in
front of me, crossed at the ankle.  Brit was sitting astride my feet,
watching TV and playing with a doll.  She started rocking back and
forth on my leg; I really didn't pay much attention until I noticed
that she was getting a little bit rough.  That's when I started
watching her.  She was holding the toe of my shoe, pulling it against
her tummy and rocking back and forth, grinding the top of my foot
into her crotch.  She was masturbating with my foot!

Her movements got more and more persistent and her breathing harder
as her hair started to stick to the back of her neck.  I found the
whole thing kind of amusing but I was also turned on by the show.  My
tool started to firm under my 505's.  Soon Brit caught her breath a
couple of times and then stopped.  I guess she had cum.  She just
kept watching the cartoon as if nothing had happened.  Thinking about
it, I realized that she masturbated while watching TV fairly often.
More than once I had come into the living room during Saturday
morning cartoons and seen her laying on her belly with her hands
under her, rocking back and forth.  I just didn't connect what she
was doing.

When the cartoon was over I sent her off for her bath and to get
ready for bed, but this time I followed her into the bathroom.  She
pulled off her tee shirt and then started the bathtub filling.  Then
she stripped off her shorts and panties.  Brit is about four feet
tall and has short dirty blonde hair.  She was well tanned in the
summer, but by now most of the gold in her skin had faded.  You could
still see where her bathing suit covered (she had a one piece) and
the skin on her butt and chest was white.  Veins formed the shadow of
a spider web under the skin on her chest and on the front of her
hips.  I had seen her naked many times and had always admired the
beauty of her form.  She was not fat or skinny.  The barest outlines
of her ribs could be seen on her sides.  Her butt was nicely rounded
but still firm.  In front, she had full pussy lips, now they were a
little red after their workout.  Her nipples were pink nubs; it would
be a while before they started to develop into breasts.  When she
squatted down in the tub to adjust the water temperature, I got a
glimpse of her clit.

The next evening (it was Thursday), I picked up a movie for us to
watch.  This evening I sent her to bathe before we started the movie,
so we sat down to watch with her wearing a nightee and panties.
After a few minutes she crawled into my lap.  Again, I was reading
for a class.  After a few minutes I positioned her so she was sitting
astride my knee, facing away from me.  When there was a couple of
cartoon Arabs running across the desert on camels, I started bouncing
my knee up and down with the music.  Brit giggled and started
pretending that she was riding a camel too, bouncing with my knee.  A
couple of minutes later, I stretched out my legs, again crossing my
ankles.  Brit slid down my shin and kneeled with my foot between her
legs.  When a cute song came on, I started moving my foot with the
music and we were off to the races!  I was surprised at how quickly
Brit started getting herself off.  She even pulled her nightgown up
so the only things between my ankle and her slit were the thin cotton
panties.  Over the next twenty minutes she must have cum three times.
Her panties were very damp against my skin.  Meanwhile, my rod had
pushed up against my gym shorts, its outline was clearly visible.
When she got up, I could see that she noticed it, she gave it a sort
of strange look, obviously not knowing what to think.  When she
looked at my face, I pretended to be engrossed in my book.  After she
had gone to bed, I must have shot a quart of sperm when I jacked off.

On Friday, I must admit, I set the situation up.  I had spent the day
in a horny, nervous state.  I was actually glad that I didn't
currently have a girl friend.  I got home before the school bus
dropped off Brit and went to her room.  Just as I had suspected,
there were only two pairs of panties in her drawers.  These found
their way into the clothes hamper.  We went out for pizza and then
did some grocery shopping, arriving home at about eight.  Brit
watched some TV while I put the food away and then I popped a disc in
the DVD.  I had put a lot of thought into the movie and decided on a
silly comedy that both she and I would like.  When that one was over,
I sent Brit off to bathe.  About a half-hour later she came back.
She was naked, carrying a nightgown.  She complained that there were
no panties in her drawer.  I told her that they must all be in the
laundry and that we would wash in the morning, but for now she could
wear her nightee only.  Brit accepted this and sat down on my lap for
the second movie.  This one was a little more grown up, but was still
ok for a second grader.  It was not long before Brit was masturbating
on my ankle again, but this time there was nothing between us.  Her
smooth skin felt great, and her wetness surprised me.  I had once
heard that, "Little girls don't get wet, they just get sticky."
Whoever said that never met Brittany.

After she had cum the first time I pulled her up onto my knee.  She
reached down to steady herself and put her hand right on my stiff
cock.  She pulled it away.  I told her it was OK, and put her hand
back on my member.  I was wearing a pair of shorts that were held up
with elastic and a drawstring.  They are made out of a soft fabric
and are quite loose fitting.

"Why is it hard like that?"  she asked?

"Well, it's the same as when you get all tingly when you're bouncing
on my foot."  I said.

She giggled and looked embarrassed.

"Here, let me show you."  I pulled off my shirt and then lifted up
and pulled down my shorts.  My dick sprang up.  Brit looked at it
with a wry expression.

"Mommy told me that they get like that when people have sex," she

"That's true.  It happened because you were rubbing your privates
against me.  Do you like rubbing yourself like that?"  I asked.

"I don't know," she said, smiling.

"Has Jo told you about masturbation?"

"Mas-tur-ba-tion," she sounded out the word.  "What's that?"

"When you rub yourself watching TV."

Brit looked even more embarrassed, but I decided to plow forward
anyway.  "Men and women rub each other like that too, it really makes
you feel good."

She looked at my cock, which was softening, slowly dropping down
towards my balls.

"Let me show you.  Can I rub you?"

Brit shrugged, "OK."

I pulled her nightgown off over her head and then sat her down
astride my left knee, facing away from me.  I ran my hands up her
sides and over her chest, gently rubbing her nipples.  Then I pulled
her back against me, sandwiching my dick between her and my stomach.
She let out a little sigh when I started running my finger up and
down her slit.  Soon she was humping into my hand as I stroked her
stiff little clit.  She was getting more and more turned on,
breathing hard.  As I rubbed her slit she got surprisingly wet and I
started pushing my finger in between her lips and into her little
cunt, then pulling out as I moved up to her clit.  I was having real
trouble not blowing my wad on her back when she grunted and
shuddered.  As she came, I pushed my index finger into her vagina, up
to the second knuckle.  She was sweaty and sort of melted against me.
I kept my finger in her pussy, but did not move it.  My balls were
about to explode but, with Superman effort, I kept from cumming
myself.  She lay against me, panting.

"Did you like that?"  I asked.

"Ya," she murmured.

"Would you make me cum?"  I asked.  "Do you know what happens when a
man cums?"

"I'm not sure," she replied with a sort of wondering expression in
her voice.

"Here, let me show you something," I said.  I stood her up and showed
her my penis.  "When a man cums, he squirts some white sticky stuff.
Not a lot, just a tablespoon or so."

"Do you pee?"  she asked.

"It's not the same thing," I said.  "It's semen.  It's what starts a
baby growing in a woman's belly.  But you're too young; you can't
have babies yet.  Any way, I would have to cum up inside your slit,
and yours is too small for me to fit.  But you can rub me and make me

"Ok," she said.  She reached down and started to stroke my dick.  I
told her to wrap her hands around it and run them up and down the
shaft, concentrating on the head.  I told her that, when I started to
cum, to keep going until I said to stop.  She watched my face as she
stroked my dick.  She was giving me a passable hand job when I got an

"Let me make you cum too," I said.  I turned her around and sat her
down on my lap.  My dick was between her legs, extending out in front
of her.  She was straddling my dick, just like she had been doing
with my foot.  "Let me rub you with my penis, then we can both cum."
I said.  She knew exactly what to do.

I started humping, the top of my dick moving against her slit.  She
reached down, pushing my dick against her slit and bouncing up and
down.  She held my dick so the head was against her belly.  The
wetness of her little girl pussy made everything slippery as she
pulled on my dick with both hands while grinding her clit against my
rod.  She started breathing harder, as did I, the pressure building
in my balls.  She leaned back against me; my face was above her
shoulder in her hair.  I could look down across her chest and see her
hands cupping my dick against the smooth skin of her stomach.  Her
nipples were standing out above her flat chest.  I caressed them,
running the pad of my finger in circles around one while I rolled the
other between my forefinger and thumb.  She started to pant as we
humped.  She would pull up on my dick and push back with her hips.
At the same time, I would thrust forward, rubbing my cock head
between her hands and belly.  Then she lifted her legs up, putting a
foot on top of each of my knees.  We must have made for quite a sight
and the thought of setting up a camera some time ran through my mind.
She broke out in a sweat as the cum boiled in my balls.  With a
short intake of breath, Brit came.  At the same time I blew my load
into her hands and onto her belly, firing seven to ten times.  Some
drops of jez even shot across her chest and onto her shoulder.  She
pushed the top of my dick against her hairless cunt; the lips spread
wide to allow her clit to slide along my tool.  She shuddered over
and over again, having multiple orgasms.  Her pussy juices and my cum
mixed to make her slide easily back and forth along my shaft.  She
just kept humping, sliding my dick along her slit.  I was long past
climax and she was still going!  She was rocked by one orgasm after
another.  From deep in her throat, a slow growl, maybe a moan, came
as she experienced orgasm after orgasm.

Finally, after what must have been two minutes of constant climax,
she settled down, melting against me.  Her breaths came in short
pants.  Her hair was sweaty and matted.  Meanwhile, that feeling of
relaxation ran through me.  I had fired an enormous load of jiz
across her belly and onto her chest.  I cuddled her.  Her whole front
was wet with my cum, her sweat, and pussy juices.  Her hair was
stringy with sweat.

"Damn, we need to take a shower after that."  I said.

I took her into the bathroom and turned on the shower.  Once I had
the temperature adjusted, we got in, but nothing really clicked.  I
guess Brit just didn't realize the possibilities: she didn't really
respond when I soaped her back and her chest.  I was not willing to
force anything on her, so we showered off and got out.  After drying
ourselves off, Brit said she wanted to go to bed, so I let her go.

After she had been in bed for about five minutes, I went in and sat
down next to her.  I had put my shirt and shorts back on; she was
covered under the blankets.

"Brit, are you OK?"

"Ya," she answered.

I was really afraid that she felt bad about what we did, I certainly
did not want her to be scared of me or what I might do to her.

"Did you like what we did?  Are you feeling good?"  I asked.

"Don't worry, Tommy.  I know that you could get in a lot of trouble."
She paused.  "At school they said that it's bad if anyone does that
-- but I liked it.  Was it bad?"

"No darling.  It's not bad if it's what you want.  Did you like doing

"Yes.  It was wonderful."  We sat in silence for half a minute.  Then
she said, "Would you do it again?"

I was totally shocked!  Had I awakened a little nympho?  I reached
under the covers and was surprised to find that she was naked.  I
started running my finger along her slit and watched as she closed
her eyes and started to breathe harder.  I pushed my finger into her
vagina.  She formed an "O" with her lips and writhed under the
blanket.  I pulled the covers off of her and watched her smooth
pre-pubescent form rock as I fingered her bald pussy.  Her nipples
were contracted and stiff, just dark bebes on her white chest.  Her
smooth white belly passed down to her completely hairless crack.  Her
pussy lips opened for my finger to run between them.  Brit had fat
lips, her slit extended up in front; it was more than just a little
crease between her legs.

Our earlier workout had slowed me down, and my dick was firm but not
fully erect.  I knew from experience that it would be a while longer
before I could really get off again, so I decided that I would do my
best to make Brit happy.  I leaned down and kissed her left nipple.
Then I ran my tongue around the other one while pushing my finger
deep into her seven-year-old pussy.  I could tell she really enjoyed
this.  Brit wrapped one arm around my neck, holding my face to her
chest, and she pushed my other hand harder against her pussy.  I
finger fucked her, pushing my finger in and out as she breathed
harder and rocked against me.  It was obvious that this little girl
knew what she wanted and was not at all abashed about getting it.

I got up and moved to kneel between her legs.  While I was up, I
stripped off my clothes.  When I moved back onto the bed, she didn't
know what I was doing, and I had to tell her to spread her legs for
me to position myself.  As soon as I started licking her snatch she
started to uncontrollably hump her hairless pussy into my face.  She
bent her knees, pulling them up to give me the best access to her.  I
ran my arms up under her, lifting her whole body below her shoulders
as I tongued her clit.  When I pushed my tongue into her vagina, she
humped hard into my face and let out a very loud "Ahhhh!"  I had
heard of "screamers" before, but I had never dreamed of one that was
seven.  Her orgasm continued as I tongue fucked her.  Her pussy
juices ran down my chin.  She had a mild womanly taste -- really
pleasant.  My tongue ached after what must have been three minutes of
sustaining her orgasm.  Finally she stopped cumming and relaxed.

I lay down next to her.  By now my dick was at full attention and I
started humping against her thigh.  I figured that, at the very
least, I could get off on her incredibly smooth and soft skin.  She
reached down and held my tool, allowing me to slide it between her
hand and thigh.

"Brit, it would be really great if you would suck me."  I said.
Immediately I regretted saying that, I didn't know what she would do.

She lifted herself up and looked at me.  With that wry smile I had
seen earlier, she said, "Ok."

I rolled onto my back as Brit scootched down to my loins.  She took
my dick in her hand and started to suck on the head.  I was amazed at
how she seemed to know exactly what to do.  I humped into her face
and felt my cock-head hit the back of her throat.  She pulled back,
but then sucked me right back into her mouth.

"When I cum, just swallow it and keep sucking until I stop you," I
said as I humped my dick into her mouth.

I don't know whether she heard me, but she started sucking harder and
bobbing faster.  She started breathing hard, blowing hard through her
nose.  She was also grinding her pussy into my leg, humping it and
getting herself off.  The jiz quickly built in my nuts and I soon
fired into her mouth.  Brit jumped at the same time, I don't know
whether it was because of the cum I was shooting down her throat or
if she was cumming -- probably both.  As I had asked, Brit just kept
sucking, pushing me as far into her mouth as I would fit.  I fired
load after load of cum into her mouth.  Little drops of semen
appeared at the corners of her lips as she sucked harder than I could
believe.  I fired again and again into her little mouth.  When I had
finished cumming, I reached down and lifted her chin off me.  She
looked up at me and smiled, some of my cum was at the corners of her
mouth, a drop ran down toward her chin.  I pulled her little body up
on top of me and kissed her.  My dick was wet against her belly and
thighs.  I pushed my tongue into her mouth.  She tasted like my cum,
her mouth was slimy with jiz.  We cuddled and giggled.

Just before we dropped off to sleep, she said, "I think I'm going to
like having you here, Tommy."