Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. MF,Mf,Pedo : New Neighbors by Uncle Larz My wife and I live a quiet life on our small ranch here in the California dessert about 100 miles east of Los Angeles. My part time job provides me with more than enough contact with the outside world. It also gives us enough money to live just as we please without her needing to work. She keeps busy with the animals and the garden just to keep from getting too lonely I think. Our only neighbor within five miles, old lady Johnson, lived about a quarter mile down the road. She was a nice enough old gal but she died this last winter. My wife hasn't had anyone to visit with for the whole winter except me . So when I told her that someone was moving into the Johnson place she immediately said we should go meet them. I thought that we should give them at least the night to settle in. She very reluctantly agreed and even went to bed early for a change. She was up bright and early the next morning making enough noise in the kitchen to wake the dead. I always like to sleep in late on Saturday but she was having no part of that this time. She brought me breakfast in bed way before I was ready to wake up. I just pulled the covers over my head cause I'm not a morning person and she knows it. The next thing I felt was her naked body cuddling up next to me. I got hard in a flash when she started playing with my limp noodle. She then proceeded to give me a first class blow job. At first I panicked! I knew it wasn't my birthday so I must have forgotten some anniversary or something. That's the only time I got a blow job or breakfast in bed and here I was getting them both. I couldn't remember what it was that I had obviously forgotten. After a couple of minutes it felt so good that I just relaxed and enjoyed it. She can really give great head when she wants to and she wanted to this time. She had me ready to cum in a few minutes so I signaled her by gently pushing her head away from my throbbing cock but she didn't move away or even slow down. I figured she would spit it out on my belly when I came but she swallowed every drop and just kept sucking till I went soft. She got out of bed and put the tray back on my naked belly. The feeling of a warm wash cloth gently cleaning my cock and balls brought me back to life. She gently but firmly squeezed my cock as she told me to get busy on breakfast. I sat up and began to eat. It was a very pleasant feeling to eat bacon and eggs while getting my cock washed. She dried me while I washed down the last piece of egg with a glass of fresh milk. She leaned over and kissed me as she took the tray from my lap. "The sun's up. You've been properly fed and fucked and there's NO reason for you to stay in bed one minute longer. I've got a pie in the oven that will be ready by the time I get to the kitchen. If you aint dressed and ready to go by the time I get that pie ready I'll go meet the new people without you." She was smiling but I knew she meant business. Besides, she was right. I got dressed and splashed some cold water on my face. By the time I combed my hair and walked into the kitchen she was ready to go. I could smell her hot apple cobbler coming from a small picnic basket in her hand. "There is nothing better than your hot apple pie and fresh milk for breakfast." I commented as I started to follow her out the door. She stopped and said, "Thanks for reminding me. I have a gallon chilling in the freezer . It should be just about perfect by now." I opened the freezer and there was a gallon jug of milk. It was cold without being frozen so we wrapped it in a towel and put it in the basket. We walked the short distance to the Johnson place at a quick pace. I wasn't sure if our speed was to get the pie there while it was still hot or the milk while it was still cold. We got there in what seemed like record time whatever the reason was. The closer we got to their front door the faster she seemed to walk. By the time we reached their front porch she almost ran up the steps . They have an old brass school bell hanging on the porch and my wife rang it loudly five or six times. She waited less than a minute and began to bang it again when I reached out to silence it with my hand. I just looked at her and she looked back. She waited a minute or two and was reaching for the bell again when the door opened a little. A teenage boy stood there in a robe looking half asleep. Before he could say anything he was joined by a woman in her mid to late thirties . She was also half asleep. I glanced at my watch and noted , with some envy, that it was almost nine AM. At least some one got to sleep in that day. "Yea? Can I help you?" she managed to croak out. "Yes, we're your neighbors come to welcome you. You're Carol, right?" my wife asked. "Yes, I am, but how do you know me?" she asked. "You're mom told me all about you and the kids. We used to sit and talk for hours . We shared pictures and letters from our kids. She told me so much that I feel like I know you. I was so sorry to hear about your husband. I have a message for you from your mom." my wife gushed in one breath. "Oh my god... You must be Betty Miller from down the road. Mom told me so much about you that I feel like I know you too. Please come in." she said as recognition swept over her face. Friendly hellos were exchanged all around as we entered the house for the first time since Ol' lady Johnson died. It seems they already knew all about us. The woman was old lady Johnson's daughter and had been reading all about us in her mom's letters for several years. "And you must be Mike, Debbie and little Cathy" Betty said to the kids. "Now lets see Mike, you're about sixteen and Debbie, you're fifteen. I think you must be about eleven then little Cathy." my wife seemed to know all about them as well. "Twelve," little Cathy corrected. Carol cleared her throat and looked Cathy straight in the eyes. "Well I will be twelve by next weekend." Cathy explained. Debbie interrupted, "Do you still have Buck?" "And the buggy?" added Mike. "Yes I still have my horse Buck . And yes Mike we still have the buggy." she responded with a laugh. My wife and Carol chatted for almost an hour while the kids devoured the pie and milk. It became obvious that they knew way too much about us to suit me. Mike asked if they were still going to get something to eat in town. It seems that they had planned a lunch trip the night before. Not one to let an opportunity like this slip by, my wife immediately invited them over for lunch. Carol politely declined saying that one free meal a day was quite enough. Debbie and Mike wanted to see our horse and buggy. Being from the city they had never seen a real horse and buggy. Even Lil Cathy seemed interested, a little. Not wanting to seem inhospitable I said," How about this? We run over to the house and the kids can check things out while you two catch up on your gossip. We have a couple of hours before lunch any way. Then if you still want to go to town for lunch we can all go. How about it Betty, you want to have lunch in town today?" I asked. "Sure, that sounds like a plan. Then after lunch we can give you the grand tour. You know, show you all the places you'll need to know about I town." Betty wasn't about to let her new found friend out of her sight just yet. The plans having been made and agreed to Carol said," All right then why don't you guys get some clothes on so we can get going." We were all outside waiting for Debbie when, after a couple of minutes, she came out. Her face was flushed and she was almost giggling. She was wearing the tightest T-shirt and satin shorts she could possibly fit into. Carol just gave her a look. "It's the only clean thing I could find. Everything else is still packed." Debbie stated in her best 'I'm so helpless' little girl voice. "That outfit is OK for around here but I don't want you running around town like that. This is after all a very small town." she explained . "I know mom. I'll unpack as soon as we get back, OK?" Debbie seemed very pleased with her small victory as she bounced toward the car. We had walked the short distance between our houses but they insisted on taking their car. It was partly because they thought they would leave straight from our house for town but I think it was more because Mike wanted to show off his driving skills. So we rode back to our place. They were really impressed with our place when we pulled into the driveway. It seems that they had gotten the impression that we lived in an old wooden farmhouse from the last century like theirs. We have a modern ranch style house. While Carol loved the built-ins in our tiled kitchen the kids were more interested in cable TV and my on-line computer . It took a few minutes before their attention turned back to our horse and buggy. I pointed out back to the stables and said" Lets go take a look." Betty and Carol decided to stay in the kitchen and chat some more I slid the glass door open and the rest of us walked to the stables. This was my first chance to get a really good look at my new neighbors without their mom or my wife looking over my shoulder. Mike was the typical older teenage brother. At about 5' 8" and 160 pounds he was pleasantly muscular, ruggedly handsome and confident without being conceited. I liked him immediately. Debbie was obviously his little sister. She looked very much like him in the face but that's where the similarities stopped. She was about 5'3" tall and around 100 pounds. Her shoulder length blonde hair framed the most beautiful face you've ever seen. Kind of a very young Kathy Ireland right down to the green eyes. She was very petite and I think I could have fit her whole ass in both of my hands. In fact the only woman sized thing about her was her titties. They were so big that they seemed almost out of place on such a tiny body . I thought that maybe her skin tight shirt added to the illusion of her titties being so big. Her clothes were stretched so tight and I could make out her nipples and pussy lips thru them. Little Cathy was exactly that, little. She was definitely under five feet tall and probably didn't weigh eighty pounds. All three kids had those enchanting green eyes. Looking at the two girls you could see that Cathy was going to be a knockout like her older sister. For now she was a cute little girl in pigtails and an innocent little sun dress. We were approaching the horse corral as I forced my brain back to reality. "Buck is a gentle giant like Snowflake but you should be careful of Ol'Paint" I told them as we approached the corral. "This is Buck" I said as I patted him on the nose "He loves attention." "That white mare over there is Snowflake. She's as gentle as Buck" I went on. They held out hands full of hay when I told them that's what horses ate. They all tried to get the horses to come closer without much success. I suggested they try apples so we went inside the tack room and got some to tempt the horses. We went back outside and offered the apples. Buck was the first to make a move on Debbie's apple. Buck went to Mike after he finished Debbie's apple. Cathy was waving her apple all over trying to get some attention from Snowflake. I stepped up behind her and offered to help. I lifted her up to the lowest rail on the corral and pushed my belly against her to hold her in place. Then I took her hand and held it steady as I called Snowflake. She came over and began to eat from Cathy's hand. Having a 600 pound animal eating from your hand can be a little scary the first time especially for an eleven year old city kid. I felt her body get rigid as Snowflake inhaled the apple in a couple of bites. Cathy tried to pull back but I just led her hand to Snowflakes nose and began to stroke her. As Cathy stroked the horse I whispered soothing words to both of them. I don't remember exactly what I said but it worked. Soon Cathy was petting and stroking that old horse like she was raised on a ranch. When it seemed like the right moment I lifted Cathy to the top rail. I coaxed Snowflake next to the rail to give us an easy mount . As I slipped onto Snowflake Cathy slid on right in front of me. We took a couple of very slow easy turns around the corral while I held Cathy against me with one arm. That smooth rocking motion had Cathy moving against my front in a very stimulating way. Before I realized it my raging boner was pushing directly against her eleven year old butt. I figured I should get away from her before she felt it. Telling her to hold on and just enjoy the ride , I slipped off . I went over to Mike and helped him up on Buck. While he rode around the corral with Cathy I asked Debbie if she wanted a ride too. She innocently brushed her hand against my hardon and asked" On this?"... I pulled away and pretended that it was an accident. It might really have been, I wasn't sure. I looked her up and down carefully. She smiled and walked into the tack room. I followed. She stood and looked at the saddles and blankets for just a second. As she took mental inventory I asked what she was looking for. Without answering she put a blanket on some bails of hay. "Lay down" she ordered. "What?" I croaked. "What do you think you're doing young lady?" "You offered me a ride, didn't you?" she responded. "I meant on a horse," I answered. "Like your sister and brother..." She just dropped to her knees and unzipped my Levis. I felt frozen in place as she reached in, found my cock and pulled it out thru the opening. I knew this was wrong and I should stop her but she was so damned sexy and I wanted to see just how far she was willing to go. I turned to look out the window towards the house. Carol was sitting at the kitchen table facing the window, chatting with Betty. I watched for a few seconds till I was sure they were going to be busy for a while. Once I was sure we were going to have plenty of time alone I turned my attention back to Debbie. She was giving my cock long hard strokes. I could feel what little resistance I had begin to slip away. It had been so many years since I had received this kind of attention from such a sexy young girl. She was more than just young and sexy, she was very experienced as well. Her touch felt like that of a woman many years older. Every touch sent electric charges thru me. Each stroke moved me closer to total abandonment of every moral I had ever known. In less that thirty seconds I was willing to trade my soul to get inside this angel. She unfastened my Levis and dropped them to the ground as I stood staring at her cleavage from above. "Lay down." she repeated her earlier order. I sat down laid back as I watched her pull her T-shirt over her head. Her titties were trapped in a bra obviously too small for her. It was meant to push them up and together to create more cleavage. It worked. She slipped her shorts and panties off as she stood up. Before I could get a good look at her nearly naked body she was on me. I could feel her hot pussy juices as she spread her cunt lips and trapped the soft underside of my cock in her crack. She started rubbing her twat along the length of my dick making sure to get plenty of contact with her clit. With each move I could feel my cock getting slipperier. I laid back and let her work her pussy as her juices flowed onto me. She leaned far forward enough to give her clit full contact with my cock as she rubbed harder and faster. Her titties just grazed my chest. With my hands on her ass I tried to pull her a little higher so I could slip my meat into her. She seemed to know exactly how far to slide to keep my cock trapped just where she wanted it. With my hands gripping her ass she brought herself to climax. I felt her thigh muscles go taunt as she locked them against my hips. She pressed down, crushing her swollen nubbin against my cock. Her body went as rigid as stone except for her pussy which pulsed rapidly. She held this position until the final few tremors coursed thru her body. I felt her relax when her orgasm subsided. I wanted desperately to enter her as I firmly pulled on her ass trying to get her to slide up a couple of inches. She lifted herself just a bit and began to move. I felt her slide her wet lips up, completely off my cock and line up my throbbing rod with the entrance to her fuck hole. As I pushed up she rose to a sitting position, impaling herself on my stiff organ. She slid down until I felt my balls trapped in the steamy hot crack of her ass. Sliding her bra off as she leaned forward, she ordered:" Suck. My. Tits!" Slowly I sucked and nibbled them taking each nipple into my mouth in turn. She matched each kiss and bite with a deep stroking motion. With each stroke she rose to a point where I almost fell out of her cunt then she slowly sank back down ,trapping my balls once again in the crack of her ass. She kept pace as I increased our tempo. The depth of her stroke decreased as we increased our speed. In less than a minute she had changed to a short fast rocking motion. I pushed up to bury myself in her while I pulled down on her hips. She got the message and pushed down hard. Her hot cunt lips smothered the base of my cock. Her pussy lips never lost contact with my balls after that. While I pushed into her up to the hilt she rocked back and forth at a furious pace. In less time than I care to admit I was ready to cum. I tried to concentrate on other things knowing that it would be over once I came. I squeezed her sweet ass in my hands as I whispered for her to slow down. I didn't want to cum just yet but she didn't hear me. She seemed to be in a kind of trance. It was too late anyway. Her first spasm hit. Her pussy muscles clamped down with vice like grip that began to milk my cock. That was enough to send me over the edge. I pulled her down hard as my first surge of cum pumped into her overheated cunt. She pushed her cunt down hard onto my shaft and stopped moving. I was buried deep as I felt my cum begin to pump into her. The sensation of my balls pumping a hot load into her while her pussy muscles milked my cock was almost more than I could stand. I watched her face twist into that look that can only come from an orgasm. In fascination, I watched her mouth open as if to scream but nothing came out. She concentrated all her energy trying to make a sound but the only thing she was able to get out was the word fuck over and over again. As my man sized cock was already filling her little girl cunt to capacity the cum had no place to go. With each fresh squirt I could feel our juices leaking out of her pussy. Her body was quivering as her pulsing quim muscles sucked the last drops of goo from me. Completely spent she slumped forward, crushing those soft melons on my chest. I just laid there enjoying the final spasms of her pussy. How long I lay there I couldn't tell. Though it seemed to last for hours I'm sure her pussy stopped twitching in a matter of minutes. Her chest was bonded to mine with a thin layer of sweat. This produced a most pleasant sensation when she slowly sat upright, peeling her titties from me inch by inch. They made a funny little tearing sound as though they were reluctant to separate themselves from my chest. When she reached her full upright position she said in a half whisper, "God that was good. I really needed that. Thanks." With a slight lifting motion she pulled her pussy free of my semi soft cock.It made a loud slurping noise and we both laughed at it. I felt a large glob of cum ooze from her pussy. At first contact it felt like boiling hot wax from a candle. It cooled as it slid down my prick to my balls. She quietly lifted herself from my lap and stepped away a couple of feet. I laid there watching her as she took a firm stance with her legs spread wide. Another large glob of cum formed on her pussy lips, fell to the floor and began to soak up in the hay and dust. I stared in fascination as yet another formed on her cunt lips. It fell beside the first leaving a long thin string that seemed to connect her pussy to the floor. After a few seconds that too fell. She smiled at me as I watched my baby juice drip from her to the ground. When she asked if I was going to walk around with all that goo on me I said that I just might. Without hesitation she stepped forward, kneeled down and started to clean me with her lips and tongue. Starting with the tip of my cock she didn't stop until she had sucked up every bit of cum even in the crack of my ass! When she finished she smiled and said, "There, that ought to take care of it." Even with this being my second cum of the day my ol dick was starting to show some signs of life before she was done. She slowly slithered up my body 'till we were face to face. As she leaned down to kiss me I could feel her heavy titties crushing against my chest. Even though I could taste my own cum on her when she slid her tongue into my mouth I kissed her back just as passionately. We tongue wrestled for a couple of minutes before she lifted herself away from me. The feeling of her young ripe tits peeling away from my chest felt great, again. She reached down, took my hand in hers, pulled me up to my feet and said "Your turn." I had no idea what she meant until she laid on the hay bail and spread her legs. I stood there looking down at her for a couple of seconds. My god, what a body she had. Her child like face in no way fit that sexy woman's body. Even flat on her back she still had the most beautiful tits I'd seen in many years. I slowly let my gaze fall from her tits to her flat firm belly to the small sparse blonde patch just above her tiny slit. She was a natural blonde all right. Being blonde made her pussy seem almost hairless. It took me a second to realize that she had shaved everything except that small patch above her clit. I broke into a large smile. I love eating shaved muff. Her voice shocked me back to reality" You gonna stare at it or you gonna eat it ?" she asked. "What?" I asked as I watched my cum glisten on her freshly fucked pussy lips. "Come on. I cleaned you up so now it's your turn to return the favor." she stated with a child's logic. Tasting my own cum wasn't something I was very crazy about but her freshly fucked glistening pussy was too sexy to resist. I kneeled down between her legs and began to lick slowly on her right thigh. I moved to her left thigh and continued. As I pulled back to get a good look she spread her legs wide, pulling her pussy lips apart. I looked straight up her belly as I saw her lift her head to speak. "Be sure to get all that cum especially around my clit. Do you see it?" she asked. I grunted back. I had to force my head forward against my will. I froze as I felt my lips contact her wet slit. Slowly, with great hesitation, I forced my tongue out of my mouth. It immediately slipped into her hot wet hole. Much to my surprise it didn't taste all that bad, not great but not bad either. As I tasted my own cum on her I also tasted her sweetness. I love the taste of pussy especially young stuff. This was a little different. I mean it tasted good as only very young cunt can but it had another distinct flavor. I couldn't quite place but it was very good. The more I ate her the better she tasted. Soon that delightful flavor had completely replaced the taste of my own cum on her. As I lapped and sucked her pussy I tried to place that flavor. I worked my way up to her clit tasting all the way. Finally it hit me...banana cream!! I licked and gently sucked her tiny clit into my mouth. When she was rocking back and forth and moaning, I lifted off her long enough to tell her she tasted great. "Keep sucking!" she urged in a throaty voice. I went back to sucking her clit. When she lifted her sweet ass off the hay I slipped my hands under her and pulled her pussy tighter into my mouth. I kept licking her as she thrust her pussy into my face harder. When she wrapped her legs around my head and squeezed I rammed my tongue deep into her twat. She writhed and moaned as we held together, mouth to pussy, tongue in cunt. I held myself deep in her until I felt her legs begin to relax. After I felt her pussy contractions stop I slowly eased away from her. I sat back and watched her as she slowly sat up. She smiled at me for a minute or two without saying anything. I broke the ice: "You taste great! What was that?" "So you like the taste of my pussy? That's nice." she whispered breathlessly. "Come on. I've eaten lots of pussy but it never tasted anything like that. What was that?" I asked again. "Banana cream" was all she said. "Banana cream?" I asked. "Yea. You know that flavored stuff you get for sex." she explained. "No I don't know. What are you talking about?" I wanted to know what the hell she had used to make her pussy taste so good. "There is this candy flavored stuff you can get in the back of magazines for oral sex. My boyfriend got me some. When I use it he eats me to two or three orgasms every time." she answered as though she were explaining something to a slow child. "You can also get it in adult book stores I think. I'm not sure 'cause I'm not old enough to go in." she added. "Well whatever it is I love it. You have the best tasting pussy I've ever eaten." I said. "So I guess I know what to do whenever I want my pussy munched on. What's your favorite flavor by the way?" she asked innocently. "Banana cream! Definitely banana cream" I stated. "Yea. That's what Betty's letters said you liked. I just wanted to make sure." she talked as though she were sitting around the kitchen table chatting about favorite flavors with her mom rather than sitting in front of a near stranger with her freshly fucked and sucked cunt exposed. Then it hit me "When did you put that candy stuff in your pussy?" "Right before I put these shorts on. That's why I had to wear these ya know, to help hold it in. I didn't know how long it was going to take for you to get down to business and I didn't want it to leak out. I'm sure glad I didn't have to keep it in there all day." she giggled. "Let me get this straight. You planned on us fucking before you even came over here this morning?" I asked. "I wanted to fuck you ever since grandma started telling us stories about you in her letters." she answered. I kneeled there with my mouth hanging open. I didn't know what to say. "Are we done here or do you want to fuck some more?" she asked in a matter-of fact way that almost knocked me over. Her approach to sex was like that of a woman with whom I had been sharing a bed for years rather than the child she was. "I'm ready again if you are but I think we should make an appearance out side for at least a couple of minutes first. We don't want anyone getting curious and coming in to see what we're up to, ya know ?" she stated. "I would love to go again bit I think you're right. We've been away from the others for way too long. Let's go see what they're up to." I lied knowing that I wouldn't be able to go again for at least another hour. A quick glance at my watch told me that it was getting close to lunch. We had been outside for nearly forty five minutes with most of that in the tack room. I glanced back toward the house and saw Betty and Carol fixing lunch in the kitchen. I figured the lunch trip to town was off, at least for today. We got dressed and went back outside to check on the other kids. Mike was helping Cathy mount Snowflake. I asked if she had fallen off and Mike said that she hadn't. They had just taken a short break from riding. She rode away and Mike got back up on Buck. Mike pulled Buck close to the rail and Debbie slipped on behind him. I watched them ride around the corral for a couple of minutes next to Cathy . Debbie seemed to be telling Mike and Cathy all about our session in the tack room. She made gestures with her hands showing the size of my cock and balls. I was very pleased to note that she exaggerated the size tremendously. I wasn't pleased that she was sharing this with her siblings. I heard a couple of phrases like" came three times","enormous dick" and" birthday present". I called her over and asked to talk with her. She slid off Snowflake and we went for a walk. "Look little darlin, I'm really glad that you enjoyed yourself as much as I did but you can't be telling anyone about us. Hell, I could go to jail over this." I said almost in a panic. "Don't worry about them. They won't be telling anyone anything." she answered calmly. "I appreciate your confidence in them but ..." I questioned. "But what?" she wanted to know. "But how can I be sure that they won't tell everyone what you just told them?" I wanted to know. "He hasn't told anyone about me and him and we been fucking almost three years now. He knows that if he does I'll cut him off FOREVER and he could NEVER stand that." she said "And don't worry about lil Cathy either. She knows that if she says anything I'll make sure she stays a virgin 'till she's thirty." she added with confidence. "Cathy saw us?" I asked. "They were both watching for a little while. Cathy is really excited about losing her cherry now that she has seen your big 'ol dick." she calmly stated. "What does my big 'ol dick have to do with Cathy?" I asked in a panic. "I promised that you would take her cherry for her twelfth birthday." she grinned as she looked me in the eye. "Now wait just one fuckin' minute young lady. I CAN'T fuck no twelve year old!" I flatly refused. "Why not? You sure didn't have any problem fucking a fifteen year old ." she stated with that child logic. "And You enjoyed that didn't you ?" she asked. "Oh yes." was all I could get out before she went on. "If you disappoint Cathy you will never get between my legs again. Got it?" she asked. It seemed to be a deal in the making rather than a threat. I needed to make sure. "So if I take her cherry I get you again?" I asked. "Anytime you want me." she promised. "And if I don't ,then what?" I asked the important part of the question. "You never get me again." she sounded sincere. "And you tell on me or what?" I asked. "No. I will never tell what we just did. It would come out that I almost had to rape you and I would look like a slut. If you don't do Cathy you just never get any of this again." she said as she pulled my hand against her crotch. "Mike said that he would be willing to do her but I know he really doesn't want to. She told me she wants you and I want to get her what she wants for her birthday. It's as simple as that. How about it?" she asked hopefully. " I have to think about this. This is pretty serious stuff." I said truthfully. We walked back to the corral as I got lost in serious thought. Mike and Cathy rode up and asked if they could see the buggy now. They all chimed in and wanted to see a real" buggy" I said" OK, lets go." Mike slid off Buck and helped Cathy down from Snowflake. Mike and I walked toward the barn with Debbie and Cathy close behind. I could hear them whispering and giggling behind us as we approached the barn. Mike started chatting as he walked beside me. "So ya' gonna' do it ?" he wanted to know. "I don't know. I could get in a lot of trouble ." I voiced my concern to Mike. "Not as much as if you don't do her ." he came back. "What do you mean?" I asked as I stopped dead still and looked him in the eye. "Debbie is fucking serious. If you don't do Cathy she will never do you again." he responded. "He's right, ya know, I won't." Debbie said as she joined the conversation. Little Cathy jumped in with" What's the matter with me, am I ugly or something?" "Oh no Cathy. You are a very pretty little girl. I'm just not sure that you're ready for something like this is all." I explained. "Debbie is only a couple of years older than me and I just saw you fuck her good! I bet if I had her big titties you would do it ." she accused. "That's not true Cathy. I think you are a beautiful little girl. I'm just not sure that you are ready for this physically. Also I'm not sure that you could keep a secret as important as this one." I shot back. "You let ME decide if I can handle that big dick of yours. I want you but I'm going to fuck somebody before Sunday even if it's not you. As for keeping a secret you can ask Deb and Mike about that. I've been keeping their secret since I first saw him sneak into her bed a couple of years ago." she said with some degree of pride. "I don't want someone to fuck me because he has too, Deb. I want someone that wants to." she looked at Debbie as she spoke but the message was for me. "I didn't mean that I don't want to. I just want to make sure this is what you want." I once again explained. "IT IS WHAT I WANT ." she said slowly and clearly as she got very close to my face. "OK" I surrendered. "So you'll do it then. Good. This is going to be so much fun." Cathy said as she and Debbie walked away making plans like she was going out on her first date. I guess she was. "Thanks. I owe you." Mike said. "Why do you owe me?" I asked. "For taking her cherry. You know if I started fucking her I would have to spend years teaching her all the tricks like I taught Debbie. Debbie has finally learned how to fuck just right . I only want to fuck Deb and she has those great tits too . Cathy is just a little kid, ya know? Kinda cute but no tits." he added. This was starting to sound better and better the more I thought about it. First there was this really tight twelve year old pussy that was begging for cock and eager to learn. Second there was her hot, horny sister who promised me all the pussy I could handle. And now Mike and Debbie were acting like I was doing them a favor fucking their little sister . I watched two of the finest little asses wiggling in front of me as we approached the barn. I decided in that instant that if I was going to do this, I was going to do it right. We continued to the barn where I keep my buggy. I swung open the barn door and there she sat. The prettiest little yellow fiberglass sand buggy you've ever seen. Now horses are OK for Betty but as far as I'm concerned give me horsepower anytime. I love the feel of power when the rear tires dig into the sand and the front tires come off the ground a foot or two. I think I would rather be racing across the dessert in my buggy than anything else I can think of. Well, almost anything. The three of them stood there for almost a minute before anyone said anything. Cathy was the first to speak. "How do the horses pull that?" she wanted to know. "I thought it was a horse and buggy like in the old west movies." Mike put in. "Me too." Debbie added. "Look guys. Betty has her horses and I have my buggy. Horse and buggy, see?" I explained. We all stood there in silence for a minute or two. Debbie was the first to speak as she grabbed my arm and stepped in close to me. She placed a tit on either side of my arm and pulled my hand close to her crotch as Mike and Cathy moved in to get a better look at the buggy. "Now this looks like the kind if ride I could get into. And guess what? I have another banana cream candy in my pocket. You want to use it now or save it for later?" she whispered in my ear . Just then we heard the women calling us to lunch. "Looks like that candy is going to have to wait." I joked. "On second thought, I have an idea if you don't mind." she suggested. "What's that?" I wanted to know. "Give this to Cathy. I want her first time to be real special, OK?" she suggested as she placed a small pill in my hand. "I'll do everything I can." I said enthusiastically. She joined the others by the buggy. After a few minutes Cathy left the group and approached me. "Debbie says you have something for me?" she asked not so innocently. "Do you know what this is for?" I asked as I handed it to her. "I've seen Mike put these inside Debbie lots of times when they thought I was sleeping." she responded as she looked at it. "I know 'zactly what they're for, do you?" she wanted to know. "I know and I'm going to have a ball showing you." I was starting to get into this. "Have you ever had anyone sit on your lap while you drove thru the desert in this thing?" Debbie giggled as she called out from the drivers seat of the buggy. "No but it sounds like something I would love to try after lunch." I answered. We all chatted as we headed in for a quick lunch. A VERY quick lunch! -END ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ S.T.M.'s Collection - Young_Girls Directory