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Ashley's New Daddy
by Daydreamer69 (address withheld)


A school teacher meets one of his students at a truck 
stop and gives her a ride. (M/f-teen, ped, 1st, oral)


Author Note: This is a story of pure fiction. It is not 
based on any person or event of which I am aware. Any 
resemblance to any person living or dead or to any 
event that has happened, or has yet to happen, is 
purely coincidental. If you are not of legal age in 
your area, or if you do not like stories involving sex 
between adults and minors, PLEASE STOP HERE AND DO NOT 

For the rest of you, I hope you enjoy my story.


Chapter One

It was a few minutes before 7 Thursday morning, and it 
was still raining hard as it had been for the last two 
days. Mac was loading his Grand Marquis for his trip to 
Winnipeg. Last October he had won five and a half 
million dollars in Lotto 649. He waited to the end of 
the school term to quit his job as a teacher of grade 7 
and 8 math and PE. 

He was going to Winnipeg to pick up the new car he had 
ordered; a new Jaguar XK8 convertible. Ever since he 
could remember he always wanted a Jag. Now that he 
could afford any car in the world, he still wanted it. 
It cost him a bundle, but he figured he deserved a 
little luxury in his old age. Actually Mac wasn't that 
old. He was only 34. 'Just in my prime' as he always 
told everyone. 

While he was in Winnipeg, he planned to look for a big 
house somewhere in the country with at least 10 acres 
of wooded land. He was also going to apply for a 
teaching position in one of the private schools there. 
He may have lots of money now, but he still wanted to 
teach. He had a way with young kids. He believed in 
them and in their ability to want to learn, and in 
their love for life. He wanted to mold their minds. He 
strongly believed that they were the adults and leaders 
of the next generation, and he felt good about the 

He used to be married, but he divorced his wife in 
1997. She had grown tired of his dull routine life, as 
she called it. She always wanted to go out and have a 
good time and spend his money. What little money they 
did have in those days was his. He had earned it, not 
her. He only made enough to support them and to run 
their apartment and buy a few luxuries. He didn't have 
enough to go out drinking and partying every night. She 
couldn't keep a job all the time they were married. He 
was dedicated to his job and spent much of his spare 
time marking papers or preparing for classes. 

The other times he liked to work out at the local gym 
and run and swim. He was also a real sports fan and 
played ball in the summer and hockey in the winter. He 
liked to stay in shape. This dull routine became too 
much for her, so she found herself someone else and 
left him. Luckily there were no children and not much 
property to divide. The divorce went smoothly and she 
remarried shortly after.
Any feelings he had for she soon vanished. He was glad 
she was gone now because with the money he won, she 
would have literally driven him crazy and bled him dry 
in no time. As it was, she did try to get half of his 
winnings, but the court threw her case out. She even 
got stuck with her own legal fees. Mac laughed when he 
heard that. 'Serves the bitch right.'

A few minutes later, Mac was heading south down Highway 
6 in the direction of Winnipeg. The rain wasn't letting 
up, but the forecast was good for further south. About 
an hour and a half later he was pulling into the Ponton 
Service Station where he decided to have some 

He saw an empty table in the corner and headed towards 
it when he heard someone call his name. 

"Mr. Mackenzie. Hi." 

Mac stopped and looked around. He saw a cute young girl 
sitting by herself and smiling at him. He recognized 
her as one of his students.

"Ashlee! Ashlee Moore." He responded and returned her 
smile. "Fancy meeting you here at this time of the 
morning. How are you today? Can I sit with you? "

"Sure Mr. Mackenzie. I'd like that. I'm all right, I 
guess. How are you?"

They talked for a few of minutes, then the waitress 
approached them and Mac ordered breakfast for both. 
During breakfast Ashlee told him that it was her 
thirteenth birthday yesterday and that her mom didn't 
even remember. It turned out that she and her mom were 
living with a guy that Ashlee hated. He beat up on her 
mom all the time and tried to seduce her, Ashlee, many 
times, but each time he was either drunk or high on 
drugs and she could easily elude him. But yesterday was 
more than Ashlee could take. 

Her mother actually pleaded with her to be nice to her 
boyfriend because he was threatening to cut her off her 
drug supply is she didn't. If that wasn't bad enough, 
she never even wished her happy birthday. Ashlee packed 
a few things in a knapsack, and ran out of the house. 
Before she knew where she was going she found herself 
on the highway. She didn't have much money with her. 
She managed to get lift to Ponton and was trying to get 
a ride to Winnipeg.

Mac listened intently to Ashlee's story. She was crying 
and he felt sorry for her. He didn't realize that she 
had such a miserable home life. He asked her if she 
couldn't go and live with her father, but it turned out 
that she never knew her real dad. It seems he took off 
as soon as he found out that he had made her mom 
She was pulling at his heartstrings. He wanted to help 
her but knew that if he took her to Winnipeg, he could 
get into trouble. He could even be charged for 
kidnapping. He didn't know what to do.
Mac made a decision. He told Ashlee that he would take 
her to Winnipeg with him, but she first had to phone 
her mother and tell her she was alright and that she 
was going to stay with a friend for a while. But she 
was not to tell her mother the friend's name or 
address. He gave her some change for the call.

Ashlee made the call. When she got back it was obvious 
that she had been crying again. She said she did what 
he asked, but her mom didn't seem too concerned and in 
fact told her not to bother coming back.

When they got back to the car the rain had quieted down 
a bit. Sure enough, a few miles further south, the 
weather started to clear up and the sun started 
shinning. Mac and Ashlee talked like old friends who 
hadn't seen each other in a long time. She was quite a 
talker. Mac wondered if she was a natural talker, or 
was she just nervous. She told him just about 
everything that was happening in her life and to his 
surprise, he told her things he would normally not 
discuss with children, like his ex wife for example, 
and his inability to find a suitable girlfriend.

"I thought you won lots of money, Mr. Mackenzie." 
Ashley remarked. "I would have thought you could get 
any girl you wanted."

Mac laughed. "Ya, you'd think so, wouldn't you? But 
things just don't work that way. I don't want someone 
who is more in love with my money than me. That's no 
way for a lasting relationship, is it?" 

"I guess not." Ashley replied. "How much did you win, 
Mr. Mackenzie? I heard different amounts like one 
million to ten million." 

Ashlee had turned in her seat now with her left leg 
tucked under her and facing Mac. Her eyes were glowing 
as she thought about him telling her the amount.

"Well, Ashlee, just between you and me. It was over 10 
million. But I don't want you going around telling 
everyone. Do you understand?"

"I won't Mr. Mackenzie. I promise." She said as she 
crossed her heart. 

Ashlee started to get a little sleepy, and to Mac's 
surprise she snuggled up to him and rested her head on 
his shoulder. Why he did it he never knew, but he put 
his arm around her and held her. She raised her head 
and smiled at him and then drifted off to sleep.

Mac had known Ashlee for a couple of years and watched 
her grow from a gangly preteen to a beautiful young 
thirteen-year-old teenager. She was always a beautiful 
girl. Mac had noticed her lovely body many times 
especially when he was subbing for her regular PE 
teacher. The girls always changed into their gym 
clothes and she always stood out from the rest. He 
remembered thinking then that she was going to grow up 
to be a really beautiful girl and a real teaser. In his 
wildest dreams he never once thought he would be 
helping her run away from home. His heart began beating 
wildly and he had to take a couple of deep breaths to 
calm down. 

It was about 3 o'clock now as they approached and 
turned onto the perimeter highway and headed for 
downtown Winnipeg. 

"Wake up, Ashley." Mac gently shook her shoulder. She 
had gone fast asleep and was finding it a little hard 
to wake up. 

"Huh. What's the matter?" She asked sitting up and 
wiping her eyes and yawning.

"Nothing, we are getting close to Winnipeg and we have 
to decide what to do with you. Do you know anyone you 
can stay with?"

She did know a few people but said that she didn't. She 
wasn't really lying because they were people she hadn't 
seen for a long time and wouldn't recognize if they 
passed on the street.
"I see." Mac said. "I'm staying at the Sheridan. I'm 
getting a suite, which has a living room with a sofa 
bed. You're welcome to stay with me if you want. Do you 
think you can trust me?" Mac laughed which got Ashlee 
giggling like the teenager she was.

"Oh, Mr. Mackenzie, you're teasing me aren't you?" She 
said turning a little red. "Of course I can trust you." 
They pulled up outside the hotel and walked into the 
lobby together. Mac said, "My name is Frank Mackenzie. 
You should have a reservation for me."

"Yes, Mr. Mackenzie, of course. Welcome to the 
Sheridan. Just fill in the registration card, please."

"I decided to bring my daughter. She will be staying 
with me."

When Ashlee heard this, she tried to hide her surprise. 
She felt her legs weakening on her but she covered 
things up really well. The receptionist didn't think 
anything about it and handed Mac two keys. "How long 
will you and your daughter be staying with us, Mr. 
Mackenzie?" The receptionist asked.

"Quite a while I should think. I have a lot of business 
to take care of here." Mac replied.

Back in the car, Ashlee couldn't hold back any longer 
and started to laugh so hard that her sides started 
aching. "Wow, Mr. Mackenzie. You called me your 
daughter in there. I didn't know what to do or say." 

"Well don't do or say anything just now. Wait till we 
get to the room and we'll talk about it."

They parked the car and were soon in the suite. Ashlee 
had never seen a room like it before. It was really big 
for a hotel room. The suite was on two levels. On the 
lower floor was the sitting room with a TV and VCR, a 
chesterfield that folded out to make a bed, and a 
chesterfield chair. 

There was also a kitchenette with a table and some 
chairs, a stove and microwave as well as a sink and 
some kitchen utensils. On the second level, which was 
three steps up and overlooked the sitting room, there 
was the sleeping area with a large king sized bed and a 
couple of dressers and another TV. Ashlee had never 
seen a king-size bed before. Not in real life anyway. 
Mac could see the excitement on this young girl's face. 
It delighted him to see her so happy. 

The bathroom was on this level too. It was large and 
had a Jacuzzi, and mirrors on all the walls.

Mac had Ashlee sit next to him and he explained why he 
had called her his daughter. He said that if people 
knew they were not related, they could report him to 
the police and he could be sent to jail for kidnapping 
and for contributing to juvenile delinquency. Ashlee 
understood and she agreed to call him daddy. She was 
truly excited about that, because she never had a real 

"Oh, thank you, daddy." She said and leaned over and 
gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"OK. Let's get freshened up and do a little shopping 
and have a nice supper. What do you say?"

Chapter Two 

It was about 4 PM when they pulled into Polo Park 
Shopping Centre and they immediately set about shopping 
for things for Ashlee. This was a complete surprise for 
her. She had no idea that her new daddy was going to 
buy things for her. Mac bought her several complete new 
set of cloths from jeans to dress slacks to dresses to 
shorts. They bought everything from panties to bras, to 
slips, to stockings and garter belt, to pantyhose and 
sports socks; from nightdresses to pajamas to robes; 
from runners to dress shoes to slippers. 

In other words, just about everything a young girl 
could ever want. It was surprising how most things fit 
her without any alterations, but the items that needed 
a little alteration were sent out right away and they 
were ready later that night.

Ashlee had a wonderful time trying things on and 
modeling them for Mac. Whenever she modeled something 
for him, he always gave out a low wolf whistle. Ashlee 
would run to him and give him a big kiss on the cheek. 
Mac of course had a great time too just watching how 
happy all this was making his little girl. He noticed 
how she would now hold his hand everywhere they went. 
This sent a tingle down his spine and elsewhere. He 
didn't know if she did that just because she was so 
excited or for some other reason he didn't dare 
contemplate. Then he bought her all the cosmetics she 
wanted and perfumes, not forgetting personal items like 
a toothbrush and paste, body soap and sponge, shampoo, 
tampons, etc. etc. etc.

Mac didn't know how much all this cost him, but he 
really didn't care. He could afford it and besides it 
made Ashlee happy.

By nine o'clock Mac was bushed. All he wanted was to 
have a nice supper somewhere with a glass of wine. 
Ashlee preferred a pizza. Guess where they went? 

After eating they went back to the hotel. It was 
raining now and the skies looked very angry. It looked 
like they were in for a big thunderstorm.

There were so many parcels to bring up that Mac sent 
Ashley down for a second and third trip while he 
plunked himself down on the sofa. He never knew that 
shopping for a young girl could be so exhausting. 
Ashlee, on the other hand, was still excited. No on had 
ever bought her so many things all at once. She opened 
all the packages and spread everything out and just 
stared at them.

She held them up to her body and danced around. Mac 
came and stood beside her and held her too him and 
softly said, "Happy birthday, Ashlee. I know it's a day 
late, but I hope you had a happy belated birthday 
anyway. You're thirteen years old now. You are a 
beautiful young lady." He smiled down at her as he 
wiped away some tears that were falling down her 

Ashlee hugged him and he could feel her body shake as 
she started sobbing. "Oh, daddy," she sobbed. "I've 
never had a better birthday in all my life. I don't 
know how to thank you or how to repay you for all this. 
Why did you do that for me?"

"You don't have to thank me, honey. You don't have to 
repay me either. I did it because I like you and 
because I think you deserve it. I did it because that 
is what a daddy should do for his daughter." Mac winked 
at Ashlee.

Ashlee kissed him again, this time on the lips. She had 
kissed him a lot today, but this was the first time she 
kissed his lips. It wasn't a long kiss. It was more 
like a father daughter kiss. Not that Mac knew first 
hand what that was like. Mac liked it.

"I think I'll take a shower while you sort everything 
out. Take as many drawers as you need. Just leave one 
small one for me. Okay. And take all the closet space 
you want too. I've already hung my stuff up and that is 
all the space I'll need."

Mac went into the wash room and stripped. His cock was 
beginning to stir and he had this overwhelming desire 
to wank himself off. He started to turn to lock the 
bathroom door but stopped. No, he'll leave it open. 
Just in case.
The shower felt good and he was beginning to relax. He 
let the hot water wash away all the tension that had 
built up during the day. It was a long tiring drive and 
that, combined with shopping, he was exhausted. He 
heard a knock on the bathroom door and Ashlee's voice 
saying, "Daddy. Can I come in for a minute? I have to 
pee real bad." 

He was sure his heart skipped a beat, as it jumped into 
his throat. This was beyond his wildest dreams. "Sure 
honey." He heard himself say. "The door's unlocked."

Ashlee entered and closed the door. He could see her 
faintly through the shower door, but he didn't know if 
she could see him.

"Thanks daddy," she said sweetly. "Wow, did I ever have 
to pee. I've been holding it in all day. I'm sorry for 
barging in on you like this. I should have done it 
before you got in the shower." As she was saying this 
Mac could see her pulling down her jeans and then her 
panties. He couldn't see too clearly, but what he did 
see made him hard in an instant. 

He hoped she couldn't see his erection. As soon as she 
sat down, Mac could hear her pee hit the water in the 
toilet even over the sound of the shower. When she 
finished she reached for some toilet paper and wiped 
herself. That was almost more than Mac could take. His 
hand went to his throbbing cock and he furiously 
stroked it letting out a low but audible moan.

"Did you say something, daddy?" Ashlee asked as she 
flushed the toilet.

"No, honey, I didn't. Does that feel better now?"

"Much better," Ashlee said giggling. "Thanks daddy. See 
you in a minute."

When she closed the door, Mac jerked himself off 
furiously and let this sperm shoot all over the shower 
tiles. God, this girl was really having an affect on 
him. He was thinking thoughts that he knew he shouldn't 
be thinking. In all his years as a teacher of girls 
that age, he was never more tempted to perform an 
indiscretion than now. He knew she was jailbait, but he 
couldn't help himself. He knew it would only be a 
matter of time before something happened between the 
two if them. He promised himself he would tread 
carefully with Ashlee. 

After cooling down the water to bring his temperature 
down, he cleaned up his mess and dried himself off, 
slipped on one of the terry towel robes that first 
class hotels provide, and went to join Ashlee.

Ashlee had put everything away and had changed into a 
forest green nightgown which was one of the items they 
bought. It was long, just about to the floor and she 
also had on a matching jacket. Mac thought she looked 
stunning. She danced around and twirled and spun. When 
she moved in front of some light source, Mac could see 
right through the skimpy material and her figure was 
outlined superbly. He could see that she had nothing on 
underneath. Was Ashlee aware the he could see her naked 
figure? He could feel his cock stirring. He sat down on 
the chesterfield. Or did he fall? He only knew that 
Ashlee looked so beautiful and so sexy and so mature. 

She threw herself down across his lap and put her arms 
around his neck and kissed him on the lips again. This 
kiss wasn't like the other time she kissed his lips. 
This time it was longer and her mouth was open wider. 
It wasn't a kiss of lovers, nor was it a father 
daughter kiss either. Whatever it was, made Mac feel so 
very good. He put his arms around her and held her 
close to him. Her pert little titties pierced his chest 
like daggers even through the thickness of the robe. He 
could feel his cock go rock hard now and he prayed that 
she didn't notice. 

"You look so beautiful and sexy, Ashlee. I want you to 
stay like this for ever." He was looking her straight 
in the eye and she was looking at him and smiled.

"Do you really mean that, daddy; really?" She asked 

"Yes I do, Ashlee. You are the most beautiful and sexy 
young lady I've ever met." 

She kissed him again and got up and danced around some 
more for him before settling down. They watched TV for 
about an hour before Mac said it was time for bed. They 
had a busy day tomorrow. He helped her make up her bed 
and kissed her good night and went to his room. To the 
king sized bed. He wished he had the nerve to ask her 
to join him there, but he didn't want to rush things. 
After all he had just met her this morning. It's true 
that there seemed to be something attracting them to 
each other, but still he thought it best to take things 
easy. He found it hard to believe that a young 
thirteen-year-old girl could be interested in a thirty-
four your old divorced man. He did keep himself in good 
physical shape. He worked out regularly and did a lot 
of running. He didn't have an ounce of fat on him. Most 
men his age had grown love handles. Not Mac. The only 
thing that gave his age away was his slightly receding 
forehead. Even that wasn't too noticeable. Everyone 
told him he had lovely sexy eyes. He knew the girls all 
liked his baby blue eyes. 

He got into bed and turned out the lights. He could 
hear the rain on the window and see the occasional 
flash of lightening, and hear the clash of thunder that 
inevitably followed. Within a few minutes he saw 
Ashlee's lights go out and he heard her get into bed.

Mac couldn't sleep. He didn't think it was the thunder 
that kept him awake although it could have been. Anyone 
living on the prairies knows how loud the thunder can 
get in a storm and it was storming out now. No, it 
wasn't that. He couldn't get Ashlee off his mind. His 
cock began to grow again while he thought of her. He 
wanted to get out of bed and go to her. To hell with 
society; to hell with the law. He wanted to follow his 
own heart, to feel her body sleeping next to him. He 
wanted to suck on her lovely titties and kiss her sweet 
vagina. His mind stayed on her vagina for a few minutes 
as he envisioned what it looked like. He thought she 
would be just starting to grow some peach fuzz there. 
Was she a virgin? Yes, he was sure she was. She did say 
that she managed to escape from her mom's boyfriend 
every time he tried to take advantage of her. Yes, Mac 
was sure she was still a virgin. Gradually Mac started 
to drift off to sleep.

"Daddy? Daddy, are you still awake?" He heard a soft 
sweet voice calling him. It seemed to come from so far 
away. Was that Ashlee or just a dream?

"Daddy? Daddy, please wake up. I'm scared."

It was her. "What's the matter honey?" Mac asked 

Ashlee came to the side of his bed and sat on it. She 
whispered, "It's the storm. I'm scared of the thunder 
and lightening. I've always been afraid of storms." 

Just then there was a big flash of lightening and a 
loud clap of thunder within a second. Ashlee must have 
jumped a foot off the bed. It was obvious how scared 
she was.

"Can I sleep with you Mr. Mackenzie? Please?" She 
begged. She was so scared that she forgot to call him 

"But Ashley, I don't have any clothes on. I sleep in 
the nude."

"I don't care," she replied. "I'm just so scared."

Mac threw back the covers and said, "Okay then. Get in, 
honey. I'll protect you from the nasty storm." 

Ashlee quickly crawled under the covers and snuggled up 
against Mac, facing him. Mac put his arm around her and 
held her tightly. He could feel her shaking. She 
snuggled into his chest, her arms between them. She was 
scared. Mac rocked her back and forth and calmed her 
down with soft talk about how beautiful and how brave 
she was. Another loud clap of thunder rattled the 
window of the hotel and Mac held Ashley closer. 

Mac rubbed her back and sides over her nightie. He so 
wanted to go down further to her lovely little bum, but 
he didn't dare. Going down to her pussy was also out of 
the question for now.

He was naked, but he didn't think Ashlee even noticed, 
she was so scared. When she got into bed, her nightie 
had ridden up and her bare legs were touching his. 
Mac's penis had settled down, but was now starting to 
stir again.

Ashlee was beginning to calm down and Mac bent down and 
kissed her again. She returned the kiss putting her arm 
around his neck. This time Mac got a little bolder and 
let his tongue outline her lips. The touch of Mac's 
tongue on her lips startled her at first, but she 
didn't try to pull away. It felt nice. He continued 
doing that and soon she opened her mouth, just enough 
to let his tongue penetrate her mouth a little.
Ashlee was now holding on to Mac's neck tightly with 
one arm and the fingers of her other hand was 
interwoven into the hairs on his chest. Was that a 
faint moaning sound he just heard coming form her 
throat? He ran his tongue around her lips and teeth now 
and went in further and found her tongue when she 
finally opened her mouth wide. God, her tongue and 
saliva tasted so good. She had obviously brushed her 
teeth before going to bed and he was glad he had too. 
His tongue went in further and she started to suck on 

'Omigod. She's starting to get excited.' Mac thought to 
himself. Suddenly she turned slightly and partly leaned 
on him and threw her leg around his and sucked harder 
on his tongue. A louder moan of contentment escaped her 
throat this time. 

Mac was feeling bolder now. He ran his hand down her 
back and down to her bum. He just rubbed it for a while 
then gently began to squeeze it. Again, he heard the 
unmistakable sound of another moan. 

Mac's cock was throbbing. As Ashlee was almost lying on 
top of him now, she had to feel his erection against 
her tummy. She had to. 

Mac's hand now slipped under her gown and he ran it up 
her legs over her bum and across her back. She didn't 
object or try to stop him. In fact she was letting Mac 
suck her tongue deep into his mouth. She was moaning 
even louder now. 

Mac was so hot now, but he didn't know how far he 
should go. After all she was only thirteen years old; 
just thirteen yesterday. Now both his hands were under 
her gown and caressing her back and bum and legs. She 
didn't mind when his hands fondled her bum. She seemed 
to spread her legs apart for him. Or was that just his 
imagination? No, she definitely opened them further. He 
could feel them spreading. His finger now slowly went 
between her legs and he could feel the heat and 
moisture there. His little girl was really hot.

"Ashlee, sweetheart, we shouldn't be doing this." He 
still had this tinge of conscience. He could almost see 
and hear the cops breaking down the door to the room 
and hauling him off to jail. As concerned as he was 
about doing the right thing, he could not take his 
hands off her ass.

"Mmmm daddy, it feels so nice here. I'm not scared any 
more. You make me feel so safe and secure. I've never 
felt this way before." There was a tone in her voice 
that was so grown up, yet, at the same time, there was 
still a hint of a little girl. The sincerity of her 
words made Mac's heart beat wildly. "I like you rubbing 
my bum like that, daddy. Don't stop. Please don't stop, 

Mac felt sure of himself now. He took the next step. 
"Sweetheart, let's take your nightgown off. We don't 
want it to get all creased, do we?"

Without any hesitation, Ashlee got up and slipped her 
gown over her head and threw it at the foot of the bed. 
The room was too dark for Mac to see her body clearly. 
He could only imagine how she looked. He wanted to turn 
the light on, but was afraid that might break the 
spell. She fell across his chest again. Her naked body 
felt so good against his.
Slowly, he turned so that she was on her back and he 
was half lying on her. He kissed her again. He kissed 
her forehead, her eyes, and her ears then her nose, her 
cheeks and her chin. Then he kissed her throat and ran 
his tongue down to her chest. Ashlee was moaning loudly 
all the time. He never in all his life made love to 
someone who seemed to appreciate his efforts as she 
did. Not even that bitch he married. 

Mac wished that he could see her sexy little titties. 
All he could do is feel them in his mouth as he sucked 
on them and ran his tongue around her areolas and her 
hardening nipples. What did her nipples and areolas 
look like? He pictured them in his mind as his tongue 
drew circles around them. He pictured them as being 
small and slightly darker than the rest of her skin. 
That brought up another question. What was her skin 
like? It felt nice and soft and smooth. Was she tanned? 
Did she have bikini lines around her breasts and waist? 
He'll have to wait to find out the answers. 
Ashlee was holding Mac's head as he was sucking and 
kissing her titties. She had spread her legs wide apart 
as Mac's right hand went further down and played around 
her upper thighs. Mac thought this was an involuntary 
movement on her part. He made sure that his wrist or 
some part of his arm rubbed against her young pussy to 
see just how excited she was. 

He was delighted to find out that she was sopping wet 
down there. Her right leg was rubbing up against his 
engorged penis. Did she know what she was doing? Mac 
wasn't sure. He figured she was just wiggling around in 
her excitement not really knowing what she was doing.
Mac moved his head down a little further now and ran 
lazy circles around and in her lovely belly button. 
Again some more moans and a small giggle came from her. 
It was so obvious to Mac that she was enjoying every 
minute of this experience. Being so close to her hot 
treasure box, Mac savored the intoxicating scent of her 
thirteen-year-old pussy. He had never smelled anything 
so sweet in all his life. There is certainly a 
difference in the scent of a young cunt; a difference 
that Mac will never forget.

He now cupped her love nest in his hand and held it 
there for a minute, not daring to move his fingers past 
her wet lips. Ashlee couldn't keep still now. She was 
pulling on his hair then letting go and flaying her 
arms across the pillows and then grabbing his hair 
again. Her legs were shaking and she grabbed his hand 
and squeezed them tight and wouldn't let go. She leaned 
her head back and let out a cry as her orgasm gripped 
her. Then she relaxed and laid there, still and quiet. 

After about a minute of silence broken only by the 
storm outside, Ashlee asked, "Oh, daddy. Do you know 
what you just did to me?" She asked in her soft, quiet, 
sexy voice, not really expecting an answer and 
answering it before he had a chance to.

"You just gave me the most incredible orgasm I ever 
had. It was far better than the ones I give myself," 
she answered.
"I'm happy for you, honey. I'm glad I made you feel so 

Ashlee didn't answer. She lay beside Mac with her arm 
around his chest and her leg still wrapped around his. 
He could feel her hot skin pressing against his and 
their perspiration soaked bodies sticking together. He 
could feel her soft breath against the hairs on his 
chest. He couldn't remember another moment in his 
thirty-four years when he felt so content. That's quite 
remarkable because he didn't even cum.

"Are you OK, honey?" he whispered. He got no reply. 
"Ashlee?" She was sound asleep in his arms. He wasn't 
about to move her to her own bed. He was soon asleep 

Chapter Three 

"Wake up sleepy head. It's time to get moving." Mac 
called Ashlee softly so as not to startle her. It was 8 
o'clock in the morning. He just woke up a couple of 
minutes ago himself and was surprised to find Ashlee 
still in the same position as when she went to sleep. 
He couldn't remember having such a good night's sleep 
in ages.

"Huh?" Ashlee grunted still half asleep. "What time is 
it? Where do we have to go?" She asked sleepily as she 
yawned and stretched. As she stretched, the covers fell 
from her young teenage body and revealed her breasts to 
Mac for the first time. Her arms wound around Mac's 
neck and she pulled his head down so that she could 
kiss him. "Good morning, daddy." She cooed. "Did you 
have a good sleep?" 

"I sure did, Princess. What about you?'

'Mmmm. Ya! It was lovely.' She replied. 'I had some 
nice dreams about you.'
"Oh!" Mac said curiously. "Tell me about them."

Ashlee went a little red as she blushed. "Not now. I'd 
be too embarrassed." She replied as she hid her face in 
Mac's hairy chest and giggled.

"Come on." Mac said. "We got to get up and go jogging. 
Then we have to go and pick up our new Jag."
Ashlee's only remark was "Ahh. Do we have to?"

"Yes" said Mac. "Let's go." As he said this, he threw 
the rest of the covers off them. His heart almost 
stopped beating, as he looked down at Ashlee's naked 
body with her young vagina lips in plain view. It was 
lightly covered with short blonde hair. It looked so 
inviting that his cock immediately started to enlarge.
For some reason, Ashlee got a little scared at this 
point and tried to cover her pussy with her hands. She 
looked up into Mac's eyes. Mac thought he could see a 
slight look of fear there. Maybe not fear, but alarm. 
Mac slowly bent down and kissed her tenderly on the 
lips. He talked to her softly to try to calm her down. 
He told her not to be embarrassed or scared, that she 
was not doing anything wrong and that she had a lovely 
body that she should be proud to let people see it. It 
worked and she dropped her hands exposing her hot 
little pussy once again. 

As her right hand fell, it landed on Mac's engorged 
cock. This startled poor little Ashlee. She had never 
seen an honest to goodness penis before, never mind, 
touch one. She had seen many pictures of them and had 
learned things about them in school, but seeing the 
real thing and touching it was something else. She 
jumped off the bed and stood there shaking. 

"Oh daddy I'm scared. I'm really scared. I don't know 
what to do." She sobbed.

Mac got the picture quickly and covered himself up.

"I told you, you don't have to be scared, Princess." He 
spoke softly and reached out to hold her hand. He 
gently coaxed her to sit on the bed again. She was 
breathing hard and still sobbing.

"I won't do anything to you that you don't want me to 
do, Ashlee. I promise. You are too precious to me to 
hurt you. Do you believe me?" 

Ashlee fell back into Mac's arms. She nodded that she 
did believe him and she kissed him. For some reason she 
didn't mind flaunting her own naked body in front of 
Mac, but didn't like seeing his. Mac could understand 
this because many grown women were afraid of his size, 
and for a young virgin just a day into her teens, it 
must be a very unnerving sight.
Mac knew that he had a nice body. He just had to look 
in the mirror to see it. All the women he had been out 
with had told him the same thing. So there must be some 
truth in it. He was 6' 2'' tall and weighed probably 
around 160 to 170 lbs. He was particularly proud of his 
eight-inch long penis. It was longer and thicker than 
most he had seen, and he had seen hundreds of them. No, 
he wasn't gay. He did a lot of swimming and went to the 
gym and the pool almost every day. He saw all shapes 
and sizes of penises in the locker rooms.
Mac ran his hand all over Ashlee's body and she made no 
effort to stop him. She hung on to his neck and kissed 
him long and hard, letting her tongue do the work.
"Come on, sweetheart. Let's get dressed and get going. 
We can continue this when we get back. Okay?"

She let him go and smiled at him and got up and walked 
to the bathroom. She turned around and blew him a kiss 
as she closed the door. Seeing her naked little body 
walking in front of him almost made Mac lose his self 
control and shoot a load of his hot cream all over the 
bed. He had a raging hard-on and his balls felt so full 
they were sore. No woman had ever affected him like 
that before. 

Mac had finished changing into his jogging gear just as 
Ashlee came out of the bathroom. She was still naked 
and started looking through the drawers for something 
to wear. Mac couldn't keep his eyes off her.

Ten minutes later they were running around the streets 
of Winnipeg. Mac really needed the exercise but Ashlee 
was not used to it and found it hard. She had to stop a 
lot, but Mac was kind and considerate and caring to her 
and never pushed her too much. After about half an hour 
he could see that she had just about all she could take 
and they headed back to the hotel. When they got back 
into the room, Ashlee fell onto the bed and lay there, 
breathing hard and trying to get her breath back. Mac 
flopped down beside her and kissed her lips.

"Did you like that, honey?" Mac asked her looking into 
her eyes.

"Mmmm ya. I always like it when you kiss me," she 

"No silly. I meant did you like jogging?" Mac was 

'Oh, that." She said. "I knew what you meant. I was 
just teasing you. It was fun."

"Good." Mac said. "Because we are going to do that just 
about every day from now on, so you better get used to 
it. Fair enough?" Mac asked not really expecting an 
answer. "You rest here and I'll shower first then you 
can. Okay?" 

Mac got up and went into the bathroom and was soon in 
the shower. The hot water felt so good on his sweaty 
skin. He wasn't in there more than two minutes when he 
heard the door open and saw Ashlee come in. She was 
completely naked. She stood in front of the shower door 
for almost a minute trying to pluck up the courage to 
get in the shower with him. Finally she decided and 
eased the door open and stepped in. 

By this time Mac had developed another raging hard-on, 
that stood out proudly to attention as she entered. 
Ashlee looked down at it and put her hands around Mac's 
waist and held on tightly to him as his cock was 
squeezed between their tummies. They didn't say a word 
as they moved around so that Ashlee could get wet all 
Finally Mac said softly, "Did seeing my penis really 
frighten you that much, Ashlee?" 

Ashlee rested her head on his chest and closed her eyes 
as the hot water poured over her. Then she said, "I 
don't know. I had seen lots of pictures of them and 
I've fantasized over them, and I learned a little about 
them in school, but I've never seen a real one before. 
That's what scared me. I'm sorry, daddy. I'm such a big 
baby. I'm really sorry." She was sobbing now.

Mac raised her head and kissed her on the lips. "You 
don't have to be sorry, Princess. I can just imagine 
how you felt. I'm sure if I was in your position, I'd 
have felt the same way. So don't cry. Are you alright 

"I'm okay now, daddy. Thanks for being so 
understanding." Ashlee hugged her daddy tightly to her 

After a couple of minutes, she said "Daddy? Can I touch 
your thing now? I'm not scared any more." 

"Sure honey, if you want to. I'd like that."

Ashlee stood back and looked down at Mac's cock. It was 
still hard. The head of the cock seemed to shine from 
the water. The head was a kind of purplish color, which 
she thought weird. Mac was circumcised, but Ashlee 
would not have known the difference. She slowly moved 
her hand to it and touched it softly with her index 
finger then pulled back quickly, as it seemed to jump 
at her. She started to giggle. She did it again but 
this time didn't jump when it twitched.

Mac was watching her face all this time. Watching the 
smile appear and then disappear only to be replaced by 
an expression of apprehension, and then that 
disappearing and being replaced with an expression of 
awe and then back to a smile again. Mac knew he was 
correct when he said she was a virgin. He smiled to 

Ashlee now got a little bolder and actually wrapped her 
right hand around his cock. Her hand looked so small 
with his cock sticking up through it. She wrapped her 
left hand around it too and there was still room for 
another hand. His cock was too big around for her 
little hands to completely encircle it. That looked so 
sexy to Mac that he could have sworn his cock was 
actually growing under her touch. 

He covered her hands with his and showed her how to 
stroke it. When he let her hands go she continued doing 
what he showed her. She was giggling and laughing all 
the time. Mac didn't think she had any idea how she was 
making him feel.

Mac could feel his cum building up deep in his balls. 
He told her to move her hands faster. She did. Faster 
again and she went faster. Finally he said, "Oh, God, 
Ashlee. That feels so good. Squeeze my cock hard. 
Ohhhh. Don't let go. Oh, God baby!! I can't... hold... 
it... anymore! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Yesssssssss!! Oh God 
Yes!! I'm cumming Ashlee! Ohhhh yessssss! Let it go 
now, honey. LET IT GO." He yelled the last three words.

Ashlee was puzzled by Mac's conduct. She started 
getting anxious again. She noticed that it was 
throbbing as she was squeezing it. She did as Mac 
instructed, and let go of his cock. The instant she let 
it go, gobs and gobs of his thick, hot, sticky cum shot 
out of his cock hole and splattered against her 
stomach, and breasts. Ashlee jumped back putting her 
hands up to her mouth and screaming. She was stamping 
around and screaming so much that Mac had to hold her 
so she wouldn't slip in the tub.

Mac smiled and then laughed. He knew it was a dirty 
trick to play on her but he couldn't help himself. The 
look on her face was priceless. She never expected 
anything like that. Finally the shock wore off and Mac 
held her close to him and his cream spread over both 
their tummies. 

"Why did you scare me like that, Mr. Mackenzie? Why?"

Oh, oh. 'Mr. Mackenzie'. She must be really pissed of. 
Mac got really concerned now. Maybe he did go too far 
this time. 

Mac tried to kiss her, but she pushed him away. "I'm 
sorry, baby. Really I am. I thought it was funny at the 
time, but now I see it wasn't. I'm sorry. Do you 
forgive me?"

Mac again tried to kiss her and this time she gave only 
a token resistance and eventually let him. 

"Did you cum all over me, daddy? Was that your cum that 
came out of you?" She sounded all excited now. This was 
a completely new experience for her and she wanted to 
know everything.

"Yes honey, that's what it was. Did you really not like 
it?" Mac asked.

"It did scare me. I never knew it came out like that. 
But it was neat. Can we do it again?" She asked 
eagerly. There was a big grin on her face now.

Mac smiled for ear to ear. "I think we should wait till 
later. We have to go and get some breakfast and pick up 
our new car."

Mac quickly washed Ashlee down to get rid of the cum he 
shot all over her. Ashlee washed Mac, but she had a 
harder time getting the cum out of the hairs on his 
chest and stomach. It just seemed to want to stay 

After breakfast they drove to the Jaguar show room. Mac 
introduced Ashlee as his daughter again and this time 
she showed no signs of surprise. He was trading in his 
Grand Marquis so he asked Ashlee if she would clean out 
everything from the glove compartment and the trunk and 
be sure to collect all the CD's. While she did that, 
Mac signed the final papers and paid the balance owing. 
He had picked up the license plate and insurance in 
Thompson and he got the dealer to put the plates on the 
car. Soon Mac and Ashlee were driving away in their 
brand new Jag.

They drove all over Winnipeg. She felt so proud sitting 
next to her daddy as they drove. She could feel 
everyone looking at them. She moved over next to Mac 
and snuggled into him and he put his arm around her 
shoulders. She felt like a real princess. She looked 
like one too.

During lunch, Mac gave his little girl another 
"How would you like to see 'River Dance' tonight at the 
Centennial Concert Hall? I've got two good seats."

"Wow. Ya! That would be cool." Ashlee replied. "I like 
them. I've seen them on TV lots of times." 

"Good." Mac said. "Let's go back to the hotel and rest 
for a while before we get ready. It starts at 8 
o'clock. We can get ready and have a nice supper before 
the show. How does that sound?" 

Ashlee was all for that and they headed back to the 

When they got to the door of their suite, Mac unlocked 
it and again surprised Ashlee by picking her up and 
carrying her in. She was so light. She couldn't have 
weighed any more than 100 lbs. He headed straight up to 
the bedroom and laid her down. 

She had locked her arms around his neck and dragged him 
down with her. He lay partly on her and she kissed him 
deeply. Mac's hands were roaming all over her body and 
he soon had her moaning in delight. He had her blouse 
unbuttoned and was squeezing her young titties through 
her bra.

"Oh, daddy that feels so good." She moaned. "When I'm 
alone with you, you make me feel like a bad girl."

"You're not a bad girl, honey. No way! Don't ever think 
that." Mac was talking softly and reassuringly to her. 
"You are just a young thirteen-year-old girl who wants 
to experience all that life can offer her. You are in a 
hurry to grow up. That's all."

"I know daddy." She panted between kisses. "I want to 
learn everything. I want to learn all about sex. Will 
you teach me everything, daddy? Will you? Please?"

Mac suddenly felt so proud. Was she serious? How could 
a young girl like Ashlee want an older man like him? 
Was he just a father figure to her? If he was, then why 
did she like to have sex with him? That wasn't normal. 
Was there something else? Right now he didn't care. All 
that mattered is that she did want him. She wanted him 
now. He wanted her just as much. She wanted him to 
teach her all about sex and about love. He had plenty 
to teach her.

"Of course I will sweetheart. Oh, God, yes I will." Mac 
was getting very aroused now. His penis was straining 
to be set free and was in fact causing him some 
Mac stood up and pulled Ashlee to her feet. He took off 
her blouse and lowered her shorts and she stepped out 
of them. He sat her down on the edge of the bed and 
removed her shoes and socks. She had such pretty feet 
that he couldn't resist kissing her toes; that made her 
giggle a little. He also took his own socks and shoes 
off. She was now just in her bra and panties. 

Mac undressed. As he was taking his shirt off, Ashlee 
reached up and started loosening his belt and undoing 
the buttons on his pants. She pulled the zipper down 
and his cock pushed out a bit sensing its pending 
freedom. She pulled his pants down to the floor and Mac 
stepped out of them. Both Mac and Ashlee could see the 
pressure his huge cock was applying to his boxers. As 
Mac bent down to remove them, it sprang to full 
attention right in front of Ashlee's face. 

This was the second time she got a good look at it. Its 
size still frightened her somewhat. She remembered when 
she touched it this morning in the shower that it felt 
really big and that she could not get her little hand 
completely around it. But now, it looked more 
monstrous. She knew that somehow that thing was going 
to have to fit into her young vagina and right now she 
couldn't see any way that could happen. 

Mac could see the alarm in her eyes as she stared at 
his tool. He gently sat down beside her and put his 
arms around her and held her tight. He could feel her 
trembling. He gently kissed her and as he did, the 
tension started leaving her body. She put her arms 
around Mac's neck and kissed him passionately. Her 
tongue was becoming quite expert at French kissing, and 
Mac felt a tingle deep down inside him. 

Mac slowly and gently reached around and undid the 
clasp on Ashlee's bra and it came free. It didn't fall 
just yet because their bodies were pressed tightly 
together. Mac felt her moving her chest back and 
pulling her bra free and dropping it on the bed. Her 
pert little nipples were hard and were poking into his 
chest like little darts.
Mac laid her down and proceeded to remove her panties. 
She helped by lifting her beautiful bum so that he 
could get them off. Mac continued kissing her. Their 
tongues were doing this wild sexy tango together as 
they slid over each other. Their saliva was blending 
together and tasted like heaven. 

Mac leaned up and rested on his elbow. He looked down 
at his little girl and couldn't believe what he saw. 
This was the first time that he could really see what 
she was like. He did get a bit of a look in the shower, 
but nothing like this. He examined her from the top of 
her head to the tip of her toes. She was so slender. 
There wasn't an ounce of fat anywhere on her body. Her 
breasts were small, but then again she was only 
thirteen. Her dark nipples stuck out like precious 
little gems set in her beautiful dark areolas. She did 
have a slight tan line around her breasts and waist. 

Mac could see her rib cage as he gazed further down her 
body. She had the cutest little belly button he had 
ever seen in his life. It wasn't too deep and the end 
of the umbilical cord rose slightly in the centre. As 
he looked further down he could see the soft hairs of 
her pubic area. They were light blonde like the hairs 
on her head and so thin that her cunt lips were still 
plainly visible through them. She didn't need to trim 
them yet, but he envisioned her having to soon. 

It took some time for Mac to get past her pussy, and 
when he did he was rewarded with a view of a beautiful 
pair of long slender yet shapely legs ending in the 
most beautiful feet he had ever seen. 

Ashlee was watching him examine her body and started 
blushing. Embarrassed as she was, she couldn't help but 
notice Mac's masculine body. She already noticed the 
size of his penis. It still frightened her as she knew 
beyond a doubt that that monster would soon be inside 
her taking away her virginity. She also knew from 
magazines and from talking to friends, that a girl was 
also expected to suck a guy's cock. She couldn't see 
any way that she could get his in her mouth. Also there 
was no way it would fit up her bum. She had heard about 
anal sex from friends and didn't know if she would like 
She thought Mac was so handsome. She had a schoolgirl 
crush on him for a couple of years now but never for a 
moment thought they would ever make love together for 
real. A lot of other girls had a crush on him too, but 
she had him, and they didn't. She loved the way his 
hair grew long over his shoulders and down to the 
middle of his back, and how he usually wore it in a 
ponytail. His hair was as long as hers. She also liked 
the way it rose slightly on either side of his 
forehead. It made him look so much more mature. 
His arms and shoulders were very muscular. She liked 
that because it meant he could protect her from any and 
all harm. Wasn't that something that every girl wanted? 
His chest was very hairy tapering down to less hair on 
his stomach and leading down to a thick patch of pubic 
hair which helped to insulate and frame his beautiful 
large penis and scrotum. 

His pubic hairs were a lot coarser than hers. But they 
were still very nice. His stomach was flat and hard. 
His legs were quite hairy too, but very well shaped and 
muscular. That probably came from all the running and 
exercising he did. His feet were pretty big. Ashlee 
didn't care for feet much but she thought his were 
nice. Whether she'd want to kiss his toes like he 
kissed hers, well, she'd have to wait and see. 

All this examining took only seconds. Mac looked down 
at Ashlee and smiled at her reassuringly. His hand was 
now rubbing all over her body. Pressing and squeezing 
her titties and pinching her nipples. Ashlee couldn't 
help but moan when he did that. They slid down past her 
belly button and cupped her pussy. She was so hot and 
wet down there. His middle finger parted her lips and 
slid inside her for the first time. 

A shock went through her body. She had put her own 
fingers in there many times to bring on an orgasm, but 
this was the first time anyone else had done that. She 
was beginning to feel that special feeling build up 
inside her and she knew it wouldn't be long before he 
would bring her to another orgasm like he did last 
night. Her breath was coming fast and short and her 
heart was beating faster. 

"Oh daddy y-you don't know what you a-a-are d-d-doing 
to me. OH GOD! That feels s-s-so good." Her body 
started shaking harder now and her climax got closer 
and closer. Mac finger fucked his little girl harder 
and faster. He didn't want to put his finger too far 
into her because he wanted to break her cherry with his 
cock, not his fingers. But that was the furthest thing 
on Ashlee's mind right now. She was just concerned with 
her forthcoming orgasm. Her hand unaccountably dropped 
down between their perspiring bodies and grabbed hold 
of his cock and squeezed it tightly. Mac nearly went 
into shock when he felt her hand on it. He almost shot 
a load then and there. 

Suddenly she cried out. "Ohhhhh God, daddy! I-I-I-I'm 
cumming! I'm c-c-cumming! It feels so f-f-fuckin' good! 
Yes! Yes! YESSSSS!" Suddenly, her body jerked and she 
let out a squeak and she began to squirm all over. Her 
young pussy gushed and Mac's finger felt like it was in 
a wet velvety vise as her orgasm ran its course. 
Finally, she collapsed, like a deflated balloon.

Ashlee looked up at Mac. She had a beautiful little 
smile of contentment on her face. Her eyes were 
glowing. "You did it again, daddy, didn't you? You bad 
boy!" She teased. "It feels so much better when you do 
it than when I do it myself, so much better." She threw 
her arms around Mac's neck again and gave him the 
nicest and most sensuous kiss he ever remembered 

He didn't say anything. She was ready for him, but 
before he fucked her, he wanted to taste her sweet 
honey. Slowly and tenderly, he started kissing and 
licking her chest and titties, taking each of them into 
his mouth and sucking on them. Her nipples seemed to be 
getting bigger and harder. He moved down further now to 
her belly button and drew lazy circles around it with 
his tongue. Ashlee liked this for she let out a soft 
moan and gently pulled on his hair. Mac could now see 
her sex box and the scent coming from it permeated 
through his nose and went directly to his cock. Oh, the 
scent of a hot young cunt was one of the most wonderful 
smells in the world, Mac remembered. He had known this 
from his youth, but didn't realize it at the time. 

He carefully slipped around until he was between 
Ashlee's lovely legs. She didn't know why she did it 
(was it instinct?), but she bent her legs at the knees 
and spread them apart while lifting them so that they 
were along side her chest. Mac gasped when he saw her 
hot wet pussy wide open for him. The scent was so 
strong now that he almost passed out. 

A small streamlet of her sweet honey was trickling down 
the gully from her pussy to her rosebud. This was the 
first good view of her bum Mac had. He couldn't believe 
how beautiful it was and what a lovely young well 
shaped rosebud she had. Slowly he started to lick from 
that rosebud to her clit. He took long slow laps always 
ending at her clit hood and giving it a little flick of 
his tongue. He did that over and over again for several 

Ashlee was squirming in ecstasy. Her love juices were 
flowing fast now, as she knew she was approaching her 
second orgasm so close to her first. 

She could feel Mac's fingers now on her clit hood. He 
placed a finger on either side of it and gently pressed 
down to bring the clit out of hiding. Finally, it was 
standing there in all its glory for the whole world to 
see, but really only meant for Mac. It was so small yet 
so proud and so pink and shiny with her love juices. It 
looked very much like a miniature penis. Mac leaned 
down and softly licked it. 

The feeling was so powerful that Ashlee shuttered as 
another wave of ecstasy shot threw he body. Mac sensed 
that she was on the verge of another orgasm and came 
down hard on her clit and sucked it deep into his mouth 
and kept on flicking it with his tongue. 

Mac sucked and nibbled on her exposed clit with 
everything he had. Ashlee's felt like little electric 
shocks were shooting all through her body. She threw 
her legs around her daddy's neck and squeezed him hard 
into her hot cunt as if to trap him there and keep him 
forever. She was pulling on his hair and she was 
moaning loudly again.

"Ohhhh, yessss" she hissed." Y-Y-You're making me c-c-
c-c-cum again, daddy! You're m-m-making me CUMMMM!"

Mac sucked on her sweet young pussy like it was honey, 
lapping and slurping ravishingly. She hips undulated 
wildly, forcing her gaping young cunt almost brutally 
into her new daddy's face. High pitched little squeaks 
escaped from her throat as the intense pleasure of 
another wonderful and powerful orgasm racked through 
her tender young body. It literally took her breath 
away. Her back was arched and her head was flung back 
and her whole body shuddered with the most intense 
orgasm of her young life.

Ashlee was completely at peace now with herself and 
with the whole world. Nothing like this had ever 
happened to her before. She had never felt so 
contented. She felt that she had to have more and more 
of this wonderful thing called sex. Her legs had 
dropped now and her arms were over her head. Her eyes 
were closed and she had a soft smile on her face. Her 
hair was spread out framing her beautiful face. She 
looked like an angel. She could feel Mac slide up her 
body and when she opened her eyes again he was looking 
at her. She put her arms around his neck and said, "I 
love you, daddy. I love you so much."

"I love you too, Princess. I don't know what I'd do 
without you."

"I'll never leave you, daddy. I promise." She kissed 
him so passionately that Mac could do nothing but 
believe her. 

She broke the kiss and whispered softly in his ear as 
if she didn't want anyone else to hear what she said. 
"Will you fuck me now, daddy. I really want you to. I 
want you to be the one to take my virginity." 

"Are you sure, sweetie? It will hurt a bit. That can't 
be helped." Mac whispered back.

"I know," she said, "but I want you to. I won't feel 
like a real woman till you do. Fuck me, please daddy? 
Fuck me?" 

Mac got up and went into the bathroom and returned with 
a hand towel. "Here honey, slip this under you just in 
case you bleed." Mac kissed her sweet lips and helped 
her slip the towel under her bum. Ashlee instinctively 
spread her legs wide open as Mac positioned himself on 
top of her. He arched his back and grabbed hold of his 
thick cock and placed it at the entrance of her love 
channel. Mac wondered if he should use some Vaseline or 
something but she was so wet that it wasn't needed. 

He knew his cock was really too big for her young tight 
pussy, but he couldn't stop now even if he wanted to. 
Slowly, very slowly he started pushing it inside her. 
He kept his eyes on her all the time looking for signs 
of pain or discomfort. Her eyes were shut tight. 

It took a lot of pressure to get his head past her 
swollen lips and into her cunt. It didn't seem to want 
to fit. He could see some signs of pain on her face, 
but he kept pushing. Suddenly, Ashlee let out a squeal 
and her eyes shot open. There was a look of anxiety 
there. Tears came to her eyes as Mac's head finally 
broke through past her pussy lips and penetrated her.

"Oh, daddy," she cried. "That really hurt." 

'Shhhh, Princess. Don't cry. That was just the head of 
my cock breaking into you. You've never had anything 
that big in there before and your pussy lips had to 
stretch farther than ever to let it in. Are you okay 

"Ya, I'm okay. It doesn't hurt any more."

Mac gave her another kiss. "That's good. Do you want to 
see what it looks like?"

Mac lifted the top part of his body up, and Ashlee's 
heart skipped a beat as she looked down and saw the 
head of Mac's cock buried in her pussy. She smiled at 
Mac and kissed him. 

Mac started pushing in again and then pulling out a 
little. Gradually more and more of his cock disappeared 
inside her. He felt a resistance as his cock met her 
hymen. He knew that he was about to cause his darling 
daughter some more pain. He hated to do that, but there 
was no other way. If he were going to break her cherry, 
then there would have to be some pain and probably some 
blood too. 

Mac gently kissed Ashlee and asked her if she was 
ready. He said he would have to hurt her, but once this 
hurt was over, there would be no more. He could see 
trepidation in her eyes. She didn't say a word as she 
put her arms around his neck and kissed him 
passionately while holding on to him ever so hard. 

Mac took this as her words of encouragement for him to 
continue. He held her face while he returned her 
kisses. He covered her mouth with his, took a few short 
slow strokes into her hot moist cunt and suddenly 
thrust forward with all the force he could muster. He 
felt the resistance vanish and he knew he did it. 
Ashlee jumped as a sharp sever pain jolted her body and 
told her that she was no longer a virgin. She tried to 
yell, but her yell was stifled by Mac's mouth. She was 
shaking now but Mac didn't let her go and kept his 
mouth over hers kissing her into calmness. Shortly she 
relaxed as the pain subsided.

"Oh, God, daddy, that really hurt. You took my cherry, 
didn't you?" She asked inquisitively.

"Yes, Princess, I did. I'm sorry I had to hurt you, but 
there was no other way. Does it still hurt?" Mac asked 
tenderly and with sympathy.
"No, it feels okay now," she replied.

"Look here, baby. Look and see what we did." Mac leaned 
up so that Ashlee could look and see his huge cock 
completely buried in her young cunt. "You never thought 
it would fit, did you?" he asked, laughing. The look on 
Ashlee's face told him how proud she was of herself, 
and how wrong she had been. She dropped back down and 
pulled Mac's head to her and again kissed him 
passionately. "I love you daddy. Thanks for doing that 
for me." 

Mac could feel extra moistness enveloping his cock. He 
thought this was her blood. He looked down again and 
noticed red as her blood seeped through and collected 
on his penis and dripped onto the towel.
Mac started to slowly pump in and out of Ashlee's cunt. 
What was once pain now turned into extreme ecstasy and 
she could again feel that special feeling build up 
inside her young body. The thickness of Mac's cock was 
exerting maximum pressure on her tender clit and it was 
only a matter of a dozen strokes when she erupted into 
yet another fantastic orgasm. Mac had never known a 
girl so vocal when reaching orgasm. He only hoped other 
guests could not hear her. 

Ashlee's orgasm brought Mac to the point where he was 
about ready to cum. He knew he couldn't shoot his life 
giving seed into her. She was far too young to get 
pregnant, but she was ripe for that to happen. He 
furiously pumped into her harder and harder and faster 
and faster and Ashlee had another orgasm. Mac was just 
about there and just as he was about to shoot his load, 
he pulled out of her and shot it all over her stomach 
and breasts. 

He shot what appeared to be gallons and gallons of his 
sperm. He didn't think it would ever stop. Once he 
finished, he dropped down on Ashlee's stomach and his 
cum spread out between them. He kissed her so tenderly.

"That was the most awesome experience I ever had." She 
panted, still being somewhat out of breath. "Wow. I 
never thought sex would be this good. Why did you pull 
out of me so fast, daddy. I wanted you to cum inside 
me. I wanted to feel what that was like."

Mac slid off her now and rested his head on his arm. 
"I'm glad you liked it honey. How do you feel? Is your 
pussy still sore?" 

"Ya, it's a little sore now, but I'm sure it will get 
better soon. I feel great. Thanks, daddy. When can we 
do it again?" 

Mac laughed at the eagerness of his little girl. Only 
the young, he thought could go on forever. 

"We can do it again tonight after the concert if you 
want. I'd like to do it now, but I think you should go 
and sit in the Jacuzzi and soak your pussy for about 
half and hour. It will make it feel better. Otherwise 
you may have trouble walking. I'm really sorry I had to 
hurt you, baby. I hated myself for doing that, but it 
had to be done. You know that don't you?" 

Mac was almost crying when he said that. He was truly 
sorry for the pain he caused her. 

"Oh, daddy, don't be silly. I know you were only doing 
what was best for me. I'm not mad at you or anything. I 
forgive you. I love you so much." Ashlee kissed him 
again and smiled at him.

"I'm glad. I really am," he said. He looked down 
between Ashlee's legs. "Don't get scared now, but there 
is some blood seeping out of your pussy. It's nothing 
to get upset about. It just came from breaking your 
hymen. It'll stop soon." 

Ashlee looked down and actually smiled when she saw the 
blood. "That means I'm all yours, daddy, for ever and 
ever. Right?" 

"Right honey; for ever and ever." 

Mac got up and carried his little girl to the bathroom. 
He ran water in the Jacuzzi, turned on the pump and 
placed her in it. The water stung when it hit her 
tender pussy and she had to lift her bum out of the 
water several times before she could stay in it. Ashlee 
lay back letting the water bubble around her body. It 
felt really good on her sore pussy, which was beginning 
to feel better now. She felt so proud for what she 
accomplished today. She felt like a woman for the first 
time in her life.

Chapter 4 

Both Mac and Ashlee enjoyed the 'River Dance' show 
immensely. Soaking in the Jacuzzi did Ashlee a world of 
good. Her pussy was still a little tender, but it 
didn't give her any trouble to walk or sit all evening. 
She got dressed right in front of Mac with him 
watching. It made her feel so sexy. She put on one of 
the lovely dresses Mac had bought her, and she decided 
to wear stockings and her garter belt instead of 

She never wore anything like that before and she had 
fun putting them on. She knew that she had to put the 
garter belt on before her panties; otherwise she would 
have to keep undoing them to pull down her panties when 
she wanted to pee. The sales lady told her that. 

When she got the belt and stockings on, she modeled 
them for him. Her red pussy was framed so beautifully 
by the belt that Mac's cock started to get stiff again. 
There was nothing he could do about it. Ashlee saw this 
and danced up to him and kneeled down in front of him 
and held it in one hand while the other felt the weight 
of his heavy balls. She smiled up at Mac as she bent 
down and gave it a nice kiss. A little bit of his 
precum stuck to her lips and when she slowly pulled 
away, it stretched out into a long thin strand. She 
giggled and so did Mac. 

They had spent too much time making love in the 
afternoon there wasn't any time to do it now. They 
finished dressing and left. Mac felt so proud walking 
beside his beautiful little girl. He told her how 
beautiful and how mature she looked and she blushed. 
"Oh daddy, you make me feel so special. I love you so 
much." She kissed him all the way down in the elevator.

They didn't have time to eat before the show, so right 
after the show they went to this lovely, obviously high 
class restaurant, and had a wonderful, but to Ashlee, 
expensive, meal. Mac let her have half a glass of wine, 
which she found that she liked. 

Once supper was finished, Mac held her hands and said 
he had something important to talk to her about. He had 
decided that on Monday they were going to see a doctor 
friend of his and get her the best form of 
contraception. He told her that he did not want to get 
her pregnant just yet because she was too young, and 
she had to finish her schooling. 

"We can use condoms, daddy. They're safe aren't they?" 
she asked. He told her that they were as safe as 
anything, but he hated using them.

Then he asked her if she wanted to become his legal 

Ashlee's mouth almost dropped to the floor. She gripped 
Mac's hand like she was afraid she would lose him. "Oh, 
daddy, do you mean... adopt me? Really adopt me?" 

"That's what I mean, Princess. Would you like that?" 
Mac asked fearing a rejection, but still having to ask 
the question.

Ashlee was quiet and still for a few moments. A big 
grin came over her face and she leaned across the table 
and kissed Mac again. He knew what her answer would be. 
"Oh daddy yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, God, I'm so happy." 

Tears were rolling down her cheeks and Mac reached over 
and wiped them with his napkin.

"What do you think your mom will say? I'd have to give 
her some money to buy you from her. How much do you 
think it would take?" 

Ashlee had never thought of that. The thought of being 
bought was a bit unnerving to her. She thought for a 
moment and said she didn't know, but she did know that 
for the right price her mother would sell her. Her 
whole life revolved around drugs and booze. If she had 
a supply of cash maybe she could leave that bastard 
boyfriend and be on her own. On Monday, Mac would get 
his lawyer to draw up the necessary papers. 

On the way back to the hotel, Mac stopped off at an all 
night drugstore to buy a package of condoms. He 
teasingly asked Ashlee to go in for them. "No way," she 
said. "I'd die if I had to do that." Mac Laughed and 
went in and got them. 

As they were heading back to the hotel, Ashlee opened 
one of the condoms and played with it for a while. She 
had never seen or touched one before. She put one up to 
her lips and blew it into a balloon and held it in the 
air before letting it go as they drove down Portage 
Avenue. Mac could see it flying around through his rear 
view mirror. They both almost died laughing. She 
snuggled up to him and told him to hurry. 

Back at the hotel, Mac hung out the 'Do Not Disturb' 
sign and locked the door. There was no need to make up 
Ashlee's bed. They both knew where she would be 
sleeping tonight. 

Ashlee slipped out of her dress and slip and hung them 
in the closet. She was proud of that dress and wanted 
to make sure nothing happened to it. She lay on the bed 
in only her bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. 
For a young girl just past her thirteenth birthday, 
trying to get in a sexy pose didn't come easy for her. 
She didn't have the necessary experience. She knew, 
though that she wanted to look as sexy as she could for 

She spread out on the bed on her left side and rested 
her head on her hand. Her long legs were stretched out 
and she lifted her right leg into as graceful an arch 
as she could. She didn't know if that presented a sexy 
picture or not. She watched Mac as he took his suit off 
and hung it in the closet. She smiled as Mac looked at 
her and winked while letting out a low whistle. 

She guessed that Mac liked her pose. Mac came to her in 
only his boxer shorts. It was plain to Ashlee that he 
was ready for her. Ashlee wanted a light left on 
tonight. That was alright with Mac. They both wanted to 
see each other's naked body more than anything else. 
The room was warm so there was no need for the covers.

Ashlee leaned across Mac's chest. He was lying on his 
back and she kissed him. Mac's hands caressed every 
square inch of Ashlee's body. Slowly, very slowly Mac 
removed the remainder of Ashlee's lingerie until she 
was laying next to him in all her young glory. His 
hands gently and lovingly explored her body again. He 
loved the feel of her young firm bum. His finger 
explored her rosebud and she seemed to open her crack 
somehow inviting his finger to caress it. 

Mac tried to insert a finger but found it too tight and 
dry at the moment. He took his finger and licked it to 
get it good and wet and tried again. This time it 
popped in and Ashlee gave a little squeal as a little 
shot of pain stung her. Mac kept his finger there and 
soon Ashlee was moaning as his finger fucked her sweet 

In the meantime her hand had found Mac's cock, and 
squeezed it through his shorts. With a little 
difficulty, and with Mac's help, she finally got them 
off and threw them on the floor at the foot of the bed. 
She clasped his dick and stroked it in one hand and 
held his big heavy balls in the other. She knew from 
school and from her friends that a man's scrotum where 
his testicles were located was a very tender part of 
his body and needed to be handled with care. She took 
great care not to squeeze them too hard Ashlee had to 
get a close up view of his cock. 

She turned and moved down so that her head rested on 
his stomach and she was facing his cock. She positioned 
her body so that it flowed along side his and her bum 
and pussy were close to Mac's face so that he could 
touch her. She spread her legs open so that her pussy 
was visible. She knew that she was very wet there and 
that Mac would see that.

She was stroking his penis and some more precum that 
she had noticed earlier this evening seeped from him. 
She remembered that it didn't taste bad when she kissed 
it. Slowly her tongue licked the end of Mac's cock. He 
couldn't see what she was doing but when he felt her 
tongue it was like a jolt of electricity shooting 
through his body. He lay there with his eyes closed and 
his hand resting on her hip. 

Ashlee moved down just a little further. His cock was 
now only a breath from her mouth. She could smell his 
manliness now. She knew that ladies gave off a scent 
that drove men crazy but she didn't know that men did 
the same. It almost made her faint. Mac could feel her 
hot breath move across his cock. She held it in her 
hand and raised it a bit and without really knowing 
what she was doing her lips encircled it and she 
started running her tongue over it smearing his precum 
all around. Just the head was in her mouth, but it 
seemed like she had a mouthful. She had never done this 

Mac was moaning loudly now. Fuck, this girl was 

Unconsciously, Ashlee straddled Mac's chest with her 
long, graceful legs on either side of him. Again she 
shifted her position and brought her hot and sopping 
wet pussy close to Mac's face. The scent emanating from 
her was intoxicating too. He could see her wetness 
glistening in the light from the bedside table. He 
grabbed her cheeks and guided her cunt down till he 
could reach it with his tongue. 

She felt Mac's fingers pull the lips of her labia 
apart. He lapped at the opening to her vagina, taking 
in all the tastes and aromas of her young sex. Then he 
started making longer strokes and caressed her 
clitoris. She cried out as his tongue delivered 
pleasure to her clit with every lick. He could now feel 
her juices flowing freely around his nose and mouth as 
he pressed his face hard into her mound. He alternated 
between inserting two fingers into her cunt and 
stimulating her clit with his thumb and lavishly 
licking and sucking on it. 

Slowly, Ashlee found she could take more and more of 
his thick cock into her mouth. Was it the workout Mac 
was giving her pussy with his tongue that aroused her? 
She didn't know, but she did know that she was finding 
that she liked sucking Mac's cock. She could taste his 
somewhat salty precum more and more as he approached 
his climax. Ashlee was getting so excited now that she 
was nearing another orgasm. Her bum couldn't keep still 
as Mac's fingers and tongue worked on it. Her mouth was 
sucking and licking Mac's cock and he too was nearing 
his orgasm. 

"Oh, fuck, daddy. Ohhhhh. Fuuuuuck! I'm cuuummmmming, 
daddy. Yeeeesssssss. I-I-I'm c-c-cummmmming. Ohhhhh, 
God daddy. Ohgodohgodohgod!" How she could talk with 
his cock still in her mouth, Mac would never know, but 
she did it. 
Her ass was flaying all over. Her legs were thrashing 
across Mac's pillow almost clouting him at times. Her 
tits were pushing into his stomach almost piercing him 
like arrows. With her mouth full of his cock, all she 
could say now is 'Mmmmmm'. 

Suddenly Ashlee heard Mac panting as if through a 
dreamy haze. "Oh God, Princess! I can't... hold... 
it... any... more! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. YESSS! OH GOD YESSS!! 
I'm cumming too, Ashlee! Ohhhh yessssss! I'M CUMMING!" 

Ashlee could feel Mac's cock start to twitch and she 
felt a blast of some hot, thick, substance pound into 
her mouth. Mac's semen had boiled upwards from the 
depth of his balls until his cum erupted out the head 
of his cock and into her waiting mouth. She knew that 
Mac had climaxed in her mouth. It's not that she didn't 
expect that to happen. She did. It's just that it took 
her by surprise, because she didn't know the signals. 

She didn't realize the quantity of cum that would fill 
her mouth. She didn't realize the pressure that it 
would come out at. She tried to swallow it, but 
couldn't keep up with the volume. Some of it started 
seeping out the corner of her mouth and down her chin. 
She never thought of the taste of it at the time, but 
later she realized that she liked it. She looked 
forward to tasting it many more times. 

Now everything seemed to be happening at once. She just 
had her lover cum in her mouth for the first time and 
now her whole body suddenly went rigid as Mac's tongue 
worked her to yet another powerful orgasm. She must 
have streamed a torrent of her own love juice this time 
because she could hear Mac sucking and slurping it all 
up, just like he was drinking a milk shake. 

They were both exhausted now. Ashlee turned and lay 
across Mac's chest. He could see some of his cum still 
in the corner of her mouth and on her chin, and she 
looked at him and saw how shinny his face looked. They 
smiled at each other and fell into a passionate 
embrace. Ashlee licked some of her own love juices from 
around his mouth and found it not distasteful. Mac 
cleaned up some of his own cum that was on her face. 
Ashlee looked down at Mac and smiled at him again. "I 
love you, daddy," she said just before kissing him 

Ashlee didn't know much about these things, only what 
she learned in school and heard from friends. She 
thought a guy had to wait maybe an hour or so before 
getting another erection. They had only been kissing 
and caressing each other for no more than five minutes 
after their recent climax, and already she noticed that 
he was hard again. So much for book knowledge, she 
thought to herself. 

Ashlee was still straddling Mac as she kissed him. She 
was lying on his cock that was stretched out along his 
stomach. It felt so nice rubbing against her pussy and 
especially against her tender clit. She moved forward 
and backwards in a fucking motion. She seemed to think 
she could feel his cock getting even bigger. She could 
definitely feel it twitching from time to time. Her 
juices were flowing again and once more she was sopping 
wet between her legs. 

They lay in each other's arms basking in the inner 
peace of each other's love. Ashlee was still rocking 
back and forward on Mac's hard cock. She was getting so 
very excited again. She couldn't believe how many times 
she came today and they weren't finished yet. She got 
an overwhelming urge to feel his cock inside her young 
tender pussy again. 

She whispered in his ear, "Fuck me, daddy. Fuck me now. 
I want to feel you inside me again."

Mac's heart started to beat harder hearing those words 
coming from his little girl. His cock was so hard right 
now that it hurt. He reached out and grabbed a condom 
from the bedside table and gave it to Ashlee. She had 
forgotten all about protection. All she thought about 
was feeling his hard cock in her cunt again. "Here 
Princess, put this on me. I can't fuck you without it. 
You can't get pregnant yet." 

Ashlee took the condom from him, but she didn't know 
what to do with it. She felt embarrassed for being so 
stupid. Mac saw her uneasiness and showed her how to 
put it on. She got the idea quickly and giggled as she 
rolled it down his shaft. His cock looked so funny in 
the protective sheath that she couldn't help but giggle 

Mac gently rolled her on to her back and her legs 
automatically spread apart as she bent her legs at her 
knees and lifted them to her chest. Mac maneuvered 
himself between her outspread legs. Her almost hairless 
pussy looked so beautiful. She was so wet at this time 
that her juices had started to dribble down her legs 
and flow into her sweet ass. She was so hot that Mac 
could feel the heat emanating from her as his cock 
neared the entrance to her love tunnel. Her sensual 
bouquet filled his nostrils with a sweet aroma that 
almost took his breath away. 

Mac placed his now extremely sensitive penis at the 
entrance to Ashlee's cunt. She was so wet that it took 
only a little pressure for it to break through the 
outer lips and enter her love channel. She cooed with 
delight as she felt her lips open to accept his cock. 
The pain that she felt the first time that Mac 
penetrated her was completely gone from her mind now, 
as she felt his large cock slip easily into her. Gently 
Mac pushed further in. 

He took slow shallow thrusts in and out. Each inward 
thrust took his cock a little further into his angel. 
The walls of her love tunnel were rubbing all along his 
cock giving him pleasure like he never had before. He 
didn't know how long he could last like this. Ashlee 
was in seventh heaven. Her whole body was burning with 
a fire she had never known before. 

Mac was all the way in her now. She could feel his 
course pubic hairs rub against her. She liked the 
feeling and thrust her hips up to try to get closer. 
Mac felt that movement and started to hammer into her 
faster and faster and harder and harder. Now she could 
feel something different. She could feel his penis ram 
against her cervix. This was such an unexpected 
feeling. They never taught that in school. It was a 
feeling that she would not soon forget. 

"Ohhh God YESSS! Oh my God, Daddy. Yes! Ohhhhhhh fuck 
me Daddy! Fuck me HARD! Ohhhhh Daddy! Oh God I'm 
cumming! Oh Yes! Ohhh God!" Her screams this time were 
purely animal as she came and came. Slowly, she began 
rocking. Her hips were pumping demandingly. The moans 
quickly became soft screams. Mac handed her a pillow 
and she clutched it to her face and started wailing 
again. She howled into the pillow. 

Ashlee's legs had wrapped themselves around Mac's body 
by this time. She didn't know how many orgasms she had 
then. Was it two or three, or was it one continuous 
orgasm? All she knew was that she could never do that 
masturbating on her own. Her arms just lay at her side 
and her breath came in short hard pants. She felt 

Mac still hadn't cum. He knew that Ashlee just had a 
wild orgasm and it pleased him. There was nothing in 
the world he wanted to do more than please her. He knew 
she was capable of more orgasms. Slowly he started to 
pump into her again. He took long slow strokes this 
time almost pulling out of her but stopping before 
leaving and going back in. Ashlee was softly moaning 
again. Her eyes were shut and she had the most 
beautiful smile on her face. 

It reminded Mac of the painting of Mona Lisa. She began 
to moan loudly again into the pillow with each push. 
Mac bent over and kissed her tenderly on the lips. 
"Does that feel good, Princess? I want it to be really 
good for you." Her eyes opened a slit. Mac didn't think 
she could see him. Her eyes were all glazed over as if 
she was in a trance.
"Oh, daddy, it feels sooo good. I'm c-cumming again d-

Ashlee hung on to Mac for dear life as her young body 
was thrashed about like a small boat in a storm. Deeper 
and deeper he submerged his monstrous cock into her. 
Her orgasms came in continuous succession. Her hands 
went up to her little titties, squeezing them hard and 
pinching and pulling on her nipples. Her head was 
lashing back and forth wildly, her hair now a mess of 
strands all over her face. 

Now reality itself seemed to shatter like a pane of 
glass being hit by a stone as she continued to have 
orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. Mac was wild with 
lust now as he hammered her into nirvana before he 
collapsed over her, groaning loudly as his life giving 
sperm erupted out of him only to be trapped and 
confined by the condom. Mac held her hard to him amid 
the subsiding tremors of his orgasm. 

Perspiration dripped from their bodies soaking the 
"Daddy. Daddy, I-I can't stop cumming." She whispered, 
barely audible. "I-It w-won't stop. I'm so scared, 
daddy. I-Is something wrong w-with m-me? Oh, fuck 
daddy. I'm still cumming." She sounded scared and as if 
she were a long way off.

Her body was shaking and gyrating. Her legs were still 
squeezing Mac and he could feel them shaking. Her arms 
now went around his back and chest and she was hanging 
on tightly. He could see tears flooding out of her 
closed eyes. She was breathing hard and he could feel 
her heart beating wildly. Her young body was being 
racked by multiple orgasms. She was still cumming as 
Mac's withdrew his shriveled penis. He had never known 
this to happen to any of his women before. He too 
started to be a little concerned. He kissed her 
passionately, but she was so far gone that she could 
not respond. 

She was crying now. She was so scared. "Daddy. Oh, 
daddy. Please h-help me. I-I'm still c-cumming. Oh, 
God. Why won't it stop?" 

She was still holding Mac tightly to her. He tried to 
calm her down with his kisses. After a few minutes she 
suddenly started to respond to him and she seemed to 
relax as her orgasms subsided. Slowly her legs dropped 
down and her arms fell to her sides. She didn't move 
for a good five minutes. Mac had moved off her and was 
lying beside her. All he could do was to talk softly to 
her and tell her how much he loved her and caress her 
perspiration soaked body. 
Slowly Ashlee opened her eyes. They were all glazed 
over. She had a strange look on her face. Mac had never 
seen anything like it before. 

There was a strange serenity there, a look of deep 
inner peace. This was the look of a woman who was well 
and truly satisfied sexually. It was not the look of a 
thirteen-year-old girl, but the look of a woman. Ashlee 
glanced up at Mac and smiled. For the first time, she 
looked at him, not through the eyes of a child, but 
through the eyes of a woman and a lover. She liked what 
she saw and she liked how she felt. 

Ashlee was still concerned over the extremely long and 
powerful orgasms she just had. "Daddy, I was really 
scared. I thought something was wrong with me. I 
couldn't stop cumming. It was the most wonderful 
feeling I ever had but it scared me. Am I all right, 
daddy? Will I have to go to the hospital or something?" 

Mac smiled at her and held her tight. He kissed her 
lips tenderly and said, "No, honey. You are okay. 
There's nothing to worry about." He held her close to 
him and caressed her body with soft touches. He rocked 
her back and forth for about five minutes, all the time 
whispering how much he loved her and telling her how 
brave she was. "Are you okay now, Princess?" He asked.

Mac got no answer. He looked down at his little girl. 
She was snuggled into his arms in the fetal position 
with her bum tucked into his stomach. She was fast 
asleep. She had a lovely contented look on her face. 
Mack carefully reached and pulled the covers over both 
of them and put out the lights. He gave her a tender 
good night kiss on the forehead. He too soon fell into 
a deep sleep. 

The End

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