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S T Mudswimmer's Copy of Sugar Daddy's stories:
                   BEATRICE'S STORY - Bea becomes the instrument in a musical recital. (M+/f, nc, bdsm, oral, anal)

                    YOUNG GIRL'S BIKE FOR SALE - Charlotte tricked into letting her attacker in. (M/g, nc, bdsm, oral)

                    ASIAN SHOPGIRL - Accused of shoplifting Alicia becomes the shopkeeper's plaything. (M/g, nc, oral, anal)

                    PRETEEN LOVER'S STORY - Emily gets accosted on her walk to the market. (Mf/g, nc, bdsm, oral)

                    ON THE WAY HOME FROM SCHOOL - Amanda captured by a gang. B+/g, nc, bdsm, oral

                    THE WEEKEND - (M/ggg, nc, oral, anal)

                    THE THIEF'S DAUGHTER - (MM/g, blackmail, oral)

                    REBEL GIRL - (MM/gg, nc, bdsm, oral, anal)

                    KELLY'S DAY WITH THE ARMY - (M+/f, nc, oral, anal, bdsm)

                    AMANDA TIED IN THE WOODS - (MMMbb/g, nc, ped, oral, beast, bondage)

                    STACEY AND THE DRUG DEALER - (M/f, nc, bdsm, ped)

                    LORD OF THE MANOR - (M/g, nc, bdsm, oral)

                    CAPTURED AT THE CARAVAN PARK - (MMff, nc, oral, bd, sm)

                    STABLE GIRL (Part 1) - (MM/f, nc, oral, bdsm)

                    STABLE GIRL (Part 2) - (M+/f, nc, bdsm, oral)

                    KIDNAPPED IN SPAIN (Part 1) - (M/ff, nc, bd)

                    KIDNAPPED IN SPAIN (Part 2) - (M/fff, nc, oral, bdsm)

                    KIDNAPPED IN SPAIN (Part 3) - (M/fff, nc, bdsm, oral)

                    KIDNAPPED IN SPAIN (Part 4) - (Mf/ff, bdsm, oral, anal)

                    TEASING MY GRANDAD - (M/g, pedo, nc, bdsm, oral, anal)

                    RAPED WITH HER MOTHERS HELP (Part 1) - (MFb/g, nc, pedo, bdsm, oral)

                    RAPED WITH HER MOTHERS HELP (Part 2) - (MF/g, nc, pedo, bdsm, oral)

                    THE INITIATION - (b+g+/g, bdsm, toys, no sex)

                    STACY THE LITTLE MODEL IN BONDAGE - (M+/g, bdsm, no sex )

                    SALLY AT THE RETIREMENT HOME - (M+/f, nc, oral, anal, bd)

                    DRESSED TO THRILL - (M+/g nc, bd, oral) Short Story

                    THE ICE MAIDEN - (M/g, bdsm, oral, incest)

                    SEARCHING THE CONVICT'S DAUGHTER - (M/g, nc, oral, anal)