I had a rough day at school and was in no mood for the two of them today.My

sweet little sis, Candy and slut mom Sandy.The minute I walked in the house

Candy is rubbing against me trying to score some J.Now she's a cute little slut

whose made out with me in the past but I've grown tired petting with her.At 15

she stands about 5ft 3in and weights about 110 lbs.A little baby fat on the legs

and belly yet.Cute face with a turned up nose and blond hair pulled back into a

tight ponytail, blue eyes and freckels.Small little tits,long and curved

legs.I've been playing with her for years now,just petting and kissing,giving

her J for the time.I don't think she's had a guy yet.

Today she was really rubbing me and started to grab my crotch. She pulled me

into the bathroom, wanted to take a bath with me. She had filled the tub and

thrown ALL her clothes off.When I pushed her away, she got angry.She flipped and

started shouting about how she was gonna tell mom about "us"Now there wasn't a

"us"yet.Fucking and sucking is "us". All we've done is pet and kiss, but she was

freaking anyway. I guess she needed the J.I needed the space. I told her to beat

it. She hissed back something about that's all that I do .Before I knew it I was

pushing her down into the bathtub. I pushed her head under the water to shut her

up. She was splashing water all over. Then a strange thing happened. I was

getting super hard. The feeling of her wet hair in my hands as I held her head

under the water, and her legs rubbing on my side as she struggled to live, was a

greater turn-on than I had ever felt before. I started to pull my own wet

clothes off, as I released her head so I wouldn't kill her.

She was coughing and spiting up water as I put my hands under her ass and rammed

my now throbbing cock up her hole so far, I had her body elevated to the point

her head slid under the water again. As I came I had to pull her unconscience

body out of the tub before I killed her.

I put her still wet and unconscience body on her bed. She was real arousing in

her wetness. I was playing with her tits and legs and then started to administer

CPR.As she revived and threw up; I smacked her across the face a few times, to

daze her as I decided to dress her wet body up a little. I loved her little tank

tops. It was so much fun to look up them trying to see tit. Now that I saw all I

wanted I covered them with it. Next I took her tight little cut off jeans and

pulled them up her wet legs to her waist, but left them open. Finally I wanted

to tie her long wet blond hair back into her regular ponytail. Just as I

finished putting the heavy rubber bands around her hair, she started to cry and

sob what mom would do when she found out.

Well mom would be home soon. I put my hands on her throat, to shut her up. I was

still naked and her legs and the bed was still wet. As I started to squeeze her

throat I suddenly was getting rock hard again. As my hands tightened, she was

thrashing with her legs and pulling at my hands with hers. I got between her

legs and stuck my cock in her tight virgin cunt. Slowly pushing deep inside her

as her legs were kicking at my sides again, driving me on. As I continued to

squeeze tighter, I looked into her face. Her head was forced back into the

pillow, her eyes wide open, rapidly looking around as she pulled frantically at

my hands. I was getting dizzy as I pounded away inside her and choked in unison.

As I came deep inside, she slowed her struggles. Her cheeks were puffing over my

vise like grip. Her eyes turned up in her skull.The tongue swelled and stuck

straight out.Blood trickled down her left nostrel. Her hands stopped pulling at

me. Her legs dropped to the side. As I gazed into her face, it took on a reddish

purple hue, right before my eyes. So this is what a dead little cunt looks like.

I was getting hard again.

I went to the attic and brought down a old axe and broad sword that granddad had

left from his stay in England during the war. Standing on the bed, straddling

Candy's body, I plunged the broad sword deep into her stomach, impaling her on

the bed. Next I took the axe and with one swift stroke cut her head off. The

legs and arms went next. In a minute all that was left was her body nailed to

the bed by the sword, and her arms and legs severed at her side. As I held her

dripping head in my hands I suddenly had the urge to skull fuck her. Her eyes

were turned up as I positioned my now rock hard dick facing her right eye. With

both hands firmly behind her head, I pulled it quick into my crotch and moaned

as my dick crushed her eyeball and slammed into her skull. Once, twice, three

times I pulled her head back and forth as I shot my load though the jelly mess

that had been a beautiful blue eyeball. Suddenly I heard the door slam

downstairs. Mom was home.

My mom "Sandy" was 34-year-old blond piece of" trailer park white trash".She had

me when she was 15,and has been "having "me since I was 10.I hoped she came in

alone this time. I didn't want to kill any of her "dumb jock"dicks she brought

home when she felt I wasn't good enough for her and she wanted a "real man's

fuck". I was covered in Candy's blood so I snuck down stairs to take a peek.

She had plopped down on the sofa and looked asleep. She was probably stoned

again. Now she was a hot piece of trash all right. Long full blond hair that flowed

to her shoulders. A slim 5ft 7 inches that looked much taller as she sprawled on

the sofa and those long firm nyloned legs seemed to stretch out forever. She

always dressed like a slut. She said "real men"like a "trashy"woman to

dominate, and she loved to be dominated. She had on a white top that showed the

curves of her firm breasts from below, as she lay back. A tight dark brown leather

skirt, up in her lap,as she lay. Flesh colored thigh high nylons and red heels. I

was hot again!!

As I neared her, I was stroking my own. While her eyes were still closed, I pressed

my cock to her lips. Slowly then a little faster, she started to lick my dick like

a ice cream cone, never opening her green eyes. Her hands had my balls and were

slowly rubbing then together as she began to lick my shaft. She suddenly stopped

and turned over on her stomach, still never opening her eyes,"fuck my asshole

now"she purred as she pulled her panties into her ass crack as a invitation. As I

knelt down behind her, I slowly stuck my dick up her ass and beside her wedged

panties, and started playing with her hair. As I was curling her hair in my

fingers, her purring turned to a hiss."Com'on you little dick, be a man, ram

it!!"So I rapped her hair around her throat with both my hands like a cowboy

would rap rains in a horse's mouth, and as I pulled her head back,I whispered in

her ear"you're gonna die mom"

Her eyes were now wide open as she tried to turn her head to see me. I pulled on

her hair as tight as I could, slamming her head into a pillow. Laying on her back

now, I was pumping with all my might,ripping her ass as she was trying to turn

over. It was getting harder holding the bitch down as she tried to live. Her hair

wasn't giving me a good enough grip, so I pushed her face deep into the pillow

With both hands. Slowly she began to move less violently and it seemed to me more

seductivly. I came deep inside her bleeding ass. BAM!!!, In a moment she had bolted

of the sofa as a relaxed from cumming. I lunged at her, grabbing a ankel, tripping

her so she fell into the coffee table. Dazed, she looked up at me and I could see

the horror in her eyes as she saw me covered in blood."Yep!!I killed Candy, now

it's your turn you piece of trailer park trash!!!"With that I fell on her and

put both hands on her throat and swiftly tightened my death grip. As I lay

between her nyloned legs, they were rapped around me,alternatly kicking and

squeezing as they couldn't seem to make up their mind to enjoy it or

struggle. That made me push my mouth onto hers in a long kiss of death. Her teeth

were clenched as I squeezed with all my might. I couldn't get any tongue till see

slowly stopped stuggling. Then her tongue popped out and her legs were still. I

arose and got the still stained axe. Now matted with Candy's dried blood, I

swiftly severed mom's right leg at the hip. In a crazed bloodlust I rapped the

leg around moms neck at the bend underneath the knee. As I bent the thigh and calf

back, the blood was squirting out and the sound on rubbing nylon to her throat

was turning me on again. I got Candy's bloody head and pushed it into moms

cunt. Next I severed the left nyloned leg also at the hip, and, removing the

heels, turned mom over on her stomach so she was laying on Candy's face,and tried

to ram the foot up her ass. As ripped as her ass was from my ride of death, I

could only get her toes in. As the leg stuck out of her ass, bending and

inviting, I put my dick into her open thigh. I had never felt that kind of wetness

or soft, mushiness as the thigh offered. I came in a second!!!

I was so hyped now that I got Candy's right arm, and started clubbing my dead mom

Sandy with it, like a baby seal, around the head, over the tits, till I fell out

from exhaustion

The end?"