Raping the 7-year Old
by The Misogynist (aka Jake Baker)

Preface: I wrote this story in response to a flame war in the
newsgroup alt.sex.stories some time back called "Raping a 7-year old."
Presumably, someone had posted saying he had a story describing the
rape of a seven year old, and every dull-witted, average jock looser
flamed him for being a pedophile and a rapist.

Anyway, I got to thinking about it and I decided "What the hell? Is
raping a 7-year old any different from raping a 20-year old? Sure,
more mature women are better to fuck, but my hatred of women should
not just extend to the mature ones, but to the immature as well."

So, although I had never much been interested in pedophilia, I wrote
this story...

I never intended this to happen, but it did and I'm glad.
Opportunities like this don't fall into ones lap very often.

I was standing in an alley by my truck, just waiting for Jack to come
by with the shipment, when I saw a family walk by. The man was tall
and brutish looking, but his wife... god, his wife was hot. She was a
looker all right. Big tits, blond hair, tight ass. There was a little
girl with them. Blond haired like her mother, cute as the dickens.

My cock throbbed. It had been a long time since I'd done a blond. If
the man hadn't been with them, I would have been sorely tempted to try
to kidnap them both. The blond's body sorely begged to be whipped and
abused, and it would be fun to rape the mother in front of her
daughter. Or vice versa.

I stood there, hornily daydreaming, when I heard the woman yell, "You
bastard!" and she slapped the man and ran off. His face got red and he
ran after her. They had left their little girl standing alone on the
sidewalk! Such bad parents. It was obvious my civic duty was to save
the cute little thing from her parents. Heh heh.

I walked up behind her. She came up only to my navel. Her body was
trembling slightly, and she was crying into her hands. Obviously her
parents' fight had bothered her. I knelt down beside her.

"Now, now, little girl, why are you crying?" I said sweetly, giving
her my best Santa smile. People have said I look a lot like Santa
Clause, minus the beard.

"*sniffle* mommy and daddy had a fight and left me here alone
*sniffle*" Her blue eyes were puffy with tears.

"It's OK, little girl. Are you frightened?"

'Y-yes sir."

"Well, why don't you come with me. I'll take you to a safe place."

She looked apprehensive beneath her tears. Her parents had taught her
well. "Mom-mommy says n-never to go with strangers. *sniffle*"

I gave her my 'safe' smile and said cheerfully, "My name's Cain. See,
now I'm not a stranger. Come with me, I've got candy in the car."

Her mother had indeed taught her well, but not well enough. When she
smiled up at me and sniffled out "OK" I was jubilant inside. A night
or two of pure, sadistic fun was mine.

I took her hand and led her to the truck. Jack still wasn't there.
Well, fuck him. I had to help her into the seat of the truck, and then
I climbed in on the drivers side.

"Be a good girl and buckle up," I said. She did so, and I started the
truck and pulled out opposite the way her parents had gone. I reached
into a side compartment and produces a wrapped piece of bubble-gum.
"Do you like bubble gum?"

"Yes, mister!" and she took it, clumsily unwrapped it, and popped it
in her mouth.

"What's your name? I've told you mine."

She slurred out around the gum, "Jennifer. Collins. But everyone calls
me Jenni."

"That's a very pretty name, Jenni. How old are you"

"I'm seven!" she said, but just then her body relaxed and she slumped
to the ground. The gum of course had been laced with a mild sedative,
enough to put a young girl out for a short time. As I shoved her down
onto the floor in front of the seat, I said, " I hope you enjoyed that
gum, Jennifer Collins, cause its the last nice thing that will ever,
ever happen to you!"


I just love dragging screaming girls down into my basement. Pretty
Jenni was such a dear about it too -- clawing and kicking at me. But
my grasp on her blond hair was firm, and she didn't loosen my grip.

When we were down the steps, I locked the door and let go of her hair,
"Now, run to the other side of the room girl, as if you can escape
me!" I chuckled a very non-Santa chuckle. The girl, of course, did
exactly like I said.

"Stay away from me mister! You're not nice at all. Your mean. I'm
gonna tell my mommi about you!"

She was so earnest about it, I had to laugh, "First off, little girl,
your not gonna tell your 'mommi' or anyone. Your 'mommi' ran away from
you, remember. Now you're all mine.

"Secondly, of course I'm mean. Your just a stupid little girl. What
have you ever done nice to me, so why should I be nice to you."

I took a step closer to the girl and she cringed, "Finally, I'm not
going to stay away from you. I'll be so close to you I'll be inside
you! Do you know what it means for a man to be inside a girl, slut?"

She shook her head no. I smiled. I would educate her -- a short and
brutal education.

I covered the length of the basement in four strides. Normally, I like
to rip the clothes off my toys, but this one I'd make strip. I grabbed
up her hair and yanked her up.

"Now, your going to take off all your clothes for me, little girl!"

"No mister no!" she pleaded. I'm usually in no mood to have debates
with uppity women, so I just dragged this young cunt a few feet until
I could grab a knife from the wall. I waved it in front of her and her
eyes grew large with terror.

"You'll strip for me bitch or I'll kill you!"

I let go of her blond hair and she stumbled back a step. I paused
while considering whether I should lay back and jack off while forcing
her to disrobe, or whether to stand over her, giant and powerful.

I chose the second option.

"That's a nice pink shirt you have there. Did your mom get it for

Jenni shook her head no.

"Then who."

"M-my sister... for my birthday."

"Oh. Would you please take it off for me?"

She shook her head no, but a wave of the knife convinced her to be
cooperative. Crying, she slowly untucked the shirt from her shorts and
pulled it over her head.

Hmm... a sister. One hot mom, a hot bitch girl and probably another
one. I was starting to like this family.

When she got the shirt off, I grabbed it from her hands and threw it
in the corner of the room. She whimpered and covered her chest with
her arms. I easily swatted them away.

"What were you worried about, bitch? You barely have bumps!" I reached
down and twisted her pink nips. Her hands grabbed my arms and tried to
force them away. I laughed at her. What a stupid bitch.

Normally, I like big tits. Not huge, mind you, but big. Like this
little cunts mother. I love torturing tits. I think god gave bitches
tits just so I could make them jiggle and scream. But this little girl
had no big titties. Damn. Oh, well, she was just a whim anyway.

I ordered the little girl to take off her shoes. Her feet were very
small, and her shoes were a pretty pink color. She was also wearing
ankle-socks with little pink pom-poms on them.

She bent at the waste, squatting to reach them, her hands trembling
and unable to untie the laces. She kept glancing up at me.

"No, Jennie, stand up again."

She just squatted there, terrified, looking up at me, perhaps confused
by the contradictory order. I had to bend over to grab a handful of
hair and yank her up straight.

"It's easy, little girl. Keep your legs straight and bend at the waist
to untie your shoes, like you're touching your toes."

I still had a grip on her hair, close to her scalp, so I twisted it,
forcing her head to turn. In this manner I got her to turn her
shirtless body away from me. "Now, do it!" I commanded, running the
flat of the knife down her spine.

Jenni Collins was now so terrified she was visibly trembling. I could
tell she'd be real fun when I got around to torturing her ... I
already had a few things planned.

The girl bent at the waste to reach her shoes, and when she did so,
her shorts became tight over her prepubescent asscheeks and slid up so
that I got a very pleasant view of her white legs and thighs. As her
trembling fingers fumbled with the laces, my cock began to stir. I
walked around to her front side; her hair hung straight down from her
bent-over head, obscuring her face from my sight, but I could hear her
rapid, shallow breaths.

She finally managed to untie her little shoes, and I took them and
tossed them with her shirt. She stood up from her uncomfortable

"Now, sit on the floor girl." I told her, pushing down on her
shoulders until she was sitting on the floor. I ordered her to take
off her pink socks and she did so; they too went with her shirt.

[incomplete sections:]

[finish up forcing her to strip, with the hero humiliating her the
whole way. Then, make her put her clothes a piece at the time in the
fire, laughing and calling her a fuck-toy while she cries.]

[Have the young bitch undress the hero, using only her mouth. Her
hands would be bound and useless; while she's doing that, force her to
give him a girly-tongue bath.]

[The girl refuses to lick his sweaty cock, so the man whips her ass,
until he makes her beg to suck his cock]

[cock sucking]

After I cum all over her face and in her mouth, I lead the little girl
into the shower room, where I unshackled her and let her bathe in
peace. There's no windows in there for her to escape from, and nothing
sharp for her to hurt herself on.

I let her rest in the tub while I put my clothes back on and prepared
her next torture.

First, I go upstairs and fill a 1 gallon metal pot with water and
carry it downstairs. The pot was one with a spigot near the bottom. I
then take a portable gas burner from the storage closet, place it on a
high shelf (the shelf's at the same height as my shoulders) and with
some difficulty place the water filled pot on top of it.

I turn the gas burner on and go back to the storage closet and take
out a small gymnastic horse. It's four feet long and four high, with a
padded bar about 5 inches in diameter. Each end is supported by two
splayed wooden legs attached by cross bars; thus its very sturdy. I
haven't had a girl small enough to fit on it for a while, so I
carefully dust it off.

Then, I get four short leather straps and bind one to each of the
horses legs, and make adjustable loops of their free ends. I leave
these hanging off the horse while I prepare another special item.

I take a small, rubber dildo and drill a hole straight through from
the tip of its head out the back and insert a long, rubber tube
several inches deep into the back end of the dildo, making sure the
tube is firmly wedged in. Then, I take several long needles (which I
normally use to pierce through some victim's tits) and lance through
the sides of the dildo, making sure each of these pin-pricks reached
through to the central cavity. Finally, I took an alligator clip and
attached it about midway down the hose.

By this time, the water was almost at a rolling boil, so I knew it was
time to get my plaything from the tub. When I entered the bathroom, I
saw 7-year old Jenni had fallen asleep in the tub. She looked so
innocent and angelic lying there in the tub, I muttered a silent
prayer of thanks to whichever benevolent god had delivered her to me.

I slapped her awake. She woke up with a startled jerk, and looked at
me with surprise and then a mixture of fear and hatred. "Get out of
there, little pig."

She crawled out of the rub, keeping her body tucked under trying to
hide her non-existent titties from my lusting eyes, sobbing, "Please
don't call me a piggie..."

"I will and you are, piggie! Now stand up!" of course, I had to jerk
her up by her hair to get her to stand, and then I refastened the
collar on her neck and clipped her wrist-bands to it, and led her out
into my play-room.

She had absolutely no idea what the items I had arranged were for: the
boiling water, the horse and the dildo (she must have understood now
that it looked like a cock - she had gotten a very close look at mine
- but was still very na=EFve about such things.)

"What are you going to do to me, mister?" she whimpered as I
half-dragged her to the horse.

I chuckled. "It'll be more fun if it comes as a surprise!"

I undid her shackles and told her to climb onto the horse. She was
very humiliated to crawl onto the horse, exposing her red whipped ass
to me again. I roughly took her wrists and ankles and pulled the open
loops of the leather straps tight around them; so tight in fact, it
looked as if it were cutting off her circulation.

Now, she was forced into a very uncomfortable position on the horse.
After a few minutes, she stopped struggling and slumped down. Her body
fell with gravity, but she was suspended tightly to the horse by her
bonds. Happy with my work, I picked the dildo up off the floor.

Jennie tried to twist her head to get a look at what I was doing near
her ass, but her long hair kept falling over her face and preventing
it. Good, I love surprises. The rubber dildo was the smallest I had,
less than an inch in diameter and five long. Even so, this girls puffy
pussy was very narrow and dry, so that I had to shove and twist to get
it in. I had no idea how I was going to fuck her with my fat cock. But
that was for later, I had other tortures for her to attend to now.

I managed to sink 4" of the dildo into her immature cunnie before it
broke her hymen and stopped; Jennie had been wiggling and grunting all
this time ("See, I told you you're just a little piggie!"), but when I
tore her cherry, she shrieked in agony. My cock shook and began to get
hard again as I jammed the dildo deeper into the 7 year old.

When it was firmly in, I walked around to her head and knelt down. She
twisted her head away, moaning, trying not to move her ass and cause
herself more pain. I had to lift her face up to speak to her, gazing
into her teary blue eyes.

"Jennie, normally I'd be violently fucking you with the dildo now, but
I'm not going to do that..." I waited for a look of relief, but none
came. "instead, I'm going to flood your insides with boiling water; do
you like that?"

She screamed and hollered and cried out for her mommy, her immature
body writhing against the padded bar of the horse. I slowly walked
over, and attached the rubber hose coming off the dildo to the nozzle
of the spigot of the pot of boiling water. I opened the spigot up a
bit, then wider until the water pressure bulged the rubber tube where
it was stopped up by the alligator clip. "Ready" I asked, smiling. "On
the count of three. One..." and I released the clip, letting the
scalding water flow down the tube, into the dildo, where the holes let
it seep into her precious cunt.

Sometimes, when a girl is in great pain, she pauses just before
screaming. It's a silent moment of agony. But not this little toy -
she started howling and wailing and thrashing in her bonds
immediately; she thrashed so hard I though she was about to snap a
bone. Boiling water flowed freely from between the rubber dildo and
her cunt-lips.

I walked to the head of the little girl, where I leisurely undid my
pants, let my cock spring out and become hard, and masturbated while
my seven year old kidnapped little blond girl's insides began to cook
from the boiling water. I wacked off until I almost came, controlled
it, then pulled my pants on and went upstairs to rest. The girl was
firmly strapped to the horse, and the fuel for the gas cooker would
run out about the same time as the water did, so there was no worry
about damaging the pan.

With the doors to the basement closed and bolted, no-one could hear
the helpless girls shrieking, even in the house. I slept like a baby
that night, thinking of more tortures for the girlie...

[end, incomplete]