The Machine

by Honda

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This is a scene from the popular snuff series titled: 'Snuff Wars'.

WARNING: This story is intended for adults only. It contains snuff.

Meanwhile Nina was trying to generate new electricity. Their battery power was almost depleted and even though they were able to salvage some of the crystals, they had not enough power to power on the repaired generator to extract the power from the crystals. What they came up with was a primitive power generator that was manually powered by movements. There was a row of treadmills that would generate power once brought into action. She used two dozens human cows to operate the treadmills. The cows were integrated into the treadmills to be an integral part of the machinery. This allowed it to perform more efficiently but made maintenance a bit tricky. There were cage like barriers to hold the cows in the right position but access to them was not obstructed. The cows could easily be washed and fed though a feeding rail that was directly connected to their mouth and could also supply them with water. There were also tubes inserted into their pussies and assholes that allowed them to freely excrete waste while working the treadmills without stopping. The waste material would go through the tubes and be recycled to feed and refresh the cows.

When Fraser and her team arrived in the forest, they met up with Thomas and little Karen. Once Thomas updated Fraser on the situation, she decided to lead the whole team into the valley. Suddenly she was struck by a thought.

“Karen, do the communicators still work in your escape pots?”

“I’m not sure ma’am. Last time I tried to use them, we received no response.”

“Were you able to send out a mayday?”

“I believe we sent one.”

“Quick, show us where the pots are. They may be very useful for us.”

“Thomas, you stay here and wait for Caroline.”

Fraser left five of her warriors with Thomas and took the rest to salvage the pots. Karen lead the way to them. Soon they arrived at the children’s crash site. Two of the escape pots were badly burned but one had survived in tact. Fraser immediately went inside that one. This pot did not sustain any major damage. Almost everything was still intact. But most importantly, the communicator was still working. Fraser immediately ordered it to be taken back to their camp. The content of this pot might have all that they were missing. It was vital that they got it back to camp as quickly as possible.

Thomas was given the task to escort it back to camp. Fraser only kept three warriors and sent everyone else back to camp with the escape pot. Karen also stayed behind with Fraser and they went down to the valley.

Back at the camp, Nina and her team were still desperately trying to rebuild a communications array. The situation was really hopeless. Many vital parts were destroyed and not easily replaced. They also needed a powerful central processing unit. Their main computer was gone and none of the other auxiliary computers had survived the crash. Most of their pots had exploded or went off in flames soon after they had crashed onto the planet. The gravitational field on this planet was extremely hostile and destroyed almost everything they had. It was a wonder that they had so many survivors.

But Nina was not giving in despite their hopeless situation. She and her team only concentrated at the task at hand and tried to suppress the nightmarish situation they were in. They carefully designed a replacement CPU that would be able to process and execute the programs they had written. This solution was based on neurologic cycles but due to the limited materials available to them, they had to design something using parts available. Thus they designed a CPU that used a human brain for the central control. This required a volunteer, someone that was very intelligent. An ordinary brain would have not been intelligent enough to be used. Nina volunteered her own brain for that purpose. If they were ever able to use this solution she would provide her brain. That was a great sacrifice because in order to use that brain, it had to be taken out of her skull while she was unconscious and they would not be able to put it back once taken out. This meant, she would eventually die without feeling the torture or pleasure of being snuffed. That was something Onixian women dreaded. It was not the natural way for an Onixian woman to die. Their purpose in life is to be snuffed or die in battle if they were warriors. This would be a very grand sacrifice, a sacrifice only a very dedicated and brave woman could do.

In addition, the brain needed to be kept alive for a period of time while it did the processing. This required fresh blood. The host body of the brain would no longer be used for that and the blood had to be supplied constantly. They needed to manually pump a constant supply of fresh blood to the brain and had to find a number of women with compatible blood type. Blood samples were taken from everyone to see who was able to help supply the blood. This meant that many women would need to die giving their blood, but this was an honourable way of providing a service to their society so everyone volunteered happily for this service. But only the ones with compatible blood type could be given this honour, to die being snuffed and serving their people.

Everything was ready. They had selected a number of women with compatible blood type and a group of cows to power the generator. They had everything except a working communicator. Just one more piece and they had everything required so send a message. But the search was still inconclusive.  They just could not find a communicator.

Suddenly there was a commotion and everyone ran towards a group carrying an escape pot. Nina starred at it as if she was dreaming. She could not believe what she was seeing. They had found an intact escape pot. She ran over towards it with high hopes and Thomas gave her the great news. They communicator inside the port was still intact. They could use it and send a message for help.

They all immediately started the preparation. Jasmine prepared for the operation and sterilised all her equipments. Sachiko helped her and prepared an operation table made up from the flat stone Christine had previously used for the slaughtering and some clean white clothes. Nina took a deep breath and took off her clothes. It was time for her to make her ultimate sacrifice. She only hoped that her brain would be able to handle the job and not be a waste. Thomas offered her a final fuck and she gladly accepted. She knelt down in front of him and unzipped his pants. Immediately his cock jumped out and stood like a rocket. She hungrily wrapped her lips around his big rock hard cock and began sucking on it. It was her final taste of cock and she wanted to enjoy it. She twirled her tongue around the head of Thomas’ cock and tickled the swollen head with her tongue until he was moaning audibly. She sucked harder and was rewarded with gobs of hot semen being shot into her mouth. She swallowed every drop of the hot and delicious liquid and sucked out the last drop from his cock. Then she went on all fours and trussed up her ass. Thomas knelt down behind her and began to eat her out. He sucked on her clit and licked around her pussy lips. He also gave her a good rimming sticking his long hot tongue deep into her anus. Nina was feeling an orgasm build up within her groins. It was intense. Then he placed his hot throbbing cock at the entrance to her vagina and rubbed her clit with the head of his cock slowly, teasing her. Then suddenly he slid it in deeply, parting her lips and gliding it in the whole way until his entire cock was inside her hot tight love canal. He fucked her long and hard while Nina was screaming with pleasure and lust. When he was close to orgasm, he pulled his cock out of her pussy and guided it up towards her anus. The little puckered hole easily gave way to the invading cock and soon enough he had deeply penetrated her ass and was driving away fucking her tight ass until he shot is load deep into her bowels. Nina was electrified. She was spasming with orgasms after another. It was so intense and continuously. Thomas rubbed her clit and brought her to yet another orgasm and continued to stick his fingers deeply into her cunt until he had his whole fist embedded and fist fucked her until she shock and trembled like as if she was going to explode soon.

Exhausted by also completely satisfied, Nina lay down on the operation table and waited for her end. Nurse Sachiko, then injected her with some anaesthetic and blood clogging solution. Then her final injection sent her into unconsciousness. Doctor Jasmine Comedero then began the operation. She carefully opened up Nina’s skull and extracted her brain with precision.

Then Mai took over and connected it to the machine they had built from Nina’s design and once that was done, they immediately needed fresh blood to feed the brain. Donna who was a buxom brunette was the first blood donor. Sachiko had pushed two long needles deep into both her arms and started to manually pump the blood into the machine to feed Nina’s brain. Donna was slowly drifting away as the blood was drained from her body, but she died an enjoyable death. The dildo inside her pussy was being vigorously being pulled in and out by Rachel who was enjoying herself tremendously in getting off all those women before they died. There was a long queue of women lined up behind Donna, all waiting their turn to provide their service of giving their blood and their life for the good of Onixia.

The brain seemed to be functioning properly. The volunteer women were sustaining the blood supply to it successfully. It was time to generate more power and Gwen activated the generator. The cows that were built into the contraction all were awaken by a sudden cold shower. That was the way Gwen decided to wake them by emptying a bucket of cold water over them. When the human cows awoke, they were immediately told to run the treadmill. They ran as fast as they could and generated sufficient energy to power the communication array. Amelia then connected all the remaining cables so that Nina’s brain, the modified communicator from the escape pot, their main communication array and the generator were all connected and operating together in harmony.

The communication array came to live and sent out a intense green beam. Then the crystals were being hit to amplify and refract the signals. It all seemed to work perfectly. Amelia excitedly delivered their mayday and their current estimated position three times in a row. She sincerely hoped that it would reach Onixia and that help would come for them soon.

Everyone was even more excited when they got a reply and Gwen drove the cows to their limits in order to sustain the power. Some cows could not handle it and collapsed from exhaustion but Gwen was insistent and splashes a bucket of water over each cow that collapsed and made her continue to work hard until finally some could not handle it anymore and died from exhaustion. Sara was one of the cows that were struggling with keeping up. She had fainted three times from exhaustion but was revived by Gwen each time with a bucket of cold water. On the last time, she could hardly move anymore. Her body was almost drained of all her energy but she continued her duty as best of she could. Sweat was rolling down her face and the contortion on it could tell the story of her suffering. But she bit her lips and continued her duty until she eventually succumbed and died of exhaustion. Seeing Sara slump down and die, Gwen immediate took the initiative and replaced her. She activated the mechanism to eject Sara and she was catapulted out to make place. Her lifeless body flew across the air and crashed against a nearby tree before falling down to the ground. Gwen didn’t have time to pick up the dead body. She had to quickly replace Sara so not to affect the stable supply of power. Immediately, Gwen climbed into the contraption and positioned herself where Sara had just been before and did her best to generate energy.

Then suddenly there was a crackle and a voice: “Onixia Space Control outpost 7462 here. We received your message. Help will be…”

But the rest of the message disappeared in noise and crackling. Their message was received. Everyone was very happy and quite excited about it. Their message was received and there was a confirmation. They were able to send their location back to Onixia. There was hope. Someone will be able to come and get them. They now knew where they were. Unfortunately, they were not able to hear what the reply was that they were only partially able to receive. Their communication array gave up just a little bit too early. And there was no way they could try to use it again. It was completely finished and they could smell the aroma of a toasted brain. The reply took too much strain on Nina’s brain so that it was completely fried.

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