Butchering Room

by Honda

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This is a scene from the popular snuff series titled: 'Snuff Wars'.

WARNING: This story is intended for adults only. It contains cannibalism.


They went back inside into the gutting room. There was a long line of blood young girls waiting for their turns to be gutted. In front of them there was a glass window through which they could see the processing of other girls while they were waiting for their own turn. It was an assembly line kind of setup. The girls were bound by their wrists and attached to a metal string at the ceiling. The string was pulled along an elaborate setup in the room by a winch which moved it slowly forwards around the in a circle. It stopped a short time whenever the girl it was carrying arrived at the butcher’s position for processing. After each processing it would continue to move the next girl into position. The position right in front of the working butcher was naturally the most interesting one. All the waiting girls stared into that direction and were chatting amongst themselves. Every now and then one of them was called and happily entered the door marked with ‘Processing Line’. Once they entered that door the girl would be tied to a hook by her wrists at the metal string at the ceiling to fill in the empty place created after each successful gutting. Each girl stopped in front of the butcher and was then placed in an inclined position so that they were slightly leaning over a big disposal chute which was filled with guts and intestines. The butcher would then start his or her work. A sharp gutting knife was used to slit open the bellies of each passing sow. The intestines would pop out of the belly of each sow and the butcher would then pull out the rest of the intestines and cut them free. This was finished off by letting the intestines and guts drop down into the disposal chute.

Next a girl named Betty was called for processing. She was a luscious blonde with big blue eyes and a sweet and innocent face. Upon hearing her name being called out she happily hurried to the door. Her heavy breasts bounced up and down while she ran over to the door. When she arrived there she stopped and gulped as it was opened for her to enter. She looked back to her friends and waved before going in. The door then automatically closed behind her. Fraser went closer to the glass window to get a better view. Soon the cute blonde appeared on the assembly line. She was slowly brought in through the conveyer system at the ceiling. Her hands were tied to a hook above her head that was attached to the system above. There were five more girls before it was her turn. Fraser watched as each of them was gutted.

The first one was a pretty brunette with long straight hair called Sonya. Every time a new sow arrived and stopped in front of the butcher the big LCD screen on the wall next to the window would be updated and displayed the name of the newly arrived sow. Her breasts were rather small compared to the others, but still quite big. They were about the size of the palm of a male hand. Her pussy was cleanly shaven as was required by butchering standards. She was stopped in front of the butcher and gasped as she was tilted over the disposal chute. The sight of the many glistering guts below her in the chute was exciting. She knew that very soon her guts would be joining the big collection of guts below her. The butcher drew a sharp gutting knife and moved it towards her belly. Sonya breathed in slowly and held her breath as the blade was just inches away from her belly. Then the butcher plunged the blade into her belly and blood spurted out of her. Her belly was quickly and efficiently cut open from the sternum to her breastbone and her guts dropped out as if impatiently wanting to join the other guts in the disposal chute. The butcher cut off the ends and let the guts drop down into the chute. Then Sonya was cleaned out with a hose until her entire cavity was emptied.

The line moved on and Sonya was carried away to the next room for storage. The next girl was called Brenda, a petite red head with an enormous set of tits. Just like Sonya, she stopped in front of the butcher and leaned over the chute. A knife was plunged into her belly and she was opened wide with all her guts dropping out. Her breasts heaved up and down visibly while she was opened up. There was an expression of ecstasy on her face while her guts were cut loose. Then she was cleaned and it was the next girl’s turn.

Kathy stopped in front of the butcher with a broad smile. Her pussy was moist with pussy juices. She breathed heavily and her heart was beating quickly. Her excitement was very obvious and she started to moan when she saw the sharp blade of the butchering knife being placed on her soft belly. An even loader moan could be heard when it started to sink into her belly. It parted her skin and exposed her red flesh and glistering intestines. The butcher inserted his fingers into her newly opened cavity and drew out her intestines. They popped out and were cut off at the ends. The chute was blessed with yet another set of beautifully glistering intestines and guts.

The next girl being gutted was Lucy. She was a beautiful blonde with fair skin and sky blue eyes. When it was her turn she trembled all over and her whole body was shaking. Her great fear could be seen written all over her face, but there was also signs of extreme pleasure hidden under her expression. She had mixed feelings about being butchered. On the one hand, it scared her. She feared the pain of being butchered, but on the other hand, she had volunteered for it. She wanted to be butchered. The thought of being meat, to be consumed by someone, to provide nourishment excited her and made her feel like a real woman. It was the right thing to do, to offer her body, to do her duty as woman and to become food.

Nevertheless, the thought and her impending slaughter scared her. Although she had just been cleaned not so long ago, a small stream of yellow piss escaped her pussy and trickled down between her legs. She had lost all control out of fear and began to sob. The butcher tried to calm her down and caressed her face gently. She smiled at the gentle touch and stopped sobbing. The butcher then quickly plunged the knife into her belly at which she winced and big tears formed around her eyes. They slowly flowed down her face along her cheeks as her belly was cut open. The pain was too much for her, but she tried to stay brave. She did not scream out loudly. Her guts were quickly cut out and dropped down into the chute.

Next was Ami and then it would be Betty’s turn. She watched with great interest as Ami was done. Betty watched closely as Ami stopped in front of the butcher. She thrusted her belly forward and smiled at her butcher, her eyes pleading to be done. She did not have to wait long for her wish to be fulfilled. The butcher plunged the knife into her belly immediately and expertly cut her open from sternum to breastbone. Ami moaned while she was being cut open. Being gutted like that was her dream come true and she enjoyed every single second of it. She smiled broadly and was very happy when her guts were pulled out of her by the butcher’s hands and snipped off at the ends. She watched as they dropped down the chute and orgasmed.

Then it was finally Betty’s turn. She was very excited and had never been as happy before in her whole life. This was the moment she had waited for all her life. She had patiently counted the days to this date and had always wanted this. It was her sole purpose in life. She had been preparing herself for the great moment when it would be her turn on the gutting line. This auspicious moment finally had come for her and she was extremely happy. Her lifelong wish would soon be fulfilled. Betty had never been happier before in her life. This was truly her happiest moment. She smiled broadly and happily as she was stopped in front of her butcher. "I love you", she whispered, "Please do me slowly. I want to enjoy every single bit of it".

The butcher placed the butchering knife’s sharp blade just at the base of Betty’s belly and looked her deep into the eyes. Then watching her gasp and moan with ecstasy, slowly cut open her belly, fulfilling her life long dream. Betty blissfully moaned and her whole body was caught by an immense orgasm as her guts were slowly pulled out of her open belly. She trembled and shook a little bit as she experienced the best orgasm she had ever had rippling through her body. Then her final orgasm gripped her when she watched her glistering intestines and guts dropping into the chute below her where she knew it would be mixed with the internals of all the girls gone through Minerva before her.

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