Birthday Gift

by Honda

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This is a scene from the popular snuff series titled: 'Snuff Wars'.

WARNING: This story is intended for adults only. It contains cannibalism.


Satsu was very happy that they had accepted his invitation and asked them to stay around and watch the preparations while he went to Ms Edule to tell her the good news. Crocchetta was on all her fours and receiving an enema from Selena when Satsu whispered the good news into her ears. Crocchetta smiled happily and a broad smile formed on her face even though she was in great pain. She was quite a big woman, with a little bit of added weight well spread all over her slightly plumb body. It was the perfect body for a juicy cannibal feast. She had two big hanging boobs that had many possibilities for preparations. Selena pulled out the empty enema bag from Crocchetta’s ass and refilled it with a mixture of warm water and soap. Then she pushed its nozzle back into her asshole and squeezed on it until all its content had been forced into Crocchetta’s bowels. Crocchetta was grimacing with pain as the pressure inside her was getting unbearable. Then Selena asked Crocchetta to walk over to something resembling a bath tube. She had troubles walking and barely managed to walk the short distance. It caused her a lot of discomfort. When she arrived, she climbed in and Selena asked her to excrete the content of her overfilled bowels. Crocchetta immediately complied and relieved herself pressing very hard to get everything out. Then the whole process was repeated again until Selena was satisfied with the cleanliness of her excretion and decided that she was clean from the inside.

Next Crocchetta was made to take a hot bath after which her skin was soft and rosy coloured. But this wasn’t all. Selena grabbed a hose and sprayed a strong stream of ice cold water against Crocchetta. She shuddered and shook from the impact and its coldness. Every single orifice was cleaned with scrutiny. Selena made sure that she did not miss a single spot. She took special care of Crocchetta’s big breasts and soft labia. Her breasts were massaged, scrubbed, squeezed and rubbed until they were hurting and had the same colour as a monkey’s butt. Then Selena used her tongue to carefully make sure that the area around Crocchetta’s labia and ass crack were also perfectly clean. Crocchetta moaned with deep satisfaction while this type of cleaning was performed on her and grunted with pleasure.

Then when all the cleaning was done, it was time to tenderise the meat further to give it a perfect taste. Ms Edule leaned over the butchering table with her ass pushed up high in the air. Satsu took charge of the tenderisation process. He pulled down his pants and Selena immediately grabbed his half rigid cock and popped it into her mouth. She sucked on it until it was rock hard. Then she slid away to let Satsu continue his work. Satsu positioned himself directly behind Ms Edule and pushed his cock into her trussed up ass. He buried his cock deep into her asshole and began to pump into her hard while she screamed out in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

When he had fucked her ass sore, he pulled out and repeated the same routine with her pussy. He rammed his cock into her slippery twat with all his might and gave her a good hard fucking. Then when her pussy was fucked raw, he pulled out and made her kneel down and take his cock into her mouth. She sucked him dry and he shot his entire load of cum deep into her throat. He was moaning with satisfaction and relief and pulled up his pants again.

Selena handed him a whip which he accepted for the next step of the tenderisation process. Crocchetta knew the routine well. She had performed it thousands of times before. It was what she did for a living and she enjoyed her job tremendously. However, this time, it was a little different from all her previous experiences. Not only was it her birthday and she was receiving a special treatment from her boss personally, but it was also her first time on the receiving end. She usually was on the giving end swinging the whip at the young sluts. It was her first taste of the whip as meat.

It was a brutal whipping session . Satsu was a fanatic for quality and beat her well. He made sure she was receiving as much pain as possible. The final flavour of her meat would be dependant on the quality of the tenderisation process she went through. And he personally made sure that her meat would be of the greatest quality possible. It was his duty as her boss and her friend to ensure that she was getting what she deserved. He was going to give her the best preparation he could do and then serve her delicious body.

Satsu first whipped her bare bottom with a bullwhip until it had turned red and was crisscrossed by the marks of the whip. He had beaten her so brutally that she was bleeding all over her ass. Then he had sprinkled salt onto her blood covered bottom. He then made her turn around and whipped her pussy until her cunt lips had doubled in size from the abrasion.

The torture was continued with a cat-o-nine. Crocchetta had to bend over the butchering table and then her bare back was whipped mercilessly. Her whipping continued until the skin on her back was completely irritated by the little hooks at the end of the cat-o-nine. It was covered with blood. She then was treated with a mixture of spices which included pepper, garlic and salt. After that was done and she had stopped screaming from the pain, she was turned around on to her back so the torture of her lovely belly and her beautifully large breasts could be started.

First he beat her tits with a cane. It was quite interesting to watch it. Her tits flopped up and down with each hit and went into many different and interesting forms and shapes depending on the angle her tits were hit from. It proved to be a very useful as well as entertaining exercise. Crocchetta seemed to enjoy it as well. She moaned and whimpered slightly after receiving each hit while her fingers were busily rubbing her own clit.

Fraser did the same. She was rubbing her clit as well while watching Crocchetta’s breasts being hit. Then when Fraser was about to orgasm, Satsu stopped beating Crocchetta’s tits, but instead started to hit her smooth, muscular belly with a piece of leather straps. Angry red welds began to form on her belly at once and not long after her belly was transformed into a bed of red flowers of welds. Fraser experienced a huge orgasm when she looked at the finished masterpiece. Satsu continued to beat Crocchetta’s arms and legs and turned the rest of her body into the beautiful reddish colour.

Then he took a pair of skewers and pushed them through her huge tits. He placed each skewer at the side of each of her swollen breasts and pushed it in while she grimaced in pain but did not scream out. Then he continued to push the skewers through her tits until they came out from the other side. This done, he took a step back to admire his handiwork. Her tits were badly bruised and swollen from the beating. The two skewer were embedded right through her breasts and were holding them up. Some blood was dribbling from each ends of the skewers.

Next was the impalement. Selena brought in a long pole for the spitting. Fraser volunteered to help out and do the fisting. Satsu was just all too happy and accepted her help. She went over to Crocchetta and knelt down between her spread open legs. Fraser started by massaging her clit and sliding two fingers in and out of her cunt. It was quite fun since Crocchetta quickly became very moist. While Fraser was stretching Crocchetta’s cunt in preparation for her impalement, Selena was lubing the long, thick pole with molten butter. It was a very light and hollow fibre pole.

Meanwhile Fraser had her entire fist inside Crocchetta and was fist fucking her. Selena gave Fraser the remaining butter and asked her to apply it. Fraser pulled out her fist from Crocchetta’s cunt and applied the molten butter all over her fist. Selena retrieved a few extra small cubes of butter and inserted them into Crocchetta’s pussy. Then Fraser reinserted her fist into her pussy and pushed the pieces of butter deeper in and tried to distribute it out evenly inside her vagina.

Then she was ready. Crocchetta’s cunt had been properly lubricated and prepared to receive the pole. She leaned over the table and spread her legs wide, trussing up her ass into the air. Satsu grabbed the lubricated pole and placed the tip of it at the entrance to her pussy. The excitement and suspense was killing Crocchetta . She could feel the pole close to her pussy. Then Satsu touched the tip of the pole to her clit and she moaned deeply while her body shook uncontrollably with excitement.

Satsu took a good hold onto the pole and grabbed it tightly between his hands and got ready to push it deep into Crocchetta’s pussy. She held her breath and awaited it with lots of anticipation and impatience. She had waited much too long for this happy event. And then it finally happened. Satsu pushed the pole inside her pussy and it easily slid into her well lubricated pussy without any problems. He continued to push it in until the tip of the pole reached the opening to her uterus. He had a little trouble finding it but this only brought a delay of a few seconds. Then it continued smoothly. The pole entered her womb and went through it. Satsu pushed it in deeper and gave it an extra harder push when it reached the end other womb. The sharp end of the pole punctured her womb and continued its way through her body. It passed her lungs and heart without puncturing them and Satsu continued to push it in until it reached her oesophagus near the end of her throat. Crocchetta gurgled at that feeling the pole close to its exit. She automatically opened her mouth and tilted her head back slightly. Selena helped her a little bit and adjusted her head so that it was perfectly positioned. Then Satsu continued to give the pole a final push and the tip of the pole emerged from her Crocchetta‘s mouth. There was little gore and blood mixed with butter at the tip. Satsu slowly pushed the rest of the pole through until it both ends of the pole were even.

Then Satsu helped Crocchetta get onto the butchering table where she was laid down onto her back with the ends of the pole sticking out from her mouth and pussy. It was quite a mouth watering and erotic sight. Satsu was holding a sharp gutting knife and ready for the next step. Selena brought a bowl full of stuffing while Fraser was standing motionlessly beside the table. Her eyes were glued to what was happening on the table. Her breathing was very fast but even. She was very excited, almost as excited as Crocchetta.

Then the gutting began. Satsu made a small incision into Crocchetta’s abdomen and slit her open. Her skin on her belly parted into opposite directions and Satsu slid a finger in. Then he pulled her skin aside and exposed her warm and glistering intestines inside her open belly. He pulled some of her guts out of her belly and cut off the endings. He had emptied her in no time at all. There was nothing but empty space left where her stomach once was. All her non-vital organs except her heart and lungs were removed. Selena gave him a hose and he rinsed her cavity clean. Then he emptied the bowl with stuffing into her until no more could fit in. She was then stitched back up to hold the stuffing inside her.

Selena immediately ran out and returned pushing in a movable rotisserie. It had four small wheels at the bottom which allowed it to be pushed around. She stopped the rotisserie right beside the butchering table and Tabero then helped Satsu to hoist Crocchetta up and mount her onto the rotisserie. Selena then brought in the baste and some brushes which she gave one to Fraser. She also had brought in a carrot which she showed to Crocchetta and smirked. Then she went to the other end of the rotisserie and inserted the carrot into Crocchetta’s asshole.

The preparation was nearly done. All that was left was to baste her properly and they could start to roast her. Fraser and Selena began to baste her while Tabero and Satsu went into the dining room to do some further preparations and help Shojokiraa. When they had finished basting her, they pushed the rotisserie into the dining room where there was a low fire burning in the middle of the room. Surrounding the fireplace were tables set out in an u-shape a few meters away from it. The windows and the blinds had been shut close so that no external lights could come into the room. The lighting tubes at the ceiling were also turned off so that the only light in the room came from the fire itself and the candles set out in front of each table. There were small benches placed in front and parallel to the tables. On each of the benches was a pair of nude girl bound to it. Their back had been arched back to a maximum and their asses were forced up high into the air while their heads were almost touching the ground. A set of burning candles had been stuck into each of their trussed up ass holes and pussies. They were practically living candle holders and providing just sufficient light for the tables.

Fraser and Selena pushed the rotisserie over the fire and activated its mechanism so that it slowly rotated Crocchetta over the burning fire. Immediately some of the baste dripped into the fire and it started to hiss and bite her rotating body searing at her delicious meat. Her burned flesh smelled delicious and it was mouth watering. Fraser stared at the sow slowly roasting over the fire and tried to imagine how it would be like if it was her instead of Crocchetta. She wondered how she would taste like and whether she would be delicious herself. Crocchetta was definitely going to taste good. She smelled deliciously good already. Her fat was slowly dripping into the fire and condensed immediately causing a noisy searing and a high flame which licked Crocchetta’s roasting body. Gradually she turned golden brown and her skin was crispy where her fat had completely dripped off. Selena poked her body with a pair of skewers. She stuck the sharp skewer into Crocchetta’s breast just before the bubble of skin was about to explode and rip apart resulting in a small stream of fat leaking from the punctured tit skin. Selena continued to poke Crocchetta at several other parts of her body and finished off with poking her delicious big ass.

A while later, Crocchetta was ready for carving. She had cooked up nicely to a dark golden brown with crispy skin all over her entire body. Satsu flashed the carving knife for everyone to see and then started to carve pieces off Crocchetta. He first cut off her well done and juicy tits. Next was her rump and then the thighs. It was placed onto silver platters and served together with radish and onions. The rest of her body was quickly carved up as well and neatly placed onto the platter.

Tabero, Fraser, Satsu, Shojokiraa and Selena seated themselves. Their feast was about to begin. Satsu made a toast in honour of Crocchetta and then they all dug into their delicious meal in front of them.

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