The Sex Slave Mommy
by Mkarl (
 Leta was a beautiful woman by any standards. At just
 twenty-nine years of age, her body still held up like
 that of a teenager's with firm, mouthwatering breasts
 and a gorgeous, little, stuck-out ass. Soft, dark
 hair framed an almost angelic face, highlighted by the
 most pouty, ruby-red lips. Leta was a walking wet-
 dream personified... at least in the eyes of her
 thirteen year old son, Michael.
 To the casual observer and even to his own family,
 Michael may have seamed to be the prototypical boy-
 next-door. An honor student and in the choir at church,
 Michael's only obvious short-coming was on the sports
 field. Fair-haired, with classic Nordic-features,
 there was nothing obvious to give away Michael's
 darkest secret, unless one happened to get a glance
 at the front of the boys pants whenever he was alone...
 with his mother.
 If Leta ever noticed her little boy's 'show' of affec-
 tion for her, she never made mention of it. Leta had
 been raised that sex was natural. She had a strong and
 passionate relationship with her husband, Dwayne until
 he had been killed in a mugging gone-bad, just the
 previous month. Leta was still an emotional mess over
 becoming a widow, but was desperately trying to pull
 herself together for her son. She knew she would have
 her hands full trying to be the single-mom to a boy
 just entering his teenage years; she just never could
 have dreamed that she was going to have all of her
 holes filled as well. 
 For the first couple of weeks following the death of
 her husband, Leta was almost catatonic. Michael was
 such a comfort for his mother, always attentive and so
 helpful around the house. Michael was certainly growing
 up fast, right before his mother's adoring eyes. Loos-
 ing a father had to be murder on the boy, if you pardon
 the pun, but to Leta it almost seamed as if Michael did
 not even miss his father. The poor, unsuspecting mother
 had no idea at all what was about to happen to her.
 Summer school-holidays had just begun that morning and
 Michael had rushed right home to get an early start on
 his summer-of-fun. With his mother still all emotional
 over the loss of his father, the boy knew that none of
 her friends would be concerned if they did not see her
 out and about for a week or so. Since he could devote
 up to two months straight of his own time, the child
 was finally ready to make his life long dream of having
 a sex-slave mommy come true.
 When the boy entered the house, his mother called out
 from the kitchen. "I am baking you some cookies honey.
 Would you like some milk too?"
 'I am going to milk you just like when I was little,'
 the boy thought to himself. "Okay mommy," he said out
 loud as he started to the kitchen.
 "I see you have your report card sweety. Did you get
 good grades this year?" 
 Fuck! Did his mother ever look hot. She was wearing
 the tightest little jeans. When she bent down to take
 the cookies from the oven, Michael almost thought he
 was going to come in his pants. The boy could not wait
 any longer to get his cock fucked hard up that cute,
 little ass.
 "Yeah mom... straight A's again." The boy could feel
 a trickle of sweat starting at his right temple. His
 stomach was feeling the butterflies while his legs
 felt like jello. The boy had to go through with it.
 It was finally time or he knew that it would never
 "I am so proud of you, Michael. We are going to have
 to do something really special to celebrate tonight."
 His mother was practically asking for it.
 "How about if I fuck you into submission and have you
 as my sex-slave mommy forever."  
 Did he actually say it out loud? The boy's voice had
 sounded weird to him, but the words had been absolutely
 melodic and the look on his mother's face was fucking
 Leta was in shock. She just had to be asleep she
 wished, but the young mother knew that she was not
 having a dream. Her own child wanted to fuck her!
 Leta knew it must have had something to do with the
 boy loosing his father. Somehow, Michael was getting
 confused on his new role as man-of-the-house. Leta
 had to reason with the boy... stay calm. 
 "What did you say Michael?"
 "You heard me mommy. I am going to FUCK you like I
 always wanted to. I am going to make you become my
 sex-slave for being such a fucking, little COCK-teaser
 always acting like you are too good for it. Now that
 daddy is finally gone no one can stop me from raping
 you."  The boy was beginning to gain confidence as his
 mother's face registered its impotence in stopping the
 disrespect or anything else that might be about to
 "Michael, I am your mom.... Michael, no-Nooo!!! 
 Oh-God... MICHAEL, this has to be a NIGHTMARE."
 "No mommy, THIS is a wet-dream. This is MY wet dream...
 Now don't try to fight and you won't get hurt so bad."
 For Leta, the world had suddenly become crazy. Nothing
 made sense to her as her own son advanced on her, with
 the purpose-of-rape. Leta was backed as far into the
 corner as she could go. For just the briefest of
 seconds she glanced at a carving knife on the counter,
 but IT was her-own-child.  
 Than the boy was on her.
 Taking his mother by the hair felt so fucking good to
 Michael. For every time she had ever made him go clean
 his room when he wanted to play, or go to bed early
 while he was trying to watch television, Michael was
 now going to pay his mother back. She had always tried
 to be the boss but now that her husband was not around
 to back her up, Michael was going to show his mother
 her proper place before the power of his cock.
 "Kiss your little boy, mommy. You fucking kissed me
 this morning when I left for school... now, I am going
 to make you kiss me like I always wanted."  
 The boy was taller than his mom by a couple of inches
 and with her scrunched back-against the counter, he
 was able to get on her good. While keeping her head
 held tight by her hair, Michael pressed on to his
 mother's kiss-me lips and let her have it. The bitch
 was fighting the boy but Michael did not care... he
 was determined to get his tongue between his mother's
 pretty, red lips.
 Leta was almost in a state of total panic. She had been
 totally and utterly unprepared for her violation. She
 was in her own home with the person who was more
 precious to her than life itself but now the boy was
 treating her like he was Satan incarnate. 
 Leta was pushing away at the boy but he had managed
 to get her hard against the counter and with her back
 bent she did not have the strength to get the kid off
 of her. All she was able to do was keep her lips closed
 and try to twist her head away from her son's probing
 Michael was ready to step up the show as he suddenly
 pulled back from his mother and than put his hand
 across her face before she could react. It was so
 nice... that Michael did it twice.  
 "I said kiss me you cunt."   The boy was being abso-
 lutely wicked.
 Leta had to open her mouth just at the shock of having
 her own kid slap her hard across the face. Suddenly
 her boy had her. Leta had never been shy about being
 passionate with her husband or her high school sweet-
 hearts, but never had she took a kiss so vulgar. It
 was like her child was trying to wash her tonsils with
 his tongue. Being held by the hair and having her kid
 pressed so tight that he was squishing her tits did
 nothing to make the situation any more comfortable for
 the young mother.
 Michael did not want to break the embrace but even he
 needed to breath. His mother was trying to get her
 hands up to push at his chest again. Fuck, didn't the
 bitch understand? It seamed like she didn't. "Let me
 go Michael. I am your mother. Please!"
 "No mommy. You kiss good mommy. I am going to rape you
 mommy. You need a new boyfriend now that daddy is
 finally dead. I have so many plans to rape you mommy
 that you will have to be my sex-slave for ever. I will
 have to hurt you if you keep trying to push me while I
 kiss the fuck out of you now be a good little cunt and
 swap some spit with me." The boy could not have sounded
 more evil to his mother if his head was rotating. Leta
 felt her first tears as Michael pressed his mouth once
 more onto hers.
 It was all so surreal. It was impossible. Leta had
 always been the perfect mother and her son was the
 dream child, but now her dream was the filthiest
 nightmare. Leta felt her lips part for her son's
 invading tongue. She had kissed her baby a million
 times before as she tucked him in at night or made his
 'owies' disappear, but she had never once felt like
 she was going to gag.. How could anything so natural
 as kissing her own son be turned into such an act of
 degradation for the young mother?
 accccck"   The boy was off of her again. "What is the
 matter mommy. Don't you love your little boy anymore?
 Don't gag when I lick all over your tongue. You have
 such a sexy mouth mommy that I could kiss it forever,
 but I always wanted to use it another way too; so it
 is time to get down on your knees for me to show you
 what a 'big' boy I am now.
 The young mother was really in a state of panic. Her
 little kid was pulling at her hair to try to force her
 to the floor. The little brat meant to have her suck
 his cock. Leta had no more choice. The young mother
 had to do it. Even after getting slapped and forcibly
 kissed by her boy the next act still hurt her as much
 as it did him.  
 Leta summoned every point of concentration she had to
 get off a knee at her 'problem'.
 Michael had to release his mother's hair. In his
 'state', the impact of his mother's knee felt like
 being stepped on by a fucking elephant. As Michael
 reeled backwards, he was helpless to stop his mommy-
 bitch as she moved past him. The cunt was running for
 it and even though all Michael wanted to do was lay
 down and die, he knew he had to get on her ass or all
 would be lost.
 Leta was almost to the door when Michael caught her
 from behind and sent her hard onto her face, down on
 the floor. She felt the impact but the boy was still
 suffering himself from the knee in the kitchen, so
 she knew if she had any chance to escape she had to
 fight. Michael had tumbled town on top of his mother
 as he had tackled her at the doorway and was trying
 to get a hold of her hair, when she managed to twist
 herself out from underneath the boy. All the kid had
 was a grip of his mother's shirt and she heard the
 first tear as she struggled for freedom. It was like
 some stupid scene out of a 'B' movie.  
 The mother had to strike her child again, clubbing
 at his arm to break his grip on her shirt. She was
 the first to get back to her feet even if the casualty
 was the remnants of her top which stayed in the grip
 of her kid. Michael was between Leta and the door out
 of the house so the panicked mother went straight for
 the locking door of the bathroom.
 Michael had not counted on having so much trouble
 fucking his mom. She had never before put her hand to
 him, ever. The mommy-bitch was going to pay for kneeing
 him. She was locked in the bathroom so and not going
 anywhere so the kid could recompose himself. Michael
 wanted his mother punished for being such a difficult
 fuck and than he thought of the perfect plan. His
 mother was asking for it locking herself in the
 bathroom so the boy quickly got himself a case of pop
 to drink as he prepared to break in on his mom to
 finish the job. .
 "Michael listen to me. It is okay baby... Michael,
 nothing happened yet. Mommy loves you honey...Michael,
 I am your mom. Don't you understand? Michael I know you
 miss your daddy...Michael? Michael, are you listening
 to me? Answer me Michael. What are you doing Michael?
 Michael...mommy still loves you. You know I could never
 get you into trouble, so no one will ever know what
 happened today. Okay, sweety?   Baby, we can not do
 this...Michael, Michael, do you understand?"
 "Time is up bitch!" Michael had been a busy little boy
 unscrewing the hinges on the bathroom door while
 drinking the case of pop while his mother had been
 whining. Now, as he pushed the door down onto his
 mother, she was totally taken by surprise yet again.
 With the door in-between them, the boy had to fight
 for balance as he put his hand hard to his mother's
 face again and again. He had to take the fight out of
 the mommy-bitch, if he was going to be able to enjoy
 his fun.
 "Don't cry mommy. Now you get to be a sex-slave like
 you always deserved. You always made me get such a
 hard cock mommy. I have a really hard cock now but
 first you need to be punished for kicking me in the
 Leta was helpless under the brutal assault of her
 child. The door had landed right on top of her, driven
 down with the weight of her boy and before she had
 been able to recover she was being slapped senseless.
 If Leta was even registering her son's words she was
 certainly in no position to stop him from taking her
 hard by the hair once again and than dragging her over
 to the family toilet.
 "I used the toilet this morning mommy so you better
 clean it." It was sick and disgusting even to the boy
 himself, but it just suited the situation so perfectly.
 Michael's had never felt so powerful as when he started
 to push his mother's face down into the filthy family
 "It is your job to clean the family toilet mommy. Now
 clean it good." Michael was pushing his mother's face
 to the side of the toilet, hoping to make her use her
 tongue. Of course, the cunt was being difficult. The
 boy had no choice but to just push his mother's face
 down into the water to get his satisfaction. His little
 sex-slave mommy was still trying to resist the boy's
 hold of her head, so he decided to keep her under the
 water long enough to make her understand that she had
 better start to behave herself; or else!!.
 "You should have cleaned the toilet mommy. I can not
 put up with a dirty toilet. If you are not going to
 clean this toilet than you will have to be the new
 Leta was half drowned but she still felt the pure
 panic grip her as her son repositioned her for his
 use. She attempted one little yank to free her hair
 which was met by a slap that brought the first taste
 of blood to her mouth. She wanted to fucking die. It
 really was happening. Her own son was going to
 humiliate her. There was nothing the young mother
 could do as her son got her back against the toilet
 and than pushed her head down so as to bring the seat
 across her exposed neck. The young mother could do
 nothing but look up as her kid got over top of her
 and slid off his pants.
 "You better drink it mom.," the boy threatened as he
 put his knee down onto the seat taking position over
 his mother's upturned face. "I drank a whole case of
 pop so I am going to have the longest piss I ever had
 in a toilet now."
 Any stupid shock the mother had at having her son's
 thirteen year old cock exposed, rock- hard before her
 eyes was quickly obliterated by the very real, ultimate
 humiliation of the filthy wet fluid striking her face.
 The toilet seat being pressed down across her neck by
 the weight of the boy kneeling his full weight down,
 had her choking to breath, making sure she was unable
 to get her mouth closed before Michael could begin to
 fill it with his piss. Her eyes were burning and her
 hair was being soaked ,but mostly the boy aimed for
 her mouth.  
 "You potty trained me good mommy. Do you remember when
 I used to go all over the floor but now I aim better.
 You better keep flushing mommy. Your mouth is so little
 and I am going to fill it up so many times."
 It may have only lasted a minuet or two but to Leta it
 was an eternity before her son was done peeing on her.
 She had swallowed several times in her struggle to keep
 from drowning in her kid's piss. The young mother was
 in total shock. She had choked the whole time as her
 boy watered her face and now having been forced to
 swallow his filthy piss, the young mother was in total
 It almost pained Michael, as his mommy succumbed to
 her heaving and expelled his offerings in a truly
 disgusting manner. As much as seeing his mother vomit
 turned him off the boy was not about to let anything
 rain on his parade. Michael had just pissed in his
 mother's mouth like she was his toilet and she had
 drank it. The kid really was going to have his own
 mommy sex-slave but first he had to get her clean
 It was time to tie her up. Michael got the duct tape
 and forced him mother flat on the bathroom floor. She
 was a lot easier to handle after getting half-drowned
 in the toilet and than soaked in piss. The boy pulled
 both of his mother's arms behind her back and secured
 them tight.
 He could not help but notice how it seamed to make her
 tits stand up a little to have her arms behind her
 back so Michael decided it was finally time to see the
 Leta's shirt had been stripped in her futile attempt
 to get away from Michael at the front door so all that
 was covering her tits now was her brassier. Michael
 was so eager to get reacquainted with his mother's
 tits that there was absolutely no artistry in his
 snapping off the bra. Michael was very pleased to see
 his mother's nipples erect. He just knew that the bitch
 was going to love 'it'.
 Michael had to find out how wet his mommy-cunt was in
 her panties. Leta was like a life-sized barbie doll in
 her little boy's exploring hands as he moved his
 efforts down to her skintight jeans. 'Fuck! The bitch
 must have had to pour herself into such tight pants.'
 The boy thought as he popped the snap and unzipped the
 Her panties were white like her bra had been. It
 pleased the boy to see his mother as the innocent
 before he dirtied her forever. She wiggled a little
 as he worked her pants off. It almost seamed like the
 struggle in landing a fish to the boy only it was a
 hell of a lot more fun watching his mother loose this
 battle than any fucking fish would have been. Michael
 reached up between his mother's legs almost expecting
 to see the crotch of her panties leaking with her heat
 but blame it on his foolish youth.  
 Leta was not wet. She was beginning to regain enough
 composure to reassess her situation. She still had the
 bitter taste of her kids piss in her mouth. She was
 face down in her own vomit with her hands somehow
 secured behind her back. She had felt her son strip-
 ping her and knew that the only thing she had left
 protecting her modesty was the panties her boy was
 now at. Leta could not have been any more humiliated
 and she certainly was not aroused.
 The boy was putting the plug in the tub and starting
 to fill it. "You are too dirty mommy. I am going to
 clean you up before I use you anymore. Your going to
 be such a good little fuck mommy. I am going to put
 my cock in every hole that you have. I am going to
 rape you so many times until you learn to be my slave
 "I am going to scream Michael."
 "No mommy. Don't scream.
 "Be quiet you stupid cunt. You can't scream if I put
 you under the water again mommy." Leta was as helpless
 as a rag doll as Michael put her up to the tub. With
 her arms taped behind her back and Michael's hand
 clamped firmly over her mouth all she could do was
 fall helplessly into the deepening water.  
 Michael was quickly into the tub himself keeping
 positioning above her so he could push his mother's
 head down under the water if she should try to get
 noisy again. "You got all messy when I pissed in your
 mouth mommy. I want you to get all clean so I can make
 you dirty again."
 Michael pushed his mother's head up and down into the
 water several times. While kneeling over top of his
 mother, his cock was almost against her face and the
 boy was beginning to realize it was time to have his
 fun. If the kid had been wanting to wait until his
 mother's panties had got wet for him, they were now
 as soaked as her whole body in the tub so it was show
 time. "Suck my cock, mommy."
 Leta was almost helpless all pinned down beneath her
 horny kid. The young mother's only means of resistance
 was the futility of trying to keep her mouth shut as
 Michael started to put his cock to her lips.  
 Michael twisted his mother's hair without mercy. "Open
 your mouth mommy. Your going to cock-suck now."
 Leta could not give in to the little bastard. She was
 not going to get raped in her mouth by her own child.
 Michael pulled his mother's hair harder, almost yanking
 her down into the water. Leta really was in no position
 to fight with her hands all taped together behind her
 back, but she felt she should almost rather die than
 submit. The boy was pressing down on top of her and she
 had no choice but to retreat into the water even though
 it offered no safety at all with Michael coming right
 down to the bottom of the tub with her.
 Michael knew his mom would run out of breath and than
 he would get his cock into her mouth before he would
 let her up. The boy could look down at his mother's
 face deep in the water peering out from between his
 knees. The boy was straddling his mother while putting
 his cock to her lips. It was certainly not the most
 comfortable position the boy could have envisioned but
 he was going to have a blow job from his mother.
 Finally the bitch started to loose her breath. Even if
 she was prepared to die in her mind, her instincts
 screamed for self preservation and gave Michael the
 'opening' he had been seeking. With his cock tri-
 umphantly buried deep in her wet mouth, Michael finally
 yanked his mother up for air. She was fucking choking
 though, and the boy had to release her for fear she
 would bite him as she gagged.
 The time for fun and games was over. Michael was going
 to have his mother suck him off even if he had to beat
 her black and blue to make her do her girly duty.
 Leta screamed as Michael just yanked her all the way
 to her feet and than threw her to the bathroom floor
 again by her hair. She struck against the counter on
 the way down. Michael stepped over top of his mother
 and reached down to get another hold of her hair while
 he used his right hand to smack her.
 "Stop being such a bitch mommy. You have to suck my
 cock. You made me get all fucking horny so now I get
 to rape you." The kid slapped his mother again and
 again until she could take no more.
 "Please don't hurt me Michael."
 "Open your mouth cunt, like a good girl." The boy was
 going to die if he could not get his cock between his
 mother's pretty red lips and deep into her wet, cock-
 sucking, little mouth.   "I am going to beat the fuck
 out of you mommy."
 The young mother could take no more. It was an act of
 ultimate domination and submission as Leta gave in to
 her baby and parted her lips. The brat wasted no time
 in getting his cock back into his mother's mouth. The
 bathtub had been way too quick but now Michael was
 going to get the blow job of his dreams.
 The boy just had to giggle, looking down at his mother
 kneeling in utter submission at his feet. He had the
 bitch by her hair with her hands taped behind her back
 as he held her tight onto his young cock. It was a
 magnificent view with the cute little tears on his
 mom's face yelling volumes of her total defeat before
 the power of the boy's cock fucking into her mouth.
 The boy sneered at his mother having her lick his balls
 and run her tongue up and down the impressive length of
 his shaft. The boy wanted his mother to love his filthy
 cock. The boy was going to have his ultimate dream come
 "Suck me good, mommy-cunt. You're a little cock-sucking
 mommy now. I know you use to lick my cock when I was a
 baby bitch so stop your fucking crying. I want a lip-
 stick blow job from my mommy. You need some lipstick
 so I can see it on my cock when you suck me, slut."
 Leta was in another world. Her kid had attacked her out
 of the blue - beat her - pissed on her - was making her
 suck cock - and now he was holding her in front of the
 mirror and forcing her to apply lipstick. The reflec-
 tion the young mother saw back to her was utterly
 obscene. Her eye was already beginning to show signs
 of the bruise and of course she was naked. Her boy
 actually had a smile standing in control of her with
 a hold of her hair.
 "That is enough lipstick cunt." The boy's cock was
 bigger than her husband's had been. It was even bigger
 than her high-school sweethearts. Leta was being chal-
 lenged to take it ball deep without gagging herself to
 death. For all the poor mother knew, maybe Michael
 would get off on choking her to death on his cock. He
 certainly was being vocal on his appreciation of seeing
 his mother's lipstick all over his thirteen-year-old
 cock as she did her girly duty.
 It really was more than the boy could take. It was so
 quick upon him that he barely had time to decide if he
 wanted her to swallow or would rather glaze her face.
 Fortunately, his bitch-mom started to pull off as the
 first spurt flooded the back of her throat. The kid's
 pumping cock slipped from between his mother's cock-
 sucking lips and wildly shot his second spasm up the
 right side of her face into her eye. The boy got a hold
 of his dick and finished up all over his mother's
 forehead so it could run down all over her face.  
 The boy knew it burned in her eyes but his mother
 looked like the hottest glazed donut ever. Michael
 knew he had never shot a load so wet and messy anytime
 before. He had to get a picture. "Don't try to wipe it
 off or I will beat you mommy."
 The boy wished he had a Polaroid camera. He was not
 sure where he could ever get the pictures developed
 but that was a problem for later he thought as he
 snapped of a couple of shots of his mother's cum-soaked
 "Smile mommy. You are going to be a famous slut when I
 put these pictures on the Internet. I am going to blow
 up these pictures life-size and use them as wallpaper
 all over the house."
 "Michael, why are you doing this to me. I am your
 mother. You can not rape your own mom. Don't you even
 love me?"
 "Of course I love you mommy. I already loved you in
 your cock-sucking little mouth. Now I am going to love
 you in your baby-making little cunt."
 "NOOOOO! Michael, I am your mother."
 "YEEEEEES! Now you will be a mommy again."
 The boy was being impossible. Leta was unprotected.
 With a dead husband there had been no need for any
 precautions. No kid was evil enough to really knock-up
 his own mother - was he?
 "It is your time of the month mommy. I have been
 checking on you so I would know the perfect day to
 breed you. I am going to fuck so much cum into you
 little baby-making cunt that you will probably have
 triplets at least. I am going to make your tummy get
 so big, everyone will wonder how you did it with daddy
 already dead."  
 "You can't knock up your own mother. I will not have
 your baby."
 "Let's go to the bed mom." Leta just let herself
 scream. She had to scream until someone heard her and
 stopped the insanity of her son.
 "Shut up you stupid cunt." The boy was just like
 totally evil, jumping down quickly onto his helpless
 mother to get his hand over her noisy mouth. Luckily
 he still had enough duct tape left over to take care
 of the problem.
 Michael could not believe how fucking hot his mommy
 looked with the tape wrapped around and around her
 head. The tape just had to be murder on her hair. She
 was still trying to scream something but the boy did
 not have to worry about her getting any sound out of
 the house through the tape.
 The boy was at ease to take his helpless mother by the
 hair and start her trip to the master bedroom for her
 breeding. He giggled to drag her again like she was a
 cave girl. The boy was eager to get his mother's naked
 little body into bed but he still had to take the time
 to push her face down onto the floor to give her a
 little rug burn as he dragged her by the hair to her
 Than the action was in the bedroom.
 "No one can even hear you mommy. Stop screaming. You
 have not been fucked since daddy got dead so you need
 it mommy. You need to get fucked in your cunt by me.
 You always look so fucking cute and make me always
 have a hardon but now you get to pay for being such a
 cock-teaser. Get up on the bed bitch."
 Leta was helpless to prevent her kid from throwing her
 up onto her bed. The time at the bottom of the bathtub
 had softened the tape binding her arms a little but
 not nearly enough for her to break free. She was
 totally at her son's mercy but the little bastard was
 not about to show her any mercy.
 "I got my cock all hard again mommy because you are so
 fucking cute. I should clean some of the cum off of
 your messy little face but there is no time so spread
 your legs mommy and get ready to fuck."
 For a virgin, Michael made the mount with amazing
 expertise. He had lived the minuet hundreds of times
 in his fantasy's dreaming of this moment. Nothing had
 prepared him for the awesome thrill of raping his young
 cock triumphantly into the tightness of his mother's
 The sound from his lips sounded ridiculous. The boy
 actually took pause to hear the half laugh-moan. He
 wanted to sound cool. He wanted to show his mom that
 she would never be nothing but a cunt to him, ever
 "Feel my cock, you bitch. Fuck me, mommy-cunt."
 The boy wanted to fuck his sexy mother through the
 bed. He wanted to look into her crying eyes as he
 broke her and bred her. He would have just freaked
 if his mother started humping back or... heaven
 forbid, came her brains out all over his cock.  
 "Can you feel my cock mommy? Yes you can. Feel me
 mommy. You are getting fucked by your own kid. You
 were such a good little mommy that you need a new
 baby. I am a big boy now so since dad is finally gone
 I will be your new boyfriend and you need a new baby.
 I am going to get you so knocked-up now."
 There was nothing for Leta to do as the cum started
 to fill her. The boy had amazing volume even if it had
 been his first shot of the day. She just screamed into
 her gag as her kid fathered the baby into her tummy.
 It truly was over for the once proper Leta. Her kid
 had destroyed her. In her mind, the raped widow knew
 she had been turned into a sex slave mommy.
Part II
 Michael thought of his mother as he sat at the kitchen
 table eating his cereal. The boy felt the discomfort
 in the front of his pants and had to adjust himself.
 'It' had really happened. The boy had finally made his
 fantasy come true and it had been wonderful.
 If Michael felt any remorse at all for raping his
 mother, it certainly was not evident by the bulge in
 the front of the boy's pants. The kid was going to
 have to do something about his erection as soon as he
 finished his cereal.
 Michael almost started to giggle as he tried to slurp
 down the last of the milk from the cereal bowl. For
 most thirteen year old kids, an erection meant sneaking
 to the bathroom for some masturbation but Michael was
 not going to have to resort to anything so boring
 because his mother was, at that very instant, laying
 bound and gagged in her bedroom.
 The boy was living the ultimate wet-dream. It had all
 been so fucking easy for the kid. Michael had arrived
 home straight from the last day of school and had
 started the summer holidays with a sexual attack on
 his mother. The rape itself had been more physical
 than the boy had anticipated. Michael always had a
 desire to be dominant over his mother but he never
 realized how he would get off on slapping her face and
 pulling her hair. Hearing his mother moan and scream
 had also worked for the boy.  
 As Michael started back to his mother's bedroom he had
 to wonder just where the evening session was going to
 take him.
 Leta had been left to cry herself to sleep by her son
 Michael following her afternoon rape. She was on her
 bed naked and secured with duct tape. Her own son had
 fucked her. The boy had actually told her he was trying
 to knock her up. The boy had first pissed in her mouth
 and than forced her to suck him off. The young mother
 was humiliated but helpless to do anything about it.  
 After Michael had fucked his mother, it seamed for an
 instant that the boy had regret. Leta had just a spark
 of hope that he had come to his senses. The kid had
 satisfied himself with his second orgasm of the hour
 so the young mother allowed herself the briefest hope
 that she was to be set loose despite the boy's obscene
 comments that she was now a sex slave mommy.  
 All of Leta's prayers were dashed as Michael had
 elevated her legs up onto the bed board and secured
 them. The little bastard was adding the benefit of
 gravity to help his 'boys' get the job done breeding
 her. With the tape over her mouth and both her arms
 and legs secured all the comfort Leta could manage was
 a few hours of sleep while her son recharged for rape
 number two.
 "Wake up mommy-cunt." Michael was full of confidence
 as he stood bedside and started to drop his pants. He
 had always wondered if he would feel any humility when
 the day finally arrived to be naked in front of a girl
 but now he had no hesitation in revealing his readiness
 to have round two with his little sex-slave.
 The kid could not understand the gibberish from his
 mother's protesting lips through her duct tape gag.
 "What is the matter mommy? I know you liked the fuck I
 gave you. Are you trying to beg me to fuck you again?
 Don't worry mommy. We can fuck all night. I have
 planned to rape you for so many years but I knew daddy
 would punish me but now he is dead so from now on I
 will rape you all of the time."
 Michael was talking goofy nonsense but the truth was
 he did not know exactly how to start on his mom again.
 The boy was learning that a problem with raping someone
 you love is that deep inside will always be an unwanted
 amount of sympathy for the victim. Sure, the sight of
 his helplessly bound mother was making his cock twitch
 and the fresh memories of her screams still played
 lovingly in his head but she was the woman that helped
 him with his homework and kissed his scraped knees too.
 Michael had to act or he was in danger of loosing the
 "You sucked my cock so good in the bathroom mommy that
 you can do it again. If you try to scream when I take
 off the tape or fight me in any way than I will fucking
 hurt you really bad so just wait while I take the tape
 off of you."  
 As the boy hurried out to the kitchen to grab a knife,
 his eyes caught the camera on the cabinet. Michael
 still knew that he would have a problem getting the
 photos developed but he wanted to capture the Kodak
 moments as they occurred. The kid was really going to
 need to force his mother to purchase a video camera. 
 Leta saw the knife and the camera as her horny teenager
 returned to the bedroom. She just had to wait as the
 boy cut her legs loose and than started trying to cut
 the tape off of her head. It was too tight.
 "Hold still mom or I might cut you! I guess I will just
 have to peel the tape off."
 "Owwww. Baby, stop."
 It did not matter to Michael if his mom was asking him
 to stop pulling the tape off of her hair or to stop the
 rape in general; he was not about to stop doing either.
 "What are you going to do now Michael?"
 The boy thought his mother must truly be stupid if she
 really needed to ask.
 "I want you on your knees bitch." Michael pulled his
 mother off of the bed and put her to her knees at his
 feet. The boy was consciously pleased that his mother
 was measurably more cooperative than she had been in
 the bathroom for his first blow job.
 Maybe the young mother was temporarily out of tears or
 maybe just the act of simply being forced to suck her
 son's cock could not measure up following the true rape
 Leta had already endured but, in any case, Michael
 quickly had his cock where he wanted.  
 It was just so natural to the boy. His mother had
 always been kissing him over the years whenever he had
 an owie now she could comfort him by kissing his most
 important part.
 "I want you to kiss my cock mommy. Show me that you
 love to be by cock-sucking sex slave."
 The boy had her by the hair. Leta had the slightest
 urge to just bite as hard as she could but for as
 rotten as her brat was acting, she was still the mom.
 Than she was the mom kissing her thirteen year old
 kid's cock.
 "I knew you loved it mommy. Lick it like a lollipop
 mommy. I saw a movie at Roland's house where I saw
 that girls can get all of the boy's cocks sucked. I
 want to do that with you."
 Leta was surprisingly cooperative as the blow job
 progressed. She let her son control her by the hair
 as he had her run her tongue up and down the shaft
 of his dick. She even submitted as Michael pushed her
 low enough to focus her efforts on his balls. The boy
 seamed to have the greatest appreciation for her
 tongue though and was constantly redirecting her back
 to licking him. She was almost to the point of
 believing she would lick him to orgasm before the kid
 got around to making good on his threat to force her
 to deep-throat.
 "I know my cock is bigger than dad's was mom. I hope
 I don't choke you too much.
 Leta just tried to relax herself as her son began to
 force himself in. The truth is she had never managed
 to deep-throat before. She always started to gag at
 about five inches. Her husband had never been a
 problem but, even going back to her high-school
 sweeties, she had always been with a guy who would
 not force the issue. Michael was going to be the first
 stud to get Leta operating at full capacity.
 "I am going to take a picture of my cock sticking in
 your mouth mommy so smile like a good cunt."
 Leta really thought about biting as the brat snapped
 his shot. It was a futile thought. She could no more
 harm her boy than she could take her life to release
 her from her new fate as a sex slave mommy.
 "Now take me deep slut."
 The kid's cock pushed deeper into the young mother's
 mouth than she had ever had before. Leta started to
 gag but still the cock penetrated deeper. Just as the
 mother feared the cock would go right through the back
 of her head, she felt the boy's balls against her
 chin. Michael had his mommy's mouth mounted to full
 "I just knew you were a hot cock-sucker mommy. I tried
 to spy on you and daddy one time when you did not know
 that I was awake. It was so fun to see your cunt. It
 was the first time I knew that you did fucking but
 when you were sucking daddy's cock I could not see
 because the chair was in the way. I love to see your
 pretty face when you are sucking a hard cock. We are
 going to buy a video camera and than I will always
 make movies of you sucking lots of cocks."
 The boy was releasing the young mother off of his cock
 as he spoke and after catching her breath she had to
 try to reason with the boy again.
 "Michael, you know this is wrong. You are too young
 Michael. I am your mother, not your wife. You have to
 let me go now. Maybe I can still get to the doctor so
 I will not have to be pregnant."
 "No mommy. If you ever try to get rid of my baby than
 you will be punished."
 "Michael you know mommy can not have an abortion but
 there might still be time for something called a
 morning after pill."
 "I am not going to ever let you go mommy until you are
 getting really big in your tummy. You have to have my
 baby. You need to be punished for even talking about
 getting rid of it. In the movie I watched at Roland's,
 I know that it hurts a girl for the boy to fuck her in
 the ass so get on the bed bitch."
 "Michael, no! I never had it like that."
 "I want you to scream mommy but if you try to be too
 loud I will have to tape you again."
 "Please don't put any more tape on my hair Michael.
 You have to free my arms if you want me to stick my
 ass up or I won't have any balance sweety."
 "I don't care mommy. You will just try to get away if
 I untape you."
 The boy had picked his mother up off of her knees by
 the hair and had deposited her face down onto the bed.
 Now the kid was moving into position trying to prop
 his mother up into a pyramid position. The mother-cunt
 must have been truly apprehensive over giving up her
 ass because as cooperative as she had been in sucking
 off the kid, she now was just the opposite it facili-
 tating the boy's new purpose.
 "Owwww. Michael, my hair."
 "Than stop wiggling you stupid bitch. If you don't hold
 your ass up than I will just mount you lying down any-
 how but I will fucking spank you so hard that you will
 cry for a week. You are going to get fucked in your
 sexy little mommy-ass so hold it up."
 Leta knew the bastard meant it. He would fuck her one
 way or another. He would probably spank her ass regar-
 dless of whether she cooperated or not, now that he
 had thought of it. She was beginning to finally learn
 who her son really was. She just had to make sure she
 would not give him the satisfaction of screaming as he
 sodomized her.
 Michael was quite pleased as his mother firmed up below
 him. Her ass looked mouth watering. The boy kept a grip
 of his mother's hair, just in case, as he used his free
 hand to grasp his dick and guide it to her hole.  
 The resistance concerned the kid a little. It was not
 much like putting it into his mother's cunt. The boy
 pushed harder and than he discovered the magic of the
 asshole. She was so fucking tight. It was an amazing
 feeling on his cock. As satisfying as the mental idea
 of humiliating his mother by ass raping her was the
 actual sheer physical feel of wedging his stiff dick
 between her firm buns and deep into her tight, con-
 stricting asshole was Nirvana.
 Michael was afraid he was going to embarrass himself
 with an ejaculation. He wanted to prolong his mother's
 punishment. The only disappointment to the boy was he
 had not got the scream he wanted as he violated his
 mother's ass.
 "Feel me mommy. Suffer you little slut. You are going
 to have my baby. I am going to fuck your ass hard to
 punish you."
 Leta wanted to scream. It felt like she had always
 imagined. Her son was amazingly well endowed for a
 kid so young. He was bigger than his father. She had
 once read a magazine that described a girl loosing her
 anal virginity. She could not tell if she was bleeding
 but from the discomfort she imagined she may as well
 have been. Still, the young mother would not give her
 son the satisfaction to hear her scream or even whimper
 as she took her ass fucking.
 The boy pumped his own ass to power his cock in and
 out of his mother's tightest opening. It seamed to
 get a little easier to thrust, almost as though the
 young mother's body was instinctively adjusting to
 survive the unnatural violation of her ass. Michael
 really could not care what the mechanics were involved
 in ass fucking his mother, all he knew was he was
 having tremendous difficulty holding back his money
 Finally, the boy could wait no more.  
 "I have some more cum to make sure you are knocked-up
 "Don't you dare Michael. Oh my god. You little bastard!
 Michael made the shift of holes and than started to
 shoot. His tricky little mother collapsed her weight
 but the boy was ready and rode her down while main-
 taining penetration to get his load home. It was time
 to tie the bitch up again to give her some time to
 soak up the cum to fertilize her eggs. The boy had
 been bored when the school taught him how to make
 babies but now he was finally going to put some school
 learning to good use.  
 The boy finished binding his mother by pissing into
 a pair of her panties and putting them into her mouth.
 He was considerate enough to take care to put the tape
 under her hair as he secured her gag. His mom would
 keep for the night and the boy knew the next day would
 be a big one so it was time to sleep... maybe his
 dreams might even star his sex slave mommy.
 Part III
 The first week was coming to a close and Michael was
 beginning to get worried.  His stupid mommy-cunt was
 still acting all upset with her new role as a sex
 slave.  Michael had used his mommy as a toilet.  He
 had repeatedly slapped the fuck out of her.  He had
 fucked her in every hole she had time after time after
 time but still he heard her crying to herself and
 begging him to let her go.  Food was beginning to run
 low and Michael needed to break his mommy once and for
 all. It was finally time to try his idea for inter
 species breeding.
 Michael waited for nightfall and then snuck out to the
 ally to see if he could find a suitable partner for his
 mommy.  He started with the Wilson's young collie.  The
 dog was not quite as big as Michael desired and as the
 boy tested the animal, it seamed to have been fixed.
 It was too important to Michael that the dog be able
 to cum in his mommy so Michael moved on in his search.
 It took almost three hours before Michael spotted the
 great dane.  The dog was bigger than his mommy. Michael
 tossed some friendship hamburger to the dog and then
 entered the yard.  Michael patted the dog on the head
 before reaching under its belly to test it.  The dog
 was fucking huge.  The beast would totally fill Michael
's mommy and the cum started shooting almost at once.
 The dog seamed hesitant to follow Michael back across
 town but the kid told him that he would have a bitch
 to rape all night long.  Michael told the dog that his
 mommy was all tied up and helpless and the dog could
 fuck his huge cock into her cunt.  The boy was also
 promising the dog that his mommy would suck the dog's
 cock too.  Finally, the kid had the dog at his house.
 Leta had been left tied to her bed with her panties
 stuffed in her mouth and held in place with duct tape.
 She had fallen asleep exhausted from a day in which
 her kid had fucked her four times.  If Michael was not
 her child, she would have been amazed at the little
 stud's stamina.  He was fucking her two to three hours
 every single day.  The truth was that the little brat
 had already given her better sex in just one week than
 her husband had in the entire preceding year.  If Leta
 was fated to become some sort of sick sex slave at
 least she had an exciting master.  
 Michael woke his mother, her first instinct was to
 scream when she saw the animal.  The little bastard
 had actually done it.  The thought made Leta want to
 get sick but all she could do was fall helplessly to
 the floor as Michael freed her from the bed and put
 her to the dog's level.
 "I told the doggy that you could suck cock good Mommy."
 Leta did not bother to scream as Michael removed her
 gag.  The boy would shut her up before she could scream
 more than once and the neighbor's had not heard her
 before.  Leta had to finally reason with the boy.
 "Michael, please.  I am your mommy.  I am your sex-
 slave mommy.  I am your little baby-making sex-slave
 mommy-cunt.  That is what you want to hear.  I will be
 your total little cock-sucking slut.  You told me to
 say I wanted your baby while I do sweety.  Just please
 don't let that filthy animal breed me."
 "You must really not want to be a doggy bitch, mommy.
 It is funny when you talk like a whore but I promised
 this doggy a good sexy fuck.  Prove to me you are a
 trained slave and fuck this doggy good and then I will
 untie you and you can be my slave forever and have all
 of my kids."
 "No Michael. No.  I will suck your cock honey.  Mommy
 will give you a special lipstick blow job and let you
 shoot your cum all over my face and get it in my eyes
 like you love to do.  Please honey, don't give your
 own mommy to a dirty doggy."
 "Lick my finger's mommy."
 "Okay sweety.  Mommy will lick her baby's fingers.
 Mommy will suck all of her baby's fingers.  Do you
 like it sweety.  Does my baby have anything else that
 he want's his permanent little sex-slave to suck."
 "Yeah mommy.  Now you can suck the dog's slimy cock
 since you just licked his cum off my hand already."
 "Yucky, Michael."
 "Don't spit mommy.  You liked it.  The dog will cum in
 your mouth and you will drink it bitch."
 "You rotten bastard.  I won't do it Michael."
 "Yes you will, cunt."
 "Owwww.  Michael don't hit me.  Owwwww.  Owwwww.
 Michael please."
 "Tell me bitch."
 "Owwww.  Okay.  Michael, okay.  You bastard.  I will
 fuck the dog.  I will be your sex-slave."
 "I am sorry mommy but I know you.  When I finally start
 leaving you untied, you will do something to save
 yourself.  That is why I am going to get some good
 pictures of you being a bitch for a couple of dogs and
 even some kids I know so I can get you in trouble.  I
 stopped at the convenience store and bought film so
 after I get pictures of you being dirty you will
 finally get untied.  Now be a good little slave and
 get up on your knees."
 Leta was finished.  She was utterly defeated.  Having
 her son rape her had been awful.  Having her son use
 her as a toilet pissing into her mouth had been dis-
 gusting.  Having her son attempting to breed her was
 a nightmare but all that paled to the once proper young
 mother in comparison to having her son take a handful
 of her hair and guiding her to the underbelly of the
 great dane.
 The beast had been excited to see his new friend
 beating the tied-up bitch.  The dog had never had a
 human for his pleasure but the idea intrigued him.
 The little boy child had got the dog interested,
 touching the beast in all sorts of interesting ways.
 The dog had thought about putting the little brat in
 his place and taking his pleasure back in his own
 territory but some special instinct told the animal
 that patience would be rewarded so the beast had
 followed the boy-child across the town until he was
 in this strange human house with this strange human
 bitch that smelled so good.  The dog had thought about
 jumping in and biting the bitch while the young human
 had hit her but he had been punished for biting before.
 The bitch did not seam to have any of the covering
 things that had got in his way when he had tried to
 mount his own master.  The dog figured he was actually
 going to get lucky and then the bitch was doing some-
 thing really good to his cock.
 Michael held his mother tight and ordered her to kiss
 'it'.  Michael reached out to pat the dog.  The animal
 seemed pretty calm for the situation.  Michael wondered
 if the dog had a human before.  
 "Feel's pretty good, huh boy.  She will be your total
 little fuck tonight.  It's called a blow job when a
 girl puts her mouth on your cock.  It feel's good so
 you can cum in her mouth and she will drink it.  You
 get to put your cock in her cunt too.  You can even
 fuck her ass if we have enough time.  I have to get
 you home in a couple hours before your family misses
 you so hurry up and cum in her mouth so I can get some
 The dog could not understand what the boy was saying
 but probably liked how he was petting his head.  The
 thing that felt the most fun was what the bitch was
 doing.  It certainly did not feel like how it did when
 he licked himself.  Human tongues were softer and the
 mouth did sucking too.  The dog was quickly getting in
 the mood and was ready to give the bitch something to
 It was hot and sprayed to the back of Leta's mouth.
 Leta pulled off and ended up with a shot in her eye.
 The cock had become huge as she had pleasured it.  It
 was so gross looking all slimy.  Leta could not pull
 back too far as Michael was keeping control.
 "Mommy, he's cumming.  Did you get some in your
 mouth... drink it... it tastes good, doesn't it?"
 The kid's question was answered by the young mother's
 "Drink it mommy or I will beat you more.  I am going
 to get some pictures now.  Pose for me with the dog's
 shooting  cock in your mouth."
 Leta hesitated while Michael took position with his
 camera.  She desperately tried to think of any way to
 resist her ultimate humiliation.  Once the boy had
 pictures of his mommy than she would be trapped forever.
 She pulled at the tape binding her arms but there was
 still no give.  
 Michael actually had a giggle as he snapped the first
 "Make sure that the doggy cock can be seen going into
 your mouth mommy.  I want your face to be easily
 identified in every picture.  I want a bunch of doggy
 cum on your face so everyone will know you sucked him
 all the way."
 Leta felt one lone tear trickle down her face as she
 posed herself for the photographs.  The camera flashed
 again and again and than it was over.
 "Okay mommy I am going to take these pictures someplace
 safe and then I will untie you so you can fuck with the
 dog. "  
 Leta had not been totally untied for over a week but
 now it was too late.  She could never survive having
 pictures of herself sucking dog-cock made public.  The
 truth is she could not have allowed the fact that she
 was a mommy-slave to get out either.  Michael had won.
 "Get on your knees mommy.... tell the doggy what a
 FRIENDLY, little bitch you are."
 "You want me to beg for it?  You want your mommy to
 cry while she is forced to allow a dirty dog to breed
 her?  Come on boy.  Smell your bitch.  This little
 bitch is for the doggy.  Give this little mommy-bitch
 what she deserves."
 Watching the naked human get up on all fours seamed
 to be a good idea for the great dane. The dog had his
 share of bitches in his time but done made him want
 to fuck as hard as did this human.  The dog remembered
 when he had mounted humans before how they always tried
 to crawl away so the huge beast decided to use his
 claws to keep his bitch in place.  He gave her his best
 growl to let her know she would get a bite if she tried
 to escape and than he let her have it.
 Leta screamed as the dog's dick found her slit and
 rammed home.  She felt his dog claws scratch her waist
 and legs as he made his mount.  The beast began to
 pound at her to drive his knot it.  Leta screamed
 again and again.  Michael told her to shut the fuck up
 and than the boy decided to act.
 It was Leta's first ever double team as the dog fucked
 her cunt and her son had her accept him in her mouth.
 Michael was so excited watching his mother doggy fuck
 that he came in her mouth at once.  The dog took a lot
 longer to have him cum.  Michael loved to see the clear
 doggy sperm running from his mommy's filled up cunt and
 down the inside of her legs.  The kid took several
 photographs of his mom being mated by the big dog.  He
 even made his mom smile.
 The dog finally dismounted and the kid forced his
 mother to do the duty of cleaning the beast.  Michael
 was quite pleased that the dog fuck had seemingly broke
 his mom as he had hoped. He decided on one last test
 of his mother's defeat.
 "Let the dog piss in you mouth mommy so all dogs will
 know you are doggy property."
 "How can I do that Michael?"
 "I will piss on you first mommy than the dog will know
 you are a toilet and will lift his leg up to your face
 while I take my last two pictures.  If you do it I will
 leave you untied tonight and we can go shopping tomor-
 row for a video camera and more food."
 "Okay honey.  Piss in mommy's mouth."
 Michael stepped up to his mommy and had a short piss
 which immediately got the big Dane's attention.  The
 beast had just raped the bitch.  She was his.  The
 dog let the human have a full load as the stupid fuck
 seamed to actually put her face in the stream.  The
 human belonged to the dog now.
 Michael gave the dog a raw steak as a reward for his
 good service and than took the dog back to its yard.
 His mommy protested that the boy tied her before he
 left but she had not resisted as he bound her. Michael
 was going to leave his mom loose as they slept.  It
 seamed the kid finally had his sex-slave mommy.
 Will Leta spend the rest of her life as a slave?  What
 plans does Michael have left for his mommy?  What will
 happen when Michael gives his mom to the blacks?  What
 farm animals are actually capable of breeding humans?
 Could a visit to a zoo actually be possible?  How will
 the mommy earn extra money to support the family?
 I may never answer the questions myself but if anyone
 else cares to, be my guest.