Bed and Breakfast
Chapter 2: Helen
On opening night at the inn, Helen was bought by the married couple, who 
paid for all the services she offered.  They wanted her for the whole night, 
so she made a total of $115. She knocked on their door at 8 PM, dressed as 
she had been told: completely naked except for 6-inch high heels. She was 
led into the room, and the man told her to get on her knees and give him a 
The man was fully clothed, so Helen opened his pants and took out his soft 
cock and started licking it. It grew to 10 inches, and he held her by her 
ears as he started to fuck her face. She gagged on the cock, but he was 
ready to cum after just a few minutes. He dumped his load down her throat, 
and Helen swallowed it.
The man's wife wanted to whip Helen, and told her to bend over and put her 
hands on her ankles. Helen obeyed, and the woman cuffed Helen's wrists to 
her ankles. The man used another set of cuffs to attach Helen's ankles to 
the ends of a three-foot spreader bar, so she was totally helpless, her body 
completely open and vulnerable. There was no way for her to protect herself. 
The woman picked up a whip with ten leather strips, each two feet long and 
tipped with a small metal barb. She gave Helen a light stroke across the 
back of her legs, and Helen gasped as some of the barbs tore into her soft 
"Did you enjoy sucking my husband's cock, whore?" Before Helen could say 
anything, the woman hit her across her buttocks, and Helen screamed in pain. 
Red welts immediately appeared on her soft round ass cheeks. The woman told 
her to count the strokes, and Helen tried not to let her voice quiver. "One. 
Thank you."
Helen received nine more strokes this way. She was crying after the second 
stroke, and each of the last five strokes made her yelp with pain. After 
Helen thanked her for the last stroke, the woman put down the whip and took 
a lighted cigar that her husband was holding out to her. She used one hand 
to separate Helen's ass cheeks, exposing her tiny brown anus. "This is what 
happens to stupid whores like you."
She brushed the burning tip of the cigar across Helen's asshole, and Helen 
screamed, then kept screaming as the woman put out the cigar on Helen's 
anus, grinding the fire into the soft brown tenderness of her asshole. Helen 
broke out in a sweat, her whole body trembling from the sharp pain. The skin 
around the anus never fully heals from burns, and Helen would never shit 
right again.
* * *
The man released Helen from the cuffs and the spreader bar, and she stood 
there with tears of pain and humiliation running down her cheeks. But the 
man wasn't through using her. He told her to get on her hands and knees on 
the bed -- he was going to fuck her in the ass. Helen tried to run to the 
door, but the man threw her on the bed, face down. He pulled her hips up 
sharply, so her ass was in the air, and quickly inserted his cock into her 
damaged anus.
It felt like a knife had been stuck in her rectum. Helen screamed, sobbing, 
begging her fucker to leave her alone, but he started reaming out her 
asshole with his big cock, holding her hips in place and probing deep into 
her bowels. Every movement of the cock damaged Helen's anus more, tearing 
the damaged flesh around her asshole. Blood was running out of her ass and 
pooling on the bed between her legs.
The woman stood in front of Helen and started taking pictures, being careful 
to show Helen's agonized expression and the tears streaking her face. "We're 
going to post these on our website so everybody can see what a good little 
whore you are." Helen's parents had a computer and liked to surf the web, 
and she felt a wave of embarrassment and shame as she thought of her father 
seeing pictures of her getting ass-fucked.
When her fucker was ready to cum, he pulled out of Helen's tortured asshole 
and brought his throbbing cock to her mouth. "Suck it, bitch." He forced her 
mouth open and stuck his penis in, and she gagged as the cock meat filled 
her mouth and entered her throat. The man held her by her ears, ramming his 
cock so far down her throat that her lips were buried in his pubic hair as 
he ejaculated.
He grunted with satisfaction as he exploded in Helen's mouth, forcing her to 
swallow his warm semen as she gagged and coughed. He thrust his groin 
forward, pulling her head against him so she couldn't move while he was 
cumming. Helen could taste her own shit on the cock, and she almost vomited 
as she tried to swallow his load. The sperm tasted foul, like a dirty 
toilet, and Helen's stomach spasmed as she tried to swallow it.
Finally he finished, and pulled out of her mouth. Helen could see her own 
blood on the cock, mixed with the strings of sperm and little pieces of her 
shit, and her stomach jerked again. "Clean it, slut." The man stuck his cock 
back in Helen's mouth, and she licked the shit and blood and semen off, 
swallowing the scummy mess as she cried quietly.
It was midnight, but the couple had bought Helen for the whole night. She 
got fucked five more times in the next three hours, then she was led into 
the bathroom and chained to the toilet, on her knees with her arms wrapped 
around the bowl. The woman wanted to give Helen a little more pain, so she 
forced a 12-inch dildo up Helen's damaged asshole, then ran straps around 
her hips so she couldn't expel it from her body.
Helen was left in the bathroom while the couple went back to the bedroom and 
made love twice, then fell asleep. In the morning, instead of using the 
toilet, they used Helen's mouth as a urinal, and left her chained there on 
the floor while they had breakfast in the dining room. They finally released 
Helen at noon, shoving her out into the hall just as she had arrived -- 
completely naked, just wearing her 6-inch high heels.
As a final humiliation, they had paid Helen in $1 bills -- 115 of them -- 
but had rolled up the money and inserted it in her cunt, so she had to walk 
back to her room with the big wad of bills moving around inside her wet 
vagina. Then she had to stick her fingers in her pussy and pull the bills 
out. They were soaked with semen and vaginal juices, and she found a note 
wrapped around the money: "You're a stupid little whore."
Chapter 5: Laurel (Part 1)
Laurel, Helen's 15-year-old daughter, was bought by two older men. She had 
been told to come to their room at 6 PM, completely naked except for two 
items they gave her to wear: a leather slave collar around her neck, and red 
ankle strap pumps with 6-inch heels on her feet. She was embarrassed to have 
to walk through the hallways without any clothes on, and she covered her 
breasts and her pussy with her hands, but all the guests and the staff knew 
what she was doing: going to a room to service whoever had paid for her.
She kept stumbling in the high heels -- she could barely keep her balance, 
the heels were so high. She couldn't take them off because they had small 
padlocks on the ankle straps, and the men had told her to lock them before 
she went to the room. They had given her size 5 shoes, and Laurel needed 
size 6, so she had to force her feet into the shoes. Every step was painful, 
and she kept stumbling because the shoes were very long and narrowed to a 
point in front.
Her small feet were almost entirely exposed -- the ankle straps just had a 
very thin strip of leather that ran down the back of her heel, and the front 
of the shoe barely covered her toes. The shoes stuck out five inches past 
her toes, and it was hard to take a step without tripping.
Laurel fell down twice as she tried to walk to the room, and each time 
nobody helped her -- they just watched as she tried to get up and regain her 
balance on the extremely high heels. Finally she made it to the door, and 
knocked. She held her arms at her sides, so her customers could see 
everything she had to offer.
* * *
The door opened a little, but the security chain was on. A man looked 
through the opening at her, but he didn't say anything. He moved his eyes 
over her naked body, from her head to her feet and back again, and Laurel 
moved her arms to cover her breasts and her pussy.
Laurel didn't know what to say. Was this the wrong room? Her face reddened 
as she looked at the room number on the door, but it was the right room. She 
shifted nervously in her high heels. There were other guests and staff 
walking by the room, and she knew they could all see her bare body. Some of 
them laughed as they went by, making her blush with embarrassment. "Can I 
come in?"
"Who are you?" The man was looking at her legs, and she moved her hand 
tighter between her legs, covering her cunt.
"I'm Laurel, I'm the girl you wanted for tonight." She smiled nervously, but 
the man just kept looking at her. She knew this was the right room, so she 
slowly moved her arms to her sides, exposing herself completely, showing him 
everything she had. She leaned forward, expecting the door to open, but he 
just kept standing there, looking at her. He grinned a little.
"Well, show me what you've got for me, angel." He looked at her breasts, and 
she could feel her nipples stiffen a little. She wasn't sure what to do, so 
she lifted her hands and cupped her breasts, offering them to him, trying to 
smile like a whore as she licked her lips. "Can I come in now?"
"Play with your nipples." He grinned as he watched her. Laurel could hear 
people walking by in the hall behind her, and she was blushing from the 
embarrassment of standing there naked in the hallway. She moved her 
fingertips over her nipples, and felt them harden even more. "Please let me 
come in, I'll do anything for you, just please let me in."
* * *
The man unchained the door and opened it, and Laurel stepped into the room. 
There was another man, sitting on the sofa, and a big dog was on the carpet 
at his feet. In one corner was some kind of stand made of wood, with 
crossbars and metal fittings. Laurel had never seen anything like it, and 
she had no idea what it was for.
The man on the sofa got up. "Hi, Laurel, I'm Ron and this is Ted." He 
gestured at the dog on the floor. "And this big guy is Buster." Laurel 
smiled and leaned down to pat Buster on his head. He was a German Shepherd, 
bigger than any she had ever seen. He moved his head against her hand as she 
patted him.
Ted closed the door and told Laurel to stand up. As she did, he slapped her 
so hard that she fell down on the carpet, her cheek stinging and her eyes 
tearing up. She looked up at him, not understanding why he hit her, and he 
pulled back one foot and kicked her in the stomach. Laurel grunted with 
pain, and her body curled up as she held her stomach.
Ted lifted the girl to her feet and walked her over to the sofa and pushed 
her down on it. She was crying and her stomach was knotted up with pain and 
confusion. "Laurel, I want to tell you what's going to happen to you 
tonight. I want you to listen to what I tell you, OK?" She nodded at him.
"Ron and I like to hurt girls, and we're going to hurt you a lot before 
we're done with you. You have to remember that you're nothing but a stupid 
little whore. Why else do you think your mother would send you down here to 
see us? She knows you're a whore, and she's making a lot of money tonight by 
selling you to us.
"Did you know we paid extra so we could deflower you? We know you're a 
virgin, but you won't be when we finish with you. We're going to stick 
things in all your little holes, not just your cunt. Everything we do to you 
is going to hurt you. Every time you get hurt, I want you to remember that 
you're a stupid whore, and this is what happens to stupid whores."
* * *
Laurel started crying again while Ted was talking to her. She knew her mom 
wouldn't let her get hurt, and she was scared of these men. She tried to get 
up from the sofa and run over to the door, but her high heels slipped out 
from under her and she fell on the carpet. Ted picked her up and carried her 
back to the sofa. She looked up at him angrily. "My mom wouldn't let you do 
anything to hurt me. You better let me go right now."
Ted grinned and picked up the phone. "Manager's office, please." When Helen 
answered, he handed the phone to Laurel. "Your mother wants to talk to you."
Laurel took the phone. "Mom, these men said they want to hurt me, they're 
not nice to me, and they already hit me. Make them leave me alone!"
Her mom's voice was in her ear: "Laurel, you know we have a big mortgage to 
pay on this property. All you kids said you would help, and you've been 
doing a great job so far. I'm sure these men are very nice, and they 
probably just like to say things to frighten you. Now you do what they tell 
you and I'll see you later." Laurel started to say something more, but her 
mom had already hung up. She slowly put the phone back on its stand. What 
was she going to do now?
"Did your mother explain it all to you, angel?" Ron had walked over to her. 
She looked up at him, and he grabbed a handful of her long red hair and 
lifted her until she was standing up. Laurel yowled in pain, and the man 
punched her in the stomach. He was still holding her by her hair, and she 
went limp but didn't fall down. He carried her over to the wooden stand in 
the corner.
He lifted Laurel's arms and cuffed her wrists to a metal bar over her head, 
then spread her legs and cuffed her ankles to the ends of a 36-inch spreader 
bar. He positioned a horizontal bar in front of her waist, forcing her to 
bend forward a little. She was coming to now, and she started to struggle, 
trying to get loose, but she was securely locked in place.
* * *
The men always tortured a girl before they fucked her, and they were going 
to use a riding crop and a whip on Laurel now, to soften her up and teach 
her how to be a good little submissive girl. They both enjoyed hearing a 
girl scream, and always got erections when the little bitch begged them to 
stop hurting her. They also loved to mark a girl, especially a girl with 
pale white skin like Laurel -- she would show bruises very nicely.
Ron picked up the riding crop, about two feet long and made of leather. He 
showed it to Laurel. "This will make beautiful red marks on your skin, 
angel." The crop whistled through the air as he swung it down hard on 
Laurel's beautiful round ass. She let out a short, agonized yelp, and tears 
of pain and anger burst out and ran down her cheeks.
He gave her four more strokes, making her scream every time, and leaving 
long red welts across the pale white skin of her buttocks. Then he switched 
to her back, giving her five strokes that made her whole body quiver with 
pain. The welts looked exciting on her milky white skin, and Ron felt his 
cock getting hard as he looked at her.
Ted stood in front of Laurel with a thin, flexible switch made of metal. Her 
breasts were hanging out as she leaned forward, and Ted moved the switch 
slowly across her tits. She felt her nipples stiffen involuntarily as the 
cold metal brushed across them. She looked up at him, begging with her eyes, 
and he grinned as he hit her with the switch. It landed across the top of 
her breasts.
Laurel screamed, and Ron forced her mouth open and stuffed something inside. 
"That's your own bra, angel. We broke into your room and took it out of your 
dresser. It's your purple lace bra, and we prepared it specially for you -- 
we both masturbated on it. Can you taste our cum?" Laurel tried to spit out 
the bra, but it was wedged too tight in her mouth.
She could taste their sticky semen on the bra. Her mouth was wide open, and 
Ron pushed the bra in a little deeper, making her gag as it almost went down 
her throat. "You like the taste of our sperm, angel?" He laughed as he poked 
his in her mouth, making her gag again.
* * *
Ted whipped Laurel's breasts for half an hour, while Ron used the riding 
crop on her back, her ass, and her legs. They went slowly, giving her plenty 
of time to scream after each stroke, before they hit her again. The switch 
and the riding crop didn't make her bleed -- they just raised welts that 
were red and painful, and would last for several days.
When they finished whipping her, they released her arms and legs and took 
her bra out of her mouth, and told her to climb up on the desk in the room. 
Laurel winced as she moved to the desk -- every little movement hurt. Her 
high heels kept slipping on the desktop, but finally she was standing on top 
of the desk. Ron put a bowl on the desk between her legs, and told Laurel to 
squat over it.
"Piss in the bowl, angel." Laurel's face reddened with embarrassment, but 
she slowly squatted down with her pussy over the bowl. She had to be careful 
not to lose her balance in the 6-inch heels. Her feet were bent sharply and 
painfully, and just standing up was hard for her -- but squatting made every 
muscle in her legs and ankles burn with pain. Her legs were trembling with 
the effort as she got her slit down near the bowl.
She strained, trying to piss, but she didn't really need to go, and nothing 
happened. Ron picked up the riding crop. "Want me to use this on you? Piss 
in the bowl, bitch." Laurel grunted, trying to force some piss out of her 
bladder, and suddenly she screamed as Ron gave her a hard stroke across her 
back with the riding crop.
The effort of screaming forced a little piss out of her, and it dripped down 
into the bowl. She grunted again, straining as hard as she could, and more 
urine leaked out of her slit and splashed into the bowl. When it stopped, 
she looked up at Ron with tears in her eyes. "That's all I can do, I'm 
sorry, please don't hit me again."
Ron moved the riding crop slowly down Laurel's arm, then brushed it across 
her breasts. He grinned at her. "You did a good job, angel. Now get down off 
the table." Laurel obeyed, and Ted put handcuffs on her wrists, the hooked 
the chain through a metal ring attached to the slave collar around her neck 
and locked it with a small padlock. Laurel's hands were forced up under her 
* * *
Ted told her to bend over the back of the sofa. He forced her legs apart, so 
the two holes between her legs were exposed and unprotected. He put cuffs on 
her ankles, and attached them to the ends of a 42-inch spreader bar, forcing 
her legs apart painfully. Most of her weight was on her legs, so she had to 
stand in the high heels, and the angle of the spreader bar locked to her 
ankles made her legs and ankles burn like fire.
Her virgin slit was smooth and straight, like a pencil line drawn between 
her legs -- not all flappy and ugly and hairy like older women. Ted ran his 
finger over her slit, making Laurel shiver. He touched her asshole, and ran 
his finger around the tight little hole as she quivered.
"We're not ready to fuck you yet. We're going to play with you, maybe whip 
you a little more and stick some things inside you -- and then we're going 
to take your cherry." He picked up an unsharpened wood pencil and touched 
the blunt end of it to Laurel's anus. "Let's see if you like this, angel."
He penetrated her asshole, and Laurel gasped -- she had never had anything 
inside her. She felt it moving through her rectum, then into her bowels as 
Ted pushed it further inside. Her mouth was hanging open as she breathed 
raggedly, each little movement of the pencil making her asshole twitch.
Only the eraser was visible now, sticking out of Laurel's tight little anus. 
Ted left it there while he ran his hands over the curve of her beautiful 
round ass, tweaking the pencil occasionally and making her gasp. He picked 
up the riding crop and used the handle to push the pencil inside her a 
little more, and Laurel whimpered.
"You like it in the ass, angel?" He forced a little more of the pencil 
inside her, until only the top of the eraser was showing in her anus, and 
Laurel gasped as her whole body quivered. "It's all inside you now, pussy. 
Try to force it out, like you were taking a shit. Push on it, push it out."
Laurel made herself strain, and the pencil moved out a little, making her 
shiver again -- she was having little orgasms. She strained again, and an 
inch of pencil emerged from her asshole, then a little more as she grunted 
and pushed more. But then Ted put his fingers on the pencil and shoved it 
back in hard, and Laurel screamed at the sudden sharp pain in her rectum.
"You have a nice little ass, angel." Ted caressed her beautiful ass, then 
gave her a hard stinging stroke with the riding crop. Laurel screamed, a 
short angry yelp that was cut off sharply as she gritted her teeth. She 
didn't want these men to know how much they were hurting her.
She knew they were just starting on her, and they had bought her for the 
whole night. She didn't want to think about what they were going to do to 
her, but she knew she was going to lose her virginity. She just hoped they 
wouldn't give her any permanent injuries -- she loved her milky white skin, 
and it was already marked with welts from the whippings she had been given. 
She would just have to do whatever they told her, and try to get it over as 
quick as she could.
Chapter 7: Laurel (Part 3)
The smile on Laurel's face changed instantly to a mask of pain as Ted 
suddenly attached clothespins to her erect nipples. She stared up at him, 
her eyes wide with surprise and hurt, and he pulled hard on the clothespins, 
elongating her nipples and tearing a scream of agony from her throat. He 
held onto the clothespins, prolonging the pain by twisting them and giving 
them little jerks, and Laurel squealed like a pig. Her scream became a low 
moan of anguish as her eyes closed tight and tears streamed down her cheeks. 
"No no no, oh please don't... it hurts..."
Ted grinned down at her. "It's supposed to hurt, pussy." He twisted the 
clothespins viciously, this time pushing them up into Laurel's soft breasts, 
and the girl yelped. Her whole body was quivering with the pain. She heard 
Ted's voice through a haze, like he was across the room. "This is what men 
do to whores like you, pussy. This is what you deserve -- you're a worthless 
little slut." He jabbed the clothespins into Laurel's breasts again, 
grinding them into her softness until she was whimpering. "Remember this, 
pussy: sex is only good when it hurts the girl. Say it for me... go ahead... 
tell me."
Laurel was gasping, barely able to breath, panting hoarsely after the wave 
of pain that shot through her breasts. She looked up at the man, hating him, 
but she knew she had to obey or he would hurt her more. "Sex is... sex is 
only good when it hurts... hurts the girl." As she finished, he jerked the 
clothespins, making her scream again. "That's a good little pussy."
* * *
Laurel had almost forgotten about the cock in her ass, but now Ron gripped 
her hips with both hands. "Tell me if you like this, bitch." He suddenly 
thrust savagely into her ass, driving his cock deep into her bowels, and 
held her hips tight against him as she screamed again. His cock stiffened at 
the sound, and she could feel him reaming her out, moving his cock inside 
her as the sounds of her agony made his penis harder. She gritted her teeth, 
trying not to make a sound, but he kept thrusting hard, and she couldn't 
stop the grunts of pain that he forced out of her.
Ted looked at Ron and grinned, and Ron nodded. There was something they 
liked to do while they were raping a girl, and Ron started it now by 
developing a regular rhythm of thrusting into Laurel's asshole, moving in 
and out like a piston, one stroke every couple of seconds. After Ron had his 
rhythm going, Ted put his fingers on the clothespins on Laurel's nipples, 
with his thumb and middle finger on opposite sides of the head of each 
clothespin as it gripped her breast.
With each stroke of Ron's cock in Laurel's rectum, Ted squeezed the 
clothespins, making them dig into the girl's sensitive nipples sharply. 
Laurel yelped the first few times they did this, her body spasming from the 
pain, then she started moaning, a low, hoarse sound punctuated with grunts 
of pain in rhythm with the torture Ted was inflicting on her nipples. It 
felt like her breasts were on fire. Each hard squeeze of the clothespins 
made her eyes water with pain, and snot was dripping out of her nose and 
running down into her open mouth.
She tried to speak, but could only make gurgling sounds in her throat. She 
tried again. "Please, oh god please stop, that hurts so much, why are you 
doing this to me?" Ron jerked her hips sharply against his groin, giving her 
a vicious thrust that made her scream horribly as the cock impaled her. Ted 
dug the clothespins into her nipples as hard as he could, and twisted them 
sharply as he put his mouth near her ear. "We already told you, pussy -- 
this is what we do to stupid little whores like you. We want you to remember 
us after we finish with you. Are you going to remember us, pussy?" He jerked 
her nipples down toward the floor sharply, and Laurel passed out from the 
* * *
Ron stopped moving his cock inside Laurel -- he didn't want to waste any 
strokes on an unconscious girl. Ted reached for an ammonia capsule and broke 
it open under Laurel's nose, and she coughed and shook her head as she tried 
to open her eyes. He put his hand under her chin and jerked her head up. 
"Are you back now, pussy?" Her face contorted as she remembered what was 
happening to her, and tears streamed down her cheeks. Ted ran his fingers 
over her cheeks, caressing her as he wiped up her tears. "OK, Ron, she's 
back -- you can start fucking her again."
The cock started to move again in Laurel's ass, and she let out a 
high-pitched wail as her eyes filled with tears of pain and frustration. She 
looked up at Ted, pleading, begging with her eyes, and he grinned at her. 
"Here, pussy, let me give you something else to think about." Her mouth was 
hanging open, and he held her by her ears as he inserted his cock. "Suck me, 
bitch, or I'll take one of your nipples and stuff it up your nose."
Laurel groaned miserably as she closed her lips around the cock and started 
to suck. She was drooling around the cock meat as Ted jerked her head back 
and forth, using her head to masturbate, jacking himself off in her mouth. 
He got into a rhythm with Ron, so both cocks were thrusting into Laurel at 
the same time. The only place where she WASN'T being fucked was her vagina 
-- her asshole and mouth were stuffed with cock, while a steady stream of 
clear sticky fluid leaked out of her empty twat and trickled down her bare 
legs into her high heels.
Ted pulled Laurel's head against his groin and thrust deep into her mouth, 
probing for the back of her throat, trying to make her gag on his big cock. 
He was bigger than Ron, and his 12-inch cock poked into Laurel's throat like 
a cork in a bottle. She coughed and gagged, and he pinched her nostrils 
closed so she couldn't breathe, and her body jerked wildly as she panicked. 
She thought he was going to suffocate her with his cock, and her eyes sprang 
wide open as she looked up at him. He grinned, giving her little thrusts, 
one hand on her throat so he could feel his cock moving inside her. He 
pulled back a little, and took his fingers off her nostrils, and Laurel's 
eyes closed as she got her breath. But then he started fucking her again, 
the tip of his cock poking into her throat with every thrust.
Ted didn't want to cum in Laurel's mouth -- he wanted to save his jism for 
her cunt or her ass -- so he pulled out of her mouth with a nice big 
erection and walked around behind her. Ron pulled out of her ass, and before 
Laurel could enjoy the heavenly relief of having the cock removed from her, 
Ted stuck his big dick up her ass, and she moaned in desperation. The head 
of his 12-inch cock was huge, and he used his fingers to force it into her 
rectum, tearing her anal ring as he plunged into her ass.
Laurel screamed as the sharp pain ripped her apart. Her whole body spasmed 
as Ted forced his cock inside her, filling her rectum and moving into her 
bowel. He didn't stop until his balls were buried in her pubic hair and her 
torn anal ring was stretched tight around the base of his cock. The pain in 
her sphincter was like a hot iron shoved up her ass, and Laurel yelped in 
agony as blood oozed out of her damaged anus. Ted pulled out a little, 
making her scream again, then he started screwing her slowly, enjoying the 
tightness of her asshole, loving how it gripped his cock like a rubber band.
* * *
A torn anal ring is really impossible to repair with surgery. It can be 
stitched up, but the damaged skin never expands and contracts properly after 
it gets torn -- so Laurel would never be able to shit right again. Ted had 
done this to a lot of other girls, and there was nothing like it -- knowing 
the stupid little whore would think about him every time she tried to take a 
shit for the rest of her life.
His cock stiffened inside Laurel's ass as he thought about this cute little 
bitch going on dates with her boyfriend, going to classes in college, going 
shopping at the supermarket -- then having to rush home so she could shit in 
her own toilet because she wouldn't want anyone else to know how she had 
been damaged. There would always be a lot of bleeding when she used the 
muscles around her asshole, and this would give her a psychological block as 
she strained on the toilet, trying to shit without losing too much blood. 
She would never be able to just wipe after she finished -- she would have to 
use a moist towelette or washcloth to clean herself.
With her anal ring damaged, there would always be a little leakage from her 
anus, and this would affect every aspect of her life. She wouldn't be able 
to wear white shorts without worrying about blood and feces staining them. 
She wouldn't be able to go to a party without wearing a sanitary napkin 
inserted between her ass cheeks, to soak up the blood and shit that would 
leak out of her anus as she moved. When she got her period, it would seem 
like she was menstruating out of both holes, and she would have to use a 
tampon in her vagina and a sanitary napkin in her ass.
Ted's cock stiffened as he thought of all this happening to Laurel, and he 
gave her a hard thrust, feeling the head of his cock grinding against the 
sides of her bowel as he impaled her. He held her hips and thrust into her 
savagely, increasing the speed of his fucking until he was screwing her like 
a bitch in heat. Ron had inserted his cock in Laurel's mouth now, so she was 
getting fucked in two places, and her cunt was still empty and useless 
between her legs as warm vaginal juices dripped down her thighs.
Ron reached down and removed all the clothespins from Laurel's breasts, and 
she sighed with relief as she looked up at him gratefully -- but he had only 
done it so he could hurt her another way. He picked up a needle, two inches 
long with a blue plastic tip, and while he held her left breast in place, he 
stuck the needle through her nipple. The piercing felt like a wasp sting on 
Laurel's sensitive nipple, and she screamed hoarsely. Ron pierced her right 
nipple the same way, drawing another agonized scream out of the girl's 
The sharp pain of each piercing made Laurel clench her ass cheeks 
involuntarily, tightening her torn anal ring around the base of Ted's cock 
and causing a little gush of blood to run out of her asshole. She could feel 
the cock throbbing inside her, and she knew it was too big for her. Tears of 
desperation ran down her cheeks as the second needle poked through her 
nipple and her ass gripped the cock, and suddenly she felt it twitching, and 
she knew he was going to cum.
Ted felt Laurel's body gripping his cock insistently, and he realized he had 
to cum. He had been fucking her ass for almost an hour, and this little 
bitch was so hot, he knew he couldn't wait any longer. But he needed to hurt 
her a little more before he dumped his load -- he wanted to give her some 
internal damage, so she would have to have an operation when he was finished 
with her. He reached around and put both hands above her pubic hair and 
pushed hard, and Laurel gasped as her pubic bone was forced back against her 
* * *
Ted had used this method to hurt a lot of other young girls, and it always 
worked. He would force the pubic bone back against the girl's colon while he 
was fucking her in the ass. The pubic bone pressed against the bowel, making 
it bend a little -- and when his cock pressed against the bowel at the point 
of the bend, he could puncture the girl's bowel with a nice hard thrust. 
This allowed feces to leak out of the girl's bowel into her body.
He never told the girl what he had done to her, and within a few days she 
would develop an infection so painful that she couldn't stand up. The 
surgery to repair her bowel left a permanent scar just above her pubic hair, 
to remind her what a worthless little whore she was. A few months after her 
surgery, when her wound had healed and she was trying to forget what 
happened to her, Ted would mail her a package of pictures of him screwing 
her, with his face and body obscured, and with a lot of closeups of her face 
as she was being raped. He sent the same package to her parents and some of 
her friends, so everyone would be able to see how much she loved getting 
fucked in her ass.
* * *
Laurel stiffened as a sharp pain ripped through her body, like a cramp, but 
much more painful. She gasped, then screamed raggedly as Ted shoved his cock 
up her ass again and again while he held her in front. His cock was so big, 
and he kept jabbing it deep into her bowels, and she was afraid she would 
get torn inside, but she had no idea what was really going on. The second 
time he thrust into her, Ted tore her colon, opening a small hole in the 
wall of her bowel -- but as he kept thrusting viciously into her tight 
little ass, his cock enlarged the tear, and she started to hemorrhage a 
Ted knew he had torn her inside, and he moved his hands to her hips as he 
started fucking her fast and hard, pulling her body against him with each 
stroke to get his cock deeper inside her. Ron slapped her across the face a 
few times, and the shock made her clench her ass cheeks, contracting her 
anus tightly around Ted's cock. Ron stuck his cock in her mouth and started 
fucking her as Ted got ready to cum.
Ted's big cock was throbbing as Laurel's asshole gripped it, and he couldn't 
hold back any longer. He gave her three fast strokes, as deep as he could, 
then grunted with raw animal satisfaction as his cock exploded in her bowel. 
Thick ropey sperm squirted out of his dick and filled her colon, some of it 
leaking out of the hole in her bowel as he kept thrusting into her. There 
was so much semen, it inflated Laurel's bowel so she felt like she needed to 
take a shit, and more jism leaked out of the hole in her colon.
Laurel was vaguely aware that her fucker had shot his load inside her, but 
the pain in her ass was so intense that she almost passed out again. Her 
mouth was hanging open, loosely gripping Ron's cock as he fucked her face, 
and she could feel Ted's cock moving in her rectum as he spewed more semen 
into her ass. He was thrusting hard, trying to get every drop of sperm out 
of his cock and into her body. His cock was still fully erect, and he could 
feel it twitching inside the girl as he gave her the last of his sperm.
* * *
Finally he pulled his cock out of her ass, and Laurel yelped as the head 
squeezed past her torn anal ring. She was bleeding down her thighs as Ted 
came around in front of her. Ron took his cock out of her mouth, and Ted 
brought his erection to her lips. "Clean it, pussy, lick all your juices off 
my dick." The cock was covered with his sperm, mixed with streaks of her 
blood and vaginal secretions, and Laurel didn't want it in her mouth after 
it came out of her asshole. She tried to shake her head, but Ted pried her 
mouth open and stuck his cock down her throat.
Laurel gagged on the cock meat, coughing hoarsely as it filled her mouth and 
her throat. Ted forced her head down on it, and she had to take it down her 
throat to keep from strangling on the cock. She tried to lick it, but it was 
so big, she couldn't move her tongue at all. He moved the cock in and out a 
little, allowing her to catch a gasping breath as she tried not to panic and 
choke on it. Her lips were buried in his pubic hair as he forced her head 
into his groin, and she tried again to lick the cock, getting a little sperm 
on her tongue. She tried to swallow it, but started to gag and cough again. 
"Swallow it, you stupid bitch." Ted gave her several quick thrusts, then 
pulled out a little, and Laurel swallowed a huge load of jism, her stomach 
heaving as she tried to avoid vomiting.
The smell of her own shit on the cock was awful, and it was mixed into the 
sperm and made it taste bitter -- it wasn't sweet and creamy like her 
brother's semen she had swallowed a lot of times. She knew her own blood was 
on the cock, little red streaks running through the semen, and it made her 
stomach lurch every time she tried to swallow it. More sperm was leaking out 
of the cock, and she kept sucking on it, trying to get all of the thick jism 
into her mouth so she could swallow it, but there was just so much of it. 
Her jaw was tired, but she knew she had to keep sucking and licking the cock 
or her fucker would hurt her again. She felt a small piece of shit slide 
down her throat, and her stomach heaved so hard that she had to really work 
to avoid vomiting up all the scummy mess that she had already swallowed.
Ted kept his slowly deflating cock in her mouth for ten minutes, then pulled 
it out and wiped it in her long auburn hair. "You're a great little fuck, 
angel, and we haven't even started on your cunt yet." Ron came around behind 
her, and Laurel realized he was going to deflower her pussy. She started 
crying as she realized that they weren't through using her body, and she 
cringed at the thought that she had been screwed in the ass but still had 
her virginity in her pussy. She couldn't imagine what they were going to do 
to her cunt, and she closed her eyes as Ron's fingers touched her slit.
Chapter 9: Laurel (Part 5)
The knot inside Laurel's pussy had finally subsided enough for the dog to 
pull it out, but a scream erupted from her throat as the dog jerked its cock 
out of her ravaged cunt. She was panting from the exhaustion of so many 
orgasms and the physical strain of having the knot inside her, knowing it 
could permanently damage her vagina. Her mouth was hanging open as she 
panted like a bitch, and dog sperm was dripping out of her pussy and pooling 
between her legs.
Laurel moved her knees a little, and winced with pain as she realized she 
had gotten some splinters from the rough wood of the platform. Her hands had 
some splinters, too, from gripping the edge of the platform as she was being 
fucked by the dog. But at least she had gotten through that awful 
experience, and now maybe the men would let her go.
Laurel didn't realize that Ron and Ted wanted to hurt her even more before 
they were through with her. The perforation in her colon was going to become 
infected within a few days, but the men wanted to give this little whore 
something more to remember them by.
Ron went into the bathroom and opened a plastic bag that he had filled that 
morning when he took the dog out for a walk. The bag was full of dog shit, 
and he held his breath as he stuck two of the 10-inch needles into the thick 
turds, getting dog feces all over the points and shafts of the needles.
He came out of the bathroom and went over to Laurel, still locked in place 
on her hands and knees on the platform, and reached under her to grip her 
left breast as it hung out. "Let's see if she likes these needles in her 
breasts again." Laurel twisted her body, trying to protect her breasts, but 
Ron pulled down on her nipple, then stuck the needle through the soft tissue 
of her breast near the base, mixing dog shit with her blood as the needle 
penetrated her tit. He did the same with the other needle, at right angles 
to the first one, then went back and got two more needles covered with dog 
feces and stuck them in her right breast. Laurel whimpered in pain and 
disgust as she gritted her teeth to keep from screaming.
The germs in the dog's shit would infect Laurel's breasts within a week, 
making them swell up as they filled with pus. Ron and Ted had done this to a 
lot of other young girls, and almost every girl ended up losing her breasts 
-- the doctors had to perform a double mastectomy to keep the infection from 
spreading. A few of the girls got to keep their breasts, but they were 
covered with permanent scars where the infected tissue had to be cut away. 
Either way, the girl ended up looking like an ugly little whore for the rest 
of her life.
* * *
Now it was time for Ron and Ted to fuck Laurel's cunt. She had been 
deflowered by the dog, degraded and humiliated by having her first 
intercourse take place with a dog's cock in her vagina, and now it was time 
to show her what a man's cock could do to her. And it was a good chance for 
the men to inflict one more debasement on Laurel's beautiful body, to hurt 
her from the inside.
Ron stood behind the girl and took out his cock, already stiff and ready -- 
but instead of sticking it up her twat, he penetrated her bleeding asshole. 
Laurel yelped with pain as her torn anal ring was stretched by Ron's 10-inch 
cock. He gave her a few slow strokes, then pulled out of her anus -- his 
cock covered with her shit and her blood -- and penetrated her vagina. 
Laurel gasped from the pain of a cock in her pussy so soon after the dog 
finished fucking her, but as Ron started screwing her, she started to enjoy 
the feeling of so much cock inside her. But he gave her only a few strokes 
before he pulled out of her cunt and once again impaled her anus with his 
big cock.
Each time he pulled out of her anus, a little gush of blood and shit ran out 
and dripped down Laurel's thighs. She hated the pain of being ass-fucked, 
but she was such a little hottie, she was really loving the cock in her 
pussy. It was bigger than the dog's cock, and Laurel had a dreamy smile on 
her face each time she was penetrated in her cunt.
Ron fucked Laurel for more than an hour, alternating between her asshole and 
her vagina, and every time he penetrated her cunt, he left more of her shit 
inside her. When he was finally ready to cum, he dumped his load in her 
pussy, his thick sperm mixing with the blood and shit and dog semen already 
inside her. Then he came around in front of Laurel, holding his scummy cock 
in his hand. The girl looked up, and a grimace crossed her face as she 
realized he wanted her to clean his cock. She could see her own shit on the 
cock, and her own blood, and she was nauseated at the thought of taking it 
in her mouth. She looked up at him, pleading, begging with her eyes. "Please 
don't make me suck it, haven't you done enough to me already?"
Ron grabbed a handful of Laurel's hair and jerked her head up as far as he 
could. The chain through her slave collar was still attached to the metal 
ring in the platform, but he jerked her head up so he could see her face. 
"You stupid whore, what else is your slutty little mouth for?" He wiped his 
cock all over her face, leaving trails of sperm and feces on her cheeks, 
then he forced her mouth open and started face-fucking her. "Clean your shit 
off my cock, bitch." Laurel had tears of disgust in her eyes as she licked 
and sucked the big cock. When she tried to swallow, her stomach heaved and 
she thought she was going to vomit, but she knew he would make her eat the 
vomit, so somehow she was able to swallow the horrible mess. She could smell 
her own shit on the cock, and it tasted like a dirty toilet.
Finally Laurel finished cleaning the cock, and Ron slowly pulled it out of 
her mouth. He still had an erection, and he waited for it to subside 
slightly before he performed one final humiliation on this worthless little 
slut -- still holding her by her hair, he started pissing on her face. He 
aimed at her eyes, and caught her by surprise, with her eyes wide open. She 
sputtered as the warm urine hit her in the eyes, making them water as she 
tried to blink. She closed her eyes tight, and Ron jerked her head up 
roughly. "Eyes open, bitch, or I'll let the dog fuck you again." Laurel was 
sobbing as she tried to open her eyes, and Ron gave her another heavy stream 
of urine that splashed off her forehead into her eyes, and ran down over her 
lips and leaked into her open mouth.
When he finished using her as a toilet, Ron wiped his cock in her hair. 
"You're a worthless little whore, but you're a good fuck." He reached down 
and started pulling the needles out of Laurel's breasts, leaving the dog 
feces in the soft tissues to cause an infection later.
After Ron finished with Laurel, Ted stuck his 12-inch cock up her ass, to 
get it all covered with her shit, then he screwed her like Ron had done, 
alternating between her asshole and her cunt. The little whore loved it, her 
mouth hanging open as she had one orgasm after another while Ted's cock was 
in her pussy. After he screwed her for an hour, he dumped his load in her 
pussy, his throbbing cock spurting so much semen that some of it leaked out 
and ran down Laurel's thighs. He came around and urinated in her face, and 
told her she was nothing but a stupid little bitch.
* * *
The soft, wet tissues inside a girl's vagina are prone to infections, and 
the filth from the shit inside her pussy meant that Laurel would develop a 
painful infection of her genitals within a week. Bacterial vaginosis would 
cause heavy itching, burning, and irritation of her vagina, along with 
painful urination and a thick, cottage cheese-like vaginal discharge that 
smells like dead fish. She would have severe pains in her lower abdomen, and 
cramps would make it difficult for her to even stand up.
This would lead to swelling and inflammation of her vagina, small pustules 
on her vaginal walls, and a soreness that would make every movement painful. 
The reason both men dumped their cum in her vagina -- besides enjoying her 
tight little cunt -- was that the sperm would move toward her cervix and 
work their way into her womb. As they moved, the sperm would carry the germs 
from her shit deep inside Laurel's genitals, spreading the infection and 
causing more pain.
If the infection spread to Laurel's womb, there was a good chance it would 
also infect her ovaries -- and this is what Ron and Ted were really hoping 
for. If her ovaries and fallopian tubes got infected along with her womb, 
she would have to have a complete hysterectomy -- her womb, ovaries, and 
fallopian tubes would have to be removed. This would destroy her ability to 
have children -- and destroy her womanhood. Her beautiful body would look 
great on the outside, but inside she would be empty and useless and 
When they ruined girls this way, Ron and Ted always kept track of what 
happened to them -- and most of them ended up as street whores, giving 
blowjobs for $5 in doorways or bending over a trashcan in an alley while 20 
men took turns fucking them for $5 each, then beating them up and leaving 
them bleeding in the alley. As they got more desperate, these girls would do 
anything for a few dollars. Ron had seen one girl strip herself naked at a 
sex party and spread her legs so a man could rape her with a hot soldering 
iron. Another girl at the same party stripped naked and bent over, with her 
hands on her ankles, while a man forced a beer bottle all the way inside her 
asshole, so only the base of the bottle was showing -- and then he hit the 
bottle with a hammer, and it broke inside the girl's rectum. Both of these 
girls survived -- but the first girl will never be able to have sex again, 
and the second girl will be wearing a colostomy bag for the rest of her 
* * *
Ron and Ted released Laurel from the cuffs, and she tried to stand up, but 
she fell to the floor, grunting in pain as the splinters in her knees and 
hands were driven deeper under her skin. The men just stood and watched her, 
laughing as the little whore tried to stand up in her 6-inch high heels, 
still locked onto her feet with padlocks. Finally Laurel made it, teetering 
on her high heels, with blood and semen dripping down her legs from her 
pussy and her asshole.
"You're a great fuck, pussy -- let's do it again tomorrow?" Laurel winced in 
pain as she tried to walk toward the door, and then she tripped on the 
carpet and fell down again, screaming as the splinters tore into her soft 
skin. A little gush of blood ran out of her anus and seeped into the carpet 
between her legs.
"Hey, cunt, don't forget your money." Ted showed her two rolls of bills. The 
men had bought all of her services, and with the extra charge for 
deflowering her, the total was $850. Ted had gotten all $1 bills -- 850 of 
them -- and split them into two wads, each rolled up tightly with rubber 
bands. "Come over here and take your money, pussy."
Laurel groaned, but turned around and dragged herself back to the men, 
barely able to stand up in her heels. Ted grinned at her, then stuck his 
hand between her legs and forced one of the wads of bills into Laurel's 
vagina, making her scream in pain. He shoved it far up inside her pussy, 
then turned her around and stuffed the other wad into her bleeding asshole. 
Laurel's whole body stiffened with pain as her damaged anal ring was torn a 
little more.
Ted wanted both wads of bills deeper inside Laurel than he could reach with 
his fingers, so he picked up a hammer and, gripping it by its head, used the 
handle to force the money deeper into Laurel's ravaged asshole. Then, 
without cleaning her shit off the handle, he forced it up her snatch and 
shoved that wad of bills up against her cervix, making Laurel yelp with pain 
and anger.
He left the hammer in the girl's contorted vagina, with the cold metal 
touching her pussy lips and her clit. She had to remove it herself, making 
little grunting sounds as she slowly pulled the hammer out of her cunt. "Get 
out of her, pussy, go see if you can get anybody else to fuck you."
Laurel was crying as she stumbled toward the door, but Ron grabbed her 
shoulder and twirled her around. "No, not that door, pussy, you use the 
other door." He dragged her over to the patio door as Ted opened it, and 
shoved her out onto the patio. By now it was morning, and there were guests 
all around who saw the naked girl stumble and fall onto the brick floor of 
the patio. Laurel got up slowly, trying to cover her nakedness as she 
staggered through the bushes into the parking lot.
* * *
Laurel kept teetering on the 6-inch heels, trying to cover her breasts and 
her pussy as she moved slowly toward her room. It was all the way around on 
the other side of the inn, and people kept pointing at her and laughing as 
she struggled to keep her balance. Finally she fell down in the parking lot, 
hurting her breasts as she fell on the asphalt, and just sat there and 
cried. Two men came over to her, and she looked up at them, hoping they 
would help her. A small crowd had gathered around her, and she looked up at 
the people, begging with her eyes, but then the two men unzipped their pants 
and took out their cocks. Laurel collapsed in sobs as they started urinating 
on her, the hot piss splashing in her eyes and all over her face.
When they finished, three more men decided to use Laurel as a toilet, 
pissing all over her body as she cowered on the ground. They wiped their 
dripping cocks in her long auburn hair, then told her she was nothing but a 
slutty little whore. As she tried to stand up, one of the men punched her in 
the stomach, dropping her back on the ground in a puddle of warm urine.
Finally Laurel made it back to her room, but her agony was just beginning. 
She developed several severe infections, and within a month she lost her 
breasts when the soft tissues became overrun with bacteria. She also lost 
her womb and her ovaries, so she would never be able to have children. 
During the operation to remove her ovaries, the surgeon's knife slipped, and 
Laurel's clitoris was cut off at the base, making it impossible for her to 
ever have orgasms. But she still had her cunt, and she became a street 
prostitute, doing gang bangs and hard anal sex that other girls wouldn't 
even think about.