Aunt Meg
I confess to being fascinated by toilet sex.  As a kid, at night
lying awake in bed, I'd to listen to my mother and sisters
pissing and shitting; my room being next to the toilet.  When I
first started masturbating, somehow those special sounds drove
some bizarre fantasies.  Wasn't long before I started sniffing
their used panties, wearing them and much more besides. I was
hooked, I had a passion for a seriously soiled panty crutch along
with the thought of piss and shit.  Later on in life, I never put
any of my desires into practice with my girlfriends or wife, but
over the years I collected magazines and more recently pics from
the internet featuring piss and shit play.  Little did I know I
would one day actually be able to revel in all the piss and shit
I ever could want or imagine.
My Aunt Ann is 65, but looks much younger.  Always impeccably
dressed, she's a lady of real style.  As for me, well I'm Alex,
39 and a civil engineer; a job that takes you places.  Normally,
the company pays for temporary digs, but as I was recently
divorced, it had been Aunt Ann who'd suggested that I come and
stay with her while I was involved with the bridge project given
her house was nearby. I accepted and it was a decision I'd never
No matter what the day or the time, Aunt Ann looks really
stunning.  I enjoy just looking at her.  Still slender and
beautifully proportioned, she has great legs and a small bust. No
pants/trousers worn, always a skirt and blouse or a dress (with
hems that never really concealed her stocking tops) and high
heels.  Constantly the picture of elegance and sophistication and
you would never think butter melts in her mouth. 
Although we'd kept in touch by phone, letter and more latterly
email, we'd not seen each other in years, yet when we met up
again it was obvious there was chemistry, but nothing happened
(except in my masturbatory fantasies) until the day she caught me
going through her dirty laundry.  There I was on my knees in her
bedroom playing with my erection and a pair of her soiled panties
at my nose.  Fuck!  I'd hadn't heard her return home.
'Alan!  What ARE you doing?!' she demanded to know.
I spluttered some incoherent reply, stuffing the offending
panties back in the washing basket while trying to hide my very
erect dick. 
She didn't get mad or even appear angry. Instead she looked at me
with a knowing smile.  'You're a very naughty boy!  So, you like
my soiled panties do you?'
'Y..yes,' I stammered. No point in denying the obvious. Red in
the face, I continued.  'Look I'm sorry, this is really
'How soiled do you like them to be?  Hmm?  Only I had to go to
the toilet while I was out shopping today.  Had to evacuate my
bowels in an awful public toilet that only had that hard toilet
paper, so I'm sure there are going to be some interesting stains
in my panties today. Would like to check for me?'
I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  Was this some kind of
trick question? Never look gift horses in the mouth.  'Yes Aunt
Meg, I would love to see how soiled your panties are.'
She slowly began to raise her skirt, higher and higher and for
the first time I got to see her stocking tops properly, stretched
taught across her shapely thighs. Then her panties came into full
view, little black ones with a white gusset.  Sticking her thumbs
in at their sides, she slowly lowered them to the mid point of
her thighs so revealing her bushy pubic hair.
'Come little nephew of mine, if the thought of seriously soiled
panties excites you, come and sniff these!'
'There...while they are still around your legs?'
Yes, right here.  Don't be shy.'
I shuffled across the floor on my knees until I was kneeling
before her.  I looked up and she looked down at me.   
'Put your nose into the crotch Alex.'
I turned my attention to her panties.  She parted her legs a
little and I could see the brown stains on the white gusset.  My
cock was hard in a second and without further encouragement, I
buried my nose in the material and unashamedly savoured my aunt's
most intimate bodily scents. 
After what seemed like an eternity in heaven, Aunt Meg gently
pulled me away and, without removing her stilettos, stepped out
of her panties, then clasped my face to her pussy.  Only then did
I realise how excited she was by what had happened. 
Instinctively my tongue burrowed between the lips of her pussy
and boy, was she wet.
'Now I want you to lick my asshole dear nephew.  Let's see what
you're really made of!'
She turned around and leaning with her hands against the chest of
drawers, presented her full and beautiful backside.  Kneeling
behind her I smothered her flesh with kisses.  But she definitely
wanted more, pulling her cheeks to fully expose her rosette. I
could smell as well as see that she had not wiped herself
properly.  Tiny pieces of dark brown shit peppered her anal
opening.   I moved my head forward and gently circled her asshole
with my tongue.  The flavour of her bodily excretions immediately
exploded on my taste buds and she moaned in obvious delight. 
Gaining confidence, my tongue probed deeper, pushing inside her
gammy hole.  I discovered a thick brown goo and licked at it
eagerly.  Again and again, surfacing only to catch my breath, I
dug as deep as I could in her asshole, licking and sucking every
last morsel of the remnants of her bitter tasting, foul smelling
shit.  And every time I probed, so she moaned in delight and
The filth congealed with my saliva.  I could not believe what was
happening.  Here I was cleaning my Aunt's asshole with my tongue
and it seemed we were BOTH loving every minute of the experience.
Then to my utter astonishment, she finally moved away and slid
onto the bed. 
'You like the taste of my shit don't you? Come, lie beside me, I
want to kiss you and taste it myself!' she purred with a wicked
smile.  Slipping hurriedly out of my clothes, I joined her on the
bed and she practically leapt upon me, forcing her mouth onto
mine as we engaged in a deep French kiss, her tongue exploring my
mouth and sucking out the shitty goo. 
In almost a mad frenzy I climbed onto her and pushed my manhood
deep inside her soaking pussy.  We were both so aroused, we came
in seconds.  And so, my journey into the reality of toilet sex
had begun. 
The next day I came home and found Auntie Meg in the kitchen. 
There was no stopping us.  We embraced and kissed like old
lovers.  She pressed herself against my hardness before lifting
her skirt and pulling off her sheer nylon panties and pressing
them against my nose.  They were soaked in her piss.  Then she
totally surprised me by kissing me through them. Our tongues met
either side of the sheer nylon and the slightly salty liquid
assailed our taste buds.
' you like the taste of my piss too?'
'Oh God yesssss!' I replied. 'I want to drink you!'
'Then you shall.  Strip and lie on the floor! And hurry, I'm
I did as she requested and hurriedly.  Lying stark naked I
eagerly awaited my treat of a lifetime.  She stood over my head,
lingering for as moment, letting me look up her skirt.  Then she
slowly lowered herself so she squatted over my mouth.  I heard
her grunt, first came a dribble, then a stream of hot pee flowed
from her pussy, immediately filling my mouth.  I gulped down as
much of her sweet nectre as I could. As the stream became just a
trickle, she let out a loud fart. 
I couldn't resist.  My tongue licked at the little brown rosette.
Taking my cue, Aunt Meg lowered herself fully onto my face,
smothering me with her ass.  I pushed my tongue deep into her
little hole and once more tasted her acrid shit. She had taken a
shit earlier in the day, but had not bothered to wipe herself at
all this time!  Another fart came, but I didn't shy away and I
knew I had passed some kind of test and it excited me beyond
belief.  As before, we made love, this time on the kitchen floor,
she kissing me deep on the mouth to find the taste of her own
It was the weekend when my really special treat came. It would
become a sight I'd never tire of...the start of a fat turd
emerging from my aunt's crinkled rosette.  It had begun with her
sitting over my face.  I lay prone and vulnerable on the floor as
she stood over me, letting me see under the hem of her lace slip.
 I could see her stocking tops, the expanse of white thigh beyond
and in the darkness, knew her pussy was as damp as I was hard. I
had expected a stream of piss as we had enjoyed earlier in the
week.  She knelt over me, bringing her pussy close to my face.  I
could smell her musky feminine scent.  She was so wet, a thick
glob of goo dribbled from her pussy, hanging in a strand from her
swollen love lips.  Then she farted, the smell intoxicating my
nostrils.  She pushed and I watched spell bound as, instead of a
stream of piss, her anus swelled in preparation to release its
load.. Then came the first sight of her hot, brown and sticky
shit.  The solid little turd slid from her anus and into my open
Auntie got up off of me and knelt beside me.  'Eat it all up,
like a good little boy.'
I chewed the foul mess as auntie used an index finger to push the
little morsels that had missed first time, into my mouth.  The
foul stench and bitter taste assaulted my senses, yet I
persevered and tried to swallow every little bit of her shit.  I
was so excited I nearly ejaculated there and then.
''My you were hungry...I think Auntie has some more chocolate
pudding for you.'  With the words whizzing in my brain still, she
crouched over me again.  She strained for a moment, then a far
larger and softer turd than the first slowly slid out of her dark
hole.  one inch, two inches, three...four...five.  I tried to
take it all into my mouth, but couldn't.  I tried to chew it, but
the gooey consistency seemed to prevent me from swallowing it
while the other part of it obscenely stuck half out of my mouth.
Auntie stood up and looked down at me with a wicked smile. 
Turning, she proceeded to lower herself onto my face and using
her ass/pussy, smeared the remaining shit all over my face.  It
went in my eyes, up my nose...The it came, a stream of her golden
piss straight into my open mouth..  Her golden urine helped
lubricate the foul morsel in my mouth and I was finally able to
swallow it all.  
Slowly she began to rock to and fro on my face.  I could hardly
breath, but it didn't matter as I was in seventh heaven.  Her
movements became more urgent, she was fucking my shit smeared
face with her pussy, pressing her swollen clit onto my nose.  As
I struggled for breath under her, so she seemed to become more
and more excited.  She moaned softly as she slid her pussy on my
face...then her orgasm exploded.  I felt her entire body shudder
as wave after wave of pleasure shot through her every fibre.  I
didn't need her or me to touch my cock...I involuntarily spurted
my cum, white hot sperm shooting into the air and all over my
It was after this exquisite moment that Auntie Meg informed me
this was going to be a daily occurrence.  From now on I was going
to be her personal toilet.  But I felt the tables were turning,
if ever so slightly, this was not a partnership of equals, she
was taking the upper hand. 
And so it was, I would come back to her house from work and she
would be waiting for me to perform my wonderful toilet duties. 
Then one Saturday morning as I made my way to the bathroom, she
had a special request. 'I want to see you shit for me Alex...'
Strange as it may seem to the dedicated shit fan, doing this had
never occurred to me.  In fact the idea didn't appeal at all, but
I was eager to please and her timing impeccable, as I needed to
shit badly.  Consuming my Aunt's bowel movements seemed to ensure
mine were very regular!
'Not here she said, in the kitchen.'
She led the way.  I admired ass as I always admired it, its
slinky movement as she walked slowly in her five inch heels. 
Even at this time of the morning she looked superb.  Make-up
already done, a pair of fully fashioned nylons hugging her legs,
a black all in one basque with lace trim and a sheer black
negligee.  I was hard by the time we reached the kitchen.  She
turned to me, slid my gown off and we kissed long and
passionately.  As we did, she played with my cock to ensure I was
fully aroused. 
'If you want to watch, I'm ready,' I said, blushing slightly. 
'I want to examine it in you first,' she said with that wicked
smile of hers.
'What...?'  I stammered.
Bend over the table for me,' she continued.
I did as she asked, feeling very exposed and vulnerable.  I heard
her pull on a pair of latex gloves. 
'You're not going to...'
She was.  With a jar of Vaseline, I felt her slowly lubricate my
asshole.  Then she pushed a single digit into me.  I winced as I
felt her finger go deeper and deeper.  Then her finger prodded my
shit itself.
'Mmm, you are full of to speak!' she laughed,
withdrawing her finger.  I winced once more, I'd only ever have a
qualified doctor do that to me before!  The white latex glove was
now smeared brown. 
'Lick it off for me Alex,' Auntie Meg said holding the offending
digit under my nose.  Eating her shit was one thing, tasting my
own...another.  I shuddered. 
'Go on Alex, be a good boy, clean my finger and taste your own
shit for Auntie.  The thought excites me!'
Reluctantly I did as she asked.  How could I refuse my toilet
queen?  So I sucked my own shit.  It tasted different from hers,
much more acrid.  But I was still hard as a rock down there and
her fingers toyed with my erection as I sucked the latex clean.
'Good boy, now I want you to squat and shit onto this plate while
I watch you!'
The intrusion into my ass had stimulated my desire to evacuate my
bowels and I was ready to let go.  I crouched over one of the
plain white plates from her best set and with little effort, let
a long turn fall onto the serving dish.  I looked up at her with
some embarrassment as it fell with a near silent thud onto the
'Mmm...a nice big one for Auntie!  Now you are going to eat it
all up for me!' she said in a manner that indicated I had no
choice.  She picked up the plate and put it onto the table,
laughing with her eyes at my look of astonishment.  I stood up as
she produced a pair of handcuffs.  Before I realised what she was
doing, my hands were secured behind my back.  There I was, stark
naked, restrained with my dick standing out proud in front of me.
 She caressed it lightly before finding a fork. 
Still caressing my balls, she dug the fork into the turd as if it
were a cream cake and with me standing before her, brought it to
my lips.  I felt myself shudder.  I felt myself wretch.  I felt
her long red fingernails clamp my balls so hard I yelped out
loud.  Mouth open, she spooned my shit into my mouth.  Eating her
shit had been a dream come true, eating my own was very
humiliating.  Yet here I was, dick hard as rock, actually
enjoying feeling humiliated.  I chewed my own shit without
Auntie stopped feeding me for a moment.  And slipping down her
panties, crouched, and pissed into a large glass. With greedy
eyes I watched her pee flow into the glass, I loved watching her
piss and shit.  'Here my sweet shit lover, a little present from
Auntie to help was your shit go down nice and easy.'
With her holding the glass to my mouth, I gulped down her piss,
which certainly made my methodical chewing and swallowing far
easier. Eat a bit, wash it down, eat a bit, wash it down...until
I had cleared the whole plate. 
'I think we need to vary your diet a little,' she said with a
smile.  'That's why I've asked for a little help.  She nodded in
the direction of the open doorway.  I turned my head and couldn't
believe who I saw.  My older sister looked at me with an
enigmatic smile.
'Yes darling, when you told me how your little perversion had
begun by listening to your sister piss and shit in the toilet
when you were young, I thought it might be nice for you both to
enjoy each other in totally complimentary roles.'
Turning to my sister she said, 'See, I told you he was a total
slave to shit.  He even eats his own, so I don't think he'll have
any trouble eating yours my dear.'


Part 02 :


Hi, my name is Alex and in part one of my story, I explained how
I at the age of 39, had become addicted to eating my 65 year old
Aunt's shit.  In effect I had gadually become her personal toilet
salve.  She had even forced me to eat my own defecation and it
was at this point, Aunt Meg introduced a new, yet strangely
exciting humiliation.  Unbeknown to me, as I had been forced to
consume my own filth, I had been secretly watched by Susan, my
own sister.  
Three years older than me, when we were both growing up, I had a
sexual crush on my sister.  A natural flirt if there ever was
one, she never hid her body from me when we went in and out of
each other's bedrooms which had an adjoining door.  We'd talk
while she was getting dressed to go out on a date and tell me
about how different boys had played with her tits or touched her
pussy and how it made her feel.  I loved watching her wander
around unabashed in her underwear, my little dick getting hard in
my trousers.  She knew exactly what she was doing and would then
tease me unmercifully.  I'd blush and run form the room, tears
streaming from my eyes, but I'd go back for more the next day,
having wanked myself silly in the night, fantasising over her
lithe and sexy teenage body.
Then the teasing game unexpectedly went up a notch.  Sometimes
when I was asleep my bedroom, late at night she would come in and
wake me to talk about her latest date.  Then she went a stage
further.  Knowing her body excited me she'd take my hand and
press it against her little tities.
'Do you like my body like other boys do Alex?' she'd ask.  'Let
me see...'
With this she'd slip her hand under the bedclothes and play with
my baby erection.  'Most of the boys I know have been
circumcised.  That's why I like your baby Dickie.  I like playing
with your foreskin little brother.  Bet it feels real good!'
It did feel good, even or perhaps more so because we both knew as
brother and sister that we shouldn't be doing this together.  But
it felt so good and was nothing in comparison to what we were
about to do.  
Susan had begun by playing with my cock under the bedclothes
before suddenly getting up and going to her own room, leaving me
to wank myself off.  However, one day she decided she wanted to
see me cum. 
'I know you make yourself cum when I leave you,' she said. I was
lying as usual in my bed and I turned away to hide my
embarrassment. 'It's OK, I know all boys make themselves cum
after they've touched me, but I've never actually seen a cock
shoot for real.'
I turned back and looked at her.  'So I want you to show me how a
boy ejaculates.  I'll let you touch my pussy if you'll let me
It was a trade off I couldn't resist.  I slowly pulled off the
bedcovers and allowed her to see me standing proud, so young was
I, there wasn't even the merest hint of fuzz there yet.  I let my
fingers slide between the outer lips of her pussy, she was
already soaking, a she in turn clasped my baby cock and slowly
played with my foreskin, rubbing it back and forth.  I'm sure my
fingering was as crude as her fumbling with my cock, but it
wasn't long before my breath became increasingly laboured and I
shot a stream of my cum high into the air. 
'Wow!' she said, suppressing a giggle before dipping her fingers
in the splashes of cum on my stomach and brining it to her lips
to taste.  'Mmm...sweet, little brother, sweet.'
With that she got up and left my room, but I know she played with
herself that night.  I could here her soft moans through the
slightly ajar door that joined our otherwise separate bedrooms. 
And I found myself getting hard again, not only from the thought
of her arousal, but also from the smell of her pussy juices on my
fingers.  So for a second time that night, and a third (!) I
ejaculated.  We would experiment sexually together even more in
the coming months, but it was the quest to find again this
delicious smell that led me into the wonderful world of panty
Getting home from school before anyone else, I'd rush upstairs
and rummage in the dirty wash bin in my mother's room, or in the
case of my sister, scour the floor for skimpy nylon panties
thrown down, soiled either with her cum after a heavy petting
session or from everyday wear, complete with piss and if I was
really lucky, shit stains too.  I would snuffle and sniff and
even lick the stains, wanking furiously until I spurted my cum.
I'll tell you another time what happened when I eventually got
caught by the domestic help who then reported me to my mother. 
However, it was my panty sniffing fetish that had helped me
realise my toilet sex fantasies with Aunt Meg. As I have already
explained, a lad whose bedroom was next to the family toilet, I
had listened to my sister and mother piss and shit which in time
excited me beyond belief.  The sounds of piss streaming hard into
the bowl from their pussies or the plop, plop of turd hitting
water as they shat, the grunts, the little echoing farts...all
would ensure my little willie became very stiff and fuelled a
myriad of filthy fantasies.
Now these were a reality.  If you remember dear reader, I was
standing, stark naked in my Aunt's kitchen, hands handcuffed
behind my back having just been spoon fed my own shit and totally
unbeknown to me, watched by Susan my sister.  The memories of how
she liked to play with my cock under the bedclothes all came
flooding back. 
She smiled knowingly and made her entrance.  Like Aunt Meg, she
wore spike, stiletto heels that clicked seductively on the
kitchen floor as she walked slowly towards me.   She wore a long
black lace trimmed see-thru negligee, bra, suspender belt and
matching panties as well as sheer, fully fashioned stockings.
Like all the women in my family, she was a looker and even after
all these years, I could still fancy her.  Today there was no
doubt about my desire for her...and her bodily excretions.
Susan stood in front of me and ran manicured, blood red nails
lightly along the length of my cock.  I shivered with excitement
as she slowly pulled back my foreskin to reveal my purple head
sodden with pre-cum.
'Remember how I used to play with your little baby cock Alex when
we were growing up?'  I nodded dumbly.  'Remember how I used to
let you touch my body and make you spurt?'  I nodded silently
again.  'Remember how I used to love to dig my nails into your
balls as you were coming?  And how you came to love the sensation
of pain with pleasure when I made you cum?'
Her hand now firmly clasped my balls before she dug her long
nails into the tender flesh.  I yelped loudly.
'You love it shit slut!  You deserve to have that pathetic little
organ punished for your filthy and perverted desires!' she
My Aunt Meg intervened.  That laxative I took last night seems to
be working,' she said with a wry smile.  To remind you reader,
that morning she had chosen to wear a pair of five inch
stilettos, fully fashioned nylons that hugged her legs, a black
all in one basque with lace trim and a sheer black negligee.  She
slipped off her flimsy black nylon see-thru panties and pulled
them over my head so that my nose was pressed against the gusset,
the two leg holes permitting me see what was about to happen
next.  I must have looked absurd, I certainly felt it, but I was
so aroused.  As I inhaled her exotic pussy perfumes, I watched
her take the large plastic bowl from the kitchen sink and place
it onto the floor before crouching over it in a very majestic
My sister and I watched with fascination as she let rip the huge
fart that proceeded what can only be described as a 'stream' of
excrement.  The laxative had done its work, seemingly
never-ending, light brown goo streamed into the bowl from her
anus.  The stench was appalling, but also oh so arousing.  My
sister had continued to play with my dick as we both watched this
performance by Aunt Meg.  Her own arousal and excitement was
conveyed through sharp clawing of my shaft and balls by her
nails.  I knew I was going to be expected to do something with
all this horrid shit, but as yet, knew not what.  I didn't have
to wait long to find out.
Aunt Meg finally stood up before leaning on the kitchen table,
her exposed buttocks projecting proudly in the air. 'Toilet paper
Alex!' she snapped briskly.  It was the cue for my tongue.  Susan
released the cuffs and with my hands free again, I knelt behind
Auntie.  I gingerly pulled apart her cheeks to reveal her anal
opening smeared with brown and very sticky goo.  I hesitated
momentarily, gagging slightly even though I was no shit novice
any more, but before I could have second thoughts, Susan pushed
my face against Aunt Meg's creamy buttocks and I felt the runny
shit smear on my face.  I licked.  And licked.  Progressively and
very thoroughly cleaning the filth with my eager tongue. 
My sister had found from God knows where, a little riding crop. 
She brought it down with a crack on my naked ass.  'Clean it
properly shit slut!  Stick your perverted little tongue inside
her.  RIGHT inside her!' she practically screamed.  'Clean Aunt
Meg right out!'
So when I had finished the exterior rim of her crack and anus, I
pushed my tongue into that secret place and dug as deep as I
could to clean her thoroughly inside too as Susan repeatedly
whacked my backside and my Aunt made little moaning noises of
delight until she's had enough.
'Who's a greedy little boy for Auntie's shit?' Aunt Meg said
finally pulling away from my soiled, but devoted tongue.  She
looked at me, then at the almost liquid shit in the bowl. 
'There's a lot of chocolate pudding to be eaten for breakfast
this morning isn't there?  I want you to be a good boy and eat it
all up for me,' she paused for effect, ' a very special way.
 Lie on the floor.'
As I went to lay down, so she dipped one of her shiny five inch
stiletto shoes into the putrid mess and rubbed it around a
little.  Then when the sole was thoroughly covered in brown goo,
so she brought it over my mouth.  'Lick my shoe clean shitslut.'
Pressing the toe of the shoe into my open mouth I began the task
of cleaning her diarrhoea  from the leather.  My sister, who
watched awe struck, had been stroking her pussy.  She now stuck
one of her shoes into the shit and as soon as I had finished
working my tongue on Aunt Meg's shoe, so I had to clean hers. 
And so it continued, both women alternating with a shoe for me to
lick clean.  My sister had also begun to smear the stuff all over
my balls and cock with her shoe. And by now my entire face was
also smeared with Aunt Meg's diarrhoea.   
Tiring of the game, Aunt Meg bent down and picked up the bowl. 
Before I realised what was happening from my prone position on
the floor, she slowly poured the remaining contents of the bowl
over my face, torso and cock.  I was now totally covered with the
putrid brown slime.
'Oh that's dirty,' my sister said rapidly fingering herself.
'Real Dirty.'  She then stood over my face and without warning
let a long hot flow of piss stream over my face. I gulped down as
much as I could.
'As we discussed earlier I think,' said Aunt Meg. ' I'll take the
face and you can ride the cock Susan.  It's time he fucked his
sister properly.'
My Aunt then slowly lowered herself over my face, until her pussy
smothered me.  Slowly she began to face fuck me, slithering over
my mouth, lips and nose using a cocktail of her own wetness
Susan's urine and the shit as lubrication.  As always, she
pressed the full weight of her body down onto my face as I
struggled for breath.  Then I felt Susan ease herself onto my
rock hard, shit-smeared cock.  Two different bodies were now
fucking me in two different places at the same time in an orgy of
anal slime. Both women were moaning in undiluted pleasure as each
used me to pleasure their shit smeared pussies. 
In reality, all of us were in such a state of arousal, it wasn't
long before our respective climaxes, but for me it felt like an
eternity in heaven and hell all at once.  Aunt Meg came first.  I
felt an increase in her rhythmic movements on my face.  By now I
was genuinely gasping for breath as I too built towards my
orgasm, but she effectively pinned my head to the floor, there
was no escape and I was on the verge of passing out.  Then she
gave an extra push on my face and I felt her shudder and she
cried out aloud before sliding of my face utterly exhausted.
Through eyes now sodden and stinging with liquid shit and piss, I
looked up at my sister as she pumped my cock.  'Don't you dare
shoot before I'm ready shit slut!' she screamed at me.  I tired
to hold back, but it was no good.  My body could no longer be
controlled and I simply ejaculated.  I twitched violently as
spasm after spasm sent hot white cum deep into my sister'spussy.
In a matter of seconds she too orgasmed with a loud cry. She sat
for a moment on my cock, eyes closed and a supreme look of bliss
on her face.  Then she slowly opened her eyes and looked down at
me with a cruel smile.  'What did I tell you?  Now I'm going to
make you pay for that little brother.'
Aunt Meg laughed. 'Don't worry, we've a long weekend ahead of us
darling.  This is just the start of our pleasures.  There'll be
plenty of time for you to think of your revenge!  In the
meantime, Alex had better get this place cleared up while you and
I get ourselves fixed and go out to do some shopping.'
Susan leant forward and gave me a long and lingering kiss on my
mouth before breaking away and said, 'Mmm...that was one hellva
of a fuck little brother.'
Too exhausted to do anything, I simply lay on the kitchen floor
in the pools of gooey shit , feeling horribly humiliated, but
equally, very happy.  Only after the front door had closed, did I
set about cleaning myself up and fixing the kitchen.  I completed
my task with an inner happiness previously unknown, whistling as
I did so.
Now, you must understand this was not a porn story, but real
life.  And in real life, life continues normally. By the time
Aunt Meg and Susan returned, I was dressed normally, the kitchen
was aired and spotless as we all proceeded to have lunch. We
talked as if nothing had happened between us only a few hours
earlier.  My sister was a nice as pie, we laughed and joked with
complete disregard for our incestuous couplings. It was only
fleetingly implied that there would be more surprises from these
two ladies for me in the course of the weekend.  I couldn't
imagine what, but they had obviously planned it all out and my
cock stirred at the thought.  How worse could our debauchery get?
 I was soon to find out.  Later that afternoon, my mother
arrived.  Apparently, she was going to stay the night.  -
Aunt Ann: Part three...cuming with more tales of adult incest and
shit.  Alex is given a very unusual 'cocktail' to drink by his
own mother and Aunt Meg explains how Alex is going to spend a
weeks vacation with Aunt Ann and her friends.


Part 03 :


Her finger wiggled deep in my ass.  I squirmed like a child would
and whimpered a little.  This was as much from the deed as it was
from knowing my Aunt and sister were looking on with undisguised
glee.  Here I was, a 39-year-old man lying naked across his
mother's knee having a deep rectal exam and with an appreciative
audience of two other and related women no less. I felt had never
felt more humiliated, but my cock was already very stiff though,
pressed against her stocking clad thighs which had been exposed
when she'd hitched up her skirt before taking me over her knees.
'Hmmm, nothing much in here to speak of,' Mother finally
pronounced.  She rapidly withdrew her finger from my anus and I
winced.  She looked up at Susan, 'He needs filling up.  Did you
bring the balls?
My Mother had arrived at 4pm that Saturday afternoon and was
staying the night.  It was positively surreal.  We all knew we
would not only be forming an erotic and incestuous coupling but
also a very perverted one later that evening, yet Aunt Meg, my
sister Susan, Mother and I all sat drinking tea in the living
room talking about anything but what was about to come.
Obviously, the three women had shared and practiced their
perverted desires before I came onto the scene, or at the very
least, had discussed them at length. There were some knowing
smiles exchanged as we all chatted about nothing and I certainly
felt the novice.
I remembered the time when I had last been over my Mother's knee.
As was my usual practice when living at home as a teenager, I'd
rush home from school and taking advantage of the fact that
nobody else was around, would go up to the dirty linen basket and
wank while sniffing my mother's or sister's nylon panties.  Then
the day came when I got caught red handed by the hired help, a
pretty young Mexican girl.
'Alex!  What are you doing you naughty boy?!' she had screamed
out loud, having walked quietly into my Mother's bedroom and
finding me mid-jerk with a heavily soiled crotch from a pair of
black lacy panties against my nose.  Of course I had tried to
make my excuses and fumbled with my trousers to hide my cock from
view, but it was all too late and she knew exactly what I was up
She slapped me across the face.  'You naughty little boy!  How
dare you touch your mother's things like that.  You filthy little
pig!' she screamed before slapping my face yet again.
'Please Maria, please don't tell Mommy!  She'll kill me...' I
practically sobbed.
'Why you no have sex with girl?  In my country boys your age fuck
girls not their mommy's panties!'
I began to cry.  My sexual experiences with girls had been
limited to my sister's incestuous advances. I confessed to being
too shy to date girls, let alone try and fuck them. 
Her demeanour softened a little.  'So you no fuck a girl?'
'Noooo,' I sobbed, still on my knees, my little cock half
protruding from my trousers.
'Oh you poor baby,' she said coming to me.  She then held me,
still sobbing to the front of her pretty cotton skirt. She held
me tight, very tight.  My nose was pressed hard against her
crotch and after a moment, I felt her rubbing her pussy against
my face with slow rhythmic motions.  I felt my cock harden once
more and then she let go of my head and began to slowly raise her
skirt.  'You want to lick my pussy little virgin boy?'
I didn't need to be asked twice.  Maria quickly hitched up her
skirt and pulled off her skimpy panties before lying back on my
Mother's bed.  I went over to her and kneeling buried my face in
her crotch that by now was soaking.  At last I was savouring a
woman's feminity in total.  I couldn't believe my luck and the
real thing sure beat sniffing panties.  Maria writhed and groaned
as I inexpertly put my tongue to work.  It was heaven. I couldn't
get enough of her smell and taste, but it wasn't to last.
'What the HELL do you think you two are up to?'
My Mother had caught us in the act.  Maria looked terrified.  I
tried to explain a way out of the situation, spluttering excuses
and crying for a second time that day.  My Mother just looked at
me with disdain.  It was Maria who fully confessed to what had
'So you were found by this poor girl sniffing MY panties were
you?!   You little pervert!' she screamed in my face.  'Maria, I
don't hold you in any way responsible.  But you my boy will pay
for this.'
I began to cry. 
'Oh stop snivelling.  So you think you're a man now? Man enough
to suck a woman's pussy?  Well now it's time to take your
punishment like a man.  Maria, you stay where you are. Take your
trousers and shorts off Alex.'
I reluctantly did as she asked.  She rummaged in the dirty wash
and produced the offending black lace panties and stuck them
under my nose. 
'Are these the ones?'
'Yes Mommy,' I sobbed. 
'See those marks?  Those stains?' she asked crisply.
'Yes Mommy.'
'That's cum, boy.  A man's cum.  My lover's sperm.   Sperm that's
dibbled out of my pussy after he fucked me.  Now I want you to
put them in you mouth and suck his cum while you take your
I had wondered why the panties had been so badly soiled, now I
knew.  Peter, her beau of the moment, was a big and muscular man,
several years younger than my Mother.  He also had a big and
powerful cock.  I'd seen it when he'd come into the bathroom
while I was having a bath and urinated in the toilet with me
watching.  Although it wasn't as exciting as watching a woman
pee, I had felt my cock stir and had tried to cover the modest
erection from him.  Sensing my embarrassment he had shown me the
full length of his cock.
'That's a real man's tool boy.  Not many can match me.  By the
looks of it, you'll never going to have a mans' dick!'
He cupped his big hairy balls with one hand and coaxed an
erection with the other.  I watched fascinated as the blood
pumped into his mighty organ and it grew majestically before my
eyes.  The veins stood proud, it was certainly magnificent. 
'Your Mother likes this in her pussy.  She can't get enough cock
that woman.' He laughed and put it away before leaving the
bathroom. I had been aroused by the sight of his prick and jerked
myself off in the bath. 
Now I was sucking on this mans cum after it had dribbled out of
my Mother's pussy and onto the crotch of her panties.  Mother
positioned me over her knees, my buttocks exposed.  SLAP!  She
brought her hand down on my exposed backside. And again. SLAP!
Maria looked on with a distinct gleam in her eye.  SLAP! 
'I'll teach you to sniff my soiled panties you dirty littleboy!'
She gave me 20 spanks in total.  I cried and sobbed through the
dirty panties that filled my mouth.  But when she had finished, I
had a huge erection which she could obviously feel pressing on
her nylon sheathed legs.  The spanking had in some strange way
aroused me, that and the thought of Peter's cum on my Mom's
panties as well as watching Maria openly play with her pussy
while I was being punished. I stood up, my little hard-on for
both women to clearly see.
I removed the panties from my mouth.  From with a bedside drawer
my Mother produced a wooden ruler and hit my erection.
'Ouch!  That hurt me!' I jumped backwards and he tears welled in
my eyes once more.  She grabbed me and again she hit the shaft on
my penis with the ruler calling me names like 'slut' and 'whore'.
 Again and again she hit me there and I yelled out, trying to get
away from the blows, but she held me firm.  But if the idea was
to diminish my erection, it was in fact having the opposite
effect.  I was still as hard as rock and all the while Maria
fingered her pussy.
'Now you've taken your punishment like a man, fuck like one.  Get
onto Maria and fuck her!'
I limped over to Maria who lay back.  She helped me slide my
erection into her pussy.  With inexperienced thrusting movements,
I fucked the little Mexican girl.  As I did, so my Mother
continued to whack my ass with the ruler.  I couldn't hold back,
I felt myself shudder and spurted hot cum into Maria's hot little
pussy. I slumped to the floor, physically and emotionally
'Oh you haven't finished yet boy!' my Mother said, grabbing my
hair and making me kneel in front of Maria's pussy. 'Lick out
your cum.  Make her nice and clean!'
The idea of licking my own cum revolted me, but I knew better
than to say anything or protest.  I could see my white sperm
beginning to dribble down between Maria's dark and swollen lips,
a milky mixture now that it had blended with her cum.  I slowly
and reluctantly began to lick, with less fervour than before. 
Bit by bit, I consumed my own sperm.  Maria groaned with glee and
fingered her clitoris as I did so.
'Faster!  Make her cum you cum sucking little slut!' my Mother
I redoubled my efforts and found myself getting hard again as
Mother cracked the ruler down onto my ass once more with a
passion..  The combination of my cum and that of Maria spread all
over my face as I gobbled her pussy, and suddenly I was intently
aroused.  With a shudder, Maria finally let out a cry and pushed
me away from her pussy, sated at last. Then I heard the familiar
chuckle. Peter, Mother's handsome lover had been watching my
Dressed in a black silk robe, he appeared from behind the
doorway.  He let the front slip open to reveal his enormous cock
which was hard and stood pointing up in the direction of his
belly.  He strolled slowly over to me, stroking his cock as he
'Seeing as you like sperm so much, I think you can suck Peter
off!' my Mother announced triumphantly.  'He cums big time!'
Without any further warning, the big man forced his enormous cock
into my mouth.  I gagged as the purple tip hit my throat and he
thrust the length of his hardness between my inexperienced lips
with powerful, rhythmic thrusts.  As he did so, my mother knelt
down and played with my erection, rolling my foreskin back and
forth. Any noise I made was being suppressed by the massive organ
that fucked my tender teenage mouth.
With a grunt he slipped his cock out from between my lips and
spurt his substantial load all over my face, before smearing it
with all around with his hardness.  At that point I could no
longer resist the hand of Mother.
'Lick your lips,' she said.  'Lick his cum off your lips!' 
I faithfully obeyed the instruction and spurted my own load onto
the floor. And that was how I became a cum slut.  Since then I've
sucked off many guys in public toilets, the park, wherever tops
gather to find little perverts like me who want to suck them dry.
 But none of it would be anything like what I was now about to
experience in the home of my Aunt.
Back in the present, having lain prone on my mother's lap for the
earlier anal inspection, she now instructed me to go on all
fours.  My sister produced a set of large anal balls - 8 in total
and some baby oil.  She took obvious pleasure from lubricating my
asshole while my mother and Aunt Meg looked on. I winced as she
inserted one, then two, then three fingers into my tight little
hole, stretching it to the full. 
'It's no good you wincing like that,' Mother said.  'Fill his ass
with the balls!'
Susan picked then up and pushed the first smooth sphere against
my anal orifice. I cried out as she finally slipped it inside of
me.  One...two...three...I counted them to myself as she slowly
forced each one inside.  My rectum was beginning to feel full and
heavy. The other two women chuckled at my shame and discomfort as
they played with their pussies, legs apart so I could clearly see
their wetness.
My sister would pause after each insertion, feeling my cock with
her beautifully manicured nails to ensure I was still nice and
hard.  Happy that I was, she concluded by digging her blood red
nails into my tender flesh.
'The last one won't go right in,' Susan said.  She lent backwards
so the others could see better.  'Look, the last one is still
peeking out.'
'I can help there dear,' Aunt Meg said.  With that she stood and
with the help of Susan balanced on one stiletto heel while she
placed the other up against my anus. With a none too delicate
shove with the spike heel, I felt the last ball sink inside of
me.  Her metal tipped heel caught my raw anal muscle as she
withdrew it and I yelped out in pain.
'There, all done,' Aunt Meg said with a smile. 'Our little ass
slave now has a very full ass himself!  Don't you dare let them
come out or else!'
My mother had laid back on the couch and was busily fingering her
pussy, eyes half closed as the door bell rang. Aunt Meg went to
answer it.  The sound of male voices and laughter came from the
hallway.  Then in they trooped, six hunky guys, some my age, some
younger.  They looked at me, naked on all fours in front of my
Mother and began laughing again.
'Hi boys!' my sister said, 'Ready for a train?'
 'You bet gorgeous,' one said unzipping his flies. 
 At first I thought they were going to fuck Susan.
'Hi Mom!' said another. 'You ready for us girl?'
' at a time boys, one at a time.' My Mother replied
She lay back and parted her legs, the cum glistening on her labia
in the light.  The biggest of the men hastily dropped his pants
to reveal a sizable dick.  Within a moment he'd slid the monster
deep into my Mother's cunt and started to fuck her.  He was in
mood to hurry and he expertly slid his organ in and out of my
Mother's willing pussy.  She moaned and he grunted while I was
silently spell bound.  From where I knelt, I had a perfect view
of his ass and heavy balls as they slapped to and fro with his
thrusting motions. I was hard, so hard watching them.
Finally the big guy came.  Shooting his load deep into Mom's
pussy.  He slid off of her and the next guy immediately came on
top of her.  Then the next.  One after the other, the six guys
deposited their sperm in her.  As each withdrew I could see a
little of their collective sperm dribble out from between her
inflamed cunt lips.  And after they had finished, their members
were thrust into my mouth for a clean up. I watched all of their
asses and all of their balls and all of their thick members
poking my Mother hard.  And then sucked each one clean in turn. 
Susan was right behind me with a little crop and if she thought I
was being less enthusiastic in my duties as official cock
cleaner, she brought the wicked little instrument down hard onto
my ass.
Three of the guys got hard again watching their friends fucking.
Aunt Meg encouraged them to come and stand where I was kneeling
and with the help of her hands, so she made them come onto my
Although all were of differing stature, they had obviously been
selected on the basis of their equipment.  Each one had a massive
and thick looking cock which dwarfed my pathetic little excuse of
a cock.  The last one was no exception, but he didn't go through
the front door.  As he approached her, my mother turned onto her
tummy and parted her buttocks.  The man scooped some of the cum
in her pussy and used it to lubricate her ass.  Then he slid into
her anal hole with ease and fucked it for all he was worth while
my mother shouted aloud in sheer, undiluted pleasure until he
finally shot his load into her rectum.
'You're full of shit darling,' the man said.  'I can feel your
turds in there every time I poke!'
He withdrew his organ and I could now see it was smeared with my
Mother's shit.  I knew what would happen next.  He came over to
me and pushed the brown shit covered flesh into my mouth to be
cleaned.  I nearly choked as he thrust right to the back of my
mouth and the globules of shitty goo assailed my taste buds. I
licked the filth as best I could until, finally satisfied, he
stood up and joined the others.  The men laughing and joking
again, mostly at my expense, left as swiftly as they came.
'The four of us are alone once more,' Aunt Meg said.  'Mommy was
telling me about how you enjoyed licking out your cum from that
Mexican girl when you were just a boy.  Well, Mommy is going to
give you the cum cocktail of a lifetime.  Come darling sister of
mine, give your boy a special drink.'
My Mother slowly rose and as I lay on the floor so I saw white
goo dribbling down her inner thighs. 'Mmm...have I got a nice
milky drink for bedtime!  Be a good little boy and drink Mommy
clean. I want you to swallow every last drop of the cum all those
hunky men deposited deep in me.'
She slowly lowered herself onto my face and the full effect of
her sperm filled cunt hit me. I tried to consume the stream of
sperm that began to ooze from deep within her, but it was
impossible for me to keep up.  I gulped the hot and sticky mess
down as fast as I could but it still trickled out and all over my
face.  I could feel her squeezing her virginal muscles to produce
more and more of the thick and rich goo for me to swallow.  Then
as she slid back and forth and dmy tongue finally caught the load
oozing from her asshole, a magical cocktail of hot white sperm
mingling with her shit. 
Now I wanted to cum myself, but Aunt Meg had taken the crop from
Susan and was delivering expert blows to my erection and
occasionally catching my tight balls.  'You little shit slut!'
she cooed with delight.
No sooner had my mother tired of depositing six lots of sperm all
over my face, Susan came and sat over my mouth.  She was soaking
and as I licked her pussy and she writhed with obvious pleasure.
Then I felt her strain and a dribble of piss turned rapidly into
a torrent.  She was sweet tasting, certainly in comparison to the
sperm cocktail and I just gulped down and I consumed the pale
yellow nectre with relish.
Mother had been nearby and as I drank Susan's piss, she had been
fingering her ass.  Her index finger was removed from the hole
and she held it aloft.  Brown with shit, she pronounced that she
needed to poo.  Giving it to me to lick clean, Aunt Meg
immediately produced a large glass bowl and Mother proceeded to
crouch over it, her back towards me. 
I could see her anal sphincter distending and after an agonising
pause, a little soft piece of shit slowly emerged and finally
plopped onto the plate.  As we all watched Susan got up to her
usual tricks, stabbing my cock and balls with her long nails. 
Two, rather more solid lumps fell from Mother's asshole.  Then
came a deliciously long turd. A mixture of soft and hard with a
slippery surface coating, it must have been all of six inches and
slid from her ass and down into the bowl quite rapidly.  She
farted and another soft squiggle of shit emerged before she got
No sooner had she done so, then Aunt Meg squatted over the bowl.
She let out a stream of dark coloured piss that cascaded over the
turds.   Farting loudly, she also added a small, runny deposit to
the turds in the bowl.
'Lie on your back shit slut!' Susan commanded.
I dutifully lay down on the floor.  Putting her hand into the
bowl she produced part of Mother's enormous turd and fed it to me
from her fingers, smearing the excess on my face.  As I chewed
the filth, taking some of the shit form the bowl, Aunt Meg went
down on me and sucked my cock, smearing the shit on my balls. 
Susan pulled another piece of piss soaked turn from the bowl and
gave it to me to eat.  Mother joined her and the two women then
stuffed my mouth with lumps of foul smelling shit until I could
take no more.
'He's ready for you darling,' Aunt Meg declared.
Mother left Susan to cram the last pieces of shit into my mouth
as she slowly lowered her self onto my aching hardness.  She lent
forward and with a loving touch, just pushed the last few stray
morsels into my mouth before rocking my cock.
Here we were, mother and son fucking - son with a mouthful of his
mother's shit and she still dripping with six other men's cum. 
She slithered on my erection producing a sensation out of this
world.  It was like using soap lather to bring yourself off, it
gives an extra sensitivity.  I groaned as Aunt Meg took a lump of
remaining shit and rubbed it onto my balls aa well as smearing it
onto the base of my cock as it went in and out while Susan came
and sat on my face.
It wasn't long before I heard Mother moaning she was having
multiple orgasms riding my shit smeared cock and balls.  Susan
too was groaning on top of my face, her pussy rapidly becoming
covered with shit. I couldn't hold back any longer.  I shot a
huge deposit of hot creamy cum into Mother's pussy with what felt
like my most powerful orgasm ever.
Aunt Meg gave Susan a lingering kiss as Mother slowly climbed off
of my still rigid cock. No matter how dirty or depraved, our
perverted sex could never be as exciting as this ever again.  Or
could it?  I was to learn later in the evening that during my
week's vacation which was coming up, unbeknown to me, I was being
sent to visit and stay with Aunt Ann!