My Sister's Slave


My name is John, I live in Tampa with my mom (Karen) and my sister (Kaitlynn). I'm 16 years old and my sister is 19.

To cut a long story short Kaitlynn is gorgeous; she is about 5'5 and has brown hair to just below shoulder length, she is quite slim with just a little bit of weight around her bottom. I have had a crush on her for as long as I can remember, and I frequently masturbate whilst sniffing or licking the inside of the ass part of her panties; I can't bring myself to lick the crotch.

One day in June my exploits were discovered!

My sister had been working out at the gym in the morning and by now (3 PM) I was waiting for her to leave the house so that I could get at her panties. I got a massive erection at the thought of her once bright white cotton panties which my now would be soaked in sweat and hopefully have a few skid marks for me to lick. My mom was at work so there was no need to worry about her, all I needed now was for Kaitlynn to go out.

At 4'0'clock my prayers were answered,

"John, I'm off to the mall now," called Kaitlynn from outside my room.

"OK," I replied.

And with that she left the house. Immediately I went into her room and found her dirty clothes from her workout lying in a pile next to her bed, I picked out the panties and immediately hugged them to my face, they were still wet from sweat and had a small brown stain just behind the crotch. 'mmmm mmmm,' I said to myself as I began licking the stain. I was in heaven.

Suddenly the peace was shattered, "hey what are you doing," Kaitlynn screamed. "Oh my god are they mine" she added.

I knelt still not saying anything, my brain desperately trying to find an excuse, it was futile I might as well tell her the truth I thought to myself,

"It was only the ass part, I didn't lick the crotch," I blurted.

"Oh you make me sick," she spat before adding "Your life isn't going to be worth living once I tell everyone about this".

"No please," I heard myself saying, "I'll do anything, anything, please don't tell anyone."

Her scowl turned fractionally into a smile and she said, "Do you really mean that, you will do anything I ask of you."

"Yes," I replied "As long as you don't tell anyone."

"Right!" she answered, before adding "You're going to be my slave, I'll write a contract for us both to sign to tie you to me for as long as I like."

She began writing and I stood there for about 5 minutes until she had finished. "Sign this!" she said as she thrust the piece of paper in front of me, it read:-

I John agree to be my sister Kaitlynn's personal slave

My duties will include being,

- Kaitlynn's personal seat.

- Kaitlynn's personal toilet and toilet paper.

- Kaitlynn's personal footrest and foot cleaner.

- Kaitlynn's personal; tampon, pad and tissue.

I couldn't believe my eyes, I signed it as quick as I could relishing the prospect, of being enslaved by my own sister.

"Right lie down on the bed, I feel like sitting down for a while" she said.

I obeyed, and lay down on the bed, she stood next to me and undressed, giving me an exquisite view of her ass. She straddled my face and began to sit down, she paused and said, "Enjoy breathing do you? Well you aren't going to for quite a while." With that she sat upon my face.

My face was totally covered and I couldn't move it an Inch under the weight of Kaitlynn's backside. Her butt and twat fully covered my face which cut off all air supply, my nose was pressed hard against her anus and the smell was overpoweringly gorgeous and I could feel her moist cunt pressed tight against my mouth. I got an enormous e cf2 rection thinking about the position I was in; my own sisters slave and currently having to serve her as her seat, with her butt squarely sat on my face.

After about 5 minutes of using my face as her cushion she obviously thought that I wasn't being punished enough, and decided to fart! The smell was now absolutely overpowering as pockets of gas were emitted from her body at regular intervals. I was in absolute heaven, I just couldn't help thinking, 'I am my sisters slave, she is sitting on my face and farting on me.' I was urging time to go quicker so I could do some of the other duties assigned to me. I didn't have to wait long.

"Right I need to go to the bathroom," Kaitlynn exclaimed, removing her butt from my face, "ooh here it is." She said in a mocking tone looking at me before saying, "open you mouth slave!"

I did so obediently, and straight away she spat in it, I gulped it down and it was then she spotted my erection desperately trying to force it's way out of my trousers. "So you enjoyed being my seat did you, well chew on this, toilet boy."

With that she squatted with her anus about 2 inches above my mouth, and she let out an almighty fart. For a moment I thought I would pass out for the smell was unbearable, but thankfully I didn't. And then it came; first the smell got worse and then I saw the end of a turd poking out from her sphincter. "ENJOY" she screamed before forcing a massive turd out and into my mouth, I eat it as quick as I could, which wasn't quick enough because by now she was really shitting. One after another came as they filled my mouth, covered my face, and fell onto the bed. To me it tasted absolutely gorgeous. I finished what was in my mouth and then scraped what was on my face and the bed into my hands and ate that.

Kaitlynn turned round and surveyed the scene, "Are you enjoying that toilet boy" she questioned.

"Sure am," I replied, "Well then you'll need something to wash it down with!" she exclaimed as she pressed her cunt tight to my mouth and began to pee, I managed not to spill any as it gushed from her body, and she was soon finished.

"Right, now you can clean me up." And again she thrust her butt in my face. This was going to be good I thought to myself as I began licking her beautiful ass. I moved my tongue round and round her soiled crack and finished with sticking it as far up her sphincter as I could, whilst probing and cleaning so as to satisfy her. She turned round again then and I began licking out her pisshole, again thrusting my tongue as far up as possible so as to satisfy her.

"Phew!" she exclaimed, "I never imagined that my first toilet slave would be my own brother, now I am going to be generous and let you have a face full of pussy, how does that sound?"

"Pretty good," was my reply, and again she straddled my face though this time facing forward so that my nose was pressed hard up against her cunt.

I carried out my duties for the next two years until Kaitlynn went to live in New Jersey. I sometimes go and visit her. When I'm there her and her two flatmates use me as she used me in this story. I'm hoping one day she will come and live in Tampa again, and hold me to my contract.