My slaves will sometimes send Me stories, fantasies that involve Me in some way. This lowly slave lacks in grammatical and spelling skills, but I appreciated the thought nonetheless: "Its now been long torturous days since my request to serve Goddess Sondra have been acknowledged, not that she agreed to meet with me just that my message was received. Was I worthy of her presence and could I make her happy. I would do anything that this goddess asked just to be in her thoughts. I can only imagine what her feet taste like when my humble mouth is cleaning them after a long walk, or what her asshole smells like with my nose in her crevice as she uses me as a toilet. Would I ever get the honor of licking her sacred spot till she climaxes, am I worthy. I pray that Goddess Sondra is feeling generous enough to return my message. Message from Goddess Sondra: 'My humble boy, I feel generous today and even though I doubt you are worthy I will be in NYC next week and expect you to make hotel arrangements and be available as my serveant for my stay. I will be arriving Monday and expect a room at the Hilton under Sondra Brazen reserved. You will be waiting in the room dressed in rubber from head to toe with a anal plug in your ass, and a ball gag in mouth. You will have two bottles of wine waiting for me. See you then. Goddess Sondra.' My heart starts pounding with anticipation, am I worthy of such a task and will I please my goddess. Monday is only two days away so I better get busy. I immediately call the hotel and get the nicest suite available. My next challenge is to find the nasty toys she has commanded I have. I go to a kinky store and find them with not much of a problem. Monday finally arrives but I don't know when Goddess Sondra will. The hotel will allow me to check in at 10:00 A.M so that is when I must be prepared. I got to the hotel on time and checked in. I quickly go to the room and is very impressive, I can only hope that Goddess Sondra approves. I quickly get undressed and take out the six inch anal plug, lube it up and slowly insert it into my rear passage. It hurts at first, due to the fact I have never had anything enter me before, but II manage to get it in completely. Nest is the rubber suit. I wiggle and eventually have my entire body in it. Only exposing my head. The room is warm and I am quickly becoming hot from the rubber. The final direction is to put in the ball gag, I do that with out much of a problem, now the waiting begins. After two hours I begin to feel week and start fading in and out. My head is drenched in sweat. My Goddess is truly inventive by putting me through this slow silent torture. I hear a knock on the door and quickly get up, week at the knees and open the door. Standing there is truly the most sexy creature on earth. My Goddess Sondra. Goddess Sondra standing in the hallway points to her baggage down the hall and commands me to get it. I hurriedly run stumbling like a fool to get it unnoticed. The bell boy sees me and bursts into a laughter. My humiliation has begun. I scurry back into the room dripping of sweat, Goddess Sondra looks at me and shows no emotion. She just looks to the floor and I knowingly get on my knees, eyes cast down. Goddess Sondra reaches down and takes out my gag. I gasp for air. The Goddess then walks around me as I don't move, I am afraid and excited at the same time. Still not a word has been spoken. Goddess then reaches to my rear and feels the plug. And pushes it in further, a gasp comes from my lips, finally a word is spoken "You are not to make a noise or speak unless told to, is that understood." Is firmly said. I quickly answer yes Mistress, To that I am kicked in the rear and told that she is a goddess and to be addressed so. "Yes Goddess" is my humble response." Goddess Sondra then throws a piece of paper at me and demands that I recite the rules and learn them without having to refer to the paper. 1. I am to address you as Goddess at all times 2. I am not worthy of your presence but will do anything for the honor 3. My body is for the use of Goddess and her pleasure 4. There is no concern for my pleasure. 5. I am to do everything demanded by Goddess. 6. I am to serve her and her friends upon command 7. I am a low slave, the lowest in the order. 8. My tongue belongs in Goddess Sondra's asshole and will clean it on command 9. My purpose in life to make Goddess happy. 10. The male Gender is on this earth to please the female. 11. When my Goddess enters a room I am to get on my knees and kiss her feet, as well as any guest I quickly recite these commandments. Goddess is pleased and tells me to stand up. I do and Goddess takes out a blade, she cuts a whole around buttocks exposing it to the air and for easy access. The plug Is stuck deep in my canal. Goddess Sondra takes the plug out and measures it to ensure I obeyed her command. Pleased she orders me to my knees and sticks the plug in my mouth and commands me to lick it clean. I do so slowly, Because of my haste I am slapped and ordered on my back. Goddess then puts the plug back in my mouth and tells me to keep it there. Goddess then places her heals on my balls and laughs at the concerned look in my face. She then explains to me that I am her property and that she takes good care of her property as long as it takes good care of her. Goddess explains to me that she will be going out for a short while but when she returns I am to be dressed in a frilly, sissy maids outfit and prepared to serve. When she enters a room I must never look at her face put get on my knees and kiss her feet and beg for her commands. I am told that the outfit is in the luggage. Goddess leaves and I quickly get out of the rubber suite and find my new attire. I first find a silky frilly pair of panties and put them on. They encase my ass and feel very sexy. I then put on fishnet stockings a garter and finally the dress. It has thick petticoates and when put on barely cover my crotch and buttocks. A short while later I hear the door open a quickly get on my knees a ready for my Goddess. In she walks, I can smell her perfume and see her feet. As commanded I kiss her feet and ask for her command. Goddess just laughs and walks by. Leaving me on my knees. I hear more footsteps and see a female set of feet in front of me. Goddess Sondra quickly reminds me with a slap to the back to kiss the feet in front of me. As I am kissing I am told the feet belong to Mistress Jill and I am her slave as well as any other superior who enters the room. I ask Mistress if she has any commands and she directs me to continue licking her legs up to her buttocks and keep my nose and tongue in her crack for a little while. I get near her perfume smelling buttocks and stick my nose and tongue in her crack as told. It tastes tangy as I keep it in for the while. I am then told to depart form her ass and get the two a glass of wine. I have yet to see the Mistress Jill's face. I get up fix my skirt and quickly get the wine on a tray to serve. As I return to the room both are sitting on the couch laughing and smoking. I am directed to put my tongue out as Goddess uses it for an as tray. At that point Mistress Jill starts laughing out loud and explains to Goddess that she has seen me before. A quick rush of embaressment overcomes me when I realize that Mistress was A waitress at my favorite restaurant. Mistress Jill then remembers that I was a very demanding customer and had her fired for spilling a drink on me. Her laughter stopped and she looked me in the face and told me that I was to get on my knees and beg for her forgiveness. I dropped to me knees and she commanded me to lick her toes until she decided my punishment. Mistress Jill looks at me and comments how I don't look so proud now with her toes in her mouth. I knew I was in for a very humiliating night. She sternly commanded me to get her a glass of water. I quickly got up and ran to the sink, filled a glass and returned. She then threw the water in my face and laughed. I was then told to continue to suck on her toes as Mistress and Goddess just talked like I wasn't there. A loud knock on the door stopped the conversation and I was told to answer it in my slave fashion. I answered the door, eyes cast to the floor and got on my knees, kissed the feet, these were male shoes, two sets. I then kissed the other shoes and proclaimed my slavehood to the owners of the feet, explaining I was there to serve. The first man laughed and asked Goddess if it were indeed true that I was for there gratification, Goddess confirmed, sending my humiliation to new heights. Just at that point Mistress Jill came over and told me that I was to call the men Master Tom and Bill. I as ordered to my feet and noticed that Master Tom also worked with Jill and he began to laugh, Tom saying how sissy I looked and how he was going to enjoy evening the score after I was so pompous when he served my meals. My how the table has turned. Revenge was going to be fun.... Master Bill, a well built black man came over to me and ordered me pull down his zipper and suck his dick, but I was not to use my hands. I slowly got on my knees and took his zipper down with my teeth. I then tugged his pants down to his feet and out pop a semi-hard huge black cock. It was scary the size of it and I was scared that I wouldn't be able to handle him. It just seemed to get larger. kissed the head and he ordered me to lick his balls. I was then told to stop and back off. Goddess Sondra ordered me to beg to suck the big black dick and lick the balls As I started to beg the room went into laughter. Master Bill told me all in due time but it was time to pay homage to the Goddess. I was ordered to a special chair THE THROWN that had a hole in the seat, similar to a toilet. I was to stick me head thru the hole with my face upward. Goddess then sat on my face and had me lick her canal. She then pushed out a little shit and I had to eat her shit. She just rotated her hips and told me that I was her ass slave, sissy maid. After about a half hour of this, Goddess lifted herself off of my face, a sigh of relief came out of my mouth. Goddess then started urinating on my face and ordered me to swallow as much as I could. A salty warm stream flowed into my mouth. As told before I was truly my Goddesses toilet. I would have never believed that I would be a toilet for anyone, especially in front of and audience. Goddess allowed me top clean up for the next session. When I returned to the main room, all four were naked and getting ready for an orgy. I so wanted to make love to Goddess but that was not allowed. Goddess looked at me and explained that she needed a real man to enter her and I did not qualify. Tom then looked at me and I almost fainted, if I thought that Bill was well endowed, Tom was even larger. Tom commanded that I get on my knees and lick his cock until it was hard enough to enter Goddess Sondra. I did a commanded and tried to handle as much as possible.I just got larger while in my mouth. He had a horse cock. I felt so inferior in the presence of these two truly Master's. I could not deny that I was in awe. I was then told to watch as a real man fucks Goddess. As he mounted her I was jealous and envious. Mistress Jill then commanded me to get behind Tom and lick his balls as he plunged into Goddess Sondra, I did what was told of me. Here I am licking the balls of a man who is fucking my Goddess, the dream of my life is to have the honor of entering her and I am regulated to licking the hairy balls of a true God of a man. After slapping into Goddess for several minutes with my mouth trying to keep place with Toms balls. Mistress Jill then commands me to stick my tongue into Toms Asshole while he comes in Goddess Sondra. I sink my face into his hairy crevice smelling his manly odor. I then stick my tongue into his canal and ride his asshole up and down, face first. As he shoots his come into Goddess, his cheeks close into my face. All are laughing as I gasp for air. Master Tom Then dismounts Goddess as I fall to the side. I am laying on the ground smelling like a toilet brown on my lips, in a sissy maid outfit, and I know the night is still young. Goddess Sondra then orders me to clean my face and return quickly. I do as told and when I return Master BIll is entering the sexy Mistress Jill. Goddess then points to her sex pot and I know I am to clean her out. This is truly an honor to be able to stick my tongue into her pussy.I lick all of Master Toms tangy come. Drops falling from my mouth. Goddess then pushes me away and points to Mistress Jill who is getting fucked from behind by Master Bill, his big black ball slapping at Mistress. Goddess then comments to me how the balls need attention at that I should give them some. I position myself under Master Bill and gently place his hairy balls in my mouth. He begins to laugh and command me to suck his big black balls and tell him that he is a god. I mumble out that he is truly a sex god and I am a humble slave. I feel his balls start to expand and he quickly pulls out of Mistress and aims his head to my mouth. Master Bill commands me to beg for him to shoot his load in my mouth. If I am convincing enough he will not fuck me in the ass. I do my best and say, "Please Master Bill you are truly a Black God with a cock like no other, I beg of you to please shoot your golden nectar into my mouth, I am but your humble slave and at your command." Master Bill then asked what I would do for him if hegave me his deposit. I replied " anything you so desire,' He then commanded that I open wide and promptly flooded my mouth with his come. It felt like a tidal wave. I was then commanded not to swallow. I held his come in my mouth for at least ten minutes when Master Bill told me to deposit the come in a glass for later. I spit in the glass and put it in the fridge. Again, If someone had told me I would be doing all of these degrading acts I would not have believed them. But just one look and Goddess Sondra and I Remembered why. She is so sexy and powerful that I am proving my devotion to her. I just hope that I pass her test and she allows me to become her permanent slave. Goddess Sondra http://www.serve.com/brazen