Title Category Author Date Added
  Parking Garage Gang Bang
(M+/F, rp, intr, v)
Carlos Montana 2/19/2003  
  Parking Garage Rape (m+/f, nc) Dark Dreamer 12/1/2002  
  Partridge Family A Whole Lot of Lovin' (mf, inc, rp)
Uncle Mike
  Party (m+/f, nc) Rhetoric 4/4/2003  
  Party Animal (F/b, alcohol, 1st, nc)
Damage37 2/19/2003  
  Party Girl (M+/F, wife, alcohol, nc)
Javahead 2/19/2003  
  Passive Side of Lupe (MF-teens, exh, nc, mc, hum)
Sotborder 2/19/2003  
  Patricia Richardson Carjacked (MF, nc, rp, oral, celeb)
Unknown 2/19/2003  
  Patricia's Fall (M+/F, wife, intr, nc)
Jake 2/19/2003  
  Pennington Case (m/f, forced sex) Jefferson James 9/20/2002  
  Perfect Hostess (m+/f, nc) Rhetoric 4/4/2003  
  Perils of Stacy (m+/f, nc) Dark Dreamer 12/1/2002  
  Peter and Louise (Mdom/MF, MM, nc, hum)
Tafod Arian 2/19/2003  
  Pet Teacher (m+/f, nc) "Deva" and Parker 9/20/2002  
  Pharmacist (MF, nc, wife, drugs)
John Jabbin 2/19/2003  
  Phone Booth Rape (m+/f, nc) Dark Dreamer 12/1/2002  
  Pictures (M+/F, forced, rp)
Jan Lundstrum 2/19/2003  
  Pirates (m+/ff/rape/Pain/B&D) Dark Dreamer 12/1/2002  
  Pit (M+/F, nc, v)
Dircat 2/19/2003  
  Platfrom 6 (MMF, inc, rp, 1st)
rabbit108 2/19/2003  
  Plight of Ann (m/f, kidnapping, nc, beast, humil) Unknown 9/20/2002  
  Plumber (m+/f, nc, parody) Dark Dreamer 12/1/2002  
  Poker Night (M+/f S/M BDSM bondage real humiliation nc Heavy ) Rhetoric
  Poll (Fm+ drugged rape)
Frederick T 3/19/2003  
  Pool (b+/F, wife, ped, intr, rp, bdsm)
Unknown 2/19/2003  
  Poor Emily (fF, fM, fist, nc, intr, ped)
Reverend Bob 2/19/2003  
  Porterville High (mmmf,ff,rp,v,blkmale) Wiley06
  Port O'Call
(MF, 1st, reluc)
Lorali 2/19/2003  
  Practice (m+/f, nc) Marlissa 9/20/2002  
  Prankster (MF, NC, MC, humil, oral, anal)S Ted E. Bear
  The Present (M+/f S/M BDSM bondage real humiliation nc Heavy ) Rhetoric 4/4/2003  
  Pretty Little Girlie (m+/f, pedo, rape) Imma Scared 9/20/2002  
  Price of Freedom (m+/f, nc) Jefferson James 9/20/2002  
  Prison (FF, nc)
Spoonbender 2/19/2003  
  Prisoners of Cum (F/FM+ Cum eating to the extreme)
R Xeen 3/13/2003  
  Private Investigator (MF, nc)
Andy G. 2/19/2003  
  Private School Cherry Popper (mmf, mc, blackmail, ped)
Two 2/19/2003  
  Prize (m/f, nc, alien abduction) Marlissa 9/20/2002  
(Mf, rp, v, ped)
Repeat Offender 2/19/2003  
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